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Bloody Noses

Nervous energy, countless playground rumbles, high altitudes, and “walking into the wall” excuses are all guilty of bringing on a rather common occurrence of the nose. No one is save from a nosebleed – the oozing or gushing response that comes when the low price viagra nasal region has been disrupted. Typically caused by non-medical issues, thank goodness for the gentle treatments of natural cures associated with bloody noses.

What is a Bloody Nose?

A nosebleed (also known as epistaxis) is a hemorrhage of the nose. Usually, it takes blood draining out of the nostrils for an individual to notice the problem if no injuries have taken place.

Nosebleeds that generally begin from the septum (the part of the body that separates the nasal chambers and levitra 20 mg online located just inside the nose) often affect children and younger adults the most. While less common, middle-aged adults and the canadian pharmacy cheap generic cialis elderly may experience nosebleeds that originate deep within the interior of the nose, in addition to the septum.

Out of the two types of bloody noses one can get, the most common is an anterior nosebleed, where a posterior nosebleed (occurring further back) is less common, but will most likely require medical assistance. In some of the most severe instances, blood can travel up the nasolacrimal duct and emerge out of the eye [1].

What Causes Bloody Noses?

When a blood vessel in the nasal region becomes ruptured, a nosebleed is sure to follow. Ruptures can spontaneously appear or may have resulted from some sort of trauma. While most nosebleeds have a root problem that has caused the occurrence in the first place, there are instances where there is simply no explanation for a bloody nose. Common causes include:

a) Injury [2]:

Hitting or bumping the nose can cause blood to emerge. Children also have a knack for putting foreign objects into their noses that causes injury. Victims of car accidents additionally suffer a bloody nose when they have been jerked forward upon impact or suffered a piece of glass entering the nose. The participation in certain sports and recreational activities, such as boxing, karate, surfing, and auto racing increases the chances of suffering bloody noses through injury.

b) Seasonal Factors:

An overheated home, school, or office during the wintertime can cause an environment that lacks moisture – to the point that nasal passages dry out, causing tissues to crack and bleed. In the spring and summer season, high pollen counts can cause nosebleeds linked to allergies. During flu season, blowing the nose too hard can cause a nosebleed.

c) Medical Issues:

An assortment of medical problems can lead to a nosebleed, including high blood pressure, kidney disease, and liver disease. After a cold or sinus infection, the changes of blood flow to the nasal region can also cause a spontaneous nosebleed.

d) Structural Abnormalities:

The structure of the nose’s interior can play a role in nosebleeds, including nasal polyps or a deviated nasal septum, which have led some patients to seek surgery for relief.

e) Blood Clotting Disorders:

Leukemia, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, and von Willebrand’s disease are just some of the disorders that affect the body’s blood-clotting abilities.

f) Medication:

Patients taking a medicine that affect blood clotting may experience a bloody nose. This includes heparin, Plavix, warfarin, oxygen treatments, nasal inhalers, steroid nasal sprays, and even aspirin.

g) Earrings:

Piercing the nose to insert an earring can cause a bloody effect and buy levitra in great britain when not properly looked after – can cause an infection.

h) Drug Abuse:

‘Snorting’ illegal drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines, can rupture the inside of the nose. Alcohol abuse also increases one’s susceptibility to nosebleeds [3].

Natural Cures for Bloody Noses

Before exploring natural cures for bloody noses, it is important to know when it’s better to rely on a doctor’s touch. It is suggested to call a physician if blood is flowing out of both nostrils; when bleeding hasn’t stopped after 30 minutes; blood has run down the back of your throat; you are encountering a reoccurrence of nosebleeds throughout the day or for several days in a row; or when it is clear that injury has caused a deformity to your nose. Other than that, the following natural cures have worked wonders for individuals located all over the world:

a) Cayenne Pepper:

Place 1/8 to one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm (or preferably hot) water and drink. As the cayenne pepper enters your circulatory system, pressure is taken off of your hemorrhaging nose for to allow easier coagulation of the blood. It is known that cayenne pepper possesses the ability to end both internal and external bleeding. Some people have even endured the stinging sensation that comes with placing a bit of cayenne inside the nose in order to stop bleeding.

b) Natural Nose Drops:

Placing a couple of drops of castor oil, vitamin E or zinc oxide can help prevent recurring nosebleeds.

c) Wild Alum Root Powder:

Some herbalists suggest using wild alum root – a powerful astringent that can put an end to bleeding of the nose.

d) Reishi Mushroom:

With the power to normalize body function, Japanese studies have shown that reishi mushroom is safe to take and has demonstrated cardiovascular system benefits that seem to regulate cerebral blood flow.

e) Apple Cider Vinegar:

To combat the loss of blood that comes with a nosebleed, consider apple cider vinegar as a natural cure. Soak a small cotton ball with vinegar and gently pack into your nostril. The vinegar helps the blood to congeal (solidify).

f) Goldenseal:

