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You know you’ve been a worrywart all throughout your life, but your uncontrollable worry about everyday things is becoming excessive. This constant worry has started affecting your daily functioning and discount viagra prices is slowly, but steadily, growing into an anxiety disorder. Before you succumb to unprovoked panic attacks, do something about it and fast.

Causes and symptoms

Anxiety disorders can result from worrying about job, finances, and health of both self and family. It can also include more mundane issues, like chores, car repairs and being late for appointments. The intensity, duration and frequency of worry are generally disproportionate to the issue and interfere with the sufferer’s performance of tasks and non prescription flagyl ability to concentrate.

You may display a variety of anxiety symptoms, like sweating, nausea, cold and low cost flagyl clammy hands, muscle tension, difficulty swallowing, jumpiness, gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea. You may remain irritable and complain of feeling on edge. You may even get tired easily and have trouble sleeping. As your anxiety and stress advances, you may start avoiding situations, places or people to save yourself from feeling anxious. Ultimately, you may fall victim to short, unexplained periods of intense fear or discomfort, called the panic attacks.


There are a number of things you can do to prevent anxiety. Some of these are:

a. Exercise, yoga and meditation:

A daily exercise program of at least a half an hour will help in reliving anxiety. By meditating correctly, you can regain mental clarity and cialis cheap may succeed in putting your problems into perspective. Yoga, exercises for the body and mind, can be a good way to help you deal with low moods leading to anxiety.

b. Avoid caffeine:

Drinking caffeine-laden beverage is like pouring gasoline on fire. It’ll not let you sleep and add to your worries.

c. Avoid alcohol:

Don’t get taken in by the idea that alcohol calms. It may seem so at first, but later you’ll feel much more anxious, because of the irritating effect that withdrawal from alcohol has on the brain.

d. Avoid over breathing:

Hyperventilation or over breathing is known to cause anxiety and can leave you feeling light-headed, anxious and depressed, more so, if you breathe with the upper part of the chest rather than the diaphragm. So, the key is conscious breathing is through the abdomen, rather than the chest.

e. Set aside worry time:

Don’t let worries overwhelm you, set aside thirty minutes a day to do nothing but worry! If anxiety starts to creep in at other times, remind yourself to deal with it during your worry time.


There is plenty of medication available for anxiety treatment, which can be prescribed by a qualified doctor. But, there is nothing better than trying out the home remedies for anxiety.

Let’s look at these natural cures:

a. Valerian extract:

This herb relieves anxiety, when taken in doses of 50 to 500 mg. It usually works quickly in about thirty minutes and can help you feel more relaxed and less worried. The best part is it’s non-addictive.

b. Passion Flower:

Research has shown that Passion Flower can also help calm your nerves and reduce worry. A few hundred milligrams of Passion Flower extract is enough to provide relief.

c. Green tea extract:

Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that, when extracted and low price cialis used, has pronounced anti-anxiety effect. In fact, its effectiveness can be compared to some anti-anxiety drugs.

It’s best to prevent anxiety by conscious efforts. However if that fails, go for natural remedies for anxiety. They are effective and with no side effects. Try them and you may find your jumpy self, jumping with glee!

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  1. John Says:

    The natural cure I have found for anxiety and use on a regular basis is a good, long run. It’s best to get a run in while the sun is out, so you are increase serotonin two fold.

    I guess any cardio would work, but I prefer the outdoors (fresh air) over the gym any day of the week.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Go natural if at ALL possible. I fought severe anxiety and panic attacks for 6 months and what really helped was a natural supplement called Seredyn. It’s available for online purchase. Strong enough and comparable to Paxil. No side effects except a little tiredness and no problems when going off of it. Amazing stuff. I fully recommend.

  3. katherine freudenthal Says:

    It seemed weird at first but my yoga class that are 1 1/2 hours long really did amazing things for me. I at first couldn’t settle my nerves at all, but then found that it focus me. It was just amazing, do it for 3 months and see!

