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Jock Itch

jock itch

Itching in the groin area can be downright annoying. And, God forbid, if you get caught in public, it can become downright embarrassing too. No amount of twisting, turning or squirming is likely to bring relief; you’ve to reach out for your unmentionables. If it is any consolation, men are affected more than women. But, you don’t have to suffer this humiliation, since there are some natural remedies for jock itch available.

How do you get jock itch?

Jock itch is a fungal infection that thrives rather well in the warm and cheapest place to buy viagra online moist environment of the groin area. The culprit, Trichophyton rubrum that causes this condition, is quite capable of doing the same to your toes and body.

How does jock itch appear?

Most of you must be familiar with the jock itch symptom. It starts as a rash in the groin fold usually on both sides and, if left to itself, will usually advance down the inner thigh. The advancing edge is bright red, scaly and more raised than the skin already conquered by the fungus, which is usually reddish-brown and less scaly.

The good news for males is it spares the scrotum and penis. If they’re affected then, most probably, the culprit is Candida albicans, a type of yeast that causes vaginal yeast infections.

Preventing jock itch

The best home cure for jock itch is to not let it occur in the first place! So, take the following preventive measures on the first sign itself:

a. Shower:

Wash the suspected area thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and rinse well.

b. Keep area dry:

To prevent the fungus from spreading, keep the crotch area as dry as possible and don’t let the area collect sweat under any circumstances.

c. Use powder:

Powdering the area well will prevent the moisture from accumulating in the groin area. So, lightly dust the powder whenever you change your underwear.

d. Cotton clothing:

Wear loose fitting cotton clothing or synthetic materials designed to wick moisture away from the surface. Those wearing athletic supporters should put on a pair of clean, all-cotton shorts under it to prevent rubbing of skin and how to get generic cialis accumulation of perspiration.

e. Change sweaty clothes:

Sweat generally collects in the groin area despite best efforts. To keep it sweat-free, change your sweaty workout clothes and undergarments as frequently as possible. And please don’t put them back on without washing them first!

f. Avoid sharing clothes:

One of the sure shot ways of contracting jock itch is to share your clothing or towel. So, don’t borrow them and be firm about letting others use yours.

g. Shed extra weight:

If you’re on the heavier side you tend to have more skin folds that give a damp and moist environment to the fungus. So, shed those extra pounds.

Home remedy for jock itch

Before you reach out for over-the-counter creams, try some jock itch natural cures:

a. Salted bath:

Prepare a hot bath and sprinkle it with a generous amount of salt. Soak yourself in it for fifteen minutes to let the salt work on the affected areas. The salt draws the liquid from the blisters and dries them up. By repeating twice daily for two to three days you’ll find your jock itch disappear.

b. Washing:

To cure jock itch, wash the affected area in chlorine bleach or vinegar.

c. Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is a deep cleansing and stimulating oil with strong antibacterial properties. It helps relieve burning and canadian pharmacy diflucan itching, when it’s applied to the infected area.

d. Garlic:

Garlic has been used for jock itch treatment for a long time. You can either take it orally or make a compress by blending it with olive oil and apply it to the affected area.

Jock itch can make life a living hell. However, it doesn’t take much to cure the condition. Although over-the-counter creams are generally recommended, natural cures are as effective. However, let your physician decide what’s best for your condition.

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  1. Adam Says:

    How much bleach and/or vinegar is required?

    Obviously the bleach must be dilluted, but what about the vinegar?

    I have heard alcohol works for athletes foot too, as alcohol draws moisture away from the feet.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I heard that hidrogen peroxide also helps with jock itch, as well as the alcohol.

  3. jose Says:

    where can i buy that product?

  4. hgfjghh546 Says:

    all 3 are good cures

    water bottle 3 parts water 1 part bleach (shake well) (do not straight up put bleach on your junk as it is a sure fire chemical burn and holy mother of god ER time) Get a washcloth/dropper like an ear syringe and apply every few hours. fyi if it lives bleach kills it so for other things it is useful, just think of it as liquid death.

    for garlic take capsules as the taste of raw is unpleasant in needed quantities for most. triple whatever the bottle says as you are not taking as a supplement and it is a food product so your not going to OD or anything. blending/mincing it in olive oil is a great idea. putting garlic powder (herb for cooking) straight on junk area causes great irritation but does relieve future pain/kill it. using olive/tea tree oil will get rid of the pain from application and stick it on there.

    the creams are virtually the same. pick one (lotrimin,etc..) apply as directed and use an antifungal powder soon after as the cream helps the powder stick instead of falling off with movement (zeasorb). make sure you get the inner thigh creases.

    Nuke underwear and buy cheap generic viagra all bedding with bleach. Also while applying all of this go ahead and apply to your butt crack to prevent it from spreading there (you already have 1 sensitive area threatened, 2 is twice as bad)

    Also when possible be naked and in the presence of light (be it sun or artificial). Tanning bads are very unhealthy but if you are a tanner (bleach it clean if shared) the light can help kill it. (naked again)

    After treating yourself in such ways for 1 week or so if it isn’t gone/going/relieved see a doc because you may have some other wonderful thing.

    Also when I slept I positioned a 400w halogen bulb as close to my groin as I could get it without worrying about burning myself (I rigged up a flex-neck type light to it and the ballast)

    I can’t credit that to my recovery as I was frantically doing things to it but I believe it helped. (it is a fungus and I don’t see too much growing in full sun so nuke and light it up)

  5. releived Says:

    I couldn’t figure out what was bothering me since my symptoms didn’t quite fit any of the usual culprits for women. It wasn’t until my doctor suggested I try lotrimin that it even occurred to me that it could be some form of jock itch. I’ve been using tea tree oil for about 24 hours now and it has had a more immediate and order viagra now drastic effect than anything I have tried over the past month! (btw- BLEACH? that just sounds dangerous)

  6. JenCO Says:

    My husband used 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide (35 per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted 1:10 with filtered water) sprayed onto his groin area, then left to dry, morning and evening. The spray did not sting in any way. The jock itch soon went away, and has never come back (about 2 years now). This is an effective and cheap remedy.

  7. ydouwantamiracle Says:

    just do a search on natural remedies for jock itch, the same things keep reoccurring: salt baths, tea tree oil, garlic along with all the common sense personal hygiene recommendations.


    Try boxer briefs instead of regular jock briefs (the elastic absorbs the most moisture and it rubs right agains your groin crease – and also after washing this elastic retains moisture and and remnants of the fungus. And as HGF said, dry your clothes in the sun to make sure they are 100% dry.

    If you have to wear a jockstrap for sports, get some antifungal powder like ego resolve and coat your sweaty jockstrap after (and before) use. Carry powder with you when at sports to put around your balls after a sweating or showering to absorb as much moisture as you can before you get home to change into your clean jocks.

    Of course all other things apply, like good diet, and apparently it is good to avoid white starchy foods and yeast if you find you have a stubborn case (although avoiding this crap is a good idea in general as our bodies are naturally intolerant to yeast and white starchy foods aren’t natural and buy cheap clomid just make you fat anyway). In order to get rid of your ball sack foes, you need to make a plan of attack and be vigilant, not just for a couple of days, but for one month to ensure every last sign of the fungus is dead and once dead, further care to build up the natural process and immunity of those affected cells so they aren’t compromised allowing the fungus to return – it only takes one microscopic individual (viruses are asexual remember!!!) As anything in life, half assed efforts will get half assed results, you only need to do it once if you do it properly.

    Ok, due to the huge amount of information out there regarding jock itch, this is for those who think jock itch is the end of the world for them:

    For f*cks sake use common sense, i.e. dont bleach it, then an hour later put tea tree oil, then the next hour use a pharmeceutical cream, then have a shower with soap, then after that put garlic on it …. because you think it will speed things up – you know what I mean, we all think we can outsmart nature; dont be a jockitchhead, regardless if you’ve got a hot date or a fricken dick togs photo shoot the next day, be patient and use your brain, trying to rush and get rid of them just ends up making them worse.

    Remember those teenage zits where you thought: ‘if i just squeeze that little bit out it will be fixed and I will look perfect again’, only to end up with a red scabby welt 3 times the size – leading you into a downward spiral where you smash the mirror with your fist, slice open two fingers, then retreat under your pillow crying like a man whore thinking your life is over and buy cialis canadian pharmacy that God has singled you out and is punishing you for that horrible thing you said to Jenny four eyes the week before…

    Despite what you read on the internet, you won’t cure your jock itch in 24 hours or less, e.g. Vincent Hess is a loser praying on your urgency and insecurities ( just like all the others trying to make you feel bad about your small cock. They should be shot!

    Sorry, bit of a tangent there, but to sum it all up most of the major symptoms of jock itch will reside in a few days. Either use the natural remedies, or a pharmaceutical cream, be methodical and consistent and most importantly keep up your regime for at least 2 weeks after the symptoms subside because even if the symptoms are gone, the fungus can still be there.

  8. Max Says:

    Bleach is a BAD Idea!!!! Don’t put that on your skin

  9. roxy Says:

    If you read the bleach bottle, it states that it is a skin irritant. Even diluted, it’s still toxic and lethal. Would you drink it if it was diluted? Also, bleach is not natural, at least not Chlorox.

  10. G Money Says:

    The OTC creams are NOT all the same. I was using a generic version of Tinactin for almost 2 weeks to no avail. My doctor prescribed LAMASIL as it has a different ingredient and is more effective against tougher cases of jock itch. Also, in my line of work, I get very hot and discount zithromax sweaty and I’m not allowed to wear anything other than jeans so getting my groin some fresh air is out of the question. I use Monkey Butt Powder and it does a great job of keep me dry. It contains calamine powder and is heavier than regular baby powder. Also, washing your sheets and making sure you have clean clothes is key. Cleanliness is a very good way to not only cure jock itch, but also to keep it from coming back!

  11. idk Says:

    Im fat and had to go about three days without a shower. Ill admit im fat and now i have this burning itching feeling around my testicles and innner thigh. I dont know if this is jock itch but after three minutes of contact it becomes damp and foul smelling in the area. I have taken 2 showers in the past three hours and buy viagra without a prescription am planning on another. It is very unpleasant. If anyone could help me it would be deeply appreciated.

  12. Dan Says:

    Kerosene totally rid me of the nasty fungus….. I tried everything and I mean everything. I haven’t had an episode of jock itch in 2 years now…..serious…. I lived with that nasty itch for 20 yrs….tried every product imaginable.

  13. jack Says:

    tea tree oil didn’t work for me..As a matter of fact nothing has worked..Not over the counter cream , not peroxide,,,nothing so I’m going to a doctor this week…

  14. Dana Says:

    If you have ringworm (jock itch) for an extended amount of time you will need to see a physician and get a prescription for an antifungal cream or oral treatment. NOTHING will kill this fungus completely. I literally tried EVERYTHING. Tree tree oil, peroxide, vinegar, salt baths, none of these could kill it. I had contracted jock itch from my husband and had it throughout my entire pregnancy. I couldn’t treat it with anything harmful…it was hell!! I would wake up in the middle of the night with a burning itch. Finally after I was finished nursing my child, a dermatologist prescribed oral lamisil for two weeks. It finally was gone after over a year!

  15. Anonomous Says:

    I heard that apple cider vinegar works too.

  16. Laura Says:

    My mom had made this type of liquid with Garlic and Boric acid. At the time, I had had a horrible fungus down there. it started small, then it started increasing more and more, to the point where it reached my legs. i started seeing these red herpes looking type of things on my legs, and it was just horrible. I had been suffering from it for a whole year btw. So then it accured to me to try the rememdy that my mom made, since I had tried it on my athlete’s foot a year back and it had cured it in les than an hour; athletes fot that I’d had for about three years! So I finaly tried it….Oh my god!!!! it hurt soo badly.BUT it was worth it, because within the day, I had no more itch.

