Although the immune system has a great reputation for protecting the body from disease and amoxil prescription sale sickness, it can sometimes become confused as to who the “good guys” are. When certain diseases strike, the immune system may react by attacking innocent tissues and organs. A patient who suffers from lupus is all too familiar with the symptoms of the chronic inflammatory disease that pinpoints the joints, kidneys, blood cells, skin, heart, and lungs. With no two cases of lupus the same, the maintenance of the condition becomes a personal journey for many.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is a condition that attacks healthy cells and tissues when the immune system has been compromised from within. There are many different types of lupus to consider, but the most frequently seen (and most serious form) is called systemic lupus erythematosus, which has the ability to affect many different parts of the body. Additional types of lupus include dicoid lupus erythematosus (characterized by a nagging skin rash); subcacure cutaneous lupus erythematosus (produces skin sores on body parts exposed to the sun); drug-induced lupus (caused by medications); and neonatal lupus (a rare variation that affects newborns) [1].


Since no two people experience the same batch of symptoms and signs of lupus, there are a variety of mild or severe indications of the disease. Some people may experience their symptoms rather quickly, while others face a slow progression. Symptoms are also temporary or permanent, depending on the kind of lupus involved. Even when it comes to the characteristic rash associated with lupus Ė not everyone will endure this telling symptom. The most common signs and symptoms of lupus include:

a) Malar Rash:

About 1 in 3 people with lupus will develop a butterfly-shaped rash that appears across the cheeks and bridge of the nose. The rash may look raised or flat, blotchy or solid red in certain sections of the face. Skin lesions that look like small pimples may also arise.

b) Kidney Problems:

Kidney damage is a common symptom associated with lupus patients. They may eventually lose the full ability to filter toxins, which can lead to kidney failure. Patients sometimes notice urine that is frothy or tea-colored. The lower legs and ankles may swell.

c) Arthritis:

Joint pain is commonly seen in lupus patients, which is often accompanied by swelling and viagra soft tabs stiffness. The fingers, wrists, knees, and hands are the most common parts of the body to suffer arthritic attacks. During a lupus flare, the pain can become quite intense.

d) Photosensitivity:

Sensitivity to sunlight may develop in lupus patients, which also causes severe rashes to appear. Depending on the severity of the disease, even fluorescent and other types of indoor lighting can pose a problem.

e) Affected Brain or Central Nervous System:

The brain and central nervous system may become affected by lupus, where a patient may suffer from headaches, seizures, and dizziness. Vision problems are also a possibility, as well as the threat of stroke.

f) Heart Problems:

All parts of the heart are in danger when an individual is diagnosed with lupus. Patients should pay close attention to the pericardium (the sac surrounding the heart), myocardium (the heart muscle), and endocardium (the lining of the inside of the heart).

g) Lung Problems:

Lupus is also responsible for a handful of lung problems, which includes the commonly seen inflammation of the chest cavity lining called pleurisy. The result is sharp chest pains often described as feeling like you’ve been stabbed in the lungs.

h) Additional Symptoms and Signs:

Lupus patients may also suffer from the following symptoms and signs: fatigue, fever, swollen glands, body swelling (in the legs and around the eyes), digestive problems, stomach pains, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, depression, and hair loss.

Causes of Lupus

Doctors are unclear as to how an autoimmune disease like lupus strikes in the first place. While various theories, such as environment, hormones, and heredity are some of the instances thought to contribute to the development of the condition, there are certain factors also thought to trigger lupus.

These factors include viral or bacterial infections, certain prescription medications, excessive exposure to sunlight, and estrogen. Additional theories for the cause of lupus in some patients include stress, various food items, aspartame (artificial sweetener), silicone breast implants, mercury dental fillings, hair dye, and toxic chemicals [2].


There is no one test that diagnoses lupus. For some, it could take months or years for a doctor to conclude that you are suffering from the disease. Some of the ways a doctor detects the presence of the condition is through analyzing your medical history, performing a complete exam, blood tests, and biopsies of the skin and kidneys.

Risk Factors

Anyone can develop lupus, but the disease predominately strikes females. The condition is also seen more within the African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American communities. The presence of the female hormone, estrogen, also places one at risk for lupus. In addition, some people possess a gene or genes that make them more likely to get lupus. About 10% of people with lupus have a family member who suffers from the disease [3].

Natural Cures for Lupus

The thought of taking a natural cure to combat lupus is one that satisfies patients trying to avoid some of the side effects associated with prescription medications. Some of the common drugs used to treat lupus include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antimalarial drugs, corticosteroids, and immunosuppressive medications, which may cause easy bruising, thinning bones, high blood pressure, weight gain, and increased risk of infection. Natural cures for lupus include:

a) Willow:

The bark of the willow is known to ease muscle and joint pain associated with lupus, as well as act as an anti-inflammatory against affected joints. It is suggested to take up to 5 ml of fluid extract three times per day, as well as use the remedy with other cleansing herbs such as burdock [4].

b) Limiting Certain Foods:

Some patients with lupus have not only reduced the portion size of their meals, but also limit foods and beverages, such as cow’s milk and generic viagra cheap us beef products.

c) Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

It is suggested to consume fish several times per week, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

d) Herbs and Supplements:

Lupus patients may add a variety of supplements and herbs to their diet, such as cat’s claw, black walnut, and flaxseed oil to decrease inflammation.

e) Colloidal Silver:

Colloidal silver serves as a natural cure for lupus symptoms that offers helpful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiarthritic properties.

f) Acupuncture:

Some lupus patients have found great relief when using acupuncture to ease painful flare-ups.

g) Stress Management:

For lupus patients with a tendency to suffer from flare-ups during times of escalating stress, it is suggested to find tension relievers, such as yoga or meditation. Regular exercise may also help.

When Left Untreated

If lupus is ignored or not detected in time, a variety of complications may arise. With treatment, most people can thrive and properly function with the disease. Those who are without treatment, run the risk for sustaining life-threatening damage to their kidneys, central nervous system, blood vessels, lungs, and heart. Infection is more likely to settle in and the risk of cancer also increases with untreated lupus.

Bone tissue loss and destruction may also occur. Since the disease primarily attacks women, they tend to be more at risk to feeling the weight of ongoing medical problems when their condition is left untreated, such as an increased risk of miscarriage and suffering from a complicated pregnancy.


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  1. Peggy Rhodes Says:

    From my early twenties (I’m now 58), I suffered with sinus/migraine type headaches. I never really knew which they were since the symptoms cross over. It got to the point where I was sick to my stomach every day (sometimes all day, throwing up) and so woozy with a headache that I could barely function.

    My cure search involved a parasite cleanse, a peptostrep vial regimen, Yamamo powder in honey, probiotics and buy cheap zithromax without a prescription finally diluted tea tree oil nose drops. The tea tree oil nose drops do burn and they are not pleasant, but they definitely work. I can knock out a cold in three days if I feel one coming on by starting the drops hourly or more if possible (I’ve use them every 15 minutes). The drops also keep my headaches away.

    If I feel that “certain” feeling in my head, like I’m going to get a headache, I start the drops and take a BC powder. That does it for me, and I had been so sick with these headaches, I truly thought that I might be dying. I think that maybe it is the antifungal property of the tea tree oil. I occasionally irrigate my sinus’ with a water pik using 1 teaspoon sea salt and 1 teaspoon baking soda. The dilution for the tea tree oil nose drops is 5-7 drops per one ounce of filtered or distilled water (in a pinch, boil tap water). Warning: it does burn, but after repeated use, a person gets used to it and is able to tolerate it because it works when all else fails.

