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Dry Cracking Feet

You don’t have to walk over coals to experience one of the most common skin issues – cracked heels and paxil sale dry feet. While a great deal of cases deal with a bit of dryness are cured with a slathering of moisturizing lotions, others create more severe symptoms. For example, imagine heel fissures that bleed and bring unbearable pain with the threat of becoming infected. Contrary to popular belief, the issue of dry, cracking feet can turn into much more than a simple beauty defect. With natural cures, you can at least increase your chances of recovery and find gentle treatments that soothe and heal.

What is Dry, Cracked Feet?

Cracked feet (especially in the heel region) is a common foot problem for both men and women – caused by dry skin (also known as xerosis) that becomes more prominent around the rim of the heel. Thick patches of skin called calluses often form, leaving behind yellow or dark brown discoloration. The cracks that follow are pretty obvious and if they continue to worsen, bearing weight on the feet will cause pain. Examining the surface of the skin will help an individual detect the signs and symptoms of dry, cracked feet. The most common alerts include red or flaky patches; peeling or cracked skin; and discharge or bleeding. At times, the skin will also itch.

What Causes Dry, Cracked Feet?

In order to avoid and buy discount cialis treat dry, cracked feet, it is important to get down to the source of the problem. There are numerous reasons why the feet can become excessively dry (to the point of cracking) such as :

a) Lengthy Periods of Standing:

Whether you’re at work or at home, prolonged standing (especially on hard floors) can wreak havoc on the feet.

b) Obesity [1]:

Being overweight increases the amount of pressure the fat pad located under your heel will encounter. If your skin is not flexible, the chances of experiencing a crack in the skin increase, as the fat expands sideways.

c) Type of Shoes:

Wearing a shoe with an open back or finding it hard to give up love favorite pair of sandals can cause dry cracks in the feet due to a lack in support for the fat pad located under your foot.

d) Diseases and Skin Conditions:

Some medical problems create a vulnerability to excessive drying of the skin, such as diabetes – notorious for placing the feet in danger. Well-known skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, also causes dry, cracked feet in patients. Other conditions to consider include Athletes’ foot and thyroid disease.

e) Bodily Factors:

Possessing active sweat glands or suffering from heel spurs can cause dry, cracked feet to develop. The shape of your feet may trigger the condition to emerge, as seen in people with flat feet or high arches. Poor alignment of the metatarsal bones, which is responsible for the bone structure of the soles of your feet, can also contribute to dry, cracked feet.

f) Surgery:

Sometimes, surgery done to the lower extremities can cause dryness and cracks in the feet.

g) Your Walk:

Patients that show abnormalities or inconsistencies in the way they walk could place too much pressure on the bottom of their feet.

h) Hot Water:

If you have a habit of soaking your feet in excessively hot water, the chances of suffering dryness and cracked feet will increase.

Risk Factors and Negative Effects

While dry, cracked feet is a cosmetic issue at best, some people battle fissures and deep cracks that make it impossible to go through an entire day without wincing or limping. Severe cases bring infection that calls for surgery or debridement – where dead, damaged, or infected tissue is removed from the body. Cellulitis is another negative effect of severe dry, cracked feet, which causes a patient to develop a fever, headaches, and nausea. While anyone can suffer varying levels of the condition, there are risk factors to acknowledge:

a) Age:

The older you get, the thicker and drier the skin becomes as it increasingly loses its natural elasticity.

b) Diabetes:

Diabetic patients are at a great risk for suffering the negative setbacks of dry, cracked feet, including diabetic foot ulcers. Neurological damage is also common in diabetics, where one loses feeling in their feet and generic cialis us pharmacy is sometimes unaware of a growing foot problem.

c) Hygiene:

Ignoring proper hygiene in regards to the feet will increase the risk of developing dry and cracked heels.

d) Improper Footwear:

Wearing shoes that do not fit your feet can increase your chances of suffering dry, cracked feet. Beware of excessively wearing sandals and shoes with open backs as well.

e) Climate:

Living in a certain climate (such as a dry, humid location) can cause the skin to become dry and scaly.

f) Poor Diet:

What you eat can affect the health of your feet, especially when you show a deficiency in vitamins, minerals, and zinc.

