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bed bugs

The small wingless insect that settles about your sleeping area waiting for you to come home (so they may feast upon your blood) is called a bed bug. When it comes to this resilient pest, many misconceptions surround their infestation habits and online pharmacy 247 purpose. For example, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt, grime, and filth – but instead, seek out warm-blooded creatures in order to satisfy their only source of food – blood. Therefore, it means that the cleanest of homes, hotels, and other establishments can become a gathering place for bed bugs.

What are Bed Bugs?

In search of warm-bloodied creatures for their supply of food, bed bugs started out in the world attacking nest-bound critters, but have quickly learned how to adapt to human households. When a bed bug first hatches, they are about the size of a poppy seed. An adult measures around Ľ of an inch in length, which is oval in shape with a flattened appearance from top to bottom. At first, bed bugs are nearly white in color (right after molting) and become light tan, deep brown, or burnt orange when mature. The shade of their body color comes as a result of digesting meals of blood.

Throughout the world, bed bugs and their cousins are found across the globe. At the end of the 20th century, the bed bug population and threat was not as great as today. Since then, higher numbers have been seen throughout parts of North America, Australia, and Europe.

In the household, bed bugs are commonly found in rooms where people sleep, as they typically infest beds, furniture, and nearby cracks and crevices. In the middle of the night, bed bugs are most active, as they feed on their hosts. If they are hungry enough, they will seek out a host to feed upon during the day [1]. The hour before dawn is an especially lively time for bed bugs before they scatter for their favorite hiding spots, including bed frames, mattresses, and box springs.

A room that is cluttered with additional furniture or objects only provide bed bugs with more places to hide, making it increasingly difficult to get a hold of an infestation once it becomes established.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

A small number of residences become affected by bed bugs, where an infestation often becomes prevalent when an incidence of bug bites take place in the middle of the night. Although this is a common sign, all bites received during the night are not all caused by the bed bug. When inspecting the folds and creases of bed linens, mattresses and box springs, you may catch sight of characteristic dark brown or reddish fecal spots that bed bugs are responsible for leaving behind. Heavily infested households will showcase a strong odor that some liken to the spice, coriander.

Additionally, bed bugs shed their skin and the hollowed-out leftovers of the insect (known as “skin casts”) are the result of the nymphal stage of the bed bug life cycle. Although difficult to spot with the naked eye, bed bug eggs are detectable. They appear close to 1 millimeter in length and wholesale lexapro are shaped like rice.

Bed bugs are able to fit into small cracks and crevices (due to their size and body shape), meaning they easily hide undetected in furniture, luggage, clothing, pillows, boxes, and other objects [2]. As these items are transported between apartments, households, and hotels – the bed bug is able to infest new surroundings. Some people acquire their extra houseguests when they purchase used furniture and other items and bring the bed bugs and eggs into their home.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are also able to survive for many months without feeding, meaning individuals entering a clean or vacant home or apartment may already show the presence of this pesky insect. In apartment complexes and condominiums, bed bugs are known to travel using pipes and wiring.

Negative Effects of Bed Bugs

The bed bug has been linked to pathogens present in their bodies, such as plague and hepatitis B, but there is no definite evidence that suggests the insect is responsible for transmitting diseases that cause medical threats to humans. Although no immediate health concerns are seen with the presence of the bed bug, the very sight of them is enough to make your skin crawl and want to buy bactrim at cheap price cause embarrassment to homeowners dealing with an infestation. Additionally, bed bugs have caused:

a) Infection and Scarring:

Some victims constantly scratch at the skin and their bed bug bites, which can lead to skin infections and scars.

b) Stress:

In the most extreme cases of bed bug infestation, one may produce a response called “delusional parasitosis,” which makes one feel as if they are still infested with the insect even after the problem as been dealt with [3]. There have even been cases of post-traumatic stress disorder attached to people who have recently survived a bed bug attack within their home.

c) Unattractive Welts:

The appearance of red welts that cause intense itching is a concern for people who have been bitten in visible locations about the body, including the arms, neck, back, and legs.

d) Possible Anaphylactic Shock:

Very few people will undergo anaphylactic shock in response to some of the allergens present in bed bug saliva.

e) Unpleasant Scent:

A rather pungent odor is noted when bed bugs are present in a room, as they emit an oil-like liquid from their bodies [4].

f) Financial Effects:

In most cases, the elimination of bed bugs becomes the duty of a trained professional, who may have to come to the home to destroy this rather resilient insect. Depending on the severity and methods used, it could cost a pretty penny. On the average, bed bug extermination may cost between $200 and $400.

Natural Cures for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most resistant creatures to the many varied attempts to destroy their presence, making home and natural cures pretty slim. Bed bugs are known to outlive temperatures reaching 100 degrees for a short period of time and can survive being placed in the freezer. Additionally, they are known to live without eating for up to one year. In the earliest stages of an infestation, a homeowner may learn how to control their numbers by using some of the natural suggestions listed below:

a) Black Walnut:

The National Park Service suggests that using the leaf teas consisting of black walnut provide an astringent effect, as well as serves as a decent insecticide against bed bugs.

b) Herbal Approaches:

There is a range of natural cures that people have used to treat their bed bug problem with varying degrees of success. A few suggestions is to try include spraying lavender, thyme, tea tree, or eucalyptus on bed linens, clothes and in other locations where people sleep in the house.

c) Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth:

While the exact bed bug population is not solved, the number of insects has been known to decrease when using food-grade diatomaceous earth as a repellent for bed bugs.

d) Boric Acid:

It is suggested to spread boric acid powder about the places where bed bugs choose to frequent, feed, and hide. This natural cure should never come in direct contact with a mattress or box spring. This remedy is often used to control the migration of bed bugs in a home.

e) Steam Treatment:

To eliminate bed bugs from mattresses and additional upholstered items, some pest control professionals will use stream to naturally treat a sleeping area. As it brings about limited effectiveness, this method has shown promise when involving less than ˝ inch of penetration. Some people have purchased small steam cleaners to treat their bedding.

f) Clothes Dryer:

Placing infested linens within a clothes dryer and viagra uk cheap purchase buy heating the items for more than 20 minutes is said to kill bed bugs.

g) Natural Heat:

In cities where the climate reaches extremely high temperatures, hanging linens in the sun will kill attached bed bugs who falter in the extreme heat of the sun.

h) Botanical Insecticides [5]:

Insecticides that contain natural pyrethrins are known to serve as a temporary natural cure, as the insects are repelled by this remedy and become ineffective for a short period of time. Unfortunately, natural pyrethrins quickly break down and are unable to provide the necessary bed-bug fighting power that lasts long enough to wipe out the entire population.

Natural Cures for Bed Bug Bites

When you are in need of a natural cure to sooth the presence of bed bug bites, you may turn to one of the oldest and simplest of poultices – made of mud – which offers soothing relief for bites. For maximum results, it is suggested to mix herbal tea and powdered white clay with mud. Plantain found in the wild is also used to successfully treat bed bug bites.

Starchy substances, such as arrowroot powder, grated potato, and mallow root can treat the pain and severe itching that accompanies bites caused by bed bugs. Finely ground grains like rice or oatmeal are also effective. Some people seek out the leaves of willow, maple, oak or hazel trees, which are believed to effectively soothe bed bug bites.