  17. tuki Says:

    I had constant jock itch and creams and powders were just temporary remedies. I tried putting ajax on a sponge and rubbing the area a couple of times and the cure was instantaneous. This cure really does work.

  18. assitch Says:

    bleach is a lot better then an itchy red ass crack

  19. Jimmy Says:

    Everyone is just about full of crap with natural stuff.. I mean if u wait long enough and let it get real bad ur body will overcome it of coarse u wont be able to walk and yes keepng it dry does help allot.


    I have been given better creams and NEWER stuff but i always tell my doc just give me the old stuf.. Lotrim sucks! Ateast for me, my body responds well to ECOC CREAM

  20. Jesse Says:

    I’ve went through 3 bottles of cream, 2 sprays of antifungal stuff. I tried putting baking soda on my balls because i was so fed up with it, it worked amazingly, but hurt really bad so i don’t recommend that plus it just came back the next day because i slept on my couch where i contracted it again, came back as strong as ever. I put a bag of ice on my balls last night, that actually helped alot. The problem i noticed with me was that my house was so hot that keeping it dry didn’t even matter. It was so hot that it was still growing while it was dry i could see it moving around on my scrotum. The key to curing it is keeping it cold i think, in serious cases.

  21. jock itch sucks Says:

    Take a salt bath and then put gold bond powder on it after you dry off

  22. 15 and worried Says:

    im chubby, and i havnt tookn a shower in 3 days (and i take showers everyday but i couldnt since i was at a friends house) and now my ball sack is red in some parts and theres a little bit of flaking. it does itch but not alot and if i stop scratching it or just ignore it, the itchyness stops. im worried to tell me parents since i heard that its a STD. im a virgin so idk how i got it. i know its probably from the shower but still. and do i NEED the creams proscirbed by a doctor. or can i use medical suplies from home. i put gold bond powder on them and im going to ignore it unless it gets worse

  23. Trythisnow Says:

    Go to Target and look for the cream used for vaginal yeast infection.
    Works for me. The 2% active ingredient not the 1% active ingredient.

  24. Itchywang Says:

    yeah Jock itch sucks, i rate athletes foot like herpes, that shit is like the energizer bunny. Lotramin works on athletes foot and jock itch … eventually…. but keep in mind with lotramin it took 2-3 years of treating almost non-stop with only 2week to 1 month breaks AFTER having stopped treatment about a month after all symptoms had gone away. In my opinion this shit is pretty resistant to most of the crap out there. I now have some random shit on my dick and balls again. Assuming its balanitis ( fungal infection or some shit like that ) i dont think i will try the bleach thing however i may go smash some garlic and slap that in my crotch for a while and see what transpires.
    Suprisingly i had impetigo a few years back and was treated for that with a product called Bactroban. Seemed like that shit was nuking my Jock itch, or maybe what i have isnt jock itch afterall. Either way i will tell you this much , You get jock itch one time , you will FUCKING DREAD EVER getting that shit again. ITS VERY VERY difficult to kill and you have to get pretty much OCD about hygene and care.
    The main reason im posting this here tho is to infrom people of one side effect of lotramin that NEVER seems to get any mention.

    Applying lotramin directly to the penis, shaft, head, foreskin, and testicles seems to be fine ( at least in my case ) it will relive the itchy burning feeling within minutes most of the time. However we all know the side effects like abdominal pain and blah blah blah, allergic reactions all that good stuff. However the Biggest noticable side effect of Lotramin when applied to the genitals at least in my case , is that the shit ABSOLUTLY MURDERS your sex drive and seems to dull the sensitivity down there temporarily. not that you cant get it up , but it pretty much takes someone grabbing ahold of it to arouse you. Im not sure if this is all Jock itch / Athletes foot type medications or not, The specific type i use is Lotramin AF Clotrimazole Cream 1%, mainly it just seems that my mind doesnt tend to wander into the gutter very often unless presented with a direct source of arousal. This seems to only develop with prolonged use, Particularly the desensitizing, and it almost seems to be a cumulative type effect, IE the longer you use it the more it desensitizes. Dont mistake that for a numbing effect in any way tho, that is not what i mean. :)

    Anywho fellas Keep those Balls dry Keep em clean and try to refrain from itching them , as that usually only makes them itch more. Happy sacks and good luck to you all, now off to try to kill this crap…..again… sigh

  25. Baratacus Says:

    if it’s on your balls it’s not jockitch. It’s a yeast infection similar to womens vaginal yeast infection. There are so many types of rashes you could have that are fungal and in that area and you need a different medication to treat the different strains. Bleach will kill any bacterial or fungal infection, but on sensative areas like the scrotum, vagina, anus or any mucus membranes will burn and cause inflamation and make you suceptible to a secondary infection of that area. Bleach between your legs is tough treatment, but not damaging if you keep it from getting up on your genitals. Betadine is good for treatment of fungal infections on your more sensative areas of the skin or on mucus membranes.

  26. Mark Says:

    The person who said that “NOTHING will kill this fungus completely” is completely wrong. Many things kill it. The problem is reinfection; you can’t get it all. So you may totally kill it in one area on your body, but then quickly reintroduce it with your hands or a towel.

  27. James Says:

    For the past three days I’ve tried bleach on my jock itch and today there’s almost no itch and the redness is receeding and I’m not so pissed off anymore. When I use the bleach, I don’t dilute it and I rub it in just a bit and leave it on the affected area for at least 5 minutes to kill the fungus. I do this once a day. The first day, I didn’t rinse enough and the bleach burnt me a bit but it wasn’t more than a very small spot that felt like a sunburn. I would advise this to be a last resort or if you’re desperate to get rid of it as soon as possible and that anyone that tries this to be EXTREMELY careful and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

  28. Jim Says:

    Don’t discount a reaction to your laundry detergent or fabric softener; if you are wearing briefs, the affected area is in constant contact with the fabric. My “problem” started when I changed fabric softener, but took a few months to really get uncomfortable. I changed back to my previous brand and the area is getting much better (less red, less itchy) and using some OTC cortisone OINTMENT (not cream) has helped with the itching while the area heals. I didn’t suffer any scaling, so I don’t think it was fungal in nature.

  29. Scott Says:

    Wow…what relief! The suggestions are actually working!

    I started with vineger on a wash clother after showering (with soap, of course.) Then, I soaked the same clothe in water with a lotle bleach, and wiped it clean, again. Then, witchhazel to really clean it. Then, tea tree oil (very expensive.) Also, I find myself wiping it dry as often as possible, and re-applying the tea tree oil, which I try to carry with me. At night, I go through the same process before bed. But, I put on a generous amout of olive oil (cause that’s all I have.) I think, tonight I will buy some bag balm, Vick’s, or petroleum jelly. This was all brought on by an incredible increase in excersize and sweat. I also notice that you can really feel the weeping caused by this bug, and literally feel them moving on you when you add the oil. I think sufocation is an important element of homeopathic cure. So, keep drying, and adding oil. (I even do it if I wake up at night.) The only draw back is oil on the sheets and PJs. Maybe put some kind of plastic down, first. (The olive oil sure feel super nice.) Also, the problem with the weeping is that it causese the oils to dissapate more rapidly. So, just dry, and reapply. Eventually, the will suffocate, I suppose.

    I love the advice.

  30. sweatlodgeofacrotch Says:

    I am going to try all of these remedies I have been to the doctor for this before and The topical cream prescribedd killed it in about two days flat. But As soon as I stopped using the cream and winter was over and summer started the itch returns and my life goes back to hell. So I guess I need more prevenative measures taken I sweat profusaly and have no option to stop in the middle of my work day and change under wear or shower I use The green bottle of medicated gold bond powder and it gives me temporary relief. I HATE JOCK ITCH

  31. Ralph Johnson Says:

    I have minced garlic 3-5 heads of cloves with water in a rotary chopper making a puree after which putting the puree through centrifugal juicer. I also added a large 24 inch ear of aloe Vera plant to the juice machine and the mix is diluted with 50-75% water. I applied this to the groin in small amounts over time by dabbing it on with my finger. The sensitive groin area burned very much but I would wait a few minutes then add more with my finger very sparingly as the burning is not immediately noticed it takes about a minute or so to start burning. The burning doesn’t last long but I was able to control it by not applying too much at a time and wait a few minutes to add more. I also noted if I added too much and couldn’t take the pain of burning applying large amounts of water like from a bath or shower almost immediately stopped the burning pain from the garlic juice. The groin is very sensitive to this treatment but the feet are not I will use it there much more generously. Using the rest of the mix in a soaking hot bath will be next for me.

  32. Kristin Says:

    OK No joke- Im a single mom and have had some experience with yeast- sorry guys fact of life. My daughter broke out in this this horrible rash that was misdiagnosed as SHINGLES! Well after testing came back negative we are told it is jock itch. WTF? Given multiple RX creams to no avail. Guess what? I have it now. I have much more respect for the guys who put up with this shit. Unbelievable. It feels like things are crawling under my skin. NOT COOL. And nothing OTC or RX is working. I will try some of the suggestions mentioned, but I worry about my daughters skin and sensitivity. She picked up a nasty strain of athletes foot a year ago that we eventually cured with a light bleach and water mix… I hesitate to use that on such a sensitive area on either of us, but this crap will not go AWAY and sometimes my kiddo scratches herself until she bleeds when she sleeps.Anyways not fun even for us girls. I may try colloidal silver and peroxide first…

  33. rashrapper Says:

    I used a good quality tea tree oil. Clotrimazole didn’t work (even trade name brands), terbinafine generic didn’t work, but I had results from Brand ointment (Lamisil) which seems to be a stronger formulation than clotrimazole. I used that ointment for 3 days with improvement, but switched to tea tree oil because I felt the terbinafine was too strong for the skin. Tea tree oil is working well. Use cotton swab or q-tip to apply once or twice a day. I used full strength but you may want to dilute. Test on unaffected part of skin to see if you have a reaction to it. Man are. Just a tip: The condition will look worse as the cure takes hold and you may find more irritation, redness and itching before the patch(es) clear up. Don’t panic unless last more than a week. Try not to scratch which will be natural, but may lead to secondary bacterial infection. Follow all the above general hygiene rules and don’t infect others. If possible avoid activities that will cause the affected area to sweat. If you can’t avoid physical activity, apply a talcum powder with powdered sandalwood. I run a fan all night directed to the area to keep dry. This fungi loves dark, moist, warm environments and thrives well there. These conditions will thwart any cures you impose, so try to not to make the fungi happy. I agree with most of the posts here. This is a most undesirable and at times embossing infliction. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Hope these tips helped. Just be patient.

  34. Jack Says:

    First of all I read all of the ideas, and will try them all. Currently trying bleach and hoping this works. Picked up atheletes foot from a gym and then that carried over into jock itch (which it should be called ‘You are So Fucked Disease.’) Did not know what I was in for. Little red bumps on the crotch, and started immediately with Apple Cider Vinegar in comb. of Tea Tree Oil which did help some but it spreads so quickly like a wildfire. Also taking garlic supplements. The stress I am under I think is only giving more vengenance to the disease. Take my advice and buy a gun and a single bullet. Honestly I can think of two other chronic conditions that must be on the same plane of utter wretchedness as this disease: Celiac’s Disease, or Herpes. Your bathroom will resemble a horrid civil war clinic and you will pray for death. good luck

  35. Jack Says:

    So here is my suggestion and this is what i have done: Do not waste your money on over the counter shit like Lamisil. It does not work. You will buy thirty of those little tubes before you realize they don’t help. go to target and buy a plastic bin that will be big enough for you to sit in comfortably then fill that plactic bin with half bleach/ half water. And then soak in it for a half hour. Or use Apple Cider Vinegar which burns like a mother. Plan for 2 months or more of fighting this.

