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Anyone who has teeth is susceptible to the development of cavities, as there are no surefire ways to completely prevent a cavity despite routine tooth brushing, flossing, and other dental care. Over time, teeth age and best generic viagra pills price so do their natural defenses, which makes tooth decay much easier to take place. When a cavity starts to form, a toothache is usually the result. In order to cure this irritating and often painful occurrence before heading to the dentist – there are plenty of natural suggestions to consider.

What are Cavities?

The advancement of dental procedures and dental care products on the market has caused a serious dent in the number of cavities that people on the whole will face. The sticky film of bacteria known as plaque is responsible for the onset of cavity production, as sugars and starches produce an acid that weakens and then destroys teeth [1]. The longer that plaque is allowed to stay on the teeth, the higher the chances of encountering a cavity become.

To better understand the conditions that cause cavities to form, consider all of the activity that occurs in the mouth. About the teeth, gums, tongue and even lips – collections of bacteria thrive. This part of the process is normal, as bacteria are naturally found all over the body. It is also important to note that not all bacteria in the mouth is entirely harmful and in some cases, even serves a helpful purpose. However, if the kinds of bacteria that threaten the overall health of your mouth are left to accumulate – they will strongly attach to the tooth enamel – creating the filmy substance of plaque [2].

How Plaque Causes Cavities [3]

The hard coating on the outside of your teeth is called enamel, which is quite hard due to the strong mineral salts (including calcium) that makes up its construction. Your saliva also contains these same mineral salts, which help to elevate the hardness of your teeth. Unfortunately, mineral salts are still vulnerable to acid attacks, which can cause erosion and lowest price cialis breakdown.

Sugar helps leftover plaque on the teeth to produce an acid that eats away at teeth. This is why proper tooth brushing is needed to remove this damaging substance. Saliva in the mouth also helps to wash away plaque, but plaque acid is harder to wash away with saliva and continues to weaken tooth enamel. The surface of enamel soon becomes porous where tiny holes start to form. Over time, the acid causes the minute hole to turn into one larger hole, which is then called a cavity.

Signs and Symptoms of Cavities

It is the intensity and location of a cavity that determines the signs and symptoms that an individual will encounter. At the start of a cavity, there are no symptoms at all to speak of for some people. Once tooth decay worsens, this is when you begin to experience a toothache or pain in surrounding teeth. Additional signs and symptoms include:

a) Sensitivity:

Teeth may become sensitive, especially when one eats or drinks foods and beverages that show extremes in temperature. This may include a scoop of ice cream or a hot cup of coffee. Mild or sharp pains usually arise when this symptom is present.

b) Lingering Discomfort:

When pain continues to become a factor long after you have eaten something hot, cold, or sweet – a cavity is usually the culprit.

c) Visible Tooth Changes:

Holes or pits in the teeth are signs of a developing cavity.

d) Additional Pain:

Sometimes, people experience pain when they bite down or chew their food – another possible sign of a cavity.

e) Pus:

In the worst cases, pus may form around the tooth [4].

Risk Factors of Cavities

While all people are at risk for suffering the effects of a bothersome cavity, there are certain habits and lifestyles that cause some to face a higher risk of developing a cavity. They include:

a) Diet:

Consuming certain foods and drinks causes people to suffer a higher rate of tooth decay. One of the biggest threats includes carbohydrates that ferment. These sorts of foods, such as milk, soda, cake, dried fruit, cookies, bread, and potato chips stick to the teeth and viagra 50 mg for sale remain in place for long stretches of time.

b) Location:

People who live in regions where dental care is scarce or too costly will face a higher risk of suffering more than one cavity.

c) Poor Dental Habits: If you don’t properly brush your teeth on a regular basis, then plaque accumulates, which leads to the erosion of your teeth.

d) Age:

The older you are, the more teeth become susceptible to cavities, which is a natural process of the everyday wear and tear that comes with age.

e) Receding Gums & Gum Disease:

If you suffer from gum disease or have receding gums, the spaces left behind can become filled with plaque that eventually travels to the roots of teeth when left untreated.

f) Dry Mouth:

A lack of saliva causes the mouth to become dry, which means you don’t have the added benefit of the minerals found in saliva that can wash away plaque.

g) Previous Dental Work:

A person with rough dental fillings or dental work that has weakened over the years, is more susceptible to plaque accumulation that becomes much more difficult to remove.

h) Eating Disorders:

Anorexia and bulimia are known to contribute to the erosion of teeth, which allows cavities to develop at a faster rate.