You may also make a fresh herb poultice using chewed fresh herbs that are directly placed on top of bites. Try considering popular selections, such as chickweed (Stellaria media); wild mallow (Malva neglecta); comfrey (Symphytum uplandica x); wild geranium (Geranium maculatum); and yellow dock (Rumex species).


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  1. b parks Says:

    zyrtec once a day dosage as on bottle followed with cortizone cream i cover it with a bandaid overnight so it doesn’t rub off.the itching and swelling is decreased by the next day or so but the bumps can last weeks.once the swelling is down I discontinue meds

  2. james Says:

    i learned that household spray and cheap cialis pills coconut oil doesn’t work but… talcom powder did slightly help also they don’t like 91% or more rubbing alcohol

  3. james Says:

    also i heard from a friend coffee grounds has negative effects smells good but doesn’t work

  4. marion dane bauer Says:

    Go to Original Bed Bug Powder it is a natural powder that actually works i had bed bugs for years and got rid of them in one month. i really reccomend this product. just follow their three steps.

  5. Jim Says:

    I tend to get most bites on my ankles and calves where my feet hang on the edges of the mattress, where it is easy for the bed bugs to get to those spots.
    I started rubbing Vick’s menthol rub on my ankles and calves before going to bed and I haven’t been getting any new bites.
    But I hope they don’t just start moving higher up eventually…

  6. nataki Says:

    These bugs are trying to kill me, I swear. My neck, head, ankles, thighs, buttocks, back lower and upper, and even my foot bottom. I had to Raid the place. I did 2 treatments and it seems to cut most of them.

  7. jeff Says:

    de earth, diatemaceous earth, used by gardeners for hundreds of years, works great for bed bugs and a lot of other bugs,
    it’s the same stuff as the ‘professionals’ use.
    don’t use the kind used in swimming pools, use food grade.

  8. aj harris Says:

    i use adidas body wash as a lotion after getting bit. it stops the swelling, then i use either afterbite or hydricortisone creme to stop the itch. febreeze has a decent affect to them.
    i still get bit but not as often, i can normally go about 5 days without a bite, thats if i shake my bedding and spray my unit with febreeze.

  9. June Says:

    I don’t have any remedies, but I heard that some kind of vitamin taken orally will prevent bugs from biting. Does anyone know about this?

  10. muniba Says:

    If you live in a hot climate, put your bed, mattress, pillows, etc out in the sun for atleast 10 days. The longer, the better. Temperatures where I live reach 115 degrees in the day.

  11. Roxanne Says:

    Hi June,

    I don’t know if a certain vitamin taken orally is a turnoff for bed bugs, but I have heard that vitamin B6 taken orally (not sure of the dosage required) is a turnoff for mosquitos… so, who knows.

  12. Helen Duich Says:

    To trap the bugs before they climb up bedposts, put bottle lids or cups under the legs of the bed with mineral oil in them. Also a good way to monitor bed bug activity.

  13. Jim Says:

    for bites anywhere on the body, used their tropical deodorant from Herbalix Restoratives. It contains arrowroot and cheap discount cialis gives immediate relief. Also try rubbing their Smart salve(just a small amount) in the hair before sleeping. They sell in small packaging so you won’t spend a lot of money. I won’t do the chemicals from other companies since I’m sensitive to commercial products.

  14. remy montville Says:

    Been reading quite a bit on bed bugs. Recommended was a tumeric paste for
    the itch, and it worked. I just shook a bit of spice on my hand, with a drop of
    water, and put it on the welt. Since they cannot bite through material, I wear a turtle
    neck and long pants to bed, with a scarf around the neck — only one bite so far.

  15. Brent Says:

    Rubbing alcohol works very well. Kills them & eggs immediately when sprayed directly on them. Of course if there has not been time to kill all of them. Rubbing alcohol can be sprayed on underwear, bedding and in hair to help prevent attacks while sleeping.

    Mainly the area within 5 feet of the bed is where they nest. So attack those areas heaviest and attack the smallest cracks in wood & under furniture also

  16. Elisabetta Says:

    I tried the Vicks as Jim suggested. IT WORKS! no more bites!! they must hate the smell of it!!

  17. josette Says:

    I vaccum every 3 days every where. Than spray with different sprays. I switch the bug sprays I use.. they are going away… I will never pick up a sofa from the curb again.. I do use the alcohol in between days too. I’m giving them everything I’ve got! And I’ve only seen 2 in the last week… I also did bomb a couple times using a home fogger for hidden bugs… I want ddt lol but its banned!

  18. James M Says:

    Our products perform three critical functions.

    Critical Functions
    •It kills or repels the existing insect population.
    •It eliminates the next generation of insects by interrupting the egg layer cycle.
    •It creates a barrier of re-entry deterring insects migrating from the area.

    Insect control is measured by decreased populations which are directly related to the egg and larvae status of the arthropod.

    When it comes to 100% all natural/organic pest control products. Turn to ALL PURE GREEN , it just so happens we have the best products on the market. The facts are that these 100% natural products not only work, but in some cases like Flea, Mosquito and Bed Bug control, they work better.

    Cedar Oil is a natural insect repellent.

    As you may or may not know, our cedar oil formulations are second to none (Tested and proven by Iowa State University and endorsed by the USDA as the number one choice Pesticide, Proven far superior to any chemical counterpart available) when used for control of inside and where can i buy amoxil outside arthropod including but not limited to fleas, ticks, bed bugs, chiggers, silverfish, mites, mosquito and an array of different insect species.

  19. Michael Clifford Says:

    I have found that hydogen peroxide put on several times makes the bites less irratating and go away faster. Even my wife who was skeptical at first uses it now.

  20. Kay Says:

    I just became a member of the bed bug club. These remedies all look very good. Although I don’t seem to have bites, I’ve found for spider and mosquito bites: aloe vera, the burn plant is good for many things and the juice can even be an intentinal cure all; it draws the heat out, but also prevents itching. Salt is an anti-bacterial – although to work you have to open the skin. The frontier cure all was vinegar: a natural disinfectant, a cooler for fevers, a bleeding stopper, an anti viral as viruses cannot live in acid environments. Also use apple cider vinegar, a couple of tblsp. for a chronic cough – restores your Ph balance and cuts the mucus. Honey is also an antibacterial. I’m waiting for the heat treatment from my landlord, but have put sticky tape inside the mattress. I think I’ll try to rubbing alcohol spray, too. Good tip from the Herbal Gardener website: lavender sachets in suitcase when traveling to keep bugs out.

  21. lynn Says:

    i have used baby oil to prevent the bedbugs from biting that works really well..although u will be oily its better than waking up with bites every night.and it softens ur skin as well..