  36. william atlanta Says:

    dont be an idiot like i did..
    i have always heard, bigger is better, stronger the better,more the merrier, you get the idea?
    any how i used straight bleach on my male groin and genital area, i knew it probably was bad, but i was desperate. well ya to the ER for chemical burn…well it cured the jock it..but hell i didn’t notice for awhile for the pain and irritation from the chemical burns for a week.

  37. Larry Says:

    I tried 20% zinc oxide cream (1/2 smallest tube) and four Maalox crushed tablets mixed together thorougly. Apply to washed and dried skin morning and night. I felt it was too gritty and reasoned why not use the liquid form of Maalox. I added two to four teaspoons of the liquid Maalox to the original mix and thoroughly blended it. It’s a lot less gritty. I have used this mix for a week and the jock itch itching abated and the burgandy red skin is lightening up. The initial recipe was for baby’s diaper rash. Another help is getting the gut into a healthier state by taking 2000 mgs of Caprylic Acid a day. Try to keep white sugar, white flour, candy etc. to a minimum.

  38. been thru it Says:

    This may sound “tame”or boring… as it sounds like many of you have serious cases of jock itch. But as a former chef…I worked in the perfect environment for chafing..jock itch etc. Imagine a hot kitchen and long pants, chef coat and an apron…it can become a breeding ground down there. Well it finally got so bad once that I had to go to the doctor and got some perscription steroid cream(I believe). But one thing I remember is the DR. Asking what my daily procedure was for getting ready for work was. After explaining in a nutshell that I showered, and went to work….she(yes it was a female Doc…embarassing) but she said that she understood that I would dry off with a towel after my shower. However she said even though you think your dry…you are probably still damp/moist. She said to dry off with the towel and then lay under the ceiling fan with legs spread until the area is literally dry. You feel rediculous doing it but it works. Now due to the working conditions I had(hot and often damp kitchens) I was prone for it to happen again and ofcourse id slack off from using the ceiling fan to dry off with..mostly out of lazyness or time constraints but that’s proven to be the most important step in prevention and also curing it. Cause I don’t care what cream or compress or salve your treating it with..if the skin is not completely dry.. its an uphill battle.

    Dark n Damp they say is what it needs to grow so unless your gonna wear see thru pants…remove the dampness from the equation by posing like a circus act under the ceiling fan for like 20 minutes and you are setting yourself up for success…before you’ve ever even applied a single treatment of any of the wide variety of products listed above. I’m a believer in eating raw fresh garlic also, as I would do that when I started feeling sick. I putt 1 or 2 cloves of fresh garlic on a spoon and cover it with honey and put it in my mouth and chew it before swallowing. Honey balances the spiceyness. Garlic is a very powerful antifungal. I also use it to spray on plants in my garden that have fungus.

  39. been thru it Says:

    Also….NEEM oil! Its antifungal, antiseptic, anti-everything bad. Read up on it and if you decide to get some consider buying straight neem oil in lawn and garden section of Home Depot…check label for 100 percent neem oil…oddly its about $7 for a quart of the pure stuff where if you buy a skincare product w neem oil as one of many ingredients in it…it will cost twice that much for a few ounces. Hope I helped!

  40. freestyle2 Says:

    i am not submitting remedy but i want to ask what if the jock itch lasts for atleast 2 months?

  41. Dustin Says:

    I’ve been fighting jock itch for 12 years now. Lotromin, Lamisil, prescriptions, 3 doctors visits, and various cleaning methods have done nothing. I will try everything I see here beginning with the cheapest/least painful. Thanks for your suggestions.

  42. Bud Man Says:

    Maybe what you people are talking about is crabs . . Crabs are really bad. Crab traps are the best remedy for crabs. To trap them properly they must be baited with something that will attract the crab to the trap. I have found that the best crab bait is human feces. Just take a small amount from your rectal area and rub in your crab trab and then set the trap and sit back and watch the crabs pour in. Once you trap about 40-50 of these little suckers and dispose of them down the toilet your problem should be solved.

  43. gerald Says:

    i taught it was just an simple itch but im lucky my cousin has told me its not just an simple itch so he recomended me to find a cure in the internet so im lucky and i hope the remedy works!!!!!
    ohh and how many days that jock itch will be gone

  44. Watt Says:

    People, besides colloidal silver (which is a indiscriminate fungal and viral assassin), coconut oil is the best way to treat jock itch. Apply coconut oil twice daily and after a week you’ll notice a vast improvement on your path to recovery. Continue applying coconut oil for two weeks (once a day instead of twice) after the jock itch is (apparently) gone to avoid recurrences.

    For even better results, coco oil can be (and should be) ingested as well. The reason is that your jock itch/athlete’s could be due to a overgrown fungus called candida that may be thriving in your gut. It’s not recommended that you ingest colloidal silver because it kills everything including beneficial bacteria.

    Good luck.

  45. miguel Says:

    it would be best to here it from the specialists. anyways, i tried betadine it works but the itchy feeling is still there after a few moments. i tried creams and nothing happens! i tried garlic it’s effective but it will be itchy again after sometime. i also tried salicylic acid and it burns like peroxide.i heard that these fungi dies immediately with the use of an alkaline agent, milk of magnesia! tomorrow, i gotta grab some and try. Oh God help me! it’s very itchy. i will get back to this site when i am relieved.

  46. Fred Says:

    I have had jock itch for years now, and I haven’t really had any luck getting rid of it until now. I have tried all the OTC creams, and prescription Econazole and Ketoconazole. None of them worked, even after washing frequently and changing underwear frequently (2-3 times per day).

    The solution? Bleach. Bleach will kick the ass of anything it comes across. Including you so be careful. Like a few people have said on here already, bleach is dangerous and will eat the skin. However it can be used safely and effectively. My method: Make a solution of 1/4 bleach 3/4 water, and use a cloth to apply the solution and clean the effected area. Blot the area for a few minutes, but I think no more. I have not tried more but you don’t want to overdo it and cause a burn.

    After you are done applying the solution, get into the shower immediately to make sure you rinse off the bleach thoroughly and completely.

    After showering I would recommend also applying a cream like Ketoconazole. Yes Ketoconazole might not work by itself but I have read that it does have the ability to stop the fungus from reproducing.

    So the bleach kills it, and the ketoconazole stops it from growing. Together they seem to be working for me quite nicely. The bleach im convinced is absolutely key. Like one of the other posters said “If it lives, bleach kills it”

  47. Living Hell Says:

    52 years and I NEVER have experienced jock itch or anything like it. I’d always been very active (hiked, biked, always doing outdoorsy stuff) and never experienced jock itch. A couple of summers ago, I started to feel a stinging pinch on my upper thigh. It quickly spread to the groin ( a red line in the groin/thigh fold, and then some scaly-ness). I’ve been fighting it ever since (2 yrs now). I laughed as I read one comment about getting a gun and a single bullet. It can be that maddening fighting the ITCH.
    At a Doc visit I discussed this with him, but no exam, no microscopic look-see at the little fungi. Nothing. I haven’t been back. I’ve tried all of the OTC sprays and creams, and just bought more before finding this site today. I’m tired of making this a regular expense! If you read the ingredients of those tiny tubes of cream, it’s mostly “inactive” goo, stabilizers, etc. And, you can rarely get all of the product out of the tube without using a press to squeeze it all out.

    I’m starting to wonder if the treatment isn’t causing some of the irritation, as I haven’t seen the red rash or scaly skin recently, but the pinching, stinging irritation is sending me over the edge!

    In my most recent purchase, I found that the active ingredients in Lotrimin AF jock creams are the same as the athlete’s foot AF creams. The foot cream is available in 24g tubes, while the jock cream is only in 12g tubes. Buying one of the larger tubes nets a savings of $3 over two smaller tubes. Three bucks is three bucks.

    My first comment on home treatment is on using chlorine bleach. Using straight Clorox bleach is STUPID for many reasons. Besides the chemical burn, concentrated bleach will only shut down fungus temporarily. I’ve researched and read up on killing household mold and the key is to dilute 1:10 with water. Fungi is fungi I suspect and common sense says NOT to use anything straight up, full concentration. Without doing more investigation as to the specific volatility of combinations, I’d also say it is logical, but oblivious to some (those who use undiluted Clorox) to never mix chemicals.

    I’ve noted most of the treatments that other posters have found good results with and plan to start with one at a time, sensibly and systematically, rather than getting a tub and filling it with bleach, vinegar, peroxide, Milk of Magnesia, Olive Oil, Garlic, Colloidal silver and whatever, from which the county HazMat team will extract my naked, but fungus free corpse.

    Thanks for the great remedies. I’ll post again once I’ve nailed this insidious killer of human spirit.

  48. al Says:

    Put ” HONEY ” on the affected areas. Might be sticky, so put on clean underwear to cover.Leave on affected area for 30 – 60 mins. Wash well with soap and apply coconut oil or (DEEP MOISTERIZER CREAM) on affected area and allow to dry. Then put powder.You will feel relief within an hour.Use a fan to deep dry this area as regular maintenace. good luck and keep it cool (like naked around home and shorts with no underwear).

  49. John Says:

    Ok so I totally agree, this is gods punishment to anyone it has affected, if you say you don’t believe in god then start believing, because if you’re desperate enough to slap some bleach on skin then you’re just as desperate to take up a religion:-) keep the bleach for your clothes, because you’ll be doing a lot of laundry.
    I am currently suffering from jock itch and it is a B!TCH!!!! It has you wanting to take a gun and, you pretty much know what is next.
    My courtesy clerk had an infection with fungus, I had thought and was told, that it wasn’t contagious. WRONG!!! I Want to take the little fker to court, but I digress again. From what I have been reading, and I’ve been doing a lot. Is that this god forsaking condition needs a dark damp place to do it’s thing. So try to keep dry, do little activities that make you sweat, if you feel damp in that area, immediately shower right after. There is a soap that helps me when I’m showering, it’s the antifungal soap. It has instructions as to how to use it. Now, when toweling it off, try to get as much dampness away, after toweling, take a hair dryer and get down under real good. I’m a male so I apologize ladies I don’t know what to do when it comes to your area, as far as drying goes. But for males it’s quite easy, and this sounds a little odd but hey, this works. Put your foot up on the countertop and take that hair dryer and get between
    those cheeks. Make sure it’s really dry, now if you use briefs like me, and not boxers because you like control, you may have to switch to boxers. It is looser fitting and more breezey, make sure it’s white and get a size bigger in case they shrink in the laundry. Now, this is very crucial you do your best to stay dry. Believe it or not, relieving gas has moisture that comes out. Anyway back to the aftershower! I apllied hydrogen peroxide when it first began, and it helped a lot when it was around my groin, this helps clean the open scabs and fights infection. Then I applied the lotromin to help with the itch. It cleared it from my groin within the week, but this little faker had spread to the underwear line and is showing no sign of going. So looser fitting underpants and pants should help, along with showering twice a day. With this thug you have to turn into a healthfreak! Change underwear everyday, and shower twice a day using the antifungal soap, and all that. Now from what I’ve been reading garlic is a lifesaver, not only is it good for your heart but it fights this punishment as well. So go to your natural foods section and get 100% garlic supplement, and take twice a day. If it truly is pure garlic then OD shouldn’t be a problem right? So now, I’ve seen great progress with the shower twice daily with the anti fungal soap, hair dryer to the infected area, antigungal cream, cover area with some bandage.
    Wash clothes in hottest setting with bleach.

