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At one time, it was highly advisable to keep a hot temper under wraps or avoid the third burrito from Taco Bell because these actions could possibly lead to a condition known as an ulcer. Stress and get cheap levitra online spicy foods used to carry most of the blame for the open sores that can grow on the inside lining of the stomach, upper small intestine, or esophagus. Today, the peptic ulcer is believed to come from a bacterial infection (among other things), which can be successfully remedied within a couple of weeks.

What is an Ulcer?

A distinct pain characterizes the open wound or sore that appears about the stomach and small intestines. Although the aliment is sometimes excruciatingly painful, the condition is very treatable and common. It is believed that close to 1 out of every 10 people will deal with an ulcer at one point in their lives [1].

The location of a peptic ulcer is what determines the name of the condition. When a peptic ulcer is found in the stomach, it is called a gastric ulcer. A duodenal ulcer is one that develops within the first part of the small intestine, also referred to as the duodenum. An esophageal ulcer is generally situated in the lower part of the esophagus, and is often linked with chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


Sharp aches that occur between the breastbone and the navel usually characterize ulcer activity. The pain that comes usually surfaces a few hours after eating, but may also arise at night or at the start of the day on an empty stomach. While stomach pain is one of the most common symptoms associated with an ulcer, there are additional signs to alert an individual that they may have an open sore in their stomach region. Below are a few considerations to make when you suspect an ulcer:

a) Loss of Appetite:

An individual suffering from an ulcer may not want to eat as a result.

b) Nausea and Vomiting:

When blood is found in the vomit or it resembles coffee grounds, there is cause for immediate medical attention, where only severe cases display this kind of characteristic.

c) Weight Loss:

A patient with an ulcer may suffer weight loss they cannot explain.

d) Frequent Burping:

An ulcer may cause one to frequently belch or hiccup.

e) Abnormal Bowel Movements:

If bowel movements showcase blood or appear blackish, this is an indication of a serious problem and should receive speedy medical attention.

Causes of an Ulcer

Contrary to popular and past medical belief, the stress and fastest delivery of cialis spicy foods once associated as the main cause of ulcers is now being replaced with the presence of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a bacterium shaped like a corkscrew. H. pylori dwells and reproduces within the mucous layer that covers and protects the tissues that line the stomach and small intestine. Usually, the kind of bacteria is harmless, but when the mucous layer is disrupted, the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed with an ulcer as the result.

It is believed that people who suffer from peptic ulcers are those who have already sustained damage to the stomach lining or small intestine, increasing the chances of a bacteria invasion. H. pylori is a common infection in the gastrointestinal system and typically affects 1 in 5 people under the age of 30 and about half of the population older than 60 [2]. It isnít yet clear how H. pylori spreads, but many doctors feel it originates from close person-to-person contact. Additional causes for peptic ulcers also include alcohol consumption, smoking, and stress.


When paying a visit to the doctor, he or she may ask a series of questions regarding symptoms and overall health. A physical exam may follow. When symptoms are not severe and the patient is younger than 45 years of age, the doctor may then run a few tests to determine whether or not they display signs of H. pylori infection.

When older than 45, additional screening is needed, which may include an endoscopy. This will give the doctor a better picture of the inside of the esophagus, stomach, and intestine. During this test, the doctor may also perform a biopsy, where small pieces of tissue at the ulcer are removed and then analyzed. This test may also reveal cancer cells, where in rare instances, a stomach ulcer may contain [3].

Natural Cures for Ulcers

It is important to treat the symptoms of an ulcer when they first arise. Untreated ulcers have the potential to grow larger, creating a host of additional medical issues. Ignoring an ulcer can lead to bleeding in the digestive system or the formation of holes in the wall of the stomach or duodenum. Before seeking a prescription medication to solve the problem, you might want to try a natural approach, such as:

a) Licorice:

Licorice root acts as an anti-inflammatory and generic viagra sale produces a substance that aids in the protection of the stomach wall. When incorporating licorice as part of a natural cure, the production of acid is also reduced. Some individuals make a decoction, while others simply suck the juice from licorice sticks. Tinctures also make effective remedies. If you have high blood pressure, you may want to refrain from this type of natural treatment.

b) Manuka:

