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ahtletes foot

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that you can get saddled with some point in your life. The fungus usually develops between the toes and buy viagra 100mg online can spread to your toenails and the soles and sides of your feet.

The fungus attacks the feet because of the warm, dark and humid environment created by shoes that encourages its growth. The term, athlete’s foot, probably was coined because this skin disease was common in athletes using warm and damp showers and locker rooms. However, not all fungal infections of the foot are athlete’s foot. (1)


Athlete’s foot is not confined to the feet, it can also occur on palms and fingers. It can spread to other parts of the body too, such as groin, underarms and cialis generic other places, if you scratch the infection and touch these places. Even contaminated bed sheets or clothing can spread the infection to other parts of the body (1). Just see the picture(s) below to see how this condition looks like.

Athlete’s foot is primarily an adult’s disease, but cases in children have also been reported. When you get this infection, the first thing you experience is drying up of the skin, accompanied by itching and scaling. If left unattended, it can take the form of inflammation and blisters.

Blisters can often cause cracking of the skin, resulting in small raw areas of tissue that cause pain and swelling. The severity of itching and burning is usually directly proportional to the spread of the infection. The fungus causing athlete’s foot may persist for long periods.

Natural remedies

Although, athletes foot responds well to over-the-counter treatments, but you just can’t be sure what allergies and other skin reactions these medicines may cause. So, the best alternative is to go in for natural cures and remedies. Let’s see what they are (2):

a. Tea Tree Essential Oil:

This is an effective remedy for skin problems, including bacterial and lasix pills for sale fungal infections, since it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Best results are obtained by applying a few drops of tea tree oil on the affected area, at least, four times a day. To eradicate this infection completely, continue the treatment for another 2 to 4 weeks, even if you find the problem clearing up (3).

b. Tea:

Tea is another effective treatment. In a quart of boiling water add six tea bags and soak your feet in it for 30 to 60 minutes. Of course, wait for it to become comfortably warm, you wouldn’t want to end up with scalded feet! Tannic acid in tea kills the fungus and soothes the pain and itchy condition.

c. Salt water:

Dissolve salt in warm water and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. Doing so regularly will improve the condition. However, salt water can be painful if the skin is cracked.

d. Natural apple cider vinegar:

This is an effective remedy for athlete’s foot. Simply pour it on the infected skin and allow the vinegar to dry. Afterwards, rinse the skin with water and dry it thoroughly. Repeated use will get rid of athlete’s foot.

e. Baking soda:

Dusting baking soda on your feet and between your toes after shower helps dry the area and cialis order in uk removes dampness from the skin. Powder the area with baking soda daily, until the infection is gone and continue it for at least a month afterwards.

f. Yogurt:

The good bacteria in yogurt are helpful in clearing athlete’s foot. Use yogurt or supplements till 2 weeks after the symptoms are gone. Best would be to make yogurt a part of your daily diet.

Athlete’s foot can become painful and itchy, if it’s allowed to spread. So, always get yourself checked before you start any home remedy, since other conditions, such as disturbances of the sweat mechanism, reaction to dyes or adhesives in shoes, eczema and even psoriasis, may mimic athlete’s foot.


41 remedies have been posted.

  1. Unknown Doctor Says:

    I have heard that consuming oregano helps to rid the body of Athlete’s Foot. Also something called Pau D’ Arco(unsure of the spellling!).

  2. Anonymous girl Says:

    Super remedy to clear up Athletes foot. To make a solution, bring 4 cups of water to a boil and canadian pharmacies 40mg cialis add 8-10 broken cinnamon sticks. Reduce heat to low setting and let simmer for about 5 minutes or less. Remove and let steep covered for 45 more minutes. Use while still lukewarm for either problem.
    Remedy for athletes foot soak. One handfull of fresh thyme is added to 1 1/4 pints of boiling water, covered and where to buy cheap cialis removed from the heat and permited to steep about 25 mins. Strain and soak hands and feet in this solution while still somewhat hot; douch with it when lukewarm, however.
    I heard that witch Hazel cures it as well.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Urine. It sounds gross, but it actually worked for me. Pee on your feet,(harder for women than men) in the shower each morning. In two weeks your athletes foot will be on its way out.

  4. Michael Pallister Says:

    I heard this from a dermatologist a long time ago. He said he was only telling me because he liked me. He told me to use “Right Guard” deodorant to clear up athletes foot. Use the kind in the copper color can, its the original. I have used it a few times, it burns when you put it on if you have cracks in you foot or between your toes but in a matter of days you will be cured!

