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Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression may include loss of concentration, sleep problems, lack of energy, loss of appetite, craving for food, lack of sex drive, and so on. Although, prescription drugs are available, there are some terrific natural cures to get rid of depression.

Understanding depression

Depression is different from feeling blue in that it?s much more intense. If you experience a persistent feeling of extreme sadness, emptiness, loss or dread, insomnia, loss of appetite, guilt, helplessness and need viagra hopelessness, and thoughts of death as a final means of escape, you could be veering towards depression.

Other symptoms may be feeling worse just after waking up in the morning, lack of enjoyment in things you enjoyed doing most and propensity to get annoyed at the slightest provocation. All this causes immense mental agony and can greatly affect the quality of life. Although, over-the-counter medicines for depression are available, they may leave you worst off. These medicines may have some crippling side effects ranging from nervousness to nausea and even sexual dysfunction.

Natural cures for depression

One good natural alternative to cure depression and also avoid the side effects of prescription medicine is natural remedy. However, it?s good to remember that natural remedies are not too effective against chronic depression, but they can do wonders for those who get the occasional blues or bouts of anxiety.

Let?s see what natural cures are available for depression:

a. St. John?s wort:

St. John’s wort is effective in treating depression and anxiety disorders. However, this herb has been found more effective in treating mild depression, than chronic depression. According to the British Herbal Medicine Association Scientific Committee, a dosage of 2 to 4 gram dried herb in any form 3 times a day will generally suffice to drive off the blues.

Studies have found that St. John?s wort is effective in treating mild to moderate depression, with fewer side effects, than many conventional antidepressants. This herb is available as oil, tincture or in capsule form. It can also be taken in the form of tea. The most common side effects that are experienced when using St. John?s wort are increased sensitivity to sunlight, dryness of mouth, dizziness, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, headache, confusion and sedation.

b. Ginkgo bilboa:

Ginkgo is an important herb that not only cures mild forms of depression, but also various other ailments, like early-stages of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, peripheral claudication, tinnitus, dementia, sexual dysfunction, mountain sickness, and the like. This is because the flavonoid glycosides and ginkgolides present in its leaves improve blood flow to the tissues and no prescription cheap zithromax organs, including microcirculation in small capillaries and they also act as an antioxidant by providing protection against oxidative cell damage. The dosage of ginkgo usually depends upon the ailment. For depression, memory problems and dementia, the effective dosage is 120 to 240 mg per day.

c. 5-HTP:

5-HTP raises the levels of serotonin that helps in alleviating the symptoms of depression and possibly of anxiety and panic disorder. In fact, studies have shown that the effects of 5-HTP is the same in treating mild to moderate depression, as that of the prescription antidepressants. The effective dosage of this supplement in countering depression is 50mg or 100mg gelatin capsules, which need to be taken on empty stomach before sleep, because of the resulting drowsiness.

In addition to these natural cures, there are others too, like massage, meditation, exercise, color therapy, and the like. But, these three have been found to be most effective. So, if you?re feeling the blues, you can avoid the side effects of prescription drugs by opting for a natural cure. However, do consult your physician before you decide on one.

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  1. Jane M Says:

    SUNSHINE! For me that is the cure all to depression when it creeps back into my life. If you live in a cold/foggy climate hit up a tanning salon (use sunblock ;)) and get a natural UV lamp for your office.

  2. Cameron Says:

    Go for a walk or run in a park and forget about everything! Works for me!!

  3. aparna Says:

    just work out pumps out lot of adrenaline which wil work wonders in curing depression.

  4. JOY Says:


  5. sandra m Says:

    energy healing focused therapy; energy healing; especially for anxiety related insomnia

  6. Lys Says:

    Having a positive mind. Always know there will be better days, promblems will always get better and if not just let it roll off you.
    You gotta be strong for yourself and basically just be strong and cheap cialis generic know you can move on. Life will get better and promblems will fade away. Get your mind off the problem such as go out more often and always have music playing, going for walks, get into something new that will keep your mind going.

