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Genital Herpes

genital herpes

You’d be surprised to know medical researchers have been unable to find a cure for herpes till date! Now, isn’t this an unsettling thought? But before you start fearing the worst, know that not all get afflicted with this condition and best viagra online those who do, generally recover. Let’s see what this disease is all about.

Herpes defined

Herpes is a viral infection that commonly affects the mouth and genital regions. In US alone, fifty to eighty percent of the adult population carries oral herpes and twenty percent or over fifty million people, genital herpes. And the majority of these remain ignorant about it!

Both oral herpes, which manifests itself as cold sores or fever blisters, and genital herpes that appears as genital sores or sores below the waist, is caused by herpes simplex virus. Since this virus weakens the immune system, it’s important to keep herpes in check at all times.

Getting herpes

The good news is herpes doesn’t spread through air, but the bad news is it does through skin contact. A mere touch is enough, especially if the skin has sores. So, be careful with strangers, while kissing or having oral sex or intercourse. An uninfected individual has about seventy-five percent chances of contracting herpes during intimate contact. Even if you don’t see anything on your skin, but experience itching or other sensations, be warned it may be herpes. The first outbreak is usually painful and may cause itching, burning or tingling. It may also display flu-like symptoms of swollen glands, headache, muscle ache and fever.

Preventing herpes

The best defense against herpes is to avoid it in the first place. The best possible preventive measure is to maintain general good health and keep stress to a minimum. However, if you are infected, there are things you can do to minimize its effect:

a. Take care of the affected skin area by keeping it clean and dry during outbreaks to help healing.

b. Avoid physical contact with the affected area from the time the skin starts tingling, itching or burning until all sores get completely healed and cialis 40 mg for sale not just scabbed-over.

c. Always wash hands with soap and water, if you happen to touch a sore. It kills herpes virus.

Those with genital herpes should use latex condoms during intercourse to prevent spreading.

e. See your physician while the symptoms are still present. This will help in securing virus for specific virus culture.

Natural Remedies

Although there are no medical cures yet for herpes, there are certain effective home remedies that can be used successfully in controlling the outbreak and even curing herpes. However, before you try anything, consult your physician first.

a. Avoid diet products containing the synthetic sweetener, aspartame. This ingredient is known to trigger herpes outbreak.

b. Increase the intake of diet high in lysine and low in arginine. This means, eat more fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, beans, brewer’s yeast and most fruits and vegetables, and avoid chocolate, coconut, oats, whole wheat, white flour, peanuts, soybeans and wheat germ.

c. Amongst herbal remedies, use of the medicinal herb Prunella vulgaris. It’s known to prevent herpes. Acyclovir, another natural product, also helps, but overuse is known to cause renal toxicity. Tea Tree Oil, another common product, has been successfully used in controlling herpes outbreak.

d. Stress is known to contribute in frequent outbreaks of herpes. So, adopting natural treatments and costs of cialis alternative therapies, like yoga, meditation can help manage stress.

Herpes is here to stay and with people carrying it around on person, it may be difficult to avoid! But, if you do get it, don’t panic, using natural cures can help you contain this menace. But whatever you do, don’t forget to consult your physician first.

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  1. Lynn Calderon Says:

    I take a bath to gently clean the effected area with very mild soap if any soap at all. Then use a hair dryer to dry the area instead of a towel. I then put some tea tree oil on a q-tip and apply it to the lesions. It does burn but it heals the lesions much faster.

  2. Roz King Says:

    I bath is a very dilute solution of the old fashion brown lysol and water. It stops the outbreaks immediatley.

  3. jay davis Says:

    try cator oil it really works

  4. Tracy Says:

    I take zinc tablets everyday and have not had another outbreak since I have been diagnosed

  5. mindy Says:

    The wonderful oregonal p-73 helps control and helps outbreaks go away faster. Available at your local health food store. Also L-lysine vitamins sometimes works. Also drink lots of tea with ANTIOXIDANTS, such as green tea, red tea, and white tea, which has 50 more times the antioxidants in it. Remember for women these breakouts will come about aprox, 4 to 5 days before your menses. So try to keep track with your monthly cycle, so you can take the remedies before they pop up. when I don;t keep track they come, and oooowww!!! they are painful! I hope this will help anybody that suffers, from this painful disease. God bless, and pray for a cure.

  6. 808girl Says:

    I have pretty luck. I have not had a outbreak in a few years(knock on wood). But when I do, I use calamine lotion. It is soothing and dries them up. Hope this helps. Also know that it is possible to be outbreak free for years at a time. Aloha!!!

  7. Alex Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Scott Says:

    Whenever I get an outbreak, I dab bleach on the spots with a q-tip. Then I wash it with acne face soap to dry it out. Seems to kill the outbreak immediately, and I heard this from someone else who has also had good luck with this technique. Make sure not to use too much bleach however and where can i purchase levitra don’t get it in open cuts or sores…It made me sick one time when I overused it

  9. Kristy Says:

    You’ll need ~ Q-TIPS, BLEACH & COTTON BALLS. Herpes in the mouth can be carefully destroyed with a bleach dampened Q-Tip. The Q-Tip CANNOT be dripping wet! Squeeze off the excess bleach. Gently rub one sore for 5 – 10 minutes or untill you bleed a little from it. Do the rest of your sores if you have many. Place cotton in your mouth and suck your spit if you salavate. Keep the cotton in your mouth or nose for 30 minutes. Then rinse your mouth with water and or mouth wash. Do this treatment whenever a break out occurs; the sores will begin to diminish and basically be cured. This may work for Genital Herpes as well. Just make sure you bleed a little to ensure some disinegration of the virus during bleach applications. Docotrs would not recomend this, but I believe it is a painfull but necessary cure.

  10. Bee Ozz Says:

    Has anyone ever tried “oil of oregano”?

  11. Loren Says:

    I was diagnosed in 2000 and i have never had an outbreak. So I’m leery.

  12. chel Says:

    has anyone ever dabbed peroxide on it?

  13. Charles Says:

    I have tried peroxide, and it absolutely DOES NOT help.

  14. 4Yahshua Says:

    Years ago I came down with genital herpes on my face under my lips. I started taking (2) 500 or (1)1000 mg. capsule of L-Lysine, an amino acid, every day. Now, I rarely get an outbreak.

  15. Gentlemansteve Says:

    For Cold sores I use cool mint Listerine. It is gone with in a day or two. I just put it on the cold sore about three times daily

  16. Gentlemansteve Says:

    My ex girl friend use to get cold sores all the time and the doctor suggested she take L-Lysine cause it helps with getting poisons out of the body and would help with cold sores. They went away and never came back

  17. lala Says:

    i have herpes and they are really bad

  18. stayce Says:

    cold sores….earwax. start when it starts to tingle it will never come to the surface

  19. Jenni Says:

    1250mg of L-Lysine daily as a suppliment works great to prevent outbreaks. If you feel any tingle at all, up the dose to 1000mg x3/day. It will like prevent an outbreak, but if it doesn’t, the outbreak will be less severe and will heal quicker if you continue the regimine throughout the healing process.

    Keep the area clean by washing it several times a day. Apply tea-tree oil using a q-tip and then dab dry golden seal on it. It turns the sore an ugly yellow color, but promots fast healing. If you are suffering from Herpes II, keep a little toliet paper on the area to absorb fluid (and prevent it from spreading). Change the dressing frequently throughout the day. Wash using soap and water in between dressing changes.

    Get lots of sleep, and try not to stress out. Eat a healthy diet, avoiding too much caffine, sugar, alcohol, and chocolate. Spend a few minutes several times a day appreciating yourself, accepting yourself, and loving yourself. I know it might be hard to do, especially with the stigma that society has attached to having Herpes, but remember that you are not alone and mail order glucophage you did nothing wrong. I think that self-forgiveness is a big lesson to be learned through all of this.

    Other helpful products have been L-lysine cream, and H-Balm essential oil. I also seem to benefit from a little lavender oil in my bath and from Lemon Balm tea.

    Good Luck, and be well!

  20. nicole Says:

    I noticed the blisters coming without the intense itch that goes along with it. before i realized, i already had the open sores. it took only 2 days of a bath tub low with water and 2tablespoons of bleach (Clorox) morning and night and the blisters were completely gone and i felt like i never had an outbreak. stick with bleach and a tub of warm water, the sores dissappear almost instantly.

  21. Monica Says:

    I take 2000 mg L-LYSINE a day. If I feel like I am havin a outbreak then I take ee000mg a day while bathing n clorox bleach n drinkin pau d arco tea n adding 15 drops of the liqud I havent had an out break since I found out I had this

  22. Monica Says:

    I take 2000 mg L-LYSINE a day. If I feel like I am havin a outbreak then I take 3000mg a day while bathing n clorox bleach n drinkin pau d arco tea n adding 15 drops of the liqud I havent had an out break since I found out I had this

  23. dawna Says:

    I don’t have a remedy I just received my first out break and it stings and genuine cialis no prescription I really wanna get rid of it!! What can I do immedietly that I would have in the house!! I have never had herpes in the mouth just a few days ago I reveived the genital effects!! What do I do??

  24. Reese Says:

    I was diagnosed last April and the way I found out was by my first outbreak. I simply didn’t know what it was at first. But ever since I was put on Valtrex and Zovirax to treat my first outbreak. I have never had an outbreak since and no longer need those medications. Of course, unless I have an outbreak. But there are a few everyday steps that I do to prevent them from happening in the first place. And I that is the anti bacterial Dial body wash that I use (it’s great for keeping the bacteria level low) and keeping your STREES LEVEL low defininatley helps. I also recommend cotton underwear, never wear clothes that are too tight or that make you sweat. It can trigger outbreaks because you want to keep the affected area clean and cool everyday. Good Luck and God Bless.

  25. Reese Says:

    Oh and another thing, before I was diagnosed, a really bad nurse told me to use a warm cloth on it. DO NOT DO THAT. It simply makes it extremely painful. The open sores need to be fanned with cool air and keeping it out of direct sunlight especially helps too when you are experiencing an outbreak as well, wash the area atleast two to three times a day. I really like Zovirax, great medication for this virus. It’s a medicated cream and within the first week my sores we almost 100% gone. Good Luck

  26. Lauren Says:

    I rub 91% rubbing alcohol on the area when I first start to feel funny. Dries it out and discourages the attack.

    I also do this if I have sores – this hurts like an (expletive) but it helps it go away faster.

  27. Lauren Says:

    Oh and stay AWAY from aspartame, artificial sweeteners, and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. All of those can those can trigger an attack.

  28. Tasha Says:

    I have an outbreak once every 4 years after being diagnosed in 1994. I mix vit. E oil, tea tree oil and nutribiontic (grapefruit seed extract found at my health food store) together and dab on sore about 3 times a day. It’s important to use the E oil because the other two can be very drying to the skin if used undiluted.

    I up my Vit. C and take L-Lysine.

  29. christine Says:

    I have herpes simplex 2 and I was getting tired of feeling tingly and itchy down there every other day. I do lysine, I take valtrex, vitamins ect ect. Nothing worked. I got so fed up I went to the drug store and bought the aerosol can of Lysol (says right on the bottle it kills simplex 1&2), and I straight up spray it directly on me. It burned like a motherf**ker, but I guess I’m used to that anyway HA. After the burning stopped I washed it off, and felt like a million bucks.

  30. Gilbert Says:

    Use DMSO as soon as you feel it coming on. It should minimize the growth.

  31. Anna Says:

    I was able to cure my herpes (yes, I said CURE) with a silver solution I found that is much better than colloidal silver. No viruses can live in it’s presence. This stuff is good for anything that affects the immune system and has a money back guarantee! It seriously worked for me, I recommend it to anyone, including people with cancer, aids, or any other ailment.

  32. Laura Says:


  33. Laura Says:


  34. haly Says:

    put ice on the area, then blow dry it with a hair drier, it confuses the virus

  35. Hollywood Says:

    I usually take 3 pills of quantum lysine products on an empty stomach 3 times a day at first sign of symptoms for 10 days. I also make an organic apple cidar vinager tonic of two table spoons vinagar in cold water (hot water de-actvates the enzymes) and a few table spoons of local organic honey twice a day. Warm baths help, followed by tea tree oil application with a cotton swab. Healing meditation, deep breathing, plenty of rest, yoga to help open meridians throughout the body. Lots of water!!! Avoid caffiene, chocolate, red wine, any pollutants. Licorice root, milk thistle, echinacea, lemonbalm teas are amazing!!! Dance to help deepen your mediation practice…get out of your head and don’t stress it will get better with time and care. Love yourself and others.

  36. lossol Says:

    what if your balls get infected and gets itchy?

  37. leah Says:

    where do you get the L-LYSINE from?

  38. germy Says:

    I put windex on it and it is gone in 3 hours.

  39. Papoose Says:

    Tracey how long have you had it? and dose the zinc really work?

  40. Brian Says:

    this was very helpful, seems like everyone has had good luck with the l-lysine. I have heard that drinking small amounts of food grade hydrogen peroxide helps so ive been trying it but have done it long enough to tell yet. Someone asked about oil of oregano and i have used that alot and i do believe it helps. I slam some when i feel a outbreak coming and it seems to make it go away before it happens. Tastes nasty tho, best to mix it with a tiny bit of orange juice and then chase it with more oj… Stress definatly makes it worse, when i lost my job i was struggling really bad with it. Eat good, h202, l-lysine, maybe oil of oregano, reduce stress and anything you can do to detoxify your body and increase you imune system will help!!

  41. Alex Says:

    I drink copious amounts of red wine daily. Not a drunkard and not by day, but before hitting the sack I’d say at least 1.5 bottles of red wine. Roseveratrol….. or other type of enzyme… I feel nice and it’s helps me creatively.

    I stay out of the sun mostly. If an outbreak should present itself I give it a day and let it churn and burn… as it does. Once the blisters arrive I take toilet paper and grab them and squish them to get the liquid out. I wash with soap and water and gently dry with the corner of my towel and am careful not to touch that corner again without washing the towel. Painful at first… but it could be worse…

    I don’t apply anything to the sores, but I like what I have read and will try, however, I have not had an outbreak in a long time. I am 44 and it seems with age they don’t bother with us older folks. Stress is a biggie…. chill…. be cool as a cucumber as they say…. and you will be OKAY! Get 8 to 9 hours sleep and you’re homefree!

    By the way…. previous writer: You do not get it from SKIN ON SKIN unless there is an outbreak. It’s not on your shoulder bro! You get it when you kiss where you pee or do the ol’ in and out…. so wrap it. My bad came from a girl who had sex with EVERYBODY…. and guess what …… she gave it to EVERY BODY!

    Just live a healthy lifestyle and stay away from nuts, hard liquor, and stress…. oh, and tell your partner! Lastly, eat. Not over eat, but 5 small meals a day with plenty of egg whites, milk, and steak…. you are Golden!


  42. Mstiff Says:

    I have a very mild case of genital herpers but I have found that using Abreva at the first sign of an outbreak provides quick releif and heals faster. This is good for those who don’t get outbreaks that often.

  43. Lenny Says:

    Try rubbing alcohol (91%)as well, even when you have sores..even better, I know it will be painful. For males, you can take it a step further and use a needle, remove the needle cap from the tube. Pour some alcohol in a clean cup, suck the alcolol in the tube of the needle. Inject the alcohol in your alrethra, then repeat several times over several hours or days. But, continue to use it on the outter skin as well. I have read the alcohol can kill the herpes virus as long as it’s 85% or stronger even though it reproduces itself. If you continue to do it right, your urine will turn to a creamy color after a week or so. You can slowly feel it weakening. Also use it on your skin before and after you take a warm shower. Your pores will open up from the warm water and steam and it absorbs in your skin alot better. So, don’t dry off, let yourself drip dry if you have to. I use alcohol for cleaning certain tough stains and my athletes foot which I just got recently (never had it before) because I am on my feet alot now.

  44. james Says:

    put ice on the area right when the tingle starts….keep doing it and the outbreak will not come out.

  45. Lisa Says:

    I am the official worldwide QUEEN of herpes. I do not have genital herpes (ever) but I have had every other form (shingles, facial herpes) I get outbreaks on my chin, neck, ears, nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, and eyes. I have tried EVERYTHING, including ultraviolet treatments, chickenpox innoculations (we’re talking 1970s treatments here) and everything else. Vitamin E applied directly onto a sore gives soothing relief, but only minimal. I DO NOT recommend BLEACH to anyone as it is a toxic POISON. However, after struggling with this virus in all its forms, and trying every combination of foods/drugs/acyclovir/anti viral eye drops/etc., I have FINALLY found a product that works that is NOT TOXIC (after years of Acyclovir use to avoid going blind from eye herpes, I now have kidney problems from the drug). The product I now use is called HPX. I take 2 a day to prevent the virus from occurring. It is made up of selenium, vitamin e, vitamin c, zinc, olive leaf, lysine, and a few other compounds, all natural. You can get it from any holistic physician, or you can just combine these ingredients yourself from a health food store. Periods and stress definitely trigger outbreaks. I have had enormous stress in the past 7 mos, and would have normally had HORRIBLE outbreaks, but since I have been taking this product (less than a year) I HAVENT HAD A SINGLE OUTBREAK or even a single tingle!!!! AMAZING! I highly recommend this vitamin product! Hope this helps everyone – good luck.

  46. symptom free Says:

    i had my first outbreak about 4yrs ago and has had only two outbreaks since then. ive been outbreak free for the last 2yrs! i havent taken anything but willing to try the l-lysine to prevent future outbreaks

  47. jc Says:

    i take l-lysine every day and it has helped alot now when i get an outbreak there are no sores only alittle discharge, but thats it. its really helped alot, i have also found that using dial soap on the infected area and air drying helps as well

  48. Rob Says:

    take one teaspoon of pollen everyday

  49. kari Says:

    Whenever I feel an outbreak coming on, I take a 50mil zink tablet and put zink atibiotic ointment on the affected area, this works realy good, my outbreaks, if any even show, only last for a day or two, and very minimal. Ginsing is also very good to add to a daily diet to prevent outbreaks. There is another ointment out there called Melissa officialis that is seposed to be very effective.

  50. soclose Says:

    monica : is it bathin in clorox bleach ? and adding 15 drops of clorox bleach to the pau d arco tea ?

  51. Scott Says:

    A diet high in garlic – will keep out breaks in check

  52. ALVAR Says:

    I started using tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil, it really works. I

  53. sherry Says:

    Do the sores come in the same place all the time. I had a sore in on place then another and then another. Is this normal? I’m freaking out and scared.

  54. A Says:

    Hydrocortizone creme helps to relieve the itch or pain, but I dont think it helps kill the infection.

  55. jessica Says:

    I used to get outbreaks EVERY month – I was very stressed during this time which may be why. When I would get an outbreak I would put rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol – you can get it at any drug store or supermarket) – The blister would go away in just the matter of a day or two. I would put the rubbing alcohol on it a few times a day. It did burn a little and be careful, rubbing alcohol is not appropriate in some spots.
    I was recently diagnosed with HPV also, I began taking a daily multi-vitamin, beta glucan and indole 3 carbinol (all of which are supposed to help the immune system) Since starting on these supplements I have not had an outbreak, nor any signs of an on coming outbreak. I am not sure if it is because of these supplements. But I have been outbreak free for about 3 months.

    Best of luck to all of you!

  56. Nick Says:

    I have some blisters on anus and very uncfortable. What is the fastest way to get rid of them?

  57. z Says:

    i hear amazing things about Lysine

  58. Joe Says:

    When you feel it coming on use Benadryl creme to block the sensation so you don’t think about it. anxiety brings it on so you can literally will it away. if you get a break out you can dry it out and apply neosporin to heal it quicker.

  59. Kaz Says:

    Olive Leaf Extract if you can mange to drink it (it’s a bit gross for me) So I have used “Ease a Cold” Flu relief tablets with Olive Leaf. CURED!

  60. Karen Kirran Says:

    When the itch begins apply heat to the specific area. This works for all kinds of itches, not just herpes (it absolutely cures tinea for example).
    Protect unaffected area first, then apply a jet of hot water (in the shower is an easy way to do this) – it seems to kill the virus in the target area, and the sore quickly heals, especially if treated with some of the products mentioned in this blog, for example Aciclovar.

    Caught early enough, the treatment is highly effective and has much lower recurrence rates.

    Even more effective, and potentially permanent, is the us of the treatment applied to remove skin keratoses. Freezing and killing the surface tissue might be a permanent cure.

  61. Peter Says:

    Olive Leaf. Buy it in liquid form, I use the brand HerbFarm, 20-40 drops in a little water 2-3 times a day… This in combination with 1000mg of L-Lysine every day works. I only get an outbreak once every 2-3 years after starting this, compared with once a month before……

  62. Beth Stricklan Says:

    When I notice the tinkling, I start taking black walnut, 2 capsules 3 x a day & the outbreak is always less sever & sometimes it prevents the outbreak completely. You can buy this at any health food store.

  63. cure Says:

    Is it possible that u can have break outs in the face ?

  64. lonnie Says:

    well i jjust got this i am very hurt by this diagnosis and i am happy that i am not the only one going through this

  65. KAYLA Says:

    I am pretty sure I have genital herpes and I have a serious bf that I haven’t told yet I went to the gyno but by the time she could get me in for an appointmment the lesions were gone and she said shethought it was just irritation from my soap but I have had 2 more outbreaks since then…Now what do I do?? I’m so embarrassed I haven’t told ANYONE

  66. Ashley Says:

    I take valtrex. It seems to work but it takes a long time to actually work

  67. albert wesskar Says:

    the simple way to cure and avoid genital or oral oral herpes is to celibate thats all.

  68. Christine Says:

    I use moducare, with red marine algae. not another outbreak, and I heard on capsule of Lysol in bathwater kills the herpes.

  69. shy Says:

    I take acycolovir 500mg a day only take a 1000mg when I feel I have an outbreak coming on but I haven’t had an outbreak in over two yrs when dx in 2005 I had one once a yr but that was because I was stressing herpes don’t stop ur life I look at it as a chance to educate ppl about protecting themseleves I would also suggest be honest with ur partner because if some one was honest with us we wouldn’t be where we are excerise eat healthy also helps with preventing out breaks n I take other vitamins to

  70. Stepheni Says:

    I agree with slapping bleach on it. I mix 1 part bleach to 2 parts water and apply to the infected around with a q-tip or cotton ball. I’ll repeat until I can’t really tolerate it any more, dry the area and apply aloe (I keep a several plants in the house) to the skin I just bleached. I’ll do this morning and night (usually 2 applications does the job) until I’m convinced that the infection is good and dead. Its a little uncomfortable, but not nearly as awful as a full on blister break out. Especially if you’re a female and get them around the time of your cycle. I’m sorry but cycle+itchy blisters=i’d rather off myself. I also changed my diet since being diagnosed and started exercising regularly to help relieve stress. I haven’t had an episode since my first three outbreaks almost 2 years ago. Screw expensive meds and creams.

  71. Christian Says:

    I must say I am a pretty lucky guy ‘cos I may get an outbreak once every three to four years and when/if that happens, I may not even notice it other than a quick itch. Ever since I started using Hydrogen Peroxide on the blisters, the itching almost instantly goes away. It may burn at first, though a little bit, but it is drying the sores and killing the virus at the root. Continuing to apply Peroxide with a Q-tip over the lesions during the outbreak will eliminate them over time. This simple recipe will relieve you of pain and itching within a few hours. I live a normal life and don’t restrain myself at all. One thing, I eat a well balanced diet and have totally eliminited stress from my life. Sleeping well and drinking a lot of water will help rebalance your health. My last blood tests came inconclusive. The report stated that I have been exposed to the virus. Good luck to all.

  72. Adrian Says:

    Now most people say they rather take herbs…stated from god in the bible HYSSOP purifies the body and PRUNELLA VULGARIS…so take herbs and maybe god blessing will happen…IT MAY BE A CURE because “one” person i read had AIDS took hyssop and they was sent home because they was going to die but HYSSOP keep them alive a little bit longer…ALL I AM SAYING IS LIVE OFF THE EARTH NOT MAN MADE SUBSTANCES ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!

  73. Stephanie Gardner Says:

    I got them in October 28….. Im scared … How am I suppose to tell my husband this when I get Married… Also.. It just feels nasty…

  74. shirley creech Says:

    I am 60 years old and never have had a yeast infection until now. I have been under a lot of stress and I am assuming that is part of the reason I accquired one along with the fact that I took a stong dose of penecillan for another illness. Anyway, I did all the home remedies I read about, went to the doctor and took prescription medicene, it would go away and come right back. I suffered , Itched to bad that I would wake up at night clawing myself to death. I cried and began to give up hope. Then one night I got this idea, If bleach kills bacteria, why not put some in my bath water and soak in it for a while. After the first bath, it only itched for a couple of times, after the second bath, I never had another episode. I could not believer this, so now when i take my bath, i have a little spray bottle of beach in the bathroom, i just squirt a little in my bath water. Of course , I always use lotion all over my body when i get out, but the yeast infection is gone. I hope maybe this will help someone else,

  75. Jessica Says:

    I take 1000mg L-Lysine a day and when the blisters come i dab with a q-tip of rubbing alcohol. Burns like crazy but they dry out QUICK!!!

  76. Midwest Diva Says:


    A little Neosporin helps me.

  77. Tia Says:

    I just got my first outbreak and it hurts really bad and is just one bump. What can I do to get rid of it fast and make it not come back naturally? Thank You for your kind words. I will pray for us all….Cure soon!!!! This goes on not talked about and does not get much attention, but is a serious illness that tons of people don’t even know they have! Stay Blessed!

  78. Bug Says:

    L-Lysine capsules 1000 mg 3 x per day – Whole Foods
    Super Lysine cream after bath 2 x per day (morning & night)- Whole Foods

    Instead of bathing with harsh chemicals like Clorox (listed above), try Desert Essence brand Australian Tea Tree Oil – Whole Foods. The 1st ingredient is Grain Alchohol. Dab on soars with q-tip (do not put infected q-tip back into bottle).

    Try not to wear underwear & clothing that does not touch soars

  79. Gemma Says:

    I took hyperisince and havent had a outbreak in almost 2 years. This is a plant from India. There were reports published that it cured herpes 100% in trials there. Trials were never done in USA

  80. tt Says:

    How much does the lysine usualy cost and is it a cream or a pill?

  81. sonya Says:

    The doctor told me to use dialuted Lysol and take a 1/2 bath 3 times a day. Has anyone ever heard of bathing in Lysol??? it makes me leery!

  82. Rosee Says:

    Lemon, Teatree oil,
    Bathe, Epsom salts or vinagar, or 4 tables spoons clorox.
    Calaine lotion
    Topical: Olive oil and BHT, or DMSO
    Wonderful site, thank you my teen is traveling,
    with not much moey, all this has helped her !!

  83. grace Says:

    this blog is a breath of fresh air. thanks to everyone for their advice and support. . i just got the virus and found out through getting a tattoo, its covered in leisions. i freaked out. and im having to remind myself to relax. …. but the shit iches and it fucked up my tat!!Damn it!! worried that when i get a touch up ill break out again.

  84. Jim Says:

    I’ve tried all kinds of oils purchased from online sources for genital herpes. Some worked for awhile, but it always came roaring back. I read about oil of melissa and purchased some from a local herb store. A very small bottle is about thirty dollars, but it’s worth it. I use it straight on the lesion, which goes into remission for a long time.The sooner it’s applied to discovering the outbreak, the better. I put a very small dab on my finger tip and apply it ONLY to the lesion- don’t rub it in, as spreading it on surrounding skin will cause a burn and severe irritation, especially when you apply it a couple times a day.
    Oil of melissa is used in Germany in a base ingredient, which is probably easier on the skin. Mixing equal amounts with olive or almond oil probably will ease the irritative effect.
    There must be a mind-body connection with herpes outbreaks. When I suddenly remember that I haven’t had an outbreak for some time, I get one within six to eight hours, without fail. If anyone has any thoughts about why this happens, post your response!

  85. Red Says:

    Lysine plus Vitamin C plus Zinc can do the trick to remedy the outbreak but try to catch it as soon as you see it coming up or feel the itch. I don’t like taking too much of any pills so I wait until it starts to show itself.

  86. shushell Says:

    i take Valtrex (a perscription drug) and i have only had one serious outbreak since being diagnosed. And the only reason i had one was because i ran out of my meds. The benefit of this medicine is high but it is very expensive so not all insurances cover it but there are others that are covered you just have to take more of them in a day because they are a lower dose than valtrex. But any one that has herpes should speak with their doctor because bathing in bleach is extremely dangerous.