The Negative Effects of Cavities

When cavities are left untreated, a simple filling can turn into a root canal, which not only causes more pain, but also costs more money to treat. Cavities are often associated with low self-esteem because some people equate their presence with poor hygiene habits. As cavities worsen, people face complications that can become life threatening when ignored. This may include unrelenting pain, tooth abscesses, chewing difficulties, infection, broken teeth, and tooth loss. Sometimes, the pain is so intense with a cavity that adults miss work and children stay home from school as a result.

Natural Cures for Cavities

To combat the symptoms or presence of a cavity, consider the following natural cure suggestions, which involves a collection of well known kitchen ingredients:

a) Cloves:

Cloves actually contains eugenol, a chemical that possesses natural antiseptic and anesthetic properties. For thousands of years, ground cloves have been noted as an ancient dental care treatment. Interestingly, dentists use a mixture of zinc ozide and eugenol before filling teeth. At home, moisten one teaspoon of powdered cloves in olive oil and saturate a bothersome cavity. Oil of cloves is also quite helpful. It is suggested to apply two to five drops of clove oil to affected areas [5].

b) Cheese:

With stimulating properties that encourage the salivary glands to cleanse the mouth, cheese will actually protect teeth from tooth decay when eaten after a meal. It is suggested to pop in a few ounces of hard cheese, which contains fatty acids that possess antibacterial ingredients. The protein in cheese also coats and cipro cheap protects tooth enamel. Cheese is also associated with the prevention of root cavities [6].

c) Licorice:

Licorice root is known to battle against the presence of cavities, as well as reduces the plaque that leads to tooth decay.

d) Allspice:

Rub moistened allspice along the gum line to soothe the pain associated with a toothache caused by a cavity.

e) Thyme and Coriander:

These two spices are known to possess antibacterial properties that when made into a tea – creates a great mouth rinse for after meals.

f) Sage:

You may boil two teaspoons of sage with two cups of water to create a mouth rinse that reduces the decay of cavities through its antibacterial property. Don’t forget to allow the rinse to cool for 15 minutes before swishing in your mouth for a couple of minutes.

g) Jamaica Dogwood:

Since Jamaica dogwood is known to ease nerve pain; the root bark of the tree has been used in natural cures for treating toothaches and the pangs of cavities [7].


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  1. M. Cisneros Says:

    For sensitive teeth/receeding gums. In order to get the tissue/enamel to grow back you need clean teeth- stop using flouride toothpaste as it leaves a film on your teeth it take 23 rinses to get it off- if this film stays on teeth your immune system cannot repair the damaged area in the mouth. use bar(any) soap to brush teeth as it cleans them. Use 1 tsp owder vit c in an inch of water add 1/2 tsp baking soda- let sit for 5 min. add 1 cup water and drink twice a day. Do the above for 2 weeks and you will be pain free and healing. It worked for me- no root canals or extractions.

  2. pete Says:

    lemon juice, pepper, salt, oradr or oramd, and warm water. had to have root canal, my jaws would swell and would have to take antibiotics to ruduce swelling. Before getting the root canal done, I started using this concotion after looking into nutural cures. Never went for the root canal and buy cialis 20 mg after 2 yrs. absolutly no swelling. Also the lemon juice cleans the teeth of tartar, helps with bad breath and bleeding gums. I’ll now ad baking soda to this and see how it does. Try this you mouth will feel healthy. And my dentist said that there was nothing to cure the canal and the root canal had to be done. I haven’t been to the dentist since then, not even for a cleaning.

  3. Jon Says:

    I haven’t tried it, yet, but a friend highly reccomended to me that I chew on spinach leaves daily. The juice of the spinach leaf is supposed to aid in the rebuilding of your tooth once it has a cavity. She also said to rinse my mouth with warm salt water to kill any bacteria that may be causing tooth decay. She said she did this when a dentist told her she would need surgery for some severe cavities, and when she went back to the dentist, before the surgery, her cavities were barely visible.

  4. Phyllis Says:

    I have finally stopped using flouride toothpaste, and brushing with baking soda. I am 66, and three porcelein fillings on my top teeth (in front) fell out the same week.