  4. Natasa Says:

    I started using Gaba Relaxer by Country Life and it literally works within minutes. If you take two, it is similar to Xanax in how it calms you down naturally. In addition, I do the deep breathing, yoga, and running. The combination has helped me cope with anxiety. I highly recommend you try it, it has literally saved my life.

  5. Linelgin Says:

    l-tryptophan an essential amino acid

  6. LC Says:

    I need a natural cure for my anxiety. Although I do take green tea tablets….that has not worked as my anxiety started a long while after I started taking them.

  7. renee Says:

    I would imagine that the caffine from green tea cancels out the amino acids that calm you???? just a thought.

  8. renee Says:

    honestly some pill or herb is not going to get rid of your problems. I know I worry about actually issues in my life. taking a pill isnt going to get me a better job or better friends or a boyfriend. I just suck it up grow a pair and buy viagra now get my stuff done. I take st john wort so i dont get depressed in between but………
    i took paxil for a while and it just made me jumpy and extremely moody if i skipped at day, but i still worried about EVERYTHING.

  9. Cathy Says:

    What if you could be allergic to these natural remedies? I am severely allergic to ragweed, how do I know if I am allergic to any of these? I see that Valerian is most popular. But my concern is an allergic reaction.

  10. Elliot Says:

    I’ve had terrible anxiety for years, and it got terrible when dealing with a long distance relationship. I’ve found that a long run is the best fix for anxiety as well as making “rationalization” lists as to why most of the worry is unjustified. I took klonopin for a while, and this helped me at night—by day, however, I think it was best for me to get things out rather then put things in (e.g. talking about it, writing, exercising, meditating, etc.)

  11. jim Says:

    Well there are many things you can take for anxiety: saint john’s wort, l-tryptophan, Gaba, but these just cover up the systems. It is needed at times but meditation is the biggest help, followed by yoga, then excersice. When excersicing try running or some sort of sport, but i find weight lifting or bodybuild may make you a little to jumpy. Maybe just me. LAST and most important is that you understand that you and your mind our not the same. Your mind is like a child incapable of relizing what is real and what is irrational. So you have to right down or even say out loud that your fears are unfounded. You control your body and you must also police your random thoughts so that your mind doesn’t become affraid of things that are not rational. If start having panicy thoughts say to your self what are the odds of the elivator getting stuck and even if it does worring will not help. So i have nothing to worry about.
    Remember with anxiety you don’t get well untill you realize that you are well. jim traina

  12. paul Says:

    chamomile tea is great for anxiety,relax the stomach and body, and to help you sleep.

  13. rose Says:

    Please read the book “hope and buy levitra at a discount help for the nerves” by Claire Weekes. You will be surprised how easy it is to cure panic attacks.

  14. Ann Says:

    I found that taking GABA in comination with vitamin B-6 which helps with uptake to the brain
    FIRST thing on an empty stomach really helps.
    I also take dance class 2x’s a week. It really doesn’t matter what form of excersize, as long as it works for you.

  15. Bryan Says:

    STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL! People who have anxiety tend to drink too much. That was me! I quit drinking,and in about 3-4 weeks my anxiety started to dissapate. Letting go of issues from your past,and accepting that there is nothing you can do to change what has happened..whether your fault or not is very calming. Why worry about something that you cannot change? LET GO. MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. ITS OKAY. In addition to taking a multivitamin , go to the store and get vitamin B-complex, and take it every day. This does wonders for your nervous system ,and will give you more energy and calm you all at the same time. If you like to drink, don’t exceed 3-4 a day.

  16. Brona Says:

    I have had anxiety the past 3yrs and i have went to my docter and he wont give me anything for it. And its getting worse n worse and i cant cope with it, i only young. It has changed my life. It only happens when im in a crowded room, and i get all the symptoms. Is there anything that anybody could recommend to me please and thanks

  17. Neil Says:

    For some people I have known about say, Marijuana works for them. I do not know for a fact or for myself if it works.For those say it does I believe them. A punching bag I here helps also.