Natural Cures for Dry, Cracking Feet

Dry, cracked feet is a problem that truly places a damper on slipping into sandals for the summertime or setting the mood with your sweetie. To ease the discomfort and embarrassment of this condition, try taking a step in the right direction with these following natural cures for soothing dry and cracked feet:

a) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil:

Following a thorough wash of the feet, apply a thick coat of hydrogenated vegetable oil to dry and cracked sections. Wear a thick pair of socks to bed and leave on overnight. Repeat until results are seen, which usually come within a few days.

b) Banana Pulp:

Treat cracked heels with the pulp of a ripe banana, leaving it on for 10 minutes and rinsing afterwards.

c) Glycerin and Rosewater:

Combine glycerin and viagra safety rosewater to create a soothing remedy for cracked heels.

d) Paraffin Wax and Mustard Oil:

Melt paraffin wax and mix well with a bit of mustard oil. Apply to dry and cracked feet, making sure to rinse off in the morning. It is suggested to continue application for 10 to 15 days for the best results.

e) Natural Pumice Stone:

Remove the thick, dead skin that accumulates on heels by using a natural pumice stone, such as the terra cotta Gilden Tree Footscrubber, which cleanses, exfoliates, and reduces the appearance of dry, cracked heels.

f) Over-the-Counter Herbal Balm:

Keep the heels of your feet soft by using a medicated herbal balm that also helps to close fissures. Ingredients to look out for include the relaxing power of lavender and the soothing, softening properties of coconut oil.

g) Regular Foot Baths and Massage:

The combination of a foot bath and massage can jumpstart the healing process to create feet that are not only healthy, but soft. For example, combining three tablespoons of baking powder and ˝ cup of rice into a vat of water prepares a soothing soak. Make sure to cook the rice in enough water to produce 2 to 3 cups of water left behind. Add in the baking power afterwards and cheapest price for cialis soak feet until the water is no longer warm.

h) Herbal Foot Bath:

Boil five liters of water and allow to slightly cool before adding two drops of lavender essential oil and Ľ cup of sea salt (or Epsom salt) before soaking the feet. While lavender allows the feet to relax and soften, this herbal recipe also works wonders by substituting the lavender for soothing sandlewood or Ylang Ylang oils.

i) Peppermint or Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak:

For a foot bath or suitable container, boil enough water to cover your feet and ankles. Allow the water to cool down before adding three drops of relaxing peppermint essential oil and one drop of eucalyptus essential oil. Lemon essential oil is optional, but can increase the overall sensation of the foot soak. You may also opt for a tea tree essential oil foot soak to effectively fight fungal infections.

j) Parsley:

Add a bit of chopped parsley to a foot soak or bath to take advantage of its antibacterial effect, as well as boost circulation.

k) Create a Skin Softening Bath:

Treat your feet to a skin softening bath using 1/4 fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of olive oil, 1/4 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of water, and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix all ingredients together and add to a container for soaking the feet. It is recommended to soak the feet twice per week.



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  1. Shirley Hinman Says:

    put lots of vaseline on dry cracked feet/hands. wrap up in saran wrap, wear clean cotton socks/gloves. Use while sleeping overnight,
    in 2-3 days whould be great improvement.

  2. Susan Wilkinson Says:

    soak fet in warm mineral sea salt with a few drops of myhrr,sandalwood ,cedarwood or lavender essential oil.Pat dry and apply an ointment made from beeswax,almond oil,essential oils of your choice for dry skin such as in the foot soak .Never use petroleum products on anyone.

  3. carol Says:

    I do the exact same thing (the vaseline and saran wrap)!! It works very well.