    I tried tea tree oil, and all it did was burn my lips. I am now trying cloves in olive oil on my cavities.

    Does the process take a long time to heal? I am nervous about this.

    I also have two teeth with seriously receding gums over them (eye teeth). I rinse with salt water a couple times a day.

    I realize my age and somewhat poor health aggravate the situation, but will keep trying the cloves for a while. I wonder if I should go ahead and schedule a dentist as backup. Always takes a while to get in.

    Anyone else use cloves, and it works?

    Thank you.

  5. dr. austin westover Says:

    In response to M. Cisneros way to ‘get the tissue/enamel to grow back’ i would like to offer some advice. Enamel is produced by ameleoblasts, which surround the tooth bud during development. Once the tooth erupts, there are no longer any cells (including ameleoblasts) surrounding the visible portion of the tooth. Fluoride does not create new enamel. Human beings cannot create new enamel once the tooth has erupted despite how good one’s immune system is – the cells are no longer present. So why does fluoride help? Fluoride replaces the calcium hydroxyapatite crystals (the mineralizated portion of the enamel ie. the strong part) with fluro-hydroxyapatite crystals, which are more resistant to decay. One someone starts seeing evidence of decay, dentists will often boost the fluoride to strengthen the teeth, and often arrest the progress of the decay.Once the decay reaches the dento-enamel junction, it is impossible to arrest the decay, and the bacteria must be removed by a dentist. Eliminating the film left by toothpastes containing fluoride is going to do nothing more than speed your trip to the dentist.

  6. Charity Says:

    Dr. austin is wrong…flouride CAUSES tooth decay. Thats why dentists use it, they need your money when you have to keep coming back because of cavities. I use baking soda to brush and it works marvelously!! Do not trust dentists, they are only there for making money, and if they actually helped people they wouldn’t have any business or repeat customers. PLUS, FLOURIDE IS DEADLY AND POISONOUS!!!

  7. Mohammed Says:

    @Jon – Spinach is rich in oxalate acid. When you chew on spinach, the calcium in your saliva makes the compound ‘calcium oxalate’ and form the crystals on your teeth. Now when you have milk intake after that, more calcium is added to the compound.

    It may have serious side effects too, like calcium oxalate stones in your kidneys.

    I don’t know if your friend is right about this, but I would suggest just chewing some spinach and spitting it out in few minutes. May be the calcium oxalate crystals are helpful for our teeth, but not for our kidneys.

  8. Renee Says:

    Cavities cannot grow in an ALKALINE environment. I have brushed, and gargled, with Baking Soda all my life (I am 55 years old). I do NOT have a single cavity. I go to a dentist every five years for a bit of cleaning, any more frequent cleaning than this means I am losing 2-3 microns of enamel, which would defeat the purpose of preventing cavities. My ancestors have only brushed with baking soda, right out of the cheap box, and they kept their teeth (cavity free) until they died in their 100s. Also, alkaline environment in the body is preferred. You cannot get a cold or cancer if you are more alkaline than acidic (eat those veggies!!). When you are dying, and actually dead, every medical doctor knows you are as acidic as you can have ever been. Metabolic acidosis kills, in other words.
    – Phd, biochemistry

  9. wonderbear Says:

    O.K…..prepare to be shocked! I am going to make controversial statements about why I don’t have cavities and you can sort out what you want to believe.

    Firstly; I don’t brush my teeth! I have not had a cavity in over a year! I am 64 years old and order lexapro now active in all facets of home maintenance including roof work and tree trimming!
    I drink red wine every night before bed. I don’t use mouthwash.
    I take several herbs for my medical conditions; (perhaps they also discourage cavities) fenugreek, turmeric, bilberry and also 1000 mg niacin; six fish oil capsules; alpha lipoic acid with l-carnitine; cinnamon and a couple baby aspirin every day.

    My body is filled with platinum from nine months of chemo completed three years ago. I have had ten inches of cancerous colon completely surgically removed in 2006 and a quintuple heart bypass in 2005.

    I also take lisinopril and metoprolol to control my elevated blood pressure.

    A root canal two years ago popped the cap off six months later which I never had replaced. The tooth actually appears to be regenerating! Perhaps I will make medical history!

    All these chemicals in me have to be doing something!

  10. Diana Says:

    I have been brushing my teeth for the past 4 months with just Baking Soda,with an electric toothbrush.

