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Embarrassed to shake hands because of sweaty hands? Afraid to remove shoes in public because of the stink you sweaty feet may raise? Getting red-faced every time you raise your arms to expose those sweat patches on the shirt or top underarms? Relax, you’ve only got hyperhidrosis and how to buy cialis you’re not alone, at least one percent of the population is afflicted with this disorder. Let’s see what this tongue-twister of an affliction is all about.

Hyperhidrosis defined

Sweating, as you already know, is body’s way of cooling itself to maintain constant internal body temperature. However, nature makes some people overdo this perspiration thing and make them sweat excessively. This production of perspiration, beyond what is necessary to cool the body, is called hyperhidrosis. The blame for this excessive sweating can be pinned on your sympathetic nervous system that controls over five million sweat glands throughout the body, of which about two-thirds are in the hands alone!

The nerves generally initiate sweating, as and when needed, but may get “supercharged” and cause the sweat glands to release more sweat than required. Why this happens cannot be said with certainty, but researchers don’t rule out genetic causes.

The four major parts most susceptible to hyperhidrosis are face, armpits, hands and feet. In severe cases, sweat may literally drip. If you think sprinkling baby talc would help, think again. According to dermatologists, it’s one of the worst things you can do, as powder cakes up after absorbing the sweat and leave you not only clammy, but caked as well!

Treating hyperhidrosis the natural way

Those afflicted with this condition don’t need to get desperate, as there’re some effective hyperhidrosis treatments available. However, there’re some natural cures too. Let’s see what these treatments are:

a. Antiperspirants:

These constitute an initial treatment for moderate or light hyperhidrosis and are usually recommended as the first therapeutic measures. The most effective natural agent is the compound of aluminum chloride mixed in seventy to ninety percent alcohol. Apply this two to three times a week in the evenings regularly to get rid of hyperhidrosis. These antiperspirants can be used on sweaty palms too.

b. Electrical stimulation:

Technically known as iontopheresis, this procedure consists of stimulating the affected areas with mild electric currents. Don’t worry it only uses a nine volt dry battery! The body part is immersed in water and current is passed through water with increasing intensity until a tingling feeling persists. The recommended dosage is an hour and a half per site per night. This will make those parts sweat less for four to six weeks.

c. Hyperhidrosis acupuncture:

Acupunctureis a branch of Chinese medicine and cialis professional is said to be successful in the treatment of excessive sweating. What this procedure does is to stimulate the anatomical points of the body that sweat excessively, by means of needle points. This prevents the nerves from becoming overcharged, bringing perspiration under control.

d. Managing stress:

Yes, stress is the culprit here too! In some, it’s stress and nervousness that brings about this condition. According to researchers one effective way of curing this condition is to manage stress. So, include yoga and meditation in your schedule.

e. Psychotherapy:

It has very limited use for a majority of patients, since in
most cases psychological problems are a consequence of hyperhidrosis, not the cause. Although, it can’t cure the problem, it may help you to accept the problem and live with it.

Hyperhidrosis, it seems, is more irritating than serious, but can become embarrassing in the extreme. So, if you feel reluctant to hold your beloved’s hands, because of your clammy palms, go in for natural cures. They are safe, effective and with almost no side effects. But before you try them out, take your physician’s advice.

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  1. Heather mclean Says:

    I have heard apple cider vinegar with organic honey is very effective if taken every day. Also a teaspoon of baking soda with water every night is supposed to regulate it.

  2. beatriz Says:

    I heard that sage tea is very effective in excessive sweating, also white Peony.

  3. sab Says:

    did anyone try apple cider vinegar? is it really effective?

  4. sophh Says:

    if you take 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar with two tsp of honey 3 times a day around half an hour before meals, its is meant to cure sweating :D
    also i heard that sweat can be cause dby a magnesium defficiency, so a lot of people say that taking magnesium citrate supplements work, but it doesn’t work for all!