  7. Monique Says:

    I have to say that I am severly depressed and to say that a simple walk or to meditat will cure this is absolutely ridiculous. If you lose all hope and enjoyment in everything and everyone please talk to someone besides taking either natural or perscribed medication. It is debilitating. So unfair to brush it off as if it is something you can control. GET HELP and do whatever it takes to get your life back!

  8. Dilshad Says:

    Meditation, Indian Baba Ramdev Yoga, read the Guru Granth Sahib in english version it’s been proven that this book has tremendous power in curing depression, it brings peace to mind, makes your confidence level uprise, and you become strong in daily activities for more information contact me at

  9. Lisa Says:


  10. Ollie Says:

    Sunshine, exercise, meditation and encouragement are all wonderful ways to deal with the blues and sometimes help with actual clinical depression. Please remember though, that there are actual chemical imbalances that get so out of control that people take their own lives. So please don’t so easily give light hearted, though well meaning, advice that you can just “forget about everything”. That kind of advice can make someone dealing with true clinical depression feel like they can just run away their problems when it’s already very hard to seek help.

  11. Melissa Says:

    I take D3 and B. It helps and buying levitra online without a prescription to try and focus on a hobby.

  12. MUNEER Says:


  13. MUNEER Says:


  14. rose Says:

    Please read the book “Hope and help for the nerves” by Claire Weekes. Wonderful book that will help you.

  15. Debbie Says:

    google some meditation podcasts find a quiet place or like I do, go sit in the sauna…i have suffered from depression for years and this has done wonders for me…also Rhodiola has been great as well.

  16. Junior Says:

    i have suffered from depression and anxiety for the last 4 years and the thing that helps me and is not really mentioned is PETS, any kind of pets especially dogs and cats. we are animals just like they are and it really helps just by being around them.

  17. Tony W Says:

    A banana a day keeps depression away.

  18. Alecia37 Says:

    Yes I will agree that being positive does help, BUT for those that are suffering truly from depression trying to get a positive thought can be impossible. I believe people who can snap out of a mood by a walk or music are not truly depressed. There is a difference between feeling blue and cialis cheapest price for sale being in the grips of major depression. If you feel that you are truly in a depression please go speak with a dr. Especially if you are entertaining thoughts of suicide. Depression can be treated, Severe depression does not just go away. And do not turn to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate, You will only compound the problem. I wish you all health and happiness

  19. Michelle Says:

    Niacin in high levels have been helpful in treating severe cases of depression.

  20. gracie Says:

    I need remedy, I can’t tell who has the answer…if you are DEPRESSED it is very difficult to get out of it. It is the way you feel that won’t let you take a walk or read a book or other things. you just have no desire of anything and the world is gray. there is something in your head that is heavy and if you could just fall in the ground and stay there. there is nothing that motivates a depressed person.

  21. Liz Says:

    As a person that suffers from chronic depression, I agree with Alecia37. If you are feeling down or are going through a rough patch, fresh air and sunlight, a warm bubble bath, calming music (I like the National Park Series cds with nature sounds set to music), and/or a pet (my Cocker Spaniel always has a way of comforting me) can uplift you. It also really helps to have a good, supportive friend to assist you and be there for you, and, in particular, to have a personal faith. However, if you are truly depressed (your life is being severely affected with changes in sleep or eating patterns for more than 2 weeks) then you need to make TWO appointments: one with a licensed therapist/psychologist and cialis for cheap another with a medical doctor for a physical (and to consider your options regarding antidepressants). The worst thing you can do is to ignore it, try to mask it with drugs and alcohol, or listen to people that tell you to “Snap out of it”) (This shows they have no understanding of depression and don’t realize it is a disease and not something you can just get over!) Wishing you all good health, and to those suffering with depression, that they will be released from the grip of this horrible disease! Know that there is a hope!