    Within 3 days all of my gum disease disapeared!

    My gums were red, receding and bleeding when flossing. Now they are pink and no bleeding.

    I have a couple of cavities that I am holding out on having treated…hoping that the information I have read here and on the internet is correct, that the teeth can heal themselves.

    My teeth certainly feel stronger and buy cialis cheap prices fast delivery more anchored into my gums since the Baking Soda.

  11. monica Says:

    Hi RenĂ©e, do you know for sure if Baking soda could have any long term side effects and if it can truly STOP a cavity from growing!?? I cannot take the risk to test it, because the cavity I have, is inside the bridge which has cost me USD7000, meaning they will have to remove it to take away the cavity and remake a whole new bridge!!!! I have to treat it urgently But I don’t know if any of those Mediterranean Wild Oregano oil or Tea tree oil, could really STOP cavities from growing. So far I’m cleaning the bridge with natural Salty water!

  12. hannah Says:

    Monica, Don’t get another bridge! The same thing will happen again. Food gets stuck under the bridge and infects the good tooth next to them. Get an implant instead. It’s the only way out and will last you a lifetime.

  13. Denna Says:

    Hi, my first time on this wesite :)

    I have so many cavities and i hate that, especially for 2 of the front teeth.
    I’ve been at the dentist but they ask for thousands of dollars which i don’t have.
    What some of you suggest to do?
    If really baking soda works i’m going to try it too.
    I don’t know about spinach, i never heard about this ‘treatment’

    Thanks a lot guys

  14. B.J. Says:

    Thanks Renee for the reassurance I have read on that before. I would like to add I am 40years old and take 2000mg of coral calcium(Natures bounty) every night before bed. Stay away from floride toothpaste.Use peroxide for mouthwash.Been doing this for about roughly 10 years. My teeth are great.

  15. Lynn Says:

    Wonderbear: Please, not sure I can hang with no brushing of your teeth unless you eat crisp vegetables like apples all day and floss at night, but I can tell you, you need to drop the blood pressure meds and use HAWTHORN instead. It works, is natural and viagra online order with no side affects. If your blood pressure is moderate to higher, try 200 mg. every day to start out. If it is a smaller problem, try 80 mg to start. I am 59 years old and my blood pressure was 140/85 and sometimes higher. Now it is 120/74 after a month of Hawthorn!

  16. Lynn Says:

    Baking soda makes our teeth feel so clean and with no plaque, however we only use it occassionally because it does wear down the enamel which can not be replaced. We use a natural toothpaste called Jason’s Toothpaste (one source is

    Floride is deadly poisin and even the ADA is admitting that it is dangerous to swallow especially for children. Also it does not and never did anything to help provent cavities and this after they have poured it in our public drinking water for 50 + years!

    Anyone who has consumed floride treated water (at home, in restaurants in the tea, etc.) and used floride toothpaste needs to do body cleansing to purge the poisin out.

    In fact we all need to do liver, parasite and heavy metal cleanes annually to give our bodies a fighting chance against cancer (by next year the number 1 killer in the USA).

  17. ravi Says:

    xylitol is supposed to be the best friends for those who are fighting
    cavities and plaque.

  18. Soul Spirit Says:

    The best remedy is to avoid all doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs. Doctors are actually “witch doctors”, hospitals are a place that you go to die, or get injected with a disease-transmitting vaccine. All drugs – pharmaceutical, non-prescription, street crack cocaine, heroin – are poison that will kill you.
    Keep your money and your health by believing God and doing His Commandments. Doctors are of the devil. And especially Dentists – greedy opportunists that will take your money and make you and lexapro sale online your children dependent upon them for the rest of your life.
    There were some very good suggestions on this website.

  19. Kathi Says:

    I just got a bad report from the dentist. But, it gives me a comparison to share with everyone. About 4 years ago, I went on a huge clean living kick. One of the things I did was stop using flouride toothpaste. I brushed with baking soda and a little peroxide. Then I rinsed with water and peroxide. I also flossed twice a day. I went to the dentist after not having been for about 2 years. My teeth barely needed cleaning and I had no cavities. Now, 4 years later…I stopped my healthy habits, backslid to regular toothpaste and irregular flossing. I went to the dentist (after 2 years of no dentist) and I have a mouthful of cavities! 2 that could possibly need root canals. I am going back to baking soda and peroxide and hopefully won’t have to get all that work done. I’ll keep you posted.