  4. Grace rod Says:

    Putting shortenning on feet at night,- spraying vinager, leaving for five minutes twice a day. – Soaking feet in hot water with 3 tbls of baking soda, scraping dead skin with a calluse remover aftewards.

  5. michelle moore Says:

    Is there a sugery for dry skin?

  6. LORENA Says:


  7. InvoSkin Says:

    Soke in a woram bath, right befor bed then put on InvoSkin’s all Natural Lotion rub in well you can reaply if you thank it needs it.
    You will wake up with softer feet! reaply befor putting on your Shoes for the day.

    continue this prosess, in 3 to 4 Daye your feet Should Look Prity GOOD!

  8. booder Says:

    Bite skin off feet with you or your kids teeth make sure to rub a little snot on your feet or pee

  9. patty Says:

    Soak enough to soften skin pat dry use pumice stone to remove dry skin and put lotion or vasiline and cialis daily online socks

  10. maka miriam Says:

    wash feet apply shea butter and put on stocking at night .result is obtained within aweek

  11. maka miriam Says:

    always put on closed shoes

  12. Sixer Says:

    A great all natural product to use is ‘Bag Balm’. Originally created, and still used, to help treat cows utters from becoming chapped during/after milking, this product is fantastic for dry cracked skin. It not only heals the cracks but soothes the cracks that have started to open and bleed. You can also apply this to your dogs paws in the winter to protect their skin from the snow, ice, and salt products used to prevent ice build up on sidewalks. It’s great for the skin, water resistant, and safe – even if they lick it!!

    The only draw back is that it is a very thick and greasy product so make sure to wear socks or wrap feet in gauze after applying until it soaks into the skin.

  13. zika Says:

    warm water and then rob vaseline……..wear a thick socks 2 bed

  14. angie walls Says:

    Rub coco butter on feet then wrap on plastic wrap or plastis bags works like a charm!

  15. RJ Says:

    Bag Balm! It works to keep cow’s udders from cracking in the elements, works pretty good on human feet, too(and mine used to bleed)! Use 2X a day. Might have to do a little research to find it in your area, though.

  16. Liza Says:

    The best remedy seems to be a product called
    CCS HEEL BALM available from Boots etc .
    It contains a high level of an ingredient called Urea , and was recommended by the chiropodist and has been the most effective treatment i have tried . Improvement was rapid although it is important not to forget to use it twice daily to maintain soft supple skin.

  17. maple'jubilee Says:

    Soak feet in foot tub, hot water & about 2 tbl spoons of bleech(if not senistive) soak for about 30min.s rub dry skin off with foot stone, rinse & apply shea butter,vaseline, or other moisturizer, wrap in plastic of any kind & place sock on feet! repeat for about 2 days & u will see much improvement!

  18. Darleen Says:

    Problem with the bottom of my feet. The arch area seems to be extremely dry and causes much frustration. The itching is excruciating and I am wearing sandals. This problem occurs with closed toed shoes also. I go to the nail salon for pedicures and that’s not very often. I need help for a remedy. I don’t believe the athletes foot creams ever have helped me. I have sensitive skin and creams containing water make my feet irritated. All I can think of is using Cetaphil. I hope this may work, but less works better for me. I had problems with plantar warts when I was a teenager and viagra without a prescription had to have them dry iced off which took about three treatments within 3 weeks in between each treatment.

  19. shami Says:

    apply cucumber cream n wear really works

  20. andrea Says:

    soak your feet in a vinegar water solution, i use 1 cup in a basin of water. This kills athlete foot fungus and toenail fungus, do it often and watch it disappear…it also softens your feet unbelieveably. If really dry still use castor oil just like lotion on your feet, you’ll be suprised how soft they get, and of course, after you do this keep it up dryness will come back as with any of these remedies..I do 2 -3 times a week…soak feet while watching your favorite show and feel better :-)

  21. Brandi C. Says:

    Use Earth to skin: Heel-Tastic. Uses natural ingredients and works like a charm. You can find it at walmart

  22. Chasity Says:

    its hard to find but i hear cornhuskers lotion is great!!

