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If you thought chicken pox was bad, the uncontrollably urge to scratch, especially during the night is one of the unfortunate symptoms associated with the itchy skin condition called scabies. A high degree of discomfort is brought about when the rather small burrowing mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei settles on the skin, creating an intense reaction wherever it chooses to hide. The worst part Ė scabies is contagious and cialis without prescription quickly spreads through close physical contact.


One of the most prominent signs and symptoms dealing with scabies include the itching that often becomes worse during the night. Thin marks consisting of many tiny blisters or bumps form. Typically, the line-like marks are seen within the folds of the skin. While almost every part of the body is not safe from the infestation of scabies, the most common body parts include: the armpits, between fingers, around the waist, along the insides of the wrist, soles of the feet, on the inner elbow, around the male genitals, on the buttocks, on the knees, around the breasts, and on the shoulder blades [1].

Typically, small children and the elderly have the most difficult time dealing with scabies, as they tend to experience the worst bouts of itching. An individual suffering from their first scabies infestation may not encounter itching or skin sores for a couple of weeks. The symptoms associated with a re-infestation of scabies usually surface within a few days [2].

Causes of Scabies

A microscopic mite causes the type of scabies that develops in humans. Without the help of a magnifying glass, sighting these pests is impossible. It is the female mite that burrows into the skin and creates a tunnel where she may lay eggs, which take 21 days to mature. After the eggs hatch, the mites continue to spread about the surface of the skin, where people respond to their presence, additional eggs, and waste through allergic reactions. Close physical contact helps spread scabies from one person to another. Sharing clothes and bedding with an infected person is also another way scabies is contracted.


The diagnosis of scabies comes when a doctor takes a look at the skin and scans for signs of mites. He or she will seatch for the characteristic burrows that come with the condition. If a mite burrow is found, the doctor may scrape the region for further analysis under a microscope. This type of examination will alert a patient as to whether or not they are plagued with the presence of mites or their eggs.

Risk Factors

While scabies is a common skin condition that affects people of all shapes, sizes, and social classes, there are some environmental factors that increase the risk of development. For starters, the spread of scabies quickly passes from one to another in crowded conditions where skin-to-skin contact is frequent.

People working at hospitals, child-care centers, and nursing homes become prime candidates. In a household, family members and sex partners easily contract scabies from one another. Although pets are known to contract a mite infection known as mange, humans cannot become infected with scabies from their companions [3].

Natural Cures for Scabies

Seeking attention for a scabies problem is important because aggressive scratching can lead to more serious problems. This especially occurs when a break in the skin develops, causing a secondary bacterial infection to arise. One possibility involves impetigo, a superficial infection of the skin that may include staph (staphylococci) bacteria or strep (streptococci) bacteria [4]. To combat further complications associated with scabies, you may consider the following natural scabies cures:

a) Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil:

Combining 10 ml of tea tree oil and cheap cialis 90 ml of distilled witch hazel can be used as an effective lotion to use after taking a bath or shower [5].

b) Pure Lavender Oil:

Mixing pure lavender oil with alcohol creates a nice natural remedy for scabies when applied to affected areas. It is important to make sure you apply enough of the mixture to penetrate and saturate the skin. Some individuals have found success through killing the mites and their eggs with this method.

c) Neem Oil:

Neem oil is a botanical pesticide fashioned from the extract of a plant called Azadirachta indica. There are many different ways that neem oil is presented as a cure for scabies. 100 ml of pure neem oil can be used for bathing purposes and direct application. Some people have used 150 ml of neem oil to create a bubble bath. 50 grams of neem oil may create an antiseptic cream when paired with turmeric that offers treatment and relief from discomfort. There are also manufacturers that offer a neem oil stick that is applied to sections of the body where broken skin is affected.

d) Cool Water Soaks:

The itching associated with scabies is minimized when soaking in a bath of cool water or applying a cool, wet washcloth to sections of irritated skin.

Scabies Prevention

To prevent the spread of mites from one person to another or avoid a re-infestation, there are a few measures to take into consideration. It is important to clean all clothes and linen associated with an infected person. This process should occur before treatment using hot, soapy water on all clothing, towels, sheets, comforters, and pillowcases. When drying, high heat is recommended. The clothes you cannot wash at home, you should dry-clean offsite.


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  1. Rachel Muyano Says:

    Is this true that madre cacao can cure this disese?

  2. Freddie Halbrook Says:

    A bottle of Jergens Lotion will clear this condition overnight. I know for a fact!!!

  3. Bobby Meade Says:

    This condition has become rampant. I suspect that the insects are being bred on dead animal. I suspect that since Freddie Halbrook posted his remedy, the original Jergens Lotion has been removed from the shelves. I am posting this on the chance that he can reveal what the ingredient was in the lotion that he used. There are now many many versions of the Jergens Lotion, it seems. Bobby Meade

  4. Bobby Meade Says:

    It’s gotten a lot worse. Now I suspect that breast cancer cases may be fabricated from infection of the nipples by scabies. These mites are attracted to the high temperature areas of the body. I have found that sulfur cream, which I mixed in high concentration with oil worked on my arms and hands well. Lemon juice works somewhat too. Infections of the breast are another matter however, for it takes an unreal amout of effor to draw the infection out, and there is not sign of entry by the insect like on the hands and arms. I also have swollen elbows that may be infected by scabies too, but it may be from all the lotions that I have been using on my sulphur treated arms. Permethrin is out, for it causes liver damage; plus the recommended 5% solution is available only by prescription. They say 1% cures head lice, and all the stores carry .5 or .33%. Go figure. Bobby Meade

  5. Jaden Meyers Says:

    Sulfer Soap works great. also mixing Olive and no prescription viagra Cocunut oil does the trick because the olive oil kills it and the cocunut oil allows the olive oil under the skin.

  6. renee Says:

    I will tell you right now that Jergens doesn’t work PERIOD. prescriptions don’t work(most scabies are now resistant to permethrin)and they mess up your skin. I ended up using THREE TUBES of peremthrin and it still didnt go aways.
    I had scabies a few months ago, and I got rid of it with Neem Oil. You can buy it at Whole Foods. Take that jergens lotion you have there, and mix it with TONS of neem and apply it throughout the day. And in between take Neem baths. The Neem oil is a natural contraceptive, in other words the scabies cannot reproduce. So eventually they just die off. It will take about a month for them to finally die off, but it works. And for your house i recommend Rid spray (make sure it has permethrin .50%) and spray it on EVERYTHING. You can also take neem oil put a few drops in a spray bottle and spray it on rugs couches ect.

  7. Dave B. Says:

    I have gotten rid of this by eating relatively large quantities of raw organic cacao nibs. I was eating cacao because it gives you energy and for me it’s a very effective appetite suppressant, as well as being extremely healthy. I had scabies and was not trying too hard to get rid of it, since I was living alone and bactrim on sale the rash didn’t bother me much. Within a few weeks, and not quite a pound of raw organic cacao nibs later, it just cleared up entirely.

  8. Dave B. Says:

    To be more specific, if it helps, I would usually eat a couple small handfuls on an empty stomach. It’s a fatty food, so after that you don’t really even feel hungry.

  9. thisbugsme Says:

    I tried natural remedies (tea tree, turmeric, lavender), OTC lice meds for topical application, but nothing helped. After several weeks I went to the doc and got the permethrin. It worked overnight, but 4 days later I had the creepy crawly sensations again. I used my follow up treatment immediately. I was supposed to only need it a week later, but my gut told me “Use now!”. I will use one more treatment for good measure. (Oh, and BTW, you have to wash all of your bedding and clothing and dry on high heat every night. This is so exhausting.) The permethrin has caused no negative symptoms. It’s very gentle, non-irritating to my sensitive skin, and has no odor. I am usually against drug companies, so I’m not saying use Rx first; but come on! Do not torture yourself out of paranoia. The Rx is less expensive than all the stuff I’ve bought put together. Just do it and don’t risk spreading this nasty little beastie to your family and friends and the general public. You deserve to have relief.

  10. Bobby Meade Says:

    Parasitic or poisonous insects have been used as bioterror weapons since Biblical times in the same way anthrax has. Even though there is no other substance that can duplicate the effects of exposure to anthrax spores, the spores are being thrown again to promote the current Swine Flu hysteria. I believe that all scabies outbreaks outside of the ranching profession have been intentional. Regarding the aforementioned breast infections, I believe that clogged mammary ducts are what makes it so difficult to drain an infected breast; thus it took @ 40 hours of soaking, sqeezing, and manipulating the breast to force the poison out. Keep in mind that the skin of the nipple is some of the toughest skin in the body. Regarding parasitic mites, the mites that I am dealing with are only 1 or 2 microns long, and I find that there is very little written on any mites other than that which produces scabies in sheep. There are probably many species of parasitic mites, especially from Asia and S. America. I bought an AMA Family Medical Guide ’82 for $1 at a book sale. It showed a picture of a scabies infestation with a large circular sore along with numerous mite bites. I am quite sure that the large sore is a scorpion sting or a spider bite, for those toxins kill flesh and levitra sale leave such sores; thus one of the favorite modes of attack seems to be to throw a combination of cutaneous anthrax, baby scorpions or spiders, and mites; hoping that the resulting skin inflamation will send you running to the doctor. That is probably why I saw a guy’s scorpion collection in Ithaca in the 70s; they were raising them for the baby scorpions. The mites and other small insects are thrown on me wherever I go apparently in clumps containing several hundred mites; thus I can feel it when the clumps hit me. These mites seek out sores that have previously been infested by mites or scorpion sting or spider bite sores. Via soaking or lubricating the infested areas with aloe, sulphur cream, lemon juice, or epsom, the mites are forced out of the skin where they can be scraped off with the fingernails or they are restricted to the scar tissue that forms around the sores. With sores on the back, arms, or legs, it is easy to scrape the scar tissue off as it grows on the perimeter of circular sores, but the skin of the fingers and the neck require special attention. Regarding the skin of the fingers, especially between the fingers, the scar tissue should not be scraped, for it leaves deep wounds. Mites attempting to migrate from the scar tissue leave visible tracks; thus treating them with suphur etc. results in the new track detaching from the skin and becoming like an appendage of the original scar tissue. The skin of the neck is very tough and open sores do not seem to form from any of the mentioned insects. As you should know, the lymphatic system is the body’s poison elimination process, and bacterial infection as well as poisons cause swollen nodes. When the lymph nodes under my left arm swelled up to the size of golf balls as a result of numerous insect bites on my back, I looked into lymphatic massage and the flow of lymph throughout the body. By massaging the lymph vessels and forcing the lymph in the direction of its next destination, the spleen; I was able to jumpstart my lymph system to handle toxins on an unprecedented level. I have determined that there are no lymph nodes on the back; thus the poisons affect the ones in the armpits, and can even cause bursitus to develop in the elbows. From dealing with several severe scorpions stings, I have determined that the toxins can cripple you like tetanus or blood poisoning just as a bacterial infection does. Squeezing and manipulating sting sites had to be done slowly and repeatedly to restrict the release of toxins. For example to heal a sore from a scorpion sting (Killer of Man?) in my calf that caused it to swell up to the size of a football, I had to kick in the pool, for if I used my arms, lockjaw would develop. I kicked @ 500 miles in 5 months to heal that sore. Their throwing insects en masse at me also seems to be promoting a condition called scleroderma which is characterized by the excessive formation of scar tissue. This is a progressive disease that eventually causes death, and I suspect that the incidence of it is being suppressed. Acne is a form of scleroderma. How often is acne listed as the cause of death? Found 100,000 in US in ’95 up to 300,000 now, mostly in blacks, Indians, and women. Current texts make no mention of insects promoting it, but they do mention the cytotoxicity of organic solvents causing it. (Gasoline!?) I am sure that older texts mentioned the sensation of insects on the skin being a symptom of scleroderma. I’ve found that creams containing lavender or aloe are somewhat successful in repelling the mites, and creams containing Vitimin E are helpful in healing the sores. Since these insects are extremely small and cialis prescriptions hard to detect, it is likely that you would be told that you had delusions if you insisted that there were insects.