  20. Jessica Says:

    I’m not a dentist. I don’t make money from dentistry. I have no reason to say this. I AM a biologist, and understand anatomy and physiology.

    It is absolutely UNTRUE that fluoride causes tooth decay. I would LOVE to see hard evidence or clinical trials that show this.

    What scientific trials HAVE shown us is that fluoride contributes to REMINERIALIZATION of teeth. Fluoride can HELP teeth remineralize and strengthen.

    I do not understand why people are against fluoride. Where do you get your information from? Is it clinical studies done with double blind trials? Or a random website?

    Fluoride is not healthy to swallow, because your internal organs aren’t the same as your teeth. It’s not safe to drink tea tree oil either, or eugenol. But they are perfectly safe to use as rinses or topical applications.

  21. Michael Says:


    if it isn’t healthy to swallow, why is it intentionally put in public water?

    I’ll stick with baking soda and peroxide! long live my teeth!!!

  22. NotForSheeple Says:

    Thinking about getting a root canal? Think again and buy/read the book, “Root Canal Cover-Up” by George E. Meinig.

    Fluoride? …pfft

    Watch the short video, “The Fluoride Deception”

  23. Noah Says:

    Lynn, The ADA does not say that fluoride is dangerous, and they assert that it does reduce tooth decay. Have a look at their website before you make ridiculous claims.

    However you may feel about fluoride, don’t say the ADA feels the same way because they DON’T.

  24. deni#se g Says:

    long time use of baking soda can also erode some enamel i read on the internet….and cause tooth sensativity…i only use it once a week for that very reason…lemon is the worse thing for enamel..check this stuff out before you do it

  25. Patti Says:

    I use neem tooth paste much better for teeth. Food grade hydrogen peroxide 3 percent mixture spray on tooth let sit 60 sec and brush teeth. Do daily. Acts as disinfectant , antibacterial.

  26. Paula Nowak Says:

    I have read everyone’s post and I will say they are really interesting and seem as though they would do some good. I had bleeding gums and my teeth were hurting. I can’t afford a dentist because I am barely making ends meet as it is. I started brushing my teeth with Crest Pro Health and after about 5 times using it regularly , I had no more bleeding. I got a bit lax and didn’t brush for about 3 days due to not feeling good. I know that sounds yucky, anyway my gums started bleeding again. So , I will never not brush again. Also, hydrogen peroxide is good for a rinse and does act as as antibacterial.

  27. Kenni Ray Says:

    Hey, My name is Kenni Ray, I am 20 years old and just made my first visit to the dentist the other day, They poked and prodded at my teeth and I am sure he sent his tool through my weak enamel. I went in for a simple wisdom tooth exam because it was causing me pain. Now its unbearable. I made a tea remedy that is soothing the pain and I think might heal up my cavity’s. I am not really sure what is going to happen but I will post up what I do later. any advise?

  28. maxi Says:

    i am a 27yr. old woman with almost all my teeth with cavities! i’ve had 4teeth pulled, 3 fillings, one root canal, (and according to the dentist need 10 more!) I fill like i want to pull all my teeth out and get implants, (if i had the money!) i brush with fluoride tooth paste and teeth never seem to get better so can anyone tell me what i should do to keep the rest of my teeth from falling out or how can i reverse all this black cavities in my mouth naturally if its even possible?

  29. Martin Says:

    I began to suffer from an abcessed tooth one Friday night. No dentist available on the weekend, and I couldn’t afford it anyway. It was so painful, I said, “Lord, you have to help me, RIGHT NOW!”

    The Lord began to instruct me to stop being cursing and blaming my mother, and to bless her instead. All night long He instructed me, and in the morning, suggested I call my mother.

    I called her and talked about how sin causes disease and death, yet the Lord brings Life and healing to our bodies. I blessed her “in the name of the Lord” (even though she wasn’t really a believer) before she departed for a summer-long road trip.

    My tooth has not bothered me since (2 yrs. ago). Praise God! He is AWESOME!