  22. gisel Says:

    I went to a pharmacist and he told me to use ammonia on the area that was bitten. sure enough, no more itch. The infected area is beginning to heal

  23. mzt Says:

    i am so grateful to have found this page. I too have become infected with bedbugs all due to wanting a “used” sofa from a friend. My life has become a nighmare with my 3 kids. I can’t sleep for trying to make sure they don’t get bitten and order viagra 50 mg i have slept in my car as well. I have cried and even prayed that God will miraculously take them away. Today i was going to wear a pair of shorts but forgot that i had major bumps on the back of both of my legs.I lay in fear of these things. You can hardly detect them. But after reading all of the comments i will now head straight to walmart to see what i can find. Pray for me….i feel so helpless! :(

  24. abu Says:

    Hi, very novice to this, I saw once a programme on towards 2000 or tomorow’s world where in I think an australian farmer had trouble with his cow’s getting pestered, bitten, infected by ticks or some bugbites that may have even been infecting them with further parasites. So he resolved this by grinding the bug and making a homeopathing dilution of it ie dilute, shake, dilute, shake, etc the more the more potent. So now in affect he turned the biting bug into a antidote or vaccine against itself, he put a drop of this dilution on every cow’s tongue, and apparently his cows either didn’t get no more bug bites cause the bugs were either repelled by the treated cows or immune to them. So i just stared to look online if anybody was selling this or doing this by themselves, I’ve half a mind to capture a few of the marauders and grind them, idea, and throw them into the washing machine on wash to make well shaken dilution of them, then take a drop of that then put in fresh load of water and again further shake and dilute, do this several times,and hopefully that would be the antidote to the doting dots. Now whether one would have the gall to ingest such an antidote or just spray it around the house, I don’t know, whether just spraying around would work, should i suppose.
    That guy was even curing infertile soil to fertile by using some such logic, recall him putting dung in sheep horn and burying it then digging it up to show it was sweet smelling, etc, forget exactly the import of that, maybe need to look up old german books on that.
    But main thing is the dotting dots, email me if anyone actually tries the above remedy and tell me if it worked or not.

  25. cmg Says:

    I too have just joined the bed bug club. My husband and purchase cialis 10 mg sons were not getting bit, so you know they really thought I was imagining things, till one night I woke up to being bit I got up turned on the light and saw this ugly bug in my bed I trapped it under my pillow and screamed for my husband to get up and look. I picked up the pillow and that thing took off I quickly put the pillow back down on top of it and my husband went to get some toilet paper, he came back and I picked up the pillow again he mashed it and flushed it down the toilet, but not before getting a good look at it. I have been using vicks also and icy hot they work for a little while. I want to try some of the other things I read about on here. I am so wearied out I am going overboard. I could not find the D. food grade stuff so I am using orange oil, and JT Eaton insect powder. I let you know how that works. (I wonder why they bite some people and cheap price cialis not others?)

  26. Martha Says:

    I have been dealing with bedbugs for years! Exterminator charged thousands of dollars. After being bed bug free for over a year, a friend came to visit with his bedbugs. Hah, I sprayed house with 95% rubbing alcohol, on every thing. Then get this,” baby powder”…It has silica in it. Siliac is a fossil (found in playground sand)cuts the little bedbugs in half like fiber glass. It is not dangerous to people. Place it between matress and sheets, put in clothing draws it smells great!Try not to breath it, could cause respitory issues. Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite………………..Ps. They also, hate lavender and thyme. Laundry sheet work too.Good luck!!!!!!!

  27. WAA Says:

    I have recently moved into an apartment that was closer to my mothers and had 2 bdrm’s for me and my daughter. The place that I had moved out of did have the health department called on them and they investigated and confined the bed bug infestation to one apartment that was completely on the other side of the complex.
    Now that we have been here going on three months, I now have bed bugs…darn it anyway…my daughter and I are being eaten alive, finances are slim and I have very little resources other than the internet too turn too.I have access to a high powered steamer that is hand held, and I will attempt to thoroughly steam my box spring, mattress and make sure all the linens are properly cleaned. I will get back to you all with the results and methods I used to let you know if it work or not.
    “These are some really annoying critter’s, wish I was a Rockefeller, then I could afford my treatment and help others going through this nasty experience…

  28. Barz Says:

    Found several bedbugs in one bedroom, tore it apart, sprayed with Bed Bug Patrol, put down boric acid and vacuumed, vacuumed, vacuumed. Put the entire bed (except latex mattress which I vacuumed and sprayed) outside, tore the back off the innerspring (saw quite a few in there) sprayed it, vacuumed it and left it in the sun (over 100 every day)for almost 2 weeks. Bought enclosures for the boxspring, mattress and new pillows I purchased (threw out the old pillows). Went on to 2nd bedroom. Found the bedskirt and box spring infested. Brought in big trash bags, threw all bedding and pillows in it and disposed of it, vacuumed box spring and took it outside, tore off backing and found lots of fluffy material for them to hide in so we disposed of the box spring. Rest of the bed still outside in 100+ heat(3 days now). Spraying, vacuuming etc. Moved the bed in first room to spray and vacuum more and found a new blood mark on a pillow case so evidently all I did hasn’t finished them off. I’d read you have to repeat everything every few weeks for 3 or 4 times. I had only waited a couple of days so I’d suggest not waiting weeks to repeat your treatments. I’ve developed eczyma on the back of my one leg from it getting bitten so much. I’ve read differing opinions on boric acid on the internet. Some say its highly poisonous and doesn’t work. Others say it does work and isn’t harmful. Anyone know which is right? What else can I do to get rid of these horrible things? I have read you shouldn’t use bombs or foggers as that just makes them spread into other areas. Sorry I don’t have a remedy. One thing I’m trying is washing everything in a sanitize cycle, drying them on a sanitize cycle and putting all unneeded blankets, spreads, clothing into space bags before putting back in the rooms. Hopefully if anything is in there they’ll die.

  29. cmg Says:

    I hate looking at that picture at the top of this page I tell you it creeps me out. IT IS WAR!!!!!! I will not let them win. (Too many sleepless nights) I am in the process of buying any and everything mentioned. Don’t laugh but everything must go!!! ?????HAS ANYONE EVER STUDIED WHY THEY BITE SOME PEOPLE AND NOT OTHERS? MAYBE THE CHEMICAL FROM THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT GETTING BIT CAN BE MADE INTO AN INSECITCIDE (LOOK OUT PATIENT OFFICE HERE THEY COME) Hah!

  30. Lisa Says:

    They die under extreme heat. If you check the world bed bug infestation map, you will see that there are no infestations in areas of the world where it is hot. You absolutely need to be sure that you can safely treat them with extreme heat. I put on heaters only one room at a time, and it helped. Apparently the temperature needs to get above 115 F or 45c, and one person told me that the heat needs to be this high for about 7 to 8 hours for it to work. The heat also needs to rise rapidly in the room so that they cannot escape. I would try that along with the many other remedies available. If you are in a cold climate, the also die in extreme cold. You could try putting all your furniture outside during a cold snap for a couple of weeks.

  31. Barz Says:

    Has anyone heard of them being active during daylight hours, crawling on people, biting, while we’re awake and moving around? Could it be because I’ve been so aggressive in trying to eliminate them? Is this a sign they’re desperate? This happens to my husband and I about twice a day each. When I catch one on me I immediately tear apart what I’m sitting on and next to and can’t find a single sign of any others. I respray the furniture, carpet, wall, woodwork and revacuum but it happens again. It was 118 here a few days ago but no way to put things outside. Also does anyone know if they can spread from one piece of property to another without the inhabitants of each even coming in contact with each other? All of a sudden we’re seeing peoples box springs and mattresses being thrown out in the alley or sitting out in the back yards on our block.

