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Whether you slip into that sleek, black dress or throw on a dark-colored sweater, one distraction that really puts a damper on a sharp-looking wardrobe is irritating dandruff. These flecks of dry, white matter are a real turnoff to those who spot these intruders resting upon your shoulders. Many individuals also equate dandruff with uncleanliness and viagra from canada the condition is acknowledged for possessing a real reputation for causing embarrassment.

Causes and Symptoms

According to the Ontario government, while a form of eczema causes some dandruff (promoting increased amounts of normal skin cells on the scalp to shed), there is actually a deeper explanation for some. A yeast-like fungus called malassezia is now thought to be responsible for numerous cases of flaky skin cells. This type of fungus usually resides on the scalps of most people without bringing about such problems.

But just like any other fungus, malassezia may get a little out of control, causing rapid cell production to bump older coatings of skin from the outer layer in the form of flakes. Doctors are unsure why only some people are more susceptible to this process than others. Increased oil production is one theory, while stress and hair products may contribute to oily scalp buildup.

Besides dealing with the white flakes of dead skin in your hair and shoulders, your head will itch and your scalp will appear scaly. Individuals may also experience either an excessively oily or dry scalp during bouts of dandruff.

Natural Cures

To treat dandruff, it is quite common to turn towards both over-the counter and prescription treatments, but sometimes these options can cause skin irritation and chemical reactions. At times, even Head and canadian pharmacy cialis Shoulders shampoo doesn’t do the trick, prompting many to find alternate solutions for their scalp problem. An effective approach often includes natural remedies that come from a wide-range of plants, often utilizing parts, such as the root, essential oil, and bark.

a) Rosemary and Nettle:

Rosemary is a stimulating herb that warms the body and makes an effective traditional hair rinse. Individuals may create one of the most effective dandruff shampoos when combining (25 grams of fresh rosemary leaves; 10 grams of fresh, stinging nettle root; 5 drops of tea tree oil; 20 grams of soft soap; and 100 ml of denatured alcohol).

All of the ingredients should be placed within a 500 ml jar. Next, add 350 ml of water and shake well. For a period of two weeks, the shampoo should be left to steep, shaking on a regular basis. After two weeks has finished, the mixture should be strained into a clean bottle.

b) Soap Bark:

The inner bark of this particular herbal option acts as a cleanser and anti-inflammatory. To create a shampoo to combat dandruff, one should mix two cups (500 ml) of a soap bark decoction with 200 grams of soft soap. It is important to remember that this mixture is only for external use and not for internal consumption.

c) Fenugreek Seeds:

When taking two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and soaking them overnight in water, you can ground them into a fine paste by the morning. The paste should be applied to the scalp and cost viagra left to work its magic for an hour. Afterwards, you should wash your hair with a soap-nut (ritha) solution or shikakai.

d) Lime:

After washing your hair, you may create a natural cure for dandruff by rinsing your hair with a teaspoon of fresh lime juice. This remedy also helps to control dandruff, promote glowing hair, as well as remove stickiness.

e) Beet:

Some individuals have found reasonable results when boiling the tops and roots of beets in water. While you may think that the beet itself is used on the hair, it is actually the concentrated beet water that should be massaged into the scalp with the fingertips. This process should be repeated each night. When choosing beets, it is the white variety that provides better results.

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  1. Shreya Says:

    Take four-five tablespoons of sour curd and some lime juice add in it.Dont add water it supposed to be a thick paste. The paste of curd should be applied to the scalp and left to work its magic for an couple of hour. Afterwards, you should wash your hair only with water.Next day you can use shampoo.This remedy helps to control dandruff.

  2. Spencer Says:

    Mayo works great and it is also good for your hair! If you can tolderate the smell that is

  3. Tandra Says:

    I have had dandruff for years. I read an article that said put vinegar on your scalp. I thought it was a little out there, but I was desperate. I rinsed my hair with water in the shower and sprayed white vinegar on my scalp. I let it soak in for about five minutes. Then I washed my hair with dandruff shampoo and conditioned my hair as normal. After doing this every other day for a few weeks I got rid of my dandruff. If I feel like it is starting to come back I repeat the process. It kind of stinks a little, but it’s so worth it! Hope this helps you too!

    Take care!

  4. roxxi Says:

    u can use viniger, works great 4 dandruff.

  5. markus darkus Says:

    olive oil and coconut oil they keep ur head mosturized for long period of time

  6. Sarah Says:

    Try pouring half a small jug full of really good extra virgin Olive oil onto your scalp and massage it into dry hair really well. Leave it in for about three days. I had to wear my hair up for the three days but it was worth it. After the three days, rinse your hair with luke warm water and then apply rosemary oil or water to your damp hair ( get it from the local health food shop )and massage it in.