  30. Hannah Banana Says:

    I am 22yrs old, as a kid I had a horrible diet and my teeth suffered from it. Practically every tooth in my mouth (other than my front teeth) have fillings. I now have a much better diet but some of my fillings fell out and I didn’t have the money to get them refilled nor did I want to just have to replace the filling in a few years anyways. So I ended up having one of my teeth pulled. I have recently been using a mixture of half baking soda and half sea salt, it appears to be working but THERE IS ANOTHER TREATMENT I have heard of and that is mixing ALOE VERA JELL with COCONUT MILK (you could even use coconut butter). Both are completely safe for you to digest. THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA: THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF COCONUT: The health benefits of these to go on and on.

  31. Hannah Banana Says:

    For Fresh Breath I’d also suggest adding peppermint extract to the coconut oil (butter/milk) and Aloe vera gel.

  32. Hannah Banana Says:

    Clove oil blends well with many essential oils including basil essential oil, rosemary essential oil, rose oil, cinnamon essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, lemon essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, peppermint essential oil, orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil.

  33. Hannah Banana Says:

    Vitamin A: helps with cell re-pare.
    Vitamin D: aids in bone growth.
    Vitamin E is essential to your red blood cells.
    Vitamin B6: Formation of red blood cells, breakdown and absorption of proteins.
    Vitamin C: Gums, teeth, and bones; wound healing, infection resistance, iron absorption.
    Folic Acid: Formation or red blood cells.
    Calcium: Bones and teeth.
    Iron: Formation on hemoglobin, resistance to infection.
    Magnesium: Bone Growth
    Phosphorus: Bone Growth
    Zinc: Growth and Development.
    Potassium can prevent Bone Loss.

    I’d grind some of these up with a mortar and pestle to form a paste along with some Aloe Vera Gel and apply it to your teeth. When done I’d just swallow it for a little internal health also :)

  34. Barb Says:

    Thank you all for your post very helpfull. I am a 58 year old female Live in new zealand,
    due to stomach op 4 years ago having major nutritional problems and absorpton probs of minerals. So i get such bad tooth ache I end up pulling them just to be pain free. Well its raised its ugly head again.I go to the dentist every year and have done so since 18 over the last year spent 2500 on my tooth just with fillings suprised there is any tooth at all there now.Can normally keep the discomfort at bay with fish oil 6 caps daily but nothing helping at the moment.Using clove oil on the tooth yes it does stop that ache.A really good book to read Is Cure tooth decay.

    The last couple of days I am feeling like a drug addict panadol IBprufone nothing helps. Last week cost 600 for the dentist who told me I had 16 cavities just cant understand this when I look after my teeth eat healthy diet.Have very min amount of sugar in diet now.the tooth that is giving me jip Dentist tells me the cavity is so small it wouldnt be that. I am feeling as though he thinks I am neurotic.Suggested I see a oral surgeon. I use baking soda on my teeth also taking Lypo-spheric vit c. any suggested greatly appreciated. Going to try a different dentist today hopefully he can find the cause cant go on like this no sleep for three weeks I am getting intollerant and very grumpy.

  35. Cyriacus .o. Says:

    I use baking soda and it worked for me and even removed my halitosis. But my gum is wearing away . (What do i do to replace the weared gum?)

  36. Brian Says:

    After using tooth paste to help remineralize my enamel, I have come to realize that the glycerin in toothpaste actually prevents remineralization. I eat plenty of greens and brush only in the morning and at night, and then, very lightly. I eat greens throughout the day. I’ve noticed that my enamel seems to be growing back. My teeth are getting whiter. Makes sense. I have seen plenty of farm animals with great teeth and they don’t brush. They just eat grass all day long. Also, the people of third world countries don’t have tooth brushes and therefore don’t brush. Most have clean white teeth because they don’t use glycerin loaded tooth paste and they do eat a vegetable rich diet. Most dentists will not tell you what most of us know on this forum. They like our business. Some alternative dentists will set you straight. Dr Page in Ellicot City Maryland is one of the good ones.

  37. Brian Says:

    I want to add that a regular dentist found that I had a big cavity on one of my back teeth and that I needed a root canal. I have had 6 root canals in the last 20 years and have decided that is enough. I am taking care of my own teeth from now on. I bought some dental bristle brushes and have cleaned the rather large cavity where the root canal was supposed to occur. I add tea tree oil to the bristles and give that cavity the once over. This has been a two month operation with some aches and pains. However, the pain is now subsided. I eat green vegetables, (with the occasional meat, now in smaller portions), and the juices of the greens help cure the cavity and, I assume, the bacteria at the root of my tooth is gone. No pain and the miracle of natural foods has eliminated the sugar infested, encrusted bacteria in my mouth, teeth, gums, and the root of my teeth. Another thing. I eat cocoa instead of chocolate for a tasty treat. No sugar. Cocoa actually helps the body too. I’m 60 yrs old with diabetes II. Things are looking up since I’ve decided to take care of myself. There are doctors that try to help but we all know what makes us “tick.” Stretching helps “lift us.” Planning to live to be 100.