  32. Jeanette Says:

    I worked with an RMT in Toronto canada and she said she went to california and caught bed bugs. She was itching for days and didn’t know what to do. I remember her mentioning she bought the bed bug powder and put her mattress out in the sun and she finally got rid of them. Heat from the sun kills them. I now she said it worked for her.

  33. Sara Says:

    2 different apartments in 3 years. Nice, not sure how I got them this time as lived in 3 complete apartments and the middle one no problems… been in this apartment for 9 months with no problems. I’m thinking they traveled from a different Apartment…ugh
    The reason why some get bite and some don’t is based on how that person sleeps. the harder & deeper you sleep the more likely you will be bitten due to the high levels of Carbon Dioxide your body produces.

  34. Mel Says:

    Steam! Steam, if steam is considered natural, steam! There are some steamer brands specifically made for bed bugs because they die at temperatures over 120 degrees. Regular clothes steamers can’t be used usually because of the limitations of movement. However,here is a location for a steamer for that purpose. Good luck, I’ve been warring with them at my Mother-In-Law’s and I seem to be winning.
    This company uses natural products only.

  35. cathy Says:

    Moved into a house. Three days later my oldest of three had bites all over, welts, and would wake up instantly when biten. She actually woke up one night and found one. We saved and had it verified that thats what it was. So far its contained to her room and just my couch since she brought her blanket down to sleep because she refused to go back to her room. I am now in process of containing no movement from these rooms. Except me sleeping on couch. Which i am not being bit. She has scabs all over and looks like she had chicken pocks. Being away from house for three days, no bites, and healing. We are now attempting to start our attack on the rooms. First is to spray her doorwaycarpet and around door with paint thinner. I heaerd this works will let you know. Then to spray her bed and box spring also. We went to uhaul and they sell plastic covers for beds. They do not seel but we r using packing tape to take care of that. So once the beds are sealed we will work on rest of room. Spraying base boards and door again. While windows open for ventilation. will spray whole carpet also. If this works we will work on the living room. We are currently living out of plastic bags as things are washed and dryed. All bedding is closed up until problem solved. They are only allowed one blanket each. and the blankets donet leave room to room. All beds from now on will be covered in plastic. And so will extra bedding. This is having three children whom are all in sports so its been a busy week. I also slept last night with an Eucalyptus candle from Yankee Candle last nigh on the middle of my table last night. NO bites this morning. Dont plan on making this a habit but wanted to test out the scent thing. So now i will go buy some E. Oil and try that out too. But even as i dried my clothes before i came to work, i think about solution all day. feeling like they are on me at all times, itching every few minutes. Think im losing it, but they wont win. Will let everyone know how this procedure works out. Good luck to

  36. cathy Says:

    ok night one daughter slept in her room last night without getting bit and before i put the mattress on. I sprayed tea tree oil around her bed and on her blanket. No complaints so far, but this was just for a good night sleep, no remedy of killing them. But will get you sleep.

  37. Stephanie Says:

    I woke up one morning with a couple of bites on me. Didnt pay it any mind. The next couple of days more and more bites that itched like crazy. Thought that the bites were flea bites from watching my aunts dog, but still dont know yet. Pull all of my bedding of of my bed to sray some lysol and a tiny white bug was on it crawling. The only one i have seen. Dont know if its a bedbug or not? So i called off of work and went to the hardware and got this bedbug spray called Harris. Havent slept in my bed for nights, all i do is keep spaying a couple of times a day. Am i going crazy??? My mom slept in the bed with me because its too hot for her in her room and she has no bites at all. I have them om my feet and ankles. What more should i do??? Help!!!

  38. karen Says:

    I heard that taking b complex works they hate the smell from the vitamins . love ya

  39. jada Says:

    we have the one thwart couches antiseptic seems
    to work or aloe vera

  40. Han-Mi Says:

    High heat (120 degrees) and alcohol kill the resilient bugs. I bagged everything I owned after washing in hot water and drying for 1-2 hours. I sprayed everything with 90% alcohol 3x a day. Mattress, box spring, couch cushions…everything. This method definitely alleviated the bites until I had a professional come to get into all the crevices.Also, invest in a steam cleaner. You can steam rug, mattress, curtains, clothes…definitley worth $50. The reason why some people have worse bites than others is that they’re attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. Good luck!

  41. Sage Says:

    Hihi…new member of the bed bug club. My bites swell up like anything, but my husband’s don’t, and they bite me much more frequently. Correlation?

    Tonight, after my shower, I took some canola oil, mixed it with tee tree and peppermint. I also sprayed the sheets down with 91% isopropyl alcohol, and threw the sheets and comforter back on. We’ll see what happens.

    This has just become a nightmare for me. I have bad insomnia on a good day. I have nightmares about bed bugs and getting bitten, and then I get chewed on all night. And the part that pisses me off the most, is that by the time I find out that I’ve been bitten and have started to itch, the little bastards are gone elsewhere.

    I don’t mind so much being bitten by day, but my nights are turning into hell on earth. Does anyone happen to know where a person might be able to buy DDT from overseas? I know they still make it there. I buy my medications from overseas, cause you don’t need a scrip, and they are cheaper there. But so far, I haven’t been able to find a supplier. I’m desperate at this point.

  42. Sage Says:

    Oh, and we’ve moved our bed away from the headboard, sprayed it down with some commercial stuff, and coated the legs of the frame with vaseline. Will let you know if it works. Right now, we are sleeping in the spare bedroom til the spray dries.

  43. Bill Says:

    Iam currently fighting a bed bug war and it appears that I am slowly winning battle by battle. We got rid of our padded headboard which was totally infested,got rid of our queen size bunkie board,steamed and sprayed our rather expensive memory foam mattress.I purchased several items from a place called items included sprays,matress encasements and monitor traps.The traps seem to be the most effective as they are double compartments lined with talc powder.They are placed under each leg of every piece of furniture we have.Because these little critters have to climb onto furniture toget to their food source(which is us}they climb into the traps and cannot escape because the talc makes it too slippery for them them to escape.We are now down to the tiniest stage of the bugs.They are very easy to see in the traps.The most I’ve trapped so far is about 30.The amount gets less and less as you trap them as thet are not able to get their food.I am waitng for the day when I don’t trap any which means that I finally got them all.They do tend to live approximently 5 feet from their food source. Also don’t let any bedding touch the floor launder it in hot water and dry in high heat.Don’t put clthes on the floor and don’t put your clothes on the bed.They live in foot wear so get slide lock bags to store them in.If your persistant and follow the guidelines that bed bug supply readily offers then you can get some bite free nights that I am currenlty e

  44. Sage Says:


    Well, so far the Vaseline and keeping the bed away from the headboard is helping. Also, I put together a skin oil, made from things that are supposed to kill germs…bugs, if you will, pun not intended. I used tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, and peppermint (the peppermint on the recommendation of someone on either this site or another bed bug site). Stinks like all kinds of hell, but it seems to work…most of the night. If you’re gonna try it, if you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or something, reapply. I don’t care so much about being bit on the rest of my body, but I HATE BITES ON MY FEET. I only put it on up to my knees, and it seems to repel them pretty well. We won’t go into all the bites on my hips. LOL, but bites on hips, I can take. I’ve also noticed, that if I take a Benedryl or two when I go to bed, I don’t notice getting bitten while I’m sleeping. We also bought two bags of Diatomacious earth…we have hardwood floors in our bedroom with good sized gaps between the boards, so I’m going to use a broom dipped in it to distribute the dust. DE deydrates the bedbugs to the point of death, but it takes a while to wipe out an infestation, from what I understand. I’m going to distribute it liberally into the carpet of the guest bedroom.