    I think that any time you wash your hair, when you do wash it, wash it with luke warm water or cold water. It’s best because hot water drys out your scalp and your skin in general.

  7. kk Says:

    First you should rinse your scalp with organic apple cider vinnegar. This balances the ph of your scalp, then you wash your hair with cold water because hot or warm water strips your scalp of its natural oils. Last you shampoo and condition the the brand of your choice.

  8. Bonnie Says:

    I’ve tried vinegar also and viagra 100 mg canada pharmacy had the same experience as the person above, the smell isn’t to great but it seemed to fend it off for a little while.

  9. Jake Rodgers Says:

    this is gunna sound really gross but it’s garunteed to work 100%.
    if you pee in a cup and then pour the cup on your dry hair/scalp your dandruff will be gone the next day.the amonia of the B vitamins and urochromes revive the scalp just like dandruff shampoos only stronger.

  10. gunfighter Says:

    dont wash your hair for 6 weeks and then presto you will never have use shampoo again just water from the shower does work i havent washed my hair in years

  11. sara Says:

    this always works for me and you will be surprised as well dont be stupid like other people and pour ur own pee on your head. just put, extra virgin olive oil massage , leave for 2 hours

  12. Elle O'Donnell Says:

    I totally agree with Jake Rodgers on this. I was very desperate to get rid of my dandruff. It was ruining my life. Here is what I did and IT WORKED.
    1. Get your shower started (make sure the water isn’t hot. I know, I like hot water too, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The water has to be warm or cold.)
    2. (This sounds CRAZY), but you pee in a cup.
    3. While taking your shower pour the urine into your hair. It’s not going to kill you so don’t worry.
    4. LIGHTLY rinse your hair.
    5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT scratch, rub, or heavily brush your hair after your shower. That is what makes it worse.( Along with head & shoulders.)
    Repeat that several times aftr that. Then when you are sure it is gone you can stop pouring pee in your hair. I haven’t done this, but please do not try going back to head&shoulders dandruff control. And if you think your dandruff is coming back, repeat the process.
    I hope this works for you it did for me! ;D

  13. miranda Says:

    ok guys let me tell you right now, DONT PUT PEE IN YOUR HAIR! it doesnt work! you’ll just sound like a physco. but you can just first get all the dandruff thats in your hair at that moment out, then just shampoo regularly adding some vinegar to your shampoo, dont use conditioner in this case. then when you hair is damp pour some warm lime juice in your hair with a little bit of shampoo and just massage it in your hair and rinse repeatedly

  14. danny gibbs Says:

    i have a fishy type of skin


    if you really wanna get rid of that dandruff, use some extra virgin olive oil on your scalp and top it with some oregano and buy levitra online without prescription then some greek olives and feta cheese and cilantro and then rub it all in your scalp and leave it in for ten minutes, then rinse, and bravo,,, it’s gone!



  17. JOHN P. Says:

    Yes malakismeni is correct, i tried that and it worked for me. when i rinsed it out i was like yay,,great!!! dandruff was all gone.

  18. Grimm Says:

    Is that pee-ing tip true?

  19. faaooh Says:

    I’m a victim here! i mean, dandruff is like a constant embarrassment. I didn’t start having dandruff until I moved to Washington state. I believe me, my dandruff are not like little flakes now. It’s like chunks of flakes. And I’ve tried every dandruff product available on the counter; head&shoulder, denerex, dandruff neutrogena, and about every single oil. And it kept coming back. So right now, I will start trying out home remedy such as (my pee) :o)… vinegar, and some extra virgin olive oil. hopefully it will work. Maybe NOT with the pee but if it keep coming back. Desperate Times calls for (very) Desperate Measures.

  20. Cardboard Says:

    This may sounds crazy, but it cured my dandruff, (which I had for years, and couldn’t even be helped by doctors…).
    First you must collect 2 pints of your own blood.
    This is mixed with 4 cups ground cat litter (the cheapest brands work the best).
    Add 2 cups of milk, and about 1/2 a pound of grass clippings from your yard (it’s important that is from your yard, or a yard in your neighborhood, as this will contain the local toxins that can cause dandruff in the first place).
    When this is all mixed in a large sealable jar, let it sit in the sun for 2 weeks, then use this paste in your hair once a day, until it is all gone.
    It can be applied lightly, but cannot be rinsed out during the day.
    Rinse it at night with cold water, before you go to bed.
    Good Luck!