  87. Babe Says:

    I was diagnosed in 2009 have never had a breakout so I didn’t know I had the virus. It doesn’t matter whether you have breakouts or not you are always contagious this is the reason herpes is so widespread.

  88. lin Says:

    i have had genital herpes for a number of years…but i guess im luckey cause i never had a lesion on my genitals..instead i get them on mmy upper leg region in a blister like forms….it is very painful, it is very similiar to getting burned…i found that the bleach technique shortens the life of the blisters…

  89. lwdalntt Says:

    I know for a fact the liquid Dandelion works!!! It removes it completely and when the next visit to the Doctor comes around, you will be told they don’t see a trace. 3 times a day for a month is what was recommended and it really works. The person has been to several different doctors and in the past they were told there was a trace but now are told no trace. they took in a swallow of water and place the droplets in their mouth and swallowed. It comes in a grain of alchol so it goes straight to your system and it is good for regulated cycles, releasing fluid. It works better than the prescribed fluid pills.

  90. Kellie Says:

    Citrumed is a new all natural product and it works great. it normally heals my genital outbreaks within 1-2 days. Google it…..

  91. Tee Says:

    Does the bleach really work??

  92. emily Says:

    campho-phenique works wonders!

  93. Ann Says:

    First have a bottle of acidophilus capsules ready in the fridge. The instant you feel an outbreak coming on, open a capsule and dab the white powder on the area, you might have to slightly dampen the area to get it to stick. This can be used for genital or on the lip area. Keep a fresh application on the area for 24 hours. It has worked for my husband and me consistently.
    The theory is that bacteria keeps viruses in check. Acidophilus is a beneficial bacteria.

  94. Oscar Says:

    i have Anal herpes and it hurts when i get an feels when i seat like i am seating in agolf ball…there is no cure for this and my life sucks

  95. jdalsho Says:

    I get outbreaks consistantly when I eat mangos. I love them so much though that I risk it more than I should. Aciclovir works. I have the lip outbreaks and eating softserve icecream slopily (like almost smearing it on my lips as I eat) helps a ton to decrease the puffiness. Some crazy hic told me this once, and it works.

  96. Keri Says:

    I was diagnosed with genital herpes ten years ago just by skin contact. Valtrex didnt work well for me and I still kept having outbreaks. A friend bought me liquid vitamin O2 from the GNC store. I stopped taking Valrex. Now over nine years later I had only one outbreak. It works great!

  97. joanna Says:

    ?? I’ve been a germophobe scared to death to contract anything. I take vitamins daily, eat healthy, and sanitize everything religiously. I’ve always been very prude and picky with anyone I get any type of intimate with. But despite all of this I still managed to very recently contract simplex 1 from someone who wasn’t honest with me. I’m crushed. It’s going to close a lot of doors in my love life’s future. Who would want to be with someone who can give you an irreversible disease?


    They are working to remove the dormancy of the virus so that it will be released once and for all and eradicated with antivirals. Maybe with proper funding and support we can have a cure soon!!!!

    A couple of things seem to work for me I wash my face with rubbing alcohol startaing from everywhere else BUT the sore… I wash that thoroughly making sure I don’t touch any part of my face after I touch it. I let that dry. I then spray lysol (kills simplex 1&2). Over my mouth to kill the possible ooze before it seeps into other parts. I take a q-tip soaking in the lysol and clean the sore.(it will go down immediately) I then brush my teeth and gargle for a prolonged period of time with listerine. Spit, and repeat the lysol remedy but this time spraying the lysol onto gauze (to the point where it is more than damp but not soaking) and placing it directly onto the sore, and using medical tape to keep it in place. This acts as a constant antiseptic and I think it prevents the virus from replicating.

    I also tried the bleach bath (in fear I touched something and the virus might be on another part of my body), and that worked marvelously, I gargled with VERY diluted bleach (to rid of possible mouth sores and the viral remnants in the saliva). I also cleaned the sores with only slightly diluted bleach… which BURNED. (My mistake for not diluting it further) my skin became red very quickly… So I grabbed some Silver Sulfadiazine to soothe the irritated area. I just researched it…apparently there’s a pending patent for that too KILLING the virus. It’s also quite soothing.

    Hopefully this helps! Again please show awareness and support to the researchers and scientist who have possibly discovered the key to the curee!!!!

  98. brian Says:

    The anal is likely not virus Oscar. There are natural remedies that cure that sort of thing. I had the anal outbreaks as a teen and they blead horribly (Could not sit) and it was rally, really horrible..found out it was called something like mumps or whatever. I took iodine, zinc (especially zinc) and cured me (never came back) within 24 hours. (It was mineral deficiency not related to viral outbreak)
    But, as for genital, I contracted a mild form of herpe from a 72 (about) year old farmer last year from eating out of a jar that had some homemade ‘something’ in it (He told he he had herpe virus) and ‘expected’ me to eat.
    I ate, so I’d have a place to live (cheap rent) then I moved out because I was treated like some godless freak (cus words, anger..called dumb and a lowlife) even though I was trying to help with farmhand) Long story..I moved out and the person will never be friend of mine.
    Well, one remedy that works VERY well is sugar water (high concentrate) or Brazillian Nut (Found in Wal-Mart in cosmetics)on the lower genital parts works very well (even better than Oil of Oregano!!) so give sugarwater/white sugar mix a try (It ‘starves’ the virus the same way it starves the body which triggers ‘diabetes’ but you use it as a topical solution–NOT ingested)
    Hope this helps people.

  99. Samuel Says:

    I was wondering if the oxysilver water can help is this true Anna pls let me know cuz I’ll do anything to cure this stuff email me at

  100. Cher Says:

    I acquired HSV 2 in early 1970s before many of you wre born I suspect, never knew what it was and it scaredme to death until I found info on it. I went on to get several medical degrees so am a good medical researcher.
    I have found that the variuos medications may work at some times whlie not at others so you need a doctor who needs to understand this and be willing to switch you when necessary if it is.
    I also found that heat, stress and sweating is what causes me to outbreak and those things cause awful pain and chills, fevers etc even after all of this time. I sed to use ice. I like Acyclovir creme and capsules together sine they take less time to work if they work at all. I get pain and cramps, etc. If I go in hot sun for five mins it is allover for me and it can at times last for months so it does not get better for meit getw worse. It is very indivual in how it workd or have you not noticed this by now?
    I hardly ever see my break outs but have come to the conclusion that they reside in the part of the nervous system of the sweat glands, hormones and capilaries. I just read reserach findings that there is such a nervous system discovered in humans so let us hope it wil lhelop make treatment available for those with illneses like HSV, neuropathies, diabetic neuro, fibromyalgia, etc etc etc. Encourage research in this area if it affects you this way. If we do not band together and write then no one will hear us and we wil lnever get a treatment that works for all or as an end all, kills the virus. One thing abotu virii is that they mutate take HIV for example; it mutates brilliantly. I have studied this virus in depth and know how it works and virii work similarly anad that is why the treatments don;t last long. Perhaps I am boring you guys or this does not apply to you. If so I appologize, but I hope I helped someone at least.
    Ice is best for it but dry in a cloth, moistuer is not good for it, cleanliness goes without saying. Destressing is number one. Going to the tanning spa is fine if it is not hot…it is the heat not the sun that brings it out…if you saw me you’d know this is true. I try to keep tan but have to go early when the beds are cool. I can sit out in sun if bright but cool breeze not it hot out.
    I have not noticed any particular food cause ir or help it but it might be worth investiigatring for you, keeping a journal of intake and outbrreaks. G Thanks for listening cher

  101. Jim Says:

    I do not have herpes or ever did but hopr this will help a lot of people.
    Oil of Oregano?
    Numerous university studies have shown that Oil of Oregano is a highly potent purifier that provides many benefits for human health. Oil of Oregano is a natural substance that is extracted from wild oregano plants, and two key compounds found in it are carvacrol and thymol. Studies have shown that both of these compounds have significant effects on harmful microorganisms that cause many illnesses in humans.

    It is important not to confuse Oil of Oregano with common oregano that is used as a spice for cooking. Common oregano is typically Origanum Marjoram, while Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Vulgare.

    Oil of Oregano can be purchased as either a liquid or as capsules/tablets. In both forms, it is important to verify that the oil is derived from the proper potent oregano plant, and that the carvacrol concentration is at least 70%.

    What are the Benefits of Oil of Oregano?
    The ancient Greeks were one of the first people to recognize oregano oil for its health benefits and medicinal qualities. It is known to be a potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic oil that can reduce pain and inflammation and effectively fight off infections.

    Some of the specific benefits of Oil of Oregano are:
    Destroying organisms that contribute to skin infections and digestive problems.
    Strengthening the immune system.
    Increasing joint and muscle flexibility.
    Improving respiratory health.

    The best one to take I would say is N.American Herb Spice – Oreganol p-73
    Good luck to all
    Also check out Doug Kaufman at and the phase 1 diet.

  102. megan Says:

    just diagnosed this week sad but glad to know what the problem is. on valtrex but i did do a bleach bath and bleach on qtip GREAT! Also taking supplements for immune system and gonna try something i read about called garlic tea. One clove of garlic boiling water let sit for and hour then add lemon and drink daily. Before i got valtrex i cut a sliver of garlic and place on lesion burns like hell at first but soothes the itch.
    Thank you to everyone on this site!

  103. LEVI Says:

    All I can say is that none of us asked for this virus Simplex 1 or 2. Regardless how we got it.. We HAVE IT!!! I just have to ask you all, only because I know several people with this virus that live in shame and refuse to share. Please, Please, ALWAYS think of your partner before the very first time you have contact with them. Dont live in shame to the point that your afraid to tell the person that you do infact have this virus. Let them have the choice whether they want to continue the relationship or further engage in intimacy. WE NEED to break this vicious cycle of spreading it!! I am a RAPE, victim of a family friend, who was taking care of me after a major surgery. He over medicated me, probably with the idea of getting me pregnant, but left me with such a sweet girft for life (Simplex 2). Lucky for me,I was able to find out how I was infected by this virus. I did my Pre Op Jan. 09 and the rape ws Feb. 09 and my lab result due to my rape, I was tested positive and was not in contact oviously with anyone since my test results..It has been a year or so since and I still struggle with the knowing that I was violated against my wil and that in every relationship I am in and consider taking it to the next level, I have and will have to poored my heart out and share and have shared my tradgedy with those I thought or was moving to the next level with; I have received the most respect because I gave them the choice! And I am so thankful that I did, because I did not have. And Im so blessed for the friends I made along the way by being upfront and honest with..With that being said, I can sleep peaceful at night! Please I just ask all of you if you havent already, Just think of how you feel, would you wish this on anyone, NEVER..Then lets break this cycle together, cause I know I am…

    Good Luck with you all and you all are in my prayers!!

  104. LEVI Says:

    In my heart there will be a cure for this, I hope and pray for it!!

  105. Paris Says:

    I have for so many years genital herpes, and I dont use any medicine I gave up. I do avoid acids, like tomatoes and pepper.
    If i have stress at work, no more than 24 hrs I will get herps.
    My question is if you have agenital herpes, can you get herpes on your face/lips?

    If someone has herbs on the face /lips can get genital herpes too?
    Please, let me know

    Thank you


  106. DrDom Says:

    Google “Progenn”. It is a product I invented for the treatment of herpes anywhere on the body.

  107. lenory35 Says:

    Has anybody ever tried gold bond anti-itch spray? I used it for sores on the skin around the labia and it helps a lot… but now I’m gonna try that oxysilver stuff.. I get outbreaks everytime I come back home and I heard this stuff cures it as well as other immune attaking diseases

  108. Tom23 Says:

    Might have contracted herpes in March, but im not sure. My ex gf gave me oral in march and she had a little cold sore on her lip but we were drunk and stupid. Haven’t had any breakouts or anything. There are just some red spots around my “area” that rarely ever itch. Should I be worried? Anything I can do for remedy? Let me know!

  109. April Says:

    Vaseline really helps, recommended from my doctor!
    It will not make it go away faster but it will keep the burning and itching away !

  110. Quarissa Says:

    I have been taking Valtrex for almost 10 years and recently noticed my eyes and skins turning yellow….the valtrex really works but the side effects are terrible…can someone please tell me of any natural rememdies that I can take without all the embarassing side effects PLEASE HELP!

  111. tmr Says:

    My outbreaks are few and far between, but I’ve found drying them out is the best and fastest way to go.

    Rubbing alcohol has been my main “cure”, using q-tips and then drying the area with my blow dryer on COLD.

    However, I just found a tiny outbreak above my bumhole and Im out of rubbing alcohol so I used bleach instead. It stung like hell for a few minutes, but from what I can tell, has totally taken away the pain and itching. I also stood in front of the A/C for a few minutes, letting the cold air hit it. Its easier and feels nicer than using the blow dryer.

    Things to Note: when applying the alcohol/bleach, you want to rub the effected area HARD, so you’re opening the sore and cleaning out the inside. it hurts, but its worth it.

    Do NOT use: hydrogen peroxide – it makes it worse. OR anything that keeps the area “wet”. That stuff needs to dry out or it will spread and last even longer.

    This works for me EVERY time and will typically clear up the area entirely within 2 days.

  112. Stephanie Says:

    I just found out that I test for genital herpes 2 days ago. what do I do to get the burning to go away and clear up on sores and can I get my sores wet with soap and water?

  113. KevChi Says:

    Hey Hey My name is Kevin and the best remedy is definately prolonged ZINC tablets. To add my mother has worked in hospitals throughout America and she tells me the facets in which you can attain herpes are very numerous and instead of telling ALL the ways that herpes can be contracted Physicians only use the toP ways for contraction. You can easily get herpes from rags and towels, etc any person or thing that has had extensive virus contact. I’m only 16 NEVER had sex of any kind not even kissing and I got it by accidentally using my infected mother’s washcloth. So just be very very careful

  114. :( Says:

    my boyfriend gave me oral sex and I contracted genital herpes I am so disgusted in myself. I spend all of my time crying in the shower because I can’t get clean. The blisters won’t go away and they are spreading. Iv tried everything.

  115. brian Says:

    Goldbond and Neosporin work great! I have yet to try Goldbond though I know Neosporin works well and you feel as though you don’t have it for 4-7 days, like a normal healthy person (It seems to make the disease ‘hibernate’)
    Aaand what about those ^Happy Shakes^ McDonalds used to (Maybe still does) serve?
    Why, you ask? Those shakes had *Lithium* (a radioactive mineral I think) in them. So ooo. Does *Lithium* make any difference with the kissing disease? I also read that mono, kissing disease is the same as Epstein-Barr this right or wrong?

    If I ever have enough money I really need to get the Oxysilver, it sounds wonderful. Wonderfully expensive, TOO!


    Campho-Phenique anyone? I think I tried it worked well haha!!
    People that say they have been cured of herpes with Oxysiver..really should post their experience here..message boards aren’t contagious (except for a harmless software virus now and then..cureable by switching over to Apple, Incs. Macintosh ^iMacs^ :)

    Stay healthy, everyone and have plenty of hot, steamy sex! hehe. ;)

  116. brian Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention..’sugarwater’ (highly concentrated ‘white’ sugar) mixed with some water *applied to the infected area i.e – genital* works very well as I mentioned above.
    I just use toilet tissue to apply the sugarwater on the ‘hot spot’

    Sticky, I know (cheap alternative for sure) but would you want to be around a person who hasn’t changed the shorts in 3 or 4 days (Gets sticky by then anywho?) haha! Good luck all.

  117. Lyna Says:

    Genital Herpes: Clean the area first with warm water and soap, rinse the area, then…Take a warm bath for fifteen minutes with 6 drops of Tea Tree oil, and 4 drops of Myrrh (find these essential oils at a health food store, or metaphysical book store). Don’t use soap in the tub, just let the oils do their job, and enjoy the scent, breathing in deep periodically. Pat the area dry. Put 4-5 drops of Tea Tree oil on a Q-tip, and dab the sores. If you have several sores, freshen the drops on the other side of the Q-tip and continue. If you can be alone and relax, go lie out with your legs open to get the air at the infected area, read a book, watch tv, do what ever it is that will de-stress yourself and make you happy and relaxed. The number one thing with herpes is to make sure you are comfortable. Repeat dabbing Tea Tree oil on the sores every few hours, and take your Tea Tree/Myrrh bath before bed. If you don’t have Myrrh, then just let the Tea Tree oil do its job! One can never know if they will get an outbreak again, so if you do, the trick is to get relief and feel comfortable, and I find this does work for me.

  118. PennyLane Says:

    Can taking a bath with bleach in it cause me to become infertile?

  119. vaccine Says:

    i have herpes genital at first it was a small pimple like and i shave my genital area and it got spread in 5 areas were i cut my sell when i did shave..

    my question have any one try to burn it with hot oil i mean cooking oil after the herpes it gone and it heal , on the small spot just put some burning oil. so it woul form a scar and the herpes can’t come out .

    know another question would it como out in another area.
    because let all be serious we dont care about the virus y could stay in my sacral ganglion al he wannts but what boder me it the blister.

    so if any one try to burn it with hot cooking oil or make a surgical scar on top of the dermis so you will grow a thick layer of dermis and the vesicle can’t or won’t sho.. please let me know

  120. vaccine Says:


  121. nichole Says:

    all these remedied sound great but idk which one would b best i have no insurance 2 go 2 the doctors n i cant tell my mom shell kill me!!

  122. Lilly Says:

    Has anyone ever heard of tje bitter melon extract pills? They say this is good at killing certain strands of this herpes virus along with other things. They say this may be a cure but not aPproved by FDA yet

  123. angela Says:

    i was diagnosed 2 years ago this month with hsv 1,which i hear from doctors and other people with the virus has said is way better then first and only breakout(praise the lord) was the initial one and i thought i was going to die from the pain of having to pee and the sores were terrible!i contracted the virus from my boyfriend of 5 years and all from a cold sore that was almost healed on his lip (oral sex)he has been getting cold sores since he was little once a year maybe,anyhow i new something was wrong with me the next day i felt like a flu like sickness and then the next day i woke up and tried to pee and couldnt it hurt so bad i went to emergency and sure enough it was they put a catherder in me and hadto leave it for a week just so i could pee and the sores could heal.they gave me acyclovir in pill form for 1 wk 3x daily.i was so sick and depressed i lost 22 lbs in less then 2 weeks.ever since then i take 1000mg l lysine daily with 1 150 mcg of kelp(which some say kills herpes)and a proud to say have not had a outbreak since.i do want to ad ive always been very cautious about diseases and practicing safe sex and been tested yearly and until this was layed upon me always thought that i was also being tested for herpes,well they only test for herpes at your request,so please pass that on.we have children and i make sure they are as informed about this virus now along with everything else out there,and we can now be cautious with them if we were to ever experience another cold sore or silver lining in this is that i am now informed and can further educate myslf and others on what ive learned and will not pass this virus onto my children.

  124. lalo Says:

    I got checked first and was negative but I told I had genital warts but then another doctor checked me and said I had herpes but Im not sure if I do or not Im scared cause my wife is pregnant and this could hurt our baby. I dont know if I should get a second opinion. could anyone tell me what were their symptoms like

  125. BUGGY93 Says:

    heyy everyone..
    im 17 nd i got genital herpes from an ex bf nd i had no idea he had it.. ive only had one outbreak but right now im having another one nd i rly jus want to get rid of it because its really painful.. my current bf knows nd everything is going fine.. i would just really like to know a good way to get rid of it in a day with thing that i would have around the house becasue its very painful and i just want it gone.. anything would help me
    thank you everyone and god bless

  126. in need of help Says:

    I’m scared to get tested, but I wanted to try some of these other thing first. I’ve seen people say that lysol works,qtip of bleach,tree oil, ice ect…. I wanted to know witch one works best and the fastest? 28 in fl

  127. John Says:

    Hey Tracy how many zinc tablets do u take a day??

  128. bb39 Says:

    Does anyone seem to get their outbreaks after sex? I have had this for over 15 years but lately it seems like sex is bringing on the outbreaks… or is it just me?

    I am very leery of using bleach as anything applied to the skin goes directly into the bloodstream unfiltered… lots of chemicals would work, but they are also harmful to the body in other ways that aren’t apparent on the surface.

    I have tried tea tree oil and a lot of L-lysine – i take lysine asap when i get the outbreaks…kills the pain a LOT and quickens healing but i think it could be improved upon.

  129. Jessie Says:

    Hi, I just found out in july of last yr that I have a mild case of herpes 2 (genital) and found out that my ex bf & father of my two children gave it to me, I was with him for 61/2yrs and never slept around, and of course I found out after I broke up with him that he knew he had it b4 he met me he just chose not to tell me which for awhile caused me a lot of emotional pain as well as physical. My outbreaks used to come once every couple of months but I began having the onset of one just a couple of days ago & am going to try the bleach & windex thing then maybe the oxysilver. I did marry in February and had told my husband b4 we became intimate that I have this but just last nite I opened up to him and broke down about how dirty having this makes me feel and about how taking valtrax isn’t a cure. They don’t teach this stuff, I already have kidney problems so I’m not trying to spend my life dependant on a pill to keep this pain away. Does any1 know which method works the fastest & best. The sugarwater, the windex, the bleach???? I’ve been dabbing nailpolish remover on the tiny blisters for the past dy bcus it seems to b drying it out although burning like hell, I can deal with the burning but not the blisters so if ne1 knows which household itemed method works faster & better please let me know asap.

    Thank u sincerely,

    P.S. I too am praying for a cure for this, for us all. God Bless

  130. aisha Says:

    Hey Yall, I’m here to tell you that a Qtip and clorax works. I got an outbreak and that same day I diluted clorax with water and wet my qtip with it, not soaked twice that day. The next morning it was gone, it dried up. I didn’t even have to take any medication. Try it, it works. Thanks yall for the input!

  131. aisha Says:

    lalo please get a second a opionion, because if you do your wife might have to have a c- section so it wont harm the baby.

  132. Theresa Says:

    Its not a remedy its a question?? where can you get this Lysine crean and h-balm just curious and can I get tea tree oil at a natual food store???

  133. brownskin Says:

    this is really a remedy i just wanted to ask a question can having genital herpes get me sick like thrpwen up headache dizziness & stuff like that ?

  134. Lilly Says:

    The lysine tablets work wonders if you can catch it when you first feel the tingleing and 91% alcohol kills the virus instantly on the skin lips and genital areas

  135. Nick Says:

    sherry, i have the same problem don’t freek out its perfectly normal please feel free to email me i know how you feel it can help just to chat, you caN CATCH ME ON MSN

  136. rena Says:

    i thought i was the only one trying any an everything..i have been drinking organic green tea an since i have been healthy as a horse..that means no outbreaks,you guys are goin after the wrong thing..u have to have a healthy immune system have that then u wont have outbreaks trust been having it for 5 yrs so i kno.

  137. buggy87 Says:

    the medicine doctors give u for herpes dnt work trust..i wuz getting outbreaks while i wuz taking it..organci an natural herbs is the best way to go cause all these medicines are man made just like there is a cure just gotta go over seas to get it

  138. brian Says:

    Successful treatment??

    2 or more Magnesium tablets taken in the morning and 1 or 2 vitamin D tablets (both Wal-Mart ‘generic’) taken after dinner.
    1 whole grapefruit every other day. Use concentrated ‘sugar water’ (white sugar/water shaken up in a jar) on genital area every 3 days and apply it with a soft tissue (I use toilet tissue)

    Hey, I did this last week and (by accident) discovered how effective it really is against this ‘kissing disease’

    Very little symptoms (no tingling at all..NO rushing back of virus with burning or itching in areas) and it seems to work for days if not weeks after 1 day of application.

    Well peoples? Has anyone heard of this? Try my treatment for 2 weeks or a month and give me a shout out…

    maybe I’m onto something……… :)

    x-tra note: I have been ‘handling’ Isopropyl alcohol (for sanitizing countertops, skin or surface areas) and ingesting liquid iodine (the iodine is used against virus in foods or airborne such as when people dad has COPD and it’s the main reason why I ingest the iodine every 3 days. But, I doubt these 2 things ‘kill’ the virus if it’s internal already.

    I hope someone benefits from my knowledge. ~~~~~~~~~~

  139. ladyybugg Says:

    try honeyy, cinnamon, and lemon.. this homemade remedy kills longlasting virus in ur body.. try it out!!! =D

  140. loren Says:

    my bro had cold sores on his lips he would always seem to have one so i contacted a very dear friend of mine who makes collideol silver she gave him sea algae and a bottle of collideol silver he mixed them together put the paste on his face on the affected area and hasn’t had a out break for years

  141. Lee Says:

    I recently gave up drinking alchol and i am having outbreaks of genital herpes alot more often, almost allways there, could this be because of no booze suddenly in my system or because i am drinking more coffee than i ever have?…i have had genital herpes for bout five yrs now. sucks!

  142. positivity Says:

    I just went to Sunflower market looking for natural remedies that I read in the blog. A men working at the store for the Vitamin section, recommended RMA (red marine algae) He said this kills many viruses including herpes and is very effective. He knew about everything and had a great knowledge on all I asked. I got a good feeling about this one. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

  143. Eli Says:

    Did anyone cure the Herpes or just treat them ?

  144. Brian Says:

    I am so happy I found this site. My wife had an outbreak today and I feel so bad for her cause I have yet to have an outbreak. I will take all of these methods and relay them to her and keep them around for me if I ever have an outbreak

  145. brian Says:

    The association is starting to use Red Marine Algae in condoms to kill off the virus: (good article- a must read)

    list of things that may be helpful:

    Juniper Berry (need to try)
    Willow Bark? (never tried..heard it’s effective)
    lithium (unknown)
    Goldbond (heard it works well)
    Collodial Silver
    Campho-Phenique (would like to try, though it’s not cheap)
    Neosporin (works well)
    tje bitter melon extract pill *cure???*
    RMA (Red Marine Algae) (see above very good I hear)

    NOTE: I would not recommend is a dangerous poison to the body and may make you infertile.

  146. john Says:

    take st john,s wort it is an anti virial and is cheap makes sores go away sooner.

  147. becca Says:

    i just got hsv2 and im devestated. i have 3 young kids im a single mom and im always stressed so what am i supposed to do as far as outbreaks are concerned?thanks for all the advice everyone im on aclovyir but ive had kidney problems too since i was a little girl so i dont know how much that will help me.i think the guy that gave it to me knew he had it because when i told him i had it he wasnt too suprised and he doesnt want to go to the doctor!im gonna try to keep my head up

  148. teva Says:

    hi my name is teva and i have been trying to do everything to not have outbrakes it herts and i fell grows. i fell like im loseing my husbend becuase of it we dont have anymore sex and he is more eartaboll. someone plz help me out email me i have only hade it for a year and its rowning me. plz help

  149. linda Says:

    I was glad to discover this blog… I don’t have herpes – but turns out my boy friend does – and that scares me a lot… am I doomed now as well? Sorry if I sound a bit dramatic, but I am in shock and confused…Is it possible not to get it if the partner has it? What do I do now?!!

  150. Melissa Says:

    As soon as I feel any tingling I put ice cubes on the affected area and then take a q-tip and dab bleach on the spots. Then I put aloe vera on them. Your numb from the ice colds so the bleach doesn’t burn as much. I also up my dosage of L-lysine and olive leaf.

  151. candy Says:

    crush tylenol PM and make into paste with hot water. Add valtrex or any other herpes meds.or pain killer. Crush and make paste. BYE BYE herpes

  152. kk Says:

    If you think it magically went away or what you were doing cured your Herpes, sorry to say but it can be dormant several years and come back which can also be good news for some though worried that it will repeatedly come back. I thought mine was dormant or magically gone for ever after one outbreak and never would have to deal with the pain of an outbreak again, but it was in the back of my mind from time to time I was so thankful that I only experienced an outbreak when I very first got the STD then after it healed it never came back until now all of a sudden 13 years later. YES I have had only two outbreaks since I got it and they were 13 years apart. I am under alot of stress right now though, so yes stress can cause an outbreak. But out of all this only 2 in 13 years I would say is good… so if you just contracted herpes and are worried how often the outbreaks will come there is hope that it may be a long long ways down the road. Oh and to the question of if your partner can get herpes if you have it, I have been with the same Man for 12 years since 1 year after I contracted herpes. We are married so of course do not use protection and I have never passed it to him, it will not pass to your partner unless you have an outbreak and you cant have one without knowing as it is obvious and painful. We also have 3 kids and did not affect them.