  2. Bailey Says:

    I take colloidal silver every night. This helps with my fatigue greatly. I also try to do a detox every 3 months or more to help rid my body of toxin and take detoxing herbs from dherbs.com. I will continue to search for a cure as I know in my heart that nothing is incurable. When I read that lupus is “incurable” to me that just means they haven’t found a cure yet. Remember all diseases at some point have been deemed incurable from tuberculosis to pneumonia. I pray for each of us who are affected by the symptoms of this disease and others and know that someday really soon we will find a cure–If I have to spend the rest of my life searching and cialis 20mg lowest price trying different herbs it will be done in God’s speed!

  3. Cynthia with Lupus Says:

    I have had Lupus for years and had cancer 5 years ago. I also caught EVERY infection going around and I kept it longer and had worse symptoms. I have tried EVERY possible natural cure or diet. These are my top natural treatments that really work for me. First I keep a really good diet. I follow mostly a Mediterranean style diet with Asian influences. My diet is heavy on the olive oil, light on meat and fake foods are not on the menu (sodas, processed foods, High Fructose corn syrup or anything else that has to be made in a lab). I eat more veggies than anyone I know.

    I do have three food remedies that work as well as drugs.
    1. Curry powders (Turmeric based) I season with curry powders like an East Indian!
    2. Fresh pineapple-this has to really be fresh. I noticed that the pasteurized “fresh” doesn’t work. (Bromelain, the chemical in pineapple that is thought to be the active constituent that makes pineapple work can be found in pill form. I have no idea if it works as well.)
    3. Ginger. OK I sometimes “cheat” with ginger and take the supplement forms of ginger. It is hard to eat lots of ginger. Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and works wonders on nausea.
    When I have joint pain or weakness, the above food remedies work fast and well.
    When I have a flair, I eat lots of the foods above and begin to get relief the next day!
    I also take the following supplements to make my immunity work better.
    1. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory aspects and helps built collagen too.
    2. Vitamin D3 has worked better than anything I have ever taken to avoid infections. Last year I started taking D3 and instead of being the person who is always ill, I have watched friends get sick and have stayed well! D3 is amazing.
    When I have muscle pain, I take black cohosh which really helps myalgia. (If it is bad, I will admit that I might add a liquid Motrin to the herb!)
    I also take milk thistle for about one week a month to help support my liver.
    I also started going to the gym to build core strength. I was told that weight training was bad for Lupus, but if you use a machine instead of free weights and really listen to your body, it is a great thing. I have only been going for 5 months and I am so much stronger and steadier.
    Following this regimen, I have managed to not have to take steroids or even much in the way of pain killers. My pain and disability is greatly improved and I have hope that I will one day actually feel good.

  4. jeanne tanner Says:

    for migraines. I have suffered for 12 years. I am 44 years old and finally found an antiaging doctor who would listen and prescribe vitamins and minerals for relief. it was trial and error for about 5 months but finally after this doctor consulting with other doctors regarding migraines we have finally found the solution that works for me. I started on bioidenticals: estrogen and progesterone, and testosterone. I take 400 mg of b-2(this is the secret!) my seratonin levels never balanced out during my luteal phase of the month.the B-2 levels out this phase. I also take 5000 iu’s of D3 daily, and omega 3 and 6 daily.I was getting mini migraines every morning when i woke up, and one major 3 day migraine (pain was behind my right ear,in my neck)I can truthfully say that my energy is great! thanks to the b-2 and I feel normal again.

  5. marilou mandario Says:

    hi,i`ve sick for more than a year.it starts with back pain and my mucles are stiff.i pass a scan and i git herniated n slip disk.i`ve got three infiltration and nothing is working.
    last month i do a blood test and it is POSITVE ANA,i lost a lot of my hair,dry mouth,nausea, headaches and feel tired and i`m losing a bit of my vision.

    i would appreciate a lot if somebody can reply,ty


  6. yolande Says:

    I have been researching lupus because I have had symptoms show up, especially the butterfly rash on my face and neck, and fatigue. I have not been diagnosed with lupus. I thought my butterfly rash and neck rash were allergic reactions to a tree scratch, and, or that the sunscreen I was using was too strong; being SPF 100. Symptoms started showing after a tree branch swung at me and scratched/burned my neck. My neck had scratces/burns that have gone unhealed. Now my face has the butterfly rash. I have read that in some cases, alfalfa sprouts can cause lupus. Now I am wondering if the tree branch may have contained the L-Canavanin amino acid that is found in alfalfa sprouts, and can be negative for B-cell function and trigger lupus in some. If you have had such an experience, please share. Maybe this will help those who are doing research. Over the counter hydrocortisone creams, tea tree oil mixed with bee balm have helped some, but the rash comes back after a day or two.

  7. gricel Says:

    I have lupus for more than 2 years, I was taking prednisone,immuran,and plaquanyl in my researches I have found many things that can help, but I know that everyone is different, now am only tacking supplements, such as B’s,C’s,and omegas as well as colloidal silver,nony,and enzymes but also adrenal cortex extract, my natural doc recommended due to damage in my kidneys, even though am taking all this stuff my hair keeps falling, does anyone knows what to do to keep hair strong and healthy.

  8. jacqueline james Says:

    Hi I have been sick for as long as I can remember, since my teen years in high school now I am an adult with 3 kids and my condition has gotten worst I had blood clot in my legs and then my lungs then was tested for lupus the test came back negative but now I am having more sines skin rash allagy to sun hair lost and joint pain the doc said that its not always easy to decet as some person condition takes years to diagnose I don’t think I have that long I got a lupus diet sheet but my doc said I can’t follow as some of the herbs are life treating to my blood cloting problem I really need your healp can any one help as I am verry stressed and its not good for me as I could get a strokes or have ceasures

  9. Kathryn Tucker Says:

    I have used Moducare for years. I have even been in remission before. I am currently experiencing pain but I am still on the Moducare. When I was told that I did not have lupus, I got off of the Moducare and it came back with a vengence. But I got back on it and it has really helped. I am going to try Colloidial Silver.

  10. amelia Says:

    i was diagnosed with DLE two years ago…. recently i have been washing my hair with apple cider vinegar and i have noticed that less hair falls out, its shiner than it has ever been and actually feels nice to touch for once! hope that helps…

  11. Anju Says:

    Hi I think doing yoga would help reduce the tension and stress. Ive been
    diagnosed with RA and now SLE .
    Going for yoga ,I used to feel healthy. It helps to keep your mind at ease
    Try finding things that will make you happy like for me its music.

    As for hair loss I kept trying different types of hair oil until I found one hair oil called Aditya Herbal hair oil which gives me comparatively less hair fall
    I dont know if it will work for anyone else, since the sickness and symptoms are all different.
    take care .

  12. Jodi Says:

    I was diagnosed with lupus 6 months ago, but now realise I have had it for many years, I beleive from overuse of antibiotics which led candida, that took 6 months to totally clear. I detox for 8 days
    every yr in thailand, & this yr with many massages, some painful,
    but gainful, my inflammation has reduced enormously. I beleive the
    key is to keep our body in an alkaline state as much as possible.

    Dis-ease can not grow in an alkaline body. When i relax on vacation &
    drink wines & eat incorrectly, the symptoms flare up ten times worse.
    Collodial silver helps my skin flare ups perfectly

    Best of luck to all, as it just consumes our lives, I know.