  11. Brittany R Says:

    Jergens lotion does NOT cure scabies. If it worked for your skin condition, you probably just had dry skin.

  12. Jim S Says:

    I will write down a few notes here in an effort to help others only after quite a battle with scabies. My first problem was denial since I really couldn’t see any of the tracks and I didn’t have any rash between fingers etc. I though I had dry skin. Any of the pictures I looked at on the web just didn’t really look like my rash.
    The itching was insane. There were times that is I could have found a wire brush I would have used it. Most of the time I would wake up several times a night and had scratched my skin to the point of bleeding (in my sleep). I wondered if I would ever stop itching.
    My elbows swelled up the 3x their normal size and my arms swelled as well (probably secondary infections from all the scratching)

    I tried the household stuff first for dry skin like baby oil, etc but to no avail. I bought every over the counter remedy for itching. Every cream, ointment, etc. The most relief came from gold bond foot powder liberally placed on all parts that were itching and from vicks mentholatum (like used for cold symptoms) rubbed into the affected areas. These relieved the itch to some extent but not for a long time and the rash/blisters were getting worse.

    I must have some deadly disease ! Every thing I read on the internet said these rashes can be organ failure, cancer, etc. but also could be scabies, bed bugs etc.(it sill doesn’t look like the photos on the internet)

    I had just tried to relieve the itch with rubbing alcohol and decided to get a closer look. I used a 50x power stereo magnifier thats worn on the head to look at my skin and it looked like a few black insects (dead)but these certainly didn’t look like the pictures of scabies. These must be stray insects that just have fallen on my skin ? I never identified these bugs but the closest thing I found was a bug called a ‘springtail’ but not real close to that even.
    Ok so now it must be an insect infestation somehow. I read the ingredients of raid ant and roach killer and it contained permethrin so of course I had to try that (mistake). It also contains other stuff and burned my skin a bit without helping the cause.

    Ok now for a more scientific approach. I looked on the internet and found that I could go to a doctor and get some poison to take internally or I could go the natural approach with tea tree or neem oils. Nobody heard of neem oil around here but there was a health store that had need soap. I did find tea tree oil at walmart so I tried that first. It seemed to help but the progress was (painfully) slow. I had let it go way too long. This will take some more drastic action. I wasn’t sleeping well and the itch is now accompanied with pain. If someone had told me if I scratched the itch I would die, I still could’t have stopped. I was covered on both arms, both legs, stomach and back. The only places not affected were hands, feet, neck and head/face. Also no genital infestation. (some of this goes against the normal findings of scabies infestation)

    I ordered tea tree in 16 oz bulk from ebay since the 2 oz bottles from walmart were not going too far and it was getting expensive. At the same time I bought locally the neem soap which seemed to help a little and also placed an order for 16 oz of neem oil on ebay.

    Meanwhile I was trying shampoo with selenium (leaving it on all night and coal tar shampoo (denorex) with little relief (it did seem to settle the itch for a little while. But the rash was all the time getting worse and moving into previously uninfected areas. (still no face/head or genital infestation)

    By the time the neem arrived I was ready to kill myself (not that much of an exaggeration) This stuff has an odor that is not exactly pleasant but you will start to love it if it stops the spread and the itch. You will make no friends while using neem. It stinks. Wear it as long as you can at a time. The bugs hate it too.

    I used a narrow cloth so I could apply it to my back by myself (like a towel using 2 hands behind the back) I kept this towel in a tupperware container so I could keep the odor contained and to keep it from drying out (adding a little neem each time to the towel) It slightly numbs the skin so some immediate relief is obtained.

    Now here is the extreme cure. Do not blame me if you try this and it injures you or your skin/ lungs/ etc. This worked for me but it is very uncomfortable/painful at times

    I bought 2 empty spray bottles. I filled one with 3% hydrogen peroxide (full strength) the other with household ammonia (full strength) the ammonia idea came from a friend with morgellons disease which ammonia is claimed to relieve itching.

    Here is the daily ritual: First thing, jump in shower (yes naked lol) and spray everywhere that may be affected with the hydrogen peroxide. This is going to light you UP!!! I warned you it can hurt. This pain will last awhile (more like an intense itching) but as you get better it will sting less and less. This will help to prevent secondary skin infections. (it doesn’t seem to be painful to spray in the genital areas for some reason although I was expecting that, I guess without any infestation there, I was spared the pain)

    If it gets too much to bear, the ammonia will shut down the burning. How? I don’t have a clue but it also works during the day/night to relieve itching and the relief lasts longer than anything else. It can’t be good to spray these things on your skin so use your own judgement and certainly do not inhale the spray!! Use the ammonia any time the itching gets unbearable during the day/night. It will lite you up a bit on it’s own if you have open sores/ scratches so just be aware!

    Do the same thing at night but apply the neem (full strength) to all affected areas after the spray. If you have the opportunity to leave this neem on for a day or two, it will help even more. Unfortunately, you will need to wash this off to go out in public since it is a VERY STRONG odor. Keep in mind that these scabies pop up to mate every 3/5 days so you need to have a defense ready for them when they dig out. I do not think it kills them below the skin. I believe it may get a few that way but mostly it prevents them from reproducing somehow. Keep in mind: anything you wash in the washer with a ‘neemed’ article of clothing with smell like neem a bit too. It probably kills the scabies in all the clothes at the same time. It will stay in your skin a bit too. Even after washing your skin, you may detect a bit of that neem odor but I feel it continues to work a little that way.

    AS they start to die off and I have fewer of them digging into my skin, I am now aware of the tracks that couldn’t previously be seen. Now in the form of dark spots and scars, these mostly take the form of a small bite mark with 3 or 4 bites in a small arc. Also now I am keenly aware of the pin-prick feeling of one of them either digging in or out since they are very isolated now. Keep track of where you are feeling these bites so you can concentrate on more treatment in those areas as soon as you can.

    Now here is a side note of this neem treatment. I would wear this all night in bed and the effects of the neem oil transferred to the sheets, bed etc. I did not boil my sheets/covers I did not do anything special to anything except me. These bugs can’t live very long without a host and they will die instead of climbing on to you with neem on you. You will smell awful during this treatment but if you think you have scabies, do not wait as long as I did. I could have prevented lots of sleepless nights if I had tried this earlier.

    I spent lots of money to try and get rid of my toenail fungus. It is gone now due to another use of this stuff. Every morning I take a q tip and put some neem on the base of my toenails. I let it soak in a few minutes and wear 2 pairs of socks all day. Even my little toenail that looked like it was going to come off due to the fungus is normal now .

    I am still spraying myself with hydrogen peroxide every morning and still get an occasional reaction somewhere I have scratched but no more infected sores now. It has been 2 weeks of treatment and a very noticeable improvement now. I still feel a pin stick feeling every now and then but immediately use my cloth to treat that area (just in case)

    The following is not for the squeamish:
    As these bugs/eggs start coming up out of the skin, these little volcano looking sores develop. When they become hardened they will fester into a little scab of sorts. Some will have a black dot. Some will have an orange looking small scab. These will eventually drop off. I guess these are the bugs, eggs working up out of the skin. These may be still itchy but heed the warning! these can be very sore to the touch and if you are scratching and ‘catch’ a scab with a fingernail and pull it off, you will not like it very much but be sure to continue with the peroxide spray as that is what helped the most with clearing up my sores. If the sores are getting harder and flatter you are winning! Be aware of any clear or red blisters as these may be new infestations. If they are not scabbing, keep neeming.

    I know this was an extreme description of my battle with scabies, but I received lots of help by searching the internet and it finally got rid of them so I wanted to help the next person if I could. Please use you own judgement as this is an extreme approach at getting rid of scabies.

    I do not work for anybody that sells neem or tea tree oil and I don’t care where you buy it. Mine came from sun_pure_ botanicals on ebay and
    I got the therapeutic pure version which means diluted to an extent. I am not sure if 100% pure (full strength) would be safe to use on the skin but the therapeutic was ok for me.

    Jim S

  13. Nathan C Says:

    To the people that claim permethrin doesnt work, if this is true then you are the first people in the world to have mites that can live throught permethrin treatments. In every case where people have claimed that permethrin has failed, it has been found they are using non-prescription lotions, which contain 1% permethrin or less, and this will almost ALWAYS fail. Tests have never shown a bug to be resistant to the recommended 5% formulation. Also it has a pretty good safety profile and personally i think your much better off just doing it, get rid of the bugs, rather than trying a bunch of “natural remedies” that fail. Permethrin may be synthetic but it is still the same as natural pyrethrins. I think any small risk is far outweighed by the desire to get rid of them. Also some people are claiming that permethrin is being pushed as a treatment by big pharmaceutical companys. I treated myself for $3, equivalent to US$1.50. I’d be very surprised if you can find a cheaper treatment

  14. Lizzym Says:

    I have got a silk filled duvet and am wondering if anyone can recommend a way of getting rid of any mites that my be in it?
    I thought about putting it in the freezer, does anyone know if this will work?

  15. weinerschnitzel Says:

    use the tea tree oil, save the jergens for those lonely nights…

  16. bonnie Says:

    i used the permethrin and washed all my sheets and cloths for a week in hot water and everyday i would rub down in jergens lotion that i put neem oil and tree oil in it and at nite would take a bath in 20 drops of tree oil all this got rid of the scabies also i steam cleaned all my furn.,curtains,kids toys.

  17. Nevada Says:

    Ived gone thru 4 treatments of that permetrin cream @40 dollars per consultation n $20 per cream I gotten for my whole family ived spent so much money on that stuff it dosent work… now im trying neem oil, with arm & Hammer I wash myself with it n with a spray bottle I spray myself at pinpoint spots where ived been itching @ nigth before bed.. I look all chalky but Im getting tons of imediate relief and Im going to add coconut oil so my skin dosent dry out.. for now regular suave mint lotion is doing th trick.(for th drying of my skin). Im starting to feel sligth relief

  18. jorge gallardo Says:

    blend 1 habanero pepper with the juice of 3 limes or lemons, and 6 tablespoons of water. Rinse the affected area with warm to hot water to open the pores, dry the area with a paper towel, and then dip a q-tip or paper towel in the habanero mix. Instead of scratching douse with habanero mix. It kills them instantly. It might burn a bit, but sure does feel good knowing it kills these nasty scabies. Repeat every time you see a little red dot, looks like a mosquito bite, it’s just the eggs hatching…douse with mix again, and see them gone in a week. Keep washing your clothes and blankets in hot water and dry in hot heat to kill scabies.

  19. mayfairies Says:

    Has anyone tried Icy-Hot cream for scabies?

  20. YIKES Says:

    SCABIES!!!!! UGH! Does anyone know of Garlic Oil helping? That stuff stinks but these little beasts are driving me crazy. HELP!!!!!