  153. Beth Says:

    I contracted the HS2 from a boyfriend 3 yrs ago. Had problems with it off and on since. A couple of months started using a tincture in a witch hazel base of Burdock Root, Goldenseal and Echinacea. I use it at the first sign of an outbreak 3-4 times a day. Signs are gone by the end of the first day, use it for another day to be sure. I have not had an outbreak since I started using this method. I also take burdock internally on a daily basis, as well as vitamin C and garlic, and coconut oil. all 4 are immune boosters, and all but C are known anti-virals. This combination has kept me out break free for the past few months.

  154. lisa Says:

    This is for linda. IN the past my boyfriend had it and I didn’t but now i got it because he gave it to me. He was on valtrax and he forgot to take it one day and thats how I got it. S0 yes you can get it if your partner has it. The best thing you can do is to go get checked for herpes. If you don’t have it, leave him, but that’s only if you don’t see yourself in love with him and is not going to marry in in the future because you might do get it from him one day and yall might not be together forever and you’ll be stuck with it until you find something that cures you. what cured my was a company that is called biogetica. I had to be on it for three months. Now i don’t have it and im now happy and blessed. The medicine is exspensive though but I didn’t care because thats how bad i wanted to get rid of these things. But I hope that you don’t have the and I hope that this help’s you out.

  155. cookie Says:


  156. ANN Says:



  157. JOHN Says:


  158. jt Says:

    If someone asked me how to cure HPV I would tell them how I did. I took 3 to 4 Red Marine Algae capsules daily, each capsule contains 375mg. On the max it’s a total of 1.5g or 1500mg daily of Red Marine Algae. At the same time I was taking, daily, 3 capsule of a Lysine mix “super Lysine +”, it’s marketed as an immune system boost. Each capsule contained 1500mg of l-Lysine, 200mg of Garlic Bulb, 100mg Vitamin C, 100mg of Echinacea Whole Plant, and a few others. I think the most important part of that mix is Lysine.
    I did the daily doses listed above, drank a little more water the normal, ate a little healthier until the symptoms, warts, disappeared on their own. After a month they just went away and I stopped taking the supplements, went back to normal life. It’s been just about three years and no signs of anything. I’ve read this a few time on other sites and feel compelled to pass on one last bit of advice of, take the supplements religiously, no skipping days. I would consider missing a pill “Ok” because I did but I always took the same daily amount, even if that meant taking two or three pills at a time.
    I’m not a Doctor, that’s just what worked for me.

  159. t bone Says:

    to nichole and other young girls who dont have insurance and dont want to tell their mothers. go to plan parent hood. tell them you make less then 500 a month even if its a lie. they will give you a card and you can get free check ups and free treatments for certain thing. herpes is very common so they should be able to help. also. bleach is poisonous but i just tried it on my first mouth sore and i can see the inflammation already going away. next i want to tr the alcohol seeing as it is not as poisonous and should do the same job. DOCTORS DO NOT TEST FOR HERPES UNLESS YOU ASK. its a sad thing they dont do this. they dont do it because they need to sell valtrex along with all the other pills they push on you. natural remedies are always the best and only use modern medicine if natural remedies do not work. but the key is to have a good immune system. also i am going to try some of these so called cures because i think it is the worlds largest lie that there is no cure. the reason doctors and company’s especially in a merica dont want a cure is because you dont make money selling someone a one time cure. you make money selling them drugs they will need for the rest of your life.

    people say im crazy but things like aids and herpes are diseases that are sooooooooo perfect in defeating our immune system i personally believe they were created in a lab by religious government officials who try to poison lower class sexually or drug active people. i believe both were created by science and or perfected and enhanced by science. and not only created by science but created with a cure. but like i said you dont make money selling cures. also doctors say you can not get it from things like toilet seats or sharing drinks but you can. they tell you this becuase it has not been proven 100% through science. but there are people where there is no other explanation. they make toilet seat covers for a reason. i was diagnosed with hsv 2 but had such minimal outbreaks i never notice. but recently i simply kissed a girl and two days later my face is a wreck. she showed no signs.

    bleach seems to be working. must try others. my biggest thing is anything that is a pottential cure i think is worth trying. and i see people complaining about price but what is money compared to getting rid of or stopping this horible disease from comming back. to cure it or stop it is priceless. just watch as soon as oboma finishes his health plan and the governement has to pay for all thse treatements. magically there will be a cure. theyll probably ban all this horrible fast food too. but untill the government pays the bills they will keep all disease cures secret. population control by governments through disease is real. and when they have to pay for it they will find a new way to controll population. think about it. 80% of aids victums are gay,drug users, and black. Religious officials and government officials love this. those are all the people they hate. and dont forget that the aids virus first appeared AFTER the government was FORCED to make sodomy (anal sex) legal. Most people forget that prior to the late 70′s anal sex was illegal. thus being gay or doing ur gf in the but is illegal and they would lock people in jail for it. everyone i know has anal sex with girls, no aids. but gay men have the highest rate of aids. how they do this i dont know but it seems its easier spread through men. modern science does more harm then good because the government and cooperations manipulate it to there advantage. i have never treated my herpes but now that its on my face i cant hid it. time to take every single remedy on this page. couldn’t hurt. and if it did its worth trying to get rid of this shit.

    i will bet my soul that there is a cure and it is not going to be released in america. it will be released in other country’s first and the FDA will ban it until they figure out how to make it so you have to buy it annually. natural remedies just for my allergies work way better then western medicine. even though my doctor denounces it. he cant deny real results. but he does because he gets gifts and kick backs from pharmaceutical company’s to that he can push medicine on you for restless leg syndrome. restless leg syndrome is also known as being a normal person. smoke pot and it goes away. and i know some doctors and they do get benefits from selling certain drugs over others. they say the don’t but they do. ive been told by our family doctor. and one last thing.

    its nice to pray but it does not do anything. when you pray you prolong your pain. get active and do something. science has proven you have herpes. it has also proven that no one listens when you pray because GOD is just another way for a small group of people to control massive amounts of people. religion hold people back from actively doing something about things. weather its your herpes or crim, or the murder of a loved one. so stop praying and do something. so far bleach is working.

  160. t bone Says:

    also check out this page. good reference to non prescription supliments and such

  161. t bone Says:

    to anna or anyone else who has claimed oxysilver or collideol silver cured them. how much did you take and for how long?

  162. wesly Says:

    im pretty sure a good dose of lysine, vtamin c and zinc, also vit b can keep the monster at bay. get lots of rest and eat lots of veggies and fruits is another great key to fight the little monster. be well.

  163. George Says:

    So what really works here olive. Oil slid that the cure from herpes

  164. George Says:

    Wow these stories r heart breaking I just found out yesterday I got herpes complex 2 never had signs I thought I got check for it but I guess not u have to askto get checked for herpes is there a cure I really need to know or an organization we can donate money to help for the cure let me know God bliss all I will pray for all of us

  165. ozee Says:

    I tried Cansema and it reacted as if it was a skin cancer, but took 2 weeks to heal and didn’t really cure anything. there is a new product on the market called Dynamiclear, contains copper sulfate, hypericum, glycerin, water, sometimes sodium ascorbate and aloe vera. one application stops burning and clears lesions fast.

  166. keep your chin up Says:

    @ Linda – I was with my husband for 8 years and he never contracted it. I have two kids, I didn’t give it to them during either natural birth. I have been with my boyfriend now for two years and he hasn’t got it either yet.

    I was diagnosed while in my relationship with my ex-husband, before we were married. I didn’t know I had it until about a year, maybe two, into our relationship.It was uncomfortable enough when I was having an outbreak, to not want to have sex, so we didn’t.

    There are prodromal syndrome that comes before the actual outbreak, your boyfriend should be aware of what is going on with his body so that he doesn’t pass it on to you.

    As far as treatment goes, I have been on presciptions with not much relief. I have found that taking “Super Lysine +” daily at the recommended dosage has done well to keep the outbreaks at bay. When I do feel one coming on, I take an extra 3000 mg of plain L-Lysine throughout each day until I no longer feel like it is trying to come on. This has worked wonders for me over the years and I have even made it through almost a full year without having any outbreaks. I used to get them on almost a monthly basis.

    Keep praying for a cure!

  167. Required Says:

    All you need to do is alkalyze the body. Lyesine is actually not good for the body, it’s better when your body profuces it naturally.
    Basically, you need to change your diet… forget the lyesine/ argenine based diet. Focus more on having less acidic forming food. While you start changing your diet to be able to dominate the virus, take a Magnesium supplement like the brand Calm. It’s 20 bucks… Also take estragulus or Golden Seal. Oh and a multivitamin.

  168. Required Says:

    The reason some people get it , some don’t, and some have it but no symptoms is a lot to do with a deficiency in the body. Usually it’s mineral. And Magnesium helps you on multiple levels with absorbing and replenishing vitamins and minerals.

    Just by taking a multivitamin, a magnesium supplement and abstaining from coffee, dairy and most meet, you’ll see a huge difference.

  169. herpes.since.1988 Says:

    Spray area with peroxide for several minutes with a spray bottle. Then allow it to dry. Put DMSO CREAM on it & they will go away FAST! MUST BE APPLIED AS SOON AS YOU FEEL THE TINGLE! Also spraying the area daily with peroxide after your shower prevents the blisters from coming back! Peroxide is cheap but it works! Also women can use peroxide as a douche ONLY OCCASIONALLY though. Peroxide kills virus on contact! Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. Don’t injure yourself with toxins like bleach & nail polish remover that can go into your bloodstream & make you sick. Peroxide is safe & effective…and cheap!

  170. MZ Tawan Says:

    L-lysine; Try it, it works!

  171. Ginger Says:

    I was recently diagnoised with the herpes virus and was put on valtrex and already i have been having many of the side effects of this medication. This blog is wonderful I am going to try some of the things that various persons posted here hopefully it will work. Thanks to all and may God bless each and everyone of us.

  172. Christopher Says:

    i have had herpes since july 2010, and after my first initial outbreak i havent had one since. i take 1500mg of L lysine 150 mg of zinc and co enzyme A. i take these vitamins 3 times a day. i also do yoga and workout 5 times a week. i have had a GF for some time now and i have not passed it on to her or any other women i have been with this, i know 100%. i never have tingling sensation, burning or itching as well. if you take these vitamins every day you will reduce your viral shedding to only 10% of days or maybe you might not even shed at because i have not passed it on to any of my partners we have had unprotected oral, and genital sex which i don’t recommend this because there is always that possibility i might pass it. When i first had my outbreak i was devastated, but you can beat this life is not over!!!!

  173. Saga Says:

    People should try going to herbal store and reading up on these man made diseases! Like all,there is a negative and positive to and for all things!Therefore,the negative which is herpes or whatever disease,followed by the positive:the cure. Though none of the companies who sale natural cures will actually say its a cure because of legal reason,the earth was made with everything we need. is a great site,curing people of HIV and herpes,along with everything else!Just remember,you have to change your lifestyle,eating right and exercising and consistently taking the herbs will give you the full benefit!Get healthy ppl!!Remember,meats are a major cause for immune system down hill action because of the steroids,and any pharmaceutical will weaken the immune system;notice they all cause another problem:side effects?Get educated&lets LIVE!

  174. Madam Says:

    Neosporin isnt getting enough credit!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! At first, i was really scared to try it on the external vaginal area, but i realized that it works best when applied as soon as you get that itching and tingling sensation. DO NOT USE IT DIRECTLY ON THE SORE AFTER IT RUPTURES! It will make the open sores feel strange and all youll want to do is go and wipe it off. This method is only used to PREVENT the awakening of the warts to the surface. It seems to make the virus dormate again or vanishes as if you never had the sensations. You can place the neosporin AROUND the open sore to keep it in check so that it can absorb and stop it from spreading, thus ending your outbreak.

    Women, when bathing or taking a shower, use Summers Eve sensitive skin feminine wash. it helps to keep your common outbreak area clean. Also, for those of you wondering if neosporin is dangerous to use, on its packaging it says for External Use Only, so as long as your not sticking it inside of yourself, your fine.

  175. Jim Says:

    I just started dating someone who told me they had herpes. I’m in love with this person and would like to know a couple of things.

    1. How paranoid should I be? I mean is it really only contagious when it tingles or have there been experiences where you or they got it otherwise?

    2. Which of these items listed in here like that one from India Hyperisince(sp?) and liquid dandelion actually work? Has anyone you know been tested negative after use? Others?

    I’ve declared war on this thing. She got it from her stupid x of like six years he starts sleeping around on her….POS….
    Thank you and good immune systems,

  176. Christina Says:

    Hi there,

    I too got HSV-2 on June 24th, 2009 from a selfish guy who didn’t bother to tell me he had it. I was supposed to be “saving” myself… it’d been 4 yrs, but I stupidly believed he likes me and… (you can fill in the rest).

    So I was introduced to a great man (long time friend of my BFF) around May of 2010 I really liked him and he likes me too… he’s across the country to start, but things were going REALLY well on the phone and online. Then, about 2 months after many great conversations I was going out there and felt it necessary to tell him I had HSV-2 before anything physical happened. So now it’s been almost 6 months since I told him and he’s still not over it, but not gone either. I DON’T REGRET TELLING HIM… wish I’d been given the info B4. So now I’m constantly researching online to see what can help both physically and mentally/socially.

    I’m not totally sure how to go a about a relationship (now that I have this) with someone so that I minimize the risk to them. Then I found a REALLY GOOD BLOG of people in various relationships and how they deal with one or the other having HSV-2… this will relax your mind and make you feel better. :-) Here’s the link:

    Thanks to everyone for the info on this blog… it’s been very informative and some just validated what I’ve already heard. I’m dying to know more about “ascorbate-Cu(II)” as a vaccine (this is from NIH, so it’s legit findings, but only testing now, from what I see)

    I read just about all of your comments and have made an “ingestible” and “topical” list based on what you all have suggested (minus the bleach and Lysol baths… that logically seems like a bad idea without a Dr.’s blessing, not to mention, wet is NOT GOOD – everything should be clean and dry as can be).

    So here are my lists… good luck all!!! ☺

    (I would also like to add two items to the list – first two) I’m going to put an asterisk (*) next to the items that seem to be the most popularly recommended, proven to help, or valid in some other way.

    Elderberry Extract* (anti-viral) – a.k.a. “Sambucus” it’s in liquid form @ a health food store and tastes good too :-), they also make one with the Echinacea and zinc included.

    BETA 1,3 Glucans* – don’t know, but the vitamin expert in Sprouts (health food store) recommended it highly for any viral issues including HIV

    Vitamin E
    Vitamin C
    Red Marine Algae*
    Olive leaf extract*
    Aphanothece sacrum (edible blue/green algae found in health food stores, I imagine) check out

    Olive Leaf extract*
    Grapefruit oil
    Tea Tree oil*
    Oil of Melissa
    Lysine cream*
    Myrrh oil
    Oregano Oil* (a.k.a. “Oil of Oregano” or “Oreganol p-73″)
    Campho-Phenique* (this is in lots of pharmacy stores)
    Acidophilus capsules – (it’s refrigerated so ask the pharacist)
    Goldbond powder

  177. Christina Says:

    Am am not an expert, Dr. or any other kind of health professional… just another victim of an inconsiderate and selfish carrier of HSV-2, but if anyone wants to have someone to talk to or just to vent to, please feel free to e-mail me at and I’ll try my best to at least be an open ear. :-)

    I would have taken someone up when I first found out I had it… didn’t even tell my BFF for over 6 months.

    Take care of yourselves!

  178. samantha Says:

    I am now coming up on the 25 year mark of living with this disease, thank you to all who have participated to this site! still learning how to cope

  179. Brent Says:

    Here are a few natural things that work, do all of them like I do and you will have success controlling this virus.

    Every Morning and Evening:
    3 drops of oil of oregano
    3 drops Limonene (Orange Essential Oil)
    Drop in cold water and drink.
    1 Tbs liquid Aloe arborescens (drink only in morning)

    2 Trace Mineral tablets contains lots of zinc
    2 Multi vitamin (has to be organic and processed correctly)

    At night along with Oil of Oregano and Limonene I also take 2 highly concentrated garlic pills.

    Your body has the ability to heal itself internally through eating correctly and helping your immune system with natural products. Don’t put bleach or even alcohol on your infections, I haven’t tried it but its just to harmful and toxic for your body. The only two topical treatment I use is very good Vitamin E or Aloe arborescens (this type of aloe can cure many diseases)

    I would also like to share a treatment everyone should try and its based of the healing uses of aloe arborescens. If you can find this form of aloe go out and buy it. Its amazing for your skin and there and many other remedies you can make from this plant. Look up on Google aloe arborescens cures cancer. If it can cure cancer it will defiantly help, or maybe even cure herpes.

  180. cashy Says:

    I’m 17 . This REALLY works. Read it on a website. For the pain take about 4 tylenol pm and crush it into a fine powder. Add clean water mising into a paste and smear on the blisters. It REALLY works. Try it. Doesn’t burn or annything. Instant pain relief :)

  181. Nill Says:

    Has anyone tried taking extremely hot baths? I think if you’re in a bath of about 108 degress F you’ll induce a fever. wait till that fever reaches about 104 degrees that should help kill the virus or any virus and continuous use of this should kill the virus, I think. I want to here people’s opinions.

  182. Val Says:

    Besides agreeing that tea tree oil is very effective and that resting and chilling out are essential, I can add a remedy that’s used in France : green clay. Here you buy it in any pharmacy, or in bulk in health food stores. It costs very little. You mix with water and stir to a thick paste – not too thick, but not runny. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil. You apply this “mud” as thick as possible (1/4″)to the sore parts and just lie down in a nice warm place and relax, maybe read a book. The cool mud pack soothes the burning & itching right away. When it begins to dry, after about 25 minutes, depending on how thick you’ve applied it, remove the clay, which will now be warm. Do so GENTLY with lukewarm water in the shower, don’t rub ! If a bit of clay is difficult to remove, just leave it, it will fall off by itself. Clay removes toxins and heals the skin, and is full of minerals like zinc. You’ll see immediate improvement. You can do it as many times and as often as you want. I also tried a warm bath with clay (about 2 cups) & tea tree oil, and sea salt. This helped too.
    My herpes cleared up in a few days doing this (and resumed sex with my partner, we’re both fine, don’t panic, it’s not forever), but also by avoiding chocolate, alcohol, sugar… and by drinking lots of herb teas, lemon water, veggie soups, spirulina, vitamin C… Do everything possible to be clean & healthy inside. Good luck everybody !

  183. Beatrice Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I haven’t had an outbreak in about a year and a half until today. I found out about it four years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I was already destined to become a single mom and when I found out I was completely alone and devastated. My first outbrake was horrible to say the least. I had flu-like symptoms and a fever for about two days and began noticing a lot of blisters down there. It was unbelievably painful. I was panicking because all I could do was think about the baby so when my Ob told me at 5 months pregnant I felt disgusted, angry, and extremely sad at the same time. It was on my birthday too. My Ob told me that I probably didn’t even get it from my last partner at the time, because when pregnant youre more suceptible to an outbreak anyway. She said I could’ve gotten it years ago and that the baby does not autmatically become infected. I had to take Acyclovir for that outbreak and in the last 3 remaining weeks of my pregnancy. She told me that they would examine me to make sure there weren’t any blisters so that way I could deliver the baby naturally. Needless to say, I had normal delivery and was able to breastfeed just fine, and my three-year old boy is perfectly healthy today. Fortunately, I only have hsv 1 but I discovered that when youre overwhelmed by a lot of stress, the outbreak becomes so severe that it os almost like a hsv2 type. But that only happened twice and I’ve only had a couple of outbreaks since I found out, which haven’t been bad really.

    I highly recommend working out and eating healthy. I mean exercise already develops feel good hormones which help reduce stress as it anyway. I also opt for natural stuff and take Acyclovir when needed. All I’ve tried so far on my blisters are tea tree oil and hydrocortizone.

    For those who are new to this disease, don’t worry cause you can still lead normal and healthy lives. Honestly it’s not even something I think about all the time. Just make sure you’re honest to your partners about it.

  184. Queenbee Says:

    Hello everybody! Don’t worry there’s a cure for herpes. I am the living proof. I never had an STD in my life until last year after I met my ex-boyfriend. After I confronted him about it I never heard from him again. I was crying about it after I found out. I never told anybody about it even my family. One day my mom told me a story about my cousin that had a breast cancer but taking this medicine or herb, she was cancer free. My cousin live in another country. It’s a natural herb & no side effect. I’m originally not from the US so after I found out about it. I called my brother & told him to send me a bunch of those herb pills. I took 2 times a day for 1 month. I never had an outbreak since then. And I am completely cured. Not even in my blood. I learn my lesson to take your boyfriend to the doctor & get him tested before kiss him or having sex w/ him.

  185. anonymous Says:

    I just want to say to whoever said you should remain celibate .. you don’t only get it thru having sex however it is more common that way …there are also victims of rape with this disease and ppl come on this site for advice on how to help them with their CURRENTcondition not to be told what they shouldn’t do in the first place … its ignorant ppl like you that make dealing with something like this even more irritable … way to be a jerk …

    For everyone else I am too hoping for a cure however it says this virus is located in the cells of your spine it is intracellular so to kill the virus you would have to kill the cells but I pray there is another way

  186. kayla Says:

    I have herpes and living with the virus for a year and got it from my ex boyfriend who performed oral sex on me…so I have genital herpes and since then I have tried ozone therapy which has worked but can cause outbreaks while treating the virus. The next remdy that has worked for me would be olive leaf extract and cleaning the area everyday with first soap and water then wiping down with hydrogen peroxide which kills the virus at the surface. Then applying lemon essential oil, this I have found works wonders it heals the outbreak alot faster and it smells great.Also for those with frequent outbreaks try drinking aqua sol technology colloidal silver and take VSC-TCM you shouldnt get any tingling or itchiness when taking this everyday. Cut back on alcohol as this exaserbates the virus causing it to come out of hiding. Do not use bleach or clorox it is very dangerous, soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide on the breakout for a few minutes at a time 3 time a day, it will bust and dry up very fast and promote faster healing. Dry the affected area after using the hydrogen with a fan, always keep the area dry. One more thing keep your body alkaline as viruses cannot sustain in an oxygenated environment thats where the colloidal silver comes in to play and grapefruit seed extract for internal use.

  187. Missy32 Says:

    Thank u every1 for yall support bcuz i dont wanna have to get on a pill wen i can jus do it naturally…i am 18 n im kinda sad cuz i aint no slut, do women have more symptoms than men cuz my bf knows, n he doesnt even care, but he has NO symptoms, but i have had 2 outbreaks since i was diagnosed a month ago…..wat can i do so wen my period comes i wont get ourbreaks???

  188. CAli Says:

    Iodized Salt on open sores helps a lot..alcohol not shave with a razor..use a trimmer to remove hair..triggers immediate breakouts…..take garlic and oregano oil..if you have acyclovir in capsule it and put the powder directly on sore. Do not have unprotected anal sex…the virus will travel to that area and you can get sores on your cheeks. Many men will not show symptoms and testing is not given for herpes unless asked for when doing STD checks…so your partner could have it and not even know he is passing it to you. There are a couple of things online that claim to cure herpes and I almost bought into them (one costing $300). However I found another blog where people discussed using these products. No one seemed to have benefited from them and after getting retested still had postive results so don’t waste your money on those products. I can’t stand scam artists. When you read those blogs..there will usually be someone who says it worked but you can tell it’s someone who posted from the company in order to sell more of their products so keep your money and do the stuff listed throught this page..people have good advice. Oh and don’t think about person mentioned there is something connected with the mind. I have the same thing happen..if I realize I havent had an outbreak and then think about it..within the next day or two..there it is. Keep your mind right…chill..and live positive and stress free as much as possible…sounds cheesy but it works for herpes because it stems from the nervous system. Also keep hydrated..overuse of diuretics (water pills) will cause outbreaks.

  189. heather Says:

    does anyone else have discharge bc of the herpes? anytime i have an outbreak i have discharge as well, and it smells awful! im not sure what to do about it, and im scared to ask my doctor. anyone relate?

  190. carlos Says:

    Has anyone tried miracle mineral solution from Jim humble if anyone has please let me know if it works.

  191. getmoney Says:

    yeah mms works better than any else people mentioned it just stinks but if thats not a problem you can stay outbreak free if u take it everyday up to 15 more drops. monolaurin is another good one can stop a outbreak the same day.

  192. Hellen Says:

    So I just read this whole thing. The one thing that stands out is that we’re obviously willing to do literally ANYTHING to alleviate symptoms – Clorox? Really? But you bet I’m going to try it. If necessity is the mother of invention then desperation is the godmother.

    It makes me so mad that there is so much misinformation out there about herpes. For instance, when I was diagnosed years ago (info is different now) I was told that it was not transmittable unless there was an open sore. Not true. Everyone says that the first outbreak is the worst. Again, not true. On the contrary, I’ve had it for 21 years and I am now in the middle of the worst OB I’ve ever had. It hurts, burns and itches so bad that I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind. It’s been getting progressively worse and actually spreading for 3 weeks now.

    My life study (literally, my mother began teaching me when I was a kid) has been natural cures and to date, I have found nothing that will cure this forever. Believe me, I’ve tried and had a long 21 years to do it. It’s unpredictable enough that even managing symptoms is a challenge. I’ll always go to my herb cabinet before the medicine cabinet, but I do recognize the value of certain pharmaceuticals in some cases. However, when the risks outweigh the benefits, which is how I feel about taking herpes drugs regularly, IMO, it’s not worth it.

    The best treatment I’ve found for myself up until now is the application of TTO with a q-tip several times a day and cornstarch to keep the area dry. Sometimes if it’s in a place where I can use a wet green clay poultice (as Val mentioned above) on it overnight, that seems to soothe and speed healing. Green clay is the best thing I’ve ever used for infections also. If I get an acne zit, I cover it with a wet green clay poultice overnight and the zit is gone the next day. Amazing stuff, but I digress. I had great luck with calendula ointment, but I ran out and haven’t had a bad enough OB to necessitate getting more. Until now.

    Maybe TMI, but hey, we’re talking about herpes here. My life has fallen apart and I’m under more stress than I’ve ever been. My body reacted badly. I have a spot that is probably 5×5 that is blistered and raw on my bottom. I have never had anything hurt or itch so bad in my entire life. I cannot even describe the absolute misery. And it wouldn’t stop. It would wake me up at night and I’d scratch until it bled. I’ve had it covered with breathable gauze in an effort to keep it from spreading and to try to keep me from scratching. Futile effort. Nothing I tried was working so I got on the interwebz and hallelujah!! Here is what has saved my butt (quite literally) and my sanity:

    HOT epsom salt bath (I actually put epsom salt straight on it. Dear GOD it hurt, but it was better than itching.)
    Then I made a paste of 3 crushed Tylenol PM, Abreva, clove oil(numbing), calendula oil, vit E oil and tea tree oil. Heavy on the calendula because it soothes and regenerates skin. Smeared it on my terrible wound with a disposable rubber glove and covered it with breathable gauze that I taped on. I’ve also been taking Benadryl capsules and ibuprofen for the anti-itch/anti-inflammatory properties.

    I have been doing this for two days. I haven’t scratched once and it appears to be getting better. It’s going to be a long healing process since it was so bad, but at least I have some relief!!! Seriously, whoever came up with the Tylenol PM thing, bless you.

    ITA with the people above who are skeptical of the drug companies. Disease is an industry. We just have to take what good they might have to offer and outsmart them the rest of the time.

    Best wishes to everyone here. Keep your head held high. There is no shame in having herpes; it can happen to ANYONE.

