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Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection

You heave a sigh of relief, as your affliction does not turn out to be STD or AIDS. It’s only yeast infection, a non-sexually transmitted disease, which is common amongst women of childbearing age. According to medical statistics, Candida albicans, a strain of yeast, causes seventy to eighty percent of this infection. But, what’s this infection about and cialis safety why is it so painful?

Understanding yeast infection

There are various strains of yeast that naturally occur in your vagina in minuscule amounts. The acidic environment and a bacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, in the vagina keeps it from multiplying. If, by chance, the vagina becomes less acidic or this bacterium depletes or gets destroyed, yeast multiplies giving rise to this infection.

Use of a broad-spectrum of antibiotics, steroids, diabetes and certain birth control pills can destroy this bacterium. Hormonal changes prior to menstruation or during pregnancy can also make you susceptible. Sometimes the lexapro mexico very products you use to keep the vagina clean can also cause it. Wearing tight-fitting or synthetic clothing is another contributory factor, as it keeps your fundamentals and the area around moist, encouraging the yeast to grow. Even semen can upset the acidic balance making the vagina prone to this infection.

Knowing the symptoms of yeast

The great thing about yeast infection symptoms is that you don’t have to search for them, they announce themselves! If you have an excruciating itching or a burning sensation in the vagina and around the order cheap paxil vulva, the skin surrounding the vagina, you can be sure you’ve it. A cottage cheese like white vaginal discharge is another symptom and so is the swelling of the vulva. Of course, pain during sexual intercourse can also hint at this infection. It’s important to be aware of the symptoms to prevent its occurrence.

How to treat your yeast infection

Before you opt for any kind of medication, get a proper diagnosis done. Sexually transmitted disease, like trichomoniasis, has similar symptoms. Over-the-counter cures consist of creams and suppositories. But before you rush to try out these quick-fix medications, consider home remedies for yeast infection. Their effect lasts longer without any side effects.

Let’s take a look at the natural remedies for yeast infection treatment:

a. Natural yogurt:

Natural yogurt contains live acidophilus bacteria that destroy yeast. You can apply yogurt directly to your vagina or place a yogurt-soaked tampon in the infected region to clear the infection. Douching with yogurt and order generic cialis softtabs water also helps. If applying yogurt is a problem, take acidophilus tablets.

b. Apple cider vinegar:

Regularly daub the genital area with apple cider vinegar to prevent this infection. However, dilute the buy lexapro 5 mg vinegar before use.

c. Drinks:

Drink a solution of olive leaf and grapefruit seed extract to get rid of this condition. Even unsweetened cranberry juice is good.

d. Gentian violet:

Paint the vagina, cervix and the vulva with gentian violet, a dye used as a biological stain, bactericide and fungicide. However, wear a pad to prevent staining your undergarments.

e. Garlic suppository:

Garlic is very effective against this infection. Prepare the suppository by wrapping peeled garlic clove in gauze and insert it into the vagina. Leaving it in for twelve hours to a day will rid you of this infection.

f. Potassium sorbate:

Used in beer making at home, it’s available in wine making stores. To prepare, dip a cotton tampon into a three percent solution. Insert it into the vagina at night and remove it in the morning, and say goodbye to yeast infection.

It’s better to prevent this embarrassing condition than run around for its cure. Opting for natural vaginal yeast infection cure and other herbal remedies will not only save you from side effects, but would also give you long lasting relief.

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    I take an acidophilus supplement that contains 5 million active cultures and cialis cheapest requires refridgeration with every meal, and a teaspoon of colloidal silver each morning at least 15 minutes before meals to prevent yeast and urinary tract infections.

  2. n.d. Says:

    Try grapefruit seed extract (5-8 drops in juice or water)every day as a supplement, and stay away from refined sugar, which feeds the yeast.Also- liquid stevia, a natural sweetener contains grapefruit seed extract and is a tasty addition to anything you drink!

  3. sleepless nights Says:

    I heard about eating oatmeal to help balance out the body from all the wheat that we eat. Since then I eat oatmeal almost every morning and have not had any problems unless I stop eating it for a while.

  4. Ann Says:

    This remedy works inredibly well for yeast infections. First buy some empty gel caps from the cialis 10mg canada pharmacy health food store, use the biggest size they have.
    Fill the caps with boric acid, which can be bought at any drug store. Use one or two at a time at night as a suppository.
    It works immediately for me if I catch it right away.

  5. Julie Says:

    Applying the yogurt to the vaginal area has worked for me. It relieves the itching because it is cold and by the next day I am better.

  6. Sherry Says:

    natural remedied for yeast infection. Also other infections on this site.

  7. John Williams Says:

    This is in response to the lady who thought it good advice to tell people to put Boric Acid up their Vagina’s. Are you crazy!! I just did like 5 minutes of research on boric acid, it is not safe for internal use! Some of the side affects listed, included damaging a woman’s fertility. These are supposed to be Home remedies. Boric Acid is a chemical. I would stick with The grapeseed and apple cider vinegar, and just generally anythine else that is edible. Lady you are nuts!! Sorry to sound like a jerk, but recommending that on a page where people might actually listen to your crazy idea just scares me quite honestly. People don’t listen!

  8. lauren Says:

    I suffer from some yeast infections, but mostly recurrent bacterial infections (bv), despite a healthy diet, daily probiotics and good hygiene. I have tried many, many remedies and genuine cialis cheap treatments. After years of antibiotics, symptoms only continued to recur, as well as digestive problems from overuse of antibiotics. I have been prescriped to use boric acid capsules from an md. This does work, however it can take up to 10 days and can cause irritation. Recently, I have used a 1/4 cup peroxide to 2 cup distilled water solution as a daily douche with a quicker result (about 3 days) and less irritation. The best remedy I have ever found for immediate relief of discomfort is tea tree oil diluted with vitamin E oil. Put directly on the vagina, soak a tampon with it and insert it. This works to treat the infection as well as the symptoms; but it takes much longer to eradicate the infection. I also use a cardboard tampon applicator, minus the tampon, as a delivery tool for probiotics. I just open the enteric coated capsule and pour the contents into the applicator after it is already inserted into the vagina. It makes a “tunnel” if you will. I am still searching for the underlying cause of this recurrence and believe that one day I will be rid of it for good! Best wishes to all of you in finding health and wellness!

  9. centennia Says:

    Just having a bath with a couple of crushed garlic-gloves in the water worked for me.

  10. mike Says:

    believe it or not,tea tree oil is meant to work,its meant to be that magical killer to most things so going to give it a try

  11. KC Says:

    fresh squeezed grapefruit juice,or 100% gf juice works after the first day if you Stop eating bread,only eat protein and greens while drinking 16 oz a pure grapefruit a day.

  12. Sandra Says:

    I began taking digestive enzymes in addition to a 14-strain probiotic and cialis generic removed all hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils from my diet and cut way back on refined sugars. Also took oregano oil capsules and olive leaf extract. Also used tea tree oil on cotton tampon for direct application and added 100% pure aloe vera juice/gel to avoid any possible irritation. Drank lots and lots of water. (The only liquid I consumed during the treatment phase.)

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