  21. dt Says:

    rinse your hair with coconut milk,doesn’t matter how much

  22. britnney Says:

    wtf peein in a cup? wow um i shaved my head and like rub my bald head with oil now i have better hair then jessica sim.

  23. jean rogers Says:

    ok when you have diarrhea put the diarrhea in a cup and wash your hair with it, rinse and take many showers afterwards to remove the smell but it works, the high levels of acid practically kill the dandruff.

  24. kamna jain Says:

    after using hello lot f anti dandruf shampoos,finally LOREAL INSTANT CLEAR worked wonders.try twice a week

  25. Beautifulhair..... Says:

    I have personally done the olive oil and it does help bc in the winter i have really bad dry scalp (dandruff). Whatever you do DO NOT POUR PEE ON YOURSElf!! Not only does it not work (ask a dr they will tell you)its repulsive! Just thought i would put that out there. lol

    Good luck

  26. James Rogers Says:


    I have had dandruff for years and levitra sold in canada years, and just nothing has worked to get rid of it. Last month I finally decided that enough was enough, and as suggested above, peed into a cup and then poured it on my head. Timidly, yet curiously, I slowly tipped the radiating cup over. At first contact I was overwhelmed. A warm, gentle blanket quietly wrapped around me, starting from the top of my head, then slowly creeping down, covering my closed eyes and tender lips. It brought me back to simpler times, drinking warm apple juice on a nice summer day, the wind in my hair, on a swing with my best friend. Unfortunately, my girlfriend walked in on the process, and proceeded to freak out… the fact that R. Kelley was streaming on my iTunes didn’t help matters. Needless to say, she was pissed. She moved all of her things out just a couple of weeks ago, and I feel very alone.
    Good news is, I no longer have dandruff.

  27. nadia Says:

    Ok first of all, don’t even try the “putting pee on ur head thing” it does not work!! And jean…wtf?! Diarrhea?! I’m not gonna even comment on that -__-
    K well a PROVEN method is wat everyone keeps saying, rinse ur hair with vinegars, or use coconut milk, that also works rly well there r many other methods that work also but I use thoose two, hope it helps (:

  28. learyin Says:

    Putting pee and/or poop in your hair is a STUPID idea! They only put that on there to get desperate people to try it. DO NOT PUT PEE AND/OR POOP IN YOUR HAIR!!!!

  29. saludable Says:

    Let me say that urine therapy is a widely used medicine in many 3rd world countries. You can look it up and study it online. Dr.s and drug co.s don’t want anyone to know of it, or all their patients will be self-cured of most all ailments naturally. HOWEVER, YOU HAVE TO GO VEGETARIAN FOR 1/2 DAY BEFORE USING IT- meat digestion causes ammonia in it which stinks. By the way, this I couldn’t do this cure because it cleanses not only the scalp but the hair color out of your hair.
    DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT USING EXCREMENT OR ROTTEN BLOOD, TOXIC AND FULL OF BACTERIA- these are deceived people trying to make you do dangerous, harmful things. Research carefully before anything. :)

  30. sana Says:

    1/4 C. vinegar, 1/4 C. hydrogen peroxide, and 3/4 C.feta cheese, blended- applied to hair and left for 15 min.s or so, washed w/ natural shampoo afterwards worked a miracle for me. Even prescription shampoo hadn’t touched my dandruff- after this treatment there’s not a trace. Happy Hair today :)

  31. New Dawn Fades Says:

    hahaha pissing and diarrhea hahaha. This is too funny. I suffer from dandruff worse than ever in my life. I tried the vinegar and it works for a few days..but I think if I did it more often it would get rid of my dandruff. I also made my own scrub using olive oil, organic raw sugar, and tea tree oil. Massage into the scalp then rinse with water, do your last rinse in vinegar. Apple Cider Vinnegar with Mother is the best ;) Do it twice a week.

  32. New Dawn Fades Says:

    OOo and don’t forget to let the Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixture stay on the scalp for about 30 minutes before rinsing out. After you can wash and condition hair with shampoos and conditioner, but try to avoid anything harsh that may irritate the scalp further. Rinse all out thouroughly. Then vinegar rinse <3

  33. sortyininca Says:

    Just use loreal instant clear …I think it will work

  34. Peace Says:

    The best remedy for dandruff. Do not ever use tap water on your hair for washing and viagra without prescription cold or warm is better as others have pointed out. If you have a water purification system, all the better.