  21. Driftwood Says:

    I have read most of the posts above and im inthe same boat. I finally desided I was going to treat for scabies before my blood yests return from the doc. I use a website called This has been my doctor for myself as well as my dog and cat for years.
    OK I tried peppermint oil, olive oil, teatree oil, dead sea salts and AVC I just got out of the shower with my pooch and we both used what Ted says to use on earthclinic. Borax and peroxide. I have used this on my dog before and it worked so Im sure it will work on me too.
    3 tbls borax (NOT BORIC ACID) BORAX 1 cup peroxide and 2 cups of water. Check out the site as I dont want to go into instruction but I will tell you I feel a little better already!

  22. dale Says:

    I went to a doctor and was told I had scabies and the lotions they prescribed were junk to me so I tried other things and one worked vasaline lotion for men extra strength with fragrance I don’t know why it worked but it did

  23. Arizona Says:

    I used Permethrin and applied it generously all over my body, especially over the most infected areas. IT DID NOT WORK. I am online right now trying to find an alternative cure. Based on what I have read here, I will try Neem Oil and Tea Tree oil. Does anyone know if drugstores carry it or do I have to order it online?

    A thought came to mind while reading up on skin remedies. When I was a teenager, our family dog got ticks and fleas. Our neighbors had a very dirty yard and they had many dogs. Although we regularly bathed our dog, he kept getting them. A friend of the family recommended we light a match and when it was done burning to mash the burned sulfur and mix it with our dogs food. We did this and our dog never got ticks or fleas again. Even after 8 years when he eventually died (of natural causes). Later we found out the neighbors dogs were infested. The only thing seperating the yards was a chain link fence, yet our dog never got them again. The sulfur must have penetrated into his skin to where the ticks did not like or where not able to feed off of. I was wondering if I tried eating sulfur, would it get rid of the scabies? Has anyone tried Sulfur pills?

    P.S. Permethrin did not work for me!

  24. SCABYIUS Says:


  25. King j Says:

    Hot showers with dial soap…. Apply neem oil and tea tree oil to the parts of body that itch and have scabies bumps i also mixed jergens lotion with tea tree oil and put on all over after every shower twice a day … Never use the same wash rag or towel twice and keep bedding washed everytime u sleep on it wash it or throw it in the dryer high heat i no longer have scabie but i keep a bottle of jergens mixed with tea tree oil i still use it everyday just the same as i did with scabies make sure never to wear the same clothes Twice i hope this works for u guys i no the hell your going through
    King j

  26. It's Back! Says:

    Well, know one mentions Lindane. I was diagnosed and given this wonderful poison that is only the last resort when permethrin and other
    chemicals don’t work. It seemed to work, I was getting better but something failed in the process and it seem like it was coming back so I used the small amount that was left and weeks later…here we go again. I thank you all for your comments and at this point will attempt some of these remedies. How much poison can one take? So with that said, I will report back in a couple of weeks and let anyone interested know my out come.

  27. lizzy Says:

    ive had scabies for over two months and my boyfriend got it about a month ago we thought it might be the laundry soap then it got way worse on my boyfriend worse then mine.. and i just want to know how to cure it before he gets worse… ive cleaned everything in all rooms with pinsal and couple other things but still have it… ive tryed permetrin cream….. dont think it works… hoping to get some answers really want to get rid of it.. FAST….. any one HELP…

  28. amber Says:

    im newly digasnosed with SCABIES, and its driving me crazy. every morning i wake up, there’s more than the night before. tried permithrin, but it doesnt seem to be working. somebody, anybody PLEASE HELP. im am loosing it

  29. judy Says:

    for lizzym, place it in a bag and tie shut keep in the bag for 2 weeks they will die from not having a host body

  30. JP Says:

    I have been rubbing hands with witch hazel and then pouring few drops of tea tree oil on my hands and letting it soak in. I am 9 months pregnant and scared to use much else. I read in a tea tree remedy book about this remedy and I hope it works!

  31. Mrs. Ashley Renee Says:

    Lindane was reported by the FDA for higher than normal seizures in users. In fact, has been linked to an increase in Leukemia in children and an increse in non-hodgkins lymphoma in farmers who use Lindane on their cattle and grain, lindane has been banned in 40 countries and it’s strictly regulated in 20 different nations. Unfortunately the United States has been slow to remove the chemical from the market.

  32. nita Says:

    ok, I understand this scabies thing…ITS TERRIBLE. I got it from an olderly lady I help out. she is not the best about getting her showers. anyways, yes Im using prescription..first day felt much better. but the it needs to be made clear to us that you HAVE to WASH everything everyday..vacum floors/carpet..vacam mattress..get mattress cover for bed bugs or they may come back, because they are mites and mites love to live in the mattress wear people sleep. I got tea tree oil pure for the bath and another bottle of tea tree mixed with lavender oil for applying to the skin after the also helps with the itching. Im going back to Whole Foods to buy another bottle of tea tree w/lavender mixed and also get the Neem oil like others suggested. I may go to Orchard supply or some hardware store and get borax or boric acid power to put in a few corners of my home…I heard that stuff is good for killing all bugs. I am determined to kill all these suckers and for them never to feel welcome to return to me or my home. One more thing someone suggested burning some sage..these nasty creatures hate the smell of it. I am on a mission back to whole foods. Hang in they everyone..dont give up…declare war on those suckers

  33. nita Says:

    oh on more thing…I also started using the tea tree oil to wipe down the counters…I even put some between my mattress..pillow cases..I have been washing the pillows everyday…gosh..tiresome……those creatures dont like that tea tree oil, seem to kill them even on surfaces.

  34. cathrine Says:

    I am using eucalyptus oil at the moment and it seems to have halted any new bumps appearing. I have read that the oil fries the exoskeleton of fleas and lice and Im guessing scabies mite are from a similar family. I know for sure it kills fleas on contact and also head lice. I rub it all over my body and leave it for a 3-4 hours. I also spray it diluted over my bedding,car seat and lounge. I had no new bumps for 3 days then I made the mistake of using a blanket that hadnt been aired long enough (the required 72 hours) and bang! I was re-infested again within an hour or two.

  35. marie Says:

    ONLY THING THAT WORKED TO GET RID OF MY SCABIES. In a cup of olive oil mix, 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil, a teaspoon of neem oil, a teaspoon of clove oil, and a teaspoon of orange oil. You can get all of these at GNC, besides the neem oil, you can get it at a health food store. Rub on your whole body like you would lotion every night before bedtime for a least a month, you will start to feel relief within a week. This really works without all the chemicals. And it smells ok because of the orange and clove oil. I still like to put it on my skin just because it makes my skin so soft. I would also vacuum and wash everything in your home and just breath a sigh of relief.

  36. Permitherin DOES NOT WORK!! Says:

    I was diagnosed woth scaibees about a month ago. My Dr prescribed the Rx cream for myself my fianc√©e & our two children. We all doused ourselves in this pesticide repeatedly. IT DID NOT WORK! I am pregnant & my physician said I had no choice but to use this so I did but when it failed I decided I wasn’t going to risk my unborn child to something that was obviously not working. Lately I have been applying tea tree oil & witch hazel (which I can barely stand the smell of personally) & this, so far, has seemed to work. It has definately given at lot more relief mentally & physically than the permitherin cream did. I am no physician but I have been dealing with this for a month Now & for almost 5 months with my son & I can tell u that the treatment with the most positive affects were the natural cues that u can find online. I haven’t tried the neem oil but if that smells 1/2 as bad as witch hazel mixed with tea oil then I pray to god this continues working. It’s definately something u have to stay on top of.

  37. Jerry Says:

    I have to say,,,I Praise the Lord for this site !!
    Apparently,I have had these stinking bugs for some time now
    and didnt even know it. I have been injured for over 4 years now
    and have been thinking I was having a bad reaction to the drugs?,nerve
    damage? I literally thought I was losing my mind,,,itching,feeling that little needle prick,etc,,,seeing nothing!
    until last night.I put on some heavy lotion :the type that doesnt dry
    quickly,,,these critters must have been suffocating because they came to the top of my skin and I was able to pick them out with a needle.
    I am so Thankful for all of you and your natural remedies.Im going out immediately to buy some of the products.
    The GREAT NEWS THOUGH!!! someone above mentioned ICY-HOT,,,well I hhave a roll-on tube of BIOFREEZE. I am not! joking here,,,anyplace I feel an itch,,,I am rolling it on,,,and INSTANT RELIEF!!
    I know any Walmart sells it and Im sure other stores too.
    Thanks for the idea. Its a temporary fix but my,my the itching has sstopped. Careful though!!! if you have an open place,,,it burns,,,and for the men,,,,down below burns too,,,,but then gets qquite comfortable : ) Thanks again to all!!!

  38. kris Says:

    I had scribes ,was looking for a natural cure . I found this site and tried tea tree oil ,witch dazzle oil, and lavender oil all concentrated oils. Mixed hadlf teaspoon of each in a once of alovare lotion mixed well and applied to whole body . It works perfectly in a few seconds you see littl e black bot and some little white almost clear looking things insects appearing on the skin,some itching may acure were the pest exit the skin . As I notice them I wiped them off with a wet towel.applied more lotion, left lotion on over night took a warm bath . Noticed my skin had cleared up not itching,no new bumps,or sores. I was cured thank god. And thanks to those who post the cure in this site. It’s all natural herbal extracts so you cabn use it as often as needed . I still apply a little every now and then to stay mite free . It truly works try it. I found all the oils ,and lotion a the GNC store just ask them for it they wad very helpful. Thank again to everyone.

  39. Janice Howes Says:

    Try clear nail polish. The mites can’t burrow through and they die.

    Then, in a few days, follow with Elmer’s washable glue.

    Let the glue dry completely, then peel it off.

    You’ll be surprised what you see stuck in the glue.

  40. Jerry Says:

    I see as of 3-21-11,my comments are still being moderated.I hope who ever is concerned will display what I have discovered,as my heart truly!! goes out to anyone that is batteling these little nasty critters.I am going to elaborate a little,as to establish what I say is true.
    To be totally honest,I have been dealing with these things for approximately two and a half,to three years? As stated above,I thought it was mostly nerve damage? from my injury.I had at different times even doctored myself thinking it was head-lice.
    I had some,”quote” friends,give me a long nice looking couch,which I noticed after that I had began to itch. Obviously! I threw that thing out and I have since even thrown out an otherwise good mattress and boxsprings.Now I have nothing but leather furniture,easier to clean of course.
    Ok,,now to what I have discovered as a remedy for this.As above,the rollon Biofreeze,which is similar to Icyhot,immediately stopped the itching.I kind of doubt it will kill them but as you all know,any relief from the itching is well worth smelling like vicks or any menthol. The bugs obviously dont like it! After reading each and every log on this site,I went to a Health Food store in my town and bought,Neem soap,Neem Seed oil,Tea Tree Shampoo,Lavender oil,Eucalyptus oil. All oils 100% pure.
    As with the Biofreeze,when I feel an itch,I apply a dab of Neem oil onto my finger and directly on the spot.My results are the same,,,
    Peace,,,,,what a welcome feeling.
    I have followed others instructions here and mix alchohol and Lavender to spray on eveything.I dont know if that works yet? its just a step of Faith and desperation.
    Im sorry to say but these things have been in my head,my body but seem to enjoy right around my mouth.Very disgusting I know! but I have such sympathy for all who are dealing with this.Its not fun at all and it does take discipline to wash bed clothes every day,keep eveything Extra,Extra clean but this is the price to pay.
    Speaking of pay,I spent almost $50.00 for the items I have listed.
    Being desperate and very torturous,,,the money is no object.
    If anyone would like to deal directly with me? if this site allows it? I will give my e-mail at the ned of this post.
    Im no way free of this yet,as it’s only been five days since I began dealing with it but for all of you,rest assured,I will give any info. in the future that helps.Im like many of you concerning going to the Dr. and rubbing poison all over myself,plus!that’s probably at least three to four hundred bucks and from what some have said,,,,it does’nt even work.
    I ask if anyone knows of something even better,please tell us ALL!!
    These things are very gross and even though it seems we can aquire them practicly anywhere,,,it sure has given me more commpassion to anyone dealing with them.Plus! now I am more aware of others who may not be so clean and I will always be spraying my car,furniture,etc..
    no matter who may visit.Im not trying to be mean here,,,just saying again,from what I’ve read,,,these bugs have NO bounderies.No respect for clean or dirty.
    By the way,I have two very Loving and affectionate cats.Unfortunately,they dont like the smells of Neem or the
    Lavender:( .I did upset them a little though because I rubbed some on them,as a precaution. So,yes,,,,you will stink with the Neem,,so I suggest you apply it just as soon as you can after work.Thats the ONLY thing good in my situation about my injury.I have time to stink alone and I can experiment now until my surgery.
    Again,,,Im very Thankful for everyone’s input here.This why I am getting free of these things.

    my e-mail,,,if allowed?