  193. TJ Says:

    Wow — reading everyone’s “Cure” has just blown my mind. I was diagnosed in 2000 — I did a ton of research and between my research and being lucky enough to have a Holistic Doctor for a brother, I want to share with you. I am amazed some of you are using bleach, window cleaner (alcohol), etc. You couldn’t get me to use those with a ten foot pole. I could possibly understand the tea tree oil and oregano, etc. When I had my outbreak it was absolutely horrific! Pain of the unknown just added to it. Ofcourse, like most – I was numbed by the diagnosis. So here it is- my research:
    1) STRESS – Yes it is definitely stress induced. Ladies (and gentlemen), it is VERY important to keep your “anxiety” levels down.
    2) PROTEIN — amino acid Lysine — and garlic — great antidotes. Most of us are amino acid poor. This means you need to up your protein intake.
    3) ASPARAME — Yes! Definitely stay away from aspartamane — this is in the form of ANY diet drink. Besides, it will keep the anxiety down and keep you from having future MS symptoms or a possible brain tumor (yes aspartame is BAD stuff!). Also, the carbonation in soft drinks is a HUGE kidney killer.
    4) CAFFEINE — (coffee, diet cola) get off it — if you are like most, you crave caffeiene during PMS — and ofcourse, it is the worst thing for you. Most outbreaks are during PMS cycle — ya think? During the “anxiety” period of your body — an outbreak occurs! Try Starbucks combo — Zen and Refresh tea — I like it with Honey (another one of mother natures natural cures)
    5) Genital Herpes is painful – that’s all there is to it. And it almost always occurs during a period of stress – either mind or body stress. It HAS to take it’s course once started. However, to keep the pain level down and get it to proccess through as fast as possible I do the folowing:

    a) Yes a hot bath – opens the pores and acts like a hot compress, thereby bringing the “poison” to the front. Kind of like hot copressing a boil on your face. It is also soothing when you get out. Let the water run on the infected area for about a minute.
    b) Yes air dry with a dryer — don’t bother to pat dry — it is painful remember?
    c) Heres the BEST part — and the CHEAPEST !!!!
    Open a Vitamin E Capsule and get it all over the area infected. Takes the pain away immediately and allows the capsule to get to work for healing.
    d) Obviously now wear cotton underwear. Who cares if the Vitamin gets on it. It will act as a barrier and soother being close. AND AGAIN another BEST Part:
    WE all think to keep the area open to the air and dry right? But who can walk around underwear-less all the time? With the Vitamin E — no worries of manifesting more infection or spreading due to heat or moisture in the area. The E wards off this idea and keeps the area pain free!!!! Yeahy !!! If I have to have an outbreak – I am a lucky girl to be pain free.
    Summary – Cancer, a cold, the flu and Herpes don’t just HAPPEN overnight. They are all derivitives of us abusing ourselves one way or another. Time to soul search the stress we have placed on ourselves – whether it be emotional, physical, food, etc. Time to re-evaluate the situation in order to avoid future outbreaks. I have been free for almost 5 years now. I know if I am about to get an attack, it is based on the level of stress I am under. I immediately look at my life and do a quick STOP to whatever it is I KNOW I am doing wrong – whether it be caffeeine, general stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc. You can do the same. Deep down you can feel an outbreak coming on based on your lifestyle.
    I have a small theory that herpes may be linked to HIV — so it is vitally important to keep it away and stay healthy. Once we have an outbreak- we are always carriers — it stay dormant in the nerves cells. I am including a website for the “medical” explanation of what herpes is for those of you more curious.

  194. Brittani Says:

    Just found out I have Herpes today and I havent even been sleeping around. At the same time I got a UTI and kidney infection. Its all hurting like crazy and will not go way. Please email me and tell me what helps you that is quick and easy?

  195. LadyT808 Says:

    Thx for all of the support, kind words, and remedies. I am 25 years old and was just diagnosed yesterday after going in for an outbreak on my genital area. I felt so devastated, ashamed, dirty and like a jaded women. I am also clueless as to how long i had the virus or who gave it to me being that i recently learned it can be dormit for sometime. I have always been a sexual creature and enjoyed sex. But now i cant help but think that my sex life and romance is ruined for me. I am fearful that no one will ever accept or love me with this. Sorry for the rampage, but im still trying to soak all this in…
    As for treatment I have always avoided drugs and presectiptions because I am weery of side effects and possible long term consequences. I am relieved to see that there are so many NATURAL remedies and I am going to Whole Foods tomorrow to purchase some of the suggested items. I will return with feedback.

    Thx again for the wonderful blogs…praying for a cure…God Bless

  196. Stephanie Says:

    I have had this horrid disease for nearly 10 years now and I have always had pretty regular outbreaks (at first I had them every month with my period and now about 6 to 8 times a year). My doctor put me on Valtrex which worked for a while but really upset my stomach and caused constipation. It was not cutting back on the outbreaks enough to justify the side effects.

    I almost always know one is coming because I get terrible nerve pain on the back of one or both of my thighs a day or two before the sores show up. It feels as if I have been whipped with a belt – stinging, burning and my whole leg becomes super sensitive to touch. The best thing I have found for the sores that just out-of-this-world painful and itching is to apply liquid bandage with a q-tip. It hurts bad right at first but it dries the sores up and they go away in less than half the time it took on Valtrex. I have also used Epsom Salts in the tub and that is great for drying them out too but be very careful. There is not much worse than getting some salt into/onto the sore(s). Seriously!

    Sorry that we all have this awful thing. Life is just not fair.

  197. stixk Says:

    I have been diagnosed with the herpes 2 virus for 6 yrs now with about 10 outbreaks. These outbreaks only occur on the back of my left thigh and I can always feel tingling, itching sensation before they actually blister. I have tried valtrex and acyclover, but either of them help very little. I find the best way to clear them is drying the area out with rubbing alcohol, bleach, or lysol, and keeping the area covered so it don’t spread. I also recommend l-lysine, I took it for 2yrs with no outbreaks, and then started forgetting to take it, and now have an outbreak. @Jim I have the same issue, as with this outbreak now, I was laying in bed and just remembered that its been a long time since I’ve had an outbreak, woke up itchy, and by noon had blisters. So I do think that it has something to do with mind-control. The less I think about it and stress the less the outbreaks come. I want you all to know, this is not the end of your life, remember there are ppl that love you and you are more than a person with herpes to them. And if your spouse/partner cannot be supportive of you in your difficult time, then maybe that’s a sign they are not the one for you. I struggled for years thinking this disease made me ‘ugly’ and a bad person, but it only does if you let it. Learn to accept the fact that you may have been wrong with having unprotected sex with someone and contracted this annoying disease, but don’t let yourself become the person that did it to you. Don’t be afraid, be open, and despite what hurtful things ppl may say, there are others dealing with this issue and we all have your back. You are not alone.

  198. Anonymous Says:

    So Queenbee what is the remedy that you used to “cure” your herpes virus?

  199. Amazon Says:

    I am committed to get a cure, a natural one. A healer from the Amazon jungle gave me the way of healing the outbreaks: mix 12 droops of lime juice with white a bit of sugar until getting a syrupy consistence. Apply at any point of the outbreak over the irritation or pimples or sores. It will burn momentarily, not so bad but the relief is almost instant. Rub until relieving the itch or break the pimples applying the syrup generously in the area you are cleaning or the affected spots. The scars or area will darken (a good sign and feel) and will heal at the first or third day. It was recommended to me do it for seven days, even if the physical signs have disappeared. After the first try, since the itching could come back due to a severe outburst, try again. This will stop any discomfort and make you go back to the regular life again. I have seen in case of the type 1 the blisters never come back. I have seen this when I healed other peoples’ mouths. In my case I got the type 2 from my ex-wife who never told me but had wild colds and blisters. I did not know at that time that such sickness was herpes; she said that she always has such viral colds. Five years after that I have not seen her anymore the first pimples appeared I did not know until very late, when the outbursts were more common and more severe. That is when, so ashamed, I had to confess this to this medicine man what I got. He did have cured people this way, women also can cure themselves this way. He used drops of Kreoline on water to balance the contamination, to wash the area. I could not have found such product in the USA.

    So far this cure has helped me to go on with my life. This remedy had not cured me but make the herpes attacks go very quick and relieve me of the symptoms which have become more frequent since I know my immune system is getting weaker. I work in the nights, I do zero exercising, I feel tired… this is like a snow ball that at every turn make things more difficult. I am so thankful I found this site that I am going right now to buy stuff recommended here.

    I write this note for the horror it caused me to read how people are suffering using bleach and other very painful things to get some cure. That above mentioned healer has not read a thing about the use of sugar nor vitamin C. It kicks me the way he found out his simple yet superb solution. He got surprised, in my case, why I did not got cured with this mix.

    The T-bone lady in this blog writes brave lines. Maybe she is not aware that is Buddhism that asks to deal ourselves with our own suffering first, then we can go to the God we believe in. Particularly, it has been a long journey looking for such super being that I have never believed in but, how great is to find the path to know Him/Her. I write this because the healer I mentioned used element-therapy. He addresses to the being, the Anima, which lives inside every element of nature, in this case plants. It works this way: In the name of God ask the blessing of the brother or sister plant that will help you. You make the Anima the promise that the same Universal low of Love that will sacrifice him-her (the plant) will sacrifice you. You must have in mind a good cause or a good deed you will perform. If there is sincerity and straight forwardness in your hearth the result will be dramatic. Right now if you are getting upset, angry or laughing like crazy reading this, sorry; skip this last paragraph but I have to honor the knowledge of the person who has helped me.

  200. still wondering when and where Says:

    clean the infected area, get it real dry then moisten your finger with water and put Sea Salt on it, then apply it all around the infected area, do this everytime you go to the bathroom or every few hours it burns but it will dry the sores up quickly and cut your infected time to 2 days tops instead of 3 to 7,8,9 days, i also put tea-tree oil first if i have it…be ready to jump up and down ’cause this stuff burns like nobodies business, but you gota do what you gota do…i feel your pain

  201. nene Says:

    Hello,, I was date new boyfriend but he didn’t tell me nothing what he gave me a herpies so I told my friend about him who he and my friend told me they knew him and my friend told me no no no sex with he have herpies,, I said what is too late..make me mad. I went to Doctor check my draw blood.. next day final call me yes I got it oh ohohoh wowow,, I was so mad,, gave me medication ACYCLOVIR 400MG TABLES SO YOU THINK IT WILL GOES AWAY?? PLEASE HELP ME I WANT COMPLETE GOES AWAY NO MORE OUTBREAK… I DON’T HAVE BLISTER ANYWHERE WHAT CAN I DO??

  202. sue Says:

    I was in a lot of pain for the past few days and going potty would make me.cry. I saw people saying to use tea tree well I happened to have some and thought I’d give it a try, all I can say is WOW!…pain was cut down to like 1/4 right away and no more tears I don’t feel 100 % but I can say without any.question it helped the pain. I will see if it seems to speed up the healing. Thank you all who said to try it.

  203. Please Help Says:

    My x was infected,I never got any soars. After we split up I went to the Dr. and they said, don’t worry you are not infected, new boy friend came up with it after a year and say’s I gave it to him. Can you have this with no soars? If so, how do you treat it, again with no soars?

  204. kevin Says:

    i need help….. how much bleach and water should i mix to put on my infected area?

  205. Josh Micheal Says:

    I found a great cure for herpes. It’s called Vick’s Vapor Rub.
    I have used it for many years now. I apply it to any outbreaks I get. And it will disappear within a couple of hours.

  206. daniel Says:

    just trying vicks vapour rub as one of my latest remedy, which may work.good luck to every one,

  207. jeni Says:

    So ive had this virus for about 3 years and i never really got any outbreaks. Now i keep getting them every few days and they dont hurt they just ich really bad. && they keep leaving scars all over. I dont have any inssurance so i cant see a doctor. Please someone help me. Im going crazy. Is this bleach thing really safe. Im scared to try it. Someone i know told me to try salt and water but im afraid it will hurt like hell. Oh please someone let me in on your secrets

  208. Christine Says:

    I found out three days ago via cultures that I have HSV-1 on my genitals. Six days ago I was having bad itching so I called my GYN and she got me in the next day. By the time I woke up the next morning (day of appt) I was broke out in blisters. I am in the medical field myself, I have worked in OBGYN offices so I know what herpes looks like – I was stressing, crying, freaking out. Doctor cultured it and took bloodwork and both came back only HSV-1. I am on 1000mg of Valtrex, The Zovirax Ointment and I started taking 1000 mg of L-Lysine on my own after reading up on it. I am also doing perscription saline solution soaks to dry the blisters out per dr and Epsom Salt baths I decided to do on my own. I also have Vicodin cause the pain is unreal (I have six tattoos and fake boobs and I never used any pain meds after my boob job), so I can handle pain. Not to mention I can’t shave so all the little pricklies are poking causing worse pain.

    Four days since outbreak, my whole area is still swollen, red, painful. Zovirax doesn’t help pain, vicodin really doesn’t do much. I am scared to use something down below with the Zovirax ointment but I am getting desperate. I want these things gone, I can barely walk, I have to sleep spread eagle on the couch so I don’t keep my husband up (who apparently needs to be tested now we’ve been together 7+ yrs) and I sweat like a pig down below, always have, and its making it worse cause I run daily (well not during this outbreak) and I don’t want sweat to cause an outbreak again even tho I shower immediately after I get home from the gym.

    I guess my question is what do I need to do to get rid of these lesions faster that will also allow me to continue the Zovirax?

  209. james Says:

    do you put the alcohol on the pimples or on the open sores?

  210. Purple Says:

    How does vapor rub work on herpes?On hsv2?

  211. john Says:

    I,ve had herpes for many years it suck,s the best thing to take for it is st.john’s wort 1 tab and take one tab of L-Lysine if you take it as soon as you see blisters come up it will go away in one day it realy works try it .

  212. john Says:

    st. john’s wort is a natural anti viral lots of people do not no this it fight,s the vires off

  213. Brian Says:

    I have had it for several years.I have had alot of luck with using vinegar.

  214. tom Says:

    I have read that you should stay away from apple cider vinegar, but what about apple cider?

  215. someone who wants to help Says:

    I have never heard of L-LYSINE, I take Valtrex 500 mg and havent had an out break in yrs… 2 pills a day. Try it :)

  216. Eoghan Says:

    I have genital herpes, I am so stressed at the moment. I got very drunk at the weekend and had sexual conact with someone I know. I didnt tell them.
    I woke to find I had a breakout. I am so angry with myself for being so stupid and horrible.We did not have sex just lots of touching with hands.
    I am so worried that I have passed this on to someone else, I am disgusted with myself and afraid of what this person might do and say if I have passed it on. I cant sleep and Im not coping with this.I cant believe I have been so nasty , after how bad I felt when my partner passed it onto me without ever admiting it.
    Please dont hate me Ill never be so stupid again .I dont know what to do, Its only been a few days, I keep waiting for a call or a text from this person.

  217. Brandon Says:

    i just got diagnosed with itand it hurts so bad but i have my head held high try this my frnd used it and she does not even have them anymore she was tested and she was clean weird ik but SHE HAD PROOF she showed me her records she used colloid silver and HBOT you guys shld test it out and email me at and tell me if it worked for you

  218. ygypt Says:

    has anyone heard of vs-c capsules?

  219. GLW Says:

    I’ve never had herpes, but when I was a kid I would get the ocassional cold sore. One day my mom just got fed up with it, took out some earwax, and slathered it on. No lies—my cold sore was gone the next day, and I haven’t had a problem with them since.

  220. Curious Says:

    Does anyone get swollen lymph nobes during an outbreak? If so, how do you treat them naturally? Or do you just have to wait for the swelling to go down?

  221. Curious Says:

    Helpful things: Caution before you try different remedies, research and see how safe and affective they are before you try. Also research how to use them properly.

    I DO NOT recommend using LYSOL or BLEACH internally or externally. Though they might temporary relieve HSV symptoms, they are very toxic, and harmful. And lets not forget to mention skin irritation. LYSOL and BLEACH kill HSV on SURFACES (cups, forks, towels, etc). It takes HSV a few minutes to die on surfaces and objects, since there are no human cells to attach to keep it alive. With Lysol, HSV dies on surfaces and objects in a matter of seconds. However, LYSOL ONLY kills HSV on surfaces and objects therefore spraying it on the skin is redundant because our human cells keep the virus from dying. PURELL and GERM-X ($1-5) is less hardcore and is created for the skin.

    I do however, clean my clothes with BLEACH. If I plan on wearing a pair on jeans/bottoms twice I spray the inside crotch with LYSOL ($3). I spray my COTTON UNDERWEAR and the INSIDE CROTCH OF MY JEANS/BOTTOMS with LYSOL occassionally when I use the bathroom to prevent spreading HSV to my anus via clothing.

    TEA TREE OIL ($10) works wonders for boils and blisters. I’ve used it, but must CAUTION it is a strong oil, must use it correctly or you will have skin irritation. Depending on the circumstance you must dilute it, in other circumstances you may not. I have diluted TEA TREE OIL with water, olive oil, acne soap, and body wash. I have also applied it undiluted to a boil or blister. It works well with acne to blisters. However using to much can cause a rash (some sort of irritation). Check out this site and you’ll know how to apply it according to your circumstance: OR google ‘dilute tea oil’ (or something similiar)

    Use a soap, shampoo, or lotion that contains SELENIUM SULFIDE is an anti-fungal ingredient. In other words, it kills warts. If i feel tingling on my lip, I rub SELSUN BLUE ($3) in on my lip, and leave it there for an hour. I have never had a cold sore or bump on my lip thanks to it. When I have an outbreak, I take I shower with using SELSUN BLUE, as a body soap, and it relieve my symptoms 50%-75% (made sure you take time rubbing). Another method, I rinse my body, rub SELSUN BLUE in all over (take time rubbing), wait at least ten minutes, then wash it off, it relieves my symptoms in hours. DO NOT INSERT INTO VAGINA!

    Lower your stress level, it’s hard but we can’t continue to worry about why you have HSV. Now that we have it, we have to face it and not let it control us.

    I like the LYSINE idea. After researching, I’m going to start off with 1000g/day
    If you take ZINC I read you have to learn how to balance zinc or it you will offset other vitamin levels – it’s too complicated, and too much of a hasle so i won’t be doing that
    I’m also going to purchase LAMISIL wart remover for my fingers

  222. determined Says:

    I found out 3 days ago that I have herpes 1 and 2!! I have always prided myself on going to the Gyn and having the full works done. Ironically less than 6mths ago I went in for a Pap test and the routine full works and everything was fine. I ended up having to go back because my period was almost 4 months late, after taking tons of pregnancy tests I scheduled another appointment! What is so weird to me is that for the last 6 mths I have had paper cuts in the region after sexual intercourse with my fiance. He is pretty large so I attributed the cuts to his size. I was also getting yeast infections but thought that they came from me being on anti-biotics for the last 3 months due to a dental surgery gone bad! The thing that shocks me is that I have never had a cold sore and when I look at the pics taken of what genital herpes typically looks like I have never had any of those scenarios!! The medical field needs to be clearer on how someone can contract the virus as me being a professed condom queen has not engaged in sex without a condom so this is truly blowing my mind!!! My Dr. prescribed Valtrex and I have taken it but it certainly hits your system hard!! I have had the dizziness and the headaches. I know there has to be a cure!!! It is a question of what? I have heard a lot about bitter melon and I am going to try it in conjunction with lysine, garlic, vitamin e and c as well as zinc and reduce stress as well!!! I agree with all who said the cure is in nature. Why simply suppress when one can remove it completely? The pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to think independently they want us completely dependent on their research well bump that!!! I am going to do all that I can to rid myself of this once and for all!! It starts in the mind and surely the mind can achieve and do anything!! Will keep you guys informed as to my progress!

  223. Reg Says:

    Lysine does help along w/tea tree oil. I also take vitamin C, a multi vitamin and echinacea w/golden seal. My outbreaks were never bad and now occur very rarely…maybe once or twice a year. I would consider myself pretty fit; this could be a factor that helps. Also, I would like to point out that I haven’t had a cold in approx. 2.5yrs; pls not that I live in NYC & use the subway filled w/germs. If my body can prevent the cold virus from taking me down, then I’m sure it can fight hsv off.

    BTW, I’ve had this almost 6 years am am 26 yrs old. Of course the person that passed it to me either didn’t know he had it or didn’t care to tell me. It would have been nice to know b/c maybe improving my immune system could have helped prevent me from getting this or some other method.

    For those recently infected or those that are super ignorant. For me, it hasn’t been as bad as many of these postings or as bad as the media portrays it. When I get an OB, I usually am unaware…I just take the time to examine myself fairly frequently. I’ve only had one bad OB since the first one that was quite uncomfortable, but at the time my diet was poor, there was lack of sleep, no vitamin intake, & stress.

    Unfortunately, there is a ton of negativity surrounding this virus due to ignorance. From my research approx. 40-50% of the U.S. population have oral-HSV & 20% of women have genital-HSV while only about 11% of men have it. it’s easier for a man to pass it to a man than a woman to pass it to a man. I’m sure these numbers would go up if people asked for the appropriate tests when at the doctor. Some take the general test and think they’re clean but end up passing hsv on to others.

    Well, like other folks. I’m just starting a new relationship w/a new guy & am trying to figure out the best way to tell him. Luckily, I’ve had a relationship after diagnosis, and I know it’s possibly not to pass it on and that it didn’t effect my sex life at the time. I think I’ll just tell him after a fun date and let him sleep on it & research but have him ask me questions since we know everyone is not affected the same way. We’ll also have to come up w/a plan as a couple to keep this at bay and prevent him from getting it.

    Well, I know there’s a real cure sitting in a jar in some lab b/c there’s no way these scientist can give us a clear description on how this virus acts & not have a way for our bodies to help cure this. Someone made valtrax and the other antivirals yet can’t cure hsv. I’m sure it’s the companies that are profiting from sales of these drugs that are keeping the cure out of reach. If a cure is found, then they lose huge business. If any of you heard about big oil companies such as shell buying patents for engines which will save on fuel cost and doing what they have to do to make sure these inventions never make it to mass market (hulu documentary), I’m sure this is exactly how it works in the medical field.

    Well, to wrap this up. It’s not as bad as it seems. Just get on a good vitamin regimen, exercise, good diet w/SUPER FOODS, get enough SLEEP, and BE POSITIVE and try to keep a low stress life. When I have all of these things in check, I don’t have an outbreak. The vitamins are great, but it’s the other things that truly help you have an over all strong immune system. Your body naturally heals itself, and we all should be doing what we can to help it do what it’s suppose to do.

  224. Braden Says:

    I had am old black foot indian woman tell me that mixing baking soda and bleach with a little water forming a paste will heal up this sorta thing in any location over night. Also TJE Bitter melon Extract is a wonderful miracle drug little expensive but does the trick for me.

  225. Lisa Says:

    I had my first outbreak 6 years ago. My boyfriend at the time didn’t know he had it and passed it on to me (mind you it didn’t stop him from accusing me first) but then he found out he gave it to me from getting oral from a girl with a coldsore. I haven’t had anything since & even my tests came up fine then a couple of days ago I got an outbreak which was worse! It seemed like I had willed it on cause it’s all I have been thinking about these last few weeks.
    I have since been taking Gotu Kola (centella asiatica) tablets twice a day and when the sores came up I opened the capsule and applied the powder directly onto the sore, within hours the blisters popped & I have been re-applying after my showers and are now nearly gone (talking 3 days here) I am continuing to take the tablets as they are great for mental focus but remember if you take too many you’ll get headaches, it’s quite strong so don’t go bull at a gate taking them orally. So give it a go just remember it will hurt ALOT when applied directly to the sore but try it and let me know how it goes for you guys.

  226. Kathy Says:

    I use tripple antibiotic oniment when I get an outbreak. Has anyone ever heard of Resolve there saying this dosent supress the virus it boost the immune system and fight the virus the website is has anyone every tried this before its called resolved suppose to ride the body of the virus and any toxins in the body its a 2 step process seems a bit long but what ever works I’m willing to try it I just got l-lysin 00mg for $3

  227. Marjie Says:

    I was diagnosed with genital herpes back in 2003. I initially had outbreaks on occassion i.e. once every year or two. Now I am getting them more frequently nearly every month or two.
    I was using a product called Herpaflor that seemed to help somewhat.
    Now the FDA is making it impossible to get this product.
    I used a tea tree product for the skin, it is making the lesions
    appear worse. I don’t know if that is because it is a cream and not a
    liquid. I am willing to try anything at this point!!! I have to agree
    with that one person who stated that when he thinks about it it
    seems to occur (mind body connection thing) Today I hit a breaking
    point, because I have had two outbreaks in one month. In a very
    tender area of the labia. I will try your recommendations. It sure
    helps to talk to others going through this. I have no one!

  228. Gottabeacure Says:

    Queenbee what is your remedy?
    I was just infected with HSV2 on my genitals on May 13 this year and I am having a hard time dealing with it. I was on Valtrex 5 days after I contracted it. My vagina has not stopped burning or itching since. For 10 days I had to take Valtrex 2×1000 a day – then on surpressive therapy. On May 27, I felt numbing in both my vagina and anal area. All constipated! On June 10, I started on Valtrex 3×1000 for 7 days and I am still numb, burning and itchy. I think there are new sores…
    I have drank apple cider vinegar, contrary to what I am hearing above, earthclinic said it was a good remedy, I have applied TTO, helps a little, Isopropyl alcohol, h202. not a lot, sat in epsom salt baths 2 x day. eat L-Lysine 2 x day, garlic pills 2 x day and just started probiotics. I feel like Im doing all the right stuff but not feeling better at all. I am having such a hard time sleeping because of the burn and itch. Do I have a stronger strain? Im so scared, has anyone else experienced Valtrex not working? I heard about Larrearx and hyperisince – any thoughts? I cant deal with a scam. There’s gotta be a cure, c’mon!!

  229. Good Idea Says:

    I use a completely natural product (buy it at a nutrition supplement outlet) called “Herpanacine” – it has vit. A, vit. E, Zinc, Selenium, a special herbal blend along with L-lysine. It’s sort of expensive, but I only take 3 capsules (at once) each morning along with my other supplements. Can take up to 6 a day but rarely have to. I watch what I eat, especially NO CAFFIENE and very little sugar. I don’t have outbreaks anymore except when I run out of it – but it usually takes a few days to ‘brew’ before I feel anything coming back on. I think prevention is the smartest and safest way to deal with this virus, because when there is a flare-up it can compromise the imunity and bring one’s health down in other ways. I thank my insightful mother for finding this product for me. It truly works!

  230. zippy Says:

    Queenbee please tell us what herb you use which also cures cancer and herpes

  231. WHY WHY WHY Says:

    Why Queenbee Why would you say all that and then not list what you used or what the cure is!! And then never check back. I do want to reiterate that the biogentrics stuff is good and definitely neosporin is GREAT!!! It has cut them hits down by days!!! I don’t know about curing with the biogentrics tho, but when it was purchased by a friend, she didn’t get teh entire thing only parts. So if you could please state exactly what all you got that cured you that would be great so I can pass it on to her. I frequent these sites because I hate to know that she is goign through this with no cure in sight. Then I read statements like Queenbees adn know there is hope, but it is equally frustrating when people claim they are cured but don’t give the full information for others to follow their exact steps. Please people if you know of a cure or have been cured, give the details of what you did so others may do the exact same.

  232. WHY WHY WHY Says:

    Also try going to it out. They claim to kill the virus completely or money back guarantee.

  233. WHY WHY WHY Says:

    EVERYONE!! DMSO Cream and MMS has a testimonial on Youtube that soemone came back testing negative after goign throughthe entire process. Go to this site!!
    Check out the testimonials and they say it works as a cure! Is a little bit troublesome to go through, vomitting, but if it works well worth it all. Please I urge youall to check it out adn I am going ot pass this on to my friend as well. My prayers with you all!!

  234. WHY WHY WHY Says:

    Also all that is needed is the Cream adn the MMS, the other stuff is for other ailments. So only about $40 in all.

  235. na nah Says:

    i say try neem. It is the best and will cure you right up. No more break outs. Read up on it. Neem.

  236. snoopy Says:

    i just wanted to post thanks for all the advice. I just was diagnose and had my first outbreak. Painful and the most uncomfortable I have been in years. I am going to try some of these remedies to see if it helps, thank you.

  237. Wooo Says:

    If you are on medicine for herpes and your skin or eyes turn yellow, stop taking the medicine immidiately. Turning yellow means your kidneys are failing. and if you’ll notice on the bottle it mentions being bad for kidneys. If you stay on it long after you turn yellow and your kidneys stop working, your blood will be poisoned and you will die.

  238. Wooo Says:

    And antibiotics will not help at all because anti biotics are for bacterial infections. This is a viral infection. A virus and bacteria are two very different things

  239. Saddddd:( Says:

    Hi there,
    I have now had genital herpes for 2 years. I have been to my local GP and since then I have been taking Aciclovir 400mg tablets for 4 weeks. The Doctors told me that it’s best for me to take the tablets for 3 months and by then the virus would have worn off. Unfortunately, I have been taking these tablets every so often, as soon as I finish my tablets, just when I think it’s not coming back, it comes back! Then what do I do?! Go to the doctors again and get another prescription to last me for a month. I am getting extremely frustrated by all this! Why can’t I have outbreaks once a year or even two years?! But no, it’s every month or two! I have been for my girlfriend over 2 years, at first I was tremendously angry and blamed it on her, we both went to the clinic and she is fine. Now I am confused, she doesn’t have it and I get it like a teenager getting his spots! Can someone please tell me what can I do, or how can I do something to prevent me from going to the doctors every month.
    I try eating healthy and do take omega 3 capsules, eat vegetables, fruits, drink fresh juice, eat sardines, tuna and all fish food and also been going gym to lose weight but at the same time feel good inside.
    Can some please tell me where I am going wrong? Also every time I finish my tablets and it has gone, I always have it in the back of my mind; “is it coming back?when?why?etc…” and it’s annoying! Maybe that is the causation but how do I get rid of that feeling in the back of my head?!

