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Pink Eye

Crusty goo closing up the corners of your eyes can’t be a good sign. Rub this irritation and viagra cheapest price for sale you’ll only make matters worse if you’re suffering from a case of pink eye an inflammation that attacks the outermost layer of the eye and inner surface of the eyelids better known as the conjunctiva [1]. While allergic reactions are a common culprit behind the condition also known as conjunctivitis, the most notorious cases are caused by infections (both viral and bacterial).

What Causes Pink Eye?

Sometimes, the cause of pink eye comes from sources you wouldn’t normally associate with inflamed eyes, while other factors play an obvious role. To make matters worse, you could encounter more than one ailment at a time when pink eye strikes, including blepharoconjunctivitis (when conjunctivitis combines with blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids) or keratoconjunctivitis (a mixture of pink eye and keratitis inflamed corneas). The most common causes of pink eye includes:

a) Viruses and Bacteria:

Rubbing or touching the eyes is one of the most common ways that people can spread bacteria or transfer a virus. People with colds are also susceptible to contracting viral conjunctivitis.

b) STD:

A sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, can cause conjunctivitis [2].

c) Allergies:

Also known as allergic conjunctivitis, direct contact with an allergen can bring about a case of pink eye. Sometimes, the allergen makes contact with your eyes through the air like when pollen takes to flight during the changing seasons. Other times, the allergen may adhere to your hands and become transferred when you touch your eyes. Typical allergens include pet hair, fungal spores, and dust.

d) Chlorine:

Avid swimmers have been known to suffer pink eye, due to the chlorine found in pool water.

e) Shampoo:

The irritating ingredients found in most shampoos can cause a case of pink eye to erupt.

f) Irritations:

Anything known to cause irritation to the eyes can trigger conjunctivitis. Dirt and dust can become trapped in the eye, creating the perfect environment for the condition to strike. Sit too close to a cigarette smoker and some people react with irritated eyes. A chemical splash can also cause conjunctivitis to develop.

g) Foreign Objects:

A wayward pencil, finger poke, or paper cut to the eye can all cause pink eye.


Patients with conjunctivitis usually experience redness, irritation, itchiness, and watering of the eyes fairly common symptoms that appear in all forms of pink eye. A handful of individuals may encounter an itch or tightness in the throat. Some people also describe a ‘gritty feeling’ in one or both of their eyes. During the night, discharge seeps out of one or both eyes to form a crust. In the morning, victims of pink eye may awaken to dried mucus sealing their eyelids shut. Depending on the source and viagra sale severity of the case, symptoms will vary, as seen below:

Acute Allergic Conjunctivitis: Itchiness, irritation, and swollen lids are key symptoms.

Viral Conjunctivitis: Often associated with an infected upper respiratory tract, sore throats, or the common cold, where a watery discharge and itchiness are main symptoms. Usually, the infection starts with one eye and can easily travel to the other.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis: A pus-producing bacteria can set up shop in the eyes, causing various colored discharge to develop. Severe crusting often appears in infected eyes and surrounding skin. Some patients experience pain. It is not uncommon for an infection of this sort to lay dormant for three days before showing any signs.

Irritant Conjunctivitis:Pain and irritation increases when an infected eye points up or down. While itchy eyes and discharge are usually not a typical symptom, conjunctivitis caused by an irritant is one of the most painful forms of pink eye.

Risk Factors and Negative Effects

When it comes to pink eye, children seem to face the most cases of viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. To make matters worse, both forms are highly contagious with infected individuals able to pass on the condition for seven to 14 days after their signs and symptoms first rear their ugly head. This means that children must stay home from school and adults must take time off from work. Family and viagra generic pills for sale friends are kept at arm’s length to avoid passing on the infection.

Additional risk factors and negative effects for pink eye include:

a) Environment:

People susceptible to acute allergic conjunctivitis must be aware of their environment at all times to avoid a flare-up. Unfortunately, a pet lover must keep their distance from dog dander and hair if this is what causes their pink eye to develop.

b) Contact Lenses:

It is not uncommon to find people that wear contact lenses facing a higher risk of developing conjunctivitis [3]. This is especially true with extended-wear lenses.

c) Occupation:

The type of job you hold can place you at a higher risk for suffering pink eye, such as working at an establishment where you face the threat of chemical splashes on a daily basis.

d) Seasonal Factors:

According to a senior physician at the University of Pittsburgh student health center, more than 300 cases of pink eye are treated mostly during the winter months [4]. Those allergic to pollen will also become targets for conjunctivitis during seasonal changes.

Pink Eye Natural Cures

Depending on the type of conjunctivitis you are suffering from, you could find the following natural cures pretty helpful when you can no longer take the crusty eyes, burning sensation, and itchiness:

a) Dried Calendula and Chamomile:

Steep two tablespoons of dried calendula (pot marigold in some circles) in one cup of hot water and leave covered for about an hour. After cooling, dip a square of cotton into the tea and allow drops to fall into your eye. Set the cotton over the eye for 10 minutes. The reminder of the tea can be placed in the refrigerator for later use. This particular remedy is believed to soothe the eyes without the threat of burning or stinging sensations. This same remedy works well when using dried chamomile.

b) Homeopathic Eye Drops:

Combat bacterial or viral conjunctivitis with over-the-counter homeopathic drops geared towards treating pink eye. For example, Simalasin (Pink Eye Relief) contains active ingredients meant to treat redness, burning sensations and grit (belladonna), watery discharge (euphrasia), and inflammation (hepar sulphurius).

c) Organic Green Tea Mixture:

One pink eye victim found relief by combining filtered water, two organic green teabags, the juice of small lemon, and two capfuls of peroxide to treat their symptoms. Fill a small 6-ounce juice glass halfway with filtered water and steep all ingredients for about 20 minutes. Using an eyepatch to hold in place, take one teabag out of the mixture and bactrim without prescription allow it to drain into the infected eye. At first, stinging may occur for a couple of seconds, but after an hour or so improvements are seen. Repeat overnight to enhance the soothing relief.