    The best shampoos are; Nizoral or selsum blue. When washing hair use distilled water. Leave the selsum blue in your hair over night and wash out in the morning. With Nizoral, leave in one hour, but no longer than that. Remember to wash and rinse with distilled water. there is something in tap water that makes dandruff much worse.
    Use the shampoo everyday for a week afterwards, using the distilled water. And you will notice that your dandruff will be mostly, if not all gone. As soon as you use the tap water, your dandruff WILL come back. Any other natural remedies will better enhance the effects after doing this.

    For children and babies, do not use the above shampoos on their hair.
    For babies, use Dr. Bronners castille soap, but use a toothbrush to remove flakes from scalp before washing, and use the extra virgin coconut oil for conditioning and oiling the scalp.

    Over 12 years old, use selsum blue, do not leave in over night like adults. Leave in 1 hour max.

    For everyone, especially, African Americans use raw extra virgin coconut oil to condition and grease the scalp.

  35. nivo Says:

    hi I tried Olive oil and it made my dandruff WORST. I have seborrheic dermatitis and putting EVO on my face caused me to have yellow scales pealing off with a super inflamed red skin. The yellow scales from the scalp were kind of fun to comb off though, never had my dandruff so big!!! But the face was very irritating.
    My solution came when I washed my hair twice a day. W/O Shampoo!! THe idea is to get the oil off. seb derm is caused by excess oil that’s what I read. And the EVO just proved it. With more oil, it became worst. When I started washing my hair twice a day, it got under control. Anytime I skipped the hairwash, dandruff got worst.

    Recently I shaved my head. Not a complete shave, but a beard shave. So really close. And guess what, no more dandruff problem! I believe that less hair = less oil trapped. Also more sun exposure which is supposed to be good.

    This might not work for all cases of dandruff, especially if yours is due to dry skin. But for the seb derm sufferes, I hope that this helps you because I fully understand what you are going through and I would wish that somebody posted this when I was suffering. I wish you all the best! God bless you all and order viagra cheap may you all be protected from the evil ones (especially muslim terrorists). haha.

  36. Hazel Says:

    I think the wonder treatment for dandruff is a cup of very sour (stale) home made curd (yogurt)and 1/2 a lime should be mixed well and applied to the scalp and left on for an hour. This should then be washed off and then hair washed with a mild shampoo or no shampoo. All the best suffering amigos.

  37. Dont do it Says:

    DO NOT! I repaeat DO NOT! use poop or blood! i believe the people who say about the pee but not the poop and not the blood. good greif.

  38. Dont do it Says:

    I just used some of the the remedies and it totally worked practically immediately!

    I put Light Extra virgen olive oil (i dont think it matters if its light or not, light was all i had) in my hair (mostly on the sclap) for a while, while doing some house chores (about an hour). Then I washed it out and used my normal pantene shampoo. Afterwards I waited about 10 minutes and then rinsed out my hair with apple vinegar. It smells horrible but i washed it out as soon as it spread around my head and I massaged it in a little. I washed it about 3 times before the smell came out and now i am not brushing my scalp as much with the brush. Just brushing my hair about half way instead unless i need to part it.

  39. BabyBooBear Says:

    Listen,first of all,you don’t need to use anything oily (olive oil,mayo,anything of this oily kind) if you have oily skin/prone to breakouts on your body. You will break out! I have the most oily skin you could find in the world,and I’m a woman. So I wouldn’t touch any greasy products at all. If you wash it out good right away,and wash your face/body with soap afterwards,maybe. I wouldn’t want to go around with olive oil on my hair for days,it would be a greasy mess,try a few hours? Wrapped up maybe in a towel? Always with any shampoo you use,repeat,don’t just wash once,it makes a big difference.

  40. Chrishi Says:

    Try this remedy: mix equal quantities of olive oil with pure coconut oil and add a couple of Vitamin E capsules into it. Massage well into the scalp and leave it out for about 45 minutes and wash it off with a normal shampoo. Make sure you don’t wash the scalp thoroughly.

  41. Tina Says:

    a vinegar rinse usually works for me
    i had it really bad. for some reason my hair was falling out and i had a bunch of dandruff but once i used the vinegar rinse it stopped

  42. Sierra Says:

    This really does work !!!

    Homemade recipe :
    1 teaspoon of sugar
    a little bit of warm water
    lemon juice(2 teaspoons)

    Best wishes that it works!

