When it comes to holding the title for being one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, genital herpes has unluckily earned this recognition. Since the end of the 1970s, the number of herpes cases has increased about 30% across the get cialis without prescriptions nation with young adults and viagra order teenagers being the largest group to suffer the expansion of this unforgiving STD.

What is Herpes?

Genital herpes is a viral infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus (also known as HSV). The virus often affects male and female genitals, as well as the anal region through two different variations: HSV type 1 and HSV type 2.

HSV type 1 most often infects the mouth and lips, bringing about unsightly sores. These distracting formations are referred to as fever blisters or the frequently used term, “cold sores.” Blister-like sores on the viagra canada genitals also occur with this type of herpes. HSV type 2 often launches an attack on the genitals, but has been known to infect the mouth as well. It is this virus type that is most common throughout the United States [1].


When a herpes symptom arises, it is often described as an outbreak. Once infected with the virus, the first outbreak makes an appearance within two weeks. This phase may last for a couple of weeks, bringing about tingling or sores at the site of infection, which could show on the genital or rectal region, on the buttocks, and even on the thighs. Women show symptoms inside the vagina, as well as on the cervix. In lesser-known cases, the virus may have entered the body at a different site like broken skin, such as a cut or scratch.

At first, small red bumps develop, and then small blisters form, which eventually turn into painful sores that may uncontrollably itch. Many individuals also have to deal with sores that crust over, eventually healing without leaving a trace. Accompanying the levitra uk cheap purchase buy first outbreak, additional symptoms include headaches, fever, muscle aches, vaginal discharge, swollen groin glands, and painful urination.

What adds to the easy transmission of the herpes virus is that many people are not aware that they are actually infected. Just because symptoms are mild or do not appear does not mean one is free and clear to engage in unprotected sex or more importantly, not alert sexual partners about the virus.


The most common way a doctor will diagnose genital herpes is to analyze the appearance of sores. However, some cases are harder to pinpoint than others and a physician may conduct laboratory tests. Although blood tests cannot detect a herpes outbreak, the results will show if someone is infected with the virus. Newer blood tests are now available, which identifies which type of herpes virus an individual may have.

Risk Factors

It is important to know that the herpes infection passes from one person to another through sexual intercourse, oral sex, and close contact (skin-to-skin). As a result, there are various circumstances that place people more at risk. Without the sight of a cold sore, you cannot tell whether or not someone has herpes just by looking at them. Engaging in sexual intercourse without using proper protection and having multiple partners increases the chance of coming in contact with the virus.

Additional risk factors includes an active sex life before the age of 18, possessing a weak immune system, and gender. Women are more likely to become infected with HSV, as well as suffer from harsher symptoms and complications. The Center for Disease Control and cialis 10mg online Prevention states that 1 out of 4 women in the United States are infected with HSV Type 2.

Natural Cures for Herpes

Sadly, once you contract the herpes virus, there is no known cure to date. Antiviral medication, such as Zovirax, Valtrex, and Famvir can treat the symptoms, but has no control over future outbreaks. For some, taking prescriptions causes symptoms to worsen or creates side effects that aren’t worth the trouble. Alternate treatment options are needed to provide relief from the irritation that often comes with an outbreak. Below you will find a few natural approaches regarding herpes:

a) Lavender:

The essential oil of lavender makes a great topical antiseptic. To create a natural remedy, mix 10 drops of oil in 25 ml of carrier oil, and then apply to infected areas.

b) Tea Tree:

Possessing antibiotic and immune-stimulating properties, the essential oil of tea tree should be used as soon as the tingling of an incoming cold sore is felt. This particular natural treatment is topical.

c) Huang Qi:

If you are experiencing reoccurring cold sore outbreaks, you may need to boost the immune system. Taking huang qi will help you achieve this goal.

d) Aloe Vera:

Gently rubbing the gel or oil of aloe vera on sores may create satisfying results.

e) Tea:

Some people have found relief for their cold sores by placing a warm tea bag on blisters throughout the day.

f) Lemon Balm Extract:

To reduce the symptoms and hasten healing, applying lemon balm extract on sores can be used as a natural treatment.


[1] http://health.yahoo.com/ency/healthwise/hw270613

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  1. Karla Says:

    Mix sea salt and a few lime juice drops to make a paste and apply it over the cold sore as soon as feeling the tingling. May prevent the outbreak. If you have the cold sore already out, apply it regularly during the day and it will dry out and dissapear faster.

  2. angela hall Says:

    Lysine is the best thing that I have ever used to cure and prevent cold sores. Lysine in 500mg or 1000mg can be used but a 1000mg daily dose is all you need, when you feel a tingle on your lip start taking it and viagra uk you will nip it in the bud!! If you take it during a breakout, it speeds up the healing process.

  3. lisa hardee Says:

    Red marine algae taken at first sign of outbreak will lesssen the effects. It has been known to cure all symptoms. However you could still be a carrier of the virus without any symptoms. So you should still use protection for the safety of others!

  4. Boblack Says:

    I would recommend spraying Hydrogen Peroxide as the first sign of a sore and ya a lot of Lysine and Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

  5. MJ Says:

    Im just wonering if anyone knows how long it takes not to get outbreaks anymore if taking the lysine and remarine alge ? i also have the hydrogen peroxide but havent started taking it yet but I got some of the stuff from never an outbreak their dmso and liquid stabelizer breath of life something or other liquid oxygen stuff, that stuff worked a little but now trying other stuff! i usuall get like a canker sore type of thing in my mouth aroung the time of monthly cycles but have started that yesterday, started feeling the sore comming but it never showed, happy bout that! no other sores forming so far but have a lymp node in neck thats been sore and swolen, any ideas? i just hate feeling like a dirty peice of crap having this damn thing and to make it worse i told someone i was interested in and well you guessed it he acted like it would be ok while talking to me on the phone then texted me and cheap viagra cialis dumped me. wish there was more understanding and compassion, i didnt do anything wrong other then haveing sex with some asshole who didnt tell me, therefor taking away my right to choose. for those of you considering not telling think about your choice to screw up someone elses life and the lives of everyone that other person with then sleep with…. I pray someday there will be a cure or that some of this stuff is the cure!!!