  50. John Says:

    I know this post is old, but if you’re desperate as I at the time this site pops up. Do like I was saying this freaking disease is the worse form of punishment imaginable. But I’ve been showering every morning and night using the anti fungal soap, the hair dryer to the infected area, then dab hydrogen peroxide to the area, let dry naturally, then the lotromin ultra to the infected spot. I have also added the antifungal powder to the anus with fantastic results. I wash my bed sheets, towels, underwear, or anything else that comes to contact with the infected area with hot water and bleach then directly into the dryer on high settings. I see the “worm” lose Color and itch, my rash and bumps have lessened!! The antifungal soap works wonders, and let’s not forget the garlic tablets.

    I’ve also read, that starch food and breads fuel it’s infection. As well as sugar and sugar based foods. So I’ll advise against drinking soda, bread, pasta, rice, and all that good stuff. Which sucks for me. But it’s beneficial to stop these things anyway. I wish anyone who is reading this all the luck in the world, to the point where the little green men come riding in on their rainbow and shake their fists at you:-D I hope this helps

  51. DoubleM Says:

    Well I tried most all the over-the-counter remedies – Tinactin, Lotrimin, Lamisil and the prescriptions Ketoconazole cream and Nystatin – all with little to no effective relief. Although the lamisil cream and Tinactin powder spray provided some short-tern comfort, the fungal infection remained – always persisting and growing in the nether regions. Note that most treatments except the creams feature excruciating pain and sting upon application, which can be mitigated somewhat by quickly drying the areas with a hair dryer, but Tinactin and Lamisil sprays will definitely get your attention!
    In desperation (and after considerable expense), I turned to purported natural remedies. Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar also had no apparent lasting effect, and also stung like hell.
    Equally painful, but ultimately effective, a diluted chlorine bleach proved the solution for me. At first, I dabbed a one-to-four mixture of bleach to water using a cotton ball. Expect extreme stinging! My better solution was more innovative. Without a bathtub in the house – only a shower stall – I had no easy way to soak the area below. So I purchased a large, tin roasting tub at Wal-mart for $1.97 plus tax, and a gallon of cheap bleach.
    The roasting tub probably holds about two gallons of water, perhaps a bit less. In the shower stall, after gently washing the affected area with neutral soap, the tub was filled with warm water and I added about 1/4-cup of bleach. Then, with a radio nearby to provide entertainment, I sat in the tub for at least five minutes. The first time or two, this also stung to the extreme, but I sat as long as possible. Within three days and about three such treatments, along with applications of cornstarch baby powder and frequent changes of underwear, my jock itch infection was nearly cured. Itching and pain was then minimal. Summary: Though possibly dangerous to some degree, bleach fairly quickly kills fungal infections.

  52. DoubleM Says:

    Here’s my follow-up: After more than two months of agony dealing with ineffective over-the-counter jock itch remedies, as well as expensive prescription failures, the diluted chlorine bleach solution has all but rid me of the jock-itch problem. My particular issue will almost certainly require ongoing attention, due to an external hemorrhoid that constantly emits moisture, but now I know that most of the misery can be controlled with the prudent use of bleach. After three or so treatments, the “sting” becomes almost nil.
    In my case, eventual hemorrhoid removal (subject to indigent health care which takes months) may alleviate the issue entirely. Anyway, my opinion is that the otc meds are a joke when the infection is aggressive, but are somewhat useful and soothing once the infestation has been reduced to a more manageable level via the chorine treatments. For the first nights in a long time, I can sleep with a good degree of comfort.
    P.S. I agree with frequent underwear changes, frequent laundry (clothing and sheets) with some bleach, loose-fitting garments and I also advocate antiseptic wipes on the toilet
    seat and other surfaces to help prevent ongoing contamination. Best wishes to all regarding this extremely painful condition. Michael (DoubleM) in Texas.

  53. I'll be damned...Bleach works Says:

    I’m a slightly overweight woman who started getting the itch in the crack of my thighs last summer and then it has started to spread across my vagina. I went to the ob/gyn she gave me some cream but it didnt work. I couldnt totally get rid of it and this summer it’s a full blown red, raw, itchy hell. You guys are right, it’s the worse! So I took to the internet for some natural cures because I lost my job and health insurance. I tried the cider vinegar, it burned like bloodly hell-wont do that again. I tried boric acid powder. It goes on fine but the minute my thighs start sweating again it burns like hell too. I’ve tried every antifungal cream out there. Then I tried the bleach that some on this board have said was an insane idea…but guess what? It worked!! I dilute it with water, blot it on my thighs and vaginal area, let it sit for a couple minutes, then take a shower–no burning. You got to keep it dry with baby powder or whatever and I still put on the antifungal creams every other day- -the itching stopped after only 2-3 days and my skin is already starting to heal. Thank goodness-I didnt think I was going to make it through the rest of the summer.

  54. Sean Says:

    Don’t wanna be alarmist, but if you at the dates of these posts, they’re getting much closer together, even compared to prior summer months. New crappy fungus going around?

    Anywhoozel -to each his/her own; I’m going for the bleach.

  55. DoubleM Says:

    To “Bleach worked” . . .
    Glad it worked for you too! Just be careful to properly dilute bleach treatment (whether dabbed or for soaking). I’m a man and therefore do not know whether soaking is a good idea for a woman, but I once tried too “hot” a solution, which proved very unwise and caused some swelling of the privates. More is NOT better! I’d say, “Do not exceed about 1/4 cup per two gallons for soaking.” And that may even be considered rather strong, but it worked for me.

  56. Sean Says:

    WARNING: DO NOT NEGLECT to realize that pouring corrosive, caustic chemicals on your genitals is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

    My first attempt went well. My second attempt, however, I got the dilution wrong and experienced what it’s like to have someone hold a Bic lighter under my testicles. Fortunately, I doused the chemicals in time and wasn’t injured. If you do it, do it in a RUNNING SHOWER so that you can rinse off at the first sign of heat.

    On the upside: Less than 24 hours after first bleach treament, the damned fungus is just about gone ;)

  57. the itch Says:

    Woke up this morning set again to fight the urge to scratch like mad at my crotch rot. Been battling it for years and at 43, I’ve really had enough of the ointments and the powders. Oddly, I got a tiny wart on my beak and saw that a slice of garlic held on it could make it go away. And it did. I thought, why not try garlic on my jock itch? So I diced up a few cloves and spread it on a square piece of gauze. Then I taped it to my inner thigh and perineal area. Yes, it stung like a bitch, but after 5 minutes, the sting was gone. Now, I’m not advocating doing this and then heading into the office. I probably stunk to high heaven, but drastic times call for drastic measures. I put a few dashes of Prickly Heat in my shorts and was off to the market for some fresh vegetables. Can’t say the taxi driver knew what was up with my odd smell, but I live in an Asian country so odd smells are the norm. Funny thing is after I got home, all the gauze pads that I’l layered with my special garlic paste had disappeared. Had they in the course of walking in the market all fallen out of my shorts? I mean maybe I should buy some feminine pads and try taping that up there. I mean, come on. Working at what is essentially the fulcrum of the body is like trying to balance an orange on an isosceles triangle. Well, I must say the garlic cooled me off. Now I have bits of it on the bottoms of my feet. I think a shower is in order. Best of luck. –the desperate

  58. seajay Says:

    I’ve tried about everything mentioned here with varying degrees of success, but I discovered a couple of years ago that using the same hand sanitizer you use to sanitize hands before eating will kick the butt of the jock itch, and it only takes a couple of days if you catch it early. Granted, you may want to scream and call me all kinds of sob’s when you try it, but it only hurts like hell for a minute or less the first couple of applications and it works faster than anything else I’ve tried–and no need to wash it back off. Try it several times a day and you’ll be convinced in just a couple of days. (And, no, I’m not just trying to inflict pain on you.)

  59. Kinda scared Says:

    Ive had jock itch without knowingexactly wat it was for close to 3 year but ima try all these remedies except the bleach one thats a last resort but the baking soda has worked well to get rid of the pain an itching…i also ice myself after i treat it an dry….its worked so far but its hell

  60. jellybean Says:

    I’m so glad i found this site. I noticed my husband had a weird red rash around his crack two days ago..we just thought it was from sweating,so i said for him to start using the Gold Bond Powder after showering..w/out offending anyone..i have a serious question…after giving him a blow job i got up and turned the light on and saw to my HORROR he has this beat red,scaly rash ALL over inner thigh crease and even lower now!!! I am freaking!! Can i get this on my mouth or face!?!?!?! (not funny!)I immediately went outside and cut some of my Aloe Vera plant and rubbed it on him (and me!)..he said it was burning so i wiped it off w/ damp papertowel ..then i looked online and read some of these suggestions…and did the olive oil and minced garlic treatment. Going to Walgreens in the morning for something OTC. He’s sleeping now,but i’ll tell him about the bleach treatment in the morning :/…My other question is does his drinking a 12 pack of beer every night(all that yeast!!) contribute to Jock Itch???? He’s never had this before. He works construction in Florida in 90 degree weather every day and doesn’t shower every day either!!! (i know… GROSS!!)ugh…sounds like we’re in for hell…great..:( Thanx for everyones input!

  61. St. Stan Says:

    I can’t believe no one reacted to the Ajax cure. I am not sure all of these cures are completely sincere. Scrubbing your infected groin with Ajax? That needs to be on YouTube: “Got Jock Itch? Scrub it with Ajax!”

    My recommendation: Most health clubs have a hyper-chlorinated spa (hot tub). If it reeks of chlorine, you’re good. Otherwise, you’re just spreading the joy.

    Then lay out in the sun spread-eagle (pretend you’re unaware). Then when you are dry, get someone to apply the cream.

  62. Jellybean Says:

    ..just thought i’d let everyone know..I was spared!! Thank GOD!!!! A word to the wise..”Look before you “leap”..or in this case “lick” lol His ‘condition’ is clearing up…using Lamasil,Gold Bond,Aloe Vera and..showering (duh!) Thank you again

  63. DoubleM Says:

    Excessive beer consumption is indeed likely to worsen a fungal infection to some degree, but the whole condition can probably be remedied with the diluted bleach treatments if done correctly. Just be sure to keep the dilution rate fairly low. My problem was solved using a soaking mixture of about 1/4 cup common bleach to about two gallons of water. After three or four 5-minute soakings (once or twice a day) the infection was gone. Lamisil spray applied daily following the described treatment has prevented any relapse in my case.
    Jock itch (Tinea crursis) can certainly be transmitted by contact from an infected individual during intercourse(or from a public toilet), but I suppose an oral infection is less likely providing the shaft of his penis is unaffected. If so, which is possible, it should be avoided. Ejaculate, however, would not likely contain the infection.

  64. Will Says:

    I’ve been struggling with this for years. The first time I got it was in 1996 when I was hiking the Appalachian Trail. It was hot, sweaty, hard work and towns with showers were usually days apart. I then got it about once a year for many years. Now I get it multiple times a year and it seems to be getting worse. I feel like I’m creating some kind of super-fungus. All of the over-the-counter creams do indeed work for me except tolfanate-based ones (sp?). However, I clearly have an issue with recurrence. Based on the threads above, here is what I’m going to try:

    Buy a hair-dryer to dry off after showers.
    Move from boxer briefs to white boxers so I can bleach them.
    Bleach my towels.
    Cut down on the beer and white bread.
    Use anti-fungal soap.
    Take garlic supplements. Consider using garlic compress, but I’m not sure about the smell.