    Oh and do it every other day&within a week it’ll be gone(depending on how much you have)

  43. prisca ojukwu Says:

    please help me to get ride of my dan-druff, i have had it on since 30years now

  44. Alaina Says:

    I heard that washing and conditioning your hair everyday dries out and ruins your hair…well thats 100% true! One way to get rid of this is a odd yet minty fresh way tclean your hair…..listerine, yes the mouth wash and this is how you do it!

    1-wash and condition your hair rinse thourghly.
    2- after rinsing put listerine in you r hair and rinse that out.
    3- Repeat is wished.
    4- Volia! macgic hope this helped all you flakey friends!

  45. Salllyyy Says:

    First off, wouldn’t putting pee or poop on your hair make it smell HORRIBLE?! Not to mention the fact that it’s disgusting & disturbing
    Use lime juice. It works & don’t use alottt of jell/hiarspray & stuff it makes your hair sticky

  46. Stace Says:

    I have seen some wild remedies one here, but I have had dandruff for a while and what seems to be doing the trick for me is doing a hot oil trestment with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash my hair ( I use Wen Hair Care), any conditioner will do, or definitely avoid any shampoo with sulfates, they strip all the moisture from your hair. The sulfate-free shampoos are more expensive, but worth it, but if you don’t want to go for that, like I said any conditioner will work.The procedure: warm 2/3 cup of EVOO in the nicrowave until just warm saturate hair and scalp cover with a plastic cap and a warm towel for 20-30 mins. Rinse completely, wash or wash with a good conditioner, repeat as often as you wash your hair for two weeks, and once a month thereafter.

  47. Anees Ahmed Says:

    This is the best rememdy:

    1) Rinse your hair with Virgin olive oil

    2) Add chick pea powder and mix it well

    3) Add a mixture or vinegar and lime juice.

    4) allow the mixture to stay for 10-15 mins

    5) Wash it off

    It works folks !!!

  48. BobbinIsCool Says:

    I have REALLY bad dandruff in the front of my hair, and its really noticeable. I use head’n’shoulders, and then use conditioner afterwards-washing with hot water. I have recently just returned from holiday, i had no problems there, and when i returend to the cold weather, my scalp became dry and flaky(with chunks of dandruff).
    i sometimes also use a hair-dryer to dry my hair.

  49. cammie Says:

    rub in some extra-virgin olive oil, then wrap ur whole head in cling film,, leave for about an hour or longer(as much time as you have really) and then do your usuall shower routine. this really does work and it leaves your shiney also :)

  50. BobbinIsCool Says:

    i also heard that lemon juice helps?
    is this so?

  51. BobbinIsCool Says:

    and i’ve just come back from a hot country, and returned to SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  52. Viking8779 Says:

    VINGER WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 4ever29 Says:

    for anyone not thinking pee and poop are the waste from your body and can do serious damange to you if you get it in your eyes or any open wound or yuck in mouth or nose…..

  54. Icis Says:

    I have tried the Lime juice…had’nt tried the Lemon juice just yet! I just started getting Dandruff and always felt sorry for people who had Dandruff and look at me now…I now feel sorry for myself. I’ve tried the Head and Shoulders, T/gel and now the Lime juice…although I only did it one time I guess I should make it part of my Daily regimen if I wish to combat this evil curse! I am now gonna try The Apple Cider or Vinegar one to see if that will do the trick….I have never had any hair problems and not sure what the heck could have caused mine…cause My hair was so use to Salon Hair Products and since I am no longer employed I have to use store bought cheap stuff now…and this is the outcome. I used a Rave hairspray which I noticed shortly I had flakes. and then I used V-05 shampoos the cheapest ever and my hair started falling out…DON’T EVER USE THAT SHAMPOO!!! I KNEW OF SOMEONE ELSE WHO STARTED HAVING THAT PROBLEM OF LOSING HAIR CAUSE OF V-05. I NOW EXPERIENCE SUCH Oily hair and losing hair each and every time I shower that I have wall art going on in the shower wall and literally sit there and cry as I watch my hair fall out and nothing seems to be helping me! I dread having to do my hair cause it seems to be perfect for the day but a day or 2 later I start seeing the oiliness in my hair again! I stopped eating Avocados and Chips cause of the high content of Oil to see if this will subside. If anyone can help me with your tried and true remedies I will greatly appreciate it very much! Just not sure about the pee rememdy…for Sure NOT the Pooh one! and The kitty Litter one and Grass Clippings one is all hogwash to me…someone just threw that one out there to throw desperate people off! I’d be worried about the chemicals in the Kitty Litter and also grass clippings cause of some Fertilizers that folks use on their grasses….So, I could already see someone on 1,000 Ways to Die Episode…due to Killer Dandruff on your head!…SO, PLEASE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT VERY HARD AND USE YOUR BETTER JUDGEMENT ON THE PROPERTIES CONTAINED IN SOME OF THIS REMEDIES THAT COULD OR COULD NOT HELP YOUR HAIR!