  5. namit sahni Says:

    I tried sage tea and its very effective…..I have hyperhydrosis from few years and i just started taking sage tea and its helping me but instead of buying sage tea bag, buy sage tea leaves from organic stores, its more effective.
    I didnt try apple cider vinegar but i heard its very good. If anyone tried it let me know.

  6. Mary Says:

    I agree with Namit Sahni. I made tea from the sage leaves and best price on brand cialis mint and my sweating is much better. I just purchase sage extract which is much stronger and will try that. Also I just read about neem seed or neem bark are much effective.
    I hope you guys will have a good luck with this herbs! I don’t like medication due to the so many different side effect.

  7. Adrian Says:

    ^^^^ you mean you’ve only had hyperhidrosis for a few years? I’ve had it as long as i can remember and im 21 now.. i will be trying some of these remedies soon.

  8. naeem Says:

    if some one is suffring from hyperhidrosis and he is smoker too,by quiting smocking 90 % of the problam will be solved within a day.

  9. Serge Says:

    There’s always botox, which is what it was actually created for (until Hollywood got a hold of it). It deadens the nerves for a few months causing no sweat. So it’s not really a cure, but a way around if tea or magnesium don’t do the trick.

  10. kelly Says:

    my daughter (10) has hyperhidrosis. her hands and feet blister and then the blisters pop… would like to figure out a way to deal with this before she reaches middle school when boys become a thing.

  11. zonda Says:

    Try having hyperhidrosis and not being able to smell.

  12. Judy Says:

    I’ve quit smoking for a over a month and a half now, and the sweating did not diminish, not even a bit. I tend to sweat more and more each year….Im going to try out the vinegar and generic viagra pills in uk honey, hope it works. Sage sadly didnt do anything for me :(

  13. frenchip Says:

    I can say that I’ve tried apple cider vinegar in sage tea and it really didn’t work for me. I do understand that what work for others may not work for me. I did try alot of things and it can get very expensive. But what did work for me believe it or not was some $.99 avon 24 hr deodorant. I am so thankful for this I just had to share it. I really hope this work you too.

  14. Nethan Says:

    i am now experiencing excessive sweating and i am now trying all things to cure it..i exercise now regularly like jogging. and i heard that caffeine might caused of hyperhidrosis so i stop drinking any thing that contains caffeine even i am a coffee lover. i hope everything will work out. now i am planning to buy honey and apple vinegar.

  15. Hope Says:

    Im 23 born with severe hyperhydrosis…going to try sage, magnesium and apple cider vinegar all at once…haved tried drysol-didnt work…acupuncture with chinese herbs for a year…worked slightly…now wil attempt natural remedies…

  16. David Says:

    I, as the fellow above, have severe hyperhydrosis. Mostly on my face and back. I am a busboy and work in a very fast and how to buy propecia hot environment and sweat like crazy non-stop in anything over 72 deg. It’s annoyance is endless and degrades my work performance by about 10-15%–that’s not too bad, but still. After work it looks like I just got out of the pool–honestly.

    I already drug myself like crazy with meds for asthma and allergies and will try some of these holistic remedies mentioned above because I’m sick of being in the grip of big pharma. It’s a dirty industry that adds trillions of tons of waste pollution to our lands annually.


    I’ll try to come back and write how these remedies work for me. They all seem very cheap to try. Thanks.

  17. S Says:

    I believe I have hyperhydrosis. I have been suffering from excessive sweating on my face and head for as long as I remember. I am older now and have decided I want to try to do something about it. I am really grateful for Davids entry. It was the first one I read that I could really connect with. I too sweat at work and buy generic viagra my coworkers always point it out to me. I get more red in the face and then I feel the heat raise in my face and then the waterworks start over again.
    I hope these treatments work. Good Luck!

  18. marylou Says:

    I am really surprised to read that someone who has been taking (I assume) antihistamines for allergies could have hyperhidrosis. I have been taking antihistamines and have given myself anhidrosis or hypohidrosis. so I was going to suggest antihistamines as a cure.