  5. amber Says:

    bleach…it burns but works!! add 1/4th of a cup to a good sized pan/bowl of water and soak your feet for -10 minutes every night, but make sure you wash you feet first so there is no dirt in any cracks.

    mouth wash…you can either soak your feet in it, or you can wash your feet, get a cotton ball nice and soaked, and dab it all over the affected area.

    good luck!

  6. Don Glaesemann Says:

    Pau D’Arco is nothing more than corn starch!

  7. concerned citizen Says:

    Use Salicylic Acid. Clean your feet w/ soap/water. Pour 1/2 cup SA to a basin. Put your feet on it. It will take a while before all the liquid dries up and turns into a very white powder. Then, wash your feet w/ water. Afte 3-4 days, old skin of your feet will peel off naturally. DO NOT force to peel off, may cause you wound.You may now start soaking your feet into baking soda w/ water 10minutes everyday for whole week. You’ll feel good about it.
    It’s proven effective to my hubby =)

  8. Ron Shipley Says:

    I simply allow my feet to dry. By wearing open toed sandals for a few days to a week my toes heal completely. Wearing socks is okay.

  9. john donnachie Says:

    i have used sulpher powder spread between toes it will eventually clear up

  10. A Nony Mouse Says:

    Soak your feet in a 1 to 1 ratio of bleach and water. I have been athletes foot free for 12 years. I got it in high school, tried all the over the counter creams. I don’t remember where I heard to do this, but it worked for me. I’ve heard this could be dangerous, but I only had to do it twice in one week, and never again.

  11. seb Says:

    is it possible to spread athletes foot to your eyes? this is serious so please email me at

  12. esteban Says:

    lamisil med works great get it at ay drogstore use it for 1 week. works.

  13. mike g Says:

    fuck athletes foot, i hate it , completely awful… it wont go awaay

  14. pete r Says:

    please be considerate of others when you post in a public forum that kids may see. where’s the moderator here?

    as for athlete’s foot, baking soda in the shoes helped keep it at any and genuine cialis no prescription not walking barefoot on damp cement surfaces or in basements

  15. someone Says:

    i heard that vicks vaporrub works. i am trying it right now, whats the harm! i will post back and let you all know if it worked for me

  16. Bombdylan Says:

    Ive heard that in varies cases, peeing on your feet can rid of this fungis and can cure varies of cases.

  17. Bombdylan Says:

    Reply to SEB: no it is not, its called “Pink Eye” if your eye can get open in the morning and it iches real bad, ask your doctor for a prescription.

  18. tammy Says:

    peeing on your feet does work. everyone says its harder for girls to do this but i don’t see the problem. The problem is how to get rid of it completely when your boyfriend has it ? bleach in the shower every time changing sheets? help!

  19. Brooke Says:

    Regular/original Pinesol at full strength left on surfaces for at least 10 minutes kills the fungus. Stop up your tub or shower drain and pour enough to cover the entire surface and rinse after 10 to 15 minutes.

  20. pete the feet Says:

    Alchol hand rub will clear up youq fungi feet.use twiceaday

  21. Anthimos Kiouppis Says:

    I wonder if there’s a Raccoon in the Bayou with itchy fungal feet, yeasty ears, pollen allergies, mold allergies, poison ivy, fleas, allergies to birds and cats, the plague, epilepsy, and a colostomy bag saying “man I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that wheat.” Ok I’ve been known to have a sick sense of humor now and order cialis generic canada then, but if it makes you think. I am absolutely certain Western Medicine evolved around wheat and wish other people were too. Oh well go ahead and remove and medicate more body parts nature intended for us to have some reason.

  22. Kiki Guzman Says:

    What do you do if it spreads to your nails?
    Would the bleach treatment work?

  23. yahaira Says:

    sqeeze lemon juice on the afected area twice a day for a week. It really works, the acid from the lemon kills the fungi !!!

  24. Hates Athletes Foot Says:

    I have tried just salt water sofar and washing my feet often and using a blow dryer to keep them dry. I have also been using a blow dryer in my shoes to make sure they are dry, not sure if it is helping yet.

  25. Sue Says:

    I used Vick vaporub on toenail fungus after every shower for a couple of months on toenail fungus. Completely gone for year. Mayo’s site said it works but don’t know how. They think maybe the menthol.