  13. Laura Says:

    I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with lupus. I was told that my mercury ( from teeth fillings) and arsnic ( dont know) poisioning is what caused my lupus. But everytime i go to chelate i get real sick. Last year i developed skin rashes mostly on my legs but has been all over my body, what i found, being an esthetician, putting aloe vera on it first then cover with organic coconut oil has greatly reduced and even got rid of my rashes and keeps them at bay. Of a course this is what works for me but hey its worth the try for others to use. the skin needs water and oil in it and if it is out of wack then we need to try to bring balance in the skin. aloe vera has the water property and coconut oil has the fatty we need and seals in the water. apply in that order. i am currently not being treated for my lupus or poisioning, so iam worried about kidney failure or worse because i have such intense syymptoms. hope i can try some suggestions and do better. may god bless you all and good luck

  14. Kimberly Says:

    I was dx with Lupus less than one week ago, a really good friend of mine has it. My remedy is to stay positive and calm while I find my own cure that I know is available to us all. I will try the herbs, exercise, do yoga as much as possible, and look into other things such as detox, and I wish everyone well Blessings

  15. LaToya Says:

    ive been dealn with diciod lupus for 3 yrs now. My denial of my condition pushed me to research natural ways for my condition. Ive found that taking flaxseed oil reduces my joint pain. In addition to that i cut all pork & red meat keeping a poultry diet. Ive found this method truly works for joint pain. Ive yet to find comfort for my ears which r severly scarred & itch. My face has gotten worse with some dark unhealing scarring. Through this ive found acceptance of my condition & will continue to study natural methods in addition to my diet change, flaxseed oil & strengthng my core. Best of luck to u all your stories have pushed me to try some of your methods!

  16. Doree Says:

    I have began drinking a juice called Nopalea it is made by Trivita. It is a cactus juice that has anti-inflammatory properties. I have been drinking this juice for about 2 weeks and 5 days ago I stopped taking my Rx med, Plaquehil. I have not had any hip pain and that is MAJOR! My hip pain has always been with me. I cleaned and rearranged two of the rooms in my house and no hip pain present!! I am also trying This green tea that has Ganoderma in it. Ganoderma is a high anti-oxidant/anti-inflamtory. Also I have the belief in God and my Savior is Jesus Christ! I am going through a transition into healing with prayer and natural remedies! God bless You!

  17. Paula Says:

    I was dignosed with DLE 19 years ago however over the years it has progressed to SLE. I’m positive that this was always the case and had it a lot longer as I suffered six miscarrages and there was no known medical reason for it as I went through every known test however they didn’t think to test for lupus, as well as displaying other symptoms, (Hind sight is 20/20) As you could imagine I have tried alot of medications, diet etc. My face is extremly scarred with many active lesions that have all joined hands and it has even eaten two holes in my nose. Of course I am not wrapped about this but I don’t take the steroids etc that could have avoided this because of the side affects. I have found that by cutting out using any cleaning and personal products that aren’t completely natural I can manage better, rarely having to take antiimflamatory drugs and pain killers. Exercise is a must, though not possible during a flare, yoga is helpful during these times. And I believe the most important and natural aide is a positive attitude. Yes I know, easier said than done but if your reading this you probably have Lupus and having to deal with this already makes you a strong person :)This little monster may have taken my face but I refuse to allow it to take my spirit. Be strong everyone. Thank you for your posts, only us that are inflicted can truely understand and we need to be listening to eachother. You never no, we may even strike onto a ‘cure’! :D

  18. Jennifer G Says:

    Has anyone tried the digestaqure? I found online…am desperate – symptoms are gettng worse – am afraid I will have heart attack at 34! I think my lungs are filling with fluid…I am really scared. It is getting hard to take care of my 3 small children. Will I even be here to see them go to college?

  19. kierra Says:

    what happends when you have a rash along your arms, and chest? and how do you i dont know cure it?

  20. Toni Says:

    I have been living with lupus for 10years now! In the begginning I was put on plaquenil have been on prednisone hav e used cortisone creams and steroids! I found all of these drugs made me either crazy, anxious, fearful depressed or all of the above! I could not fathom that I originally went on medication to feel normal, but ended up weening off these drugs to be normal! I now and have done for many years, take a whole heap of vitamins everyday, I try not eat too much of certain foods e.g; milk, red meat, breads, rice, pasta, as I have found they cause me to have stomach irritations (similar to someone with irritable bowel syndrome) for this I take inner health plus, which really does help. I try to eat a lot of fish, I especially love salmon and also take approximately 6x1000mg fish oil (low reflux) or salmon oil capsules daily, always with meals and spread out throughout the day! I also take caltrate+vitaminD for calcium, this stems from when I was on the plaquenil because it depletes calcium in the body, but I have continued to take it as I do not eat that much dairy! I stay away from most fried foods, as my stomach can not handle these foods as well as pastry based foods and all processed foods, when I do eat these foods, I become bloated have lots of pain and gas (is very uncomfortable & embarrassing) other vitamins include zinc+vitaminB3, folic acid(for cell regeneration) biotin( for hair loss) iron(lack of red meat) I have also found that taking Goji Juice(30mls to start) per day helps immensely for energy & overall health, it contains many antioxidants and I have found it to be extremely helpful, although it can become quite expensive to use all of these natural products, I literally swear by each and every one! Along with plenty of fresh foods vegetables, salads, soups, fish & little poultry (organic preferably) plenty of water everyday, no carbonated drinks, some juices & little milk & dairy!

    I myself was told early on, Not to goin the sun, Cover my Whole body, Wear sunscreen all over each and every time I went outdoors! However, I found this to be quite a chore, and the sunscreen itself became a problem for my sensitive skin! I have suffered with the joint aches the fevers the muscle pain the rashes all over my body, the headaches, my hair falling out, serjoens syndrome; dry eyes, dry mouth, dry nose, raynauds syndrome my hands and feet turning blue with the cold, and feeling much pain associated with cold! This was extreme in my first years of being diagnosed, but I have combatted this disease over the years, I have refused go let it inhibit me like it did in he firstfew years, my kids only young then, not understanding why we cannot go to the beach during the hot days, so I would take them at night, to a beach with ocean pools! I have slowly conditioned my body to be in direct sun, to the point where I have actually tanned myself! (I am not saying this is for everybody, and by no means am I cured from this prison which is Lupus) but this is my story and im telling it! I still have occasional flare ups, but in only a minor way, like recently my hair hasbeen falling out, and Ive been trying to work out why? I did recently change the times that I take my vitamins around, maybe that has something to go with it! Whatever it maybe, I think it might just be this disease’s way of politely telling me ‘I’m still here! But I do believe there will be a cure one day, hopefully in my lifetime, but also people out there, you can live with lupus without medical drugs, obviously not everyone! But u am living proof, and iwill never go back even if it means taking 50vitamins a day! Good luck and stay well my lupusians!! Xx

  21. Colleen Says:

    January this year I developed a red itchy rash on my arms ,forhead, chest and back after I got sunburnt. Its taken a few months to diagnose what it is. After a blood test and two biopsies of my skin, the Dermatologist told me that I have Subacute lupus erythematosus. I tried many different creams to soothe it and heal it and the only one that worked is a topical corticosteroid called Eleuphrat.
    I am not anxious about it now, I just need to stay out of the sun. I dont know whats going to happen as I get older but now I feel ok.
    Jesus is my Lord and Saviour and I will keep trusting in Him for all things and pray that whatever happens that I will Glorify Him with my life and how I handle this disease. Romans 8:28-29.

  22. Jane Says:

    my mom has lupus…I REALLY CAN’T SEE HER LIKE THIS!

  23. DEBBIE Mason Says:

    I HAVE Had lupus for 10 years now. I Suffer from aching Joints my knees give me Hell in The Night Time. My Right Elbow Aches .And i Go To Bed Every Night With a DAmm Headache I hate it. I Wish For Once That I Would Go To Bed With No Aches ANd pains. It Would Be Nice For A change as All you people would know .what it is Like. My Tip For the Night pain is Keep WArn Make sure your house is warm when you go to bed I have a wood heater it.stays on ,All the time so my house is Warm.For The Last 6 weeks I Have been suffering from 2 broken Ribs ouch the pain is unreal when I First did it. I could not lay down in my bed I had to sleept in my LOunge chair for 3 weeks Before I could Lay Down .so painful.I Broke Ribs by Laughting With Daughter. hows that Laughting .Have Not Done that Since. It Does not take Much To Do To Create PAin .