Studies conducted in New Zealand reveal that the bark, pollen, flowers, and leaves of manuka honey destroy the bacterium associated with ulcer development [4]. One may take 1 to 2 teaspoons of manuka honey twice per day or use the flowers and leaves to create infusions. The bark is also used to form decoctions. To add an anti-bacterial component to a manuka infusion, consider using thyme or echinecea.

c) Banana:

Peptic ulcers react quite well when using bananas to neutralize the extra acidity found in gastric juices. The banana also lessens the irritation associated with an ulcer by coating the stomach lining. Some individuals with an advanced peptic ulcer have found great results by following a strict diet of two bananas with a glass of milk (3 to 4 times per day).

d) Lime:

The citric acid of limes works with mineral salts to aid digestion.

e) Cabbage:

It is believed that the juice extracted from raw cabbage is a helpful remedy for a peptic ulcer. Add 250 grams of cabbage to 500 ml of water and bring to a boil until the quantity is reduced to half of its original amount. After cooling the water, the natural cure can be taken twice daily. Usually, the juice is too strong and some people have lessened its potency with carrot juice. Additional raw vegetable juices that aid in remedying ulcers include spinach, beets, and cucumber.

f) Milk:

A natural approach towards curing an ulcer includes almond milk and goat’s milk. Almond milk is created when adding blanched almonds to a blender. The remedy is known to bind excess acid in the stomach. Goat’s milk has been known to heal peptic ulcers and receives a better response from the body when taken in its raw form. Goat’s milk should be taken three times per day.

Ulcer Prevention

To prevent the development of ulcers, you should reconsider your regular use of pain relievers (such as Aleve, Advil, or Motrin), which can aggravate or inflame the lining of your stomach and small intestine. Decreasing the amount of stress in one’s life allows peptic ulcers to respond better to the healing process.

The nicotine found in tobacco is known to increase the volume and concentration of stomach acid that intensifies the risk of ulcers. Quitting smoking helps to aid the healing process during ulcer treatments. Since alcohol can irritate and sumycin without a prescription weaken the mucous lining of the stomach, lowering the amount of consumption is highly suggested.


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  1. Martha Heady Says:

    Vera Juice Mastic Gum

  2. Monique Nazareth Says:

    Smoothie: Live culture Bulgarian yogurt,blackstrap molasses or manuka honey, banana and wheat germ

  3. Sophie Says:

    OK, HERE IS A SURE-SHOT REMEDY! This morning I got up in horrible pain from ulcers. I couldn’t walk, sit or even lie down. I tried everything from goats milk to honey to olive oil to Pepcid. Nothing worked! This went on for about 7 hours. Then I was on my way out the door to the emergency room when I thought of one thing that might work before I made my final departure. I thought of Chamomile tea. I knew it was good for colds and flu, but I didn’t think of this until the last minute that it might help ulcers too. I made me two strong cups (used 3 tea bags in each cup instead of 1), let it brew in the cup until it was cool enough to drink (still very warm though).

    I drank them and didn’t feel any change within the first 10 minutes, but then, low & behold, after about 20 minutes, I started feeling so much better, and after 1 hour, my pain was COMPLETELY gone. I felt like gold (compared to 1 hour earlier). I couldn’t believe that Chamomile worked this good on ulcers, but I also know that Chamomile has soothing properties on the stomach, and Chamomile has antiseptic properties, which together would indeed work well on a sore stomach or ulcer stomach. Now I am sure that Chamomile is a miracle.

    This saved me a lot of money going to the emergency room, and its a natural and SAFE cure, so this worked out great. This would even be good for children or teens that suffer from ulcers since Chamomile is safe, natural or caffeine free. I wish I would have known about Chamomile when I was a teen – I struggled endlessly then.
    Best Chamomile tea bags are the organic kind you buy from health food stores. Give it a try – it really works!!! :-)

  4. Heather Says:

    Take one ounce of organic apple cider daily. It must be organic and you will know this if there is pulp floating around in the bottom of the bottle. It is expensive but much more affordable than prescriptions. My entire family, who is plagued with stomach problems swear by it. It may sound backwards to add more acid to your stomach but it works.

  5. David Says:

    Pine nut oil works great.you can buy it aready bottled online.siberian pine nut oil.it may take two bottles to do the job and each bottle is 35 bucks but it helped me.

