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It’s a condition that has literally broken up marriages and generic cialis pills no prescription canada widened the generic cialis soft tabs canada pharmacy gap between sleeping partners. Besides being a complete nighttime turn-off, it can also cause harm to your health. Snoring is more than the irritating noise filling the room when the lights go out. Depending on your current health, snoring has the potential to transform into a more serious condition called sleep apnea.

A snoring problem is easily detected when your breathing is keeping you from achieving a good night of sleep. Snoring doesn’t necessarily have to be loud; it can also be heard as a soft sound escaping from an open mouth. Snoring may also appear raspy, harsh, or hoarse. Accompanying your snoring sound might be bouts of restlessness. The next day, your snoring will continue to affect you as premature tiredness settles in (a direct result from not getting enough sleep).

Cause of Snoring

There is a wide-range of causes associated with snoring, which all affect the airflow from the mouth or nose when traveling to the where can i get viagra pills lungs. The sound of snoring comes from the vibration of the tissues located throughout the airway. Inhalation during sleep involves air entering into the mouth or nose, which then passes across the back of the mouth before reaching the lungs.

When the airway becomes blocked or narrow, the soft palate and uvula will vibrate, hitting against the back of the throat. Snoring is the result. Louder snoring occurs when the airway is the narrowest. This is a process that occurs only when sleeping because this is when the muscles of the throat are the most relaxed, allowing the tissues that cause snoring to collapse. Below are a few causes of snoring to consider:

a) Enlarged Tissues:

In the nose, mouth, and throat, there is the chance that a chronic snorer may possess enlarged tissues, which blocks their airway. Child snoring may also be brought on by enlarged tonsils.

b) Blocked Nasal Passages:

Colds, allergies, and nasal polyps all cause the blockage of nasal passages, which makes it harder to breathe. This blockage can lead to snoring.

c) Deviated Nasal Septum:

Caused by injury (such as a broken nose) or surgery, deviated nasal septums interrupt the normal flow of air in the nose.

d) Loss of Muscle Tone:

When muscle tone becomes compromised in the throat, snoring may occur most frequently. Not getting enough exercise or the natural process of aging will contribute to this condition.

e) Certain Medications:

Taking medications known to cause drowsiness, such as allergy, depression, or anxiety pills may cause you to snore when going to bed.

Snoring Risk Factors

There are many different factors that may contribute to your snoring problem. Some can be corrected with a few lifestyle changes, while others are harder to control, such as gender. It is a proven fact that men are more likely to suffer from snoring problems than women. Other risk factors include:

a) Age:

Snoring occurs most often throughout the middle-aged individuals.

b) Heredity:

You might have simply picked up the trait from your family tree.

c) Weight:

Overweight or obese individuals have a higher risk of snoring while sleeping. Fat in the throat may lead to the narrowing of your airway.

d) Drugs:

Smoking, alcohol and sedatives all increase the chances of snoring when sleeping. Exposing children to tobacco smoke will also increase their risk of struggling to achieve a good sleep.

e) Allergy Sufferers:

If you suffer from chronic nasal congestion from colds or allergies, when you sleep, you will have a higher chance of snoring.

Natural Snoring Treatment

When you don’t want to introduce man-made drugs into your system, choosing a home remedy for snoring that incorporates natural healing properties will help prevent and cure snoring. The list of snoring treatment options is rather long, including sprays, oils, and household items that allow you to avoid having snoring surgery or taking prescription drugs with possible side effects. Below are a few to consider:

a) Throat Sprays:

Since the throat is one of the main body parts involved in the snoring process, using a home remedy for snoring that treats this area is recommended. Usually, throat sprays are comprised of various essential oils, vitamins and herbs that aim to relax, lubricate and treat the throat, as well as the uvula [1]. Some of the products on the market to consider includes D-Snore; Snor-Away; Snoreeze; Snorix; and Silent Snore.

b) Mouthwashes:

With Good Night Stop Snore, this product acts in the same manner as a throat spray by providing lubrication with a combination of essential oils, such as olive oil, sesame oil, and peppermint oil. Vitamins C, E, and B6 are also used to naturally treat snoring for up to 8 hours after use [2].

c) Marjoram Oil:

When it comes achieving a restful night’s sleep, many believe that marjoram oil provides just the right natural treatment for snoring. Often sold in a jar with a marjoram oil-soaked sponge, the product is left open on the nightstand table. You are then welcome to inhale the pleasant oils as they gently surround the nasal passages.

d) Aromatherapy:

Blending essential oils to create concentrated products for inhalation through the night is accomplished in many different ways. One of the most commonly used approaches includes placing a couple of drops of a blend underneath your nose. Others prefer to massage the concoction into their neck. There are also mist sprays that are used before bedtime, which treat pillows and bed sheets. Some individuals have also found relief by placing Vicks Vapor Rub on their chest for snoring relief, which certainly helps to clear the airway.

e) Massage Oil:

Another snoring solution includes the use of massage oil, which is rubbed into the chest, neck and cialis brand shoulder area. Before going to bed, you should breathe deeply to capture the aroma and let the oils work their magic. Some massage oils contain natural ingredients like cajeput, geranium, chamomile, petitgrain, and lavender.

f) Ear Candles:

While some people will try anything for a snoring remedy, they may also turn to using an ear plug for snoring. Some swear to have found a snoring cure that also clears the sinuses in what is also referred to as Ear Cleansing with Herbs. Often described as a relaxing and non-threatening procedure, the top of a spiral-shaped candle is placed within the ear, while the wider end is set on fire. The treatment comes from the herbal smoke that surrounds the ear canal and is also thought to stimulate the respiratory system. Cones are often handmade from 100% unbleached cotton, 100% beeswax, and a variety of herbs, essential oils, extracts, and essences.

Snoring Prevention

When looking for a way to prevent snoring from affecting your sleep and the slumber of those around you, there are a few prevention tips to follow. Coupling these techniques with the natural treatments listed above can put you on the right track to reclaiming your nights:

1) Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol before going to bed.

2) Eat a balanced diet, participate in regular exercise, and maintain a healthy weight.

3) Maintain normal sleep patterns by going to bed at the same time each night.

4) Try sleeping on your side instead of lying on your bed.

5) Quit smoking, which aids in the decrease of inflamed and swollen airway passages.


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  1. Jill Cohen Says:

    I am a female snorer and I had noticed that my lower jaw falls back as I relax into sleep causing my throat to collapse shut with the resulting snoring sounds as I struggle to get air through. I wondered if there could be some device I could wear in my mouth that would effectively hold my lower jaw in its normal position. To my surprise, I found a product sold from the UK that does just that and discounted nolvadex am excited to try this. I share it here for you:

  2. J Daily Says:

    My husband has had sleep apnea and snoring for years. At night the noise is deafening–similar to a freight train. He started taking Valerian Root before bedtime AND the snoring is now comparable to a purring cat. It is the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen/heard.
    Valerian Root is sold as a sleep aide and in the vitamin/herb aisle in most stores. Not only is is sleeping quieter, he is sleeping through the night and waking up rested.

  3. Roger Sole Says:

    My wife used to snore all the time and I found a pillow a useful weapon. Just place it firmly over your wifes mouth and hold down for approx 10 mins.
    It worked for us my wife is totally at peace now.
    On the down side Im serving 15 years for manslughter and have to share a sell with a convicted rapist but its a price worth paying.
    At least he doesnt snore.

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