Add one teaspoon of goldenseal to a pint of boiling water to create an herbal tea. Allow the herb to steep for a couple of minutes, settle, and then when cooled off – sniff some into the nostrils. If you complete this several times throughout the day, you can prevent a recurrence.

g) Astringent Herbs:

To decrease or stop a bloody nose, consider astringent herbs, such as witch hazel, yarrow, and agrimony.

h) Bilberry:

Bilberry is known to decrease the vulnerability of small blood vessels.

i) Saline Solution:

Spraying a cold saline solution into the nostril may ease a nosebleed.

j) Vitamin Intake [4]:

Sometimes, it is a deficiency in vitamin C that causes a nose to bleed. Consider bulking up on vitamin K (aids the blood clotting process), vitamin E (lubricates dry airways), and zinc, which naturally heal wounds.



12 remedies have been posted.

  1. nicole Says:

    a cold butter knife on the back of the neck helps or a icepack.

  2. ray Says:

    CARD BOARD under your top lip will stop a noise bleed in minutes.

  3. joe Says:

    nose bleeds

  4. Kelly Says:

    Umm im 11 years old n i have been getting nose bleeds for 2 days in a row at night so if u can help that would be nice!If it happens again to night then my parents will take me to the doctors!! <3

  5. Shelley Says:

    Kelly, my 5yr old son has the same problem we had 7 nose bleeds in 3 days, your better off going to the doctor to make sure there’s nothign seriously wrong.
    My boy got his nose cauterised which stopped them for a week but they’ve started up again less severe then before but they’re back

  6. Alex Says:

    Ingest Apple Cider Vinegar. I started to get daily nosebleeds spontaneously and inexplicably about a year ago. Some severe. Over the years, on and zithromax pills off, I would “take” (that is, ingest, or drink) a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar due to its touted health benefits (I had read about A.C.V. in a pamphlet located in the rack by the checkout in the supermarket, right next to the World Weekly News).

    Anyway, daily nosebleeds for about the last year. Tried taking vitamins. No help. About two months ago, I started drinking the A.C.V. again – not specifically to treat the nosebleeds, in fact, I couldn’t say exactly why I started hitting the vinegar bottle again. But, I noticed, after about a week, I hadn’t had a nosebleed. They STOPPED. I HAVEN’T HAD ONE SINCE. I googled the terms “nosebleed apple cider vinegar” and, sure enough, up popped a number of assertions that A.C.V. can treat nosebleeds both topically and internally (I didn’t try topical application – I can’t testify that works or not). Needless to say, I have been drinking the A.C.V. every day since. I drink it straight out of the bottle – not for the uninitiated. Furthermore, I have a co-worker who has suffered from nosebleeds her entire life (she’s in her 30′s). She’s trying A.C.V. now, mixes it with orange juice and takes 3X/day. The jury’s still out, but she said she hasn’t had a nose bleed in a week. True story. This is a miracle cure.

  7. sally Says:

    Ive had a bloody nose each night in the past five days.

  8. kai Says:

    If you press the side of your finger gently upward on the tendon inside your mouth that connects your upper lip to your gums, tip your head slightly forward and pinch (with the other hand) just north of the fullest part of your nose bone. * the spot under your upper lip is a pressure point that promotes clotting–lifeguards are trained to use this method to stop nose bleeds. I have had chronic nose bleeds my entire life and this is the quickest method I’ve found–its not instant, but it will form a clot after a few minutes.(Not to be too graphic, but if its a bad bleed, several clots may form and bleed out before one that is big enough to plug the leak is formed. just FYI–don’t be worried)
    I get almost daily nose bleeds whenever the seasons change–as the humidity in the air changes, your nose has to readjust and this can take a few days-weeks. if it is really bad you can put vaseline or lotion in your nostril to keep your nose from drying and how to buy cialis cracking (of course, ask your doctor first-it isn’t always safe to put things on the inside wall of your nostril.)

  9. Krysta Says:

    I agree with the above posting of vitamin deficiency. I have had a few days in a row with 5 or 6 nosebleeds a day. I was recommended taking some vitamin C, and i didn’t have one after that. Another idea i suggest, is looking into food allergies being the cause. My regular reason for nosebleeds growing up was because I was reacting to dairy (not an Intolerance, but a true allergy). If i had more than 2 servings in a day, i would get a nosebleed an hour or two after.

  10. morgan Says:

    I have been having nose bleeds for 3 days in a row with a bloodflow in both nostrils and im only 12 what should i do? please help!!!! they have been severe and im tired of dealing with bags of gross napkin’s full of blood and blood clots. :(

  11. Lara Ann Says:

    I am a 42 yr old female that is having ongoing bloody noses only out of the left nostril. Some of them severe. I have already had sinister surgery to correct deviated septum and clear sinuses. I did that 4 years ago…now all of the sudden this is happening. Should I be concerned??

  12. Lara Ann Says:

    That was supposed to be sinus surgery…sorry…autocorrect. ;)

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