Using tea as a natural cure for pink eye is rather common (whether it’s Orange Pekoe or another variation). Another remedy combines teabags, honey, and about teaspoon of salt. After steeping two teabags to create one cup of tea, remove the bags and allow them to cool. Pour the tea into a shot glass or small jar, adding the honey and salt. After the salt has dissolved and the liquid is completely cooled use a Q-Tip to apply two to three drops of solution into infected eyes sweeping the base of the eyelashes. Finally, cover the eyes with the teabags, using a warm washcloth to hold them in place. Honey offers antibiotic results, while the salt works as an astringent.

d) Breast Milk [2]:

It is said that lactating mothers may cure pink eye in newborns with breast milk because of the natural antibodies it possesses. Use a medicine dropper to place a few drops into the eye, repeating every couple of hours.

e) Aloe Vera:

Use the juice found in the leaves of an aloe vera plant to treat the corners of your eyes, as this cure contains antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. It is suggested to use pure aloe vera from a plant to avoid the stinging sensation that may come with over-the-counter products. Repeat throughout the day and overnight.

f) Peroxide:

Treat green discharge by gently rubbing the eyelids with a cotton ball soaked in peroxide. Repeat several times per day to see results. While this treatment may cause stinging, many patients have expressed instant relief.

g) Apple Cider Vinegar:

Create eyewash consisting of distilled water and apple cider vinegar to ease the pain of pink eye.



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  1. Donna Says:

    My Sicilian mother-in-law recommended squeezing a fresh lemon into warm water then apply with a paper towel (one for each eye so it doesn’t spread).
    Since I’m not into “drugs” I tried it on my boys. It stings a few seconds but the eyes cleared up within 1-2 days.
    It works and I wouldn’t use ANYTHING else.

  2. vane Says:

    i just want a remedy that will work asap becuz i wanna go out tonight

  3. Me Says:

    Absolutely nothing works on viral pink eye; you have to let it run its course. As for bacterial pink eye, you must go to the doctor and viagra generic pills for sale get an antibiotic, or you can try a natural remedy. Black tea bag compresses work great because of the tannic acid, also, apple cider vinegar compresses help as well. DO NOT PUT HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IN OR NEAR YOUR EYES!!

  4. angie Says:

    taking 1000mg a day helped me. it was gone in one day.

  5. Tricia Says:

    One could try using Colloidal Silver in the eye. I feel the best brand is “Sovereign Silver”. What you do is get the silver and add a little sea salt to it to help it sting less. Then put into the affected eye 4-5 times per day to start with (with an eye dropper). I used this treatment on my daughter who got some sort of infection in her eye after she had got dirt in her eye while playing in the yard. It was not pink eye, but I am sure this treatment would help and I KNOW it would not hurt. I have also used this treatment on both of my sons when they were infants. They both got a clogged tear duct and I put this in thier eyes to help the healing process. It seemed to help.

  6. Jack Hamilton Says:

    One of my dogs came down with a serious attack of conjunctivitis on the Saturday of a holiday weekend. Our vet was closed and we would have been forced to pay hundreds of dollars for an emergency vet visit to ease his discomfort. I began rubbing a couple of tablespoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar into the skin on the back of his neck. Within hours his symptons eased. The next morning he was remarkably better and within two days he was totally asymptomatic. We kept in up twice daily for 5 days to be on the safe side, but never needed to bring him to the vet.

  7. Danya Says:

    A peeled, grated potato in a piece of gauze has brought me great reief for the swelling of my eye lid. It also felt nice and cool relieving the itch!

  8. Milly Says:

    Essential oils like lavender peppermint oil and tea tree oil and castor oil as a base seems to have helped my daughter with her pink eye. I just rubbed it around her eyes and near her temples

  9. believe it or not Says:

    The ammonia in your urine kills the bacteria works like a charm its best to use your morning piss because its the strongest

  10. Janet Says:

    potatos naturally are high in bacteria–I would not recommend putting a bacteria laden poultice near an eye all ready battling an infection!

  11. D and T Says:

    Going to use apple cider vinegar on our dogs and ourselves… noticed one newly adopted dog had a small mucus discharge from his left eye and now both our dogs have the same small problem… both are at least 2 years old… a little worried about the problem considering one roommate is traveling to philly this weekend to visit the rents… will update in a day or two with results for both humans and canines alike

  12. hailey Says:

    can some one plz tell me a easy and fast way to heal a small case of pinkeye… i want to go out but i dont want to risk any one elses health

  13. Angel Says:

    I started off with one eyes sore, causing me a slight headache every now & then. Then about the 3rd day, immediate pain on one side of my head. Following the pain was tearing….. Later crushing… But the main syptom was the pain that it was causing me. I tried tea bags, honey, potato’s & the warm water only soothes it for the moment. The only thing that keeps me in my right mind is the pain releivers. It has been 8 days & now both of my eyes are infected…swollen, red, watery & painful. In need of some help?????

  14. shirley Says:

    I used breast milk in my baby’s eye and it seemed to clear up after applying it 3 times once every hour before bed when symptoms first started. Today her eyes are clear and I haven’t even seen any discharge but still will continue for today to make sure it is totally gone.

  15. Kia Says:

    For myself, and I also recomened to other friends and family members and has worked for everyone else. Ive never used the breast milk or if you do not know anyone that is pregnant, You may also use regular white milk out of your fridge. As with the breast milk use a (baby) dropper and drop one drop into your eyes and this will work as well!

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