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Eye Inflammation

The eyes are delicate organs that are quite susceptible to injury, irritation, and inflammation. From your seasonal allergies to windy weather conditions, the eyes may react in many different ways. Some people have suffered permanent damage as a result. However, with natural cures for eye inflammation, you can lessen the threat of want to buy cipro at cheap price scarring or impairing your vision.

Different Kinds of Eye Inflammation

• Conjunctivitis: Also known as ‘pink eye,’ conjunctivitis is associated with bacterial and cheap viagra with no prescription viral infections, allergies and eye irritants. The inflammation attacks the buy cialis generic pharmacy online clear membrane that covers the outermost layer of the eye. The inner surface of the eyelids is also affected.

• Episcleritis: An unknown cause is behind the inflammation that affects the connective tissue between the conjunctiva and sclera.

• Blepharitis: Sometimes, the eyelids suffer inflammation if you have poor hygiene habits, chronically dry eyes, or oily skin.

• Keratitis: Dirty contact lenses can cause a bacterial or fungal infection that inflames the cornea region of the eye.

• Scleritis: This condition develops when the where can i purchase cialis white of the eye (or sclera) becomes inflamed.

• Uveitis: This type of inflammation of purchase viagra 25 mg the eyeball is considered one of the most serious forms to develop.

Causes and Symptoms

Allergies are a rather common cause of eye inflammation, as the eyes are easily irritated by allergens, such as dust, changes in the season, pollen, mold and pet dander. Itchy and inflamed eyes are typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Bacterial and viral infections also cause inflammation of the eyes. For example, styes form in the oil glands around the eyelashes, which irritates the eyes.

Illnesses and viagra shop diseases, such as diabetes, lupus, and measles, can cause eye inflammation. You can also spread a sexually transmitted disease to your eyes. Other causes of eye inflammation include:

• Poor contact lens hygiene
• Trauma or injury to the eye
• Eye surgery [1]
• Touching eyes with unclean hands
• Vitamin A deficiency
• Dependency on eye drops
• Dust, smog [2], grit, and other foreign materials trapped under the eyelid
• Using eye cosmetics past expiration date or experiencing sensitivity

Eye Inflammation Natural Cures

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning or going to bed with inflamed eyes. Luckily, Mother Nature offers a host of remedies that address the low cost bactrim irritation, itchiness and redness of the condition. Natural cures for eye inflammation can have you blinking easier in no time. A few suggestions include:

a) Bilberry:

Also known as Vaccinium myrtillus, bilberry is considered an effective herb for eyes. Not only does it strengthen eye capillaries, but it also helps prevent eye-related disease and infection.

b) Teabag:

Following one serving of cheap flagyl tea, allow the bag to cool. For 25 to 30 minutes, keep the teabag on your eyes to treat puffy and swollen eyes.

c) Eyebright:

Boil one cup of water and allow to cool. Place five drops of eyebright tincture in the cooled water, and use to wash your eyes and treat inflammation associated with pink eye.

d) Papaya:

Apply mashed papaya to closed eyes to provide relief to reduce the inflammation of puffy eyes. Other healing fruits and vegetables that make effective poultices include grated raw potatoes, overripe apples, and mashed cooked beets.

e) Fennel Seeds:

You can prepare a decoction made out of fennel seed and cheapest cialis prices boiled water to treat inflamed eyes. Boil fennel seeds for at least 15 minutes in the water. Allow the water to cool before using a cotton ball for application to the eyes.

f) Jasmine Flowers:

Soak jasmine flowers in distilled water overnight to create a remedy that is administered using an eye dropper. This remedy helps treat pink eye inflammation, as well as address eyes with yellow discharge.

g) Horsetail:

Use horsetail to decrease inflammation of the eyes. The herb is known in Chinese medicinal circles as being able to reduce redness and irritation of the eyes. Steep one teaspoon of dried horsetail in hot water for 10 minutes. Use cotton pads to soak up the liquid, and then apply to the eyelids for 10 minutes. Resoak the pads, and reapply for an additional 10 minutes. Repeat the cialis canada sale remedy after 30 minutes.

h) Rooibos:

The antioxidants found in rooibos (also known as Aspalathus linearis) can help maintain the supply of blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients to the eye.

i) Echinacea:

With the power to boost the immune system, Echinacea helps protect against infections and allergies that affect the eyes.

j) Calendula:

Use the antiseptic properties of calendula to your advantage, which can alleviate the irritation associated with pollutants and allergies. When used as a compress or eyewash, the herb fights itching and eye inflammation.

k) Saltwater:

Battle inflammation caused by an infection by soaking cotton balls in boiled saltwater, and then applying to eyes.



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  1. Bernadette Elliot Says:

    Get a very young ochro, cut head off, soak in distilled water overnight (it will get slimy), place one drop in eyes. It will get rid of any dust and pollutants of the eye.

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