  23. Richard Wooods Says:

    Brown’s Original Medicated Foot
    Bath(since 1943) works great on corns, callouses, smelly feet, itching feet and great relief on bunion pain.

  24. cydra xhan Says:

    ooooo…well my mom suggested rose water and worked alot..u can easily use it and apply it…on the other hand try to wash ur feet each tym u come back to home:)hv a blessed body:)

  25. Jax Miles Says:

    I am a little surprised to hear that putting hydrogenated oil on your feet is recommended–hydrogenated oils are not good for the body, even when absorbed transdermally and not eaten.

  26. dr boni Says:

    Soak your feet in warm soapy water for 5 min.then exfoliate with pumise stone.wash off with oh so heavenly or the body shop foot scrub,lastely mix glycerine with any desired foot cream or lotion.on a ratio of 3:2(more glycerine) apply on your feet concertrating on the heal,wear thick cotton socks to the morning wash with warm water and vinegar apply a little glycerine in your heels and top it with foot lotion all over your might want to wear close shoes or sneakers for the first week of treatment.,say hello to sexy feet in no time.take my word im a skin therapist

  27. Stacey T.J. Says:

    I’ve researched this issue a number of times and buy viagra 25 mg am surprised at all the misinformation and ideas that are still being used! You should always exfoliate your heels BEFORE soaking them!!! The fancy salons have us all believing we should do the opposite, but that’s because they need to keep us coming back so they can make money! If you soak and then exfoliate the skin on your heels, it will continue to grow back thicker and coarser each time you do it!!! It was only after a recent foot surgery to have a bone spur removed from the back of my heel that I experienced dry, cracked skin that was quite painful. I used to go to the salon and have a pedicure before I lost my job a few years ago and could no longer afford it. One day I was sitting on the steps in front of my home and started rubbing the heel of my foot on the rough surface of the concrete. I was shocked as I continued to rub the hard skin off in this way. My heel had NEVER been smoother or felt better! Now I do it all the time and will NEVER again allow anyone to soak my feet prior to exfoliating the skin! TRY THIS! IT WORKS AND IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!! Necessity really IS the “mother” of invention!!! I no longer have the rough skin or cracks. I am still working on finding some NATURAL and inexpensive way to obtain and retain moisture in the skin in that area however.

  28. Sallubhai Says:

    Soak your feet in warm water and remove dead skin over heel then apply glycerin on afected part of the feet and wear the cotton socks before bed.

  29. Shobha Says:

    Hi,soak in warm water

  30. Antony Says:

    Can i humbly suggest that you DO NOT use Vaseline, paraffin wax or any other petrolatum-based ingredient as a remedy for dry, cracked skin. Over time, petrolatum-derived ingredients EXACERBATE the problem and will dry out the skin even more.

  31. Bernadette Butz Says:

    Moisture loss is the problem, dry, cracked heels the symptom. All the suggestions I read that included using some sort of plastic wrap are right on as the plastic traps moisture. Problem is the level of comfort and ease of use. I have been using SoleMates nitrile coated socks for 5 years. They do exactly the same thing as plastic wrap and bags, trap moisture, but in total comfort and they keep lotions right on the foot and not reabsorbed into the sock. You can wear them anywhere, anytime day or night with or without shoes.Follow the advice offered but instead of socks try SoleMates socks

  32. cocoandrico Says:

    Aloe gel works well- Aloe forms a protective layer on broken skin, soothing inflammation and speeding the healing process. The purest and most effective source is the fresh gel from the leaf of the plant. Check out this site for info on how to harvest and use it topically:

  33. jane Says:

    pour tabasco sauce on them then lick it off… should be soft right away.

  34. Daphne W Says:

    I love the mineral saltz that you get at Sallys. You soak your feet in that then you remove the rough skin with the stone and I then like to put a heavy pair of socks on, then the next morning you have nice soft feet again.