  240. Desperate Says:

    I was diagnosed with genital herpes in Sept 2009. At first my outbreaks were rare. I am now having them almost monthly. I have tried crushed tylenol pm mixed wixed with abreva. I found it helped with the discomfort but didnt speed the healing process. I was also using Herpaflor; however, when I tried to re-order today I was advised the FDA is not allowing sales due to it not meeting “regulatory requirements”. This evening I soaked in epsom salt and that relieved some of the itching. I am skeptical about the bleach, but I will try anything at this point!!

  241. Gottabeacure Says:

    Hello, I wrote above about the challenges since I have gotten this (May 13, 2011). Im still dealing with it. There is a horrendous itch that will not go away and little bumps that wont go away either. Im going to give the Neosporin a shot though, I hope that will work. What I do want to say is that I had numbness down there that lasted for over a month, trying to go to the bathroom (both ways) was a challenge. UNTIL I did something called OZONE therapy. I just did it once, and the numbness was gone 60% the next day. Its been about 2 weeks since I had it done and the numbness is 99% gone. So if anyone is feeling numb down there as a result of this thing, then pay the hundred bucks and do that therapy, they used a Uv light on the blood they put back, so i dont know if that had anything to do with it too, but it worked for me. It didnt make the itch and burn go away though, or the bumps. But the numbness is gone! Im trying OXYGEN DROPS now, I will tell you how that works, maybe I will try BETA-GLUCAN as well.
    Im learning MENTAL STRENGTH is huge in the fight to rid ourselves of this, Im working on that. I keep telling myself that this thing is not welcome in my body. Come on ya’ll we can do this collectively, lets get rid of this from our bodies, we can do it!!!

  242. justME Says:

    i was diagnosed with hsv 1 & 2 on july 5th, which was 2 days ago. i am 17 and my boyfriend for 7 months is 17. i had my first outbreak and had to go to the ER because of the pain. the medicine they gave me already has me feeling sick. i plan on trying some oof these remedies. they are really helpful. my boyfriend is having his first outbreak today and this is a first for both of us. we will get threw this together i know we will. its just hard to cope with when you first find out, but im glad to see people with there heads held high about having it. :) it makes me feel better and im sure it will help my boyfriend out to. thank god i have him in my life. i will be praying for a cure soon too and for all of us who have it. its not the worst thing out there.

  243. Gette Says:

    Does anyone else have any experience with Oxysilver? I’ve also read mixed reviews of adding Monolaurin to my diet, but it seems the popular opinion that adding Lysine while minimizing stress are the way to go… Other than that any help would be appreciated.

  244. Newby Says:

    Hi everyone.
    I just found out the other day I might have herpies.
    Was I scared and upset yes but I don’t feel ashamed of it
    Especially because I know I’m not alone maybe in my house
    And family yes but no because as I’ve been reading here
    It has helped calm my mind.
    My gyn put me on valtrex too but I still hurt
    And itch so I saw here some one did the vitamin
    Pill I’m going to try the cream and the pills everyone keeps
    Mentioning :) wish me luck because I have to go the the restroom
    Bad and this whole burning thing is killing me.
    Don’t forget you’re never alone. Always stay positive
    Lord knows I’m trying to. :)

  245. Angel Says:

    Ive had this virus for 15 yrs and had my ups n downs. The first 3 yrs were very difficult but I managed to cope with it. I had to learned to accepting the fact I had a virus n had to learn to live a better and healthier life. N yea. I got it from someone that knew he had it but never bothered to tell me. Anywaysmy OB. R not as agressive as they wereb4 like my of u have had it for awhile eating right and vitamins really help. Oh n plenty of rest I sleep anywhere from 8-9 hrs a nite. I drink water n lots of it n I luv milk (skim) I make sure I have my veggies n fruits n yogurt. I’ll have a yogurt every morningfor breakfast. But whenevr I havetingle I ice te area n it seems to work. But if I catch it late n its already there I let it run its coarse.I will place a bandage over it during the daymakes it easy to walk n change it everytime u go the BR keep it dry n place a new bandage. @ nite I shower n use no soap just warm water n dry my area with a blowdryer some loose pj’s n no underwear leting the area just ventile can help speed up the healing.currently taking 1000mg of Lysine,500mg of vitC, n 50mg ofzinc. Keep stress away try to l

  246. Angel Says:

    Live a normal life as muchas possible. A positive attitude can be ur best cure for now. Tell someone u luv n trust.Speak to God n thank him for making u a better person. Having hsv is notso bad. There people fightingfor their life n hsv is not one of them. I know its hard sometimes vut it gets better with time. I have 4 children by the way n all were deliver normal my husband thankfully has nevergotten it. N my children never affected. God is good..I will cont to pray for all of us dealing with this..

  247. quirky quilter Says:

    I have Parkinson and it weakens the body so. I got herpies a couple of times lately and there the worst ever. Scared to try anything new.

  248. Hurt Says:

    I don’t have a remedy, just want to share my story. I am 23 yrs old. Stayed a virgin until I was 23 yrs old as well. Jan 2011 I let my curiosity overtake me and decided to have sex for the 1st time w/my boyfriend whom I had known for 6 months at this time. But before then I had been telling him we getting tested first but we kept putting it off. 2 months later I had an issue down there went to the gyno, got tested and it came back negative.

    So he immediately went and got tested & it came back positive. He swore up & down that he didn’t know, he never had an outbreak, he cried on my shoulder, & even suggested breaking up b/c he didn’t want to harm me. I put it past no one, he could’ve been playing me 4 a fool and putting on a show, but in my heart I felt he really didn’t know.

    So 3 months later after the 1st time, I have the same issue. Go to the gyno & tell her to culture it b/c obviously I had a false negative. Culture came back positive. It just hurts me so bad b/c years I remained a virgin, been with one guy(we ALWAYS used condoms) & come up with this when you have hookers, whores, people who DON’T use protection and they end up clean. I think I’m more hurt spiritually than physically. It sucks to know that if we don’t last I may very well be single forever b/c I would never be with someone without them knowing & then again that’s not just information that you share over a first date dinner.

  249. Bellla Says:

    Hey i just got diagnosed with herpes todaay, I must’ve caught it before i was with my boyfriend. Oh how i regret my choices&decisions.I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 yrs and we’ve always have unprotected sex could he now have herpes too? And when i first had herpes i thought it was just the effects of getting off of birth control including muscle ache or feeling weak. And now i also have a bacteria infection,i along with my herpes my doctor just described me with 3pill bottles ,2 of them me having to take 2 times a day.and jelly like creams that i have to take 2 times a day. I reallly hope this all goes away and gets better as the years go by i am only 16. What’s worse is that i stay in a group home. But i try to keep my health good and exercise. I justt really hope he DOESNT have it too. It’s crazy how “herpe” can ake up to a year and you get symptoms in order to know you have em. My bf thought that you were suppose to show sighs of it right away but i guess’s reallly sad we’re stilll together.&it’s good to know we can still have sex with a condom at times when i think about it i really wouldn’t want to cuz all the risk of him catching it &when do yu know you have an outbreak does it peel? It itche’s more than ever And these remedys i will have to try. i haven’t been itchy since being diagnose i just burn alot when i pee that sometimes I’m scared to pee even when i have the urge to go it scares me cuz i know how much it hurts but I’m taking medicine for tho,i think its the urine that touches all my sores that also burns like ****. Hope one day Theres a cure for this I’ll pray not like i have enough shyt in my life that is happening to me. GOOOOODAY:)

  250. Bellla Says:

    &i’m up this late cuz that herpes is on my mind i kindah just got an itch and is it safe to wear regular cotton under wear&is it normal for lots of discharge to be on the underwear. I wear a pad cuz it’s quite an amount alone without the pad and when i wipe its a little bit of blood?? And my doc says my sores looks new doin that todaay was not fun at all i tell you sticking that in for a pap smear and her finger not like my stuff was tender enough i have herppes around my vaginal lip so and it recenttly just started spreadiing i am not however looking into the future wid me having this or imaginingg me i mean but i know its for a lifetime and dont want it to get worser

  251. mph Says:

    Queenbee Says:February 1st, 2011 at 4:07 am
    What are the name of the herb pill you are referring to?

  252. mph Says:

    Does Silver Sol or Procotol really works?

  253. mph Says:


    What is the name of the herb pills you are referring to?

  254. Josh Says:

    Stupid herpes! Who would want a guy with herpes!! I got herpes the first time I had sex:( and I’m pretty sure it going to be the last:(

  255. get Says:

    Does zorvirax really work

  256. mel Says:

    hi im 16 years of age and i found out i had genital herpes 3 weeks ago when i foung out i was devistated i caught it of a boy who took advantage of me, i dont sleep arownend, a cure for herpes is on my mind 24seven, i got the currage to tell my parents about it and im glad i did, i took “valtrex tablets 500mg” and they worked they got rid of the sores for about a week but then i had another outbrake again i have read some cures on this page for herpes and i am going to try enythin to get rid of the pain, qeuunbee what is the name of the harb pills you are referring to ? god bless you all i pray that we all find a cure :) x

  257. mel Says:

    could enyone email me i want some advise to treat or cure my herpes, email is, thanks :)

  258. WHY Says:

    I know we all are suffering in our own ways… The first we need to make sure that you stay away from stress.. That will bring a OB on without a doubt. Everyone offers different remedies.. Try them all see what works best for you. I use the L-Lysine, and Goldenseal/Echen. Combo.. Right from GMC.. Not to costly.. Beleive it or not I have also tried the Bleach mixed with water.. It burns a little but it works. Just a little on the cotton ball stings for a minute but lasts for hours. Just think in the olden days they used to bathe in bleach so why not try it. Get plenty of rest, eat right and no stress. With time you will have fewer OB’s. Hopes this helps

  259. crystal Says:

    I am a single mother of one kid and Im 22 yrs old ive had herpes since 09. i caught it from my ex husband didnt know he had it.through a blood test when i was pregnant with my daughter i found out that i had it. and on top of that hpv, but i got rid of hpv. there are studys that show echaneaca is a cure. i took it at least two or three times a day when i went back to get checked it was cleared never came back . i ate a balanced diet with eggs, orange juice , salads, poultry, smart balance bread and butter with omega 3. fruits and vegtables if you want to lose whieght salads steamed food very low in calories. I think the fish oil pill would work to boost immunity. a multivitamin helps also along with echanecea. I havent found a cure for herpes but i have done alot of reasearch. oatmeal body wash is really good especailly aveeno. oatmeal alieviates irritation my grandma is like half cherokee indian. she knows alot about herbs and remedies. baking soda works if you make a paste and put it directly on the sores. it draws the poision out directly. oatmeal bath is good also . stuff like natural body washes for sensitive skin is good and taking showers everyday.

    the diet of good food helps with herpes also just pretend your getting ready to give birth to a kid and eat healthy. i know it sounds weird but it works and your complection becomes better also. i don’t think bleach is good yes it kills things but it can upset the females bacterial balance and possiably kill good cells. Especailly window cleaner and lysol. If echenachea zinc lysine super lysiene the mix ginseng ginger zink goldenseal vitamin e c b, rma, elderberry root, multivitamin,oxysilver,st.jhons wart,fish oil. anything that you can take in capsule form or make a tea out of i think it would create a cure if everyone did reaserch and banded together we wouldnt have to really suffer at least thats what i believe.

    I beleive in order to kill the virus it has to b from the inside out and the stronger ur immunity the more i think you could fight it off. as far as relationships are concerned with the virus it is hard we all feel nasty and ashamed, but it is true that if you dont have an outbreak you cant pas it. if you do have an outbreak just don’t have sex if your partner does just say you don’t feel good and don’t tell them until your ready there is a chance of getting left, but if your with someone who is going through the same thing you can work through it together or if your partner really truly loves you and knows you they wont leave you because they already know you if your in it deep enough. they have to accept you for you and with love and trust and a bond that’s hard to break between people just because of one obstacle to get through. I’ve also found that destine works really good.

    and yogurt keeps the balance of your ph levels good and helps get rid of bad bacteria. yogurt is also good for east infections. there was a study that bananas keep hpv kinda in a remission state. one of my grandmas heard it on the news. there where really bad outbreaks of that in Hawaii. it has been hard to fight this. and most of you are right i believe that stress does cause breakouts when i wasn’t stressed and ate right and took echinacea i didn’t have any out breaks for at least a year and a half. Theres a helpful website you all should deff check out. its very helpful.

  260. RinOnRox Says:

    I’ve got my Herpes Simplex from an Arab man whom I think is unaware that he got this. The doctor, during my first outbreak told me that it is Herpes Simplex 2. Nuts, Chocolates and Sodas made the viruses crazy. I did several researches and have found out the healing wonders of “Brocolli.” Yes. A steamed or fresh Brocolli juice helped a lot plus the ripe papaya and other Arginine-free fruits and veggies. I just tried the Lipton-Green tea with mint flavor right now and I’ll see if it was the one that halted the budding outbreak last time. I got a doze of Acyclovir before however, prolonged use of it is not good for the Kidneys and may lead to othee issues.

  261. RinOnRox Says:

    I also agree on the other guys who suggested about living a stress-free life. It is true, stress weakens the immune system that that combats the virus replication so we need to strengthen it the ebst way that we can. Praying helps a lot as it releases the spiritual toxins that cause mental and emotional stresses. I thought it was the end of the world for me but on the other side, I’ve realized that I have become more conscious of the food that I eat and my daily activities which I never cared of before I contracted with this virus. If we will just be careful with our lifestyles and diet, the side effect could actual be a “longer life.” That is my belief

  262. Nice girl Says:

    Bleach on a cotton ball with a little water. Apply to the entire affected area (for me it was gh). Didn’t burn at all. 20 min later took a shower. It works. Coming from someone that suffered abt 3 weeks per month from cut-like sores and blisters.

  263. mandy Says:

    i have the genial herpes its only one tiny soar shows up in the same place. I have only had 3 outbreaks. The first was the worst. Questions: will more soars appear?

  264. Gottabeacure Says:

    I know this is supposed to be natural cures but has anyone tried the Virulite laser for genital herpes? Apparently you can get it at Walgreens in the US

  265. Gottabeacure Says:

    the above is supposed to be for cold sores but i wonder if it works on genital herpes

  266. D. Says:

    Hi everyone.
    I just found out the other day I might have herpies.
    Was I scared and upset yes but I don’t feel ashamed of it
    Especially because I know I’m not alone maybe in my house
    And family yes but no because as I’ve been reading here
    It has helped calm my mind.
    My gyn put me on valtrex too but I still hurt
    And itch so I saw here some one did the vitamin
    Pill I’m going to try the cream and the pills everyone keeps
    Mentioning wish me luck because I have to go the the restroom
    Bad and this whole burning thing is killing me.
    Don’t forget you’re never alone. Always stay positive
    Lord knows I’m trying to.

  267. Taylor Says:

    Once you cure your herpes does it ever come back even when your not sexually attive? It is actually curable “for life”???

  268. lauren Says:

    iv been diagnosed with herpes today s i went to my local clinic and i got transferred to the hospital.It has been one of the most painful experiences iv ever had and its extremely sore and itchy.
    is there a proper cure for the virus? can it go away properly? and what happens if you have sex when the breakout has cleared up?

  269. Jame Says:

    Overall health helps. A good product that works is Quick Clear, it works for me really well. But immune health is best: Here’s mine 2 cents worth: coq10 200-400 mg a day, Source of Life Red Mini tabs, Alpha lipoc acid, L-Cartine, Gluthoine, NAC, Fish Oil, Omega 3,6,9. Coconut oil on skin (all over body) helps calm pending gitters of herpes attack. Apple Cider Vinegar 3 shot glasses a week. Extra Hot Cayenne pepper capsules Nature Way, Gac Oil, Enzymes, citrus bioflavonoids, Iodine Plus 2 product. Curcumin 95%.
    Sorry for all the bad spelling errors but I have found these things to help.

  270. KindGentleman Says:

    As long as I can remember, I have been dealing with Cold sores all my life. I usually would get them once a year around the mouth area. I would always miss classes or work, and hide like a turtle from the rest of the world. Cold sores are by far the most difficult thing I have to deal with in my life! I hate them wish we never had them!

    Due to my frustration, I was curious and wanted to try a method in order to prevent outbreaks. After finally dealing with my last cold sore (Jan 2009), I experimented by taking Lysine tablets everyday. I visited a forum website just like this one (which are great by the way) and learned about the amino acid called Lysine. When levels of arginine are high in your body and levels of Lysine are low, the Simplex virus develops when stress or other common triggers of the virus overcome us! 2 1/2 years later I did not develop an outbreak…. and life was great!! Assuming that the Lysine tablets were indeed working, I finally felt I found out a way to prevent the frequency of cold sores. However, two weeks ago I ran out of Lysine tablets. My busy weekly schedule, which causes a ton of stress, caused me to carelessly forget to pick some up from a local pharmacy….and guess what happened next? COLD SORE :(.

    Even though I have one right now as i am typing this, I feel the experiment was a success and that Lysine tablets are the way to go “for me” at least. I advise checking with a doctor and learning about Lysine before before pursuing this method. However, I strongly believe this method worked for me!!! I never went longer than a year without developing a cold sore, and my life has been way more stressful, due to work, than ever before. If I can help anyone else out there in order to reduce the frequency of cold sores by sharing this information….awesome! I feel everyone’s pain out there and hope it works for you!

  271. Monique Says:

    I have been diegnosed about six months a go and been off and on Valtrax. But how do i know when im about to have and out brake??????

  272. Sunshine Says:

    I don’t have a remedy just need some to talk to about this (someone who has had it for a period if time) or basically anyone with herpes .. I’m in a relationship and its getting real serious close to marriage. I still haven’t told him yet but I tell him everything else. Also ca nwho ever feels nice enough to email me please throw in some helpful remedies please email me

  273. david Says:

    Hi I just wanted to say first that this site is fantastic and thank you so much to everyone who contributed. I just contracted this illness under the foreskin and I was under a huge amount of stress because basically i was screwing around a lot and all the consequences came crashing down at once. I wish I had known all this stuff before and it could have really made my first outbreak a lot less severe. Although it wasn’t that painful it has been emotionally traumatizing. I am actually still waiting for my blood test to get back, but I am not stupid (anymore) and I know what I have. I am in latin america and my doctor prescribed me a salt called Demeboro, which is like Alum and Calcium acetate or something. You can look it up.

    Anyway you boil some water with the salt and then pour it over a heap of gauze pads. Then you store the wet gauze pads in the fridge in a plastic bag or something, and three times per day lay the gauze over the ulcers for an hour (or half hour if you have time). The wet gauze with the Demeboro salts in it actually dries the region. Your gauze will actually dry out after half an hour and you’ll need to put a new one on. It’s amazing, and it really helped me because my sores were really wet all the time.

    My doctor actually told me he didn’t think it was herpes but rather a chemical burn from all the creams I was using in a panic-filled attempt to aid the other infections I had. It’s crazy what people can do when they have no idea what to do. But I did a lot of research and I’m pretty sure he just told me that to calm me down while I wait for the blood tests. Anyway, if any guys have the same condition as me check it out it works really well to dry it out.

  274. caroline Says:

    I have been diagnosed with genital herpes in may. my severe first outbreak I had shortly after meeting my current boyfriend, however, I believe I got it from a guy I had sex with in march – even tho we used a condom … I think this because two days after that I started suffering of anal psoriasis. this I got genetically from my parents but for some reason I see a connection between getting the herpes virus and this triggering the psoriasis(didnt know I had it to that day) to come out. my bf is being great about it but I dont think he understands how much Im suffering.

    I have had an outbreak every three weeks. planned parenthood put my on zovirax but since it messes with your body and can take several years of your life away i dont want to take it. Im taking lysine and betaglucan. when I have an outbreak Im taking elderberry but it doesnt seem to work. my current outbreak came tuesday – its sunday now and its really bad. cant sit or lay or stand without wanting to cry. Im nervous to try bleach or rubbing alcohol so i meant to suffer through it until it goes away (its supposed to go away after 7-10 days) but since today everything is swollen Im going to get the rubbing alcohol right now!

    good luck to everybody, since its so new to me I still sometimes hate my life and cry about it BUT we cant forget that about 1 in 5 people have this! and in the end its nothing else but the coldsores in your face. for some reason psychologically genital herpes seems to be worse – but in the end its not. yesss it hurts really bad. but we have to accept it as part of our lifes now. plus! Im trying to keep thinking positive because it is supposed to get less and less often and severe the longer u have it in your body! god bless! dont sweat it, and dont spread it!

  275. rich Says:

    Hot as you can stand salt water, balanced diet sleep and no stress.

  276. sylvia Says:

    i just found out i had the virus yesterday..i have an extreme amount of sores on my genitals and anal ones too… my biggest fear is making them worse by having a bowel movement so i havent been eating anything, just drinkking until the meds kick in better…anyone have the same fears when the outbreak presents itself on the rear ? i have also used a whole bottle of tea tree oil on the sores, and it seems to be doing a pretty good job…bleach sounds pretty scary but a lot of people swear by it on here..think that might be my next step

  277. janea Says:

    Hey, I am a 17 yr old beautiful wise girl , I was just diagnosed with (herpes 2)everytime I get a outbreak I cry because I feel that is the worst pain ever , I only live once and I am learning how to cope with this virus , this website was very useful for me and I have taken a quite few suggestions the :) the alcohol seems to be working just great put I have a appointment coming up just to reassure my safety , and young girls who going what I’m going through feel free to chat with me um more than open to thanks everyone and you all are In my prayers , and change will come soon!!!

  278. Amb Says:

    Medavir – use it on both HSV 1 and 2, as preventive and as treatment. Honestly, use it daily and really help.

    i heard Dynamiclear is great too…

  279. Amb Says:

    As for Dynamiclear, use it carefully, it hurts a lot, burning sensation but dries out quickly, just be careful where you apply it to and read the instructions.

    I heard many great feedback on Medavir, my best recommendation. Good luck!!!

  280. Gottabeacure Says:

    Hello, just to let you know, I have had a crazy itch inside my vagina since I contracted the virus in May this year- it has never gone away. Im on and off on valtrex as well, when I was on it, it didnt seem to be working. So right now I am off until I become fully sexually active again. Sometime I get an itch in the outer folds, so I have discovered witchhazel (tucks pads), it kind of works, settles it down, and then sometimes when it doesnt I use desitin, that works too on the outer itch. If anyone has a way to cure the inner itch, please let me know, I am trying these vaginal pills that my actupuncturist gave me, it is supposed to remove something called ‘damp heat’ from within. Hope it works. Lets keep on believing in a cure, or removal of all symptoms!!!

  281. Michele Says:

    Hi girls, like you I suffered for many years with genital herpies. I found ‘Pure Healing GH-OB Care Outbreak Treatment along with GH-OBST Care Suppressive Therapy Daily Treatment’ 100% Pure and All Natural Essential Oils with Certified Organic Ingredients to be great. If I feel an attack coming on I just apply the oil to the affected area. I have found these oils to be great. Hope they can help you too.

  282. girlthing Says:

    This is a preventative question. Now, the obvious preventative is not to have sex with someone thats infected, but I may take the risk with this one. I’ve been seeing a great guy that told me early on that he has herpes and while that does scare me, I dont think it’s worth throwing him away over. So, are there things that I can do to prevent contracting the virus in the first place?

    I already take elderberry, cats claw, and garlic regularly, and I’m thing of starting Lysine and zinc.

    I’m about to begin a lifestyle change in regards to my diet to have over health… could that help as well?

    One of the posts mentioned taking kelp capsules. How about actually eating kelp?

  283. LexusL Says:

    I have been having herpes since my 8 month of pregnancy with my daughter which was Dec 2009. I previously had unprotected sex with my boyfriend who had it, for 4 years and had never gotten it until then. I have taken valtrex, acyclovir, put zovirax on it,etc etc. but yesterday I was burning really bad and looked and noticed I had an outbreak…I hadnt had one in more than a year..I have insurance but no car to go to the doctor. I am looking for a at-home cure to make this pain and uncomfortableness go away…so far bleach, hydrogen peroxide and vicks vapor rub are my 1st resorts. I may try Lysine as well seems to really work as Ive seen many people in this forum write about the positive effects it has in the healing process. Thanx for you guys comments.

  284. Jermaine Says:

    Hello everyone! I’be seen all the comments and i never. Saw anybody say anything. About doing what i do. I normally take a bath in a top of bleach and a minute of spraying Lysol. Helps alot. Wen I’m just sitting around and just start itching on my back i wet my back while it off and spray the Lysol on there without wiping it off. Now the face is different. When i see a r!sh like spot coming i wash my face with a wet rag and spray the Lysol and it Burns but it immediately kills the rash. On my feet one time b4 little bumps appeared and itched very badly, i wet my feet with a rag to open the pores and sprayed Lysol and it never came back. Sometimes u will have to do something u never have to get the best results. I don’t have the outbreaks as b4 on my genital area they come in small outbreaks. The last thing i tried was taking bottled water from dasani and spraying a cap full of it in the water shaking it up really good and drinking two bottles of it every other day. The results are gr8. Less sores less breakouts and more energy and good sleep. Most of all i stop the thing that caused me to get the virus in the first place And that’s sex period. I turned to Isaiah 58 and read the whole thing and with that understanding and my home remedies my body is starting to look brand new skin even look smooth my life is well on its way to the healed me. I tell u they may not have a cure yet but the one true cure is fasting and praying for healing in the process and watch soon the healing takes place. I hope this has helped someone as much as it has blessed me. My life will never be the same. Have faith pray and trust that god will heal ask him to do it and live like its already DONE!!!!

  285. preggo_eggo Says:

    My husband and I were trying for a baby and I caught oral herpes down there. Which is weird since he tested negative for the antibodies and we’ve been married for a while now. I want a natural vaginal childbirth and I’m terrified of an outbreak preventing me from thta does anyone have a for sure cre that’s safe for pregnant women?

  286. Johnsmith Says:

    So, is the the goal to keep the area moist by applying all the remedies listed above, or is the goal to keep the area dry? What yields the quickest healing?


  287. Natalie Says:

    I swear by Oil of oregano!! It can be purchased at a natural health store it should be at least a 70% solution, mix it with olive oil for the carrier oil and the outbreak will stop in it’s tracks if caught in time!!

  288. findacure Says:

    does anyone get red spots on their legs or arms? how can you treat these if so..??

  289. Helo Says:



  290. Mark Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    If anyone is interested in getting healed of this virus….email me and lets create a team and find away.

  291. Skye Says:

    I have had this curse for over 20 years now and usually don’t have too many infections with it. However, I am having a bad one now on my external vaginal area with multiple blisters. I have been under tremendous stress lately, have had sleeping issues and after reading about the bad foods, note that I have had chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, and diet sodas lately, probably all coming together to aggravate my condition. I would like to comment that I too believe in the mind/body connection and have noticed that when I see a commercial for herpes pharmaceuticals or it crosses my mind that I haven’t had an infection in a long time, BAM, next week I get one. I wish we could envision frying all the virus cells and have that happen to eradicate them. I am wondering if 1 in 5 people, as I’ve read have this problem, why more research isn’t being done, why we don’t have a cure yet? I wish one of the Hollywood stars would come out of the closet who has this and start rallying to get a cure. If it affects 20% of our population, that is a pretty large pool of affected people, even if most people are pretty hush hush about having it.

  292. Chloe Says:

    Can someone help.. Just come back off holiday and my friend is prone to coldshores which I didn’t know and we shared lip balm, I now have 2 scabby yellow skin and red dots right next to each other starting on my kip and the other is on my face! I’m hoping this is just 2 coldsores and will go down! Any advice? As all I want to do is cry! X

  293. Harvard,2016 Says:

    Hey everyone I do not have herpes or anything else. But I am a medical student who does believe in natural remedies. If you could listen to the professors of my university (do your own research) talk about individuals, and about the profits, you would want to leave this country. I just wanted to let you people know about these remedies that i have researched with my fellow medical buddies of mine and we came up with these solutions. Try them all!
    first RESOLVEHERPES.COM check it out

    now then, hpv? you can check out yes, it does cure herpes and hpv and other viruses as well. it cost about $299.00 and more with the booster detox. The ones below me are for you to use all together which means take them all. BUT thats only if you can not afford the resolveherpes detox which i mention above is the best.

