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Black Circles Under Your Eyes

Fearful that the signs of aging or lack of sleep will ruin their good looks, thousands upon thousands of people seek out natural remedies to erase the dark circles that have a knack for appearing under the eyes. This rather common beauty blemish is believed to attack nine out of 10 people at one point or another in their lifetime. Since a handful of factors can contribute to this occurrence, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the causes, as well as gentle, non-invasive methods for treating the problem.

What are Black Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles (or eye circles) tarnish the strattera low priced skin located about the eyes and purchase cialis 10 mg are simply referred to as “bags under the eyes” [1]. Since the skin under the eyes is very thin, it is quite easy for it to show a bit of wear and tear. To make matters worse, sun exposure causes skin damage that thins and wrinkles the skin even more. The veins situated beneath the skin become inflamed or enlarged. Pigmentation may also develop.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

We all know that not getting enough sleep is a common cause of dark eye circles, but have you ever stopped to think about the other factors that can contribute to this unwanted condition? Heredity plays an important role, when thin skin under the eyes is a characteristic that runs in the family. Even your bone structure can contribute to the problem, as eyes set deep into the buy strattera without a prescription skull bone may develop what is called an ‘ark shadow.’

If you suffer allergies, the rubbing and inflammation that accompanies this condition could cause black circles to form. The fatigue that comes after partying into the wee hours of the day, cramming for a test all night, and battling sinus infections can cause paleness in the skin that makes blood vessels seem more prominent, thus creating the appearance of black circles under the eyes. Additional causes include:

Sunlight Exposure: The more sunlight your face receives, the higher the level of pigmentation. As a result, the skin under your eyes becomes tanned and appears darker.

Certain Medications: Dark circles can appear under the eyes when you are taking medication that causes the dilation of blood vessels. The increase of blood flow contributed to prominent-looking vessels.

Poor Nutrition: Not getting enough essential nutrients in your diet can cause discoloration under the eyes.

Hormonal Imbalance: Pale skin is a sign of hormonal ups and downs. Dark circles can appear under the eyes for women experiencing their menstrual cycle, menopause, and pregnancy.

Incomplete Protein Digestion: Light carbon deposits may settle under your eyes when your stomach does not contain enough hydrochloric acid needed to digest protein, which usually arises when an individual lacks a sufficient amount of B6 and folic acid.

Natural Cures for Black Circles Under the Eyes

To erase a tired-looking face and ease dark pigmentation associated with thin skin, it is suggested to consider the following natural cures for ridding black circles around the eyes:

a) Cucumber Therapy:

Apply cucumber slices on your face to refresh the cialis prescription sale appearance around your eyes, as well as fight puffy skin.

b) Tea:

Apply cooled teabags to your closed eyes on a daily basis. The tannin found in the tea works wonders reducing the swelling and order strattera now discoloration that can appear under the eyes. Make sure the teabags that you use are not decaffeinated.

c) Ayurveda Treatments:

Get familiar with Ayurveda healing (ancient Hindu practices), which can show techniques and products associated with body detoxification and skin rejuvenation. These techniques can be used to combat black circles under the eyes. For example, Ayurvedic body cleansers use herbal ingredients to remove toxins from the body and improve skin texture.

d) Almond Oil and Honey:

Some claim that massaging almond oil with honey into the skin around the eyes is an effective overnight treatment.

e) Butcher’s Broom:

When taken on a daily basis, butcher’s broom is known to treat weak circulation, hemorrhoids, as well as varicose veins, but also shows promise in reducing the appearance of dark circles.

f) Homeopathic Facial Masks:

Decrease the appearance of puffy skin or discoloration by using an overnight facial masque that contains herbal ingredients to treat the skin while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

g) Vitamin Eye Cream:

Choose an eye cream that contains vitamin K to diminish the signs of dark eye circles. When coupled with retinol, research suggests that the two ingredients work well together to decrease puffiness and discoloration. To enjoy the best prices for cialis online best results, long-term use is suggested.

h) Yoga and Meditation:

Some people have successfully overcome dark eye circles by lowering their levels of stress. It is suggested to look into Pranayama, which has reduced dark circles in some, as well as increased a natural glow about the skin.

i) Rosewater:

There are some who sing the praises of dipping two cotton balls into rosewater and price of periactin positioning them over dark circles.