    I was almost temped to use some clorox on my scalp to see if this would kill the so-called fungus…But, I know the bleach could cause my hair to turn lighter…much less could get into my eyes and cause me to go blind! The Listerine rememdy sounds abit interesting however it does contain alcohol which some Hairsprays and or shampoo’s do as well….just not sure what the alcohol content is in Listerine. So, I’m just gonna google and see what the other part of the World uses…Maybe Acupuncture could do the trick or some Ancient Chinese Secret…I hope I will keep my fingers crossed!

    Good Luck to All! and God Bless our BedHeads!

  55. Shirley Aronoff Says:

    Have tried everything; dermatologists, RX’s and the best thing I have found is Nizoral shampoo. When we were kids we used Glover’s Mange Cure and we had the healthiest, shinest hair ever. Don’t kow if they still make it – smelled bad but great results.

  56. Allie Says:

    im trying viniger!

  57. Shirley Aronoff Says:

    Have tried everythinbg – dermatologists, RX’s. The best thing I have found is Nizoral shampoo. When we were kids we used Glover’sMange cure and we had the healthiest, shinest, thick hair. Don’tthink they make the original any more – had a potent smell but it worked.

  58. Seraphic Says:

    I used to have a really bad dandruff problem where I had these huge flakes on my scalp – they would hardly every fall but just the fact that they could be visibly see was incredibly embarrassing! Here’s what you do to get rid of it:

    Buy a bottle of head and shoulders and then empty 1 cup of the shampoo into another bottle, add a quarter cup of white vinegar to this and shake well. Apply this mixture to your hair every time you shampoo and leave on for 3-5 minutes not forgetting to shake the bottle before each use.

    P.S. I’m sure you could use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar but I hate the smell of it.

    Hope this helps you, it worked for me :)

  59. Seraphic Says:

    oh yeah I forgot to add – for all those considering the blood, urine, kitty litter, poop, grass clippings etc… please don’t!!!! – you don’t have to take my word for it but at least please consider running this idea by your doctor or dermatologist before going through with it.

  60. cafe Says:

    Urine is, by its nature, antiseptic. Do your research. It is not dangerous and you certainly can’t give yourself any disease you don’t already have. Quit spouting things you know nothing about. Urine is a scientifically proven remedy for athlete’s foot and it works just as well for dandruff.

  61. dandruffdesperate :) Says:

    well i use mouthwash (any type) it gets rids off the dandruff until you have your next shower! i have really really bad dandruff and ive tried vinegar and oils ..none of these work for me! with mouthwash all you have to do is:
    1) Pour it onto you hair , then comb you hair with a CLEAN comb!
    2) Wrap a towel around your hair and leave it in for 2-3 hours
    3) Then wash you hair with an anti dandruff shampoo (Head & Shoulders)
    4) Blow Dry your hair :)

  62. cj Says:

    A symptom of vitamin D deficiency or lack of sun shine is flaky scalp. Get out and get some sunshine ; D

  63. oww much Says:

    the lime burns my head if you ask me you should wash out any product that burns, if it burns wash out imediatly it will make it worse if you dont you can try using yogurt or vinegar dont use dihariah but u can use pee so far i only tried lime but the pee should work

  64. oww much Says:

    this site is relly funny. this paragraph made me laf so much

    ok when you have diarrhea put the diarrhea in a cup and wash your hair with it, rinse and take many showers afterwards to remove the smell but it works, the high levels of acid practically kill the dandruff.

    but this paragraph made me pee in my pants

    Ok first of all, don’t even try the “putting pee on ur head thing” it does not work!! And jean…wtf?! Diarrhea?! I’m not gonna even comment on that -__-
    K well a PROVEN method is wat everyone keeps saying, rinse ur hair with vinegars, or use coconut milk, that also works rly well there r many other methods that work also but I use thoose two, hope it helps (:

    man that was so funny they say lafter is the best medicine it did cure a few desises maybe it can cure dandruff who knows

    good luck

  65. Shirley Aronoff Says:

    I just went to a dermatologist and he said NOT to ever use lime juice as it could get on your skin and when subjected to the sun, you could lose pigment in your skin. He prescribed the prescription strenth Nizoral shampoo and clobetasol propionate solution. Best to see a dermatologist and get a prescription and get rid of it properly.