  45. mhershey Says:

    we moved into our first apartment 2.5 months ago ( last week of may) and bombed before we moved in, by the second week i started getting bug bites 1-2 a week , thought maybe mosquitos or spiders. I had even made a comment to our manager by mid june, she didnt say anything about bed bugs. Three days later I see someone from two apartments adjacent from mine throwing out mattresses bedding etc… asked them why and the young couple 18 and 19 said that they both started getting bitten and lifted there mattress to find about 50 bed bugs. they tried to do what they could and have been unsuccessful. This made me think maybe I was being bitten by bed bugs, we did not find any bb at all until a mid july and at that time i was getting about 6-8 bites a week and mine swell very large.

    I complained to the manager in writing 3 times then she told me they would spray for spiders roaches and ants, and it would cost 400 dollars for each apartment to be sprayed for bb so they wont do it. i contacted the fair housing department, and they hassled the manager enough that she gave us some sprays (1 bottle JT Eaton kills bedbugs, fleas, brown dog ticks, and other insects listed on this label 2 cans enforcer bed bug spray and 1 bottle of jt eaton boric acid) . They made us sign that we got the products and received directions. it basically said to reduce clutter, get rid of any and all cardboard, clean and vacuum before spraying. bag up all clothing and linens, was in hott water and dry on hott setting, putt all linens and clothing into plastic bags.

    inspect and vacuum mattresses and any furniture along walls. take down and check all wall hangings as they will hide behind there. spray your mattress and box spring and all of its seams before encasing it. take off all outlet covers and light switch face plates and put boric acid inside. make sure all furniture is away from walls. then spray all baseboards furniture put the boric acid in any cracks or crevices( basically follow directions on the bottles). ater 24 hours vacuum and throw out the vacuum bag ( i have a bag-less and plan on pouring some boric acid on the floor to kill any crawlers i vacuum up and i will dump in a bag and dispose of asap, i plan on boiling water to throw the filters an container in) I will comment if this works i do not think it will last if it does work because 23 out of 26 apartments have bb and only 6 are going to treat it. I just want to get the bites to stop while i try and ge out of my lease. i am trying the Vicks tonight, i am currently covered in 85 bites from my face back tummy legs and feet even between fingers so im hoping it keeps the bugs at bay.

  46. mhershey Says:

    oh also i found out these apartments have had bed bugs for 2 years. after spaeking with a tenant who has lived her 2.5 yrs and has 4 kids. Im the heck outta here as soon as I can get outta my lease.

  47. Dennis Says:

    I was searching for information about this pest and found out the reason why some people get bit and others don’t is because bed bugs like certain blood types better than others. People who have blood type A are more likely to be bitten. Anyway, I’m going to try some of the suggestions I’ve found here, and by the way, I’ve also found more information against the use of Boric Acid than for its use. It is very harmful to your lungs and is toxic, especially for small kids and pets, plus it doesn’t work very well against bed bugs.

  48. iris Says:

    we have had those lil buggers a year now.the only thing that made a huge difference is a steam cleaner.we spent so much money on bug sprays and bombs that did not work.we did use water mixed with dish soap for a has to be a bright color once its mixed or it will not be strong enough to kill have to put mixter in spray bottle and spray it every my wash off,leave it on except on sheets and blankets and pillows.For the linens just wash them like you would wash a dirty load .the laundry soap kills them off in washer,but do dry at highest heat in dryer.For bites I’ve found that baby diaper rash cream helps.I’m glad we are not the only ones who are dealing with is so embarrassing!i will try some of the advice you gave.thanks and god help and bless us with freedom from this evil bed bug!

  49. Amy Says:

    I’m so concerned I have bed bugs! I cannot sleep! So far I’ve gotten 3 bites, 2 on my ankle and one on my shoulder. These all appeared within the past 48 hours. They look like mosquito bites and itch but within hours go away. I’m not sure if these are bed bug bites but I’ve had two recent encounters where I could have brought something into my home. One was going to the county hospital Emergency Room and the other was a night spent at a friends house. She later complained of having bites. That was about 2 weeks ago. I live in California and recently its been hot so we tend to get bugs in the summer. We were having ants and spiders so about 3 days ago we had an exterminator come and spray our whole house, as well as in the light fixtures and we also fogged.

    He looked at my mattress and box spring and said he didn’t see any signs but late one night a few days before he showed up to spray I saw a tiny yellowish looking bug crawl across my pillow and it was moving FAST! FREAKED ME OUT! Since the exterminator came I have not seen any more of these bugs but today I had the 3 bites! Could these bites have been from before the exterminator came? I heard bed bug bites usually take a few days to show up? And would they just go away so quickly within hours? Ugh. I just want answers and I’m really hoping this isn’t bed bugs! Also, my roommates don’t believe me and just think I’m paranoid but I know what I saw and I know that I have bites. I’m going to clean my entire room tomorrow, vacuum, wash all my bedding and clothes in the hottest water possible and HOPE these bites were just a fluke. I also took the advice of putting on baby oil so we’ll see. Hoping that little bug was a baby spider. Hoping those were just a random mosquito. Here’s to not posting on this site again! *fingers crossed*

  50. Dennis Says:

    This is an update from my post on Aug. 23. I went to ACE Hardware and bought the D-Earth (food grade). It wasn’t expensive. I haven’t used it yet because I found somethingthat has worked and its really cheap. Talcom Powder is death to these little #$%*’ers. The powder has the same basic ingredient as the D-Earth and that is Silicate that breaks down the waxy surface of the bug and kills it. I used a hand held powder sprayer that I also bought from the hardware store and used the Talc the same way you would use the D-Earth. Since I started using the Talc there have been no new bites on anyone in my home. Also, to ease the irritation of bites I started using white vinegar. This has also worked very well for temporary relief until the bites heal. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on extermination when you can porbably use products you already have in your house or can buy for a few dollars.

  51. Jeff Milman Says:

    Bill on Aug. 20, 2011 comes closest to remedy I used and recommend:

    1. Don’t hire professional bug killers. Even if they work, if you ever leave your apartment again, you or someone else will bring them back.
    2. The key is keeping bedbugs from your body while sleeping. You will spot them in the light while awake which is why they are never around then. I bet bedbugs unfed for 10-20 days (2 feeding cycles) will move to other abodes in search of prey.
    3. Isolate your bed carefully: Fumigate and/or steam clean your bed frame(s)or replace them with steel frames with no open spaces at the joints. Seal up the mattress(es) in the Bed, Bath and Beyond bug bag(s). Ditto pillows. Move bed from contact with any wall and furniture touching walls. Don’t let bed linen touch the floor. Put 4 legs on each corner of the bed in contact with floor, if not there already. Put a 5inch to 9inch aluminum pie pan under each leg and fill with light film of talcum powder to detect bugs coming up or down the legs. The talc will kill bedbugs by drying them out thru fixed air holes in thorax. Since I started this routine, I have not seen any bedbugs (only saw one anyway on bathroom sink, obviously scouting for a blood target or a home nearby) or suffered another bite (since 2 years ago).
    4. Try taking a max recommended dose of vitamin B-6 each day for a month. It seems to work as cheap and safe repellent for 75% of the population. After a month, discontinue and compare results.