    My grandson has excessive sweating on his hands and feet and my granddaughter has the same on her feet. I will suggest the vinegar and the tea…and maybe the 24 hr antipersperant applied directly to the areas. accupunture sounds like a good idea also. This is a rough problem for teenagers to deal with.

  19. Julian Says:

    I have been suffering from hyperhydrosis all my life most severely my hands and feet. Was told about botox treatment but considering it’s just a treatment and not a cure and its price i’ll pass. Im grateful to have come across this article and thankful for the remedies and options posted here, will definately try them out

  20. Julian Says:

    Btw since i’ve started smoking marijuana a few years back I noticed after smoking the sweating is minimal if any. But this isin’t for everyone.

  21. Brian Says:

    Glycopyrollate 1% is very good for facial hyperhidrosis costs alot but it works for me also pedemed powder for feet and anhydrol forte 20% cutaneous solution for under arms and clomid by mail hands all have worked very well for me.Hope this helps.

  22. Tim Says:

    Try soaking your hands in a solution of a bowl of water and a cup of baking soda for 20 minutes. This cure only works for about a week but highly effective.

  23. Kim Says:

    I am 21 years old and have hyperpalmdrosis for as long as I can remember. I’ve tolerated it but have decided I have had enough as I am starting my dream job which will require me to meet many people a day and I can’t stand the thought of how embarrassed I will be shaking hands. Tonight I tried soaking my hands in white tea for 30 minutes and my hands have never felt so dry since! They say you are suppose to soak them everynight so I will keep it up and see what happens. I know its soon to be posting here since I just tried it, but I was so excited I had to share with others! For those interested, I soaked 5 tea bags in 4 cups of boiling water for 25 minutes. Squeeze the teabags and then rip them open so the leaves are loose. Soak for 30 minutes, periodically scooping up the leaves and rubbing them over your palms. Hope this works for others!

  24. Marla Says:

    My daughter has hyperhidrosis on her hands and feet. She is so embarrassed by it, especially when she has a boyfriend. We tried accupuncture and it worked well, but you have to keep up with the treatments. She is off at college now, so I think I will try the powder and where to buy cheap flagyl the Anhydrol Forte 20%

  25. Leslie D Says:

    I have had hyperhidrosis all my life and I remember going to a doctor out of state in my teens to get help. Only to find out that the nerve pills did not help, the lotions etc… did not help either. My other option was to start a procedure that could make me either go blind, start sweating in other areas that I was not already sweating, as well as a lot of other negative side effects. If there was not any complications they would have gone in through my armpit and clip the main nerve in my spine to complete the procedure. It has been probably 15 years since I saw this doctor today. Of course I chose to pass this operation up and live with my sweaty hands. Now as I have gotten older my hands, feet and arm pits sweat even more to the point it is dripping. Makes it difficult to walk in my shoes, have to wear dark colors so that sweat rings are not noticed and of course makes it difficult to not ruin paperwork when signing, etc… I am discouraged bad now and want this problem fixed. So, thank you to all that shared their remedies as I will be giving them a try to solve this issue. I truly appreciate the tips and hope it works. If anyone else out there has had some success; please share!

  26. Jameswah Says:

    I gave up smoking and it had no effect on my sweating. Have stopped drinking caffeine, which has reduced it a bit. The roll-on night anti-persprirant works, but i am worried about toxins being trapped in my sweat glands. Is this possible using this method? Thanks!

  27. Denise Says:

    I dont have a remedy. My 21 yr old son has this problem in his armpits and he gets so upset from it. Im going to try all of the remedies that all of you suggest to see which one works the best. I was always told that it was from the fact that he is a type 1 diabetic and buy cialis uk that his blood sugars were not in good control. but he has been taking care of it, and still he sweats just sitting down in an air conditioned room!

  28. Stop Says:

    I tried CERTAIN DRI you can buy at any drug store. It is very easy to use for the underarm sweeting. It works really good, but use the roll at night and the bar day time!