  41. Jerry Says:

    Hold the Presses everyone !!! Ok,,,after two weeks of Continuous cleaning my house,,,washing my sheets and blankets EVERY NIGHT!!and what I have written above,with some success,,,I had my last sleep-less night.I got down and Prayed in DESPERATION to the Lord,,,,What is the answer to this????

    It wasnt two minutes later,while scanning the Internet,I found the dude that said he guarenteed !!! success in 24 hours or my money back.I’ve heard that one before,,,how about you?
    So,,,I paid my $39.95 to print out a 45 page report,,,,and you know what? I think he is truthful! I went and bought a bottle a TEA TREE OIL. Thats it !! I put it in a bath as he suggested,,,I put probably 40 drops and I actually fell asleep for about an hour but I had even soaked my head,,,,and I awoke with NO itching,,,I subsequently went back to sleep,,,did not wake up one time from itching.

    Now,,,this morning I am feeling little itches hear or there and I apply some oil right to the spot and it stops itching.
    Of course this isnt over yet,,,I will take more baths,continue cleaning but I really believe this is the answer for everyone.
    I was desperate as I said,,,because my face had broken out with these things,,,I looked terrible,,,felt terrible,,,and Now Thank the Lord again!!! I am getting my surgery to a disc,,finally! repaired on the 30th of March.

    I didnt want to go in and say,,,,hey! I have scabies,,Im am contagious,,,then they put me in quarantine,,,or worse,,,reschedule my pain relief.
    So,,,out of my desperation,,,my Prayer was answered. I GIVE you all this info. for free.
    Go,and get you some of this oil,,,and if you can force yourself,,,eat alot of raw Garlic,,,,as this is a wonderful natural remedy from the inside out. Please??? someone out there,,,,,let me know how it works for you!

  42. scabiebabies Says:

    It takes three weeks (or more) for the ichting to stop even after the scabies are dead, so don’t give up on your treatment too soon. Also make sure to treat your home and car (especailly bedding)with Rid lice spray. That means carpet and all, so a reinfestation doesn’t take place.

  43. NicholaiLouieAkaiSaru Says:

    Greetings all previous and present sufferers and warriors;

    I have been in a hotel for the last month, and its seems 2 weeks ago that I started itching on my arm. 1st a set of 4 bumps in a arch, then I began itching on both arms. I was under the assumption that it could have been heat bumps, but they itched (heat bumps don’t itch). I’ve had hives, and they become welps after itching them, and this wasn’t the case. I’ve been finding new pimple like itching azz bumps ever since, I decided to research this tonight everywhere, and it would seem that I’m suffering from these particular chumps (this isn’t player at all…) It’s 2:00am and I’m headed to WalMart and Walgreens right after I post this. Witch hazel, tea tree oil, and neem oil is on my list, generating large amounts of chakra may be needed for this one. Thanx to everyone, I’ve read all your posts, incredible how sucha pesty azz problem and suffering can bring so many people together.

    Peace, Love, & Respect,

    Akai Saru

  44. NicholaiLouieAkaiSaru Says:

    Im back… the inside of my legs are itching like nobodys business. I have a bar of soap with lavender extract and oils, witchhazel, rubbing alcohol, sulfur something (10%), tea tree oil, a little left of a pint of svedka, 3 icehouse, and a sack of motley crue. Please pray for me fellow fighters.

    Akai Saru

  45. Emerald Says:

    My three year old son got scabbies and has had it on and off for months. We mainly use corizone and it helps with his itching but it never fully took it away. We took him to the doctor again for the third time the other day and they told us agian to use the permethrin 5%. While looking up natural ways to quickly get rid of the scabbies I found out that the cream the doctors recommend is a pesticde and possibly has carcinogen in it which is know to cause lukemia and cancer. I woke my son up at 12 am as soon as I read this and washed it off. There is no way I’m going to risk my son’s health bc pharmisudical companies want to make money by giving people cancer so they can make money off those people having to buy more medicines. I am very angry that these doctors would recommend such a dangerous medicine for children even as young as two months of age. I will try the natural remedies and oils recommend on here if they work I’ll let you know. Thanks for your help and I hope you listen to my advice and stay way from the “doctor’s orders”!!!!!!!!!1

  46. Emerald Says:

    By the way we luckly only used the cream on him three times one time back in Nov which made it worse so we didn’t use it again until they told us to try it again. We used it that night and then we used it last night which is when I read how dangerous it could be and I washed it off of him.

  47. Cathrine Says:

    I have to agree with Jim the peroxide turns the bumps white which I believe destroys the eggs inside. It allowed me to find what I would call large nests of eggs on my scalp and back. Each time they infest an area I destroy it but it takes time to get the population down. I use permethrin to kill the mites

  48. Cathrine Says:

    I forgot to mention that once a day I go over my body with sticky packaging tape to lift off any surface mites

  49. Bw Says:

    Waterless antibacterial.gel helps w itching

  50. Itchedout Says:

    I originally got them, and what got rid of them was foodgrade hydrogen peroxide which is 30 % and I diluted it 50/50 with water, and put it all over my body. after I had showered and my pores were open. it stung terribly but relieved the issue. left it on until i couldnt stand it and washed it off. but I was reinfested at a college campus a few months later. And i am trying a few different things. thank you so much for the advice, and the mention of the bugs burrowing up to the skin when they mate and you see the black head is good. that has helped! and all the time spot treatment with regular hydrogen peroxide a blend of tea tree oil, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and lavender a few times a day.

  51. Workingclasshero Says:

    I hope I am not being a drama Queen and know Scabies is not Cancer but I don’t think ANYONE truly understands unless They have had it – The medical world is the worst -.
    I have had it since November but only diganosed via lenghthly wait to see Dermatoligist 2 Mths ago.
    It affects Your life so much, I cant see Grandson and Daughter – whom have it, She caught it off a digusting, lazy, dirty ex friend whom We since discovered has Norweigan scabies but told Everyone it is extreme eczema, REALLY! – or visit My Mum whose disabled, My boss was not very understanding as have had to take so much time off and have been fired, Drs. cancelled an operation I have waited ages for and have burnt alot of clothes sccidently in microwave as My heating system and hot water keeps breaking down for Days, You dont sleep and honestly cry all the time and consider bleach as an option.
    It DOES go on Your face and scalp (it has been content to reside on My lip and makes a Day out via My nose for Wks!).
    Have used Permethrin 7 times, no success, and when its on They just creep into Mouth for comfort until its gone – use Vics to prevent it if Your at first stages.
    Its unbearable, that burrowing makes You suicidial.
    Going to try Neem, tried cider vinegar/tea tree oil/cayenne pepper/lemon/tumeric, etc, so at a last resort.
    Thanks for advice, My heart goes out to Anyone with this.

  52. screwscabies Says:


  53. Diane Says:

    80% clove oil & 20% jojoba, it burns a little for about 10 minutes, some people only have to use it once, I guess it depends on how long you’ve had scabies, “the amount of infestation you have”. You can get the oils at any health food store. I found this info. on a different fourm, and it really works too! ;) Oh, make sure it’s clove(bud) oil, not the kind made with the leaf. You can do an online search and see for yourself that this is the cure too.

  54. formygrandma Says:

    what if it burns and doesnt itch?
    sorry this isnt a remeby

  55. Itsmeme Says:

    I used the cream from the doc once but wanted to do something everyday rather than just wait to see if it works. I am using tea tree oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e in lotion. I’m washing all my clothes and drying hands with a paper towel. I air dry after the shower and sit/sleep on plastic. I ordered neem soap and sage insense. I am also spraying the green bed bug spray from bed bath and beyond (cinnamon, leomngrass, etc…)

    I don’t feel any pricks or see any heads, but maybe I caught mine sooner. It has only been about a month. Only have a few bumps on my behind and on my wrist. Two bumps on my toe and between my finger. Hope it doesn’t get any worse!!

  56. Thom Zydervelt DC Says:

    An interesting and most annoying journey. Went to the GP after my daughter’s school told here she had scabies and my skin condition
    took on a new meaning. I was given permethrin which did not work and then prodeeded through tea tree oil, neem oil and lavender oil all of which just irritated and did nothing whatsoever to resolve the condition. Meanwhile it spread from just behind one knee to basically everywhere with uncontrollable itching esp. at night. At the insistence of my daughter I revisited the pharmasist and out of desperation did what was advised. I treated it with malathion 5% left on for 24 hours. I am now resolving while taking an anti histamine
    and slowly healing. I am writing this to help others. I have since read that the scabies mite is uneffected by the home remedies and if this is true hopefully saving others from a full on full body infestation and taking medication anyway. Also spreading the infestation to other family members. Ick.

  57. mad as hell Says:

    Grrrrrrr.. went to dr last week sad I have scabies.. I don’t understand how I have them and my kids and husband don’t.. I am now wondering if the Dr is right.. I have been itching like crazy, I did the perm, which doesn’t seem to work.. has anyone ever tried the pills to cure this crap.. proxide, borax, I also tried oatmeal scrub and ice hot.. are you actually supposed to feel them in your skin???

  58. pam Says:

    Is anybody taking a half tab cetrizine everyday like me? I remain a bit sane with its help. Its probably beating up my liver in the process but who cares. As to the rest use goopy/gluey heavy creams containing bleach i guess and smother the areas affected. the itching at least gets temporarily relieved. Im not doing any daily laundering as its not practical in the least. I cant seem to convince my family to use permethrin and as its useless unless everyone uses it I gave up the idea.

  59. Can't live, can't breathe Says:

    1st: Hello to all of you who are fighting against this menace.
    2nd: Excuse me for my bad English.