  18. Ashley Says:

    I am 22 years old and have been hit nard with anxiety the past couple of months. I just tried an antidepressant (effexor), and did not have a good experience. Nausea, insomnia, couldn’t get out of bed for days. I was only on it for less than a week, but after that experience I am exploring other options. Any suggestions?

  19. Rani Says:

    Plenty of water,nutriteous food,regular exercise and belief in god.Also do what you like and be true to yourself.Invest time with your loved ones and enjoy what you do.Do something what you are passionate about atleast once a day.Keep smiling always and be confident about yourself!!

  20. Dan Says:

    I took “Omega 3″ suplements since brain it is made of basically from these fat acids and I thought it will help me with brain damaged connections between brain left amygdala and conscious cortex areas, and “Spirulina” a dietary supplement rich in essential amino acids that body cant produce and must be taken from food also contains a lot of vitamins and proteins.
    It helped me also to drink every day a lot of St John’s worth tea.
    However for fighting with acute heart beating and other unpleasant simptoms like sweating etc I used to take Propranolol which is a non-selective beta blocker meaning blocks all beta receptors in the body not only from the heart and the adrenaline can not produce its nasty effects. It is perfectly safe to take a 40mg pill every day and all body function normaly without being disturbed by adrenalin.
    It took 3 years for me to fully recover, but I am confident I’ve made the right choice. I use to drink alcohol occasionaly and I am leaving my life without any fear of tomorrow that’s the key. Tell yourself what will be, will be and “Carpe diem”.

  21. akwon kapillatu-puto Says:

    smoke weed.

  22. Andrea Says:

    wow, if you want to have more problems in your life- smoke weed. That is crazy you would give that advice!

  23. Barb Carner Says:


  24. Brandy Says:

    I have been diagnosted with ptsd, depression and anxiety. I take 6 different pills a day and i’m tired of it. I’m only 32 and have dealt with this my whole life. I’m looking for other ways to work on the chemical inbalance. I ‘m going to try vitamin B and experement with the tea’s.

  25. Brian Says:

    I would try any of the internal Chinese Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Hsing-I (Shing-yee)or Ba Gua, all can be practiced as a form of moving meditation as well as aerobic conditioning. They stress inner and outer physical relaxation in combination with a still mind that produces, over time, calm emotions and exceptional physical health. Where some, but not all, of the harder martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and hard muscular forms of Kung-Fu like Choy Lay Fut or Shaolin rely on an adrenaline dump as a form of nerve power, the internal Chinese arts on the other hand, specifically teach overcoming the adrenaline dump as the most effective form of living and even, should the need arise, self defense. It can be considered the art of controlling both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Complete control of the fight/flight response. When this response “kicks in” without reason, or conscious choice your having a panic/anxiety attack. The deep abdominal breathing, and relaxed body movements of the Internal Arts teach many things about relaxtion, not TENSION, being real power.

  26. Ashley Says:

    I’m 20 years old and I’ve had anxiety since I was 17. I tried zoloft. I liked it except I got terrible night sweats to the point where my sheets were soaked. When I would skip a few days I got really moody. I hear tanning helps in moderation, like i’m talkin 2x a week. You’re body needs the vitamin e and tanning can help. Also eating a healthier diet & less caffeine helps. Alcohol just makes you more depressed and makes anxiety worse. I think the green tea sounds like a good idea to try! Also I know it sounds cliché but seriously try to ignore the fact that your mind is trying to manipulate you. Try to figure out why you’re nervous. I’ve found that if I confront that fear, I feel so much better. Like I’m telling my mind that it’s full of it and that I’m gonna be ok.

  27. tersa Says:

    I found for panic attacks that 2 TBLspoons real honey and 1teas.spoon of ground cinnamon mixed in your choice of hot tea does wonders and works quickly. I just tried it on a young man who was having a panic attack who also suffers from schitzophrenia and he was calmer within 5 min.

  28. Margaret Says:

    I have cured myself from anxiety. I had GAD for years and very debilitating. I take Inositol powder 1 level tsp morning and afternoon. 1 Vitamin B complex tab at the same time as the inositol.
    I take liquid fish oil (pleasant tasting) each day. I take 1 Thompsons mood manager capsule before breakfast on an empty stomach.
    I take 3 Magnesium tablets each day, 1 vitamin B12 and 1 vitamin D.