  38. CATHERINE Says:

    i have black cavities on 2 of my front teeth, one has 2 small patches either side of the tooth and on my front tooth i have a small black cavity in between the teeth :( i am petrified of dentists and use oramd every morning and night for gum disease which works great. now what i need is something to either halt the decay before it causes any further damage ar to completley get rid of it (if it is even possible)would baking soda do this? ive also heard oil of oregamo can cure decay can somebody please HELP im only 25 and do not want a mouth full of black teeth or worse NO teeth xx

  39. Roeland Says:

    Im 22 years old and I have a fear for the dentist.
    Eventho I don’t see any of you mention the fear, I bet most of you feel the same feelings as I do.
    I haven’t been to the dentist for 2 and a half years so it’s time again to go. I have a couple of cavities and they dont hurt at all. But here is my problem. I can feel the cavity against the inside of my lip. It’s freaking annoying. Doesn’t hurt, but I feel my tooth isnt smooth. When i look in the mirror i see a gaping hole.
    I have learned that teeth dont heel themself… Just like finger nails and hairs. So I have to go to the dentist to let it be drilled out and stuffed with some fillings.

    Now on this site, people claim that teeth can heal itself?! Eventho i think it would be awesome… I also have the feeling I have to tell you guys that you shouldnt avoid the dentist for too long. I make up excuses not to go and i find those excuses in the strangest of places. Sometimes it’s better to suck it up and go then to make up excuses why you shouldnt go. I’m a person that cant sleep for a month when i know i have to go to the dentist. But the truth is, that when you do go and walk out of the clinic. Your teeth are painless again. And you can put all your worry and stress about it to rest for atleast 6 months.

    In my eyes the method is crude. They just drill away in your teeth… But for now it’s the only method that truly works. Yes you can try baking soda, cloves and salt water.. But in the end… Go one hour to the dentist and the guy fixes it.

    There so many factors that play a role in toothdecay that its hard to say stuff like: I brush my teeth with baking soda and i never have a cavity, so that works. I know people that brush daily and still end up with a mouthfull of cavities. I know people that NEVER brush their teeth and get one cavity.

    Is there any of you that has some good, trustworthy sources that tell about self healing teeth? Because of my fear for the dentist, im truly interested in this… But after 22 years on this planet, ive learned that running away from my tooth problems isnt gonna get me anywhere. So people, for your own sake,dont demonize the dentist… eventho he’s an *ssh*le, dont let your fear keep you from repairing your teeth while its still possible. Even if the dentist is expensive, the guy has studied and practiced to earn his money and the method DOES work. When he’s done… it’s done…
    (Im f*cking scared, but now i wrote this, im doing a bit better)

  40. zosia Says:

    I love this discussion forum. thanks everyone for the lovely tips and advice, keep them coming. I have the same problem as all of you.. when i was younger the dentists really messed up me teeth, so now i have 5 teeth missing, one root canal, and some molars breaking in the back due to the filling weakening. YUCK. and im 30! i definitly want to get the root canaled tooth and cap removed because its all black by the gumline, and that does not look healthy. i also have some blackening on two of my healthy teeth around the gumline, which i think is the root canals fault. anyway i recently started using EARTHPASTE, no glycerine, no fluoride, no garbage, its safe enough to eat.. it has clay and sea salt and wintergreen .. i adore it. my teeth have become stronger ,and i also rinse with sea salt and it gets rid of any inflammation. anyway i know i need to go to the dentist to get rid of the fillings and root canal and maybe get a couple implants instead.. Does anyone have more holistic dentists they can recommend? im in toronto, canada but will travel anywhere for a good holistic dentist.. the other thing i wanted to ask/mention is ive been taking calcium supplements, because i feel my teeth are kind of weak, but lately i noticed the tips of my teeth becoming glass like and see through and the healthy white colour moving away from the tips.. does anyone know what causes this and how to stop it? thanks!

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