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toenail fungus

Ever seen disfigured or destroyed toenails or fingers infected with fungus? Just have a look at the bottom of the page and discount viagra prices you’ll know what we mean. Toenail or finger fungus or onychomycosis can wreak this kind of havoc on your toenail. However, this is a relatively common condition that can disfigure and sometimes destroy the nail. So, common is this problem that an estimated 2.5 million people in the US fall victim to it annually. However, there are some effective natural cures available that can rid of this problem.

Understanding toenail fungus

Several different types of fungi, called dermatophytes, can cause this problem, because they all thrive in the dark, moist and stuffy environment inside shoes. What the fungus exactly does is to feed on the toenail! Yes, the protein-rich keratin, making up the hard surface of the toenails.
The bad news is this fungus can spread from foot to foot on the floors of showers and locker rooms. Little wonder it’s common amongst soldiers, sportspersons and miners.

Symptoms of toenail fungus

The color and texture change of the toenail is a dead giveaway of this infection. The toenail typically turns yellow or brown and becomes thick and order viagra 50 mg online overgrown. It may develop foul-smelling material under it, especially at the sides and tip. The end result of the infection is the nail either crumbles gradually and falls off or become so thick that the affected toe feels uncomfortable or painful inside shoes.

Treatment of toenail fungus

Treatment consists of removing as much of the infected nail as possible by clipping, filing or dissolving. There are plenty of over-the-counter medications available for this, but there can be some real troublesome side effects or some serious drug reactions.
So, a better option is to go in for natural cures and remedies that are safe and without side effects. Let’s see what they are:

a. Olive oil and white vinegar:

Applying ozonated olive oil and white distilled vinegar at the base of the toenail at intervals will help clear the infection.

b. Lavender oil and apple cider vinegar:

Adding a few drops of lavender and half-a-cup of apple cider vinegar in a liter of water and buy cialis no prescription soaking the affected foot will cure the infection.

c. Vicks vapor rub:

Applying Vicks vapor rub for a few weeks on the affected toenail clears the infection. However, liberal amounts are required for it to take effect. Not only does this clear the infection, it also smooth the cracks or rough edges and cleans the crust under the nail.

d. Iodine:

Iodine is not only excellent for toenail fungus, but also for ringworm, moles, skin tags, hangnails, and the like. Iodine penetrates deep into the skin and the cuticle to clear the infection. However, staining and discoloration of the nail and socks is to be expected.

e. Tea tree oil:

Applying tea tree oil three times a day to the affected toenail not only helps clear the infection, but also peels off the dead skin to reveal fresh healthy skin underneath.

f. Crushed raw potatoes:

Crush raw potatoes inside a gauze and apply it to the infected toes every night. This pulls out the infection.

g. Olive leaf extract:

Although a slow process, but consistently applying olive leaf extract will help get rid of the infection.

h. Garlic:

Garlic contains several anti-fungal ingredients that help clear the infection. So, including garlic in your diet will help keep this infection at bay.

Don’t consider toenail fungus a cosmetic challenge, since it can eat away the nail! However, before trying out any of the natural cures, always consult your physician.

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  1. India Says:

    Soak your foot in Original Listerine for a few weeks. Just enough to cover the toenail.

  2. India Says:

    Soak your foot in Original Listerine for a a few months for at least 3o minutes a day. If you chose this method it is imparative that you do not miss a soak. If you do results can be delayed.

  3. Gracie Says:

    Using hydrogen peroxide 3% helps. Apply 2 times per day.

  4. Laila Says:

    wrap a banana peel around your finger every day… take it off at night… the nail will fall along with the fungus and a new healthy nail will grow back

  5. don juan Says:

    jus rip the toenail off. start by clipping then when theres a small gap. rip it off than use a nail file to get rid of the fungus. then a new toenail will grow back and order cheap zithromax there wil be no fungus

  6. timothy Says:

    all of my toenails are clean except the big to on my right foot. idk what to do. ive tried vapor rub it isnt working at all! i cant go swimming with nasty feet :( please someone help me out.

  7. adrian Says:

    don juan-this is bogus, I’ve done it, and is not effective

  8. dave Says:

    Once I had success with tea tree oil and echinachea (sp)tablets, but I have had no success with it on my other foot. I will try the vinegar thing, sounds worth a try…….and getting rid of the old nail by trimming it way back does not work and I am not about to rip off the old one…..have a nice day……

  9. La Shawn Says:

    Applying Listerine (or any other antiseptic mouthwash) to the nails and the skin around the nails is really effective.

  10. Betty Says:

    Go to the doctor!

  11. Cee Jay Says:

    what about soaking in BLEACH?

  12. Heather Says:

    I have heard that Iodine works great and penetrates the nail. (Smells like cat pee though). I found clear, decolorized iodine at CVS. Seems like the simplest of remedies and comes with a built-in applicator. I also found a cool FungiNail pen that has a brush that gets under the nail. Do not use bleach. It is VERY toxic and likely only bleaches the color. I read its important to cut the nails as short as possible or dissolve the nails. I’m trying cutting them short first.