    Now here are some not so expense cures:
    HPV? well take PAU D’ ARCO (its a tea thats like bark and its my favorite)
    take garlic pills, lemon balm, Thuja, red marine algae, L-Lysine, hyssop, Prunella Vulgaris

    Try these remedies for three months and after that tell me your results. Yes you can take them for herpes to.
    NOW SOMEONE above me stated that they put hydrogen peroxide on there outbreaks.
    No no no no no Ma’am or Sir. That is NOT how you use it.
    What you do is like go buy (online usually) a bottle of FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 35%. Ok? now drop of few drops of it in a 8 ounce cup of water (purified water or distilled water is best) and then drink it. Do this twice a day for a month or more until your outbreaks are history. Let me mention along with that, Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule. When consumed, it rushes in your blood and fills your body with oxygen overtime. Viruses, cancers and other diseases can NOT live in an oxygenated enviorment. Another remedy you may use which we ound successful is Oxy-fend. Yes its under $40 and you buy it online. Look it up its pretty unique. I have met about 30 different people who used these remedies and were cured. Hit me back I am definitely intrigued at how people are coming along.


  294. Ann Says:

    Hey! I don’t have a remedy, but I had unprotected sex with a friend last week… Two days later I had yeast infection type symptoms so I went to the dr bc I didn’t want to use a suppository… She tested me for all std’s, prescribed “diflucan” and “flagyll” bc she thought I may have had “trich”.., two days later, I had 6red little bumps on the lips of my vagina, a day later it hurt to urinate, so I drank a gallon of cranberry juice which stopped the stinging and the burning during urination… The bumps are still there, so I’m currently putting campho phenique on which helps alot, but I won’t get my results bck til nxt week… Im unaware of my dr even thinking I have herpes bc the bumps weren’t there when I had my exam… At this point I’m very scared, but very gratefu for this sight!

  295. Cathrine Says:

    Made an appt w/obgyn because I have a uti, vaginal discomfort and a swollen lymph node in my groin. Due to work schedule I can’t get in til Tuesday. Nurse gave me the ok to try Monastat to rule out yeast infection and to push fluids for uti. Woke up Saturday morning on fire, feeling like I had a million paper cuts inside & outside of my vagina. When I looked w/a mirror I began to realize….
    It’s Monday. The pain is…. OMG!!! Swelling, burning, itching around my anus. Saturday when I realized what it might be I started looking for pictures & info. I’m terrified. Bought Oreganol 73, HerpaRemedy, Tea Tree oil, Lysine, probiotics…. Taking a heavy dose of immune boosters orally. Everything put on topically burns like I’m applying acid, even the zinc diaper cream I tried last night before bed. Exhaustion and a vicodin only let me sleep for 3 hrs before I woke in agony.

    I’m 35, have 3 kids, have been attempting to get thru a divorce for months w/a drug using alcoholic who has been making life hell for the kids & I. We were together for 17 yrs. After months of celibacy I decided to have some fun while on vacation w/a friend I’ve known for nearly 2 decades. To think I was just worried about getting pregnant. There was no evidence of anything…..
    I’ve emailed my friend to let him know but have yet to hear a reply. Suffering in silence. 4hrs of sleep since Saturday morning, crying a lot, sitting, standing, walking, lying down hurts…. no one to talk to about this. The stigma is hard enough to come to terms with… the nonstop pain w/no relief makes you willing to sell your soul for the pain to be gone. I’m terrified.

  296. Salt-it Says:

    Have found Kosher salt works best-(any pure salt product will work, but find the large crystals of Kosher salt to work best). Use latex/rubber glove – pour the salt generously in the palm and run a bit a hot/warm water on it just to wet it into a wet salt mash. Then rub it on the sore(s) in a circular motion for a short while to slightly break into the skin/sore. It will hurt/sting for a bit-just grin and bear it. Leave it on the affected area; you could use a hair-dryer to dry it somewhat, but is not necessary. You ‘may’ have to do this procedure 1 additional time if the outbreak is more severe; otherwise, it will stop the outbreak completely. It is a extremely inexpensive, very safe (it’s salt), and works far better than the expensive prescription medications.

  297. Athan Says:

    I do not get a tingle or itch or burning sensation before my oral herpes pop up on my lip. I just all of a sudden notice bumps. And tah dah later that day its full grown!!! I immediately apply Abreva and take L-lysine and Zinc, and vitamin C to boost the effectiveness of the vitamins. It still takes 3-5 days to recover unfortunately. I frequently take the vitamins.. but I have a pretty stressful life. I only get a re occurrence 3-4 times a year. which is damn good since I started taking the vitamins. They are the difference. Not my cure :(

  298. James Says:

    Recently I had an outbreak, went to the doctors, confirmed that its herpes type 1 but nothing they can do. So went online to look for cures and found this antiviral oil from colm garden. Used for a week and went back to the nurse and got all cleared. It uses natural remedy and is similar to the ones mentioned by a few people on here. Hope it helps you like it helped me.

  299. Broken Hearted Says:

    This is not a remedy its a warning/prevention for those of you that use this site i consider its too late as for myself ! I just wanted to share my story,i met my boyfriend and went on to have two beautiful children now still under two we had our problems over the 3 years we were together but always carried on through just until the birth of my 2nd child, things werent going well but not unresolvable there were alot of issues, we did love eachother but the stresses and strains took over leading to me kicking him out and my mum come to stay and help ! I didnt speak alot to him after the baby was born even though he tried to come around alot to see me. A few weeks later i went out met someone else and ultimately this is how i believe i caught the type 2 virus,i have experienced one outbreak which is surprising as all the upset i am having my diagnosis was very recent! I just want to spread awareness of this as this has torn my family apart i have told my ex partner as honesty is the best policy especially when it comes to something as life changing as this ! I would like to say there is a fairy tale ending but there isn’t my children no longer have two parents living together, we speak and are writing this together. Moral of the story if u love someone despite your difficulties never give up on someone you love as it has devastating effects ! We are both young parents and were just at the beginning of parenthood i feel i have been stripped of that and my ex is devastatingly heartbroken.We have been supporting eachother even though we are no longer together but its sooo hard every morning is like a realization all over again im finding it hard to cope and get on. If there are any other people with a similar situation i feel for you i know how tough it is for both parties please contact us at please write at any time and lets help eachother through what is so far the saddest time of my life but there is a positive we are still here and can enjoy life! We have been praying and its been helping us, gods will is the way ! Matthew 4:23 Bless !

  300. anonomus Says:

    i actually hurt so bad i went to the hospital i couldnt stand or sit or lay down, i especially couldnt go to the bathroom without pulling my hair out and crying for 20 mins. they told me to sit in a bowl of warm water for 5 mins, like 6 times a day, they also gave me this numbing jelly that helped, its expensive but it made me able to carry on with life, cornstarch works to help dry out, but my best advice is to soak in warm water for 5 mins.

  301. Tiana Says:

    Has anyone tried MMS. I just read that it was recalled last year. You can research it by looking up Jim Humble. I hear it cures Herpes.

  302. cure_viral Says:

    If you infected with herpes rub the infected area with “Alcohol” and apply anti-viral drug such as Acyclovir cream. Drink plently of water or 100 plus and take vitamin C. This will cold down your body heat and boost your immune system. Avoid taking coffee, beer, peanut.

  303. Cold sore fighter Says:

    I am on a mission!
    I want to cure herpes! My outrageous theory is that the bumps and blisters we get are actually our body trying to get rid of the virus! That’s why when you get a cold sore it is almost always outside of the mouth!!
    Now my self experiment is to try using some remedies I have found here and also try to activate the virus as much as possible, so basically get the virus out of dormant mode, then take supplements to help my body kill the virus, then stop when there is no outbreak and start activating it once more! Maybe just maybe I can get my body to rid the virus once and for all!!

    Now I have two problems though, my aunts get cold sores and has to always kiss my damn cheek when we say good bye, cold sore or not!! And my best friend get cold sores and always wants to share drinks and straws!!! So I’m not sure how I’m going to get away from them during my cleansing phase.

    Harvard, 2016: I am going to try the peroxide method you talked about during this two month experiment. It looks like it will work if I can get the virus out of dormant mode!!

  304. nameless Says:

    I just recently was diagnose with type 2 herpes. Had really bad outbreak on my buttchik.Took me almost 2 months to get rid of it(still have scars from it) Tryed valacyclovir 1gr,L-lysine 3000mg, vit.C 500mg,Zink 100mg, echinacea 3000mg ( all this per day)+ acyclovir cream,Malavit and Lysine cream. But it start to heal faster when i start using backing soda!You can take a bath with 1 or 2 packs of baking soda in it (you can add some epsome salt too).Than dry it with hairdryer.Or/and put a spoon of soda in small cup, add a little water(warm or hot),so its damm. Apply that almost like a cream to infected area and let it dry-it will become white.Its really helps to dry it out!!!Use it 2 or 3 times a day if possible. Good luck!

  305. Cathrine Says:

    Had doc appt Tuesday. Thursday got results. Positive for type 2. Lidocain gel used topically has helped tremendously. Wednesday started taking Acyclovir 3x a day in addition to the natural things I’ve been taking. Since last weekend I started taking 3 Lysine plus, 2 immune boosters w/ red algae in them, colloidal silver 2-3 times a day along w/ oreganol p-73 oil. Also taking a dropper full of ALC- Advantage Liquid Concentrate. It’s a citrus seed extract blend. It tastes terrible but has helped rid me of every bug I’ve gotten in the past so I figure it can only help now also. Ibroprofen has also helped with the pain.
    This whole ordeal has left me scared. The sores are nearly gone and the pain too but the fear of another bout of this is terrifying. With 3 kids I felt my prospects for finding love again would be tough. Now with this…

  306. marcus Says:

    garlic is the cure! go and get it now! garlic pills have keep me at bay! There is no cure for the common cold because its a virus! Haven’t had a cold or been sick in two years no lie! Yes there are natural cures for everything! Think outside the box for a sec. Drug companies wont tell you cause they are in biz to make money!Garlic Will Prevent Cancer!! True!! Trust me or be dumb!! Look it up!

  307. big anth Says:

    I have herpes 1 on my junk. As soon as i feel an out break coming on i mix bleach and water. Yes I said BLEACH! Dilute one cap of bleach to 3 caps of water. 1:3 ratio ..itsstops ur out break in it makes the blisters from getting bigger u can’t even see them there like needle size sores that opened and healing..I hope the bleach keeps the H virus from coming back or even killed it..let me tell u the bleach trick really works..try it for ur self and works! If they don’t come back ill update and let u guys know if I killed the virus with the ill let u u know in a couple of months cuz I seem to get them every other month…USE BLEACH !

  308. Jazz Says:

    Hi everyone!!! Im very thankful to find this site. Coz Im one of the victim of that virus also. Last July of this year I was confined in the hospital and the doctor said that I have a Genital Herpes which Im surely got from my BF coz hes always reclaiming that hes has a sore o hes part but he didn’t know that a Herpes. After a week of sleeping with him, I got that Genital Herpes too. So I blame my BF about it, but what can I do its already here in me. But until now Im still very down physically, emotionally & mentally. Coz I cant share it to my family and even my friends. I feel its the end of my world coz Im still 31 and ocourse Im looking to have a kids in the future, but how since I have this virus on my body. Everytime I feel so down and want to commit suicide, I will go to church and pray to God that He will make me strong. And Im sure God reserve a better future for all of us. Nothing is impossible with Him.

    And praying that one day soon there will be a cure for this Virus to all of us. For Im having that food supplement. Which I feel good compare of taking the Valtrex, I say to myself not to take again coz make me feel so weak although it can help spreading the outbreak. This suppliment that Im having now is to be taken orally and for I also put this on the water to drink and to wash on vagina. For now Im still on observing for this and when things goes good Im going to share it to everybody here in this site. I have to prove it to myself first that it can help to all of us.

    Another this is that we have to discipline our nature in terms of food like avoid eating of those which are high on Arginine like the following : Shrimp, Green Peas, Peanuts, Cashew nuts, chocolate, Green Peas and other sweets that serve as a food for Herpes. Eat foods which has high in Lysine like Yoghurt, Cheese, Milk, Mango, Apple, Avocado, Fish, Chicken, Brocolli, Cabbage, cauliflower. We are all victim of this virus and lets all help to fight for this so that it will not spread to our next generation. God Bless Us All, and not to loose hope that one day soon there will a be cure for this. Let fight to Boost our Immune System. Thank You Everyone coz Ive learn a lot of things also of the natural way of fighting this.

  309. Kendra Says:

    There is a way to HEAL/ERRADICATE the HSV I & II! First of all STOP all the WOE IS ME mindset and do something about it. Herpes is a HOAX. People dont make money off of cures – but off of medicine. There is no such thing as incurable. ANYWAY – the FDA owns the word cure so you cant say you found a cure. With FAITH and HERBS – Yes HERBS – you can HEAL your herpes. Google “DHealthstore” or “Djehuty Ma’at Ra” and visit his site. He has an Anti-Viral Cleanse that will HELP you HEAL your HSV! Just TRY it. Have faith. Listen to your heart and change your views upon sex and you will be alright!

  310. angela Says:

    take a needle bust sores open and squeeze out fluid keep private areas clean while infeacted keep sores washed 4 or 5 times a day make sure to dry area sores feed off moisture

  311. Rosie Says:

    Well here we all are…iam 32 and hav alwayz prided myself on being “clean”.I started having sex @18yrs old and realized how good @ it I was. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed doin it,and except for one chlamydia infection(@ age 24),and one scary case of vaginitious,I’ve been good. I dnt attribute my health to luck cause I grew up eating extremely healthy(I was the” weird” kid in the lunch room with the sprout sandwiches)also I ALWAYZ discussed status with my partners b4 sexual contact. I meet someone new and we had unprotected sex,the second or third time I noticed a small irritation on his penis and asked about it,he said he has sensitive skin and gets break outs after he has sex if he doesn’t wash. He also has had numerous unprotected sexual partners two children and no complaints from ex-lovers so he never suspected he had anything. He offered to go to the doctor with me and except when I’m feeling bad for myself I must admit he’s bleavable. I hav a cold sore, no vaginal discomfort apply apple cider vinegar and it swell my lip up like I’d been brawling ,tea tree oil really works so does vitamin e. I’m taking zinc and a bunch of other vitamins also,most are already mentioned here. I havnt been to the doctor yet, but as an honest person I saw the blister and felt it coud b herpes. It didn’t look very bad(my lip) until the apple cider vin,now I’m applying hot clothes to it and the swelling seems to b going dwn. There is a cure,bleave it,just not n u.s.,yes its because of $!!!I’ve had sensitive skin myself all my life so breakouts and rashes aren’t new to me. I refuse to bleave I am “damned”.and I honestly bleave that once one goes to the conventional doctors and uses those “drugs”,that’s when you really “have it”.I kno I will b fine,think about it ,people have been on the planet long b4 pharmaceuticals and also most “disease as we kno is due to poor hygiene(in this case,internally).Don’t take prescribed meds if u can help it,again I hav no genital pain or sores or odor so mayb I started off ahead of the curve love you all and think “pure”!!!

  312. Rosie Says:

    Oh I forgot to explain that I gave this person oral sex, a day or two after seeing the irritation i mentioned above, then the next morning after brushing my teeth, my lip began to burn and the rest is above so ,yes I may have been exposed to herpes if he does in fact have it ,but it does NoT have me…

  313. Rita Says:

    im so glad i found this blog. Im 18yrs old and just found out a day ago that i have herpes. its not the best feeling in the world. Physically nor mentally. Its been running me crazy. Well im pretty sure i know who gave it to me bc i dnt sleep around at all, but i just dont know how to tell him. Any advice about how to do that? its so embarrassing and i havent told anyone about this at all. But reading everyones post made me feel a little bit better. Maybe u guys can be my support group!?

  314. big anth Says:

    Ok so I tryed bleach and the healing process went from 3weeks down to just 5 days. The sores were healed up and gone in 5 days.the bleach is really awesome. It really works.

  315. Danae Says:

    Does anyone know if the penicillin shot can heal herpes?

  316. Sympathetic to your pain Says:

    Hey all.

    Well, this sucks but it’s not the end of the world! Life with Herpes does go on. We just have to find ways to minimize our outbreaks and soothe the pain. Trust me, things could be a LOT worse. And, you will have sex again.

    I have read many of these remedies and I must say, the bleach scares me. These are sensitive areas. It may work, but I’m going to try a few other things first. I have Valtrex, but I don’t want to take that everyday – I only take it at the first sign of an outbreak but when I have stress in my life, the outbreaks increase, so I am going to start on a daily Lysine w/ Zinc and Vitamin C combo first to see if that lessens the symptoms. I know that Oil of Oregano can be pretty potent too…I will check the prices and see which ones to start with.

    I can say that over the last 3 years I’ve had this, petroleum jelly and things of that nature haven’t helped me – it makes it worse. I agree that you have to dry these sores out when they appear. Salt water makes the most sense to me – it works for sore throats, so I will try that next time at the onset of an outbreak.

    After reading a ton of your reviews, I went to the local natural grocery and bought a little stick called ‘Eco Lips’ to use topically. It is for cold sores, but I’m using it on my GH. The ingredients list includes lysine, lemon balm, tea tree, rosemary, vit A and C, calendula, peppermint, and some other oils. $5. I put some on and it tingles. Seems like an inexpensive and safe way to soothe the pain and hopefully clear up the problem.

    I never usually write in to site online, but just wanted to say good luck to all with whatever remedy you choose – it looks like we have some options! I would start with more natural ones first and then move towards different treatments if nothing is working. With the right combo, Herpes can be virtually invisible in your life. No one is perfect and everyone will most likely catch something at some point in their sexual life – it’s just annoying and painful more than anything! Be glad it’s not life threatening!!!!!


  317. Rita Says:

    wow the bleach really works! thanks for that tip!!

  318. Rachel Says:

    When i feel the itching or tingling I use some 91%isopropyl alcohol and tab it on a q-tip and stick it right on the forming blister or sore. It hurts and stings but I just count to 100 by 5′s andtake it off, rest and then do it again then apply polysporin . My first break out was unbearable, I’m 16 and I contracted it through my first sexual encounter, lucky me. I had no idea what was going on so I used desitin baby rash gel on them and it seemed to work with the healing process. I also found Epsom salt baths are very helpful. I have tried Windex and Clorox bleach on a q-tip and firmly hold it onto the sore and air dry in front of my fan. Wear loose Clothing too! It helps and makes the sores less irritated. Were not in this alone, and we are strong people! I have yet to try L-Lysine and Yea Tree oil. I heard they work wonders.

  319. Betsy Says:

    I got GH from my husband (then boyfriend) ten years ago. I had my really bad primary outbreak, and I hadn’t had one since very recently. Because I am now living abroad where it’s not easy to obtain acyclovir, I tried applying tea tree oil, peroxide, diatomaceous earth and everything I could think of. Then I read that baby diaper rash ointment works. I thought I was going to go crazy with the itching and irritation, but the diaper rash ointment definitely releived the symptoms.

  320. Cindy Says:

    Please listen when I tell you that applying a product called herbal quick relief which includes DMSO and natural herbs to the outbreak area is your best bet. Use a q tip and apply. They have instructions. I got it from The fastest thing I’ve used. Also please include vitamins like lysine, zinc, vitamin C in your everyday diet. It works.

  321. cocoandrico Says:

    Aloe Vera is a great natural remedy to try during an outbreak. Aloe gels and creams can heal sores quickly (a few days) and prevent infection. Studies have shown that compounds in Aloe disable the functioning of both type 1 and 2 and strengthen the body’s immune response. For more info on how to treat herpes naturally, visit:

  322. Candace Says:

    I’ve suffered with the virus for over 7 years. A few months ago I discovered a product called Herbal Quick Relief that works quite well, better than anything else I’ve tried. It stops the itching and drys up the blisters within a couple of days. I bought it at

  323. sick2mystomach Says:

    I was raped a few months ago. And after numerous std tests, it came back positive for genital herpes. I haven’t had any outbreaks until today. I feel sick to mystomach and don’t know what all to help it go away quickly. I cnt go to the doctor cuz I can’t afford it. Does rubbing alcohol, neosporin or vics vabor rub really work? I feel disgusted enough as is from the rape, and sick to my stomach to be walking around with this. And now that I hv a blister in my private area, I just wanna curl up and cry. I don’t feel like I can tell anyone abt what I’m going thru because ppl are so ignorant, mean, and cold hearted when it cms to this type of infection. Please can someone help??

  324. ttbaby Says:

    hey all i must say this website gave me a lot of relief knowing that a) im not alone and b) it doesn’t cost me 50 bucks to get a treatment every time an outbreak occurs. This forum has also taught me to accept the fact that this is indeed real and it can happen to a lot of people. But it’s amazing and true that even though over millions of people can have this and still feel alone. I know i did. anyway I tried the whole lysol thing. I must say that STUNG SO BAD! question: how long do you have to let it sit on the skin before washing it off? I tried first cleaning the bathtub then spraying the tub with lysol then spraying the top of the water for about a minute and did not feel anything. Then i sprayed it right on me. still felt itchy and stuff throughout the day though. Now less than 12 hours later I’m back to square one with the same pain i felt before i took the bath. Im also completely broke so im trying to find some remedies with the things i may already have in my house. I also heard tea bags applied directly to the sore helps heal and relieves. green and white tea more than black tea. anyway I thank God that I found this site because it really gave me a lot of hope that I really can get through this and I dont have to be alone. God Bless….

  325. MadAboutIt Says:

    Camp phenique works wonders for the cold sore I ned help to get rid of the ones in the vaginial area

  326. Gottabeacure Says:

    Hey, so things are looking up with my type II, I was having a really hard time with it, felt like a break out every few weeks, turns out I had a really bad yeast infection, really bad. HSV2 and yeast go hand in hand, so I am trying to control my blood sugar (related to having a YI). I have been drinking bitter melon, that I juiced, its horrid, but for the first time before my period, i didnt have a hard time. Its only been about 2 weeks since Ive been drinking it, only 2 tsps a day. Try it, if nothing else works.

  327. steve Says:

    I have been using something with great success for over 15 years. What it does is strengthen your immune system, so the virus stays in remission. When in remission, it doesn’t bother you. It is almost like you don’t have herpes. It is sold with a guarantee which is something you do see much on the net for products like this. You can find it on this site:
    The site is confidential so it is worth a look. Good luck, Steve

  328. Trey Says:

    I love the help most give. I suffer from genetal herpes and its fustraiting I cant pray enough for the cure. Mine the medication is giving me secondary simpthums I have it almost every week im going to try these natural remedies. Keep this up guys whe really need this.Thanks to all.

  329. renee Says:

    Hey everyone! I was diagnosed with HSV-2 in June. I had an outbreak then but it wasnt ever a blister it was just a cut and it was only 2 cuts. I havent had an outbreak (cut) since June until last month n Sept and It doesn’t seem to be going away. I am still sexually active with my boyfriend and he hasn’t had any outbreaks lately, so I couldn’t have caused myself to have another outbreak from him. I have tried taking lysine pills 1000 mg/3x a day along with zinc 100mg/3x a day and 315mg of green tea and 1000mg of vitamin c also valtrex that I got from my doctor. Nothing seems to b working. I try to calm myself down and relax then just when it starts to go away another cut shows up or I get a burning/tingling feeling. So if anyone can help me out with ideas pllleeeaasssee help! Thanks

  330. Francine Says:

    I recently had a bad outbreak on my lip on a friday night and my lip was fully healed by monday morning. I came home and iced my lip several times and applied diluted bleach with a q-tip to each sore. Then applied abreva on and off throughout the day. Tried to stay healthy and take zinc and lysine supplements. Then when the scabs appeared I applied pawpaw (found primarily in australia) and bio-oil to hep the skin heal quickly.
    Hope this helps!

  331. DDJ Says:

    I have been suffering from my primary outbreak for 3.5 months and it has been non-stop. I initially got herpes on my lips from kissing someone, and since then it has spread into both my eyes and into my urethra as well. I have tried almost everything, but I can’t get this outbreak to stop. The only thing that seems to do anything is putting tea tree oil directly on the sores which stops them from getting bigger, but it is a constant outbreak and if I don’t apply it for a day they are right back and getting bigger. I am at my whits end here, where is the cure!!??

  332. deidra Says:

    Drink lots of COLD milk. Drink it a couple times a day all day. Take several L-Lysine tablets a day (buy at the drug store or where they sell vitamins). Apply cold compress to area. You will be amazed at how well this works. Do not break open any of the blisters, let them dry out on there own.

  333. kerry Says:

    ive had it for a couple of months now and i have constantly been getting outbreaks i hate the feeling i get plus the stree i got through with society considering im only 16 :( but i hope 1 day i find a cure

  334. kerry Says:

    can u have unprotected sex when u dont have a outbreak and be okay ?

  335. Anonymous Says:

    I just purchased the L-Lysine from walmart for $4.00 1000MG and zinc 50 MG for $4.00. I have had the same outbreak for a week now and have used zovirax the cream which hasnt helped but I think its because I have been over applying, literally over and over again. I also take acyclovir every 3 hours although 4 hours is recommended. The outbreak is still here but this site has really helped. Continue to do what you are doing.

    Please know you are not alone, Please know that you will be accepted by someone who truly does love you. I found someone absolutely amazing and I am so greatful for him. I told him everything and I tell him when I have an outbreak. Wait for someone when you are old enough to be open with and tell them everything as soon as possible. I was talking to my boyfriend for only a month and the day he asked me to be his girlfriend I told him everything. I was hysterical but he just said “Why would I let this define you? I’m not leaving you”

    Just be aware there are amazing people out there who are accepting and if they want to be with you they wont let this virus change there mind.

    I still need to work on the not stressing about it and eating healthy aspect but I never knew about that until I found this site.
    Thank you for all this advice

  336. Jay Says:

    Dude! The bleach thing Totally rocks! I used bleach on a cue tip for H/2 and almost instantly it killed the out break and is on it’s way to healing! Thanks!

  337. Pissed Says:

    I was diagnosed with hpv2 this july 2011 from my Dr. She told me to come in the office because something was wrong with my lab results. I was thrown back when she told me I had Hpv2 O_o!!!!! I instantly recalled my ex having a bump on his lip and me asking wth it was!!! He replied, Oh it’s nothing, I’ve been getting this since I was 8. I was leery but time had passed. He gave me oral and that is how I got it. I believe I had it for a year but my system fought it off. I thought I was allergic to the sun. I would itch on my arms so bad when exposed to the sun. It was attacking me then.

    When my Dr. Told me that I had this uncurable disease, What I felt for him at the time; I can’t put on here -_-!!!!! I don’t have any outbreaks down below. But… I am experiencing fluid filled bumps on my face regularly. I am taking Lysine, Red Marine Algae, Garlic Parsley, peppermint Oil, 91% Alcohol, but… They keep coming. I think I am going to do a Blood Cleanser, And Antioxidant internally. your whole life changes when you come in contact with this disease. Does anyone have any other suggestions to prevent facial breakouts?

  338. hopethishelps Says:

    I recently read a study that reported using “red wine” on the sores a few times a day sped up the healing process because of the “revesteraol” in red wine. Soo I mixed red wine with coconut oil applied it to my geneital sores and it worked within a couple of hours. I’m also taking a ton of supplements but this concoction definitely helped me.

  339. Kasmircat Says:

    I was diagnosed yesterday, first outbreak. N I rather have my teeth pulled. Pain is horrible. I read most of ur remedies to aide with the pain n itchiness. Nothing worked. So I had aloe with litocaine in my closet n just thought to try it. It worked for me pretty well. But I have to reapply after I pee n shower.

  340. johnny Says:

    i got it on my thighs and i use hydro 3%..trying to get it to go away what should i use?

  341. Abraham Says:

    WOW!! The bleach REALLY works! Not sure if it will work for all, but it worked for me. I wet a q-tip then dipped it in bleach applied around area and held it on blister for about 2-3mins…It was gone within hrs!