    This may seem a lot but it is better the alternative of anti depressants and Benzodiazapine. I have my life back. It took years for me to work out what my body ws crying out for. To think all this time it wanted a little natural help.

    St John’s wort did not help me. Anti depressants were hard going with nasty side effects. (Prothiaden, Aropax and Zoloft)

  29. C. Says:

    For me, I worried the universe isn’t real, causing panic.

    But the only thing that is real is
    Math… 2+2 always = 4
    4+4 always equals exactly 8.

    16 + 16?
    I just start doing easy math like this until the problems get more difficult.
    Solving the problems are spiritual therapy, as math is the only real language that exists, it’s provable and everlasting.
    It snaps me out of a panic attack rather quickly. It’s important to focus on the problems and answer them as fast as possible. All of the other suggestions help to, especially with general anxiety. Panic though, you need to get your brain to focus on one thing for 30 seconds, with no room for any other thoughts… For me it is math.

  30. Nessy Says:

    I have had anxiety, ocd and panic attacks for years, I tried natural remedies but didn’t really work for me on the long term. I have been on effexor for a couple of years and it worked really good for me but if you miss a dose you get bad headaches until I got pregnant and had a baby. Thought I was anxiety free but it came back and now I just started effexor again. I am also starting therapy because I wuold like to stop suffering from anxiety.

  31. ruby Says:

    im only 18 years of age and a mother of one child i noticed that after some dramatic things happened in my life i started to get panic attacks like once every other month, at first i was scared to death that i had cancer or some serious phisical illness i went to the doctor and they put me on an anti depressent and it was horrible i took it for like about 4 days. after that i felt hopeless like nothing could help if a doctor didnt even help what was wrong. so i did my reaserch and i found out about phsycotherapy, which took my panic away along with yoga, chamomile tea, no caffines, and lavender aromatherapy candels,exercise and eating healthy such as organic foods, to avoid preservitives and chemicals and so on. i then started to take vitamins, fish oils, vitamin D 1,000, and sam-e, I know it sounds like alot but it really helps with brain funtions along with the other chemical balances in your brain becasue it takes up about over 75% of all the nutrients of what ever your consuming which is why its important to eat healthy. any how i began to recover within 3 months the only problem know is that i still have general anxiety which ive had for a total of 6 months and it gets really difficult some times esspecially around my monthly cycles. im hoping that me and my phsycologist can work on that next. I get a little bit of deppression every now and then because honestly it sucks to have this but i write down insperational notes that help me feel better or i read the bible or pray and it goes away…as long as you stay positive and get the help that you need youll be okay its nothing to be ashaimed of because everything happenes for a reason, get informed and do what works best for you=))

  32. Mike Says:

    I am 32 and had never suffered from anxiety until last year. I have gone through some really hard times. The anxiety was bad. I finally decided I needed help. I went to the Dr. he gave me buspirone and paxil. These put my anxiety through the roof. Finally he told me stop taking the buspirone. The anxiety went down some. After about a month on the paxil I started to feel better. Had some weird side effects. Random hot flashes, sensations that felt like I was being electrocuted for a second. I have taken the paxil for about 9 months now and it has been going good. I am trying to come off of it but has been hard. I find Valerian extract works well. Also exercise works very well. I am constantly looking for new ways to get better. Researching new ideas seems to help. Anything I can do to get my mind off of it. You just have to remember you are strong enough to control your mind. You are in charge! I know that sounds like some stupid self help book but it’s true. Don’t give up. Talk to your friends and family.

  33. Rosie Says:

    Please read the book “Hope and Help for the Nerves” by Claire Weekes.
    The book gives easy to follow ways on how to overcome panic attacks. I had panic attacks almost every 10 minutes and was even afraid to leave my home. After reading the book it took me just a couple of days to get over them. Once you realize how easy it is to overcome them you will also be cured. The book also talks about depression and how to overcome it. I sincerely recommend it.