  13. mili Says:

    Apply iodine all over the nail and try to get as much underneath the tip of the nail as possible. I used a cotton bud for this twice a day and it completely cured the fungus. You need to make a habit of doing it or the problem will not go away.

    Also, avoid wearing nail polish for long periods of time, I believe this exacerbates the problem by effectively suffocating the nail. If you must wear nail polish you should remove it every few days and canadian pharmacy propecia give your nail 24 hours of fresh air. Warm sunshine on your nails is beneficial too – try for at least 10 minutes at a time. Best wishes.

  14. Mk Says:

    Heard that Aloe Vera has anti-fungal properties as well. I’m currently on a regiment of that and Tea Tree oil. Also heard soaking the infected area in salt water can help too.

  15. sue mcdonald Says:

    soak in diluted bleach. I am hypothyroid and I have exzema. I also got fungal infections of fingernails & toenails. I use bleach soaks (straight, not dilute) for this, and it seems to help but doesn’t cure it. 10% Bleach soaks is an effective therapy for exzema as it soothes the skin and actually makes it feel softer. If you do not have exzema then bleach can be irritating and feel corrosdive to the skin. I also use iodine at night topically applied to cuticles & skin around toe & fingernails and this does seem to help.
    Perhaps the best option is to get out and away from the source of the mold/fungus. that for me means finding a new home :(

  16. GayGay Says:

    I tried iodine and its is working beautifully. I apply with a Q-tip. I also apply the iodine between my toes. I lift my cuticles and how to get cialis online top of nail and apply a generous amount. I even rub the iodine on the heel of my feet just incase the fungus tries to run. My toes are pink again, the lines are growing out, and my toenails are almost normal and flat again (they are not hard lumpy or lifting). Since the fungus cannot live in oil I apply castor oil or olive oil all over my feet at night. I apply the iodine twice a day (morning and night). I apply oil only at night. Hope this helps somebody.

  17. Donkey Says:

    Keep your nail clean with soap and file it once a weak keep it clipped and straight don’t try to curve the nail,try to keep your feet out of socks and shoes and wear sandals. Apply any of the remedies daily and get viagra without prescriptions your nail will soon grow healthier. If nail is thick file it down slightly not too much otherwise it will hurt. Keep your feet clean and breathable it’s a slow proccess and it takes time but it will soon get better. If no remedies work which is unlikely consult a chiropodist or doctor or if you have any worries. Chiropodists will recommend solutions and may give you remedies.

  18. Sue Says:

    Saw the Garlic and Olive Oil idea on Dr. Oz recently. My nail just fell off for the upteenth time, so I figure I’d try it now that the nail is almost gone…wish me luck!

  19. Char Says:

    After almost a year of using every over the counter medication, vinegar soaks, manuka oil, etc, I found the solution. A Clorox bleach pen. I trimmed my nails, and applied a thin layer of the gel from the pen. I let it dry and kept it on for 30 minutes each night. I washed my feet in warm soapy water, rinsed and dried them. After 45 days, my nails are growing in healthy and best generic cialis pills price fungus free. The bleach pen really works. I will continue to use the pen twice a week to make sure the fungus never returns.

  20. Emily Says:

    IODINE definitely works! This I am sure of. Take a basin, fill it with warm water, wash your feet with antibacterial soap, and soak in the warm water… Add IODINE! I had a nail come off and I went to my podiatrist and MD and they both gave me instructions on the “iodine soak” treatment. Except, my podiatrist said to treat myself to a pedicure once [or more] a month. THANKS DOC! I love pedicures!!!

  21. Paula Nowak Says:

    My dad who was a doctor had fungus in his toenails. He made a solution of regular bleach and water; half bleach and half water. He then took a small paint brush and dipped it into the solution and would brush it on his nails and tried to get as much of it underneath the nails as possible. In about 2 weeks the fungus was gone. Shortly after that , I was talking to the pharmacist at walgreens and mentioned to him about what my dad did to cure his nail fungus. The pharmacist said, “Yes, that’ll do it; bleach will kill anything” !

  22. Donpickin Says:

    Cut nails,clean out ,put fungi nail under and on top of nail,drug store item,repeat untill clear.THANK GOD FOR FUNGI NAIL””””” 

  23. Mojilou Says:

    I used Vicks Vapor Rub. It takes quite a long time but it works. I generously coated my nail with VVR every morning and every night. Then I waited for my nail to grow out and the fungus was 100% gone. It just takes patience.

  24. SuSu Says:

    I have tried Lamisil three different times…never cured, just lightened the line. All three times for nine mos. Say that it is really hard on the liver. Now I am trying tea tree oil. Just on the big toe nails. How bothersome. I will try chlorox and iodine. Would love to get those nails back happy and healthy again. Will definitely try natural remedies now!!! Thanks.

  25. Sue P. Says:

    Amputate foot. Works every time.

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