  22. God's Child Says:

    Read Psalms in the Holy Bible. Ask Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, let him come into your heart. Let him be your father. Pray to him and speak out loud with your tongue that depression is NOT a part of me, cast that Demon of Depression out of you and send him Back to the pit of hell. Remember Jesus loves you, and through him anything and everything is possible.

  23. Lindsey Says:

    I’m only 25 and have suffered from major depression for as long as I can remember. Iv tried IT ALL. I can’t shake my depression no matter how hard I try, it’s the worst possible thing in the world. I had a happy childhood and lead a nice life, but still wake up everyday wishing I was still dreaming. Because my dreams are so much better. This is a VERY REAL, very AWEFUL disease. It helps me to journal, run, and take vitamins. Just know that if you don’t have depression, your lucky!

  24. Jacquelyn Says:

    I wished I had a remedy because I would have already used it & shared it with everyone. I know alot of the above posts are old so I hope at least some of you have found relief and a happy life. I have been suffering from depression for 19 years and it really is an awful “disease”. Gracie, I cried while reading your post..You are so right…It is really easy to say”, “Be positive”, “Snap Out of It”, etc.. My parents have told me this so many times & it is so hurtful. They do not believe it is a medical problem. My mom recently told me, “You just need to get up from there”…”Popping a pill (Paxil) is not going to help you.”

    She thinks I just have character flaws or laziness. The worse is when she has a “talk” with me about my “mothering” skills. I try really hard to help my son with school and safe buy viagra online being there for him…He is 15 & it is very difficult sometimes to get a teen to even communicate. Please, let me say, for those that have family members suffering from depression…please try to be loving, supportive and try not to get annoyed with us. To everyone here that is still suffering, I hope you find happiness and your depression lifts.

  25. Theresa Says:

    YOGA and meditation. Ganesha has come into my life and really helps me a lot. Everyone is different. Yes, severe depression needs more…

  26. centennia Says:

    Can some one tell what ketamine & niacin is, since i suffer from depression and anxiety too and have done for years.
    And by the way it’s easy to say stay from alcohol and stop smoking, in my opinion who ever said that has obviously not been very depressed.

  27. Margaret quimbi Says:

    Well for me, miserable movies does wonders. when you find out something or someone more miserable and wreck, you would obviously feel better. you’ll realize you’re life is still better than someone else’s. you fell like living your life again. :)