  34. Sarah Says:

    I’ve suffered from anxiety for 13 years. I have been on pills during that entire period and I’m ready to go all natural. I cut out caffeine, I’m going to start eat only organic foods, get back into acupuncture (which helped in the past), and visit a hypnotist. Honestly, these prescription meds help somewhat but I feel like enough is enough.

    Ps to the comment before me, I was on Paxil for many years and had the same side effects as you. Ween yourself off it very slowly!

  35. Dylan Says:

    I’ve had bad anxiety at such a young age. I am going to be 16 on July 18th. I had shingles when I was 14 years old. I worry about everything there is to worry about. I find one of the best things to do is to find a hobby or a sport. Just find something you love doing and get good at it. Make it something you do daily and look forward to. Just focus your mind on that. Forget whatever has happened and move on from the past. From having really bad anxiety at a young age I know my life will be harder in the future but I guess you just have to deal with whatever happens no matter what. Just ask yourself, “is this worth worrying about? Is this worth being sick over?” in the end, it all depends on how you treat it and how much time you think about it. Just keep yourself busy.

  36. Cindy Says:

    Hope and Help for your Nerves by Claire Weeks was my life saver. I carried it around in my purse and read it when I need a boost. It helped me understand the WHY of panic attacks and how to overcome. I still get them occasionally but now I know how to just let them go. I still worry almost constantly and obsess about things (wish I could change this) but I went from barely being able to leave my house to thinking that maybe I can take my first plane trip BY MYSELF next Monday. I could have NEVER done that before.

    My 15 year old son is now getting them and I don’t know how to help him. I don’t believe my cure would be his cure.

  37. tina Says:

    I have found stress to be a huge factor in my attacks! When I feel it coming on I go somewhere to be alone! I then breath and listen to something soothing! Everyone handles things differently. And it takes me forever to fall asleep I haven’t found a way to clear my mind!

  38. Jessica Says:

    I’m still looking. I’m only 21 and recently found out I had anxiety. I thought that hyperventilating and a super high heart rate was normal when you got upset because, well, you’re upset. I hate going months at a time when all you have is a good day ahead of you and the first thing you feel in the morning is that pit in your stomach of dread, and you don’t know why.

    When you try SO hard every day to be a blissful bubbly person who inspires and helps everyone, but you just have this sickening feeling every day that makes you feel like something bad is coming, and that you’re a disappointment to everyone, and that you’re constantly being judged. Idk. Weed seems to strengthen anxiety, alcohol satisfies temporarily and only for a short period of time. I have noticed that lack of stress in life helps, such as being single. Makes things easier though i wish that weren’t the case. Yoga in the morning seems to relieve bodily tension.

    If I wake up early enough to do 15 minutes of yoga, drink some emergen-C and lots of water, and maybe even a drink my dad taught me to make than i feel a huge improvement. This drink consists of an Emergen-C packet, a shots worth of apple cider vinegar, and enough honey and water to help the taste, it’ll make you feel like you got the best nights rest, have all the natural un-jittery energy in the world, and just gives you a much more positive attitude. I struggle constantly with anxiety which i try to fight off because i am an “oh so strong and amazing person”, but when i feel that the least, this morning ritual or whatever seems to help a lot.

  39. Jessica Says:

    Go out to the middle of nowhere with only 1 to 2 other people for at least 3 days. Turn off your phones if they work. Do whatever the hell you want. *Temporary cure but effective for at least a month
    Drink: About a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed with a packet of Emergen-C, mixed with lots of honey and water. Every day, insanely healthy and makes you feel on top of the world all day

  40. Jim H Says:

    plain and simple – medicinal mushrooms, most notably reishi. The best product Ive found is MyCommunity from Host Defense/Fungi Perfecti. AMAZING. But nothing will fix the fact that we are, yes Im going to say it, slaves to debt! So yes the mushrooms are amazing but it doesn’t fix the core problem of too much stress in American lifestyle.