  6. Jim Says:

    For ulcers:
    I had bleeding ulcers and usually started my day by vomiting blood. I was told about Blackstrap Molasses.
    Take one tablespoon each morning of blackstrap molasses. It is best to eat a piece of toast or an apple first so you do not do this on an empty stomic even though I have done it on an empty stomic many times with no problems but I have heard of others that have to have a little something in their stomic first. Within 2 weeks I no longer had ulcers and was able to eat anything I wanted.
    It must be Blackstrap Molasses only and 150mlg viagra it can be found in most health food stores. It is inexpensive and does not harm the kidneys as some treatments do. You should notice a great difference within one week but continue for the whole two weeks. I have never been bothered with ulcers since. I was in my forties then and am now 63.

  7. angie Says:

    In the last 3 years all of my illnesses have been stomach related. I just had a test for h.pylori and waiting for results. However, I have found drinking whole milk and blueberry juice oddly help a lot. Also I took a piece of 100 whole grain wheat bread and put natural cheddar chese on it. After eating it, I had no more pain. Also in the past bannanas have calmed it.

  8. ADAM ATIAH Says:

    I have had suffered from stomach and esophagus ulcer for long time. I tried cabage and found it the best to heal the ulcer. I boil it for 15 minutes then before I go to bed, I eat it and drink the juice. I continued taking it for 2 weeks and now I am free of gas and pain.I recomend everyone to try this amazing remedy.

  9. Milka Says:

    My mom used Aloe Vera juice many years ago, before anyone had heard of it. I swear by it and DGL (licorice root) tablets.

  10. nj menard Says:

    after suffering for about two years with stomach problems and trying different antacids also nexium,I was amazed after trying siberian pine nut oil the results i felt after about two days after taking it. no kidding. its unbelievable. I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON. if you are disgusted with feeling bad, try it. its great

  11. Savanna Robinson Says:

    Ive had a ulcer for about 3 monthes now and my boy friend just for put in jail so im stressing way bad and my smoking habbit has went higher and all i do is drink now so its kinda like what do i do its getting worse my doctor says just stop stressing but i cant…its really killing me some one have any advice?????

  12. shaneth Says:

    Alpha lipoic acid tablets (strong antioxidant), along with elimination of all refined carbohydrates and drink juice from one lemon or lime (much like the cidar vinegar) 30 – 60 minutes before each protein meal. Do this and your ulcer will slowly begin to heal provided that you’ve eliminated ALL (even the fun things) forms of stress that increase gastric secretion. H. pylori is only half the story guys.

  13. Deoid'e Says:

    I was diagnosed with a marginal ulcer boy it hurt. I have been taking DGL papaya enzyme and aloe vera juice and it seems to have eased the majority of the pain. I am going back in for a check up this week and I can’t wait to tell to doctor that all I got from the caraphate he prescribed was nausea and more pain but my natural remedy killed those. I don’t know why they won’t just accept that natural is better!!

  14. Caroline Says:

    Buttermilk! After trying many of the above remedies (with quite a bit of success — thank you!!), I was still looking for something to make the ulcer totally GONE. Buttermilk has worked amazingly well. Several friends recommended it because their family members had used it for ulcers. I drink it morning, noon, and night (about 6-8 ounces each time), with a spoonful of organic honey, and it’s made a huge difference. I can actually forget about ulcers for most of the day now. It’s been nearly a week, and I’m still taking it, just to be sure. I’ll probably continue for quite awhile!

  15. Dolores Pena Says:

    I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck for more then a year. The medicine that I was taken for pain as motrin 800 mgs has caused me an ulcer, so last night I have a strong pain in my stomach and the medicine for acid reducer didn,t work, and I call my friend and ask about what she knows as natural remedy for peptic ulcer and she toldme about the potatoes and carrots juice at least once a day.
    I run to the kitchen and made that juice and after 20 minutes, oh my god you cannot believe the relief i felt. I was in bed all day because the pain and as soon as i felt better I got up and took a shower and starterd to enjoy my day. Today i made it the juice again and i have not felt any pain it all.

  16. Karen says.... Says:

    Upon the first indications of the rolling and gnawing pain in my stomach, I begin a regime of oatmeal which helps but, if I only eat it once a day, it may take 5 or 6 days to take all the pain away but it will make it more manageable.

  17. janice Says:

    i just finished up with antibiotic for h.plori and none fo it worked s i did pinut oil and raw brocolli juicingand tookgastrohealth with broccoli extract every day for a month and went bact formy test i was clear ad coconut oil every day still im cleared i swear to this my test came back neg/thank you .in alabama chancellor.