  52. Lisa Tannehill Says:

    get renters insurance and torch the place….. Ok seriously I stopped payment on my rent this month, will deal with slumlords again when eviction notice arrives anyday, and I spent the 600.00 to get 5 gallons of cedar oil and non thermal fogger I have used a gallon went one night no bites then 2nd night, morning really for I can no longer sleep, and woke yesterday to bites, and when sitting in office I get bit, going to go buy a new desk chair,no cloth. I had purchased 5 gallons to do all 4 units since the 2 next door is where they came from when a neighbor who was ill and had been here for 10 yrs moved out, managers were told then by pest man that the 2 units (not connected but by the electrical wires and cable wires running between 4 units to pole then back to my home) had bedbugs and the slumlords did nothing nor informed upstairs lady or myself, I am disabled with rsd an illness in the central nervous system, so you can imagine what the last 5 weeks have done to me, of the bug problem and deny anything of the sort.. AS SOON AS I CAN FIND AN ATTORNEY TO TAKE THIS CASE ITS COURT TIME IF I DON’T GET THROWN INTO MENTAL HOSPITAL FIRST…

    I can tell already that this fogging of cedar oil will have to be done every other day till no more biting sadly you can’t find traces of the bugs aside from the first 6 seen and the 3 found after Tues fog, and of course the skins in the beginning of Aug..yet I am bit up to no end and others that come over, those who dare, I am a prisoner of my home and not many will come over now, nor do I want them, for I am overly clean ( if there is such a thing as being too clean) no clutter ect yet only myself and 2 yorkies get fed on day and night..I am about at my end of the bs if this doesn’t work some how I have to find the means to get out of here yet how to do so when they will go with me from all I have read and there is alot of stuff to read. I have plastic on bed, boxspring, whats left of that anyways from tearing it apart, and my feather bed and yet I am being eaten alive..I am going to try the talc powder and pray hard for I can’t live this way another day I have had 6 seizures in a month from the stress of these little vampires called bedbugs and no one should have to live this way.

    Sadly I have a good 1026 square foot place that I have just paid out of pocket to paint, used 13 gallons, plus did border, blinds and security screen door ( had been 14 yrs since place was painted) I steam clean/shampoo about every other week, and I am blown away that I am still getting eaten up. cedarcide you better work after this next fog or they will have me on their butts too.. Today though as I sit here another night without sleep I am so upset that for the first time I am thinking of throwing in the towel and moving as soon as I get some money up for a deposit elsewhere since they are going to fight me all the way to court instead of do the right thing and get these bugs out of my home of 2 yrs stop lying and just do it they are just property managers for a real big rich slumowner here in Oakdale Ca. guess this is how he got so filthy rich, sucking us dry he probably put the bug here himself and trust me I wouldn’t put it past the little stalker owner.. anyways I need help getting an attorney to take this let alone hear me out about the crap they are pulling

    has anyone used the cedar oil? if so how many times did you have to fog before they die and stop biting my body?

  53. liliandra Says:

    I 100% agree with Jeff Milman I taking vitamin B1-100g, is works!!!!
    I have had bed bug in my client house where I work 2weeks on/2weeks off.
    No one was biten just me.We call professional bud das not hepls.
    Since I start using D-food Earth 6weeks ago in my apartmet,and vitamin B1 4 weeks ago no one bit.

  54. MG Says:

    When bitten I find a ice pack takes the pain and itch away fairly quickly. Sleep with the ice pack on the bite. Give it a try.

  55. Grezelda Says:

    Pesticides are a waste of time and money, and may even disperse the bbs further around your home (and make you sick, too). – Some things that are working best for me in a small apartment to keep them at bay, reducing their numbers, and often “gone” for long periods: I use the isopropyl alcohol in a plastic spray bottle (wintergreen-scented: available at the dollar stores) to spray around bed frame, edges of bedspread, carpeting, AND on a suede-covered lounge chair, where I sit a lot during the day while on laptop computer, phone, watching tv, etc.; they will and do appear during daylight hours, for a warm, breathing, immobile human target. If you feel a bite happen, immediately take a flashlight and search the area, as they move fast; if you find the varmint, crush it in a tissue to be sure it’s dead. – I also agree with vacuuming frequently and emptying the contents into a plastic bag (for the bagless ones), tying it off securely, and disposing of it (in an outside bin) right then. – Here’s a novel sleeping defense: a mosquito net over the bed! If you tuck the long sides under your newly-heat-treated bedding, any marauders will likely end up on the outside of the fine netting, where you can see and destroy them in the morning!- Sleeping in clothes that cover you, including socks and even cotton gloves helps, too. – Another good oil for exposed skin is one available at Walgreens, an organic olive & clove oil combo sold as a hair treatment! It smells wonderful (to humans) but the bbs avoid it. Also, since they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale all night, try keeping a fan blowing on you at a medium speed to disperse the CO2. And, try sleeping with at least a low light on, and wearing a sleep mask; the bbs don’t like to come out in the light. – Hope some of this helps! Thank you all for your good ideas too; I will try the boric acid and the talc. – Our motto: “EXTINCTION FOR BED BUGS!” ~

  56. Grezelda Says:

    p.s. to my prior submittal: the bites I get are very small, roundish, raised areas (about the diameter of a large freckle), flesh-colored, not red, and usually two or three in a row; but they subside quickly, for which I am grateful. At first, I thought they were mosquito bites (which also plague my locale), until I caught one of the beasties in the act! – (For thos interested in the blood-type theory, I am O-negative — the “Universal Donor” — how the bbs know that, I’m not sure …:), but mosquitoes do like me a lot too.)- I would appreciate any further information, or your feedback or responses, and will answer any questions from fellow victims ~

  57. Soooo tired!! Says:

    I thank God for running across this site! I googled the average cost of an exterminator to rid bed bugs and this site popped up. I was 3 days away from paying $1200 to get rid of them! I don’t really have any remedies but, I found that liquid benadryl 12.5 mg x 2 = 25mg helped me to sleep and with the inflammation. And I purchased a anti itch lotion thats clear (up&up 6 fl. oz) from Target $4 it helps to relieve the itching too. I’ve read so many resolutions on here and I plan to try most of them especially the talc powder/d earth and steam cleaner. If all else fails then call the exterminator!!

  58. Nidhi Says:

    Hi people, I was suffering from the same problem & recently used Dettol for this. I sprayed concentrated dettol on bed bug colony, on my mattress my blanket and poured on every hole in my bed or around it. I found the bed bugs dying by this!!! Though one needs to spray it continuously for some days , but yes you will be able to have good sleep !!! Spray or pour it in every possible place that you could imagine,where they could be hiding !!! GOOD LUCK.. Hopes this works for you !!!