  24. michael czajka Says:

    I’d just like to tell you a lil story,my girlfriend has systemic lupus and I got her to try a product called Colostrum, she has no more lupus symptoms and she no longer takes any prescription meds!!!
    Surthrival.com is where I found the Colostrum and they say the pills work better because it dissolves in your small intestine and do me a favor if it works for you please inform others of its benefits. Thank you and good luck !!

  25. Kay Logan Says:

    I have been using wonderful alkaline water like the ones in the video Don’t Survive…Thrive
    at this place… http://www.youtube.com/user/n2bettersolutions

    I also use their anti-inflammatory formula, and I use their equipment that was in the news for my feet. It is all truly amazing.

  26. Karen Says:

    I do not have any rashes…but do have sore that are deep and angry. I also have pain in my joints and an inflamation of the optical nerve in the brain. I started to take 1300mg of Primrose Oil twice a day 20 days ago. The pain in my joints was reduced by 80% in the first five days. After 10 days the sores were drying up and mostly healed. After 15 days my vision is clearing up and the pain in my eyes is gone. If you are going to try this by the best Primrose Oil supplement that is guaranteed to be 100% lab quality primrose oil. There is a big difference. I hope that this helps someone as much as it has helped me. I now have hope where I thought there was none. This may not be a total solution…but I have my life back. It is not how long you live, but how you live your life and the quality of time that you have.

  27. Sylvia Says:

    I am inspired by you lupus survivors! Thanks for sharing your stories!
    I was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) 3 and a half years ago. I have lupus and RA and OA. So it can be a challenge to figure out what is bothering me sometimes. I have never taken the drugs they wanted me to go on. I found an herbal supplement online that has worked wonders for me! No pain from the OA! I think I have stiffness from the RA but it is reduced. I am able to function quite well especially since I cut out all sugar (in any form) and most grains and I eat very low carb, but high good fats. I also take 4 tsp. of a liquid fish oil daily and MSM in crystal form. I yake glucosamine sulfate, as well. I also take a high dose of vitamin D3, and it has definitely helped me not get everything that comes along like I used to!! I have not had to see my rheumatologist in a year because she told me to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s keeping my numbers (inflammation) waaaay down! She told me just to call her if I have any problems.
    I haven’t had to call her yet and that was a yr. ago!! The herbal supplement has mainly boswellin in it, but also many other herbs. I get it online at naturaldoctor.com. It’s called boswellin arthritis formula. I think it has helped me the most!
    I have times where I can’t seem to focus and that seems to be the thing that is hardest for me to get improvement on.
    My fatigue is much better and I have much more energy since I have been taking sublingual B-12 for my deficiency!
    I hope this helps someone.
    God wants to take your burdens, but you must
    trust him as your Savior and then trust him to lead you to relief of your lupus!
    Take care and God bless!

  28. Rinu. B. Singh Says:

    I have SLE, with Lupus Nephritis since past 20 years. I am on Predisolone & HCQS 200 mg. What i feel is that through healthy food, with less protein, we can control Lupus. Do meditation, little exercise and always try to be happy.

  29. Kristi Says:

    Ashwagandha will support the adrenals-the underlying problem with lupus and all autoimmune diseases. It is an adaptogenic herb remedy from India. We use a very inexpensive form from planetary herbals, but I’m sure others can work too. With the 570mg we start out taking 1 with breakfast for a week then add 1 with lunch then gradually go up to two with breakfast then two with lunch etc. Increasing gradually will start supporting adrenal function, and thereby give increased energy and start regulating estrogen progesterone and cortizone…you really need to look at http://www.adrenalfatigue.org I think 98% of my clients need ashwagandha for various reasons. It actually allowed me to get pregnant after more than 10 yrs. of trying, adopting…it is amazing how important the adrenals are to the body.

  30. Juhi Says:

    I was diagnosed with an early stage of lupus a month ago. I have noticed that green tea, yoga, lots of sleep, less stress and homeopathic medication has Helped me a little. Also vitamin b, d and fish oil.

  31. Sandy Says:

    My daughter has lupus and I have been trying a product suggested called cellfood. It seems to help. Also Kombucha drink was suggested and she likes it. She is also doing placquenel, steroids for a short period of time with the doctor. I have also gotten into apple cider vinegar (the Bragg brand at the health food store – must have the “mother” strands in it.) It’s supposed to be high in a lot of nutrients, especially POTASSIUM which is very important for health and healing. Anyway, I would try the apple cider vinegar/ honey drinks – you can buy it or make it yourself. It’s very good!!

    Good luck and God bless to all.

  32. marie Says:

    i have not been officially diagnosed but think i got discoid of Subacute lupus erythematosus about 10 years ago. i had the classic rash on stomach back and have suffered from extreme sensitivity to uv light in and outdoors for years. it controls my life. i lost my eyesight because ih ave to turn computer screen to almost black to not burn. i can’t use sunscreens much cause they irritate me. my skin on face has recently started to seriously hyperpigment. i look horrible. my skin is so dry. it takes me an hour to put on my makeup to cover all the disfiguring. her’s teh weird thing abouta week befor my period teh photo senstitiby abates somewhat. i wish i knew why? i wish i had a cure. someone sad baking soda and acv. i have to find a cure and it has to be natural! i cured my cancer 3 years ago well God did, i know i can cure this (he can!)

  33. Kathleen Says:

    I take turmeric, bromelain, wormwood, flaxseed, evening primrose oil, vitamin d, b vitamins, vitamin e, quercetin, feverfew, and glucosomine. I have SLE, Seizures, am on Metformin, due to my endocrine issues, Have Thyroid Disease too. I inherited alot of fun. I have monthly flares with hormones but have dropped the awful Lupus meds. Seems to work. Prednisone would not work with my blood sugar issues. Natural seems to bee the way. We will see. Just have to stay out of the sun and not have a bad flare. Good luck to all.

  34. Luckyone Says:

    I been having lupus for 15 months and all ur storys gave me hope. I been stressing that I wouldnt be able to live to watch my 15 month daughter grow up. Thank you for sharing ur storys!

  35. ROSE Says:


  36. Michael Fuss Says:

    Drug Induced Lupus? 8 months ago my dotering Cardiologist perscribed Hydralazine and I took it for a little less than a month. I also have Gilbert’s Syndrome which means that my slow liver did not have the ability to clean it out of my blood and I think more of it settled into my tissues. Around the thrid week I started to experience skin burn in my thighs, joint swelling, heavy eye lids and heavy fatigue and nausea. In the last few months the gastro intestinal disturbances, swelling and fatigue have receeded enough for me to go back to the gym though I am still experiencing bouts of skin burn in my thighs and heat sensitivity in the same area. I tend to use Aloe Vera products for relief that lasts about a half a day as well as keep up on my vitamin D,E and water intake. I still have my red meat but have kept my wieght down by laying off grease and excess sugar, addding vegetable main course dishes daily.

    My endocrenologist told me to take a lot of B as it was on the floor, something that Hydralizne can keep the body from absorbing and a lack of which can contribute to skin burn. The condition may well have tipped my Thyroid which prevoiusly was normal and went mildly hypo.I went heavy on vitamin B for a few months and noticed that the skin burn went almost completely away but the burn came back as I eventually had 6 times the maximum normal levels of B6 in my blood tests. Too much B6 can also cause skin burn. I have backed off the vitamin B for almost 2 months now and will resume a moderate intake thereafter.
    After reading the input above I will check into herbal supplements that might help me manage this condition. I have read that the minimum stay I have with this condition is 3 to 6 months. As the worst of it (swelling, fatigue digestive disturbances) has largely gone at the 6 month mark I am hoping the skin burn goes away in another 3 to 6 months.