  18. ERIC Says:

    where can i get manuka? ilive in south africa,capetown

  19. Lynnie Says:

    You can buy Raw Manuka honey online! Just google it!

  20. Monnica Says:

    Wow thanks guys
    I live in cape town and I’ve read a lot of your remedies and will be sure buying stuff tomorrow

  21. betty Says:

    this is a sure remedy if not too far left unattended.
    i appreciate all the posted remedies but i believe in
    fresh goat milk an aloe vera first thing in the morning.
    or you can try aloe vera and honey blend together its amazing.
    try for two weeks straight.

  22. Luli Says:

    I always take 500mg vit C, but 20 days ago I had kidney infection so the Dr. advice me to take cranberry juice w/antibiotics + painkiller with codeine. At this point I was taking the medicines + the juice 3xd + 3 caps of the same + vit C. After few days I started feeling some stomach cramping on the right side of abdomen. Dr. told me I had gallstones, so and ultrasound was made.
    No gallstones found!!, but yes a a big painful ulcer because all the package of things prescribed.
    So I am on a bland diet, absolutetly no oils, vegetables and fruits have to be boiled, no fibers for few days, take chamomile tea with no caffeine after every meal, Omeprazol for 5-6 days to stop the overproduction of acidity, hope it helps

  23. Momma Mia Says:

    Thank you all for sharing your wisdom. I have been suffering from ulcers for years and never paid attention to it. I’d simply eat baking soda for the nausea. Recently, since the kids are grown and gone, I’ve decided to pay more attention to me. Based on your recommendations, I chose to use black strap molasses (which has a wealth of calcium, iron and potassium) and apple cider vinegar (which is nature’s cure all) to alleviate the pain associated with ulcers. I have also changed many things in my life including the way I eat (100% organic and gmo free), the company I keep (get rid of the losers, even if they are your friends, lol), my daily activities ( I incorporate yoga, swimming and plenty of cardio weekly) and my outlook on life (if it’s not life threatening, let it go…). These things have helped me to not only feel better but to also life better. Thanks again for your help guys and gals!

  24. Krishnan- Tamil Nadu - Pollachi Says:

    Be Cool !!! It is curable disease only !!!

    Before taking medicine mentally prepare yourself that medicine we are going to take is Home made it has no side effects and i will cure my ulcer.. I have No doubt in that ..

    Then try to have below food instructions Surely you will get relief from ulcer,

    1) Drink atlease 1 Litre of water in the early morning after you brush in the empty stomach
    NOT ONLY ULCER, Many disease related stomach is going to get relif make it has habit .. drink regularly without any gaps.

    2) Every one aware that , ‘An Apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away’ Since apple is costlier in India ( Tamil Nadu)..Not requesting to eat daily .. Atlest eat a banana ‘ A Banana day keeps the ULCER Away’

    3) Drink Fresh juices like Sweet Lime, Water Melon after Lunch …

    4) When the stomach feels like burning keep Ice cubes at the stomach ,, it can avoid burning of the cells … keep your stomach cool.

    5) Fix time eat the break fast, Lunch , evening snacks and Dinner at time without any excuse… Keep in mind you only should take care of your body..

    Only u r the one who is suffering ,, your pain cannot be transferable.. so maitain diet at regular intervals…

    6) AVOID SPICY , MASALA , OILY , PICKLE, follow it .. U r NO MORE ULCER patient…

    KEEP SIMILING :):):)

  25. Whitney Says:

    Green Cabbage…juiced fresh 4 times a day…a half hour before each (bland) meal. Nine days later my ulcer was gone. I also chew the DGL Licorice tablets before bed …brush your teeth after the licorice, since it might stain the teeth.

  26. Patti Says:

    I was dx’d with h.pylori and between that and the drug treatment I had horrible ulcers. Once I made it thru the drug treatment, I used several different remedies to help my ulcers . Manuka honey works very well, and you can get it at Amazon.com. yes its pricey but it tastes great and really helps. Chamomille tea is very soothing and DGL licorice tabs. Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera gel also helps. You can also get Slippery Elm bark chewable tablets which help to heal the stomach lining. The very best thing you can do is CHANGE your diet. You MUST stay away from foods that are difficult to digest as they do produce more stomach acid which will irritate ulcers. (heavy meats, alcohol, dairy, coffee, chocolate) Its been about 2 months for me and I am finally improving.

