According to Ambulatory Care Visits to Physician Offices, Hospital Outpatient Departments, and Emergency Departments, urinary tract infection or UTI is the second most common type of infection in the body that compels about 8.3 million people to visit the physician each year in the US alone. Women are especially prone to this infection and cialis purchase one woman in five will develop a UTI during her lifetime. In men, this infection is not as common, but can become serious when it does occur. (1)

Causes of Urinary Tract Infection

When bacteria, usually E. coli, from the digestive tract infect the opening of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder, and begins to multiply, it infects the sterile urine. If the infection is localized in the urethra it?s called urethritis and if it travels to the bladder, it causes bladder infection or cystitis. Even sexually transmitted microorganisms, Chlamydia and Mycoplasma, may cause UTI in both men and women.

You?re most susceptible to this infection, if your urinary tract obstructs or slows the flow of urine, due to a stone or an enlarged prostate gland. Even placement of a catheter for a long time can cause this infection. If you?re a diabetic or have any disorder that suppresses the immune system, you run the risk of a urinary infection.

What?s surprising is UTI is rarer in boys and young men, as compared to girls and women. Why this is so is still not resolved, but one plausible explanation is a woman’s urethra is short that allows bacteria quick access to the bladder. Also, the nearness of woman’s urethral opening to the anus and vagina makes it easily accessible to the bacteria. It?s been seen that in many women, sexual intercourse triggers the infection.

Another likely reason for women acquiring this infection is the use of diaphragm for birth control. Even condom with spermicidal foam used by men is seen as a culprit in giving the infection to women, as it encourages the growth of E. coli in the vagina.

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection

The usual symptoms of UTI may include a frequent urge to urinate and lexapro cost a painful, burning feeling in the area of the bladder or urethra during urination. Despite the urge to urinate, only a small amount of urine is passed and this urine may look milky or cloudy, even reddish, if blood is present. Women may also feel an uncomfortable pressure above the pubic bone, and some men may experience fullness in the rectum. Normally, UTI does not cause fever. You?ll only get it if the infection has reached the kidneys.

Natural cures for Urinary Tract Infection

The prescription antibacterial drugs, the typical treatment of UTI, can have some awful side effects. However, there are some safe and effective natural cures available for this annoying infection. Let?s see what they are (2):

a. Baking Soda:

Taking baking soda mixed in water is very helpful on the first signs of urinary tract infection. Baking soda raises the acid-base balance of the acidic urine that counters the infection.

b. Water or fluid intake:

The better the flow of urine, the less will be the chances for the infection to establish itself. So, consume plenty of water to dilute and flush out the unwanted substances.

c. Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry juice doesn?t permit the bacteria to cling to the urinary tract lining. If you find it difficult to take cranberry juice directly, mix it with apple juice. Even fresh berry juice as part of women?s daily diet will prove useful in the long run.

d. Aromatherapy:

Essential oils like sandalwood, bergamot, tea tree, frankincense and juniper, mixed together and rubbed over the bladder area will make the symptoms subside.

e. Vitamins C:

This vitamin creates an acidic environment in the bladder and urinary tract that prevents bacterial growth.

Urinary tract infection can cause a lot of problems, if left untreated. However, if you have it, you don?t have to rush for over-the-counter medication. Natural cures are as effective and cialis canada sale safe, but do consult your physician before using them.

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  1. Mom of three Says:

    I used cranberry capsules taking them daily for three months and so far so good not gotten one in a year, and I use to get UTI’s 2 to 3 times a year.

  2. Anjali Says:

    Well DMannose powder is supposed to work the same way as cranberry but better. Anyone else using it? I only tried it for a few weeks but I’m thinking I had better order some more.

  3. vivian Says:

    squeeze one lemon, one lime, 1/2 tsp. of powdered cayenne pepper, 1 clove garlic to be mixed with honey….really works!

  4. Sue Says:

    I have always used cranberry juice. A doctor told me if you can drink a whole bottle of it in 24 hours, it will cure a bladder, UTI infection.

  5. Anastasia Says:

    DMannose usually works really well but when out I turn to good old cranberry juice.

  6. Desiree Says:

    Yeah I have drank at least 3 gallons of water and 2 large bottles of 100% cranberry and I am still having issues. I hardly ever get UTI’s but this one is a doozy. I do not want to pay $100 for a doctor to tell me something that I already know. Any other suggestions?

  7. molly Says:

    I was told to boil mungbeans and drink the broth.

  8. Adriana L Says:

    I have gotten UTIs for many years and for the past three years I seem to get one at least three times a year.

    This last UTI turned into a kidney infection which quickly led to severe sepsis and landed me in the hospital for a week. So basically, I nearly died from these stupid UTIs I keep getting.

    So now, I’ve been out of the hospital for three weeks and need zithromax have another UTI. I’m told I should see a urologist but after this $40,000 hospital bill, I can’t afford the hundreds the urologist will charge. And I feel my left kidney starting to hurt again.

