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Psoriasis is a Greek word meaning ‘to itch’ and sure enough, anyone who’s got it can tell how red eruptions appear on the skin and real levitra begin to itch. However, psoriasis varies in intensity. It can be so mild you wouldn’t even know you have it. At most you’d have a few random spots.

But in chronic cases, it can take the form of massive outbreak that can cover your entire body entailing hospitalization. But it’s a common enough occurrence, as it afflicts about a hundred and twenty five million people the world over, five million in US alone!

What causes psoriasis?

Its cause is not exactly known, but it tends to run in families. This is borne out by the fact that if both parents are affected, the child is almost sixty percent likely to develop this ailment. Little wonder this persistent and chronic skin disease is mostly genetically inherited. However, it’s not infectious and cannot spread from person to person.

There can, however, be other causes too. Certain people are susceptible to environmental triggers that can cause psoriasis, like throat infections; cuts, bruises or burns; some medicines; stress or psychological trauma; smoking; and high alcohol intake.

Natural cures

There are several natural cures and home remedies for psoriasis available. Let’s take a look at them:

a. Dietary supplements:

Although there’s no specific diet for people with psoriasis, certain foods do aggravate or improve the skin condition. Some dietary supplements, like burdock, milk thistle, yellow dock, red clover, mountain grape and sarsaparilla taken in proper amounts, is known to improve the skin condition. However, it’s wise to inform the physician before taking any such supplements.

b. Soaking the sun and the sea:

People who get regular doses of sunlight do improve their skin condition. And if it’s combined with bathing in the sea, it’s an excellent short-term remedy for psoriasis. The combination of sunlight and zithromax for sale cheap saline water proves quite effective. One of the best locations for this is the Dead Sea in Israel.

c. Meditation and relaxation:

It is a scientifically proved that stress may trigger or aggravate psoriasis in some. So, the lesser the stress, the quicker will be the recovery. To this end, various relaxation methods, like meditation, hypnosis, meditation-based relaxation tapes, and the like are found to be effective. Certain yoga exercises too can relieve stress. All these techniques, however, seem to work best when used in combination with other treatments.

d. Herbal therapies:

There are some time tested herbal products used in treating various skin conditions, including psoriasis. These products include aloe vera, neem oil, emu oil, jojoba, witch hazel, tea tree oil, mahonia aquifolium, capsaicin, evening primrose oil and others. Capsaicum, a natural ingredient in hot peppers, relieves scaling, redness and itching. Even oat derivatives soothe the skin.

e. Ayurveda:

This ancient Indian healing method encourages harmony and balance in one’s life through diet, herbs, lifestyle and meditation. For psoriasis, a specific treatment regimen could involve application of certain oils; fasting and cleansing; reduction of stress; and regular physical exercise.

f.Traditional Chinese medicine:

This system uses herbs in unique formulations. Many herbal preparations, both oral and cialis cheapest price for sale topical, are available for treating psoriasis. Some make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light therapy.

g. Acupuncture:

This ancient Chinese technique, involving piercing the skin therapeutically with needles, is an effective treatment for psoriasis. The best part is acupuncture has no known side effects.

h. Homeopathy:

Certain homeopathic preparations are effective in treating psoriasis. Kalawalla, one such preparation, provides a safe and natural treatment.

Before you try out any of these natural cures, the golden rule is always to take your physician’s advice. But that is not to say that natural cures are ineffective or harmful. When they prove effective they cure completely, be it psoriasis or any other ailment.

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  1. Jaime Says:

    Fish Oil pills help a bit. As well as a good night sleep.

  2. Mike Says:

    Zinc helps quite a bit, 200 mg daily. Don’t take it on an empty stomach. Whithin 3 months you will definatly notice a difference, smaller and less itchy plaque areas and fingernail pits and warps will clear up.

  3. Dagmang, Ferdinand Says:

    After 2 mos. of natural therapy, my daughter is 99% free from symptoms. The regimen is quite comprehensive: daily intake of any anti-yeast formula (lactobaccilus); vegetarian diet; no white bread, sugar, potato, honey, etc.; daily intake of 2 tbsp. virgin coconut oil; 2 cap. 300mg. EPA/DHA fish oil; alkaline-based Vitamin C; aloe vera body lotion; fruit-plant enzyme preparation; and lots of fruits like apple, orange, pinapple, papaya, and avocado. I got progressive photos of her skin.

  4. RUBY Says:


  5. jerry Says:

    Had outbreak for first time, covered 70% of body, was on prednisone for several months, however continued to get sick from every bug going around,used codliver oil and milk thistle, was clean in several days

  6. chrissie Says:

    really? tea tree soap? thats all? mine is driving me suicidal right now

  7. mandoza, ellen Says:

    cow urine will help alot. The urine should be fresh, use this carefully

  8. Tammie Black Says:


  9. Precious Says:

    My husband had this for almost 16 years now but fortunately it doesn’t spread all this years. What he did is spending so much time in taking a bath he need to take off the flakes and after that he puts a lot of mosturizing lotion and also he takes a vitamins and generic cialis no prescription minerals cod liver oil.

  10. Kimberly West Says:

    I have been taken turmuric for about three weeks. My knees have cleared up. My knuckles are about clear and the spots on my elbows are noticeably smaller.