  27. Ron Davis,C.H.H.C. Says:

    TV commercials touting the effectiveness of low dose aspirin for the prevention of heart attacks is a bogus claim disproved by an eight year Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study. The study showed that low dose aspirin does not impact fatal or non fatal cardio episodes at all. Then why is the commercial still on TV? You guessed it…($$$$)
    But–It did prove that low dose aspirin causes a significant increase in gastrointestinal problems including GI hemorrhages,ulcers and h. pylori infections. As well,studies have shown that the use of Anti depressant drugs, or Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors, (SSRIs)in combination with low dose aspirin caused a 42 percent increase in the risks for GI bleeding in participants age 50 and above.
    Cabbage is shown as one of the remedies, however,you don’t have to eat an entire head of cabbage to get the benefits. An option is Cabbage ‘Juice.’ It is as effective and is more plentiful. Do not use cabbage in a ‘Can’ or any non organic source.
    GI related deaths are now the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. Yearly, there are 56,000 GI related “Emergencies” caused by these drugs. Research has determined that gastrointestinal disease caused by COX2 drugs: Celebrex, Celecoxib–opiate based drugs like Vicotin, Lorcet, Norco, Percoset, Percodan, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Heroin and the NSAID acetaminophen, are also responsible for liver failure and GI and esophageal disorders.
    Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, etc.) are also responsible for deterioration of the esophagus and stomach and also cause nutrient mal-absorption that causes deficiencies of Magnesium and subsequent bone related disorders. (See other related posts on this site). OTC antacids containing “aluminum hydroxide” are also tied to Alzheimer’s disease.

    Ron Davis, Certified Holistic Health Counselor> blue_daawg@yahoo.com
    I am an educator.I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose any disease or condition or prescribe any substance for the treatment or cure of any disease.

  28. nanao kure Says:

    what to use in curing ulcer

  29. Wart Removal Says:

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  30. shilow Says:

    Really appreciate everyone’s comments. I think i will try the cabbage, manuka honey, blackstrap molasses, and Chamomile tea.

    The DGL one must be cautious of because it can raise the blood pressue and cause arrhythmia”s . I tried it several yrs ago for 9 days and developed problems so stopped taking it and problem cleared.

    I have h pilori and will take the prevpac for 14 days as i am miserable with lots of burning. Hope it helps kill off the bacteria and i can be working on helping my stomache with the manuka and other things. My stomache is burning bad. Had to resort to ppi’s for now.

  31. J.G. Says:

    I would love to try the manuka honey. I know I need to stop taking the antacids prescribed by my gastroenterologist. But the heartburn/acid reflux is so bad I start vomiting. Right now I am on 300mg ranitidine twice daily, as well as omeprazole twice daily. It has been making my legs, feet, tummy, even my arms and face swell up. I really wish I could stop taking it, but I have multiple esophageal ulcers-not caused by H.Pylori. I was given carafate suspension liquid as well as the pills and they did not work and I start vomiting when I lay down if I take it. Something I have found that helps me is a particular brand of probiotic complex by Pharmacist’s Health.

  32. Chatwitrolex Says:

    thanks a lot, i will try this natural method, after seeing my doctor

  33. Dinaalbert Says:

    This info helped my husband AMAZINGLY within three days of just the almond milk, bananas and some aloe Vera juice he has had some sleep ease of pain and his appetitie back!!! Excellent JOB THANKS !!!!!

  34. Jenatalia Says:

    i have ulcers from prescribed nsaid use for joint pain. I take ranitidine and have stopped taking it after several months. The severe pain did not return but constant nausea did. i would be nauseas and if something smelled bad or I moved to quickly or had post nasal drip i would lose my lunch. went to doctor and she said it was ulcer again and im back on ranitidine. it got better so i quit taking it after about 7 weeks. she gave me medicine for nausea, thankfully . how long do i need to stay on the ranitidine? i hate taking medicine unless i absolutely have to. oddly enough she prescribed ibuprofen to my husband for piriformis syndrome and he is exhibiting symptoms of ulcer so I’m on here today finding help nfor him,

  35. jeff Says:

    Where can i get this manuka honey and chamomile tea in botswana and how much is it?

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