  59. Moongazer Says:

    I am wondering about long term maintenance after spending the time, energy and money to professionally clean up this mess since I own some rental cottages. It sounds as if safety baby plugs in the electrical outlets might help. Removing all dust ruffles is next. SInce they don’t fly, then protecting the legs somehow would be critical. Because we do not want to draw a lot of attention to this problem for future visitors, does anyone know if putting a ribbon on copper tape on bed legs might work (it is used to repel slugs from raised garden beds) , or possibly double sided tape? Will try the talc issue after the house is emptied for the season, but it’s not something I want to broadcast to future tenants/visitors.

  60. kelly Says:

    I noticed I was getting bitten on a regular basis first they looked like pimples then one day I was reading and something was crawling across my blanket I caught it and low and behold it was a BB… I freaked out I started looking up treatments and begin bombing I called my mom and she said to use rubbing Ach… And it work only one room was infested we SOAKED THE MATREE AND BOXSPING with rubbing ach and there hasn’t been another infestation but I am still getting one to two bites a week :( I will try all of the other remedies I have read above. The scary thing is yesterday I saw one barley crawling on my bedroom floor which was weird I sprayed him and he dies I think the residual from the foggers slow them down but the alcohol murders them…. sad but it does you just can’t let up we have to make it a part of our daily ritual :( I am going to try the Powder and the oil and will give you an update in a week ….Wish me luck

  61. Grezelda Says:

    I want to mention again the successful use of a MOSQUITO NET over your bed, as odd as that might sound! (You can buy them online or from an outdoor store.) If you have a headboard or bedposts, you can attach corners of the net to it with twine; if not, you may have to use wall hooks, or door hinges, etc. to secure all four ends. – Tuck the long sides up under bedding that has just been heat-treated (dried in hot dryer, or well-steamed with a good steamer). I don’t sleep under conventional bedding since the bbs arrived: I keep a heavy linen bedspread over my mattress (which is covered with a bb-proof ‘bag’), and I don’t let the sides touch the floor. Then, I steam that surface and/or spray it with the isopropyl alcohol (the wintergreen one, from the Dollar Store, smells nice), and place my bedding on top, under the mosquito net, and tuck the sides of the net up under that bedding (I’m single, so it’s just me going thru this routine!). This is very effective, because any stray bbs that other methods haven’t gotten rid of yet end up climbing up the fine netting, where you can see them and crush them! I rarely get bitten since I’ve been using this system, and it also of course keeps out mosquitos, gnats, spiders, flies, and any other critters that might annoy and/or bite you while you sleep. I still put talcum powder between the mattress and bedsprings, too! I vacuum frequently, and spray the isopropyl alcohol on carpeting near the bed, the edges of the spread, etc. This is war! Good luck to all, and please keep posting!

  62. hadie Says:

    when bitten i find a ice pack takes the pain and itch away fairly quickly. sleep with ice pack on the bite. give it a try

  63. Randy Says:

    Diatomaceous earth is the best treatment overall it is natural and you will get fast results it also kills other waxy shelled bugs

  64. muriel Says:

    oh my! i really feel so bad when i found out that i have bed bug bites just this morning, and it was really depressing to my part since that i really do take care of my skin coz we always use to wear skirt, required for my studies. and yeah! it was not just a simple bites, THEY were really big, round bumps! red in color, itchy! and i don’t know what to do coz they leave marks that were very annoying to look at! hopefully all of us will be free from those bed bugs…

  65. Pauline Says:

    They mostly come out at night, very hard to detect. Sprinkle diatomous powder all around bed legs, all around perimeter of every room. Wear a mask, do not breathe in powder, once it settles ok., place vaseline on bed legs, couch legs, chair legs, etc. use bug spray once a week around bed, couch etc, wear mask and vacate premise for at least four hours. Buy cheap steam cleaner. Steam clean everything u wear, steam clean everything that can stand steam cleaning. vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Lilac scented fabreze on bedding deters the beastly suckers, wish I had known that sooner. The Vaseline is the best. When I arrived home I would take my outside shoes off and place them on top of the fridge. I would put on an old pair of indoor runners with Vaseline around the perimeter of runners, suckers can’t get me hee hee hee. I smeared chair with vaseline on all four chair legs, suckers can not climb up on me. Cover the mattress and box spring and couch with plastic covering. I placed a good smear of Vaseline all around the perimeter of mattress, suckers can’t get me, hee hee hee. Thankfully I live by myself, no kids no pets. Took me five months to get rid of bedbugs. I am highly allergic and bed bug wounds became so badly infected that I ended up in hospital for five days with big bags of antibiotics hooked up to me. The secret is not to go insane, not to give up. Bedbugs need to suck blood in order to propagate. It’s a little like AA. One step at a time. One dead bed bug at a time. Unfortunately I am on a small pension and could not afford a pro, but from what I have heard and read they charge a fortune and no guarantees. I am bed bug free and feel a little like Alistair Sim in “A Christmas Carol”, wake up in the morning alive and giddy with joy, not a bug not a bite, nary a one in sight and to all a good night

  66. ddland45 Says:

    Just wanted to share what’s been going on with my continuing struggle with this pest. The biggest problem with bed bugs is that once they get into your dwelling, there aren’t just nestled in your ‘bed’. I’ve treated my bed with powder, hit it with steam and used ‘Hot Shot’ bedbug killer. All of the above works BUT the bedbugs can be anywhere in your home. Your clothes, your closets, under your dining room table. I found a few on the neckline of my T-shirt AT WORK! They will hide in any crease of your clothes, not just your furniture. When dealing with this infestation, you have to be systematic and persistant. You may rid yourself of bites for a few days, but if you aren’t steaming or using powder and vac’ing everyday, ANY bedbugs that survive somewhere else in your home will breed and be back to pester you again. If you wear the same garments to bed, chances are they have some bedbugs on them. Throw your pillow cases in the dryer before you go to bed too. Use a mixture of alcohol in your steam cleaner. And don’t think that having a tidy, clean house is proof against bedbugs. They don’t care what kind of housekeeper you are.

  67. arman says Says:

    1. Put some vaseline gels on your bed legs/stands
    2. Buy MICRON ONE Matress & Box Encasement. It’ll block dust mites & bed bugs. (available at the Bay or Sears). Zippered Encasement for ur bed.
    3. POLYSPORIN ITCH RELIEF LOTION – clear & cooling lotion help heals bugs bite.. take care :)

  68. Tissa Says:

    I am truly sorry but i have NO remady, i am just learning how to deal with this infestation. I am going to buy the D-Earth but i don’t know how to use it can anyone help me with it? I am being eating alive and i have tried everything else.

  69. Grezelda Says:

    Tissa – I empathize with you, believe me; I haven’t used the d-Earth, but I have squirted talcum powder between my mattress and box springs, because it’s supposed to kill the BBs by clogging up their airways.

    I also spray isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol around the borders of the mattress and on the carpet around and under the bed, and along the baseboards. Frequent vacuuming and hot water laundering (and hot air drying) of all linens, bed pillows, sham covers, anything washable is important too (as well as all pajamas, etc.) –

    All this has ALMOST gotten rid of them for me; I see none for longer periods of time, but every so often, another one shows up, so it is a continuing battle!

    As for your bites, here are some preventives: on any exposed skin, use some very fragrant oil or lotion at night, such as clove or other strong scent (even peppermint), and put on a thick layer — it seems to repel the BBs. Cover up the rest of your body and feet as well as you can, including cotton gloves that overlap your (snug) sleeves, so the BBs can’t get to your hands or arms.