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  1. CE Says:


  2. Sarah Says:

    buy an eyemask at your favoite department store (ex: Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond etc…) Put in the refigerator or freezer and wear every night before going to bed or while you are in bed relaxing.

  3. satish Says:

    i need some remedy to remove dark eye circle by somenatural way

  4. precilla Says:

    these remedies are very interesting.

  5. Catalina Says:

    I sing praises about Vitamin E oil! The more concentrated, the better! I just put a little on the sites before I go to sleep and wake up and hardly need any makeup to make them disappear! Vitamin E oil, I’ve found, also helps seriously reduce the appearance of most scars and treats skin inflammation and cuts healing times about in a third! Please, take it from someone with chronic skin issues who doesn’t want to use steroids! Vitamin E oil (found at Roth’s or Safeway that I know of) will really help your basic skin issues! I used it to even treat a second-degree burn, which healed in days, and to treat sunburns. :)

  6. BabyBooBear Says:

    I think my dark-purple circles are from a hormone imbalance. I actually love the way they look though,because my face looks too long without them,like they are meant to be. XD But I do know something that will instantly lessen them,very noticably. Get two teabags,and steep them to make tea (you can go ahead and drink the tea first instead of throwing it away if you want) when the used teabags cool enough,lay down somewhere flat,and place over each eye for several minutes,or longer. Just make sure you wring them out so they won’t drip tea in your eye. It works like magic!

  7. anu Says:

    i have dark circles under my eyes and i need some remedy to reduce it

  8. Genius Says:

    Some family photos were taken on the weekend and buy viagra mastercard I had DARK discolouration. I’d been told that allergies (sneezing) and rubbing itchy eyes can and does rupture the small capilaries in the soft tissue around the eyes (causing a bruise), so I thought about this and before I went to bed I put ALLERGY eye drops in. The next morning I awoke and the whites of my eyes were WHITE!!! (Plus no sneezing and no itching) I put more drops in that morning and again the next night before going to bed. On the THIRD morning I had WHITE skin beneath my eyes for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!!! After five days I now only have a SLIGHT dark ring at the base of my eye socket but I think it will be gone soon. The puffiness is completely GONE.

  9. affpe grundy Says:

    Dark circles are a sign that you have parasights and you need to clean the colon and viagra sale usa take something to get rid of the parasights

  10. lotta Says:

    so all the hindus have parasights…?!

  11. Stacey T.J. Says:

    OMG…maybe it’s the teacher in me, but it’s “parasites”…lol I’ve never heard such ridiculousness that dark circles under the eyes are caused from this and the colon needs cleaned. That is just funny as hell! Mine are from allergies and rubbing my eyes all the time since I was in my late thirties and am now 44. Never had any issues before that, but it really bugs me now! Think I might try the allergy drops as nothing else had worked for me and I tend to be rubbing my eyes all the time now which breaks the tender blood vessels in this area and THAT is what usually causes these dark circles!

  12. Jack Taylor Says:

    Remedy for black pigmentation around eyes.

  13. Tabitha Barrios Says:

    if you notice how vaseline is been lefted on tour lip over night wake with nice plumpy lips..vaseline contains petroleum jelly and it acts as an conditioner which is more effective atnight because your body temperature actually raises becasue ur body is not interacting….first wash your face ..pat dry or even let it air dry..rub your face with a 1 cotton ball dipped into witch hazel…(witch hazel is a skin toner and a disifecter..allow the witch hazel to dry off compleletly…last place vaseline around your eye socket will decrease the eye bags and order levitra cheap eyes set deep into the skull bone giving it a dark look….this dark pigmention can be reverse..repeated this process every night..and your eyes will have this nice plumpy glow…the vaseline treatment has neen used for decades.

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