  41. Raul Says:

    I’m really surprised that they didn’t put any vitamins. I have had anxiety since I can remember. Then I was hit with depression. What helped me was taking large doses of Niacin B-3 and vitamin C. People that have anxiety and depression have a deficiency of a certain vitamin. It can be C or B complex. Don’t get me wrong. Exercise works to minimize anxiety, but it sure isn’t the cure. Also a change of diet helps so much. If you have anxiety you definitely need to get rid of sugar and caffeine. So there are many things You have to do to cure Your anxiety. Its a life style change. Once you see That You are healing your anxiety You will also notice that other things will start to improve. When the body heals, it heals everything! It works go and do It! Good luck. Check out and search anxiety on top of the page. Its run my Dr. Andrew Saul.

  42. Allison Says:

    I would suggest talking to yourself…seems crazy but if you just talk to yourself in the morning or facing a mirror it seems to help me for whatever reason.

  43. Karen Says:

    don’t overlook hypoglycemia! It can be as simple as your diet.

  44. prem Says:

    Eating Lotus Seeds can help…

  45. Leah Says:

    I’m Claustrobic and I started a new job where I have to wear masks on my face which Cause me to have anxiety attacks. So whats the best thing for me to get through my work day that is Natural but effective.

  46. JT Says:

    I have been a very anxious person my whole life and the following is what has helped me.

    - I eat a vegan diet, as clean as possible, it will change your mood and leave you feeling more balanced. I eat a vegan diet for other reasons but the impact on my mood has been immense. I have removed all junk food from my diet and the processed foods I do eat, I know what all of the ingredients are because I recognize them from nature, not a lab. Dump junk and chemicals into your body, you’ll feel bad. To me, it’s as clear as can be, treat yourself well and you will feel better and be naturally more adept at handling life and the curve balls that will come your way.
    - Journal about what your feeling anxious about. Write it down, do not disregard your feelings as being silly or shameful or whatever. Some believe that if you work with your inner child, you can handle your emotions better. I like the book self-parenting. Dealing with your emotions will always be a life long thing, but you know what they say about forming good habits.
    - Action cures anxiety. If you are worried about something, take action. If you procrastinate, you will hold onto anxiety longer. Even if you can not do something about the exact thing you are worried about, do something about something, action will help you feel good.
    - Make a decision. If your anxiety is over a decision you need to make, make the decision using the information you have and accept the decision. If you leave it out there it’s weight on your shoulders, right?
    - Smoke some pot (only available in states that are compassionate enough to accept marijuana as medicine, do not break the law or do something that will hurt your future, choose this carefully) For me, this has been very helpful to at times, as my night is coming to a close, take a quick toke and relax. Try journaling while doing this, the effects are amazing and your insightfulness may surprise you. Indica is the type you would want to smoke, Sativa may make you more anxious.
    - Find a friend and talk about anything EXCEPT your anxiety. Get your mind off of it. Ask your friend lots of questions and really listen and pay attention to them. We sometimes get so absorbed in our own anxiety we forget other people have lives too. They are your friend, they need you to pay attention to them as much as you need them.
    - Positive affirmations, yep, I said it, new age mumbo jumbo positive affirmations. They work well if used regularly. They need to be in the positive sense, meaning focus on what you want, not on what you don’t. Good = I am feeling safe, secure and confident. Bad = I do not feel anxiety… do this and you’ll feel worse real fast. Do it with a smile, out loud and in front of a mirror for full power. Just find 2 or 3 you like, write them down and carry in your pocket, repeat several times in the morning, night and when ever you feel bad. Give this a chance, it works. If you believe it will help, it will help faster.
    - Realize that worry and anxiety contribute no positive value to your life and worrying will not accomplish anything or make worry go away, it will only make it worse. I went through a time in my life where I would wake up in the morning after just an hour or two of sleep feeling like anxiety woke me up. It would feel like it would rip me out of sleep like a nightmare, I would awake having a panic attack and I was a mess all day. I know worry and anxiety are not always the same thing. I have been a very anxious person my whole life, depending on the doctor you talk with, I have had social anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, OCD, ADD, hyper activity disorder and my family was told I was a psychopath and a sociopath and too many other BS diagnosis to remember. Different doctor, different diagnosis and too me, all BS. I don’t tell you this to combat your doctor and refuse their diagnosis and treatment, but its ok to be skeptical until you have proof. I believe sometimes doctors feel the need to label you quickly. If it doesn’t feel right, think about why.
    - Someone very wise once told me that life has a way of working out for the best if you don’t fight it. Your mind is the key, use it to your advantage. You bring about what you think about, if you sit and mull over bad things, you will feel bad. Think about good things, take action and work towards your desires and you will lessen the effects of anxiety over time.