  6. Les Brown Says:

    Two cups of Chaparral tea taken twice a day completely removes my HSV2 in two days. Chaparral moves allthe virus and toxins from your system, this can put a strain on you Liver and perhaps you will need to take a dilay enema to flush out the large ammount of virus and toxins that chaparral moves from your system. I believe that this regimen, if performed for three months, will completely eliminate HSV2. I have yet to verify thie as I have so many toxins in my systemthat the chaparral clears out that it overloads my liver, resulting in bouts of fever as my body tries to reject the virus and toxins. I am going to perform this regimen once a week until I have cleared out most of the toxins and then I will ry again for the three month regimen. I will report back when I have any developments, positive or negative on the three month curing program.
    To summarise: chaparral definitely clears up outbreaks in two days but I do not yet know if it is a permanent cure.

  7. cocoloco Says:

    Organic extra virgin Coconut oil taken as a daily supplement and rubbed on the site of sore will help greatly!

  8. Chris79 Says:

    @Les Brown – Yes please keep us posted!

  9. sonja Says:

    @ Les
    Hi Les, the Chaparral tea – isthis for HP 1 or HP 2???
    just curious. What are your results so far, and where do you get this tea?

  10. Jason Says:

    I have not started yet and sumycin no prescription cheap plan to asap. I have researched that L-lysine does the trick. Large amounts of argenine in your system will kick the virus into high gear, so keeping a higher ratio of lysine to argenine will keep the outbreaks from occurring and if by chance they do occur, the outbreaks dissapear before you can notice any visual signs. Studies on this date back to the 1960′s.
    To MJ…. hang in there, I completely understand your frustrations. Something similar happened to me and while I wish people could be more understanding, it just proves to you upfront how shallow some can be and alleviates all the time you would invest into this person only to find out months down the road that this is not a person you want to be with anyways.

  11. Lynn Says:

    Jason is right. Just hang in there. I understand that this is very frustrating I too have gone though similar.
    I just started dating someone new only to find out that I had HSV2. Crazy he took me to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. Naturally I was devastated to find out what was wrong and I expected him to leave.
    I finally meet a guy I think could be good for me and this thing is going to end it before I we could have a relationship. Anyway he took me to get my prescriptions then took me home. After that I didn’t see or hear from him. The whole time I was depressed and thinking I’m doomed for life. No one will understand or want me.
    That was 20 years ago. Today I’m happily married with 3 kids (grown…lol 18, 19, 20). That guy that left, came back the next day. He told me he had feelings for me and he would never leave me especially when I needed him most.
    Your day will come and someone will Love you unconditionally. You are not alone sweetie.

  12. Frank Says:

    Hey fellow Herpes sufferers! As Karla posted first, the sea salt method in my experience, as well as a good healthy diet, has proven to be the most effective in the treatment of my herpes outbreaks. It has actually seemed to have stopped the outbreaks from happening for over a year now which is pretty impressive in my mind. Im no doctor but here’s my view on the subject. If you take a microscopic look at the herpes virus and the chicken pox virus under the microscope they do seem to have some very similar characteristics which leads me to believe that how they work might closely compare as well. Most people only get chicken pox once in their lives, I have had the opportunity to have had it twice when i was younger, so why not herpes? When you look at a chicken pox virus outbreak, normally they cover most of the skin of your body making it almost impossible to scratch open all of the sores thus leaving a some untouched to go through the process of the fluid filled lessions to dehydrate allowing your bodys immune system to attack, defeat and defend from the virus. In all of my outbreaks before the last two using salt, the sores would open releasing the virus before my body could do its immune system procedure properly.

    I believe through the use of salt and being very carefull not to rupture the skin, the immune system is able to grab hold of the virus and learn from it in order to defend future outbreaks before they reach the outer surface of the skin. The salt also greatly reduces the pain involved since the blistering stays down as the salt soaks the fluid through the skin instead of the fluid tearing apart the layers of skin which causes the pain. I do occasionally get a slight tingling sensation in the area of my prevous outbreaks but it hasn’t turned into a full breakout like before.

    Hopefully it stayes that way! So two key things you need to do are: 1. get the fluid to soak through the skin via salt in order to reduce the painful effects of blisters tearing apart the skin and bactrim order 2. let the sores heal without being broken open so the white blood cells get a chance to capture, destruct and defend against the virus. Ever try to bob for apples? In my mind that is how difficult it is for a white blood cell to surround a hepres virus and deal with it. If you take the water out of the equation the apples are real easy to get. If you want to see how a white blood cell works just google videos on live blood analysis. Fortunatly the area where I have contracted the virus, a couple inches belwo my belly button, makes it easy to encapsulate the salt benieth a large water proof bandage. I hope this helps someone!

  13. Mike Says:

    There is a supplement tablet called Hapavir that doesn’t kill the virus, but it’s main ingredient interferes with the virus’s ability to reproduce. Interfering with this replication process results in a smaller viral army for your immune system to fight off. Potentially, using hapavir could prevent an outbreak, but if taken at the first sign of an outbreak, it can dramatically shorten the duration and weaken the severity of an outbreak.

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