    Also, leave a light on at night (BBs like to come out in the dark, mostly) — use a sleep mask if it helps you sleep better. Keep a FAN on in the room, too, that oscillates over the area where you sleep, to keep the carbon dioxide that you exhale dispersed — the BBs are also attracted to that, as well as your warmth.

    It’s a lot of work, but you will start having “biteless” nights if you do all these things, while working on eradicating them — good luck!

  70. TaQuielle Says:

    Dont have a remedy. But I have tried rubbing alcohol all over body before going to sleep at night.That worked til BBs got ammuned to it. I have tried lavendar dryer sheets. Didnt phase them. Tried lavendar sachets, that seemed to bring them out from hiding spots. But all in all I have lost sleep due to these devil bugs. Their straight from hell I swear. Maybe I am bad? LOL. bad joke. But if anyone has any home remedies, I am open to try. I am from a small Native American reservation, we dont have alot of money for professionals to come spray. God gave us this bug , he needs to take it away.

  71. skillciaX Says:

    I haven’t gotten rid of these yet, but if I put Desitin on the bites I won’t scratch for at least 6 hours and works immediately. So diaper rash cream has another purpose. Works great for mosquito bites too! They have a brand caled Fairy Tales at my work that is a bed bug spray.. Going to pick some up.

  72. Rebecca Says:

    - I don’t have a remedy, but I do have a problem. I just recently moved in to my “dream home” which had turned out to be a complete nightmare. The bedbugs seem to only be in one room and have only bitten me!!!! But I have read some very good tips and I will be trying most of them! Wish me luck :)

  73. Veronica Bennette Says:

    Before anyone spends any money, use eucalyptus oil, or lavender on your hands and feet, I found eucalyptus in a face mask that women can use(bedbugs cant stand the smell) Also encase your box spring and mattress, you can go online and get the covers. Another remedy is to wrap the bottom of your bed post with vaseline to keep them from climbing up to you.

  74. Angela Says:

    I am still in the process of getting rid of these evil bed bugs. My family and I moved into a nice renovated apartment and four months later we have bed bugs. We found out that the whole building has been infested for at least a year and a half now. The exterminator has been to our apartment three times in the past month. The bed bugs keep coming back. However I am preventing my family and I from getting bit by using double sided tape around the bottom of the head board and the end board of our bed. Also I vacuum three times a day. I also have brought mattress encasements for our bed and encasements for our pillows. So I am glad to say that works for us. Also I put tape around the couch legs and glue traps underneath them. I have caught a few of the bed bugs so far, so that method is successful.

    As for the bites, I use tea tree oil which soothes them and stops the itching. Unfortunately, my success with keeping them from my bed and couch has caused the bed bugs to attach to my clothes and shoes. I also think they are in my husband’s car. I have bagged up everything we own. I am washing and drying all the clothes and linens. I have also caulked up our entire apartment. It is a process and has taken me a few days to complete but I think it’s worth it in order to keep these demon bugs away. I found several bed bugs while caulking. First I vacuumed the area with cracks or crevices then I cleaned the area with clorox bleach wipes and finally I used caulk to close up the cracks or crevices.

    Also by doing this you can find the hiding places of the bed bugs. Oh, also I have brought a steam cleaner from bedbug I have used the Vapamore steam cleaner for my bed, floor, walls and furniture. Also I brought a Hepa vacuum because they stay those are best to catch bed bugs and their eggs. I haven’t found the nest and believe me I have looked. I think they are coming from the apartment underneath me but the lady refuses the exterminator or myself from entering her apartment to inspect it. I don’t think I can live like this anymore and it has only been a month and my lease doesn’t end until August. I have the bed bugs coming out during the day. Just a few days ago, I found five full grown bed bugs on the ceiling in my daughters room. I have contacted the property manager every time I find a bed bug. She doesn’t seem to care about what I am going thru and just sends an exterminator which isn’t helping because they keep coming back and they are bigger than before. I have filed a complaint with the city and they inspected my apartment.

    Hopefully, that will get the landlord’s attention and he will try to really rid this building of bed bugs. The whole building must be exterminated in order to get rid of the bed bugs. Otherwise, you’ll run into my problem of the bed bugs returning because they are searching for food. I am going to try the DE, Tac powder, boric acid and the lavender oil. I will write back with results. P.S. does any one know if it is dangerous to use boric acid and de at the same time? Also I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, are those chemicals dangerous for her? Also, does anyone know if these methods work even if there are other apartments infested or am I fighting a losing battle?

  75. Elaine Says:

    Veronica, where did you find the face mask with Eucalyptus?

  76. Happinessintheflesh Says:

    My bed bug bites look the same, and I am also O-Neg. We have been using d-earth and we also heated our house a couple times when the weather was hot. Now it is winter and I am terrified they are going to take over my 14 x 70 mobile home. What do you do about your friends visiting? I don’t want to tell mine, but….

  77. Grezelda Says:

    Veronica and Elaine – Noxema Face Creme, the original one, has a strong eucalyptus and camphor aroma that BBs hate, too.  You can wash your face (and hands, feet, etc.) with it, then rub some more of it on before you go to bed (it’s very good for your skin, too! I’ve been using it for years). –

     I use a face mask too, but I wear one so that I can leave a LIGHT on at night and still have it dark enough to sleep — the BBs don’t like the light.

    And again, I leave an oscillating fan on, across the room, which dispels the carbon dioxide one exhales; it atrracts the BBs, so you want to disperse it quickly. 

    Cover you hands with gloves, and your feet with socks that overlap your p.j. bottoms, and you should have ‘bite-free’ nights while you work on getting rid of them thru the means detailed in other posts here.  It’s frustrating, but you gotta keep up the fight!

  78. Grezelda Says:

    Happiness – Visiting friends could be a problem; I haven’t ‘shared’ this infestation information with anyone I know, either (just seems creepy, no matter how “blameless” one is in having the BBs take up residence). You might want to discourage your friends at least from staying overnight (and coming up with some other plausible reason would be justifiable, I’d say, to avoid embarassment). Fortunately, my place is too small to have overnight guests, so I haven’t had to deal with this potential problem. (Maybe tell them you’ve seen big spiders around your place? )

  79. Mnoid2003 Says:

    I use Hydrocortisone cream, it stop the itching and swelling rightaway



  81. LINDA S Says:

    LINDA SORRELS 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand

  82. nathan may Says:

    stick them up my vagizzle

  83. nathan may Says:

    or my daddies who is a rapist
    he told me to lie to the police
    and my counsellor said it was a good idea to admit my love of him and his weener

  84. nathan may Says:

    s.o.s daddy

  85. nathan may Says:

    ok hes not

  86. nathan may Says:

    im just messed upp

  87. Chris Says:

    Been fighting these for a few months – glad for natural remedies to try. Had professionals but they can not stop them from coming from other condos in our unit. The bbs come in bite us and die due to barrier of pesticides. But not acceptable to us to be bit. Need something natural – will try lavender and rubbing alcohol.
    We use witch hazel on the bites. Can find at any drug store or Wal-Mart. Comes in bottle like rubbing alcohol. Is great for any skin problem. I use it as a daily astringent too. Thanks for all the great advice!

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