    Somewhat my story could seem unreal, as I am struggling with this disease for almost 2 years now!!! I don’t know how I picked it up. No one known to me had it the time I got it. None of my friends, family… None that I knew of didn’t had anything even similar to this, at least I haven’t noticed the symptoms on anyone, as I recall now. I haven’t read that this can be transferred anyway else other then person-2-person contact, so I really don’t understand how I got it. Anyway, at first I thought it’s some kind of an allergy or something, noting serious. I thought that it will go away in time. But as time passed by and the itching became unbearable, I went to a doctor. He told me it was Scabies, and prescribed me the medicine called 10% Benzyl Benzoate (which, how I’m told, hasn’t been in use in my country for over a decade, so I was not able to buy it anywhere here. I tried ordering it in nearby countries, but they didn’t had it there too.). The replacement medicine was Eurax, which is a Crotamiton, and they didn’t had it too, but I managed to order it. It came in a small bottle (approximately 60ml), and cost a real small fortune. It didn’t really helped me, and I was literally running towards bankrupt, so I stopped using it, and also stopped going to doctors, ’cause I think they know as goddamn much as I do about this “thing”. I tried alternative medicine, in form of some herbs… I don’t even remember now (my parents were more for this kind of approach, as meanwhile they got infected by me, so they know more about the type of herbs used). Anyway, that also didn’t help. Also, I tried the naphthalene approach later, and it all calmed down for about few months. The itching didn’t stopped completely, but it was less often and less intense. Unfortunately, it left the wound on my left hand’s wrist that was hideous. I was so ashamed, I avoided meeting with my friends, or even leaving the house. It calms as long as I don’t scratch it, but sometimes it’s so hard to restrain myself from scratching it, and the side effect to this is that skin looks burned, it peels off, and becomes wet on touch (scratch). I sometimes force my hands into a really, really hot water to make the itching go away. It helps only for a few minutes, though. I stumbled into this place somehow to see that most of you guys also haven’t been successful in fighting these mites. So the Ivermectin & Permethrin also don’t work? I won’t even try that, anyway. What I tried right now, about an hour ago, was the pure TEE TREE OIL (actually, some lotion. I do not have the oil right now). I covered my wound with it, and it permanently stopped the itching! Hope that continuing with this treatment will cure the disease! We’ll see. I’ll report any changes. Thank you all for support. I hope I wasn’t too annoying, I just wanted to share my experience with all of you. Goodbye.

  60. Itch Freee Says:

    I AM CURED 100%!

    I got scabbies from my workplace. Everyone got it! Literally. Of course the Permitherin cream did NOT work, after the 3rd bottle, i figured that out. I believe it actually spreads it to be honest. Thats when i discovered this site, and few others..

    Here is the deal:

    -BORAX with every load of laundry, HOT WATER ONLY!

    -NEVER wear anything twice.

    -Buy real tea tree oil(100% organic) not the pharm one, orange oil,peppermint oil, witch hazel, and Neem shampoo.. via health food store, or GNC.

    -Put 15 drops of each into an unused spray bottle, with warm water,and 1 cup of witch hazel. i used this spray on everything ie, linens, clothes, shoes, sheets, pillows.

    -High heat pillows in dryer for 45 min. ALL CLOTHES BONE DRY!

    -I had bedding spray with permitherin in it, which i sprayed on everything before showering, and keep fans out, and AC on high, which is easy when you live in south FL.( BEWARE OF SPRAYING THE PERMITHERIN SPRAY WITH ANIMALS IN HOME!)

    - Shower 2-3 times a day! & apply this oil concoction to effected areas every night and morning:

    Purell sanitizer with aleo on body, air dry. I used a clean paper towel, fold it in fours apply 5-10 drops of all oils onto it, and wet with witch hazel, and apply to effected areas. Sleep with little or
    no clothes on.(helps with smaller loads of laundry)
    -Before Bath i shaved ALL of my BODY HAIR..

    -3-4 times a week take a bath with: 1/2 bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 20 dropps of each oil, 1 cup of witch hazel, and 2 cups of LISTERINE CITRIS MOUTHWASH. My baths were always piping hot. Warning: IF YOU HAVE DRY, SENSITIVE, OR OPEN LESIONS ON YOUR SKIN BE CAREFUL!!
    (AFTER my first bath with formula the ithcing dissapeared completely, and the effected areas were 80% clear!)
    -Never use a bath towel more than once!
    -Disinfect all areas in home with clorox wipes, lysol, and the spray bottle concoction.


    -Apple cider vinegar 3 tbsp 2 times a day, decrease simple carbs, and SUGAR! THESE GUYS FEED ON SUGAR!

    - i was taking vit c 500mg once a day along with multivitamins. Substitute all fruit juices for water, and limit sugary fruits.

    -I am no doctor but this slew of things most definitely worked for me.

  61. Ann Dahlin Says:

    Using tea tree if used occastionally straight. If you use it continously streaight you will burn your skin. For continous use mix 1cup water,3drops soft soap,8-10 drops both teatree oil and lavender oil. put in a sprayer bottle shake before ea use.Spray on let drip dry dry. Canspray many times thru day. Mites are not resistant to Tea tree since it is a natual product. Best if used in conjunction with Ivermectin (Oral). For scaring use Cocoa shea butter like (Suave) penetrates deep in skin. Has all the vitimans to repair your skin which will take several months. What country are you from?

  62. Itch Freee Says:

    US. Miami

  63. Help me Says:

    Ok well I am only 12 and MAN it’s non stop my hands look terrible and I can bearly stand it anymore I’ve been to the doctors 3 times and 3 times I got the lyclear cream and FUCKING he’ll it puts you through sooo much pain you can’t stop itching :”( I cry everytime I put it on that’s how painfull it is

  64. Skeptic Says:

    Our family will be starting permethrin treatment prescribed by dermatologist after scraping my son’s skin and showing us the mites under the microscope. After reading several posts about how permethrin did not work, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe your doctor did not inform you that the itching actually gets worse after treatment and can continue for up to 4 weeks after the 2nd treatment. Perhaps this increased and prolonged itching is what made some people think they still had scabies???

  65. teddy bluer Says:

    I have had Scabies for around 8-9 months and my hands, feet, knees, and elbows have sores that have opened up to the smallest is about 2 millimeters around to the biggest is 1 centimeter around iv tryd cream but they haven’t worked its the worst and most excruciating pain and irritation iv ever experienced in my 17 years of life

  66. John Says:

    The first time I suffered this [in 1952], I was treated by a coal company doctor who was a Johns Hopkins graduate, working for the coal company in lieu of doing an internship.

    She prescribed Benzyl-benzoate lotion. Since she roomed next door in the coal company clubhouse, and used the same shower as I did, she had every incentive to cure me.

    Her lotion worked, and quickly, but I drove home to Montana and had a relapse. Couldn’t find the lotion there, but I went back to W. VA. and she gave me a refill. somehow I got over the matter.

    In 1970 I was working in slash pine in Mississippi. The foresters there suggested I put some flowers of sulphur om each hip pocket to repel the chiggers [a similar mite]. It worked, and I had no trouble.

    In 1983 I was working in a bulb shed, a really dirty place where the employees took no care to clean up. I used sulphur again, hosed the place out, moved the dirty bulb cleaning outdoors, applied liberal amounts of ponds cold cream [got some pretty funny looks from those who smelled me], and eventually cleaned the place up to my satifaction. [I may also have sprayed with an insecticide - I don't remember].

    now, in 2011, i have something similar again. My wife and 6 year old son don’t seem affected [yet?] An MD advised Nix, a flea and lice treatment. I tried it. It seemed to work for about 4 days, but it advised “don’t leave on skin for over 10 minutes”. I didn’t like the sound of that.

    A dermatologist was esdamining the results of his surgery for a smnall skin cancer, so I asked him about it. He said clearly that the mites don’t burrow! [I don't believe him.] he seemed in much of a hurry and didn’t encourage me carrying on.

    I said, I want a prescription for benzyl-benzoate. He refused to provide it, and suggested I continue using flowers of sulphur as i have been. He also informed me he graduated “first in his class” and said there were many more effective chemicals than benzyl-benzoate.

    Benzyl-benzoate is about 1/8 as toxic as asprin, but is “not available” in the USA. I told the dermatologist I would obtain some from China or Brazil, and I will. It pisses me off that the US pharmaceutical industry will no longer provide Benzyl-benzoate, which worked fine for me and very rapidly. It also pisses me off that some stuck up dermatologist would trot out his “first in his class” credential.

    I did not inform him of my Ivy League PhD. I suspect the whole thing is the lack of patent protection for Benzyl-benzoate, and hence a lesser profit for big-pharma. Let’s vote the bastards and their lobbyists out!

    In the meantime, I am glad to find this site that offers more specific advice concerning the various oils and aromatics and garlic I have tried. It is true that flowers of sulfur help. A smidgen tossed in the drier helps, but only if you think living down wind of a volcano is a pleasant prospect. Good luck to all.

  67. Leo Says:

    This worked on my cat so I don’t know about humans. Rub diatomaceous

    earth all along the spine, tailbone, and tail which is where most of

    the scabs and thus the scab causing mites will usually be. They will

    move. Usually to the cat’s scratching leg and onto the head and ears.

    rub these down too. Eventually you will smoke them out and off of the


    EARTH OR YOU WILL KILL THE ANIMAL. Also make sure it’s the white

    stuff that is Permaguard or repackaged Permaguard. I got some brown

    stuff at one of the feed stores here and it worked but real slow. As

    soon as I applied the pure stuff the mites died quickly. Also my cat

    was sick after the scabs were gone — I think because the mites must

    have died under her skin and rotted away under there. I got her

    through with chicken broth without spices that I made and then when

    she was better tuna packed in oil. The oil in the tuna helps her

    excrete her hair balls.

  68. acnebugs Says:

    everyone has scabies or deals with it, some people change their lifestyle, some people are just to lazy to open a window and breathe. Beds are the dirtiest things imaginable as well sofas.(leather the way to go)cars as well. eat your vitamins. i shop at puritan, great website best deals. get plenty of C, A, and D. so open your house up and let the demons out.

  69. Mlee Says:

    god bless each of you, going to bed right after my tea tree oil bath and rub. I think I have some lavender oil which I haven’t tried with alcohol. These scabies are exhausting.They itch like the dickens..When all else fails pray and ask the God of the universe for healing. Tomorrow I’m going to whole food to get neem oil.

    My heart reaches out to those who suffer worse than me. I dont have awful itching, but i do feel them. Why do some people feel them and others dont? I have been bathing for five weeks with tea tree oil and rubbing. We change the sheets, do laundry and everything everyone says, but I have gotten a few really great ideas on the internet tonight.

    A little scabies humor, ” they aren’t parasites, they are my fan club!” Okay, maybe it’s not too funny, but I’m tired of crying. Hang in there everyone, we can do it.

    Oh, when cleaning, don’t forget to clean the keyboards of your computers and iPads, and phones….

    goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the scabies bite…hey at least you don’t have the bedbugs…yet. Yuck you can see them. Something tobe thankful for. Hey, I actually feel a little better talking-to you guys. Hold on, gotta scratch…ok good night once and for all. You are in my prayers!!!!!!!

  70. Jasmine Says:

    I first noticed the bumps about a week ago. I was in complete denial. I figured I was just bitten by a spidder, or had been attacked by ants. After washing and cleaning everything I prayed the bumps would just go away. THEY DIDNT. I finally slept in a guest bedroom, and woke up to over 30 red bums on EACH shoulder. I paniced, and knew it was time to go to the doctors. If it were to spread any higher, I knew there would be no way of hiding it.

    I learned it was scabies, and had NO IDEA how I contracted it. Then I remembered I went to a sleepover at a friend’s house, and over 10 girls were there. I had to have caught it from one of them. I was prescribed the Permitherin cream and hydroxyzine hcl 25mg pills. The cream made the bumps burn like crazy, and the redness increased, and did not change. The pills help with the itching, but they make me extremely drowsy, and knock me out. It’s ruined my sleeping pattern to the point where if I don’t take the pills I won’t sleep that night. Which is not a good thing for a 16 year old girl. Plus more bumps have appeared, and I’ve finished the bottle.