  29. juvy Says:

    I am 26 years old from the Philippines. I am doing paper works everyday and my hyperhidrosis disturbed me a lot. It is very shameful on my part because no matter how I want to be clean I am not because of this severe hyperhidro. I do not know what is the equivalent of sage tea in the Philippines. I hope there is somebody from the Phil. It really hinders my dreams because I could not work well because of sweat palms and feet. I always feel hot and tired every time the sweating starts.Thanks to this page that I was able to share my negative feelings towards the disease. It is really easy to be one. The worst thing is because of extreme sweat of my feet sometimes it numbs. Where in the can I find solution for this without experiencing side effects and a lot of money. Huh!!! If you can help me pls. text me at my mobile +639169846151.

  30. Jenna Says:

    Ok as far as arm pits sweat go to cvs and get certaindri it will work 100 percent! I used it 6 years ago and have been dry since. Use it at night, it will sting a little but it’s worth it! I have yet to find the cure for my palms but I will try everything! Good luck to everyone

  31. Elaine Says:

    I a 26 years of age and have suffered from excessive sweating all my life. I am constantly hiding my hands and feet, they literally drip, even in the freezing cold. I suffered extreme underarm sweating years ago and I got botox to treat it.It was hugely successful. I still sweat but not nearly as much as before the treatment. It is one less area to worry about I suppose. I bought the drionic machine but it didnt work for me. I will try the sage tea leaves and other remedies you guys mentioned above. thanks so much

  32. haley Says:

    im 20, and i started experiencing hyperhidrosis from a very young age. i cant even remember exactly. but i have been searching and searching for some sort of cure or something to help me. i got through about 4 shirts on a 5 hr shift at work.. when my nerves get off i tend to sweat twice as bad if not more. sometimes i feel like my underarms are waterfalls. now that the weather is getting cooler it sucks even more because my pits are getting a chaffed feel to them, almost like they are getting raw which i guess they probably are. i can never wear the cute shirts or outfits i want because normally im having to change again before i walk out the door…..its something ive really been struggling to deal with. it makes it easier being honest with people when i meet them but when they have to watch me go wipe my pits every 5 min to keep my shirt dryer longer, its still emabarrassing. im going to try the sage tea execpt i really liked the idea of ordering the extract..makes more scince. im not sure if i can handle the apple cider viniger but i may have to suck it up and give it a shot. ill let ya know if anything works for me.

  33. Kay Says:

    The baking soda worked!! My hands aren’t sweaty for the first time in a long time!! You don’t have to use as much baking soda as one cup and the water should be warm or the baking soda sinks straight down to the bottom. After you rinse off the solution, pat your hands dry, don’t rub. Good luck to everyone!

  34. secretdiva3 Says:

    Hey everyone! I have had hyperhydrosis on my hands and feet my whole life and at 19 decided to have an operation in London by the best Dr. who cut a nerve under my arm pits to stop my hands from sweating. It only worked for my hands and not my feet. I now sweat a bit more on my body and the only side effect is that when I eat spicy or sour food – my head seems to sweat around my hair line. It is not that noticeable really and way better then my hands sweating. The going blind side effect is actually a droopy eye and 1% chance so I thought it was worth it. It was the best thing I ever did so don’t be afraid! I have also tried the drionics machines where they send an electrical current while you soak your hands and feet with slight tingle like feeling. It works somewhat but very tiresome and time consuming. The machine can range from $100 where you have to keep buying batteries to a $1000 for a plug in which I sold eventually since was tired of doing it for only a bit over half success. I am going to try some of these other remedies but yes, just controlling your mind and not thinking or worrying is the best remedy:) I have also tried pills that dry you out with 30% success. Overall I just wear socks and thankful for my new dry hands! The surgery was $7000 but worth it! I did it 8 years ago and very happy when I have a nightmare about my hands sweating and realize the surgery really seems to still be working…GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. (Thinking positive also helps)

  35. David Says:

    I have severe hyperhidrosis of the scalp and fore head. I use prescription hypercare and it really works. Without it the sweat literally pours out of my scalp to the point of feeling it in my hair running down the sides and back and it drips off of the bottom hairs as it builds up. I can’t wear sunglasses because it builds up in my eyebrows then drips onto the glasses. Using hypercare as directed has solved the problem. I still sweat during exertion on a hot day (I live in So Cal) but it’s more like normal sweating.