  35. lollygagger Says:

    rub baby lotion on it morning and before you go to bed

  36. LaDia Says:

    Bag Balm works best,its an excellent product,it is also used on cows udders,it is very thick and moisterizing,It keeps my feet softer,crack free for a longer period of time.

  37. Karen Says:

    Stacey T.J is right and is a genius! If it’s just very dry and cracked skin, the secret is to use a pumice stone on DRY feet! Then soak your feet (only takes about 5 minutes), then exfoliate with a scrub, then put on an extreme skin moisturizer(I used raw shea butter plus added natural tea tree oil for any bacteria or fungus present. Then throw on a pair of socks and hit the sack. you wake up with smooth feet. I’m doing this every day to make sure all the dead skin layers are off. This is like Eureka right here! Eureka!

  38. midhun sankar Says:

    apply pulp of ripe banana on the dry or craked area of the heel

  39. Bernadette Says:

    Lots of the remedies work(except the Tabasco one)but none deal with the problem of moisture loss which is one of the primary contributing factors to dry cracked feet. I have been wearing SoleMates nitrile coated socks for the last year. The have a moisture conserving chamber that stops moisture loss. I have soft moist feet even a teenager would envy, and I’m over 65

  40. myrtle7 Says:

    Soak feet once a week in vinegar and water. Dry feet and then rub in castor oil in 5 day you see the dryness clear up.

  41. Stephanie Says:

    The comment that booder said was HILARIOUS! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read that.

  42. Minnie Says:

    hi i have a question my friend she have very dry feets it hurt very bad she scared to touch it it black she should go to a foot dr or is there any product that help her or it better for her go to a foot dr.

  43. maggie Says:

    exfoliate and then soak, not the other way around and then use a really good foot lotion or honey, honey is a natural healer and works great. also bag balm.

  44. el toro Says:

    Pee in the shower while you are showering and then step in it really works.

  45. krish Says:

    if it’s natural(from Born) , then anything will not work

  46. QueenBea Says:

    Use alpha Hydrox foot cream…you can now only get it online but it works….it completely healed a a very deep crack I had and I no longer get cracks because I use it every night…..

  47. Toni Says:

    Use some type of lotion that contains Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) Look around for it….there are body lotions and special foot lotions. Put on socks. I do not even wear the socks to bed for the night, but I shower in the evening and then put on the lotion and the socks and walk around the house like this the rest of the evening before bed. I found a foot cream at WalMart and Avon will be coming out with a body lotion. I also get a pedicure about every other month and I am diabetic. Just get someone who understands your feet and being diabetic.

  48. Lovely Says:

    1 jar vaseline and half a bar of Gulf wax (wax used for canning). Turn heat on low and slowly melt the vaseline and wax. Mix well and return to vaseline container.

    My aesthetician said she got this recipe from a dermatologist she use to work for.

  49. cleanliness and detoxification Says:

    This remedy can work for any part of your body
    use i tablespoon brown crystal sugar,i tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon rolled oats, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil
    mix together try not to mix to much that the sugar is dissolved
    rub unto heel of foot !also can rub on face neck shoulders and skin part any part of your body very good home remedy) rub well over the parts of your body !!! Lastly wash out the are after rubbing for around 5 to 10 minute with warm milk !!! Leaves skin smooth you’ll love your skin !! the heel part will take a few tries to get a big results should be done at ;east three times a week !!! thxx for the opportunity this really works

  50. too tall Says:

    That’s right. Exfoliate first! Rough concrete is great for this. I love it. Gives a tingling up my spine. The hotter it gets the better it feels. The older I get the thicker my soles seem to get. After I
    rub my feet I shower. Then, when my feet are softened I apply shortening. That’s right, plain old Crisco. I’ve tried everything including Bag Balm,used the stuff on our dairy cows, it work well for them but not me.

