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Kidney Stones

kidney stones

The presence of kidney stones can cause plenty of best viagra problems. In some cases the pain can be so severe that, according to the author Kevin Murphy, “being gut-stabbed with a dirty spoon in a prison cafeteria is less painful”! (1). It was thought that consumption of too much calcium aggravated this condition, but the evidence suggests otherwise. It’s actually the low calcium diet, which is responsible for higher stone risk.

Understanding kidney stones

Kidney stones, also known as nephrolithiases, urolithiases or renal calculi, are formed from the crystals of minerals dissolved in urine and cheap viagra 100mg are generally found inside the cheapest cialis ever kidneys or ureters. Their size can vary and some can be as big as a golf ball! Just have a look at the picture of a typical kidney stone below. Although, real miniscule ones generally leave the body through urine, larger ones can obstruct the ureter, making urine collect and cause severe pain felt in the flank, lower abdomen and groin.

Symptoms of kidney stones

You only come to know you’ve got stones when you experience pain. Symptoms generally include acute flank pain caused by renal colic, nausea and vomiting, restlessness, dull pain, hematuria, and possibly fever, in the event of infection. Acute renal colic is one of the worst types of buy glucophage canada pain a patient can suffer.

What’s surprising is the presence of a kidney stone may not cause pain to some, it’s only discovered when blood is passed in urine – the first symptom of kidney stone. If you don’t have pain and can’t see blood in urine, don’t think you can’t have a stone, routine medical test can show a miniscule amount of red blood cells in urine under a microscopic. This condition is called hematuria. (1)

Diagnosis of kidney stone

The location and severity of the pain is usually the generic cialis canada pharmacy basis of diagnosis. If the pain comes and buy 40mg cialis goes in spasmodic waves, it can be a typically colic condition. X-rays, ultrasound imaging and a number of other tests can confirm the presence of the stone. Further tests are done to find out the possible cause and consequences of the stone. Ultrasound is especially effective in showing the presence of hydronephrosis, that is, swelling of the kidney and stones that don’t have enough calcium to show on x-rays.

Natural cures for kidney stone

If your kidney stone is not causing severe discomfort, you can safely go in for natural cures. These will save you from the trauma of side effects and other problems associated with over-the-counter medications. Let’s see what you can do (2):

a. Diet:

Eat more foods fiber containing foods, vegetables and whole grains. Foods rich in magnesium, such as barley, bran, corn, buckwheat, rye, oats, brown rice, potatoes and bananas are also recommended. Reduce intake of sugar, refined foods, animal products, caffeine, alcohol, soda and buy diflucan cheap salt, and foods rich in calcium, such as milk and cheese. Avoid oxalate-containing foods, like spinach, rhubarb, beets, nuts, chocolate, black tea, wheat bran, strawberries and beans.

b. Water and liquids:

Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water or liquids a day is recommended to prevent the occurrence of kidney stone. However, avoid naturally carbonated and mineral waters as their calcium content can be high.

c. Vitamin C:

Keep the daily intake of vitamin C supplementation below 2000 mg.

d. Juice therapy:

Cranberry juice has proved quite effective in curing kidney stones. This juice reduces the amount of calcium in the urine. (3)

e. Reflexology:

Work the buy viagra without a prescription reflexes on hands and feet for kidney, bladder, diaphragm and parathyroid gland. Also work the ureter points on your feet. (3)

The occurrence of kidney stone can be a painful experience. However, if your condition is not severe, you can easily get rid of it through natural cures. Always consult your physician before you go for these cures. A hot bath may also bring relief during an attack.


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    hi, i have had renal colic over a hundred times in 4 years, i am beside myself, i was told and propecia on sale hope maybe a website can be given to me, that a water source in Morrocco has effectively help similar situations, please respond somebody,

  2. Jason Says:

    lemon/water. dandelion. magnesium.b6.

  3. Lori Says:

    If the pain is not excrutiating, try resting against a heating pad.

  4. Lee Says:

    pineapple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg – a pinch of each spice in 4 oz. of juice two or three times a day or 3 oz. tonic water, 3 oz. pineapple juice and a pinch of nutmeg.

  5. peter w. Says:

    peter, thought you might be interested if you had a chance to read up on natural cures and things that will keep it away………..using meds. is helpfulin the short term but going natural long term is what i call GOD’S CURES!!!!!!!!!!!! huh?

  6. tom Says:

    drink warm aspargus juice from any cooked asparagus will dissolve all

  7. Rachel Says:

    Lemonade as sour as you can handle it. Make sure its luke warm 3x daily. supplement with magnesium and b vitamins. cranberry juice is a must.

  8. Burt Says:

    Use Lemon juice,from a bottle 2-3 squarts, into
    what ever you are drinking. One can only drink
    so much water.

  9. Erin Says:

    Just make sure when doing the lemon juice, you rinse your mouth after. The acid from the lemons is great for your body, but bad for your enamel!

  10. Curt Says:

    I had stones for 20-years and plenty of operations. My doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid and I found another doctor. When you limit your food too much to avoid one problem, you can create other problems. He put me on Vitamin B (time released B-250) and magnesium tablets and I have been stone free for nearly 4-years. Incidentally, my headachs went away and levitra no prescription online cheap my energy level returned. Good luck!

  11. AJ Says:

    8 oz of water w/half a lemon (or more) juiced into it helped to bust up my kidney stones so they could more easily pass. DO NOT ADD SUGAR! Stay away from anything w/sugar. Apple cider vinegar (about a shot glass or 2) diluted with water also worked–and momentarily helped some of the pain. Organic 100% cranberry juice (very tart) also helped to flush it out. A heating pad made my pain much worse, so an ice pack worked better on me.

  12. Odessa Says:

    I purchased a product online which I believe actually does help. It is called Renavive and they guarantee it will break up any kind of stone. What I have noticed is that as soon as I took it, I stopped having pain in my left side which is where my kidney stones were located. When I miss taking it, I find that a discomfort and/or mild pain returns to that side. It seems to act as a diuretic. This is a natural herbal product which does not seem to produce any adverse side effects. I’ve not returned to the doctor to get any kind of tests to actually see if the kidney stones have dissolved, but I feel much better when taking the product.

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