    I have tried cranberry juice/pills, Azo Standard, uva ursi, D-Mannose, baking soda… and every antibiotic on the planet. And now I seem to have a very resistant strain of E. Coli that I believe just hides down in the lining of my ladder or wherever it’s hiding and then just pops out again after I’m through with the antibiotics.

    UTIs are bankrupting me.

    Any advice?

  9. Guitar1o1 Says:

    Cut up fresh garlic.you can chew or swallow it but chewing may burn.

  10. Marceile Regelman Says:

    I had bladder infections all through my 20′ through 40′s, until someone told me to put a teaspoon of soda in a warm glass of water and drink it all down. Within 15 minutes the pain and sensation that I had to unrinate were gone. I have not had a bladder infection since then, and I am now in my late 50′s. I’ll swear by this remedy.

  11. derek Says:

    Thanks for the advice I see blood when I piss :(


  12. Dawn Says:

    I have heard that you take just the pods of kidney beans and boil them for 15 minutes to sterilize them. Take the broth and strain in a cloth. Refigerate for 8 hours. Strain again. very important to strain. Then drink within 24 hours. Its said that it cures urine infections and diabetes.
    I have also heard that you take corn silks from corn you can store them in a jar as they don’t go bad. Boil some for 15 min. take the broth strain and drink all day to cure urine infections.

  13. Diane Says:

    I (and others) have used Cranactin from health food/vitamin stores to both prevent and buy cialis cheap cure urinary tract infections.

  14. christina wilson Says:

    I believe natural medicine has a place in everything but something antibiotics have a place too. I developed sepsis from a series of urinary tracts infections that I was self treating and ended up hospitalized for several days. Use common sense… if something isn’t working do something different

  15. faethfam Says:

    I heard taking a good probiotic will help.

  16. Joanne Villegas Says:

    I recently heard from a lady at church that wild oregano oil can help cure a urinary tract infection. I just so happened to end up with one so I tried it and it seems to be working. I had it for about a week and thought I had taken care of it with cranberry juice and lots of water and azo pills, however it came back after a few days. She recommended 4 drops of wild oregano oil in cranberry or orange juice 5 times a day for an infection that has been around for a few days and of course plenty of water. Also put a few drops of oil on a cottonball and wipe your uretha area. It will burn for about a minute, but after that it takes away the uncomfortable burning sensation. Also recommended Hilands homeopathic drops. I did all these and periactin pills I am feeling much better. The oil is expensive but cheaper than a doctor visit and antibiotics. The relief is much quicker as well.

  17. Ana Says:

    I have been taking cranberry pills for 5 years and I have not had a UTI in 5 years use to get at least 2 yearly.I swear by them and recommend them highly.Ana

  18. sfk Says:

    Baking soda works really good. Put half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it throughout the day. You can mix some soft drink like Mountain Dew to make it taste better. It still works fine.

  19. Terri Says:

    Take liquid extract (1-3x a day) of Uva Ursi and it will be gone in 1-3 days. Available at health food stores. God/Jesus is good!

  20. Emma Says:

    Since becoming sexual active I’ve suffered from UTI’s, I was free from them for a year but just last week they’ve reappeared with a vengeance. The doctor prescribed me with Nitrofurantoin but it didn’t work, I went back to the doctor and was put on Ciprofloxacin which took a few days to kick in but it seemed to get rid of it, I finished the course of antibiotics but sure enough 2 days later it came back sooo I visited the doctor a third time today and despite explaining the situation she once again prescribed me Nitrofurantoin, made me do a urine test to be cultured, was extremely unhelpful and sent me home.

    All day I’ve been very tearful and in absolute agony to the extent where I had to sit in hot water to find any relief. Then I remembered reading about the baking soda cocktail. I wasn’t expecting it to work but surprisingly it’s subsided the constant burning sensation dramatically. The doctor is making me wait 4 days for my results to come back before prescribing me anything else and I was worrying about how on earth I’d cope for 4 days but I think I’ll be ok if I keep drinking baking soda mixed with water.

    I’m wondering if perhaps drinking the baking soda cocktail after sex would help keep the UTI’s away? It’s worth a try right.

  21. S H Says:

    D Mannose, (best brand is Waterfall D mannose, have to order online
    from U K, takes 8 days mail, but well worth it: U Tract is also a good brand, at local health food stores, 3-4 scoops daily for acute
    infection, plus a teasp. of cinnamon, for about 2-3 days in early
    stages, can’t continue it tho, UVA URSI tabs. in beg. stages,
    golden seal root extract AND AZO cranberry pills. coconut water
    or distilled water. I don’t like drinking lots of water, so I don’t like this part. In Post Menopause, use Estriol oil intravaginally
    2-3 times per week, plus progesterone cream from health food store,
    3 weeks out of a month and off one week. This will PREVENT reoccurent
    attacks probably, but also use the D Manose powder, when postmenopausal, 1 t. per day, as a preventative.

  22. guest123 Says:

    the doctor prescribed me with Nitrofuratoin for my uti .. it’s in a capsule (i cant swallow pills) and i have been told not to chew them .. why is this? 

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