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Sinus Infection

sinus infections

“Mom, I’ve got a stuffy nose and how to get viagra without prescription I can’t breathe!” If this is your child complaining, you’re not the only one. Sinus infection doesn’t spare anyone, be it a child or an adult. According to the National Institute of Health, this ailment is the leading cause for children and adults to stay home from school or work. If statistics are to be believed, almost thirty-seven million people suffer from this infection in the US every year.

Understanding sinus infection

Sinus infection or sinusitis is simply an infection or inflammation of your sinuses. If it’s acute, it’ll last for less than three weeks. If it’s chronic sinus infection, it’ll last from three to eight weeks, but can continue for months or even years. However, if it’s recurrent, you can get several acute attacks within a year.

Sinus infection symptoms

As if you didn’t know! Almost all the world’s population must have suffered bouts of sinus infection at one time or the other. The infection generally starts with a runny nose. The nasal drainage slowly turns thick and colored and the sinus area becomes tender, causing facial pains. The throat turns sore and itchy, leading to bouts of cough. Eyelids swell and eyes become sensitive to light. All this is generally accompanied by headaches, general fatigue and upper jaw pain. You may also suffer from bad breath.

Natural cure for sinus infection

Over-the-counter decongestants, antibiotics and generic viagra no prescription pain relievers, and can give you some nasty side effects. So, the best course for you would be to go in for natural sinus remedies. Let’s see how you can get natural sinus relief:

a. Steam therapy:

Inhaling steam from a trough of water soothes inflamed sinus cavities. Fill the trough with water and put your head eight inches above with a towel over your head. Breathe deeply and slowly for ten minutes, and do this three times a day to get natural sinus cure.

b. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar:

Mix a quarter cup of this vinegar to sixteen ounces of water and sip it throughout the day. You can also gulp it down all at once. If you already have sinus infection continue to sip it for several days.

c. Essential oils:

Mix two tablespoons of pure almond oil with five drops each of lavender, pine, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. Stir the mixture well and then warm it. Put two drops of this warm mixture into your ears three times a day for relief. Don’t do this, if you have a perforated eardrum.

d. Hot compress:

Dip a clean cloth in hot water spiked with a drop each of eucalyptus, tea tree and pine essential oils. Use it as a hot compress over the sinus. However, take care not to heat up the water so much, as to burn your skin. Also note that pine essential oil may cause a high blood pressure to elevate further.

e. Diet:

Drinking lots of fluids generally helps in flushing out sinus infection. So, drink a minimum of sixty-four ounces of water and juices a day. Hot beverages, such as tea, are also helpful. Eat chicken soup, as it’s not only comforting, but opens up stuffy noses. Eliminating sugar from your diet will help.

f. Elderberry:

This herb is known to provide relief from the symptoms of sinus infection. It’s available as an individual supplement, but can also be combined with other vitamins, minerals, glandular extracts or herbs.

g. English ivy:

This is effective against an irritated throat, resulting from a sinus infection. It soothes the cough and has no side effects.

So, if you’re fed up with the nuisance of sinus infection and canadian lasix pills for sale want to banish it altogether from your life, go for natural remedies for sinus infection. They’re safe, effective and with no side effects. However, do consult your physician first.

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  1. Teresa Brining Says:

    Olive leaf capsules – for a bad infection, use 3 pills three times a day.

  2. Greg Cook Says:

    I have had a sinus infection for over a year with asthma to boot. I had sinus surgery last winter and I am taking allergy shots. I had sinus and green mucus for the past three weeks. My sinus problem is not going away and seems to be getting worse. My asthma attacks have increase, and I think that the sinuses are linked. Once I had my surgery, I did not have an asthma attack for three weeks. I am big on natural cures so, I researched for remedies for sinus problems and found this site. I bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar today; because it certainly would not hurt to try. The cost is less severe than my nasal spray, allergy pills, and inhaler. I was spending 75. a month on these items and something had to give. After dinner, I mixed me up a dose of apple cider vinegar and cheap periactin water, as recommended, and began to intake the liquid. Thirty minutes had past since I have gulped the mixture; my sinuses stopped running and when I blow my nose it is clear. WOW! I even feel better. Now, I cannot wait to try the remedy that is listed on your site for asthma. All I need now is a cure for the empty wallet! Thanks for this tip it has really helped me.

  3. Sleepless nights Says:

    A natural health doctor recommended a change in diet after several months of having a swollen throat and three different antibiotics that did not work.