    If all that doesn’t do it, I’ll consider the bleach, but I know how dangerous that can be.

    Showering twice a day and changing my underwear multiple times a day was not enough by itself. I’m going to combine with the above and report back my results.

    Thanks everyone.

  65. Honest Abe Says:

    Here is the deal folks. I have used Lamasil, tea tree oil, tea tree oil soap, selsun blue, Listerine, probotics and last but not least diluted bleach. Please for the LOVE OF GOD do not do what I did. I had to go to a free clinic in my city to get the meds I needed to clear this up. The damage I did to my skin is devastating. I’m writing this to “pay it forward” if you will and I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes I have dealing with this issue. Listen, my jock itch was keeping me up at night and I tried anything to get rid of it. In the process of looking up cures on the internet and trying them I did more damage to my skin than humanly possible. The doctor took one look at my inner thighs and damn near fell over. She said I probably killed the fungus but I destroyed my skin in the process.

    Please listen to what I’m saying, if you dont have insurance, please find a free clinic in your area to get the meds you need to make your life better. If you can google this site, you can google your public health free clinic in your area. I’m not going to lie, its embarrassing, but I wanted to not have to deal with the burning and itching of this monster. I feel your pain, trust me— I would wake up in the middle of the night and be so pissed off at the world. Do not use HOT water to clean your jock itch area also. The hot water will just make it itch more. You can take ibuprofen to help with the itching. But the most important thing you get out of this is go see a doctor. Having no insurance should not stop anyone from getting the help they need. So please don’t ruin your skin like I did with bleach and other “internet cures.” If I help just one person out by them listening to me and taking my advice, I have truly “paid it forward.”

    Your friend you never thought you had.
    Honest Abe

  66. santosh vishwa..... Says:

    clotrin B cream / Lamisil cream but it can only give relief till used.

  67. Leon Says:

    I developed a very intense case of jock itch even with frequent showering and drying off well…or so I thought…I sweat a lot and am not overweight at all…very intense redness before treatment with colloidal silver…15 minutes out in some very intense heat and I am wet from perspiration…I had some strong colloidal silver, 134 mcg/1.5 ml( silver is at 100ppm )….I have been applying for 5 days ( today is the 5th )rash is gone as far as I can see…some itching before silver treatment but within 48 the intensity and redness of the rash lessened noticeably and by the 3rd day it seemed to be about 80- 90% gone…on day 4 all seemed to be gone completely as far as I could see…method: sat on bathtub and applied the contents of a dropper ( when the bulb was squeezed, the fluid came up about 1.5 inches into the dropper )…held my hand in my groin area and squeezed the contents onto the reddened area and rubbed it in thoroughly with my hand…did the same for the other side…let it dry…some staining of underwear even though I thought it had dried…did 4x /day for the first two, then three x/ day thereafter…itching stopped the first night after one application of the colloidal silver and has not been an issue at all…
    Will continue applying the colloidal silver a couple times per day for the next few days just as a precaution…

  68. Steve Says:

    Hey all. A brilliant cure – tea tree oil. Tried some otc stuff to no avail. Had it for a couple of months. Read some theories and gave the tea tree oil a go – gone in just 2 days!!! yes it stung for a short time – but well worth it. All cleared up thank God!!

  69. Itchy-Scratchy Says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I have been dealing with this nightmare for almost a decade. Like many here, all the OTC’s and countless trips to the Doc for antibiotics have had no results. After reading the first few posts suggesting the use of peroxide and water, I tried it. Itch free for a couple hours now for the first time. EVER! As I kept reading, it seems that the bleach mix has had prommising results as well as the soaps and powders. I will update as I go. Thanks to all that have posted suggestions!

  70. John Says:

    I have had problems over 15 years. I have think this site is about as much help as going to the Doc. tried that more than once. Within the last year I got infected hair folical that turned into minor surgery. I didn’t think it too minor!

    The problem is two-fold, I think, stop the itch and cure the cause. I am trying to use the ciclopirox 0.77 the Derm. Doc said would do the job. Not ready for the bleach again. Tried that once. I don’t get is the advice of not using any soap. I think we are all on our own as far as medical problems.

    I am going to do the following:
    ciclopirox cream 2 and 3 times per day
    use a hair dryer and not a towel
    I may try mild bleach in a spray bottle 4 parts water 1 bleach
    Good luck to all of us with the problem!

  71. Scot Says:

    I had been debating on what to do about my jock itch. I had tried
    OTC stuff but not to any real and permanent cure. I recall many years ago I would take baths with Clorox bleach (…about 1 cup in a bath tub…)
    I had gotten jock and have been debating trying the baths again when in passing I had heard about using hand sanitizer. There are NOT words to describe the exquisite level of pain I felt the first few times but, after day two, the itching has drastically decreased AND the peeling, itching and flaking have all but stopped. This Tuesday is when I started it and my oh my, I am feeling so much better!
    I think that of course it is needful to consult a doctor if needs be.
    Thanks for verifying my intuition!

  72. 94112js Says:

    Here I am 51 with first ever jock itch. Caught it at the Hospital. Thought that it was allergic reaction to a catheter since I had a similar reaction to the oxygen tube the stick under the nose. Tried all sorts of OTC creams and powders. Noting seemed to work. Tried stuff from this site, ie. vinegar, bleach etc. Still nothing worked that I could tell and really left my scrotum burning and itching. Then I tried something creative. Had some leftover antiperspirant from the patient kit provided from the Hospital. It was a roll on. Its alcohol free with Aluminum Chlorhydrate as the only active ingredient. Since it is a roll on, I need to apply it to areas without long hair and then rub it into the entire area around the scrotum. I then dry it really well with a fan. So far I have had good luck with it. It keeps the area very dry. I noticed improvement within 24 hours, with noticeable return to normal coloration of the entire area within 48 hours. I’m on day three right now and plan to continue for about a week. Creams and pasts just seem to keep the area moist during the day. I think that the OTC aerosol preparations for jock itch probably work better than creams. Hope this helps someone, work for me.

  73. Saddletramp Says:

    Yep tried it all from all natural to high powered prescriptions and mine keep comining back. Reinfection time would be from one or two days to two weeks but it would always come back. UNTILL I found my own remedy, 24/7 Speedstck Gel. A very small amount quickly swiped just in the top 1 inch or so of your fold and its OVER! The Speedstick(24/7)keeps excess moisture from building up, the alcohol kills basically sterilizes the fold, and the chemistry of the deodorant makes it last between showers. Those who work on horseback have always been afflicted with this. In my bunkhouse its bought by the gross and those who use it regularly have one less thing to wory about. It stops it cold–good luck! Be prevenative not combatative with JItch!

  74. DoubleM Says:

    With all due respect to “Honest Abe,” you must have used a very strong solution of chlorine bleach if it damaged your skin, or perhaps you are especially susceptible or allergic. On one occasion, I used too strong a soaking mixture which reddened my skin for a couple of days.
    Indeed, I agree and have stressed that one must be very careful not to use too “hot” a mixture. Chlorine can be quite irritating to sensitive skin, but remember that small concentrations have been used to disinfect food, drinking water, swimming pools, etc. for decades.
    Again, it was a quick cure for me after months of misery with the so-called jock-itch monster. Most all the over-the-counter meds were ineffective against an aggressive case of Tinea crursis, although some provided temporary relief. The carefully diluted bleach mixture that I used for soaking in July ended my misery in three days, and I’m free of any irritation in early September.
    Suffer if you prefer – I’m not selling anything here, just offering a solution that worked for me. I suspect that hydrogen peroxide may help as well, but I never had to try that after the chlorine worked. Chlorine bleach is safe enough, and very effective, but by all means, use very diluted mixtures to kill the fungus.

  75. itchy Says:

    I soaked a cloth in bleach and got in the shower with my back toward the shower. I took the cloth and proceeded to wipe around the crotch. I stood there until I couldnt handle the burning and turned toward the shower spray and rinse the bleach off. rinse and repeat. I dryed off and applied tinactin till it was smooothed over evenly. I dryed off using a fan then applied Gold Bond in the green bottle. No itch what so ever. I was at my wits end and said “fuck it” i will try bleach. I can’t believed it worked so well. Thanks DoubleM

  76. itchy Says:

    Im going to try Ajax next since it also has bleach in it and cut down on starchy foods and suger including the beer.

  77. Timeless Says:

    Folks my husband has suffered from this for years trying all of most of the remedies mentioned. The one thing that has helped him more than anything is Oil of Oregano. He applies a few drops on the effected area. The first time he did it he said it burned pretty bad but as the fungus has cleared it is less intense. Buy pure Oil of Oregano.

    I know that he is also better when he keeps the sugar low in his diet. I am also going to add a Probiotic to his regiment in case this is a yeast infection that needs to be addressed from the inside out.

  78. Mark Says:

    I’ve been battling jock itch for years now. Been to the doctor. Nothing helped. Now I’ve finally I’ve found something that works. After showering apply some undiluted Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo to the affected parts and rub in until dry. The active ingredient in Head & Shoulders is Zinc pyrithione, a powerful antifungal agent. Just posting this so it can help someone. It’s been terrible. The fungal infection gave me a pain in my constant testicles. Much better now. The rash has faded and the pain is much much less. Almost gone. Thank God. Takes a few weeks to work but well worth it. If it burns your scrotum use a herbal ointment like Zam-Buk and talcum powder (to keep it dry) after applying.

  79. 123 Says:

    i tried so much shytt and none is working out for me…but!! there was 1 thing dat stopped the itching and irritation..i bathe wid cold water and i wash the groin wid LEMISOE && left it on for a wile then i washed it off and den dry myself copletly and i rubbed sum ARUBA ALOE BODY CARE LOTION on it and left it dry in and den i put sum powder on it and blow dry it wid cool air from the blow dryer and it was aaalllrightt!!! and the itching and irritation has stopped but now i just hope it goes away (its clearing up)

  80. soggybritches Says:

    Try an adult diaper packed with pickle relish and buttermilk. My rectum was an itchy, gooey mess especially in the summer. Got to the point where I couldn’t where light colored slacks or shorts as my butt sauce would stain them even with underwear on. Try the relish / buttermilk remedy.

  81. John Says:

    I am been using ciclopirox cream 2 and 3 times a day. You have to go to a doc to get the stuff. Thanks to the person who wrote about using a hair dryer. I have had a long history with this issue including going to 3 or 4 docs over the years.

    I have no more iching at night but plan to continue the treatment the rest of this month. Heard it can come back if you quit too soon.

    I am thinking other things can kill the cause. I think the hair dryer works as it keeps towels clean of the cause. The body does seem to heal it just needs so help now and then.

    Stop the itch, keep things clean and dry and kill the cause of the problem. Then figure this is maintence thing for life unless you stop wearing pants or move to a very cold climate.

  82. JakeM Says:

    I battled this for a month! I then started using the hand held shower and turning the water on as hot as my body could take. Remember, your not putting the hot water on your “junk”, you are putting the hot water on the rash itself. Once I got out of the shower, I then sprayed a few VERY SHORT shots of Athlete Foot spray on the infected area. Prepare yourself gentlemen, you will scream like a bitch when the first bit of the Lotrimin hits your skin. My wife thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen….

    I did this for about a week and a half, and I no longer have to slip a fork in my pocket and excuse myself from the table at a restaurant only to go to the bathroom and scratch to relieve the discomfort.

    I also switched FROM boxers TO briefs. This gave me the most relief of all. The cotton brief separating the groin from the inside of the leg was HEAVEN.