  26. cocoandrico Says:

    Aloe! Aloe Vera is really soothing on irritated skin, and mixed with tea tree oil the gel (from the cut stem of the plant- you can also find it at health food stores) is a great home remedy for athlete’s foot. Try it out if you’re looking for a skin-friendly alternative to bleach/achohol/etc. I found some instructions for how to make an aloe ointment or spray here:

    Hope it helps!

  27. I am Says:

    Equal parts of vinegar and water. Soak your feet twice a day.

    Dr, Oz suggests:
    Athlete’s Foot Fungus Step #3: Garlic & Olive Oil Home Remedy
    Doctor Oz’s home remedy for Athlete’s Foot is to make a paste out of olive oil and garlic, and apply it to your infected foot.

  28. jelly toes Says:

    athletes foot is whack. im using the vicks remedy. been doin it for a week. still wondering if ill get better results….

  29. Sandra Steinfeld Says:

    Plain yogurt that contains acidopholis. I spread a thin layer over my feet, ankles, bottom and top of feet, put on some clean socks and it works very quickly. After spending hundreds at dermatologists offices I was thrilled that the yogurt really cleared up my athletes foot.

  30. desperate Says:

    Help I been treating my athletes foot it is now pealing off is that good?n what’s next??

  31. Ihateathletesfoot!! Says:

    I have had a severe case of athletes foot on my hands for 10 months. Ive seen several doctors and been given tons of creams!! I keep being told that theres something im coming into contact with everyday that im allergic to and its keeping the infection alive. Im told to keep hands dry and wear gloves all day. NOT IDEAL FOR A MOM!! Ive tried EVERYTHING, nothing works. My hands have huge cracks that bleed all over them. Please someone share a remedy i havent heard yet that actually works! Cant take the pain anymore!

  32. hayhaypaula Says:

    OK, I have been searching for remedies for this fungus for weeks. I bought several topical ointments, and am alternating between them in the hopes of ‘confusing’ the fungus: Tolnaftate, Miconazole (yes the stuff for ladies’ private areas!), and Clortrimazole).

    I am also using bleach soaks at 80% water and maybe 20% bleach. When I wash my feet before adding the topical ointment, I also use the same mixture of bleach/water as a cleaning agent. I don’t rinse it off either before putting on the topical fungal agent. Maybe I should rinse off the bleach to get a better result? Hopefully the bleach is not killing the good stuff in the topical ointments.

    I was also told it helps to put facial bleach (the kind that removes dark skin spots) on your affected areas, and then cover it with a bandage for as long as you can keep the bandage in place (hours at least). Sadly, I don’t have good bandages, only the cheap kind, and they fall off quickly. Still, it seemed to help! The concept here is to dry out the fungus and starve it since it probably needs moisture and oxygen to live! The ointment might keep it moist, but the bandage keeps the fresh oxygen out!

    I put some of the bleach solution in an old plastic jar, that originally came with peanuts in it, and keep it on my nightstand for quick access. After using the bleach solution, I let my hands/feet dry for a short time, and then I put on the topical ointment. I don’t mix the different ointments because I think one might overrule another. Then I immediately put on a pair of very clean socks (very hot water and vinegar to help kill the fungus in the washer!). The blogs recommend all cotton socks if you have any. I don’t! I keep several pairs of clean white socks on my nightstand so I can change them whenever I feel any itching and need to do a re-treatment. Colored socks will probably be ruined by the bleach solution.

    I wake up sometimes and just put more miconazole on my hands just because. I am kind of using the topical ointments like hand lotion. When I can’t feel the moisture of it any longer, then I apply more!

    The bleach will hurt if you have open areas, but it does stop the itching almost immediately. I also use the bleach to clean all doorknobs, light switches, keyboard and mouse of my computer, cell phone, regular telephone, and anything else I think I may be touching that might be carrying the fungus.

    The blogs recommend that you don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row. Or slippers! Switch it up to keep them from remaining moist and providing a good environment for the fungus to grow in. Also, I washed all of my tennis shoes, and slippers in very hot water with vinegar (about 1.5 cups added to the wash water). You can add baking soda to your wash water (about 1 cup) if you don’t have white vinegar. If you put both together, they foam up and probably kill each other!

    I have been doing this for a week, and my feet are much better with less itching and much less callous. My hands still have somewhat raw areas that are still flaking, but they look much better. I was told it is ok to remove the flaking pieces of skin, but make sure you are not leaving those bits around wherever you have been sitting/laying down. These carry the fungus and can be picked up by your feet, etc. Vacuum your house a lot, and change your sheets/bedding often. The fungus can live on the sheets in your bed, including the pillow cases where your hands touched it to move the pillow around!