  66. Sarcasm Intended Says:

    To solve dandruff just take some dog crap and rub it in your hair then make yourself throw up and rub the barf in your hair, then fart in a jar and unleash it in your hair. Then dance around for 10 minutes and then stuff your head in the toilet for half an hour. It should solve your problem


  67. glwheeler Says:

    I think that sometimes the remedies that work depend on the causes of the dandruff as well. I don’t know how comfortable I would be putting feces or blood in my hair, but I have to agree with a lot of the posters here that suggest olive oil and coconut oil. I actually use a olive oil based hair cream on my scalp, and organic virgin coconut oil on my hair. I notice that when I don’t use it, the dry scalp and dandruff come back with a vengence. Good luck everyone!

  68. nom Says:

    you should dry your hair compeletely, it worked for me… but you also might have lice….

  69. You're all a bunch of morons Says:

    Nothing here works and everyone that posts a “natural cure” here is an idiot as well as in any other “natural dandruff cures” websites. It’s bad enough that the entire medical community has failed because of their baby testicle sized brains, but now you fucking retards are telling people to piss and shit on their own heads. It’s a travesty that the the medical community is either unwilling or too fucking stupid to be able to find even a reasonable control for dandruff. I have tried all of their ineffective potions and lotions to no avail. It goes away for about a month then comes back again. And just wait until you are off of their bullshit cures, your dandruff will be twice as bad. The bullshit “natural cures” that you fucktards are posting don’t even work for a day. Well, it may not work but at least you will smell like a turd salad!

    I think I have a cure for dandruff. KILL a medical “professional.” It’s not like they are doing anything anyway. Either that or shave your head bald. I’m not even sure shaving your head will work. Probably will just appear to because the skin flakes will have nothing to cling to.

  70. Paige Says:

    I have dandruff due to sunburn that I got on my head (don’t ask me how, I have near shoulder-length hair). I’ve seen a few that say I need more sunlight. How can I get rid of it if it’s just from sunburn?

  71. shoty Says:

    okay it all started when i was 33 my dandruff was killing me
    but with da viniger solution helped me out im so happy

  72. Matt Says:

    ihate dandriff i have tried everything and nothing works

  73. Final Verdict Says:

    FINAL VERDICT : After reading all the user experiences above ….
    The best remedies are (and can be a combination of below)
    No. 1 — Vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar preferred)
    No. 2 — Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    No. 3 — Lime Juice
    And last but not the least, switch to a herbal or baby shampoo and reduce the usage of standard shampoos having powerful chemicals.


  74. Vicky Says:

    I’ve had dandruff for over 10 years now. It seems to get worse and worse with each passing year. I tried a few home remedies which didn’t give the desired results. Some did help fend off the dandruff until my next wash. But I found one that seems to work better than the rest. I’m shocked it hasn’t been mentioned here. You can use Aloe Vera Gel. Either straight from the plant or you can buy Pure Aloe Vera Gel from the pharmacy or natural foods store.

    It’s fairly simple:

    Cut a leaf from the plant and then cut open the leaf length wise. Only use the white part witch is jelly like. Smash it up real well. Put the gel generously on the scalp and rub it in really good. Keep it on for at least 30 minutes. Wash it off like you normally do with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

    I actually wash off the gel with an all natural shampoo and conditioner. You can do this 3 times a week and eventually the flakes will be gone. I hope this works for you as well as it worked for me.

  75. Jen Says:

    I have seborrheic dermatitis and the only shampoo that ever worked for me was Nizoral, but it got less and less effective over the past 3 years I’ve been using it.
    Leaving in vinegar in my hair for a bit and rinsing works for me- I also like hydrogen peroxide but now that I’ve read all the comments- vitamin D deficiency is a possibility. I’m definitely going to try to go out into the sun more :)

  76. Kylie Says:

    For the person who lost hair zinc may help it stop falling out. My hair was coming out in handfuls so I did a google search which suggested I take zinc pills from the health store and it stopped falling out :)

  77. cocoandrico Says:

    Aloe Vera gel is rich in vitamins and amino acids and makes a great treatment for hair, as well as dry scalp/dandruff. There are lots of products available commercially containing Aloe, but it works great straight from the leaves of the plant. More info:

  78. princess Says:

    dear dandruff friends.
    when i had dandruff,i invented a new oil and applied it.i used it daily for 1 month and now i don’t have even one dandruff in my hair.this is how you do it:
    2 cups normal coconut oil
    a handful of dried henna leaves
    a handful of curry leaves
    3 red hibiscus flower petals
    1 cup coconut milk
    8 tablespoons of vinegar
    2 tablespoons of lemon juice
    a handful of celery leaves(washed and sliced)
    boil coconut oil,henna,curry leaves and hibiscus petals together in a large pan.when the coconut oil turns green,pour it in a jar without removing other ingredients.mix 4 tablespoon vinegar and lemon juice in coconut milk.keep it away.boil celery leaves in water.when the water turns green,remove the leaves.add rest of the vinegar in the celery water.
    apply the oil in the jar on the scalp.then wash the hair with warm water.apply the coconut milk,vinegar and lemon juice mixture on the hair instead of shampoo.wash last wash hair with celery water and vinegar mixture.
    try this.this will really work.see the results within 1 month.

  79. Silvio Says:

    From the store 2 capsules E vitamin little bit ginger ale for the sugar. Boil, in the rotolava, repeat. Extract one cuspid, beat with vigor a long fork or scopino. Don’t take to the tap yet. Upon waiting confer to the bidet. Do not forget the potato. Into the 14 years later I haven’t touched it for one day! my mother say me and so can you.

  80. Layla Says:

    Just warning everybody, from what I’ve researched, Hydrogen Peroxide will cause scarring of the scalp. This scarring kills the hair follicle and causes hair loss. This kind of hair loss is particularly bad because when scarring is involved, there is no hope of the hair growing back. Please be careful about anything you put on your hair or body. People will sell or tell you anything.

  81. edward cullen Says:

    The best methods for the treatment of the dandruff are known to be the self-control and self-treatment method. The most common method is to go for the consumption of proper and balanced diet. Besides this, exercising in plenty of sunlight and open air can also help you in fighting against the problem of dandruff. In case if you find that these methods are not working then you can always take the help of a dermatologist. These are the experts who can recommend you the right lotion or the shampoo which can be commercial or natural and suit your body.

  82. LeeLee Says:


    I agree with the person who said that some of these posts are HILARIOUS!

    The less hilarious ones are very helpful. I’m going to try apple cider vinegar and coconut OIL–I read that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    Tea tree oil added to a sulfate-free shampoo is good too.

    Thanks 2 everyone for posting!

  83. Zee Says:

    Okay, all of you saying the “pee” posts are funny, yeah, they seem pretty funny/stupid. They really aren’t, however – urine WILL work to get rid of your dandruff – the “put fecal matter” on your head ones are not true. They’re just being what one would call a ‘troll’.

    Try the urine therapy on your scalp; it WILL make it smell, but that’s why you shampoo afterwards, obviously…

    Before you call people stupid for using urine therapy, try researching it online. Yes, oil, vinegar, other things will work, but if it’s that bad, then try using your urine. It’s not going to kill you, it came from you, and it’s natural, after all.

    Don’t use blood, fecal matter, or anything that comes from your body, other than urine.
    Once again, before calling me stupid, saying urine is repulsive or disgusting, research it online.

    Medical proffesionals are hiding the urine therapy from people because if they use it then they’ll be losing money, because urine therapy is totally free, since you need only urine from your own body.
    It is totally, one hundred percent, safe.

    Thank you for having the patience to read this.

  84. sujatha Says:

    1) pee

    2) diet / avoid constipation

    3) expose head in early morning sunlight

  85. Smoney Says:

    Sugar!! Put a bag of plain white sugar in your bathroom. Scrub each area of your scalp with lots of sugar mixed with a tiny bit of conditioner to take the dry flakes off. The sugar dissolves in the hot water and after just shampoo it out. I have terrible dandruff and this works amazingly for me!

  86. KW Says:

    is there a relationship between anger and aggressive dandruff?

  87. blaccpearl 28 Says:

    I have had dandruff for a number of years! I hate it! I went to a dermatologiast and she prescribed me a shampoo that was $260 and a oil called Derma Smooth that was $40 dollars! At the time my hair was relaxed and I needed to wash my hair 3 times a week which was impossible! Since I went natural nothing has worked the shampoo only worked for awhile but soon ran out! I will be trying some of the remedies seen here, but not the pee and poo one! thats just disgusting!!! hope it works!!!

  88. lilo Says:





    mix about 30ml of jojoba/i use coconut oil (anti flakes/parasites/moisturise ) into standard size about 300- 500 ml shampoo and add 5-8 drops of tea tree oil( anti fungal/bacterial)shake mixture every time and use as normal shampoo.
    for maintainence,reduce the coconut oil as it can make hair too oily and limp for the ladies if used for very long periods. this really works. good luck

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