  83. gabe Says:

    ok i need help im using pills from the doctor “terbinafine” and garlic pills i take a shower dry me off with a hair dryer half a bottle mixed with 1/4 bleach and the other water then dry it then apply hydrogen peroxide then dry it then put some cream then top it off with powder non itch the itch rarely comes now but my skin doesnt look like its chaning i have it an inch from my penis and it contiunes towards my buttcrack INEEEEEED HELP maybe the bleach thing im doing wrong please i need help ive had it for a 1 year and i have a girlfriend witch is waiting for me but she doesnt know and i cant do anything ine eed help!

  84. Psytron Says:

    Found my cure, Not wearing pants works wonders.

  85. Dramacles Says:

    I had never experienced jock itch or athletes foot before. It is the worse experience ever. Burning late night itch that annoys the fuck out of you. In the morning shower, I apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the area. After rinsing, I turn off shower and apply Listerine to the area. Air dry, I then coat area with petroleum jelly. A touse of baby powder and fresh boxer briefs. at night before bed repeat morning procedure but substitute petroleum jelly with OTC Lamisil. Loose fitting pj bottoms. I have applied this method for the past four days and noticed the infection has abated from my right side. The left side seems a bit more resilient. In addition, the intense itching has diminished. Will continue and submit a follow up report one week from today. In closing, I will say thank you for having this site and would advise that what ever remedy you try,be methodical in it’s application and patient. As each and everyone possess different pace of recovery.

  86. chris Says:

    ok i need help how do you do this bleach thing step by step please im confused i need to buy a little bath or could i use mine. ive been putting a cup of bleach in my bath filled all the way up and sitting in it or 15min and hasnt changed anything

  87. cracked crack Says:

    I superchlorinated my hot tub and have a soak in there every night. No towels, that just irritates the skin, blow drier is the way to go. Cornstarch and tea tree oil. I also cut my fingernails right off flush with the skin, as I was scratching my crack in my sleep. NOT GOOD.

  88. ball sack Says:

    so do you think rubbing alcohol would do anything for this annoying piece of fungus or whatever it is cuz i have alot of that

  89. John Says:

    I have tried most of the above except bleach. The Ciclopirox cream seem to work. It took a real good cleaning with a finger nail like small brush, a hair dryer after and then the cream. I did this 2 and sometimes 3 times a day. After a few weeks thought I was cured, not so! After I quit the itch came back but not as bad. The cream costs about $81 for 90 grams and I worry about any side effects of using it forever. This has been the only thing that has worked for me in 15 years after seeing 3 or 4 docs.

    I think other things even mild bleach would work along with the hair dryer twice per day. It may be a maintance thing for life. I wonder if once you have the problem you ever get a total cure.

    Good luck to all!!

  90. Mayrie Says:

    Oh,now I get why kerosene might work.Must be because it dries up the infection!

  91. Norman Says:

    It took me a while to figure it out, but I never had jock itch during the summer when I was using the pool. At first I thought it was the chlorine, and maybe it is, but I am starting to think it’s the algaecide, since it gets rid of algae and fungus!

  92. Vinyl Says:


    I had this scrotum fungal infection over last 2 years until recently I found a cure after a lot of searching.
    1. Ordered Tea Tree Oil + Clove Bud Oil + Cinnamon Oil from an online store (, or any such)
    2. Mixed 4 parts of PURE coconut oil to the above oils, and apply it gently on the scrotum every morning and night after bath.
    3. Repeated the treatment in point-2 for 2 months and cut off sugar, yeast products, smoking, alchohol and other acidifying products from my diet.
    4. Took 4 cloves of garlic IN BETWEEN MEALS/BREAKFAST, so a total of 12 cloves per day for 2 months.
    5. Recently I have noticed that 95% of the infection got cured. And I had gone another step, I had started applying garlic juice directly over the scrotum skin. This had made me jump all over my room as it burns like hell for the first 3 minutes. So you may want to mix the garlic juice with a little coconut oil before applying it ont he scrotum skin (never apply on the penis head, I am sure you would go mad). For some people the condition may worsen if their skin is too sensitive for a direct garlic paste. Apply this morning and night after bath. Ensure that you do not smell garlic the whole day.
    6. Within 3-4 days, I have found dead skin peeling off my scrotum.

    Finally I got convinced that I am getting cured, and I thought of passing this to everyone on this planet, as I do not want someone else suffer form this fuc**in fungus. I have also added Neem tablets and some blood purifying herbs to my diet so that I wont again get it again. Maybe I will have to take these supplements for another 6-8 months.

    *Consuming Neem tablets may act as a temporary contraceptive so if you are planning for any kids think again.

    Get Well Soon, and apologies for bad english.


  93. Ken Says:

    I tried all the over the counter creams. I tried every suggested remedy I could find on the internet. Nothing seemed to work.

    I tried ‘hand sanitizers’ with “Ethanol” alcohol, but I became concerned when I read that a common ingredient ‘triclosan’ could disrupt the body’s endocrine system and could possibly help to create bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

    I mentioned my problem to my GP and he suggested I try the old fashioned LISTERINE. There is an ingredient in the Listerene that kills fungal infections.
    I tried it, – applied liberally in the AM and again after my shower at night. After a week I noticed improvement. After another week or two all the symptoms were gone. What a relief !!
    I discontinued use of the Listerene, and was doing just fine for a few weeks. Then an itch came back.
    It was easy to control the itch with resumption of the Listerene applications.
    I think it may take a long time to completely get rid if this fungal infection, but the Listerene has been the most effective treatment for me.

  94. Ken Says:

    I should have added this to my comment above.
    Listerene mouth wash is “cheap” compared to the other remedies I have tried.
    And It works better for me.

  95. Dramacles Says:

    I stated that I would submit a follow up report in one week. Well I wanted to wait before I stated the following. The jock it is gone. No irritation. No itch. No burning. Nothing. Skin back to normal. Zero abnormalities. I will continue treating the area for the next three weeks. This application, like any treatments, requires patience and due diligence. Wash area thoroughly with soap and water, gingerly scratching the area. Rinse all soap product off. Douse area thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide, wait a few moments (DO NOT RINSE hydrogne peroxide off) and then apply Listerine. Leave Listerine on and then apply pertroleum jelly. Douse area with talc powder. Put on fresh underwear. Before you go to bed repeat but substitute petroleum jelly with OTC Lamisil. Loose pjs and go to bed. Administrate this religiously and methodically and you to shall be saved.

  96. Neil Says:

    Tried everything for 3 years including iodine, bleach (3to 1), HP, and silver. Lamasil & the others only hold it in check. To get rid of it I used oil of oregano for about two weeks. Felt results the first day. Wear a paper towel bet scrot & shorts, change often, boil shorts daily. Oregano oil cures lots of things, Pre pharma; goes back pre Hypocrates. Literally means “joy of the mountains”.

  97. weza Says:

    it itch so bad that there is blisters on my balls and when i sleep at night without me knowing i start scratching and it can go on for long before i wakeup and than it burns what can i do i work long ours and i tryed alot of products but the blisters dont wanna go away please help

  98. Peter Itch Says:

    Just tried the bleach 1:10 ratio and for the first time in a long time, there is no burning or itching. I put it in a shampoo bottle and squirted it on the affected areas while in the shower and after 5 min washed the area with water. I did use anti-bacterial soap first over the area. This is great, but do it in the shower just in case you get the ratio wrong.

  99. james Says:

    honest abe, what persrciptions did your doctor write for you?

  100. James Says:

    Forget the bleach! Tried almost everything: bleach, iodine, silver, hydrogen peroxide, lamisil, powder, etc. etc. All that can only hold it in check but does not get rid of it.

    What finally worked for me after two years with it was oil of oregano on it, twice a day for a couple of weeks. Pre pharma ancient cure for many things. Oregano in Greek means “joy of the mountains”– and it certainly is!

    Also be scrupulously clean. Boil shorts daily. Cover scrot with paper towels so less of the fungus gets on the shorts.

  101. PJ Says:

    If you use bleach….dermatologists recommend 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach in a tub of water. It is like being in a swimming pool and seems to help reduce the nubmer of germs on our skin. You can probably find more info on dermatolotist site. Straight bleach would burn the skin and would not only kill the bad stuff but the good skin too.

  102. bill Says:

    arid extra dry. i fought jock itch for a year. did all the normal otc stuff. did all kinds of natural cures. lots of natural stuff worked but hard to keep after. i had rash all over my package and down my legs. rubbed arid extra dry on it and it was gone in three days after a year of hell. easy to carry with and use anytime the itch kicks in. it is also very soothing. i was all rubbed, scratched open and this did not sting at all. i found out many wrestlers and truck drivers use this as a cure and preventative. i spend hundreds of dollars on everything else and only two bucks for arid extra dry. gotta try it!

  103. jockitch24 Says:

    So I tried it all otc only temp relief and I mean temp couple hrs or do. Tried alcohol omg that burns couldn’t take that much more than two days and it provided some relief but it dried my skin so bad I could barely walk so I tried peroxide with a papertowel to clean the area then aloe vera from the plant itself followed by cornstarch really helps and is starting to go away. Goodluck…

  104. jockitch Says:

    Hand sanitizer really works used it for oneday and its going away burns like hell but so worth it

  105. qwerty Says:

    Anyone seen advice on another site about applying Vicks VaporRub on the affected area ? Seems to have had good results, so I’m going to try it and post the results on here. (I’ve suffered with bouts of jock itch on-and-off for YEARS. I seem unable to be totally free of it, sadly.
    One thing I would like some feedback on is this… and apologies if it sounds kinky, but… has anyone thought of shaving the pubic area ?
    Surely if these microbes thrive in moist damp folds of skin, would keeping the area hair-free make for a more hygienic and less damp-prone
    environment ? Just a thought. Might try it myself, before applying the

  106. tottnyc Says:

    I was wondering too. Does anyone know if shaving or trimming helps? Stubble may cause chafing and more irritation, but trimming would alleviate that…..

  107. Sufferin' Says:

    Note for qwerty: I have tried the shave thing. It helps when applying cream etc. but is a bit more bothersome when it grows back. Increases the icthing sensations a bit, but I think worth it for the ease of applying the topicals.

  108. DoubleM Says:

    I’m now about four months out of the misery after using the diluted bleach solution. Life is good again, rather than constantly applying ineffective OTC medicines and still suffering. I’m now convinced that my fungal infection was originally acquired at a public restroom, so I avoid using such facilities if possible, or carefully cover the toilet seat with tissues.

  109. Enom Says:

    Hi everyone im from philippines and im glad i found this site and i read more remedies to use.. Im suffering jock itch about 10yrs. Im only using salisylic acid b4 its totally burning feeling but i take it all pain hoping this itching takes away but its only ease the itch not the fungus.. I try to buy oregano oil but all the drugstore have not oregano oil we have oregano plant but i dont know how to make it into oil. Someone can help?Tomorow i try vicks vaporub i read in the other site that its effective ill be back if theres improvement with vicks.

    -forgive my bad english

  110. Fellow sufferer Says:

    If your problem is yeast, I suffered with this at an extreme and systemically (not just on the skin) for a couple of years. I developed a resistance to all the higher power anti-fungals both over the counter and from the doctor.

    Finally someone suggested the homeopathic for candida and I was open-minded enough (read desperate enough) to try it. Within 30 minutes I had the first relief. When symptoms would reappear at a lesser and lesser severity, I would continue to use the remedy. Over time the need went away and my immune system repaired itself as well. You can use a homeopathic “candida albicans” remedy, or a combination remedy with several candida and other fungals included. (Looking at photos on the internet, the candida I showed did not match the strain for candida albicans, but the remedy worked anyway.)