    Any natural suggestions for the skin burn would be greatly appreciated. I really have to say that I am also heartened by the fact that there are some many people who have managed rougher versions of this condition for decades so well, and I am getting the confidence that I will be able to be there every step of the way for my two year old son as we go through life.
    God Bless You All

  37. Karen Says:

    I was diagnosed over 25 years ago with SLE. I was very, very healthy and then boom…like I was hit by a truck, I could barely function. I was devastated to learn (back then)that I only had 5 – 7 years to live, I learned everything I could and through trial and error healed myself. I NO LONGER have lupus, all of my blood work returns perfect (this is for the past 12 years) the doctors called it spontaneous remission, I call it healed, I worked very hard at it. It’s what perpetuated me to do what I do today. In my opinion Lupus is either a virus, or is brought on by a virus; it’s exacerbated by: allergies, stress, exhaustion, bad diet, toxic exposure, etc. I healed myself, and did it without medications and medical assistance because they were making me sicker and weaker. If you would like some help and guidance to improve your health I can be reached at: karen@balwell.com

  38. Shereen Says:

    Has anyone tried sevenpoint five?

  39. Amelia Says:

    Hello, I have tried allsorts of things to try to combat my discoid lupus (started three yrs ago), some solutions seem to work for a while but one that has worked and hasn’t come back is the awful lesions on my scalp, hair falling out etc… washing my hair in apple cider vinegar, it has made my brittle horrible hair lovely and soft and the lesions on my head have not come back. The artificial chemical products in our house are very very minimal.
    I am not allergic to anything but I cut out milk and most dairy products, cut down on meat products, eat heaps of salad and veggies, oily fish, pineapple (which works on reducing the lesions on my hands really well if only temporarily). I lost about 20 kilos whilst progressively changing my diet and being the right weight puts less strain on my body and I might as well have a great body if my face is going to be covered in red patches!!
    Traditional Chinese Medicine views discoid lupus as too much heat in the body, for me it is particularly the liver so working on releasing old supressed anger and learning new forms of communication has worked really well for my mental state which has to help. Acupuncture worked well for me for a while and yoga. It is always worse with my period, i just had it and the lesions on the face have flared. So, on with the mission! Thanks for some of your suggestions : ) Love life live

  40. Brian Says:

    Hi, I have SLE and I was wondering if someone could just post a step by step diet / supplement / cure they did. & Where we could obtain some of these things, please and thank you.

  41. Mary Says:

    Thank you to all you beautiful people for sharing your stories and remedies , I believe there is a cure for Lupus and by sharing what we know we can help each other to live our lives healthier. My sister and myself have both been dignosed this year, but we both believe we have had lupus for a long time undignosed.
    God bless

  42. Eve Says:

    Hello everyone,
    As I read all your stories for inspiration and to help me help my sister. She was recently diagnosed with lupus and I am trying to learn everything I can to help her as she is my only sister and I love her very much. Please help me help her. God bless you all.

  43. Curt Says:

    Wife was just dx with SLE at the age of 41. Looking for any and all suggestions on what foods to eat or avoid. What types of drinks to have or avoid. Supplements to take or avoid. She has had kidney issues going on three years now. Twice had rash on scalp, suffered from migraines for years. Was outside in the sun all day last Saturday and threw up three times that night. Feels sick to stomach most of the time. Extreme back pain near kidneys. Was also dx with urinary tract infection.
    She has been a heavy soda drinker for years. Please email me with any and all suggestions.

  44. Curt Says:

    Sorry, forgot to list email.

  45. Veronica Says:

    When I was 16 going on 17 I felt that something was wrong with my body. I’ve told numerous doctors and every one of them said nothing was wrong with me. Finally a couple months after turning 18, I was stuck in bed every morning for about a month, I couldn’t buckle my pants, brush my hair. I couldn’t bend any joint in my body, I was ALWAYS tired, I couldn’t concentrate, everything began to stress me out, it hurt to walk in the mornings and at night, I nearly cried every day because of the pain. My doctor said my pain was because of my birth control, so I got off of it. WAS NOT THE BIRTH CONTROL. The pain got worse over time! I went to a rumatologist and he took 22 different labs and go tback to me the next day and I was told I have SLE. Just the sound of it is depressing for me because I’m such a happy person, I love being active and always busy and Lupus just held me back from everything. I don’t have a remedy BUT I’ve been on plaquenil and prednisone for about 5 months. I can feel the steroids eating at my bones! I HATE ALL MEDICATIONS. Like another guy said, my medicine makes me feel crazy, anxious, fearful and depressed! After researching home remedies and reading all the stories above, I am definitely going off my medication & going NATURAL! Any other info I should know??? I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do without taking medications and he flat out said NO. Someone, anyone, everyone, give me all the home remedies you have!

  46. farzana khan Says:

    I have scars on my face and I would like to know how I can remove them. I have just been diagnosed with sle lupis.I need more information on how to deal with this sickness. If anybody can help it would really be appreciated. Thanks

  47. andrew Says:

    Hi all,
    I have been diagnosed with dle, i think it was medically induced after i took a course of ro accutane for my acne, I have the rash on my face, and get fatigued quite easily, at the time when i first started noticing it i was working as a labourer working 10 hour days 6 days a week but also on top of that i was also training hapkido 3 hours a day monday wednesday and friday and going to the gym 2 hours tuesday thursday and saturday. I was training to go to Korea for a competition when my appendix burst 1 month before i went. after that i still hadnt been diagnosed i got told i had folicalitis then rossacia,then tinnea then finally dle. after i recovered i went to work on a tunnel doing 12 hour days 6 days a week rotating day then night shifts, basically i have found that a good diet, good rest and a strong mental attitude are the best way of dealing with this F@%KN disease.. Im still working going to the gym and take protien powder and have a healthy diet to suit.. love my steak and dont mind a good beer every now and then. ill try every remedy that is on this site and see if it helps me and get back to you all :)

  48. frank Says:

    hi- I have had lupus issues for 6 months now. I’ve been living in Taiwan and after it was clear I have lupus (to me, blood tests yet to come back positive). I went back to USA . noticed that flair ups happen when I have jet lag, or any major changes in my time / lifes daily schedule. I spent last 20years traveling mostly Asia – and fun- but that seems like a life time away now. ok so- everyone saying lots of vids, healthy oils, foods, avoid sugars, and all other crap things we humans abuse.
    For me, life/daily schedule is essential. this includes a daily program of stretching, light lifting, yoga, good foods, and a solid sleeping schedule. I think we all also need to take on an indoor hobby- whatever you can think of… writing, music, painting, etc.
    lastly, I’ve had my typical lupus symptoms not yet 6 months now-
    also my wife just (2 days ago) had a baby, so i just back in Asia now…
    my question is, although my symptoms began and got rough, I was able to improve for the month I went back to USA. Is it possible lupus can start out badly, then recline into a more manageable state? I seem to be collecting Moreno more of the pains and signs as time goes on. my baby is 9.5 lb beautiful boy n I want to know my odds of hangin out with him when he gets older.
    thanks everyone n stay happy god damn it :)

  49. Zieben Says:

    Hi, I would love to know what you guys have been eating prior to getting this disease, it will help others what not to eat or avoid. I believe what we intake can effect the outcome of our health. Have you guys heard of the Gerson diet which consists of pure uncooked vegetable and fruit juice diet that cured many diseases?