    My new remedy is being OVER THE TOP clean, Vitamin E gel-caps, and sulfer soaps. I wash my bedsheets, clothes, and pillows everyday on the washing machine’s sanitary setting. I never use the same towel, or wear any article of clothing twice in a row. The vitamin e gel caps help with the redness of the bumps. So far, things have been looking better.

    Also, my mom informed me that as kids, all of my sister’s, including me, caught scabies and were prescibed the cream. Could I be resistant to the cream because I’ve used it before?

    I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of scabies. It’s not entirely cold enough to wear long sleeved shirts, and I can’t keep using that “alergic reaction” excuse.

  71. December begins Says:

    I have no remedy but am glad to discover this site.My children(all 3) 1st contracted school sores(so the doctor said) in December and i took them several times and lots of money later to get some sort of cure.So i followed the docs advice of laundering daily,cleaning bedding,bathing and creaming my children and myself(6 months pregnant at the time) and still no success.It wasn’t until after i gave birth the doctors decided to try another cure.Shower with Malathion Liquid and pat dry then cover the body with Betaclom Cream(an eczema cream).Do this twice daily.Can you imagine trying to do this with 3 kids and a newborn-but it had to be done.Another 4 months later they are cleared however i still seem to be carrying something.Fortunately my baby didnt catch anything and as much as it is tiring i may have found a new career ‘cleaning’ 24/7.Thanks to all your remedies i might actually find something that will work.

  72. old hobo Says:

    the skins from 12 or more brown onions, boiled in 1 liter of water for 2o minutes or so,then apply the liquid after cooling, all over your body. and don’t forget your hair. do this daily, or more often, for 2 weeks, to get rid of the mites as they freshly hatch. Of couse, you also need to take care of bedding clothes, etc.

    For more sure cure use the onion, plus a lotion made from tea tree oil, coconut oil, neem oil, sulfer, margosa oil (if you can get it), eucalyptis oil, wormwood, lavender oil, tumeric, black walnut oil,
    olive oil.

    you might use the onion extract in the lotion, but I’m not sure, if it will mix well with the oils because of the soluble factor

  73. francis Says:

    i need help…. my kids have scabies we have gone through months of permithrin cream and it doesnt work i also ru b them down with whitch hazel we have washed absolutly everything there is in this house and the doc refuses to do a skin scrapping to be sure what do i do next i cant stand for much more…

  74. Annaoooo Says:

    Another tip is spraying listerine mouth wash around. They hate it. Also I bought an ion detox foot spa. Works for me. I eat heaps of garlic and do my detox foot thing and the parasite in the water is revolting and the water ends up thick and black like mud. Worth a try. Prior to this I spent thousands of dollars over 2.5 years. Either it ain’t as simple as applying some cream or I’m dealing with a different parasite. Apparently I’m delusional writes my gp. Video of the wiggly crap in the bath that doesn’t like caustic soda and blood on mine and kids bed sheets would say otherwise. Also I don’t care if you buy and ion foot spa or not. Just saying what is working for me. Take care all of you. Anna x

  75. Annaoooo Says:

    If you do want to get a detox foot spa though. I got a cheaper version on easy and it works the same. Cheers Anna x

  76. Annaoooo Says:

    I just bought oregano oil. Going to use it for everything. It’s benefits look great to me. Google it. Plus in insects it stops adults reproducing and lavarve and eggs can’t become adults. It’s all worth a try. Apparently kills parasites and fungi to and boost you immune system. Will let you know how I go.

  77. chris carter Says:

    i strted having itches and little bumbs all over my arm pit area and down by my pubic region i just thought it was a heat rash but 3 days later it started itching crazy on my chest and back as long as my pubic region now i am getting little water looking pumps on my fingers and hands i looked it up and i belive it is scabies i dont have any money to go to the doctor and i do not have insurance what are some options i can use to get rid of them oooo and i am not working because of this so i need to get it healed so i can get back to work. plese help me out please.

  78. Mel Says:

    My family, yes entire family was diagnosed with these jerks a week ago and we have since used this stupid permithin cream twice and all it does is piss the mites off and make them relocate. I am unemployed and freaking out bc I’m fighting something I CANT see!!!! How the hell are u suppose to know when you have won?!?! I just bought some lavender oil 100% and olive bud oil 100% in hopes this will help. I am also gonna be using the peroxide baths and what not bc that seems promising. As far as seeing the mites goes… Um how do u see them? All we see are these little heat rash or pimple looking bumps. No trails of any kind that I can’t see or black dots or whatever. Ugh I’m so sick of these! its so damn gross.!!! I’m also scared of continuously reinfesting( nasty word) myself doing laundry daily and cleaning. I’m too the point where I wanna go get a hotel for a few days while these things die in my je but then again who knows when they’ll be dead bc u can’t see the damn things. I’m so frustrated and grossed out I don’t know what to do. I’m so broke so I can’t afford to keep buying all this crap. I’m gonna go purchase some long gloves for laundry work and mattress covers for my beds and hopefully they’ll have something for the pillows. Were going to try to stay away from the couches and chairs but damn there still the carpet. It feels never ending. I have used the rid lice spray on bed and couch bug who knows if it works. Called pest control and they said they can’t spray for scabies? But they can spray for bed bugs? Wtf? Anyways I’ll keep u posted on what works. I will probably be hunting down some neem oil and tea tree oil and mixing the oils together with a lotion and lathering up the fam. Also looking for a store to purchase somekind of sulfer soap or whatever so we can take baths as well as peroxide baths. I really hope this works. : / grrrrrrrrr die already!!!!!

  79. Mel Says:

    Ok update. Went to the dr again bc my son now has them on his scalp. The gave us some ivermectin pills and sulfer 6.4% emul rx but Its hard as hell to find a pharmacy able to mix the compound and when I did they closed 2 hour earlier that they were suppose to. My luck huh. Anywys bought the mattress covers and am doing another deep clean on the home today. Cleaning all laundry daily will help keep population down. I have used some garbage bags for the pillows bc all this is getting expensive and once everything is clean I will be spraying th couches daily and sitting on the floors. Laundry will be done in a few hours Óźā so after that I’m just gonna be using my mixtures of oils and lotions all over us as well as these pills I really hope are miracle workers. We don’t have them that bad but I’m tryIng to eliminate this problem before it is out of control. I’m a clean freak so this is grossing me out and wearing me out!! Peroxide baths will also be something were doing tonight. Not to mention praying to god to kill these things. Good luck to anyone else battling these things!!!!

  80. Troy Says:

    Help is guys help is here!! i was inching for 5 mouths with red little red bite and marks.. at first i Thoth i had fles or bedbug..then my friend told me he had Scabies 5 mouths ago.. i did some research and i got rid of my scabise with hot hot showers and scabbing with tea tree shampoo (paul mitchell) this shampoo has Lavender Oil,Tea Tree Oil and others…i shower 3 tree times a day for a week.. and i stop feeling crawling bites and inch stop…

  81. Troy Says:

    Lets me know if i helped or list how you got rid of them

  82. Nicole Says:

    So I have just discovered this site and thought my story might be helpful… my teenage daughter and son have both been eaten up with the scabies. We finally figured out that they must have picked it up from summer camp, but unfortunately it took the dermatologist several attempts to diagnose. By that time my younger children and my husband also caught “the itch”. So why have I not been infested?? I am currently applying the prescription cream from the dermatologist, and changing bed covers/sheets daily… I am worn out!! So I have been reviewing natural cures on this site and have discovered why I am the only one in my home not plagued by this mite. I daily use olive oil on my skin… wow, who would have thought… I also apply pure lavendar oil to my dad’s diabetic ulcers on a daily basis. With both of these items (I always end up with lavendar oil on some part of my hand/s), I believe it has kept them from completely eating me up as well. I was unaware of the dangers of the Permithrin, but I do believe in natural products over perscriptions anyday… and I can testify for the olive oil as a barrier to these pests. I did get a few bites… but very few. I think the olive oil must suffocate them or keeps the eggs from hatching. Weird. Anyway… I hope this helps someone else. Thanks for all the posts. Very helpful. I will start using the Tea tree oil mixtures to spray on my furniture, etc. Does anyone know if these mites can be carried on pets? and if so, do they show the same symptoms or are they silent carriers? I have several small dogs that like to sleep on our bed so I wonder about the scabies mites being carried by the dogs or cat. Thanks and good luck to all!

  83. Marcus Says:

    i bought arm and hammer laundry soap liquid in the yellow bottle) epsom salts & borax hand soap powder(like the put in the dispensers in the bathrooms)

    When i get up in the morning I CLEAN, mop and wipe down everything, dust, vacuum etc, the washer is down in my garage and has clothes from yesterday soaking in it overnight in borox / arm and hammer and cold water – i will run it here in a little bit and throw everything in my gas dryer (gas get’s hotter) for 70 minutes, I then fill the washer again with water and everythng from the day goes directly in is as I take it off or use it – rags etc and they soak overnight.

    wash all bedding, sheets, blankets etc every night

    next thing i do is lather up with the borox hand soap from head to toe and then soak in the tub for 30 minutes

    at night i take the arm and hammer cap off the bottle and fill the cap 1/2 way with epsom salts and the rest with arm and hammer, i use a loofa and drizzle the soap on the loofa and scrub from head to toe.

    this seems to be working….i also have been mopping my floors with hot water and ammonia

    the key is to CLEAN and clean again – even if you cleaned it yesterday do it again – focus alot more in the bedroom and living areas if this is where you spend time more, also if you are in a cold climate leave your car outside at night when it’s freezing and I alos put my vacuum outside on nights when it’s below freezing to kill anything in the vacuum and anything in the car…..thus far I am getting RELEIF!! i slept 9 hours last night (much needed)

  84. Angelo-was-very-itchy Says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading this site and it’s awesome. I started itching about 3 weeks ago. I was thinking it was fleas due to the old tenants. After 2 flea bombs didn’t resolve the bites, they were starting to get worse and worse to unbearable, keeping me up all night. I got diatomacious earth and spread it throughout the house. Even between the matresses & the bed liner. I got so desperate and put it on my balls. It seemed to shut them down temp.

    That’s when I started researching and praise the Lord for this site and your write ups. So based on what I read I ordered neem and lavender oils.

    1. Then I broke down, over itching, couldn’t wait, and bought neem locally. It got the itch under control. Finally I was getting most if not all of my sleep. Thank you Jesus Christ!
    2. It seemed like I had to keep putting it on every hr or 2 at different or same spots when awake.
    3. Then I read how olive oil kills the little bastards and coconut oil helps get it down there in their sordid burrows.
    **4. I mixed olive oil, neem, & coconut oils and it made a big difference. Thus I don’t have to put it on as often and it all spreads easier.
    5. Still waiting on the lavender oil. I’ll add that to the mix and also make a separate mix of lavender & alcohol.
    6. I haven’t washed the bedsheets yet. I think I’ll have to do that soon. As for everyday, wow that’s a lot of work and expense on my utility bill.

    I read some of the sad writeups and my heart goes out to you, especially the 12 yr old. I have 2 boys 10 & 13 and actually feel good they live w/ their mom over this nastiness. One write up referred to using amonia??? Woe, now that’s desperation. I hope it never comes to that. Please shoot me if it does, hehhehehehh.