    Cut out all white starch from your diet and take echinacea tablets. it has worked wonders for me and my son. So now I try to substitue these items with whole grain cereals, wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, etc. The echinacea is a natural antibiotic that boosts your immune system to fight off disease naturally. It even helps you avoid getting colds and flus even in the worst seasons of the year, without any flu shots.

  4. Dr. Wright Says:

    Don’t forget to cut out the dairy products during the active phase of a sinus problem. Dairy is mucous stimulating.

  5. Marsha Says:

    To soothe a stubborn cough (and may help minor respiratory afflictions), smear a thin coat of Vick’s Vapor Rub OR mentholatum salve ON THE BOTTOMS OF YOUR FEET (in center). This will soothe even the nastiest cough that won’t respond to over-the-counter remedies.

  6. My mother told me Says:

    Believe it or not…
    My mother told me to use salt water soultion to rinse my sinuses when I was a kid. As an adult, I had chronic sinusitus (sp ?). I was tired of the constant antibiotics… So I tried it, and it worked for me !
    Essentially sterile sea wate is all you need – sniff into each nostril, and blow, alternated each side 3 times in the morning… it is also done in yoga. Get the mixture of course salt and viagra england distilled water from a sympathetic pharmacist if you can, you need to remember the molarity ratios…


  7. Shar Says:

    My Dr. he is a specialist in Allergies, and Sinus. Told me years ago to sniff in salt water solution…I make my own(distilled). I have a friend who was told the same by her Dr….it works for her too.
    I also, like to take a wash cloth and soak it in very warm water and place it over my face…I repeat several times and lay down while it is on my face. As warm as I can stand to wring out with my hands.I sometimes put it on the back of my neck too.
    I also do the standing over steam from hot water in my sink.
    I sometimes lay on the bed with my head over the side forward and let my sinuses drain..this has worked for me. These are my long standing fixes for my colds, allergies or sinus.

  8. rosie Says:

    I cad sthma for 3 1/2 years on nov. 2010 a register nurse told me to eat an apple a day cuz the apple reconstructs the lung tisue, but i also took garlic pills im sure you can also eat it fresh! cuz if you have eaither an infection virus it will kill it so did both and as of right now i have not had an astha attact @ all hope it will help someone

  9. victor Says:

    you need to purchase Neil MD nasal rinse, from the local pharmacy
    I did not have any sinus issues until I started riding my motorcycle.
    I had it real bad, I had a sinus infection every other month for a good while until someone mentioned this product to me. Its been 4 years now that I rinse every morning and it has kept me from giving my doctor all my money.

  10. Linda Says:


    I had recurrent sinus infections and sores in my nose for over two years. I tried everything you can think of that was natural including Manuka Honey, Oregano drops, baby shampoo, every cream or spray I could find to name a few. The only thing that actually worked was Nutribiotic liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract and their nasal spray. I use the GSE in my Neti Pot. I fill my Neti Pot with warm filtered water add seasalt and seven drops of the liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract. With an active infection, I used the Neti Pot twice a day and the nasal spray at noon. It has been a miracle. My maintenance is to use the Neti Pot once every other day with five drops of GSE and the nasal spray every morning.

    This will work for you!

  11. Matt Says:

    I tried the grape fruit seed extract and I think I was allergic to it because I sneezed like 28 times in a row. Had no breath left at the end. My wife was laughing at first, but then stopped after like the 15th sneeze; then started laughing again once I stopped sneezing. Quite a site. Haha. ACV seems to be the winner here.

  12. shereka Says:

    I usually get a sinus infection twice a year but since I bought the neti pot from my local pharmacy I have only had one in the last 2 years and thats because i didnt use it for 1 month.

  13. Dolly Says:

    Have had bad sinus infections on and off for years. Paricularly in hot weather; central heating; in the car when heating on – all set me off. Yesterday I discovered loads of posts on Cider Vinagar. Took two doses – 2 tablespoons with honey and warm water. Sinusitis gone. I am so relieved that, at last, I can resolve it. It has made my life misery on those days that I get it. Magic!

  14. La_beauchelle Says:

    is it ok to mix water and apple cider vinegar using nebulizer?

  15. Brian Says:

    ALJ Tablets is a combination of herbs that will clear your sinusis,and entire resporatory track.It works by promoting your body to produce more mucous which will thin out any thick and infected mucous and drain it.I’ve used it for years whenever an infection causes breathing problems, it even clears bronchial tubes.I discovered it after a doctor did every sinus procedure he new accept one. He wanted to preform brain surgery to cut the nerve to my sinuses. Thnak God I found ALJ IT REALLY WORKS

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