    Now, 16 yrs later, suddenly I have jock itch — infected from borrowing my spouse’s towel. Will look for a homeopathic online first…

    Okay, 12c Sulfur has a definite effect, stops the itching. But only temporary relief; might need it stronger or one of the other remedies shown. Will continue to search for the right remedy and strength. Of course, I probably would not have succumbed if my system were not open to it right now. Poor diet choices, acidic environment, etc..

  111. Fellow sufferer Says:

    Has anyone tried non-chlorine bleach solutions instead? Seems it would be safer than chlorine.

  112. misanthropic Says:

    qwerty and tottnyc shaving does help a bit but if it gets bad you won’t want to shave due to the pain, been shaving my happy sack for 14 years now. It helps a bit but not much. I’m going to try some listerine and peroxide, did some listerine yesterday and it hurt like a son of a bitch but figure some listerine and cornstarch baby powder should do the trick.

  113. qwerty Says:

    Update: I didn’t go down the route of using VaporRub, largely because I stumbled upon a website that recommended taking Turmeric capsules. Been taking them for two weeks now and the itching is virtually gone. I’ve also been shaving down there and that seems to help too.

  114. shitfaceHATESjockITCH Says:

    i used salt but it didn’t work. i would like to try swimming at the pool or sea maybe because it’s got chlorine and salt.

  115. shitfaceHATESjockITCH Says:

    the salt bathe didn’t work

  116. austin Says:

    had a severe case of ringworm started out under my armpits as a small ring but soon quickly spread. i neglected it at first but it started to get very scaly and i would start to bleed and it would ooze. haha gross i know. used every otc cream out there treated myself with them for 4 months it made the scaling go away and the sreading slowed down alot but all the rings are still aparent. so i talked to my parents about it, and turns out my dad had the same problem he told me take a shower with goat milk soap, eat some garlic cloves time to time, and cover rings in olive oil after 2 weeks im all cleared up this is the most safest and effective way to do it. also he told me to continue treatment for a month afterwards to make sure u dont get reinfected

  117. jasx Says:

    i do have jock for 2 yrs now my doc recommends me lamisil and dermovate
    but no effect im trying no itch from taichi ingredients are ilang ilang oil tea3 oil lomon grass aloever i thunk its greate

  118. jrmi Says:

    Arm & hammer deodorant Worked for me. Kept trying the lotramin stuff and it would go away but come right back. The deoderant works. Antiperspirant keeps me from sweating, baking soda and talc keep area dry, oils in the deoderant keep the fungus from growing also. Use it every night now and its never come back

  119. simplecure!!!! Says:

    Having suffered terribly from this awful condition, I did a lot of searching for an answer. I tried various cremes with mixed results. What has finally worked for me is simple and inexpensive. I blot Listerine on the affected area (orginal, yellow Listerine). Let that dry, then apply some diaper rash creme. I like “A+D” diaper rash creme (“A + D” zinc oxide creme in the blue box…. look in the baby aisle of a store). Do this morning and night.

    I keep some hand sanitizer gel by my bed as I had been waking up itching at 4 AM every morning. Now, if an itch wakes me up, I simply apply some sanitizer gel and go back to sleep.

    Be sure to thoroughly dry the area after showering or using the bathroom. Another thing is to launder your underwear and nightwear in hot water. Some of my underwear was washed in cold water so I saturate the crotch area with sanitizer and let it dry before wearing.

    I will continue this routine for a month or two after all symptoms disappear to be absolutely sure that I’m rid of this very uncomfortable condition. Try this simple cure! Many times “simple is better”!

  120. KK Says:

    I have read that Castor Oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral. It is supposed to destroy tumors, too which is what I am using it for on my finger. Seems to be helping. I told my boyfriend to try it on his jock itch and he said it burned and seemed to make him feel too moist. It is very moisturizing, so don’t know if will work but is an option someone might like to try. We will try the Arid Extra Dry or Speedstick 24/7 deodorants, then the oil of Oregano. Note on Castor Oil-Castor Oil soaked cloth poultice laid on abdomen for 1 to 3 hours is supposed to be absorbed into skin and digestive tract, improving lymphocytes which greatly improves your lymph system which removes wastes and waste fluid in your body and which when working right allows everything else to work right. My mom’s pedicure nurses always recommended Vick’s vapor rub for toenail fungus and it did work, applied once daily to nails, so might work for other fungus. Good luck.

  121. gerry surla Says:

    After disinfecting the area where there is jock itch with hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water),after drying with toilet paper, Try dabbing the rashes and areas around it with salycilic acid, once in the morning and before going to bed, and you will be able to get rid of the disease in about a month. Hope this can help.

  122. FirstTimeSufferer Says:

    After reading the responses, all I can say is thank you for the information and I hope that everyone finds what works for them.

    3 months ago I installed an new furnace in my home. Shortly after I began suffering from severe allergies with some kind of lung infection. Regardless, it became bad enough that I went to a doctor and as prescribed an antibiotic and steroid. Bad move. I failed to take enough pro-biotics during the time and ended up with jock itch. I tried every OTC cream and powder out there. I was not going back to the doctor. Well, I went back and they prescribed an oral anti-fungal. After looking up the side effects, I realized that DEATH was not one I wanted to take a chance on.

    I started reading through the responses and started to use a bit of everyone’s advise. I started with a DILUTED (3 water to 1 bleach) chlorine bleach mixture in a spray bottle that was clearly marked. I have kids in the house. It seemed to work. The next day I sat in a salt water bath for 10 minutes. I used non-iodized sea salt if that really mattered. Then I used the bleach spray. After toweling off I used a hair dryer to dry the area. I also used some colloidal silver spray. Dried the area again with the hair dryer. Loose fitting under garments for the remainder of the day. RELIEF!!!! Slept through the night without waking up itching or scratching. Swelling seems to be going down.

    Thank you everyone for your help. Death to the itch!

  123. Simplecure!!!! Says:

    This is a follow-up to my first posting on 11/22/11. The Listerine treatment seems to be what is working best for me. After months of terrible suffering with large, red, raw areas and and extreme discomfort, my skin is healed and almost all itching and discomfort has disappeared.

    I try to always make sure I’m dry “down there”. I apply the yellow variety of Listerine to the area each morning and at night (before bed). This will sting a LOT briefly if you have raw skin, but it’s worth it. I was also applying diaper rash cream twice daily, but now only once a day as my problem is subsiding. I’m very grateful to be conquering this awful condition with using antifungal medication.

  124. Balls are burning Says:

    I went the hydrogen peroxide gel method. And to say it burned like hell would be a understatement. I had to immediately wash it off with ice cold water. Will try the bleach and water spray burn, because I can’t put my ball through that again

  125. Simplecure!!!! Says:

    CORRECTION to the above comment that I wrote: I am conquering jock itch WITHOUT using antifungal medications.

    I feel that the most effective remedy for me is to directly apply the amber yellow (original) Listerine to the area. I have almost quit using the diaper rash cream. The skin is almost totally back to normal with no discoloration and almost no itching whatsoever. I will however continue the Listerine treatment for possibly a few more weeks. And don’t let the area remain moist for any length of time.

    Hoping this will help you to conquer this condition without using antifungal remedies!

  126. sufferings in jock itch Says:

    i first had it in teenage ..but it was gone after applying anti fungal creams..but about an year back it returned with all vengeance….and the problem was i was a mariner …working on ship so i didnt had access to medicines and all which allowed it to take a dangerous form after which it was resistant to anti fungal creams also… me …who have not suffered it …it will make u itch until u cry and bang ur head against
    a wall or throw stuff around….finally it has abated …but some red spots or hives still appear and its itchy but it doesnot look like fungal infection…i guess my skin had enough and its now allergic to every other thing..visited a couple of docs but it didnt helped much….all i want to say is dont take it lightly …i am gonna use suggestions submitted here and will be back soon to share my experience..

  127. Ed Says:

    After having jock itch for over 6 years and going to two demotologists, I used CHLOROX. WORKED LIKE A CHARM AFTER ABOUT 2 WEEKS. Also cut down on soda with sugar in it. The vinegar helped but didn’t work. Just dab on straight Chlorox twice a day for 2 weeks and you are cured.

  128. jason Says:

    I have it on my genitals a little bit only, SO many people recommend so many things, does the apple cider vinegar thing work or no? i’m using Lotrimin AF spray, and it helps the itch, but doesnt make the redness go away…..anyone out there?

  129. Simplecure!!!! Says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to use bleach on my skin, but I highly recommend using original (yellow) Listerine even though it will sting on raw, irritated skin. I use a paper towel to blot Listerine on the area twice daily. Also, it is extremely important to keep the area dry.

    I was also using A & D (diaper rash cream) to help protect, soothe and heal the areas, but I don’t need to use that any longer and don’t recommend long term use of the A & D cream.

    I’m happy to report that the skin is totally healed without using antifungal medications or bleach. I have almost no itching whatsoever now. I will continue the Listerine treatment a bit longer to hopefully have a permanent cure.

  130. sahil j. Says:

    i m facing a problem im having some kind of spots near my scrotum area and my lower body my thighs and legs have such spots too but are tiny in size than my scrotum. i went for diagnosis and had ointment metacortil and antifungal tabs.

    now doc. said im having kind of scabies but no one aound me is suffering from the same……
    what should i do…. idont kw the exact reason…

  131. John Meyers Says:

    I just tried ‘Clorox Wipes’ which are used for cleaning around the house. Immediately, the itching stopped and no irritation.

    I’ve had mild jock itch for 25 years and will be delighted if this continues to work. Listerine is next if this doesn’t work.

    Good luck everyone. It is embarrassing and a real bear to get rid of!

  132. vernon nielsen Says:

    i used ionic silver for a while but it kept coming back. did a wash with bleach and it didnt.

  133. anonymous Says:

    ………………..IM 15 and have jock itch for almost 4 years, very embarrassing telling my parents so i waited and now its reallllllllllly bad. its all over my balls and a little bit on my thing. it really effects my life in highschool. i used both the spray and cream of LOTRIMIN for 2 weeks both. they didnt work. now i am using TERRASIL…. : help meeee on this tell me if this product is working……the rash is more smooth and no chaifing at all, and the color is changing to a lighter red,,, but I itch it some times and it gets really red and i feel like it starts over again 

            Some one Read ^^^^^^^^ HELP MEEEEEEE im Suffering :’(

  134. Ballsonfire Says:

    I try to wash it with hot water and put some anti fungal cream ( Bioderm ) but it still there. i want to try the home remedy if it will work..thank you..

    FUck u JOCK ITCH!! get out of my life .. . . . . . !

  135. Laloylaloy Says:

    much better, try to visit your doctor dude:) don’t be shy.

  136. Donpickin Says:

    Got a rash in the crotch,???Drop your shorts and slap on 70proof rubbing alcohol twice a day,cleared mine right up.THANK GOD FOR ALCOHOL””””  

  137. anonymous Says:

    I think im gonna have to. like i am seeing very small spots that are going away on the sides.

  138. john lucier Says:

    you may have an infection of candida albicans if its on your junk. Thats the same bug that causes yeast infections in women, but can get guys too. Cut your carbs and sugar to starve it from the inside out, and treat your skin too. try vinegar in a spray bottle.

  139. Guest Says:

     to cure Jock itch, use Siddha medicine, especially Seemai Agathi paste for external use. around 3 night usage will make it dry, slight itch, peeling of skin, then vanish. Good luck. you may check the following link.