  50. annie Says:

    I wanted to address a couple of things some of you are struggling with. I have not been diagnosed with lupus but very sure I have it. My legs are swollen, my joints hurt, have carpel tunnel all the sudden, stomach is inflammed, and my eyes burn. We can get through this, God did not make our bodies like this and I know if something is wrong, there is something to fix it and naturally! First, Rose and others with the skin problems get peppermint soap or get a natural liquid soap (I like Jason’s natural liquid soap and I get the one that has goldenseal in it but they are all very good you can’t imagine how wonderful your skin will feel) and I put 2-4 drops of peppermint in it, there is also a peppermint concentrated liquid soap it is great for all kinds of things (laundry, floors, furniture, and even to wash with) but I have put this in my bath water before and soaked in it and it does wonders for the skin rashes. By the way peppermint oil can also be put in your water and it is a natural healer and a good refreshing drink as well so look up the benefits of peppermint oil and you will see it is amazing. Okay so here is my bath remedy: 2 to 3 drops peppermint oil (be sure to stir it around) half a bottle of peroxide (this is liquid oxygen and great for skin) and 1/2 cup of baking soda. This helps get toxins out of the body and you can switch on and off peppermint and tea trea oil. Topically you can put a couple of drops of peppermint in a natural skin moisturizer ( I like aloe vera) and get liquid oxygen at health food store and put 10 to 20 drops as well and apply the moisturizer three times a day. Your skin will feel awesome and the scars will start going a way. I had a very deep scar on my arm for 10 years and started puting this mixture on it and it is very light now, you can hardly see it is there.

    As far as lupus, I have gained 70lbs. in 7 months and have been exposed to black mold. My stomach is bloated, I had to have my gallbladder out, my legs are swollen , and I have had maojor pain. I have started getting better by taking a good multivitamin, omega 3 and 6, collodial silver, NAC (works wonders) and black cohosh. Cellfood is also very good I take it 2 times a day and it has everything in it (look it up on the web). I am going to try a kidney cleanse so I can get rid of all of this water I am retaining but my pain symptoms are lessening and I am not so tired all the time. We will get there together. God Bless everyone and remember God made everything we need to overcome disease and keep our bodies healthy we just have to trust him.

  51. Rachel Says:

    I. Have discoid lupus and was just told to boil ginger lemon and honey and drink I’m gluten free and many many foods I can’t have I will try this combo

  52. Teresa Says:

    Hi, have been reading everybodies comments. I have had SLE for fifteen years. I have tried everything, still have flare ups sometimes minor sometimes more serious. Over all this time have found that the best coping mechanism with this disease is to ensure I eat well and regularly and most importantly try not to get stressed or worried about things as this can cause a very bad attack in me. I have medication permanently i.e hydroxychloroquine but when i spot a flare up starting usually on my skin first the i have my docs permission to take steroid tablets for a very short week, this usually curbs it for me but if i leave it i know that i will end up in hospital. Its a case of good living and vigilance with me. Everyone is different.

  53. Julie Says:

    Check out a Glen Aukerman, MD at Ohio State Integrative Medicine. He has 300 to 400 stage 4 cancer patients and claims to zero out symptoms (not cure because when you go off his vitamins you get back the symptoms) for Lupus, MS, Diabetes, Migraines and many other diseases. He sends his blood work to only the Mayo Clinic- he says they are great. He tells you where to get the vitamins- Puritan Pride.com for less expensive.

    He says a lot of these diseases have come about since the 50′s when our govt. took magnesium out of the water.

    Mayo Clinic said I have Hasimotos Thyroiditis (gluten related) which leads into diabetes and heart troubles… I was getting numbing, tingling sensations in toes and and fingers.

    I went on his vitamin therapy for a year and did great. They were just normal vitamins, Centrum Silver (Puritan Pride has an equivalent), Magnesium oxide, Cinnamon Bark, B-100 (supposedly there are 50 some b’s and your body uses what it needs and you pee the rest out), Vit. Ester C, Vit. E, Calcium plus D, Omega 3 triple strength- but please have your blood tested first- I take vitamins 4 times a day- some he has figured out only stay in your bone marrow for 3 hours… If doing vitamin therapy- you must have your blood monitored because you can do it wrong without the help of a doctor…

    Anyway, I went off the vitamins for a while. Then Sept 10 I broke out in a butterfly rash on face that I have had ever since. Now I do have other symptoms of lupus like rashes when exposed to the sum, two false positive syphilis readings at one time or another, rashes other places and shortness of breath sometimes… But I had a neg. ANA so who knows what the heck is causing my rash… I decided on my own to go back on my vitamins. Now, it has been 5 days and my rash is almost gone… Maybe there is something to vitamin deficiencies— Twice this month when I began the vitamins- my raised, bubbly rash began to go down- the one time- I did the vitamins for 2 or 3 days and then forgot the vitamins when I went out of town. My rash came back that weekend and by Monday under my eyes were even getting puffy and with raised rash. I went back on the vitamins- it has been 6 days and I have just a small patch left- the butterfly rash is almost gone…. I am not even back to my 4 times a day doses- I get in maybe 2 to 3 doses- it takes discipline to do all 4 doses…

    I go back to my dermatologist today… I think it is worth looking into vitamins for people who haven’t tried it… Make sure you find an expert- if you can’t get to Glen Aukerman, MD then maybe call his office and find a doctor with his same philosophies. He is an expert on all the research done every where on vitamins- this is his specialty…

    My daughter suffered from migraines every day until she had her bloodwork sent to the Mayo. We got her on her own vitamin therapy and she does not have headaches unless she skips her vitamins…

  54. Cassandra Says:

    has anyone tried Low Dose Naltrexone? http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/ldn_and_ai.htm I have been researching it for my boyfriend who has Lupus Cerebritis, Dermatomyositis, colon cancer, edema and a few pulmonary embolisms along with various other problems. He is a firm believer in western medicine. He stubbornly won’t listen to anyone other than his physicians so I have chosen to stubbornly not listen to his ignorant ideals of how to get better. Therefore I have come to the conclusion natural remedies are the best way for a person to go! If your not on pharmaceuticals yet start fortifying the cells in your body and start eliminating the toxic foods from your diet i.e. EAT USDA ORGANIC ONLY! I think the stronger a person’s immune system is the better your chances of restoring health is…duh! The prednisone he is on is causing his stomach to bloat (he looks 8 mos pregnant) and though the doctors tell him if he were to stop taking it he’s die within 30 days, I believe it does more damage than good as he has been recently dx with the colon cancer. He is one of the few to be eapproved for the use of Benlysta! That should be a great new medicine but i fear its causing more problems and harming his frail body.

    I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS FOR YOU. PLEASE HELP ME FORMULATE A PLAN TO HELP MY LOVED ONE HEAL! I appreciate all e-mails regarding these concerns I have. Please no negativity though.

    1. Is anyone taking Benlysta?

    2. We live in southern CA and have the Whitaker wellness institute nearby that to me seems like it could be the answer to his problems.
    Has anyone heard of this place? I’d like to hear what you all think about it? http://www.whitakerwellness.com/

    3. Also has anyone tried the Low Dose Naltrexone? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr-n8jMLenU It is supposed to stimulate your body’s endorphins which have been shown to regulate immune function. If you haven’t heard of it I would suggest you Google it or search you tube because there are some amazing video testimonies from people who have healed and regained health and done so when doctor’s had told them they had no chance of surviving and there was nothing they could do. Amazing to me how big pharma can allow suffering and death, even cause it themselves, all for a profit!

    4. Colloidal silver is another option I wanted to try…any personal success with it?


    Good luck to all on your journey to health I pray you all find your way and trust in the lord Jesus Christ to guide you! Thank you, and God Bless!

  55. Cassandra Says:

    Ohh I forgot about Glutathione! Has anyone heard of this powerful antioxidant? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBFTre-Y1eo It even comes in a dermal patch. Thoughts?

    thanks for all your input!