  28. Ron Davis,C.H.H.C. Says:

    Depression is very crippling disorder that most people don’t understand. There are many factors that contribute to depression that those with depression don’t consider. Let me give you the case history of a prime example:
    A client, “John,” was in an accident that left him disabled.He had a young son and generic cialis from india buying his divorce was pending. He refused to allow his wife to care for their son because she was addicted to drugs. He had to go to his parents house because there was nobody else to care of him. He lost a very successful business, as well as his vehicles,his house and his marriage.He got better physically, but he continued to live with the emotional strain of not only the horrific nature of the accident, but also the physical pain and the emotional pain. He finally got well enough that he could care for himself and his son so he moved to a rural area for peace and quiet.
    He acted as if nothing was wrong, but he nose-dived into a deep depression and became very negative and suicidal. His doctor prescribed several different pain killers and several different anti depressants to help him cope with his condition.He stopped eating properly and survived on junk foods and every sort of sugar source he could find,while buying every video game available. He started going out to a bar and began to drink alot. Bourbon was his drug of choice. He drank so much he digressed to the point of indifference and irrationality.The alcohol started making him sick. He believed everyone was out to get him and life generally sucked. He often spoke and dreamed of death and was plagued by a reoccurring dream of monsters that chased him, trying to kill him.This means he wasn’t sleeping. The drugs worked for awhile and then they stopped working.But he had developed a dependance on them. His doctor would prescribe a different drug that worked for awhile then it stopped working.This went on for about ten years. No relationship seemed to be fulfilling and no amount of sugar could stop the pain. He searched for a doctor who could help him but there were none. He very often became agitated and irate over the slightest problem. He felt he was “Out of Control.” Doctors promised that he would get better, but he never did and finally he blew up and threatened a doctor with his life because he felt the doctor didn’t care.He even threatened family members, while still searching for an answer. The doctor told him he would have to be Committed to a mental facility. He had tried everything and nothing worked. He was at the end of his rope and one step from the grave. Then he called me.
    He called me to ask if I could help him because he was done with doctors and drugs. He wanted to get better “Naturally.”
    I told him he would have to get involved in his own healing. This meant he would have to be responsible for self administering the natural substances that I believed would help him because of years of use and documentation–even medical documentation.
    I believed we had to determine his metabolic type to discover what foods he required to balance his metabolism. My evaluation determined he was a fast metabolizer, or one who needed protein to balance his metabolism. This was very revealing since he had been living on sugar for over ten years.He was suffering from a severely imbalanced metabolism, one with an equally drastic imbalance of his hormonal system. I advised him of all the nutrients and supplements I believed he needed–ones that have been used and documented for years. He purchased these and began to take them daily. His diet changed and his appetite returned and he began to gain weight and regain muscle mass. Within a month his depression was significantly improved and he was out trying to work again. His new doctor said he was doing well and he began dating again. He and his son were doing very well and life was very much better, though not as good as he imagined it could be. He is still getting better.
    No I didn’t heal him. He worked for this on is own and found what he had been searching for, for the previous ten plus years.
    What I took away from this experience was, pharma drugs don’t work–at least for depression.
    In fact, there is a significant amount of data to support that anti depressants are virtually worthless, being only slightly better than placebos.
    There is a big difference between medical researchers and alternative clinicians. Medical researchers need five years and a billion dollars to come to a skewed conclusion, while natural clinicians believe what they see.
    If I swung at you with a baseball bat and “missed” would you need to study it for five years to determine that you weren’t hit? And,on the other hand, if I swung and hit you in the head and cracked your skill with the bat, would you need to study it for five years to determine that what you experienced could have been instead, a passing twig?
    The medical system is forever regurgitating some nonsense about “unregulated” supplements and their “dangerous” nature. In 2008 it was determined that there were 1,080 adverse event reports concerning natural substances.In the same year there were 526,527 adverse event reports concerning Pharma drugs. This is a ratio of 488:1. Who is “regulating” the drug industry? “God is Not a Quack.”

    Ron Davis, Certified Holistic Health Counselor>
    I am an educator. I do not diagnose disease or prescribe any substance for the treatment or cure of any disease.

  29. Julie Says:

    Ketamine is a tranquilizer for dogs and cats, that person is just being an a**. Please don’t take it, it’s illegal and makes you feel like you’re about to faint. I am bi polar and depressed but I am on lithium, and my bi polar has gotten better, I just started abilify for depression and it’s alright. Meditation is the best for depression while it slowly re-patterns the way your brain flows. Depression is really hard to snap out of and usually it takes a lot of work. Personally when I’m depressed around my boyfriend, he tickles me or just is obnoxious in a funny way. Getting serotonin released in your brain makes the depression sensation disapate. So go get some lovin’ and ticklin’…..

  30. Tiffany Says:

    I’ve had depression for 10 years. I know some people find relief through prescription anti-depressants, but for me, they had too many side effects. I found this product call Stabilium at Moon Grass Health. It’s a super concentrated fish oil made from a Norwegian deep sea fish. I’ve been taking it for a few months and it’s really helped with my depression, anxiety, and mood swings. The best things for me is that there aren’t any side effects. I’m glad I found it. Maybe it can help you, too.

  31. muchunku Says:

    consult a specialist first and get treated first.besides,relate well with others,more so close friends,family members and relatives who understands you well for who you are.

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