  36. Tre` Says:

    hey im Tre and im 12 in middle school 7th grade right now im trying the magnesium thing with centrum kids and if i works im going to com back and tell you guys what i did becasuse i dont want any other people to get frustraded keep never give up hyper hydrosis nation

  37. Karen Says:

    I do not have a remedy. I have suffered with this from birth. My mother says when I was small my head would get drenched in sweat. I have had craniofacial hyperhydrosis as long as I can remember. It has became a more significant problem in the last few months. I moved to Vieques, PR from Pheonix. Both places very warm. I can be standing in the kitchen doing dishes and sweat is pouring down my head, hair soaked, neck dripping. This is very frustrating for me. I cannot go out for very long because of this. Showering twice a day, anything I do causes a outbreak. I am willing to try different ideas that are mentioned. I will let you know how this works.

  38. buzz Says:

    hi juvy, you should try iontophoresis. it does worked for me. try to search it in youtube posted by shannonbowling. you can do the treatment at home. goodluck!

  39. prabhu Says:

    where the sage tea will be available in bangalore i tried many places

  40. Sarah Says:

    I have had hh for as long as I can remember. It gets worse every year it seems and my GP has been unable to help. It got REALLY bad a couple of years ago when my sister literally dragged me to see a doctor on a cruise holiday. Turns out he was an alternative remedies doctor. He gave me some tablets that I really didn’t think would work, but they did. They were amazing! I had completely dry hands and feet for over a month. Unfortunately those tablets ran out and I can’t find them anywhere (they were called Hollistics Cool from O Spa London if anyone wants to try to get them!) but I went to my local Chinese herbal store and explained the problem and he gave me some tablets which also work well. They taste disgusting and I have to take 30 a day, but they work and they’re not that expensive (although I would spend any amount of money to get rid of my hh!) Try it, people!!! Sarah x

  41. anand kishore Says: suffering from this hyperhydrosis from my childhood…tried a lot of medicine from did’nt get in a lot of trouble…will get placed in company in a few months…plzz any one give me some remedies tip..and the places from where i can grt those stuff..i live nagpur,maharastra(india)….

  42. Rafa Says:

    I am 23 yrs old and i have been suffering from hyperhidrosis from the arm pit ever since i was in high school. this has taken an emotional toll on me. I have tried the certain dry bar but i find it stains the inside of my shirt. I could really uses some help with this annoying disorder.

  43. cosita Says:

    i heard about hipnosis… does anyone knows if it works????

  44. Jane Says:

    hey in the last year i have started to suffer from this condition i am 14 now and am constantly sweating under my arms, its good that my school uniform is dark and covers up the patches but on weekends when i want to go out with boys and wear nice tops i cant because i get embarrassing patches so i tend to wear more baggy shirts. i know i should probably suck it up and mums said there’s nothing i can do about it but i think i will try these remides and hope to god they work. fingers crossed!

  45. mitch Says:

    hi everyone.. i came across to see all of your comments and suggestions to prevent hyperhidrosis. I my self is experiencing this as well. I’ve been using DRICLOR at night and so far it help the sweat to stop from the axillary but after waking up in the morning and taking a bath before going to work sweat goes out on to my hands and feet. at times on to face or at my back. so i also try to put the medicine in those areas. another thing as per my dermatologist, removal of hair in the axillary can be of help to reduce sweat. but all of this didn’t help me a lot to prevent the sweat. Is there any other way to prevent it especially I’m living in a tropical country? Mostly it is hot in here except for the months of january and february months just after the christmas holidays. How about the sage tea is it helpful? where can i find it? is there a store in the philippines where i could buy one? thanks.