  56. Mahendar Says:

    I have lupus pls give suggestion urgent

  57. Rachel Says:

    Drink baking soda for rash. Teaspoon in water twice daily.

  58. Kara Says:

    I have lived w/lupus for 21yrs. I was diagnosed when I was 16. I have had 3 terrible flares where I was on cytoxan prednisone cell cept & solu medrol infusions. I always used herbs w/the lupus meds. the herbs helped cleaning the toxins out of my system. I am currently on cell cept for 2yrs for lupus nephritis & solu medrol infusions. The things that worked in the past is keeping a clean diet. No processed foods, no sugars, no meat, no soda. I have 3 small kids, so it is important that I take time for me & rest. Vit.D3 also helps w/fatigue& pain & fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. I hope we can all find relief from eachothers stories. God bless & rejoice always,

  59. Haseena Says:

    Half teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water to be drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.This will result in your system to be alkaline ,thereby creating unsuitable condition for fungus & bacteria to grow.

    Drink 60 ml of colloidal silver 3 times a day.
    A proven cure for lupus !!!!

  60. Rhonda Says:

    There has been success treating Lupus by balancing the Potassium and Sodium levels of the body, by taking Bee Pollen, Alfalfa, Spirulina and other nutrients rich in these minerals.

    As the Pituitary gland controls the fluid of the body it is also good to strengthen the pituitary gland if their is a weakness in this gland by taking pituitary glandular, ornithine and B-6.

    When the potassium and sodium levels drop allergies arise. Excessive heat will cause potassium and sodium levels to drop.

  61. Eben. Says:

    Hi Veronica, My dear wife passed away about 10 weeks ago,she had sle lupus. She has been on prednisone for too long..about 6 years and let me tell you this doctors will not cure you. I’ve tried to get Julie to read this book that i’ve got…written by a doctor,whose wife had lupus and she decided to go on all the right amount of vitamins etc. and she cured herself! Now her dr. husband is treating all his patients this way. At first he was very sceptical. That is your ONLY way of getting cured!! Prescription medicyns are daily killing people! Prednisone weakened my wifes’ arteries and she ruptured one and virtually bled to death(internally) If you are still interested,i can send you the details about this book. I reckon if i can help one person,it will make my day.Julies’ symptoms were much the same as you described,many times i had to help her out of bed and also to shower her! My e-mail address is: juliebes@tpg.com.au Get well soon. Eben.

  62. Marla Hooper Says:

    Ned local Lupus Foundation info.¬† Also diet & nutrients for it.¬† In my case it attacked my lungs w/ pulmonary fibrosis.¬† Don’t want steroids Weight gain, etc. or my hair to fall out (AS W/ CHEMO).¬† Am interested in “natural” treatment.

  63. Eben. Says:

    Hi Marla,
    Got a book somewhere here,written by a Dr.. His wife had lupus and cured herself with the right vits. and right amounts! He was at first very sceptical,now advising all his patients about it! I can send you the book details if you are interested…..name of book and author.Sorry about the illness. Eben.

  64. Marla Hooper Says:

    ¬†Thank you .¬† Am very interested in name of the book & author as I’m scheduled for appts for a my treatment plan 2-13 & 2-14.¬† Need to be armed w/ as much infor re: natural treatments as possible & as soon as possible.

  65. Marla Hooper Says:

    ¬†Prior to being diagnosed w/ pulmonary fibrosis, which then led to the discovery of Lupus as the cause – I’d been on a doctor prescribed low-carb diet (as I’m hypoglycemic & was addicted to carbs).¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I lost 83 lbs during this time, but last winter had a cold followed by a sinus infection, followed by bronchitis, then yeast infection and finally pink-eye.¬†
    ¬† Then in August I was hospitalized w/ breathing problems which turned out to be double pneumonia.¬† Ever since then I’ve had numerous asthma-like attacked every day and an inability to breath deeply enough to retain much from inhalers¬† – also a lot of coughing and inability to breathe when laying down.¬†
    ¬† Finally I got my doctor to send me to a pumonologist (he also said I’d lost enough weight – although I had 35-50 more lbs to lose – so he took me off this diet & put me on Weight Watcher’s maintenance)¬† who found the fibrosis and sent me to a rheumatologist as it appeared I had an auto-immune disease.¬† I did – Lupus!!!

  66. Sherry Says:

    Dear Rose,

    Please research UVA-1 Phototherapy. I understand it’s most effective for patients with skin involvement. If you just google “UVA-1 phototherapy lupus” you will find a lot. You can email me if you need help with this. sherrybsings@aol.com. Take care. -Sherry

  67. Eben. Says:

    Hi Marla, Not sure if this is the right book,but will keep looking! This one will be of some help too ,hope you¬† can get it….was first published in the USA by Thomas Nelson.The name is: “What your doctor doesn’t know about nutritional medicine may be killing you”…author Ray D. Strand, M.D. Please read this, am sure it will help! Hope you will get better soon,it’s a bad illness to have! Eben.

  68. Bill and Diana Says:

        What kind of lupus will this cure?
    Thanks, Diana

  69. Bil and Diana Says:

    Yes, for stomach problems it works great.

  70. Bill and Diana Says:

    Hi all,
    ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I am new to your post. My son was recently diagnosed with lupus.I don’t know the correct one yet but he has the joint problems. I am wondering also if he and many others of you have this because of Lyme disease, my husband has been diagnosed with it(lyme), and as i have been studying that i have found out Lyme causes a lot of other disease and aliments, with lupus being one of them.¬† Lyme is very hard to diagnose though and there are a only a couple good labs to use. Lyme comes from the deer tick and Miskito bites and is in most every state now and around the world. The gov. and medical fields do not want to admit to this and treat like it needs to be.
                                   Much Love,

  71. Eben. Says:

    ¬†Hi Jennifer, I recently lost my wife.She had lupus sle ,ruptured an artery and virtually bled to death….internally. There is a book out ,written by a dr.,who’s wife cured herself with natural stuff! Please see my earlier reply to Marla Hooper…that is one of the books. Have you thought about going to see a Naturapath? You will never cure lupus with steroids or any dr.’s prescription med.! I am feeling for people like you and wish i could help more! My wife should still be here,but lupus is a more serious disease,than what people think!! A naturapath(you will have to find a good one),will put you on natural strong immune system boosters and then after a few months ,reduce your Prednisone intake(if you are on it)Good luck and please let me know how you go! Better health wished to you!! Eben.¬† ¬†

  72. Marla Hooper Says:

    Diagnosed w/ Pulmonary Fibrosis, my pulmonologist began looking for the cause.¬† Was sent to a rheumatologist who found it was caused by the auto-immune disease Mixed Connective-Tissue Disease.¬† Yesterday I was put one 60 mg prednesone daily, to be reduced to 40 mg in a month.¬† I’d just spent 1 1/2 yrs. losing 83 pounds.¬† Not only do I not want to gain weight – I do not want the other side-effects either.

    What I do want is a natural-food/medicine approach AND I want to be cured.¬† HELP!!! PLEASE…

  73. Marla Hooper Says:

    ¬†Eben, so sorry about your wife.¬† Could you give me more info about the book again?¬† I’m a 65 yr old female on a very limited income and am dependent upon my Medicaid insurance to cover medical expenses.¬† So as an native american I very much believe in natural medicine & naturopathy I need to get a good book and make & follow a natural plan myself for it to be affordable.¬† Was put on prednisone (60mg daily) just yesterday & plan to get off it asap.¬† Help is appreciated.