    I’m still trying to figure out how I got these little beasts. I date on and off but always use protection. I was dating a girl that insisted her dog slept w/ us. After a couple of months I could take it anymore when he would fart in the bed and we ended up breaking up over it. It was soon after that I noticed my first bump under my balls. Perhaps she/her dog gave this to me?

    Finally, I shall keep posting until I have eliminated every one of these little monsters and also healed completely.

    Take care & God bless,

  85. Angelo-was-very-itchy Says:

    By the way, diatomacious earth food grade variety is good for both animal as well as human consumption because it eliminates parasites in the body. It’s like running broke up razor blades through a sewer pipe, it cleans up all the caked sewage attached to the walls. I put it in my coffee every morning. 1 tbsp spread into 3 coffee cups. I also add other powders, e.g cacao nibs in powder form. (I read how someone got rid of them by eating nibs) I shouldn’t have got scabies then?

    Oh well, other powders I add are gogi berries & camu camu berries. These are full of anti oxidants and increase your health and immune system. You all might want to read up on these. Kelp powder and ginseng I add to my food. Definitely google these and you’ll be amazed at the benefits. I buy most if not all off ebay by the pound.

  86. Angelo-was-very-itchy Says:

    I received the lavender oil and added it to my above concoction.
    1. It seemed that it caused the mites to come out and move around my body. By sleep time they were depriving me of my sleep. It sure smelled good though.
    2. Finally, I added a bunch neem, worried they were looking for untreated skin to hijack. Seems to have stablelized them and was able to get a good nights sleep.
    3. I think I’m gonna have to keep lavender oil to a min. in the mix because it didn’t seem to stablelize them like neem, coconut oil and olive oils seemed to without a bunch of lavender.

  87. ChineseSolution Says:

    Well people .. I have had this cursed itch 3 times in my life… Ist time it took months before I finally realised I had it .. and went to the chemist, who recommended some solution.. I used it and it eventually worked, but it really smelt and you need to paint it for 24hrs..

    The last 2 times, I used Chinese Liniment ( similar to tiger balm but much better, because its liquid ) product is called MOO TONG LINIMENT … and it works a dream.. you just spot wherever you itch and not only soothes , but kills the mites. This treatment I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Scabies are just the horrible to know they itch and lay eggs under your skin. disgusting! …

  88. Scarlet Says:


    I am skeptical, but after finding out my insurance deductible is $3500. and hating doctors anyhow as they took my mother’s life, I decided to go to the internet. I have been miserable for weeks! I don’t know if I have scabies but we had a live in housekeeper move her two dogs in who scratched and scratched. Next thing I know my dog is scratching and she sleeps with me. Now we’re both itching all over. I took her to a vet weeks ago and the vet said allergies and that nothing is passed from dog to human (but i really doubt this as we’re both miserable). I kept bathing her in medical soap as directed but after a few days she’d itch again.

    I have gotten really bad at night mostly.

    So tonight I read this page. I took down the list and found all the ingredients I could at Walmart… they had almost everything. I tried the first solution remedy and that was about 2 hours ago and it seems to have cured the area I put it on! wow! I’m almost afraid to announce it as it will curse me again.

    I took tea tree oil (which i was told i had a bad reaction to but i was so desperate anyhow) and olive oil and mixed it together and just rubbed it on my tummy and chest. Everything felt soothed immediately and the itch stopped. Then i rubbed it on my dog. She is not itching now and its in the middle of the night.

    So try it! wow what a difference!!

  89. Scarlet Says:

    I felt another itch or two and put more tea tree oil mixed with olive oil and it goes away! a complete miracle I feel!

    funny thing is I am using the Coconut Oil I bought for my hair right now and I think i’ll return all the other products. Its crazy how well this works.

    Just go to wal mart get tea tree oil and olive oil. thats all you need. First comfort i have found in a long long time!

    Thank you website for being here!

  90. Jane Says:

    When I read about people having this for years, I am shocked, but after trying to determine the onset of my first signs of itch and little bitty pimple like sores on my bum, I realized the day I got this. I got it from this lady that I spend time with and all she does is complain. I felt sorry for her as not many friends left for her and her kids don’t care. She said she was itchy really bad and saw a few doctors and they said it was a yeast infection but it was not contagious.

    I remember this was Feb of 2005. I was itchy that night. She said it wasnt contagious. i thought i had a yeast of the skin infection. I was worried because my mother was dying at the time and I didnt want to get her sick. I just remember having so much itchiness at that time. It never went away entirely.

    I am VERY CLEAN, everything in my house is thoroughly sanitized and we have full time housekeepers to do this even when i’m not. Now i think maybe that is why it never got really bad.

    My dog was with another dog and they were all itching and i sleep with my dog.

    I found this site and have been trying tea tree and olive oil. it is working well but im grossed out by the fact i have bugs under my skin.

    today i saw black heads to my pimples and i was able to tweeze out a few black things, not sure it was the mite. gross!

  91. Scarlet Says:

    okay its the third night, and I posted the first two days. Now tonight i was itchy really bad and i think it was because my car was infested or the sweater i wore (i had worn last week one time) by the time i got home i was miserable.

    this time i stripped down and put coconut oil all over my body and rubbed it in. then i put the tea tree oil in my hands and rubbed all over over the coconut oil. I waited and waited. Then I put the shower on really hot to get ready to go in, but got side tracked with my cell phone. I looked at my tummy and chest and had ions of little black like tiny fleas or lint or something. I remember reading someone said she saw hundreds go down the sink and someone said only ten will appear not hundreds. Well i guess the hot shower mist activated the other two and i literally watched these little tiny bugs come out of my skin. It was super creepy as I am very white so its very noticeable. It works like magic.

    If you are infected, try it.

    1.) strip down completely.
    2) rub in coconut oil in the skin really good, head to toe.
    3.) rub in 2 ounce bottle of tea tree oil (made me feel a bit nauseous though)
    4.) turn your shower on hot mode and let the mist come towards you.

    I took pics, if anyone wants them post your email and ill send them. (oh not of myself lol, i am totally g-rated). But i put the bugs on the counter and ironically it looks pretty staged as its not because you can see the bottles from walmart, like a commercial. i also took a close up. I am trying to find a place i can send them to test them.

    any ideas?

  92. Connie Says:

    Thank you everyone for you input and remedies…We have had this is our household for 1 month now. Myself, Daughter and 2 1/2 yr. old grandaughter..We tried the cream from the dermatologist with no luck..have a appt. with them tomorrow,I am not putting this on my grandaughter or my daughter..I heard tea tree oil is good for alot of uses, I had some tea tree oil face wash, I gave my grandaughter a bath with that dried her off, then applyied olive oil to her skin all over. She has not itched at all today :) It has been a pain i have a washer and dryer but the comforters won’t fit in my washer. So needless to say I took them to the laundry mat and spent $140.00 on washing everything and drying them. Now I am going to boil water and put it in the wash basin with borax and let them sit in there and spin them in the washter then dry on hot for 2 hours…hope that works, I never had these in my life and I am 56 years old. I don’t have them as bad as my grandaughter does and my daughter cause they sleep together. Praying this works and my prayers to all of you that are suffering from these little bastards!!!! Once again thanks to all for the suggestions <3

  93. Tabitha Barrios Says:

    i think the ancstors remedy is the best..using home remedies is 100% effective…its been almost a week since my son has been diagnose…his doctor told me tht everyone in the home must be treated and thats all i needed to hear.i could not efford the price of peri 1% i decided to go with a listing of home products Boraxo powered hand soap which contains(borax) the powered solution is toxic free it kills the scabies beneath the skin ..allowing them raise above the surface of your skin.i use the product for seven days straight for my son ,tea tree oil as a this process was did him justice he then went bck to the doctor so they can run another test …im so proudly to say he was scabie free…P.s i forgot to mention that Aloe drinks are excellent ..since it is a body cleaner it is also effective they say aloe itself is not allow for children but my son has been drinking it ever since then and hes only 11 in a halff months…god planted these things on earth purposely ppl jus dont know the benifits of it..its very affordable at ant local store…try it ppl Very benifical

  94. Experimentingnow Says:

    I have suffered with this since Dec. 9th and missed work. I am secluded and will spend Christmas dealing with this. I did all the things everyone else did. It took 2 doctors looking at me like I was crazy with I took the specimen in on tape. Neither one believed me. So I have read every page, article, comment on the internet it seems. Using deduction to all this, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to rid myself of these things by killing everything not just the bug underneath the skin but from the inside out, so I talked to my healthfood person. Yesterday I took 2 doses (several hours apart) of black walnut hull oil (56 drops in a small amount of water) I also bought the sulfur tablet to take. Last night I felt so much better after taking 2 doses of each of these. She also recommended that I use the clove bud oil and mix with water to spray the house with. I am thinking about using a small amount in the bath water. This is somewhat a different approach to the tea tree oil (that I have been using for 2 weeks) and other items mentioned. I washed my clothes in Borox along with detergent from the beginning. I will continue to do that. It was also recommended that I take a triple strength Omega 3/6/9 to repair damaged skin from the sores/scars. I hope this helps. I will repost when I have ridden myself of all traces. Merry Christmas to all.

  95. Steve Says:

    And where does one purchase Chinese Liniment?

  96. alykat Says:

    W ell this is my 2edtiime getting these dreadful buggers and I looked at the clothesi want to keep and the ones I’m getting rid of throwing out a lot of my clothes towels sheets bedspreads and buing. A new bed with a plastic coverim making sure this does not happen again also eating better taking a lot of vitamins because scabies are contracted or you get them when your immune system is at its lowest I hope this works for me I’ma c n a I just don’t want anyone or myself to experience this again did the treatment last night throwing everything out today

  97. Marylin Says:

    Steve, here’s the link to the Chinese liniment that was mentioned:
    I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t say personally if it works or not…I’ve been newly infested, probably a little over a month now, and I’ve been mixing green clay with clove bud oil and water to make a paste and applying that over the bumps, which takes away the itch and seems to kill the mites, and I’ve also been applying food grade diatomaceous earth to my whole body after I shower and dry off completely. Not sure if that’s working or not, but I also sprinkled it all over my couch and bed, thinking that would kill them without having to do laundry every day, but just today I broke out in many new bumps, so… probably going to have to bite the bullet and do laundry every day.

    When I first realized that what I had was scabies, I soaked my hands, the only place infected at first, in hot water with epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide. It seemed to draw the mites to the surface and then the clay mixture killed them. I kept the small areas covered with the clay 24/7 and used a bandaid to keep it on, and for a long time, that was working, but suddenly I have a LOT of new bumps. I wish I had a complete cure to give, but I’m just experimenting to find what ultimately works, and if anyone has any ideas on what I’m doing wrong (or right) please let me know. The clay does stop the itching! Keep reapplying it for as long as it takes to dry out and flatten the bumps.

    A word of caution about the diatomaceous earth… DO NOT get it in your hair! I have very long hair and the DE on my couch and bed sheets has made my hair dry out really bad, it feels like straw! When I realized that was what was drying it out (I had just bought a new brand of shampoo that was terrible and thought that was the problem) I washed it, let it dry a bit and then coated my slightly damp hair with olive oil and put a shower cap on and slept with it like that. It helped re-moisturize my hair, but best to just keep your hair up and away from contact with the DE. I thought the DE would kill the mites but either it doesn’t work or I haven’t gotten every surface well enough. I’m going to try a few more things and get back to you on what kills them for good. It’s hard to choose which of all the helpful remedies posted here to try, so again, if anyone else has had lasting success, please post it, and thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences! I’m sure that between all of us, we will find the right natural treatment.