  46. Tyler D Says:

    I have suffered from hyperhidrosis of the head and face for so long. if its even the slightest bit warm outside I sweat and when I come into contact with people it gets worse. The problem is that when I think about how wet my forehead and face are I tend to get nervous and then I cant stop it.
    I tried magnesium and sage tablets and they worked a little bit.
    I am going to the doctors to discuss the problem and hopefully find a solution. Im keen to try the hyper care as talked about by David so hopefully I’ll get some good results and post back.

  47. Shas Says:


    my younger brother is facing this problem since long. Can some1 plz tell me whether sage tea,white tea or honey and apple vinegar worked ?

  48. Yaritza Says:

    I have been suffering with excessive underarm sweating my whole life, I have seen a handful of doctors and tried everything I can think of. I recently started using a product called 1-2Dry and it has been working really great. It absorbs all the sweat in these little comfortable pads that go under my clothes- which ensures no one can see it and I don’t get any embarrassing stains! Hope this might help others with my same problem!

  49. Trish Says:

    I am also suffering hyperhidrosis until now(palmar and plantar since birth).I’m 25 of age,110lbs…
    I tried every natural remedies,1st home made iontoporesis,2nd appple cider,3rd baking soda,4th lemon,5th sage,and lastly magnesium but they ALL didn’t work for me.I never enjoy my teenage life and until now I hate LIFE because this thing is stopping me from doing things…But well for now I’m starting to change my diet and see if it works…for all who has hyperhidrosis like me DON’T GIVE UP,THIS IS OUR UNIQUENESS^_^ALWAYS WEAR A SMILE EVEN IF IT HURTS.Let’s HOPE there will be a NATURAL CURE besides from botox and ETS.

  50. Allan Sanchez Says:

    I also suffers from excessive sweating of the hands and feet since I was 10 years old. And because of this condition, it limits me to attend social activities outside. They’re always telling me that I am a “kill joy” and it really lowers my self-confidence. Please, if anyone here have the solution, help me cure this. Thanks

  51. Trish Says:

    Why is there NO CURE for this HYPERHIDROSIS?Is it because onLy few are affected?..SO UNFAIR!!!
    MiLd case hyperhidrosis can be treated,I guess..But for us who has this since birth,I don’t think so…We just don’t know what trigers our sweat but in my case every time I wake up in the morning that’s the time my sweat would open…There are onLy 1-3% who has this case,the reason why DOCTORS don’t pay much attention to this…I hate it when they onLy say “IT’S GENETIC”,98% don’t know how it feeLs like… “I hope there will be a NATURAL CURE besides from botox and ETS”.

  52. skinguru Says:

    I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was young and now at 26 I’m so sick of it!! Be careful of antiperspirants due to high aluminum which is found in studies to elevate breast cancer cells!!!! Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research and I believe hyperhidrosis is due to a deficiency in Magnesium and zinc and of course stress messes up our nervous system. Don’t give up do your research and tune in with your body!!!!!!!1

  53. Rahulgrox Says:

    do not go fr iontophoresis… if affects ur nerves and brain

  54. Nancy Says:

    I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis for over 3 years now. It occurred after I received nerve blocks/epidurals in my spine. I had these performed before without any adverse side effects, however this time I had Thyroid cancer and thus no longer had a Thyroid. Don’t know why it happened (and neither do the numerous Specialists that I have seen)… However, I have found some real relief with a special tea called “Hushed Sea Tea”. It is sold online and the site is (I DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! I am just someone who found some relief and thought that I would share). They also offer a money back guarentee, which also includes the shipping. BTW, how exactly do I take the Apple Cider Vinegar? I am interested in trying other things in addition to the tea… Good luck to all of you in finding something that works for you!

  55. Dr.Mahesh Says:

    I have hyperhidrosis from past 4 years. Here are some most effective and inexpensive home remedy

    1)Drink lot of water ( 6-8 ltrs)
    2)Add 10 to 20 grms of baking soda in water and soak your hands for 20 to 30 mins.Air dry your hands. very effective for 4- 6 hours
    3) Take zinc supplement ( 40 to 50 mg) daily.