  342. NT Says:

    I want to first say that some of these remedies are hilarious I can tell whose been trying any and everything to ease the pain! I remember coming up with a few inventive ideas, but I will say I learned some things I may try next time I have an outbreak Stress is the trigger for me. I normally wash incessantly and blot infected area leaving little bit of tissue on blisters to keep dry. There is a pure tee tree soap which is great (Indian stores) valtrex if u have ins and $ always get generic if possible. I know my body so I can take one or two b4 outbreak and never have one. I would just like to reiterate that although we try these things and many of them work we are NOT curing herpes! We are simply suppressing the virus at best that’s all we can do. Medically viruses have no cures herpes is not different! Best thing we is continue to be responsible take control of our disease and be honest with everyone we come in contact with. Contact is the means of spreading we may nor have cure but we are in control of prevention!

    If it hadn’t been from me knowing my body I wouldve passed this to my 1st born. I found out I had herpes at 34 wk pregnant my boyfriend acted as if he had no idea! Bull crap he continued to have sex w/o letting ppl know even after finding out it could’ve put his child’s life in danger had I not informed my Dr. Herpes is different for everyone I didn’t have blisters 1st time it looked like a discoloration nothing seemingly to be alarmed of but that was for me and I’m glad I made my Dr. Ck at that visit. Be careful not everyone has symptoms nor outbreaks and not everyone cares enough to be honest!

  343. BIG ANT Says:

    Yes u can have unprotected sex,when u don’t hav an out brake. I have sex with my gf and she hasent had an OB. Or contracted the HV.I had an OB every month for about 5 months ..I started taking enchancia and adrographis, olive leaf.these are herbal supplements u can get at ur local health food store. I haven’t had an OB it seems to be working for me.I also take litchen.on my last OB I used bleach on my open sores it helped them clear up faster.since bleach kills everything I thought I would give it a try it worked speeding up the healing. The key thing is not drink anything with caffeine that’s what triggers OB’s.exercise work out at the gym to decrease ur stress and boost ur immune system.its a must to boost ur immune system to stop OB’s…fallow my remedy and let me know how it works for u…its working for me..

  344. sheira Says:

    I was looking for a natural treatment and found a few. I wound up going with HSV-Zero. It has like a dozen natural ingredients in it that they show tests results for. I’ve been very happy with it.

  345. kiss911 Says:

    it look like no one want to email me to cure hise herpes ok it is up to you bye

  346. NotForSheeple Says:

    Clean skin, health and staying disease free starts from within, not from external remedies, drugs, or chemicals.

    Cleanse the inside of your body of accumulated toxins with regular enemas, fasting and liver flushes. Then adopt a vegetarian diet/lifestyle eating only fresh organic fruits and vegetables free of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. Also begin researching how to eliminate as many toxins from your immediate environment, your clothing, food, water, etc. Stop polluting your mind with TV too.

    If you are serious about your well-being and follow this protocol, together with fresh air, sunshine, exercise and sufficient rest, your health problems will disappear. An intact, strong immune system is all anyone needs to fend off any type of infection. Make sure yours is not compromised and overwhelmed by toxicity.

  347. Your Help Says:

    Hello everyone, there is a man named Dr. Sebi, he CURES HERPES!!! look him up on the net. Also for the mean time, this really does work!! red marine alge, lemon balm (melissa root) and l-lysine daily will do the trick. Also try to avoid l argine foods like nuts and choclate and starchy food. also red meat is no help at all. If you feel one comming or are in a outbreak wash with cold water and the blow dry with a hair dryer on cold setting. then toliet paper on open sores changed a few times a day. also try wash with the cold water trick as much as possible. every few hrs. if poss. 35% h2o2 diluted on a q tip after you bath before the hairdryer trick. This really works and reduce out breaks by 75% at least. Also remain calm. THERE IS A CURE CONATCT DR. SEBI!!!!

  348. K Says:

    hi people sorry i dont really kno of any remedys i am grateful for all the messages it made me feel not alone i was positive for herpes a few months back it was pretty much my first time and i wore protection. i was really depressed for a long time just dealing with problems b4 that also. i got a shot at the clinic and took the meds and have not really experienced an outbreak i got the shot right after. i couldnt belief she didnt tell me but i learned to forgive. ive been taking a protein shake that has the amino acid lysine which made me happy but just found out it has Arginine in it so i should stop taking it right? I recently turned 20 and feel like i will be alone for my life cuz i could never not tell someone. Im trying to stay optimistic my brother that was killed would what me to keep going thank u people and hopefully there will be a cure if u can respond to my question that would be great.

  349. Ann Says:

    Hey! I’m back! So I got my results… Had a negative blood test for both HSV1&2 BUT… I have a similar (1) bump on my vagina that came back and it hurts SOOOOOOOOO bad! I’m wondering how accurate the test was which cost $75 bucks! I used most of what u guys mentioned and it still took at least 5days to go away so I’m not sure whats going on in my cookie jar… U guys should try liquid band aid… I like it :-) it dries and protects the sores/pimples in my case… This time I only have one and so far I’m on day 4 of “let’s see if this works!” lol! Have to laugh so I won’t cry… Anyway, be encouraged guys and although this is awful to have, just think… It can always be worse! I’m believing that there will be a cure in Jesus name! Be blessed!

  350. Brooklyn Says:

    I just found out a couple days ago i have the herpes virus,neither me or my prtner hav had sex with anyone else.So now im worried what agged this virus on, the doc said it was from my urinry trac infection.Does anyone kno if it is possible to get genital herpes without sexual contact??

  351. beachboui Says:

    Yes, learning that you have H is like being pushed into a polar bear plunge, with water temps just above the freezing mark. It takes your breath away. It is equally hard for everyone, young or old. Visions of solitary existence flash through your consciousness. Dreadful thoughts haunt you day and night. Fears of exile and castigation flood your mind. Well, maybe it’s not all that bad. But, its a downer. That’s for sure.

    The bad news is, you’ll probably have to cool your sex jets while you get a handle on things. You don’t want the awful feeling from knowing that you have given the virus to someone else. The good news is, you WILL get a handle on things and learn to cope with the issue. Say good-bye to the old you, and get adjust to a life with the new you.

    If you have a conscience, and I strongly suspect you do, you will need to change your whole approach to relationships and potential sex partners. Being a charter member of the exclusive ‘H’ club means you have to choose your partners more carefully, consider your relationships more deeply, and be very honest about a very personal matter that is not easy to talk about with someone who’s respect and admiration you long for. You will be forced to become smarter and wiser about yourself, your health, the virus and about the social stigmas connected with being infected with the herpes virus.

    That’s why you’re part of this group now. You came to read, to listen, to learn, and to commiserate with sympathizers in your local H community. Feel free to express your feelings, your fears and your questions. Herpes is not a death knell. It is a life altering circumstance. You will still live a full and happy life. It may take a little more work, and have some additional bumps and bruises along the way. You new friends here will listen and offer their support.

    Just remind yourself, you’re not a quadriplegic, you don’t have a conjoined twin, and you don’t live in Afghanistan. Hey, things are looking up already! ;-)

    Yes, it is a nuisance and an embarrassment. But, you may find that, over time, the outbreaks become less frequent and less severe. In that respect, less of a problem. You can facilitate this by reading the available information about living with the virus, learning about the things that can trigger an outbreak and avoiding them. There is always hope that science will develop a cure in our lifetime. Otherwise, you just have to make room in your life for this ugly critter, because, until there’s a cure, you are it’s host.

    You will also learn to take a slower, more meaningful approach to dating, and place higher value on the relationships you develop. It is a hard way to learn these lessons. It is also a departure from the shallow, “instant gratification” society that we have become. If you are an excellent person in your character and the way you treat others, your flaws will be mitigated and more accepted. In all likelihood, better, more enduring friendships and relationships will be the reward for your suffering, and for your endeavor to persevere.

    It’s your new reality, and like the rest of us, you will learn to live with it and grow from the experience. Because, the alternatives are unthinkable.

    One way to prevent outbreaks that I’ve never heard discussed: don’t let yourself become run down and hungry at the same time. This is a certain trigger. The virus is a beast of opportunity. A weakened immune system is an opportunity to attack, and it will. If you find yourself under great physical or mental stress, stay well fed, but avoid trigger foods like nuts, chocolate, and other items mentioned in the literature.

    DISCLAIMER: The preceding message, though sincere, has not been peer reviewed, may be anecdotal or may not precisely represent the author’s full communicative intentions. It may contain human error, spontaneous, knee jerk, or politically incorrect content. It may contain sarcasm or other expressive intentions for which there is no font or adequate emoticon. Unless otherwise expressed, this message was not meant dishonor or offend without cause. Rational, mature and reasonable interpretation is advised. A sense of humor and an allergy to drama would help immensely. © 2011 Beach Boui. Permission granted to All rights reserved.

  352. beachboui Says:

    Research has shown that you CAN pass on the genital herpes virus even if you do not have an active outbreak (asymptomatic). You are more likely to pass the virus when you DO have an active outbreak. Unfortunately, there is very little information available on just how the virus shedding thing works, when, why or how it occurs.

    For example, no one seems to know if shedding only occurs at certain times, if everyone is a candidate for shedding, or if shedding is more likely to occur before or after an outbreak of lesions.

    Remember that, for some people, an active outbreak can be so small as to go unnoticed. So, anyone with the virus must do whatever they can to protect their uninfected sex partners from catching the virus. It is your moral (and possibly your legal) responsibility.

    Some people have outbreaks on their backside. That doesn’t mean you have have sex with your front side while you are active. That would be utterly irresponsible, because no one really knows if it is safe or not. The chances are certainly greater that the virus will be passed.

    Be responsible. Karma will reward you.

    The good news is, a cure for ALL viruses is in the works. It may be 8 or 9 years before all the research is done to bring the product to market. But, early results show great promise.

    For more info, you can listen to the first part of this BBC report:

  353. beachboui Says:

    There ARE dating sites out there for singles with herpes. Just use your favorite search engine. You’ll find them easily.

  354. T Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE THAT SAY TAKING A HERB CAN CURE CANCER OR AIDS. It cannot. This is very very dangerous and irresponsible advice. Go to your Doctor and get medical care, do what they suggest, and they will do their best to cure you or at least try and make you better. If you must take whatever herbs these idiots and frauds are trying to sell to people that are scared and desperate for a cure, take it AS WELL AS your medication. You need medication to get better from Cancer and AIDS, use vitamins, prayers whatever AS WELL AS the medication the Doctor gives you.

  355. Banny Says:

    Go to the Dr and use what they give you. As well as that put honey on the wound for at least 30 minutes (sleep in it if you can). Not rubbish honey, an organic clear, or if possible Manuka honey. Then wash it, it washes off easily and leaves your skin soft and clear and reduces inflamation. Good for bites too. This is also good for acne. Honey is very anti bacterial if you google ” honey herpes” or “honey acne” you can see enough suggestions and read enough case studies. It is a gradual thing and will take about a week, but when I have used it on my face for acne it helps prevent breakouts. Hope this helps but remember seek medical advice too

  356. reesee Says:

    I have had the virus since I was15 I am now 24 a son that is 4…when first diagnosed with I stayed with a breakout but after I stopped taking valtrex I didn’t have the and I hot rag works wondersmat all until bout 3 and a half years later I started getting wen I got stressed and didn’t get enough sleep I always use a anti bacterial soap and keep it dry I just started bout several months ago putting peroxide then alcohol then witch hazel and its works fast…my bf of 6 yrs does not have it and we don’t use protection I’m allergic to latex just don’t have sex wen I have a outbreak

  357. Love5594 Says:

    Well, i never tried it befoe but i have genital herpes it stresses me out alot. i can but to stress . this is my first time ever haing a std, i dont know what to do. all i do is take valtrex and sometimes that dont even work. i just want something to cure it something to make it go away. I had this virus since june of 2011. i am 17 yrs old. i dot know what to do anymore. this virus makes me not want to live anymore.

  358. BIG ANT.... Says:

    Put bleach on ur open sores..everyday until they are gone I haven’t had an OB.I think that killed the virus.I also take red marine alge ,enchancia ,andrographis…no out brakes in months …it works..let me know how it works for you…it may be the cure to herpes…ill check back later plz ..repost!

  359. Always Unnoticed Says:

    Research hydrogen peroxide. It is the body’s own method to destroy and purify itself.
    You think the body uses oxygen only for combustion? No hostile bacteria, virus or fungus can live in an oxygen rich environment. What is worse than an oxygen rich environment is hydrogen peroxide (also called oxygen-water sometimes). Its effect is similar to ozone. Water (H2O)+ ozone (O3) = oxygen (O2) + Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), so the difference between water and hydrogen peroxide is 1 atom of oxygen. Don’t let its chemical name fool you. Your own body produces it too. Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone are among the best detoxifiers in the world. Oxidation renders almost all toxic substances non-toxic.
    Read that stuff and tone down their recommended dose. Google: ‘Healing Crisis’ or ‘Herxheimer reaction’ (scientific name of healing crisis). I will explain in case some people are too lazy. WHen your boxy detoxifies, it releases toxins which are WITHIN the cells, into the bloodstream. The bloodstream in turn throws its toxins to the kidneys and liver etc, which process it further and eventually the plan is to get rid of it through shit and piss. When toxins enter the bloodstream you will feel shit, low energy, maybe heart beating faster than normal or heart racing, some strange very unpleasant sensations, at the extreme a weird feeling at the chest (sort of slight pressure), heart racing, shaky legs or a combination of each of these symptoms. If the symptoms get to bad, you got to eat protein, it will make the symptoms less, that is unless you already had a meal. It only works if you have a relatively empty stomach. Now the healing crisis is this: When your body throws more toxins into the blood stream for elimination than the blood or should I say kidneys and liver can process. Meaning you have temporarily elevated toxins in your blood, which can be dangerous. No need for scaring, but you could die. The golden rule is: DO NOT drink or eat anything related to lemon, orange juice, and stay away from sweet fruity things. Vegetables are ok. If it gets too severe: proteins, NOT too much.
    So gradually up your hydrogen peroxide dose and you WILL destroy herpes. Whether or not you will destroy the dormant herpes in your spine, I don’t know if hydrogen peroxide has that power. It probably has but that is my pro opinion, based on the logic that the body is awesome and everything the body uses is awesome, which includes hydrogen peroxide.

    If you do not want to go that route of hydrogen peroxide, you can google for ‘essential oils herpes’ but read because you do anything as some essential oils are very dangerous if used undiluted. Personally Myrrh would work I think, and you can ingest it (if you buy therapeutic (on the seller is wf-medical, and no thats not me, but I bought from him some frankincense essential oil. I healed scars with it, and a lot of other things which I don’t want to say as it takes me a lot of time typing this and probably no one will check it anyways because I am always unnoticed. basically if you want something healed, go frankincense. If you want something to be expelled from your body Myrrh would be ok. But there are lots of essential oils which are awesome. But not all can heal like frankincense or can expel like Myrrh. And these can be used in diluted and are non toxic, and can be ingested (NOTICE: ESSENTIAL AROMA OIL is NOT an essential oil, its fraud. If they have the word ‘aroma’ listed in the selling of an essential oil, it means they use chemicals which make it smell like an essential oil)

    If you do NOT want to go the essential oil route, I would recommend homeopathy. If you are a naysayer and think you know shit better than me, I don;t give a fuck. Keep in mind I am spending my time, my life and yes my blood (life = time = blood) to help some of you poor scrubs as I too have this problem. I just found it out today and luckily for some of you who actually notice my post, I know quite a lot about health stuff.

    Ow 1 more thing. Lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil causes man-boobs.
    So unless you want to go tranny style, I would avoid this like I avoid my grandmother and horny gorillas.

    If you do not want to go hydrogen peroxide style (which MAYBE is too cool for you, which I can totally understand) and if essential oils are too ‘oily’ for you (may I say that essential oils have the highest concentration of life force as a commercially available substance) than there is always Homeopathy. For the naysayers and little whiners who say ‘according to my teacher, my mom and dad, and friends, homeopathy is a fraud you can read this website:
    I have no idea what it talks about as I haven’t read it, but at least it will keep the naysayers busy for a while. I have an explanation for homeopathy, but I can’t find it on the internet right now. Anyways you can cure it with homeopathy.

    Apart from these 3 things you can go ‘Arnold Ehret’ style. Which is lots of fasting, fruit, sunshine and green vegetables and small amount of nuts. his book ‘Mucusless Diet Healing System’ is just awesome. Some people go a similar route and in their 20′s or so they could pushup 60 times as maximum. And now when they are around 60, they can do 600 pushups. No one you know can do 600 pushups, unless his diet is pure and he fasts regularly. These people can run almost endlessly, without getting tired. Without impurity in the body nothing can affect it anymore. Arnold Ehret slept in the tropical amides malaria musquitos. He got stung so many times it was crazy, and he didn’t get malaria. He did it to test his theory. Anyways I rambled enough

    Here is some nice youtube link to entertain you:

  360. Andrea L Says:

    Israyl burgher had genital herpes and he is aware. He spreads the virus to females and I was one of his victims. He is infected with genital herpes and he knows it. I am so hurt. I use zinc with valtrax to heal.

  361. AKE Says:

    i just diagnosed with GH2,and having lots of burning, pain on tip of my penis. it that very normal. it was dull few days ago and gotten bit worse..i read so much about this GH, very disappointed to find out that there isnt any cure for it. can anybody helps to use correct home remedies to combat against the blisters.

  362. anonymous Says:

    It’s nice to know i’m not the only one suffering from this. My first outbreak happened days ago, it’s been about a week now. I knew exactly what it was when i saw it. My cousin found out she had it 2 years ago. I’m terrified, I don’t wanna go to the doctor but i know thats my only choice. I don’t know if i should tell em , before i have them check me out or just let em gone on and do what they do. I’m nervous on how there going to look at me, despite that its there job to find out whats wrong and try to help it. I can’t take this! Does the bleach Hurt??????? I’m scared to do it.. Idk. I never thought this would happen to me. I need some kind of answer/advice. Please help!

  363. My Own Natural Cure. Says:

    My story,
    I was infected of genital herpes in 2003, so I went to the doctor when I got my first outbreak, in fact he confirmed that I had herpes type 2. From 2003 to 2008; I took Valtrex almost every day. And I got tired of taking the blue pill every day because it was no longer working on me and I was getting outbreaks almost every 15 days, when I was talking it. I felt like a slave of the stupid pill.

    2008 I made a decision to stop taking valtrex. And I began experimenting and studying the STD for myself. The first thing that I did I stopped taking the pill completely.
    Ten days later. I got the first outbreak. When I was talking valtrex the cold sore was gone in 5 days. During the outbreak I did not take any medication anymore and I find out with a healthy diet and exercise helps to cure the blister and were healed in 4 days and 3 more day to heal completely, total: 7 days, (without any medications).
    Twenty days later I got another outbreak and I did almost the same thing. (Reference a-1) I washed my hands and with my fingers I squeezed the liquid from the blisters with finger and I washed with soap and warm water and then I kept everything clean. I ate a healthy diet mostly organic and began running every day during the outbreak. The blister where gone in 3rd day I no longer felt any symptoms, and another 3 days to heal at 100% total 6 days.

    Forty days later I got another outbreak and I did the same thing, I did not take any medication for the outbreaks, the only thing that I did different that I began running two miles per day. (See reference (a1)
    Three months later I got another outbreak. I did the same thing. (See reference (a1)
    Six months later, I got another outbreak. I did the same thing. (See reference (a1)
    One year later (2009) I got my last outbreak. (See reference (a1) the only thing I changed that I began running six miles per day five days per week.
    Until now on December 13, 2011; I have been free of outbreaks for more than two years. I feel great. I ate mostly organic food and I run six miles almost every day because running had help me prevent stress, anxiety, worries, and sadness. And after running I feel very energetic.
    I did my own experiment because I was so tired to pay a lot of money to the pharmaceutical industry and I no longer was able to afford it and I knew that it was another option to prevent outbreaks.
    I know it was to be a natural cure for herpes somewhere. I am going to keep looking.
    I just wanted to share my own story.

  364. sadgirl.... Says:

    I would just like to say this blog has helped me so much. I got sores in my mouth and down there… and went to the doctors and they took a sample the results aren’t in but they said it deff looks like it is herpes…im 18 years old and this is such a shock i dont sleep around at all, i’ve had 2 long term relationships, i felt so gross when they told me there is a good chance i could have it, but reading this blog has truly made me feel like i am not alone in this….and that its not the end of the world….im trying everything to get rid of these sores because i have had them for a week now and am going to mexico on 4 days and am praying for this to go away by then so i can actually enjoy my trip, I just tried the bleach method…and will keep ppl up dated if it works for me.

  365. BIG ANT.... Says:

    Has anyone tried my remedy I posted above..let me know if you do how it works for you..:

  366. april Says:

    I have no remedy but I have an outbreak now and don’t know what I can use to immediately make it go away… I’m in pain and it itch and its tingling bad… Someone please help me

  367. Barbara Says:

    What everyone is not understanding is that this virus sits in your nerve roots in your spine. when you have an outbreak it should break out in the same place you originally got genital herpes. The virus never goes away because medicating the sores is not where the virus is living, it is living in the nerve root up in your spine. so unless you are taking something that can kill the virus in your nerve root then you are NOT killing the virus just its expression and that’s why it occurs over and over again. The suppressive drugs are doing just that they are supressing the pathway. So unless you are being treated by a homeopathic physician that has the “essence” of the genital herpes virus you are only kidding yourselves and poisoning yourselves with these silly remedies.

  368. independentreasearcher Says:

    I’ve noticed that when I get an outbreak I can link it to one of three things: 1.stress 2.too much sugar 3.alcohol I’m working on quitting drinking and greatly decreasing sugar. I notice when I have an outbreak if I have sugar the outbreak gets worse. I find that eating lots of salads with sprouts helps. In general eating a natural diet, avoiding artificial sweeteners and intoxicants, including caffeine helps. I know it is best to not only have a high lysine diet but also a high alkaline diet. You can also get a water alkalizer filter. Most people are not alkaline enough. I am now taking a stress pill called stress and it helps some for stress. I am also making my own tincture (more affordable) out of lemonbalm (melissa) and dandelion root. I am wondering if I should have used dandelion leaf instead though. Ginseng helps to take when I feel extra stress in my life. I take lysine but have recently learned that it is not very effective unless taking at least 1500 mg a day so I’m gonna try taking more (but know not to take more than 3000 mg).

    One thing that I think is important to note that supplements, drugs and herbs can interact. For example lysine is less effective when taken with olive leaf. Zinc and ginseng can interact with other things like calcium (for zinc) and aspirin (for ginseng). Be aware of what you are taking.

    For topical healing for hsv 2, a tea bag, I usually use one that has been used for tea and herbs like lemonbalm or other healing herbs are ideal, is soothing. Ice is too, maybe a cold tea bag would help, haven’t tried that yet. I’d love to hear more on what works for you, particularly what speeds up healing time and prevents outbreaks.
    Lastly I’ve noticed that the type of soap I use makes a difference. I believe I had less outbreaks when I used dr. bronners tea tree and hemp liquid soap. I stopped using it since I moved and couldn’t get it. Now that I’m visiting family in the San Francisco bay area I’m gonna get some more. Also, I’ve read in a few articles that soap helps kill the herpes bacteria. So if you are having sex with an uninfected partner (at a healthy time when you suspect no signs of prodrome or shedding) I would recommend you and your partner wash with soap afterwards. Tea tree soap would be better.

    Everyone remember to post back after you try different natural remedies to say what works or doesn’t.

  369. Bubblez Says:

    im 16 and i just had sex for the first time and i broke out in genital herpes. it hurts very bad. if you can please email me what you think the best remedys are. thank you and god bless us all

  370. reelizabeth Says:

    A the first tingle I sit in the hotest water I can stand and that seems to stop the attach. I also use regular medicated cold sore cream in their he area of the tingle. I have only had two out breaks and none in many years. Thank God

  371. 123@123bri Says:

    Omg i think i have it…so i debt wanna tell my mom…cuss im very yoing…what should i do???does ice really work or…what else??!!i need it gone now!!

  372. 123@123bri Says:

    I tried the ice iv tried humming shiz …nutten is working!iv but lotion on it baking soda….umm Idk what else to use!!

  373. Maggie Says:

    Have very rare outbreaks since I use hsv-zero. It stops the itching for me and speeds up the healing. Recommended!

  374. Flitsle Says:

    Don’t have a remedy but I am experiencing my first outbreak and it hurts beyond imagination. I live in New Zealand and I don’t know if we have half the things you guys appear to have so if you have any cures/hlpful hints to make it stop hurting and go away faster it would be most appreciated :)

  375. genial herpes cure Says:

    The rate at which genital herpes is spreading is alarming. If the method prescribed by the doctor is of any use then why is it spreading so much?

    What I have seen that people with herpes infections stress out a lot and this makes a good reason for a relapse. It is easy to say that people who have herpes should relax, but it is really stressful to handle herpes in personal life.

    When one finds out that somebody whom he/she trusted has not disclosed about his herpes infection before sex, how does one feel?

    People are using EFT to handle stress and it is easy to learn.

  376. Wanna Know Says:

    After using bleach are you contagious?

  377. Lil'Lady Says:

    Well I have been crying for three days. My back side hurts, my heart is broken, and I’m exhausted. I read through most of the comments here and found some good info. I have decided to try my own remedy for my OB… I am currently taking Acyclovir and L-Lysine. I plan on adding garlic and oil of oregan suppliments tomorrow. I have been washing with tea tree soap, followed by hibiclens, then wiping with alcohol prep-pads, THEN leaving alcohol pre-pads over the lesions. I did notice this afternoon that some of the lesions are trying to scab up… (Not quick enough for me, we should be able to dry these things up in 24 hours or less right?!)

    I’m fed up with it all. No more tears it’s time to “man up!” I went for a run at 430 this morning and slept like a baby for three hours. I haven’t run in over a year so maybe it was more a run/walk, haha. I can’t tell you how much better I felt emotionally. Now for the OB it self… This evening I washed as usual with tea tree soap, followed by hibiclens, followed by alcohol prep-pads… Instead of leaving alcohol prep-pads on them this time I mixed up a nickle size amount of water base personal lubricant and poked a hole in one of my oil of oregano caps and squeezed the entire contents into the lubricant. Two things I know from using oil of oregano 1.) It stinks 2.) It burns like a MF So the lubricant slowed down the burn so I could get it rubbed all over my underside and it seemed to cut back on the smell… IT BURNED LIKE A MF for about five mins! After another 5 I could move, but it still burned. Another five and it was tollerable and I could go about business as usual. If this doesn’t dry things up quickly so I can get back to living my life; I’m thinking Lysol spray is next on the lesions and after that bleach. I sure hope the oil of oregano works though… I am much more comfortable with putting a natural essential oil on my hoo-hoo than I am a “chemical”, but hey I’m desperate I’ll try anything that might work.


  378. anna Says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 months. We got together again after a brief relationship 11yrs ago. I’ve just found out I have herpes type 2. I told him to get tested too. He told me he went, but they wouldn’t test him for it if he wasn’t showing signs of it. Anybody know if this is true?

  379. Wednesday82 Says:

    I’ve had herpes for 6 years and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never told anyone I’ve slept with that I had it. However, I’ve had several year or 2 long relationships and had unprotected sex and no one has ever confronted me or accused me of giving it to them so I’m wondering if it isn’t possible to contract it w/o sores present. I’m wondering if that is because women are having unprotected sex when their on their periods and you can contract ANYTHING from blood! Just a thought. For those of you who have it I want some advice on how to tell people that you have it. I’m worried that no one would want to be with me if I tell them I have it so I never have.

  380. Wednesday82 Says:

    @ anna: It COULD be true. I don’t know where you live or the rules there but all you have to do is tell the Dr that you think you’ve been exposed to the herpes virus and lie and say you have some itching down there and they’ll do it. However, the Dr could be correct in that if he isn’t showing symptoms he might not test positive for it. Maybe it takes a while in your system to appear on an STD test.

  381. Lil'Lady Says:


    The clinic here pretty much told my bf the same thing… I think it is because this particular clinic doesn’t have the ability to do the blood test. He needs to find some place to test for Type 1 and Type 2 via a blood test. I found a clinic out of town that will do the blood test, $150.00 for both.

    BTW if you call the clinic they will tell you what types of tests they offer…

  382. Jasmine Says:

    I was able to kill the hsv1 virus. Natural remedies work better than prescriptions.


    The herbs that work are: Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Colloidal Silver, Ionic Zinc, Golden Seal and Echinacea.