    Also, do not wear the same clothes for a second day. Even make sure to change your pajamas each and every day. Socks of course are of supreme importance. I am changing mine several times a day – after I clean and treat my feet.

    Bleach your bathtub/shower, and be sure to wipe the handles to the faucets and handheld shower wands. I even bleached the toilet seat (top and bottom) to make sure I wasn’t getting the fungus when I lifted or closed the lid! Don’t forget the edges of your medicine cabinet and the containers of topical ointment! You can actually get some of the fungus on the outside of the tubes.

    I am not cured yet – only been a week, but my feet are better, and my hands look better too! They seem to be healing, albeit kind of slow. They still itch too, so I know I haven’t conquered it yet. I plan to get some more pure tea tree oil, and will use the plain yogurt rubbed on my hands and feet as soon as I finish this blog. I don’t have any raw honey, but even regular honey might help as it does contain natural bacteria!

    I tried soaking my feet in Listerine for 20 mins. and it didn’t sting like I expected, and only turned my feet kind of blue. No benefit I could see, but maybe I have the wrong kind? I also tried making a poultice of baking soda with water to make it into a paste. I then smeared it on my hands, and then put on a pair of latex gloves (the kind for food handling, or even the kind for hair coloring). This stung really bad the entire time I had the gloves on my hands! Didn’t want to do it again after that!

    I haven’t tried the tea bag soak, or the olive oil with garlic poultice. Probably will if the methods I am already using don’t clear it all up very soon!

    I wish all of you well who are trying to conquer this ugly fungus! One web site I visited recommended putting one of the poultices on your feet, and then wrapping the feet in plastic wrap for as long as bearable! Once again, the concept is to starve the fungus to death! Haven’t tried this yet, but the bandages on the fingers definitely helped!

  33. mich Says:

    pls read. it all started when i was wearing this new bought sandals and used it for school during wash day., but there comes the rainy day and suddenly my sandals got wet allover and my feet too., the big problem is i don’t have any slippers to wear cuz’ my sandals are too wet., i don’t have any choice but to wear it while it cries out. (i think for about 4 hours)., but when i got home i washed it up and assured that there are no baddies left., but a few weeks later the horror part comes up and showed up into an army,. it affected my 3 fingers on my foot., now few days later i had it on my hands too.,, I don’t want it to spread to other parts of may body so please help me., i cannot choose what kind of remedy i will do., ( but my mom already let my hands and feet get soaked in salted warm water) i know it will take weeks for it to be gone,. but will it be cured? please need your comment., esp. does who had done their effective home remedies.,. thank you. ^^

  34. Ali T Says:

    Im gonna try whitch hazel wipes (generally used for hemmeroids), I work so hard to keep my feet moist and soft I would hate to have to dry them out cause my boyfriend can’t wash himself properly!

  35. Alisboyfriend Says:

    don’t blame your boyfriend, its you!

  36. Julserrano Says:

    for how many weeks?

  37. helping Says:

    urinate on your feet in the shower before you turn on the water , let it sit for a min . then shower . when done , dry your feet completely and use talc . this works great i have not used creams or drugs . the cure is in your body . 

  38. isaih Says:

    Hey guys enough is enough with athletes foot let’s eradicate this completely.clean your foot with warm water,dry your foot thoroughly,cut raw lemon juice into four pieces do not apply this yourself because the burning of the skin you wouldn’t keep up with so let someone do it for you and make sure the juice is applied in all the affected area pliz don’t touch just go go for anap just one week twice aday oops its gone and you are clean and smooth.note: it burns.

  39. Flat Stanley Says:

    Grapefruit Seed Extract or GSE . NOT GRAPESEED EXTRACT.
    You can get the liquid kind and dilute it 10 drops to 1/2 ounce of water and spray it on your feet. You can also buy the GSE pills. This stuff is amazing. I can’t believe more people don’t know about it!

  40. Milo Watson Says:

    Domeboro’s solution a.k.a. aluminum acetate. Bayer makes it. I use it for eczema and it did the trick overnight when I got athlete’s foot. This stuff is magic.

  41. Zndt Says:

    Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda in your shoes, gently shaking out the excess. Do this for a week or two. At night, spray your feet with a 50% bleach, 50% water solution. Do it in your shower to kill the fungus on your feet and shower. Do this for at least a week too.

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