  98. Marylin Says:

    I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to get scabies or whatever this mite is, from dogs? My neighbors’ apartment door is only separated from mine by a small hallway, and they have two dogs, and the hallway gets filled with dog bair and dirt and blows under my door. Yuck! I don’t see them or their dogs often so I don’t know if the dogs are infested. Just trying to figure out how I got this and prevent re-infection if I can ever clear it up.

  99. Rosesredrottweiler Says:

    Please send the pics to my email.  My hubby and I are fighting these things and would love to see the pics.  Thanks for the suggestions of coconut oil and tea tree oil.  We are going to try them.

  100. Trudy Says:

    Its very reassuring to hear your comments nicole and I myself know of the horrors and¬†complete¬†nightmare attached to trying to cure this condition ,,, my teenage son picked it up on a school holiday to¬†France¬†and the¬†whole¬†family became compleatley plagued we tried everything all the prescription drugs and tablets off the internet also ivermectin … it cost me an absolute fortune and the doctor was really not very sympathetic , I think they are under the illusion one dose of cream clears it up and yes it does¬†initially¬†but the after care is just as important and thats where neem oil , olive oil, teatree oil and lavender oil all work because if u adopt a daily¬†routine¬†putting any of these on or mixing all of them ¬†and rubbing them all over your body it prevents more lice getting on to you and reinfecting and breaks the cycle ¬†,,,, wear clean clothes daily and wash your bed sheets if not daily than every other and u should¬†eventually¬†be rid of the pests trust me!!!! oil every day they die by¬†suffocation¬†………

  101. deedee Says:

    My newly graduated Nurse Practitioner diagnosed me with Scabies, I did 2 treatment of the Cream with no relief, I have the itch only on my buttocks area and a small breakout on my foot. It is not spreading or getting better, yesterday I saw the Nurse Practitioner again and she prescribed me a Medrol dose pack and now says she is not sure it is scabies! I have disinfected my bedding, clothing, shoes, even re-washing items that were washed. No one else in my family has the ‘rash’. I have heard that Lime juice and hydrogen peroxide soaks help, does anyone know or has anyone heard anything about this natural treatment????

  102. Anonymous Says:

    how do we get them out?they are just horrid thanks for the info it must be the olive oil thats the contraception to the mite

  103. Anonymous Says:

    how did you go and what did you use if you dont mind i have had these terrible things now six months i am 1trac1s partner john and dont feel ashamed as one of her girlfriends gave me 2 pillows to sleep on when i was invited to stay for a couple of weeks. please get back to me as soon as possible as im open for any ideas or remedies kind regards john

  104. Anonymous Says:

    please i have these terrible things after staying over at my partners friends she lent me two pillows and now i know her place was infested with them so if there is anyone that can help me with this i would gladly appreciate it my name is john as im not ashamed as i did not intentionally put myself at risk . she put me at risk as she failed to tell me. what a horrid person and six months now is driving me absolutely crazy as it iterferes with most of your waking life and consumes many hours that could be well better spent regards john

  105. Podago Says:

    Cutting to the point: When I took my son to the doctor, and mentioned scabies he took a look and asked the usual did you change soaps, lotions, detergents etc. questions and basically blew me off. Anyway to make a long story short,we had it before, got rid of it for about six months and now have it again. I work at a school, I’m pretty sure thats where it came from. A couple of my students where infected pretty badly. Anyway when disinfecting, cleaning etc. make sure as previously mentioned to clean ( I used bleach and water) the seat in your car, the chair at work, your lanyards, pillows, etc…

    I even cleaned necklaces and scarves, hats anything I could think of. I am not an advocate for any particular product, I just wanted to get rid of those things. I did all of the initial cleaning and then every morning and evening I would spray my bedding with Ark Naturals Neem protect spray. An all natural pet spray which claims to be human quality and who follow good manufacturing practices. I also sprinkled baking soda on my mattress and steam cleaned the mattress and the carpet. I purchased the scabies killer stuff on line and bathed my children in the neem, tea tree, and lavender oils.

    One other thing I found to relieve the itch is the trader joe Tea Tree Tingle body wash, conditioner, shampoo, anything that was handy. Not only did we shower with the body wash, anytime the kids itch I slather some on that location and the itch is relieved. I don’t know if it’s okay to put body wash or shampoo or conditioner on dry skin as a remedy, but I know for sure that the scabies aren’t good for us. I also purchased the dimaceous (spell check) earth stuff and put it on the furniture, floor etc. I am itching as I type, but I just apply the scabies killer to the areas and the itch stops.

    I by the way don’t have any of the usual infection areas, but I itch none the less and tingle all over. I have a minimal number of bumps, but again plenty of itching, though never enough to keep me up all night. This really sucks to say the least. I look forward to trying the olive oil. Thanks for the tips.

  106. Gettin rid of these scabies Says:

    My 14 year old daughter 2 weeks ago said that she was getting acne on her upper back right below her neck bone. On Friday she showed me her back and it looked like a fewe acne bumps then on Sunday she said mom the acne is bad and its itching, which seems odd to me because acne doesn’t itch. She lifted up her shirt and the bumps had multiplied and had 4 straight lines about 3-4 inches long. It looked like scratch marks But it was actually the mites burrowing. The Doctor prescribed permithin cream and she left it on for 13 hours. It looked like it started to dry up the next day and then it looked like the bites tripled!!! We had to go out of town for an emergency so we put lice shampoo on her body. that didn’t help either. We got home I was going to do her other treatment early before the 7 days before started reading online how horrible that cream was for her. Plus it didn’t do anything the first time. It also moved to the middle of her chest and to the top of her neck. So I have a game plan to tackle these guys. I got the ideas from all of these amazing posts. I also have a 6 mos old baby that we have to keep these bugs away from. So my baby and I bathe in water and tea tree oil (because the scabies hate that oil)and spray everything with Lavender
    Ok so here is my shopping list
    1. 7th generation Lavender laundry Soap
    2. 365 brand (wholefoods)Lavendar Laundry Softener
    3. Mrs. Meyers lavender All purpose cleaner (They hate lavender)
    4. Grandpas brand Sulfur Soap (kills Scabies)
    5. Epsom Salt (draws stuff out the body when u soak in it)
    6. Tea Tree Oil ( Kills Scabies?, They hate this oil)
    7.Lavender Oil (They hate this oil)
    8.Garlic (For her to swallow a clove or two per day, boosts her immune system, and she won’t taste as good to them)
    9. D- Lenolate Olive leaf extract pills ( help her body fight them off from inside)
    10.Neem Oil ( kill these things)
    11. Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil ( to moisturize her skin and be the carrier oil
    12. 365 Brand lavender Shampoo
    13. 365 Brand Lavender Conditioner
    14. Borax
    I purchased the sulfur soap at GNC, D-lenolate online, Borax at Walmart and the rest at Whole Foods. Also under the soap tab has essential oils for cheaper and they deliver for free if you order $50 worth
    My game plan:
    *Add drops of Lavender Oil to Mrs. Meyers all purpose spray, Spray the car, mattresses.
    *Wash all clothes and linens Daily in Lavener laundry soap Add borax in washer
    * Sprinkle Borax on carpet and vaccum (wear a mask you don’t want to inhale this)
    * Spray carpet with Mrs. Meyers lavendar Spray
    *Have my daughter take a warm / cool shower wash hair with lavender shamp. and add tea tree oil to Conditioner.
    * Soak in a warm/ cool bath for 25 Mins I added Epsom Salt, Neem Oil, Coconut oil, lavender, & Tea tree oil
    * Washed with Sulfur soap and a little neem on wash cloth ( used a different washcloth for infected areas) Used it all over her body
    * I had her air dry and then added Neem oil Directly to the effected areas
    * I mixed Coconut, neem, Lavender, Tea tree oil in a small bowl and had her put it all over her body and at the bottom of her scalp
    * We will repeat this 2-3 times per day (yup i pulled her out of school for this) and everytime we will wash the towels, clothes, sheets

    I hope I smother these things it’s heartbreaking. Oh yeah and benadryl is helping her with the itch. Hopefully I can keep them away from the baby. Good luck to you all!!!! I will keep you posted. Also to prevent infesting me and the baby I mixed coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree and put it on us daily.. i hope it works

  107. Lynne Ross Says:

    Hello To All,
    My son’s college roommate has scabies and now my son came home with those awful critters. He, too, went to the doctor and tried the permithin cream, which did not cure the problem. Since I design organic lotions and cremes, I took this on as a personal challenge to create a lotion and spray that would do the trick.

    After much studying and tweaking, I’ve got a lotion created with many of the elements that help rid the skin of the mites, yet nourish the skin back to a healthy state. I combined neem oil, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger peppermint, sweet basil, black willow bark, vit. e, witch hazel, laurel leaf, with organic aloe, coconut oil, and more into a lotion that has been wonderful.

    I then put it into a 32 oz. pump bottle, to be used along with a neem oil, tree tree blend spray. If anyone needs a 32 oz. bottle of the lotion, leave a message on my website and I’ll get back to you. There is a better way than toxic topical ointments. Good Luck

  108. Linda Says:

    First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone for all the remedies that they submitted. We just found out that we all have it and were very upset (as you all were). I have been bleaching everything. Then I have mixed up a conconcution of witch hazel, tea tree oil, lavender oil and eucy oil. I sprayed carpets, couches and car, praying this will work. I really like the one about using lavender on everything and I will be trying that. Will let you all know how everything works. Again thank you for posting all your ideas.

  109. Rudolph Says:

    Clove oil mixed with any carrier oil like olive oil will get rid if your scabies mites!!! Very potent, fastest, cheapest, most effective and inexpensive way to treat scabies! Apply on your body from neck to toes and also the scalp. Massage. leave this on 24 hours. you can shower every morning but apply again until the next day. if you notice that the oil in your body is getting off, apply again. the secret is constant oil within the treatment period. Dramatic results in 2 or 3 days. No more itchiness, crawley feelings, bumps…for good measure, apply on succeeding days until you’re sure you’re body and environment is mite free…reminder: this clove effective treatment plus making sure fresh clothes, blankets, pillows, beddings, etc. which I assume you already know. This scabies is peanuts believe me. Don’t fall prey to spammers here who will scare you to death with their anecdotes and made up stories just to sell their products.

  110. Veronica Says:

    I, too, have scabies. The remedy I am using is Neem oil and Clove Oil (essential oil) and coconut oil. I mix neem oil and coconut oil and apply after I take my bath. I also mixed clove oil and coconut oil and used that, too. I would use the neem and coconut mixture in the morning and the clove and coconut mixture at night. I got some really good results, but still continue to have mild outbreaks. Now when I have a new bite I use the clove oil full strength. Kills them almost immediately. I got immediate results – like I said I still have a few bites now and then but this does seem to work. Scabies don’t like clove and neem oil. I would use tee tree oil too, but I burn when I use it so that is out for me. Another thing I did was to put sweet orange essential oil in the bath water.

    I also use lye soap. It does dry out the skin but when applying the other mixtures of coconut oil it replenishes the oil and coconut oil is very good for the skin.

    Even though I still have bites at times few and far in between now, I did decide to buy sulphur soap to use. I heard scabies don’t like sulphur either.

    Hopefully, is someone tries this remedy they will get some good results like I have. Good luck everyone. It is not a fun condition to have.

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