    You have to use them as soon as you have an outbreak (while the virus is active) and in sequence (certain herbs together and in a certain order) to trick the virus, so that it doesn’t know what’s coming next. This seriously weakens the virus and with the help of your immune system – kills the virus. While doing so, you will need to be constantly building your immune system the whole time. This will allow your immune system to work with the other remedies to KILL the virus. Please know that while this is happening, the virus will fight back FIERCELY. Just keep taking the remedies, antioxidants and supporting your immune system. You will feel some pain and unusual sensations while the virus is being attacked, and is fighting back, but it will stop.

    What’s important is that after the virus and been identified and killed, it takes on a visible form and if it’s not eliminated through normal processes, it will need to be removed from your body.


  383. Lil'Lady Says:

    Well here I am again after my little experiment, just wanted to update you all, seems like people don’t update much. Anyway, I truly believe the oil of oregano worked, but it burned like crazy. In one day I applied it three times, they were drying up the next day, scabs the next, and peeling the following day.

    I don’t know whats going to happen between me and my boyfriend at this point. I’m positive, he says he is not, we always used condoms, and he has never been tested. It concerns me that he refuses to get tested. It just seems wrong and completely irresponsible. Seems to me that it is just this type of thinking that perpetuates this problem. If the jack@** that gave it to me had been tested and upfront about it we could have taken meassures to prevent spreading it. It’s a vicious cycle perpetuated by ignorant and irresponsible people. Ironic that I am the one with herpes yet I am starting to feel as if he is the one with the problem.

    Wish me luck, I am going to have to have the “it’s not you, it’s me” break up talk with him because he is too irresponsible. Ironic.

  384. BIG ANT.... Says:

    I use tee tree oil and that seems to work good on the sores,it help them dry out and heal faster,im healed in about 10 days.using the tee tree oil.

  385. some guy Says:

    wierd case here

    I broke out once like 18 years ago, and it was at a time when I wasnt having sex for like 3 months or better. looked just like herpes but 3 of 4 docs said no while one said probably. I dont get outbreaks at least not normal ones mine look like infected hair follicles.

    I have used ionic silver for 3 years with great success. I make it myself in ultra purified water and take it when it seems i am wierding out. i tell you my case is fucking odd. anyway silver works for me. so did L lysene.

    Had it not been for the 3 stupid clinicians I may not have passed it on twice or so i think. they said no issue but I say they lied for malicious reasons. Paranoia? been single and unlaid for 10 years.

    self diagnosed and safer alone.

  386. Magicsincere Says:

    Hey I was interested in taking these herbs can you tell me order and doses please. I would really appreciate it!!!

  387. Miranda Says:

    How long have u taken these herbs and how much?

  388. Jasmine Says:

    I used these herbs against hsv1 oral very soon after contracting the virus. While the virus was active (during outbreak), I used Colloidal Silver (2 to 3 sprays) on the outbreak, Echinacea and Golden Seal in small amount of juice (3 times a day), to build my immune system. I also used other liquid antioxidants. Ionic Zinc (per instructions on bottle). The Ionic Zinc has a very strong and bitter taste, but works to kills the virus. It’s best if used as is, but you can add a little water to take the edge off. Olive Leaf and Astragalus (1 -2 a day) was effective against the virus almost immediately and killed the virus.

    *Before the virus is killed by the Olive Leaf, Astragalus, you are using the other herbs to weaken, expose the virus and build your immune system. This helps strengthen the attack against the virus so that the virus can be killed.

    The problem that scientists have run into is that the virus can lie
    dormant and hide – becoming basically invisible to the immune system.
    That’s why the virus has to be active in order to be killed. The herbs I mentioned makes the virus vulnerable and visible to the immune system.

    The virus is exposed to the immune system after the herbs have affected the virus. hsv can then be destroy with the help of a
    healthy, strong immune system.

    I was able to use these remedies and kill the virus within a week. *The virus fights back, can be felt and effects can be seen. This is how you know that what you’re doing is working.

    I have learned a lot about hsv1 after this experience. I have not had anymore hsv1 oral symptoms/sores since the virus was killed (almost 2 years ago).

  389. nikki Says:

    it true.. if you dont have symptoms they cant test for it….you have to have a sore thta they can swab to get positive results.. they said blood tests are not that accurate with out an initial breakout.

  390. Gen Says:

    I’m 25 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I was terrified after I was diagnosed that no one would want me. My bf at the time (whom I’m pretty sure I got it from) wouldn’t even touch me for a month… after we broke up and I started dating, I found guys were really understanding. I usually waited until after a few dates, when things seemed like they might get a little more intimate soon and the guy was displaying a definite interest in me. I think people are perhaps a little more understanding nowadays because it’s so common. Some of them didn’t know what it was (I used the term “HSV” instead of Herpes because it sounded more medical and easier for me to mentally handle) and I explained it. Some of them did know what it was and were still okay with having sex as long as I told them if I “felt anything” so we could abstain for a time. I’m still in contact with my past few bfs and no one has told me they have contracted it. I think the medical community tells you it’s still contagious even when you don’t have outbreaks, so you er on the side of caution and because the virus is still “present” even though it’s not “active”. Blood transfer is also a good possibility.

    I am now married to a wonderful man. He was a virgin when we got married and he is still okay with my past and my disease. I’m actually dealing with an outbreak now and he is still as affectionate as ever and hopes I feel better soon so we can resume sex! Don’t worry, you’ll find the right one. :)

  391. Gen Says:

    I’m 25 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I was terrified after I was
    diagnosed that no one would want me. My bf at the time (whom I’m pretty
    sure I got it from) wouldn’t even touch me for a month… after we broke
    up and I started dating, I found guys were really understanding. I
    usually waited until after a few dates, when things seemed like they
    might get a little more intimate soon and the guy was displaying a
    definite interest in me. I think people are perhaps a little more
    understanding nowadays because it’s so common. Some of them didn’t know
    what it was (I used the term “HSV” instead of Herpes because it sounded
    more medical and easier for me to mentally handle) and I explained it.
    Some of them did know what it was and were still okay with having sex as
    long as I told them if I “felt anything” so we could abstain for a
    time. I’m still in contact with my past few bfs and no one has told me
    they have contracted it. I think the medical community tells you it’s
    still contagious even when you don’t have outbreaks, so you er on the
    side of caution and because the virus is still “present” even though
    it’s not “active”. Blood transfer is also a good possibility.

    I am now married to a wonderful man. He was a virgin when we got married
    and he is still okay with my past and my disease. I’m actually dealing
    with an outbreak now and he is still as affectionate as ever and hopes I
    feel better soon so we can resume sex! Don’t worry, you’ll find the
    right one. :)

  392. MIA Says:


  393. MIA Says:


  394. STOP Says:


  395. STOP Says:


  396. DOCTOR Says:


  397. DOCTOR Says:


  398. ASAP Says:


  399. LADY Says:


  400. CON Says:


  401. CDA Says:


  402. IKnowHowItIs Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. Same thing happened to me. In June of 2009 I found out i was positive. The guy lied to me, even after i asked him if he was positive for anything. Why lie about something like that!?!! Jerk. So, here I am, 22 years old, my life has changed forever due to some ignorant a-hole. Dating has proved to be a challenge, due to the fact that I refuse to lie about something as important and life-changing as this. Again, I am sorry that it happened to you too, seems unfair that good people seem to get the short end of the stick. Hope your talk went well with your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. Good luck to you on finding something that works for you, I have yet to find something that works well. But I hear taking a vitamin called Lysine everyday helps.

  403. IKnowHowItIs Says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was browsing through and found your post, thought it was really inspiring. I’m 22, diagnosed in June 2009, got it from a guy who lied to me about having it. He tried to make me feel like I was that one who got it but how is that possible if he was the only person I’ve ever slept with right?! Anyways, found out from one of his family members he confided in before that he had actually been  diagnosed years ago. I’ve been down lately, like I have no hope that I will never find anyone. Maybe it’s not a hopeless case after all. I was thinking I will always be alone. Thank you for your post, gives me hope that I’m not a freak of nature nobody will want. Thanks :)

  404. Vincetna Says:

    one word for herpes it sucks. i currently have an outbreak on my butt cheek the size of a nickel it burns it itches it gave me a yeast infection. i had my first initial outbreak four years ago and then nothing till about august last year now i seem to get them every four months. that’s when i absolutely realized that this was not just a freak rash but herpes. even though i am a health care professional and understand that this is a common virus that many people have knowingly and unknowingly it still doesn’t lighten the fact that i have contracted it. it is almost as bad psychologically than it is physically. so far ive just been putting camphor on it, it tends to ease the discomfort. i cant wait for the blisters to form im not messing with it cause last time it left some scarring so im going to let the virus run its course. Ive started changing my diet and exercising as much as possible.  life is what you make it. herpes doesn’t have to define you. you are still the great ambitious outgoing person you were before u were aware of this virus.  we are strong and together we can over come everything. while i was at the gym there was a young lady there who had an amputated arm.  and i thought about it if i had to chose between herpes and an amputated arm i will settle for the herpes. there are far worse things that can happen to you in this lifetime. we are to caught up on social stigmas. i myself am a victim and am trying to cope just like i know many of you are.  i cursed out my ex boyfriend cried and cried some more. then i decided i have dreams i have goals i have ambition. herpes is no handicap to those goals. and i will achieve them with or without the herpes.  God is good and the devil is a liar.  i pray for us all that we have the strength to over come this together.  i was once that same ignorant person like eww herpes. not really knowing what it was just that its disgusting.  while doing research i found that there is no distinction from simplex one to simplex two.  they both can occur on the mouth and the genital. one is supposedly more severe than the other. but both are nasty and unsightly. but its amazing how people are more excepting of the oral herpes cause its something you cant hide.

  405. Sam Says:

    Bought the items you wrote Jasmine, will try it out. Infected with HSV (not sure of #, know I have it) last Monday and since past Monday been taking Acyclovir 800 mg 3 times a day and Cephalexin 500 mg 3 times a day and Vitamin D 2000 mg + Multivitamins. Will try out what you wrote and some others.

  406. Sam Says:

    Well I got it from a gal who didn’t bother to let me know. Stupid of me not to ask.

  407. Sam Says:

    Also, have you had another blood test to test you are negative for the virus? Even though no symptoms, you can still be shedding the virus. Please let me know. Thanks

  408. unknown Says:

    did you have herpes.. take these expensive pills and get retested and u were cured? 

  409. Rockxstarxfuneralxdirector Says:

    u can absolutely stil hand it out sores or not. im the same ive had it for 5 years and had lots of partners and given it to no one.. my theory is that im not that contageous i dont really know but i know whether u see it or not or on ur period or not u can still contract it. telling ppl is hard i just like to think if someone likes you enough they wont care. the way i used to go about it was far from the right thing to do… i used to not tell them and stay with them long enough till they really liked me and said i went for my physical and tested positive and it must have been from a previous relationship. not a good thing to do but no one has ever left me over it yet. :/ its really a hard thing to do. but think of how u got it some asshole lied to u and it changed your life forever… do you want to be that guy and do it to someone else? think of how mad u were when u found out. its the hardest thing but in the end you have to be honest.. “people who matter dont care and people who care dont matter” Good luck to you in these hard times.

  410. Nan Says:

    Do Not puncture the sores…the serum inside of them spreads the outbreak!

  411. nan Says:

    Keep area dry…

  412. dont matter Says:

    hi guys just letting you know i have frequent breakouts due to  stress and taking arginine supplements, i use salt water and apple cider vinegar on my soars when i get them…. works well to kill virus and heal quicker also just tryed using starting fluid(ether) its a spray for vehicles and it is an alcohol i usually spray the affected area and kills virus immediatly and heals like theres no tomorrow. hope works well for you. carefull its harmful

  413. C. Says:

    I am recently diagnosed with herpes like a lot of you. I
    don’t know which type, but I do plan on getting blood tests next week to find
    out. I’m not really sure why it’s important to know the type, but it seems to
    be the general consensus that it is. My first OB
    I don’t think was as bad as many of you have described. I had a few of sores
    for about five days. I treated them with an oil of oregano paste and like
    someone else mentioned, it was very painful, but they cleared up quickly.

    I don’t know what’s hardest about having this virus… 1.)
    Accepting that I have it. 2.) The OB and the
    potential for more. 3.) Going from happy to depressed in a matter of seconds.
    4.) Losing my best friend, confidant, and lover in a 24 hour period. Probably
    number 4… It seems to be the hardest to accept and makes everything else so
    hard. I knew in my heart that I knew I would lose him as my lover. Although, I
    hoped… What I’m struggling with the most is losing my best friend and
    confidant. I really didn’t think I’d lose my best friend. I have all these
    thoughts, feelings, and questions and I feel as if I can no longer come to him
    with them. I feel shut out and alone. Alone… Maybe that’s it, the loneliness.
    I read somewhere about people with cancer and what they need the most and get
    the least is simple human contact. I miss the great big bear hugs that used be
    so comforting and reassuring. Now I get patted on that back and am left feeling
    like a leper. I think nights are the worst I lay there and listen to him
    breathe and just want to snuggle into his side and feel safe and warm. I miss
    the way he always used to tell my how beautiful I was, I almost started to
    believe him, now… Now, I just miss my best friend.

    They say in some cultures that this is the year of the
    dragon… Well for me it’s the year of the herpes and I’m ready for it to be
    over. Eleven more months right. My birthday is next month and I turn
    thirty-nine. I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait to turn forty, because I will
    have a year under my belt with this thing. I have always been a believer that
    with time we can over come all things (I also believe in God, but I’m mad at
    him right now. Anyway, that’s between me and my God). A year from now I will
    hopefully have accepted the diagnosis, gotten over the loss of my best friend,
    and be done with my certification. December 2012 will be the end of a very dark
    and depressing chapter and January 2013 will hopefully be the beginning of
    something brighter…

    I have a very heavy heart today, I’m lonely, and my mind is
    spinning. Thank you for “listening”.



  414. C. Says:

    Yes, thank you for posting this…

  415. Flirt Says:

    Herpes has been easy on me. I have one bad flare a year but generally im good. When I have a bad flare I use aclovyr cream, but what really helps is ice and garlic.I ice the area and eat the garlic….i told my gf about it. SHe tested positive but has never had an outbreak. We never use condoms…

  416. R Morgandixon Says:

    I’m still waiting on my results but I’m pretty sure I have herpes. Once I finish bathing I reopen the small lesions. By reading I found some remedies that I will be trying ASAP. My boyfriend is being very supportive, but now I have to be careful when I’m interacting with my children whom love to drink after me. We are not alone, just aware. God bless.

  417. cola Says:

    Ok so I read all the comments on here and thought I’d say my piece. Firstly don’t use bleach or car chemicals on your poor vag! I’m 21 and i’ve had HSV for 3 years and its livable if you just handle it right. 
    So when you first get it ever, its horrible, but just go to the doctor they give you hardcore antivirals, you take it for like 4 days and its gone. You can go and get these antivirals each breakout but for me its too much hassle. Instead I got a years prescription to suppressor meds, they’re not amazing but its nice to have something on hand. I dont take these everyday, firstly cause its bad for your liver and secondly because your body doesn’t need to be reminded of the virus while you’re having a nice long break from it. So this also means you can take extra a day when you feel a tickle. Just take it when you feel a tickle and when you have an outbreak about 2 3xday. 
    Some other tips:
    have l lysinc on hand, its really helps (also bad for liver, so be sparing)
    if you’re out and feel a tickle buy some coldsore cream.
    have some ointments at home: i bought a gel online, its definitely soothing and i noticed a lot longer between OB. I also bought this homeopathic oil stuff (smelt like lemongrass) from (they dont sell it anymore but i’m going to ask a naturpath to make it for me) it was really good- felt amazing, just killed all the itch and smelt really nice.
    It sucks that theres not a cure, but seriously, its just irritation every once in a while once you get a system happening. And remember that it gets better the longer you have it, for some people it even just never outbreaks. For me its definitely slowed down- i used to break out once every few months when i was first diagnosed, now its i every 6 months. Just try to stay healthy and stress free. Also, if it actually needs to be said, go swimming in a pool or beach- fixes, postpones etc all the good thing. 
    Also when you do outbreak, its soothing to keep it cool, point a fan on your vag while you sleep, and dont wear underwear.

  418. Nonnie Says:

    I have
    tried several of herpes and not have good result.I found the medicine called
    HSV Zero can speed up healing and can lessen the pain of herpes. It is
    decrease pain and itching and promotes healing and can shorten outbreaks and
    make them less severe or stop them from happening. Its a treatment to put on
    your skin. They have lemon balm as their main ingredient on the product.

  419. sandra Says:

    I did found hsv-zero too , and it speed up the healing and relief the pain fast.

  420. Abeatproductions Says:

    I work as an fitness model and got this devilish infection from my girlfriend ;( Im very lucky i dont have any huge infections and not on my actual penis so thank god for that. Anyways my research have come to an awesome way to be outbreak free and this have worked for me now for about 5 months.

    Ok so people what you need is Zinc zinc zinc  

    Take 30-50 mg of zinc Gluconate with Magnesium (250-300mg) Everyday
    preferably on an empty stomach.

    If you want combine this with L-lysine No high doses are needed maybe 1000mg max a day even better.

    I stress my body to the max every single day and i have no outbreaks since i started this routine.

    And please dont take Valtrex and other shit unless you have a very severe outbreak. 

    Your kidney will thank you and dont give these bastards (the pharmaceutical industry) that problably made the virus in the first place more money…..

  421. Micks Says:

    try the new HapaVir tablets. They stop a virus’s ability to connect to the host cells that they need to reproduce. This helps to stop a viral overload on your system and that can stop an outbreak, or dramatically reduce the severity and duration.

  422. anonymous Says:

    Well im 16 years old and ive had herpes since probably april of last year, i got it with the first guy ive ever been with, i got it from oral, and i didnt even want to let him do it on me in the first place. i regret it soooo much, and i cant stop thinking about all this, im not on any medications atm but i tried applying the tee tree oil, hopefully itll help. :/

  423. Loah Says:

    Well I had gential herpes for 3-4 yrs with no outbreak and all of a sudden as soon as I qo on vacation i get a blister. I thought hmmm this cant be right i dont even have sex anymore. Come to find out i had it for years just never had an outbreak till now. I cried for days scared to talk about it, after all i been through this is just what i needed…for the gyn to tell me i have herpes sinplex 2. But reading these comments make me happy to know that I am not alone and  I can live with this and still lead a normal life. Smh the only thing that has changed now is the relationship between me and my boyfriend we use laytex yes and when i told him it seems everything changed he completely ignores me half the time and I just feel so bad cause I never knew but I couldnt be the ass to get in a relationship and lie about something like that. I realized what works for me is exercising, cerassie(ithink thats how u spell it) tea, and relaxing; finding inner peace. With the cerassie tea my outbreak was gone quick now i just have to hope for the best and see what happens between me and my boyfriend. Good luck to all and your not alone(:

  424. Dabarber182 Says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is good to use on the sores as well as to take orally to flush the body with oxygen ..also red marine algea …..a good diet ,low stress. & just knowledge … ex gave it to me not knowing because before me she was raped & the bastard gave it to her we have been looking for cures & remedies since then

  425. Trying to help Says:

    Google don crofts Terminator Zappers , he also has a website called LOTS of info about parasites/viruses/infections ect.. hope this helps

  426. Sweetiepie Says:

    hey jasmine so are you saying the the virus can be killed and that you can no longer have it and if so what did you  mean by its takes a visible form will people see the signs of it on you

  427. john Says:

    I’ve had cold sores since I was 13 (probably from a relatives kiss), and it has been a major problem, until a naturalpathic MD in Sedona, AZ. told me to use a piece of blue glass to control the outbreaks.  I found a piece of blue glass in the ocean, and milk of magnesia used to come in a blue glass—Walmart sells blue glass plates which seem to work as well as my little piece of “ocean glass”.  As soon as I feel the burning sensation on my lips, I get the blue glass and I let the sunlight filter thru it onto the place where I feel the burning sensation.  I do this for at least 3 minutes or until the burning sensation stops and I continue to do this throughout the day as many times as possible and whenever the burning senastion returns.  I continue to do this until I feel no more burning sensation–usually 2 or 3 days.  I have found that in almost 100 % of the times that I catch it before a blister starts to form, I will not get the blister and have no outbreak.  If I miss catching it early and a blister has already formed, using the blue glass prevents the blister from growing and then breaking open–instead, the blister just shrinks and goes away.  It’s free and it works (for me), so give it a try.  When I have no sun, I have used organic eucalyptus oil with pretty good results also.  ALOHA–  John on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

  428. sad Says:

    That’s not true if you suspect that you have been in contact with someone that has herpes that is a reason for you to be tested. Maybe he just doesn’t want to confirm what he already knows. Doctors may refuse to give you medication is you don’t have an outbreak but they can’t refuse to test anyone.

  429. 1wadd Says:

    I have lived with it on the mouth and down low for 25 years.  High school girl who wasn’t so honest.  I never take pharma products, just natural stuff.
    I have never used anything that burns like a MF.  Gosh, don’t do that.  I have tried everything and read til blue in the face.
    I can say for sure.  Coffee triggers an outbreak.  Peanuts and chocolate are pretty suspect.  So just avoid caffeine, peanuts and chocolate, or small amounts.
    I bought a juicer and juice daily.  one clove garlic, two tomatoes, 2 carrots, 2 celary at night.  In the morning.  1″ ginger, 2 apples. 2 carrots, 1 cup of red grapes.  Amazing how much better I feel.
    I take Lysine everyday and an herbal oil I found on the net I rub under my feet everyday.
    I can go 3 months without a problem.  Then I am stupid and consume too much coffee or peanut M n M’s, bingo. 
    Also, stress due to work or whatever.  Bingo, breakout.
    I have gone a year without an occurance.  WHat a blessing.
    I used to have breakouts once a month without taking anything.
    So several months between seems awesome to me.  The breakouts are much more mild than without taking something herbal.  So thats cool too.
    You can live with it.  I am lucky to be a man.  the beard hides the breakouts on the lips pretty good.
    Stay healthy.  Run,  jog or speed walk.  Juice veggies.  Take Lysine and maybe zinc and find a good herbal oil you rub under your feet.  Buy PH strips and check your urine for PH levels.  YOU MUST KEEP YOUR PH BALANCED TO AVOID BREAKOUTS.
    Good luck, KJ

  430. 1wadd Says:

    Wow, I’m sorry this happened to you.  I got it at 17 and now 45.  Eat healthy, excersize, no stress, Lysine and avoid caffeine and chocolate.

  431. 13years Experience Says:

    I apply pure aloe vera to my outbreaks. It is very soothing, it heals me, and the sores don’t come back in the same place. I have recently started taking L-lysine again and will try the Zinc also! 
    Thanks for the post

  432. KC Says:

    I had a biopsy of a legion a couple years a ago and was told that results were negative. All my symptoms are as if I have hep2. Is there some other disease that can cause this or were the doctors wrong. i found that baking soda helps dry it out and shortens the outbreak by a few days. My outbreaks are about 8 months apart(maybe longer),in the same area,lower part of penis next to scrotum.Has anyone ever heard of a biopsy and blood test saying you dont have h2 and being wrong,or what else could this be?

  433. KC Says:

    (see above)By the way,a week before my breakout I ran out of sugar and was using equal and other diet sugar supplements.

  434. sad gal Says:

    I don’t even kno where to start…. I feel soooo horrible and nasty. I had been dealing with a guy that had genital herpes and didn’t tell me when we first had sex… Now 3yrs later I have been diagnosed with it. Currently I am seeing someone and I really really like him… But now I have this issue. I have so many emotions going on right now so many thoughts that I can’t keep them in order. I feel so scared and alone. I can’t tell my mother nor any of my friends… I feel so helpless and depressed… I suffer from anxiety and depression anyway so this situation isn’t making it any better. I have read almost all of your post and I have seen some very helpful things to use and I’m going to try them… Honestly I really need someone to talk to… Idk what to do my whole life has turned upside down… I wanna cry I wanna kill myself I wanna run under a rock and hide. I wanna run away to a place no one knows me at… I wish this wouldn’t have ever happened to me… I can probably never had children now and that hurts. I’m 27 and don’t have any kids and I never will now… Smh I’m so hurt… If someone or anyone could please email me that would be great… I am extremely scared… I need some support… My email addy is

    God bless us all… I hope and pray for a cure… How do I live??

  435. sad gal Says:

    Also with using the bleach I hear it helps and almost kills them…. But what about the constant wett feeling I’m having? The discharge….. It’s not helping them at at… I don’t have many (thank god) but I wanna get rid of them fast…

  436. Eric Says:

    I have been diagnosed for almost 6 months, been taking Valtrex the whole time, and never had a breakout. Is this normal?

  437. C. Says:

    January 22nd, 2012 was the first time I posted. You have all been on my mind and in my prayers. I have been meaning to get back here for an update…

    I believe I mentioned in one of my posts that I used oil of oregano on my lesions. OO cleared my ob fast, but like I said it BURNED bad. I also took oo supplements for a short period of time, then took garlic supplements for a short period of time. I have not had an ob since Feb, I have been under a lot of stress, and I have not been eating right. Yet, I’m still ob free!!!

    A couple of weeks I had quite a bit of dental work done and my mouth was traumatized to say the least. My dental work would not quit hurting and the trauma caused by the dental dam would not heal. I suffered with this for a few days before finally heading for the medicine cabinet. Me being who I am and not into the whole FDA / pharma crap… I grabbed my bottle of chaparral extract and took a dropper straight into my mouth, it was spicy, tasted nasty, and made my teeth a funky shade of green, it was great! I swished and swallowed. My mouth burned for a few seconds then the pain went away. My teeth haven’t hurt since and my mouth was 90% healed the next morning. Oh and the green brushed away. So now I’m thinking… Chaparral extract for herpes lesions?! I’ve been doing some reading up on it and I’m thinking, YES!

    On a side note my lover / best friend and I are the same happy mushy, head over heals in love couple we were before this diagnosis. It took time, patience, love, understanding, trust, and education. My thoughts on this… I’ve heard it said over and over again that God (Good thing he loves me enough to forgive me, again and again…)creates blessings from tragedy. So if my partner leaves me because of this virus well thank God for the blessing of removing shallow and judgmental people from my life. Something else I know, for every tragedy there is an equal or greater blessing… At this point I had better pull myself together and get my best foot forward because there is a greater relationship on its way! Even if you don’t believe the way I believe friends; BELIEVE in yourself; trust in your self. You ARE the same beautiful person you have always been… My blessing in all of this? Being loved totally and unconditionally by an amazing man.

    I don’t know if my “chatter” is helpful to anyone, but I sure hope so. It wasn’t that long ago I had my first ob and positive diagnosis, so much has happened since then that it seems a distant memory. What remains fresh in my mind though is the physical and emotional pain… I pray that my words might bring someone comfort.


    P.S. I’ll be back…

  438. C. Says:

    * Woops, Jan. 22nd 2012 was the first time I posted…

  439. helpmeeeee Says:

    Im 22 years old and here is my story thus far.
    I began showing symptoms of herpes about a week ago at which point i confronted my boyfriend about it. He admitted he had it and told me he was sorry he didnt think I would catch it. Since then he broke up with me and told me that he was falling in love with me but this is too much drama for him now, as i have been extremely upset. Im taking Valacyclovir but it doesnt seem to be helping at all. It hurts to do anything im in so much pain I hate to be around anyone. The pain of peeing has made me faint twice now. I havent told anyone about this because I dont feel there is anyone I could trust to tell. The only thing worse than dealing with this would be everyone knowing I have it. If anyone feels as alone as I do right now please e-mail me I would love someone to talk to :
    good luck people

  440. jaya Says:

    I use calmoseptine cream and I bathe with baby bath soap. It worked for awhile but now I have this rash and the soap or the cream is not working. Which should I change or what should I do.

  441. Cindy Says:

    People please try http://WWW.QUICKHEALINGHERB.COM you will not be disappointed. All natural.

  442. Deborah Evans Says:

    Nothing works for me. I get shingles and genital herpes at least every other month. I am glad I found this website. I think my problem may be aspartame. Thanks for posting.

  443. deb Says:

    I tried Lysol recommendation by applying it with a Q-tip. It does say right on the bottle that it kills herpes I and II. I applied it to my blisters several times throughout the day since every time I urinate it washes it off. I’m unsure how much it is really helping. I can say that it’s not getting worse though. Anybody out there that has used Lysol, please tell me how often I should apply it. I’m so sick of herpes and shingles. Outbreak every other month!!!

  444. Ritu Says:

    Hypericum Mysorense is believed to show anti-viral properties and help to prevent recurrent outbreaks by boosting immunity.

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