  47. adam Says:

    i have had anxiety for around 2 urs now, not realy found a cure but goin to try most of these remedys if it helps so thanks for your info guys,if i stress out through out the day ,thats when the worst anxietys happen for me! i am a stress head lol. i have found that a change of lifestye really helps, something to do with the past must have caused anxiety right? so wipe it clean and move on lol

  48. Cynthia Says:

    Don’t forget St. Johns Wort. I use it often and it works wonders. If you are really having a bad day take St. Johns Wort and Valerian or Valerian Tea plus a couple of acupressure points and or deep breathing. It really seems to help me.

  49. Daniel Says:

    One thing that has been amazing for my overall health has been JuicePlus, fruits and vegetables in a capsule (don’t laugh, it is has been thoroughly researched by world-wide top medical Universitiea and hospitals)and approved as actual food by the FDA. Check out the website: you can order it directly from there (comes to about $1.50 a day):
    If nothing else go to the site and check out the video, you can also look up all the proven research on it.
    It has helped me sleep better, being better rested has reduced my day-time anxiety. It won’t cure it but it sure was an amazing start for me. I had MRSA and it helped clear up my skin and my acid-reflux is almost completely gone! WAY better than isolated vitamin supplements.

  50. Sofia Says:

    I find inositol caps 500mg help a lot. I used to take inositol by twinlab at dinner and one cap before bed. As time went by I started taking one cap before bed. It really does help and fast too. During the day I take Pure Essence One ‘N’ Only Women vitamins. I was always a worrier but after having my baby it got really bad and I tried anti depressants which made things worst. (zoloft, celexa, welbutrin, prozac, effexor, cymbalta) They say you don’t get dependant on these drugs b******t!!! To get off Effexor was the hardest thing ever, had really bad withdrawal symptoms that only made me worry more. Try inositol you will see a difference!!

  51. jasmine Says:

    im 24 i had anxiety since i was little i always went to the ER and my heart rate would be pounding and my blood pressure would be high but when i seemed to relax it went down my anxiety is better but i do get just nervise and especially when i go to the docters my fear is when they take my vital sighns cause there always high and the random dcters that see me say ur blood pressure high and i have to explain to them that this is normal if i relax and u check it again it will be normasl but they dont seem to understand that takeing my vital sighs is my fear so i walk around the house worrying about my viatl sighns ughh if i got over this my anxiety would be sooo much better!

  52. Ms.jackson Says:

    I been having anxiety-panic attacks…for many yrs and im affraid to take any form of anti-depressants due to its side effeccts. I have real bad anxiety to the point where i thought i was going crazy. And thought i was going to admit myself to a mental hospital. I just learn to relax and talk to someone who care bout you. I still deal with alot of my symptoms but not as bad as acouple months before….i dont take no form of meds and never had. My anxiety comes n goes, so good luck people!

  53. Jmifflin Says:

    Take 1 mg of melatonin before bed if you can’t sleep.  I used to take Tylenol PM/Advil PM but my son’s rheumatologist suggested melatonin as a natural way to fall asleep–I was a bit skeptical about it so I had my husband try it first and he said he didn’t feel groggy in the morn. so I tried it and was amazed at how well it worked. 

  54. ElizabethShatron2425 Says:

    My attacks can last from 15 min to 2hrs. They scare the hell out of me I want to do something about it. I worry about alot of stuff. But I dont want to be on pills. What do I do?

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