  74. Tyspurn Says:

    kathleen, try getting off the glucosamine & instead try 2-3 times daily, feshly grated ginger root as tea (just boil in water)to which 1-2 tsps of apple cider vinegar has been added (that contains the MOTHER). Braggs is a good brand found at most health food stores. I also add 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper & this has taken away my joint pain & other issues for over a yr

  75. Liljon2961 Says:

    start juicing,walmart sells ge juicers for about 50.00,carrot,apple,tastes great,i use spinach and brocculi twice a week mixed with the carrot and apple,try to get organic spinach,this juicing has amazing results,it gives your body more nutrients than you could possibly eat,do it now,get healthy!!!!!!!

  76. Hi,
    I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and have been in remission until recently…when this disease rears it’s ugly head you certainly know it. My symtoms this time were much different than when I was younger with 3 little ones at home. I attributed menopause as the “why” I was feeling as I was but then pushed my doctor to run the blood work last week and received confirmation that the lupus is active. I have been living clean for the past year and have eliminated sugar, gluten, alcohol, beef & dairy etc. from my diet.¬†I use a vegan protien powder daily as a meal replacement, take vitamins¬†derived from plant extracts – even my omega supplement is a plant¬†dirivitive rather than fish. I am also careful to use botanical products on my hair & skin – swiss formulas rather than products manufactured according to US standards as they tend to have a lot of animal bi-products as well as hidden ingredients…if I cannot pronounce it, I do not use it :)
    I wish you and everyone living with lupus and related diseases blessings on the continuing journey in learning to live with lupus but finding relief too! The things that work to relieve the symptoms are as unique as the individuals who suffer/live with it.
    Love & Healing to All ~

  77. Rozanna Says:

    Hi Karen, I would love some help and guidance to put my lupus in remissions or to heal it. I do not want to live like this anymore.

  78. MJ Says:

    I suspect taking flew injections as the culprit of my Lupus.  I also used a lot of domestic cleansers when cleaning my house.

  79. Lynn Says:

    ¬†My name is Lynn and I am a 53 year old male.¬† I have HSV-2 for about 20 years and typically I would have one, maybe two small outbreaks every year.¬†My immune system was strong and¬†they would go away on their own.¬† In 2005 I caught Mono from my doctor while in for a visit (He had Mono and didn’t know at the time).¬† After the Mono I’ve never been able to exercise regularly and have been achy and tired all the time.¬† In 2008 I began to have pain in my joints and muscles along with strange nerve pain around my waist and in my fingers.¬† After about six visits to my MD that resulted in him telling me ” You are just depressed from the fatigue and Pain” I asked for a referral to a Rhuematologist because of the pain in my joints at the time.¬† He did a myriad of blood work $3200.00( I have no insurance so this hurts) and told me that he thinks I have Lupus and Rhuematoid Arthritis.¬† He wanted to start me on Azathiaprine right away.¬† I wanted a second opinion.¬†
    ¬†The second opinion told me the same thing RA and Lupus.¬† It’s been two years since diagnosis and I have been pretty sick.¬† I never took the Azathiaprine because I was afraid¬†of the side effects.¬† While¬†educating myself on the disease on the internet I ran accross a couple of artciles talking about how viruses can make you feel¬†exactly like Lupus.¬† Also how if you have Herpes and take immune system depressants you can die from the virus.¬† So I started keeping a journal and asked my doctor for some Acyclovir for my herpes.¬† I took 1000 mg daily for a week and 500¬†mg a day for a month after.¬† I got quite a bit better.¬†¬†My muscle and nerve pain improved quite a bit.¬†¬†When I was feeling like the virus was pretty well under control¬†I stopped the Acyclovir.¬† My joint¬†and muscle pain came back and so did the nerve pain.¬† I told my doctor that I think the Herpes is what is making me sick. Both of the Rhematologists told me that wasn’t possible.¬† My journal says different when I can map the outbreaks to the time when I stop the Acyclovir.¬†
    In short I agree with you.  I believe many people are misdiagnosed with diseases that are rare when its Herpes that is so common.  I know it can cause all of my symptoms.  My question is could herpes cause me to test positive on my ANA, ACE and other auto immune profiles or do you think that it might be possible that the Acyclovir just helps with the Lupus?
    I need some help as I am a single dad with a fifteen years old daughter¬†that has¬†Asberger’s syndrome. I have raised since birth by myself and she needs me to be here for her.¬† Thank you for your post and in advance for your reply.¬† Why won’t the doctors listen to us?????
    Lynn (California)

  80. Karen Says:

    Dear Rozanna,
    I would love to support you, please contact me directly at: karen@balwell.com 
    Best of health,

  81. latoya b Says:

    Hello all I found out I had lupus since August 2007. I am 34 years old been on prednisone since 07. I have chronic kidney disease since 09. I am on all kinds of meds see all kinds of doctors. Right now I’m having the worst flare up ever since I been sick. I don’t know what to do for the itching and pain. Also have fmylagia. My face has broken out in the butterfly rash my body hurts my joints hurt my skin hurts!!!!!! The doctors don’t know what they are doing it doesn’t seem like it anyway. I’m just so tired of this. I need some help please. And oh yeah i take vitimans too. I had seizures so please give me some kind of advice thank you!!!!

  82. MJ Says:

    I was devasted when i developed this terrible rash on my cheeks(butterfly) and pimple like rash on the rest of my face. I could not wear make up or touch any cleaning materials or hair dye. It became a weekly nightmare. Someone told me about dr Ford in Pretoria South frica. He took my blood and separate the white and red blood cells in his laboratory and gave me drops from my own blood cells to put on my tongue twice a day for 3 months. Two weeks after i stopped the drops i was completely healed. He made the drops so that my body can make it`s own resistance.

  83. Lauana Lei Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Love to hear the natural things……I do NOT have lupus but have
    friends who do. Has anyone done any research on a correlation with
    heavy metals or toxic chemicals. Once exposed, they stay in the body
    forever unless something specific is done. I know my friend has
    heavy exposure to toxic Barium. Anybody been exposed to heavy
    pesticides, insecticides, chemical warfare, toxic metals…..this may
    be a big underlying cause as they can cause many, many ailments in the
    body.Some research shows that LUPUS is associated with mercury in
    the body. Metals and chemicals block assimilation of nutrients
    and break-down the body’s immune system. Most of the things I read above are for “symptoms” to be alleviated…..what is the “cause”.

  84. Lori Says:

    In 1986 I was in my 20′s and diagnosed with Lupus. Blood test and what the doctor called a raccoon mask was how it was diagnosed. shortly after that I developed large deep sores on my arms. I wish I could remember what I used for them but it has been so long ago. I know it was tar based. At this time I had moved from Illinois to Arizona for about a year. My dad had RA so I figured it must be true because I also had all the tests ran. The doctor said I didn’t need any medication until it started messing with my vital organs. a year later we moved back to Illinois, to where I had the tests ran again because all my symptoms had went away, including the deep imbedded sores on my arms. He said I either never had it, or it was in remission. Well I chose to believe I never had it. Then about 10 years down the line I went through a very hard divorce. I dropped down to 94 lbs immediately . I was 135 lbs. I started having pains in my back, and ended up with a severe kidney infection. I had forgotten all about the Lupus until lately when I just started using a suntan bed and developed a rash on my legs that doesn’t want to go away,and when my niece asked me if anyone in our family ever had it. She has just been diagnosed with it. All I can say is Stress and location seem to be a trigger for me. I am always tired, so that is why I am on this page looking for an answer to that. For anyone who suffers with joint pain, try a teaspoon of real lemon in half glass of water or drink it straight if you can. This really works.
    Good Luck and God Bless Ps Last but first , GOD and natural remedies :)

  85. Lori Says:

    Just wanted to add, the husband also uses lemon juice for heel spurs. You don’t have to limit yourself to a teaspoon. Probably the more you drink the faster it will work. I just know when my arm starts getting pain in it, I use a teaspoon in with ice water. NO SUGAR LOL!

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