  11. geoff Says:

    I’ve had the condition for 12 years and suffered terribly on my scalp. I was turned on to Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo by a lady who was nearly covered in psoriasis except for her scalp. It really worked for me when I rotated it daily with my medicated shampoos. I can easily wear black shirts again.

  12. Says:

    just take one cup of Paud’Arco Brazilian rain water forest innner bark tea for six weeks.

    get a pause for two weeks & you can start with two cups a day if no side effects has occured in the first six week time .
    this tea is basically a cleans the liver & kidney & flows the blood fastly in whole body.
    tea is available on any GNC stores world wide & on net

    1-no herbal of Anti biotec treatment should be taken along with this treatment.
    2-you have to be very contious if have open Psoriasis wounds because
    & start bleeding .

  13. Says:

    try Neem seed oil on the effected areas ,75% of indian herbal medicines use NEEM oil, also boil fresh leaves if available in the water for one hour time & wash effected areas with sterlized cotton twice a day .

    you can also drink neem & tulsi tea. have 3-4 leaves each of both & boil in fresh water for five minutes & drink.

  14. Says:

    wash effected psoriasis head with the neem leaves boiled water twice a day .

  15. tejas Says:

    do not
    smoke,drink alcohol
    manage your stress by regular meditation methods
    be positive

  16. Danny C. Says:

    Dead Sea Salt is the quickest,and most effective solution for psoriasis

  17. CHRIS MANSON Says:

    well i find any thing from a doctor will work but its like your body just get use to it and it stops working i have tryed every thing i can think of and i think green tea or tea tree works the best it all has to be NATURAL i have every thing natural from shampoo to soap creams all made from the same stuff works a treat on me iam not covered from head to foot any more just in the odd place knees and elbow thank god because i was covered

  18. suzanne Says:

    Dry hair immediately and completely after washing. Evaluate a Celiac based diet. It has greatly helped me.

  19. Marce Perkins Says:

    Folic Acid has cleared mine. I take 6 400mcg a day. Desitin helps with the itching. Aloe vera tablets and low price viagra zinc tablets also help. I also eat more eggs, soy milk and yogurt. I put a UVA UVB bulb in my kitchen where I spend the most time. You can get them at pet stores. That supplies natural sunlight.

  20. Greg Brady Says:

    I got a cream from the doctor called topicort, within 2 or 3 days they are gone, but if you don’t put some on the site where they were they will be back in a week or so. I got it on my genetials and the doc game me a 0.25% solution and it has made all the difference.

  21. Lisa L Says:

    After years of suffering from Psoriasis/excema, I did a study on natural medecine and found that vitamin C and D are very important also Omega 3. A fresh fruit ,vegies and fish diet is also important. white sugar, flour and process meat are forbidden. I take Dr Vogel Echineccia to boost my imune system and now I am clear.

  22. Joan V. Says:

    After three years of having a psoriasis, I observed that oily foods, dairy products and processed meat made the flare ups. Clobetasol propionate shampoo is very good in the scalp. Two weeks of applying will be having agreat changes. Ampalaya(bittergold) juice from boiled leaves is a good one in controling the itchines.

  23. Will C Says:

    I have Pso over 17 years. Tried almost everything except Ultra Violet Light & Enbrel. Some ointment cleared the skin but eventually it’ll come back. Acupuncture is not the right treatment for it because the needle goes to certain Chakras and usually can heal a little area. But it still comes back. My friend took me to a center that do transmitting energy and I felt nothing in the beginning. The center is so close to my house (about 5 mins driving) so I go there everyday, then I feel the difference. It was November 2010. From then, I go there every nite from Mon to Thurs. They close Fri and the weekend. Also, there’s no charge. On Feb 14, 2011, I started to learn MEDITATION from the same center which breath in and at the same time pull energy thru Chakras. It was amazing when I first felt the air goes to my feet from the head. About 5 months now, and I am like about 10% clear from the worst days especially all my friends said my face was not that Red as before. And I found that some plaques starting to clear from the middle and now look like a volcano and one plaque shown a hair is grown. I now practice Meditation every day and I am quite confident some day it’ll be cleared although quite slowly. Hope this encourages all who suffered this itchy, eye-sored disease.

  24. Penny Says:

    MULTI HEALING BALM! Absolutely brilliant for scalp psoriasis, my lumps are all but non existent and the itching is so minor now it’s hardly an issue. I’ve been using it for a month now and haven’t had much flaky lump regrowth and no waking up in the middle of the night from itching!

  25. melody Says:

    first of all you must stop useing any shampoo are lotion that has Loral Solfate in it this drys out the skin and scalp Tea tree face soap sold at Trader joes works well for hands and body wash Vinamin D C B AND E AND 2ta 4 MIL OF ZINK AND 2Tbs of COD LIVER oil a day and cut down on caffine one cup of coffee a day no suger no white bread lots of freash vegtables, and argan oil on patches 3 times aday works for me

  26. Sharanyafriends Says:

    i am getting married soon..I have a dog..I cannot take it to my husband’s home..I really love him to leave him anywhere..neither i can take it with me to my in law’s home!!what should i do :’(??

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