  140. Jesseford1111 Says:

    Ok check it out. It keeps coming back over and over right? The constant moisture down there causes that. After washing with anti bacterial and drying, put anti perspirant on it.

  141. dave Says:

    I used dettol liquid diluted, it stung a bit but i havent itched for over 2 days, will update later my results.

  142. MattPryor Says:

    I was itching my ball sack all night the other night and now I’ve got a blister
    And it is so annoying it almost looks like a burn, is this jock itch ??

  143. helping Says:

    jock itch and athletes foot are the same fungi , when i get bouts of itchy feet , i pee on them in the shower before turning the water on and let them soak for a bit . this works on my feet without having to use any creams , the same applies for your jock itch .. urinate on your genitals and wipe it around . let is sit for a bit then shower . DRY OFF completely and use talcum .  this along with many other suggestions will work 

  144. Dave Says:

    Ok, i tried dettol it stopped it for about 4 days, then the itching came back. Go to your pharmacist/boots/super drug and ask for tea tree oil 100% – it costs 5 pound for a little bottle. Have a shower dry off and then apply 2 drops of tea tree oil to a cotton ball and apply to the effected areas. it will burn at first, which is good as it is actually killing the jock itch by penetrating through the skin. Repeat the procedure every day till your skin starts to re heal.

  145. Simplecure!!!! Says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that BLEACH DILUTED WITH WATER is the answer. I had been blotting on original Listerine. It can sting a LOT but I had good results for a long time until I had a bad flare up of the itch for several days. In desperation I decided to try diluted bleach. I mix 1/4 cup bleach with 3/4 cup water. I simply blot on this solution and let it dry (don’t rinse off) perhaps twice a day. I still use Listerine at times but I feel like I may be totally free of jock itch in the future without using fungal medications or other creams, etc. AND this is also the cheapest cure! Remember to keep the area dry!

  146. gogo Says:

    Alright, so to sum up (the article and the comments), here is the perfect recipe:

    - Wash your private parts with bleach and a generous amount of water (3 cups of water for one cup of bleach)

    - Soak them in tea tree oil

    - Soak them in salt water

    - Add apple cider vinegar

    - Add olive oil and garlic

    - Sprinkle with oregano

    One thing is not mentioned though, should I cut my wiener in slices of cubes for best results?

    (sorry, couldn’t help it…)

  147. Julie Says:

    Hi everyone,
    My poor husband has been suffering from this NASTY jock itch bitch for like two months. I’ve been diluting tea tree oil with water and applying it to his rash. It seems to help, but then it seems to flare up again right when I think I’ve “got it”. After reading all these comments, my husband and I are realizing we are not the only ones. This is an EVIL fungus that is aggressive and hard to get rid of! I feel like I’m fighting in a war here. I will not lose. From now on, our plan is this: Shower twice a day with anti-fungal soap (tea tree oil soap) dry butt with hair dryer; apply STRAIGHT tea tree oil. Apply this oil several times day and keep that butt crack as DRY AS A BONE BABY! lol Oh, and he is eating like 10 cloves of garlic a day. I feel it is my duty to the human race to tell you if this works or not. I feel so sorry for anybody suffering from this! Thank you all for taking the time to post about it. Ok. talk to you laters!

  148. Julie Says:

    Oh BTW peoples, We’ve tried like 5 bottles of jock itch creams and they DON”T WORK!!!!

  149. Richard Says:

    Surgical Spirit (medical alcohol) applied liberally will burn like fire but kill the infection. Warning: it burns like you would not believe, and hurts for about 15 minutes.

  150. I used to laugh Says:

    Swamp crotch or crotch rot thinking poor hygiene is to blame. Coming from an arid climate to a humid climate has now given me a new appreciation for those that suffer this horrendous condition. Taking intimate regions under it’s fungal control it leaves one both humiliated and half-crazed wanting relief.

    I’m going on 3 months of this watching the advance of the infection and wondering if the battle will be won before all the area will be uninhabitable. I started with a small uprising and now it’s a civil war with what appears to be tactical nuclear strikes occurring when I try various strategic advances. My arsenal is dwindling with aloe, olive and tea tree oils, peroxide and alcohol being used but the enemy gathers strength after the attacks and advances further.

    Even exotic weapons such as otc cream has been used. I’ve now conscripted spys to go behind the lines such as garlic and a product called candex taken internally to weaken the enemy from within. Cutting off the enemy supply lines has been tough limiting sugar and yeast intake but eventually I hope the front line will recede . I’m looking at the nuclear option now with bleach and/or oregano as a final defense. I would still like to know though where the enemy came from to begin with since I’ve been on probiotics all along and actually have started eating healthier before this action started.

    I’ve lost a northern country and a couple of southern countries are nearly in the enemy’s control. I pray that the continent isn’t lost as I suspect that a nuclear winter won’t be far behind it and I won’t survive the torture at that point. Here’s to a successful campaign for all of us. Then we can all laugh at the enemies defeat .

  151. badmojo Says:

    BLEACH and LISTERINE finally got rid of this suicidal rash! Tried almost every spray and cream for 18 mos almost going broke! Also used most of the home remedy’s i’ve read. Finally DESPERATE, sprayed full strength bleach (swimming pool liquid bleach)on my infected parts, left bleach on as long i could take it, then jumped in the shower. *** I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS *** ITS GOING TO BURN LIKE HELL!!! After this initial bleach treatment i switched to 3:1 water/bleach ratio for future treatments.

    So my daily shower routine is… 1st spray bleach/water on my junk, let sit as i wash my hair and body. Rinse bleach off, then wash junk (i used a liquid soap called fungicure) with a separate wash cloth. Rinse. Dry junk with separate towel. Most important step is to air dry junk with a portable fan. Do the best you can to fan dry infected area. Then i would thoroughly apply Listerine with cotton pads, and finally use the fan again.

    Listerine was a major cure with the bleach. I apply it at LEAST twice daily. I also used diaper rash cream when needed. I walked like a penguin for most of this time. Also keep area dry, apply powder when ever possible.

    Another thing, I had a itchy butt since i can remember. Every time i would use the bathroom i would get blood before wiping clean. This led to scratching at nite and swamp ass, which i attribute to this f****** rash. You don’t know whats going on down there while you sleep or on hot days. So i sprayed my crack on the 1st use of the pure bleach. !!!PAIN!!! ***I recommend using the 3:1 ratio of this water/bleach mixture*** BUT after 2 days no more itch, bloody paper or swampy ass! That alone was unbelievable.

    Even though i’m free of this hellish rash, i still use the bleach and Listerine and a fan on a regular basis, its become part of my daily routine. Once you start seeing major results after a few weeks, DON’T GET LAZY! YOU MUST NOT STOP THE TREATMENT! TILL 100% CURED!

    SO, bleach mix ON/IN EVERY infected area, -separate wash cloth and towels, -use fan to air dry, -Listerine and fan again. Baby wipes, powder are also part of my daily routine. If possible carry wipes, powder and small Listerine with you to your work place.
    *NOTE* I took garlic pills and used fungicure soap while treating. Don’t know if these had any effect with the bleach and Listerine treatment. IT took about 2-3 weeks with major improvement, 4-6 weeks with rash scars almost gone. If you’re scared to use the bleach, use plain ole Listerine on its own. Hope this helps anyone suffering this diabolical rash from hell.

  152. Julie Says:

    Hey everybody, just wanted to follow up. I started using straight Tea Tree OIl and a blow dryer and guess what? It Spread! BIG TIME! In a matter of hours. Soooo….I was done. My husband went to the doc for once and for all and they put him on: Oral anti-fungal, antibiotics, and cream. It totally worked and he’s as good as new!

  153. Simplecure!!!! Says:

    Mix 1/4 cup bleach and 3/4 cup water. Keep it in a spray bottle or other container. Apply this solution to the affected area and let it dry. (Don’t rinse it off.) If you have raw areas of skin, use a diaper rash cream to sooth it until it starts to heal. Then only use the bleach solution as needed. This should put you on the road to recovery. You can basically enjoy life without the itch!

    Keep the diluted bleach on hand just in case of an occasional flare-up and don’t indulge in vigorous itching! Try to keep the area dry. The diluted bleach method will work. The Listerine treatment can also be very effective. Don’t buy expensive creams. Keep 3 items on hand: bleach, diaper rash cream and original Listerine.

  154. Hatred Says:

    Use the treatments but change your diet as well. Fungus thrives in an acidic environment. Get rid of dairy foods from your diet. I used to get the itch really bad, used lamisil, tea tree etc and it did not work. When I stopped eating yogurt that I was eating every day it very quickly went away. Cut the milk out while you are at it. Also look at other products that you may have started using at the same time that the itch occurred. Washing powders, fabric softness, a new soap or body wash. These things are all a part of the problem. They upset the ph balance on your skin allowing undesirables to thrive.

  155. Yoorina Says:

    Is salicylic acid effective. Im a girl and im so shy having this fuc**** itch.
    Been using salicylic acid. It hurt a lot feels like burning.

    Help me :-(

  156. Mikey Says:

    The best cure I ever used, though pretty painful, is Vicks Vopo Rub, the ointment, not the cream. The jock itch was gone in about four days and did not come back for several years.. I’m working up the nerve to try it now as I contracted a case while in the hospital. I have enough rehab pain without that, but have to get rid of this crud. Vicks really does the job. A little bit of tissue will dab away the tears.

  157. David Wagner Says:

    Blow dryer directly on itchy area…temporary discomfort of heat on groin but so worth it – applied corn starch after wards…worked wonders. OTC products and Nizoral did not work. Save your money and buy a hair dryer apply – hold dryer on affected area as long as you can stand it;-) (worked for me)

  158. Matthew Says:

    I’m not your typical teenager I’m a hardcore gamer I’m in high school but still for some unknown reason I’ve had and itch in my lower region for roughly 2 years when I first got the itch I just stepped up my daily hygentics instead of taking 1 shower I took 2 after waking up and before going to bed. That seemed to work just fine as In a week later the small rash was gone and the itching stopped for about 3-5 months somewhere in there the rash came back then I did the same thing as before but it didn’t work this time so I got a cream. The creame worked for a short while until about 5-6 months ago when it came back a third time this time much worst all the symptoms I have shows it’s jock itch where did I get it I have no idea not fat yet at the same time not very active. I have tried just about everything but it’s not going away this time it’s like a cockroach that gets immune and can live anywhere… I’m to scared to tell my parents though. Oh well havent tried a salt bath yet I’ll
    Try one of those and if that don’t work I have no idea what I’m gonna do. Jock itch the itch that will drive you absolutely insane thank the lord I’ve yet to have an epsiode in school

  159. erica lee Says:

    hi..ive been suffering from jock itch for almost 5 first it was only itching in my groin ang mons pubis.i had severe itching and it would disturb my sleep at night.I went to OB GYNE doctor and was prescribed travocort provided temporary relief but the itching was still there. I went to another OBGYNE doctor again and I was prescribed antibiotic, antifungal meds. It provided only temporary relief. Maybe the dose of the antifungal meds was not enough to kill the fungus. I have watched in youtube about a person who had jock itch. He gave a solution to cure jock itch.This is his site, I also went to another doctor again..This time she’s a dermatologist. I was prescribed antifungal medications to kill fungus.Creams wont kill the fungus alone. It needs antifungal medications in exact dose in order to kill the fungus. I’ve been using pure bleach but it provided only temporary relief.The itch would be on and off.The dermatologist also gave me a cream and it was effective because I noticed that my jock itch was gone. There’s no rash-like on my skin anymore.I’m on my 5th day of anifungal meds and the name of the medication is Itraconazole.I need to take it for 14 days and I will go back for follow up.

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