  51. hayeya Says:

    Also walking on cemented floor bear footed causes cracks on the feet.

  52. pamela W Says:

    Since VASELINE IS LOADED WITH PETROLEUM a totally Toxic product! (ie a form of gasoline which is a potential carcinogen) I suggest you use UN-Petroleum Jelly! It works just as well and is totally safe for your body! You can buy it at any natural food store or at Whole Foods Market. I work for a green parenting site and have done a ton of research on Petroleum products which harm the planet and our bodies! Burts Bees also has some great safe natural lotions: My favorite being there: Hand Salve, but i think for cracked feet the Un-Petroleum is the best!

  53. Marcel Says:

    Rub foot and or heals dry on stones, a block or on concrete, or manual hand sander, be gentle, soak in vinegar / warm water 5 minutes, honey and vaceline, wrap with goz, (never tried plastic,as I want to breathe) put on socks, hit the sake, takes a few times over 3days.

  54. Slush_puppy Says:

    what i find the best is go on vacation. you need 2 days of just walking barefoot in the sand on a beach and swimming. I lived on a beach for years and wear work boots all the time. I would only have cracked feet in late April and May. then when it would get warm enough to go to the beach they would get better again. 

  55. X Lisbett Says:

    everything sounds great hopfully this recipes ..real cure my feet !!!

  56. Trysta Says:

    Castor oil is great, also the food grade coconut oil.  I agree w/Pamela, petroleum products aren’t a good idea.

  57. Sethuramanvenkataramani Says:

    I am facing a dry skin in the bottom portion of my right leg where there are 4 to 5 cracks which are very black. What is the medicine or treatment for this to cure

    S Venkataraman

  58. Anna Says:

    Scrape with pumice stone,(thats similar to what 1 of the ladies mentioned about the concrete) apply generous amount of olive oil, wrap 1 loose layer of saran wrap and booties = great result!! I don’t recomend vaseline or shortening or a tight wrap because your feet wont be able to breath & ur whole body will be sweating bullets!


    Before going to bed, wash your foot in luke warm water mixed with baking soda. Then dry with a cotton cloth. Apply homeopathic CALENDULA OFFICINALLIS ointment – with ointment base in white petrolatum, paraffin and lanolin which is available in any homeopathic medicine store. Wear cotton socks while sleeping. It works wonderfully for dry cracked heels.

  60. Juliebug Says:

    Try rocky mountain soap companys foot butter it works really well also wrap in plastic wrap after applying foot butter

  61. Satira W. Says:

    Exfoliate, thoroughly. Wash feet, dry thoroughly. I applied a combination of Burt’s Beeswax foot creme and Shea butter. I bought gallon size plastic bags to wrap my feet in (it’s easier than plastic wrap) and this morning, my once disgusting looking feet actually look amazing! For the first time in a LONG time, I wasn’t embarrassed by the appearance of my feet. Finding a way to hold in the moisture is definitely key. I also purchased a pair of Sole Mates socks which is supposed to help with this. We shall see. Good luck everybody. I’m hoping that by the time I leave for the Caribbean in May, my feet will look good enough to wear sandals!!!

  62. Rossetta Says:

    Before I realized the cracks were a low thyroid-later a diabetic issue
    I had used Lquid bandaid, and later super glue. when i told the Dr. this he said it was originally developed to glue skin together..

    Have to keep the feet moisturized and stay out of hot tubs-very hot tubs..Should some lotion every night..

  63. cromleyba Says:

    After using pumice stone, apply:
    “A+D Diaper Rash & Skin Protectant Original Ointment”, 4 oz. tube for $4 at Wal-Mart in Baby Dept. Ingredients: lanolin, petrolatum (Vaseline) vitamins A and D, cod liver oil, mineral oil, wax, paraffin.

    Apply a 3/4″ strip from tube around each foot perimeter and across food ball and heal before putting on socks in morning, and again before bed. (To apply I use a square of toilet paper folded twice into a smaller square.)

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