    This will work.

  56. Stephanie Says:

    Hi all, I’ve found a great lotion for palmar hh called Antihydral. Its marketed for golf players to make their hands dry. I use it for about 4 nights in a row and then I’m good for about two wks. Its sold by a company called foosball direct out of U.S. It costs about $20 but its worth it and the tube lasts a good while. You don’t need a ton nightly either for it to do its thing. What it does is actually dries out the top layer of your skin. Sometimes this will look really dry but I’d rather have too dry then sopping wet. Gold bond lotion then is the only lotion I’ve found that I can use that doesn’t accelerate the sweating after the hand is dry. Good luck!

  57. Bobby Says:

    ^ the above post is definitely fake don’t listen. I have yet to find a way to cure my hands and feet but something that works wonders for my armpits is Arrid XX. It’s for excessive sweating, you can find it at your local rite aid, Walgreens, etc. good luck everyone and hopefully more people post their solutions.

  58. Necleomancher Says:

    Me to suffers hyperhydrosis bur no one in this forum have tried my remedy. Since my early age I wanted to make my hands to sweat by mind setting with hand scrubbing then times comes become uncontrolled. I tried natural remedies but nothing works. At this moments my solution is reverting what I have done from from my early age by thinking or mind controlling not to sweat.It sounds weird but effective, even the cure will take time(it so hard to mind set. With this when I was in my project piece(Construction)with to many works and including travel with very hot condition it makes me not to sweat the whole day. Though this solution take time to permanently removed sweating it is still a cure.REMEMBER”When you think that you are sick then you are sick, But when you think that you are not sick even you are sick then you are not sick”…Good luck to every one,Just try it, it will not cause you money.

  59. PossibleRemedy Says:

    My possible cure- Antihistamine. My whole life I have suffered from sweating hands and feet. For the passed 6 months I have had daily hives for no known cause and have been taking Meijers brand antihistamines (cetrizine hydrochloride, recommended by my allergy MD. He stated at this time that antihistamines are very safe and do not react with other drugs and do not have long term adverse effects) I have since noticed that when I take the antihistamine the sweating stops. I just got back from Mexico and when there if I was off the antihistamine for more than 24 hours the sweating would begin again, once I took the antihistamine the sweating would completly disapper within 45 minutes (this happened 3 seperate times). Typically in that kind of heat my hands and feet would be drenched every waking hour. I would have to continue to try out this theory to ensure it is completely accurate, but I hope for others to try and it see if it works for them!

  60. Leslie Says:

    I have suffered from hyperhidrosis ever since I can remember. The doctors told my parents I would grow out of it. Yeah right!! I’m 28 now and it is worse than ever. I feel trapped! The state I live in is hot almost all year long & I feel like I have to go in hiding almost. I sweat so bad on my hands and feet that they literally pour sweat. I have to be very careful about what colors & fabrics I wear. I slip in my sandals & have to wear socks almost all the time. It is so embarrassing & it is inevitable that someone says something about how much I’m sweating every year. I’ve tried a product called Odaban. It worked okay. I’m trying Drysol now but not holding my breath. I am so grateful for this article because at least I know I’m not alone. I don’t wish this on anyone but it does help to know there are those out there that can sympathize. Most people can’t relate & just think it is gross. Thank you everyone for your experiences. I am going to try the other suggestions & hope there is some relief.

  61. Dr.Don'tSweat Says:

    In Russia there was a research by Professor Alexander Wein, so many treatments. One of them is a contrast water procedures, Sharko Shower, with change of temperature (warm, cool, warm, you can do it in your shower for 3 min each cycle.
    There are also medications: Phenazepam (Russian benzodiazepin, similar to diazepam, but more effective, I have no idea why
    Belotaminal (Belospon) Beloid (B-blocker)and breathing by Buteyko Method of Frolov Apparatus, you can google it.
    Sage tea also works very well

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