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This is one such ailment that can have many causes. This is what makes effective cure for headache difficult to find.


Headache causes are many, but the most common ones are:

a. Stress and order viagra online now tension:

Domestic or workplace-related stress and tension causes the synthroid by mail muscles in the neck and head to become tense, constricting blood flow to the brain, resulting in a headache. Arteries leading to the brain may sometimes also undergo spasms, diminishing the blood flow to the brain leading to headache migraine.

b. Hormonal fluctuations:

Sometimes you may experience hormonal fluctuations giving rise to a headache or migraine. They may get induced by certain drugs, like the contraceptive pills.

c. Toxins and liver condition:

Poor liver functioning may reduce the ability of the body to eliminate toxins. This build-up of toxins can give a headache.

d. Certain foods:

It may surprise you to know that goodies like chocolates, cheese, nuts and the canadian viagra without rx like, and even alcohol may trigger migraine in some people.

e. Dehydration and blood sugar levels:

Low blood sugar levels and dehydration can also bring on headaches, especially if you have skipped a meal.

Nature cures for headache

You don?t have to reach for the old traditional pills for your frequent headaches and viagra professional no prescription lowest price face their side effects. There are natural remedies that work wonderfully. Physicians generally treat headaches to relieve the pain, but ignore their root causes. Home remedies for headache act on the causes, decreasing the severity.

Holistic physicians recommend a number of natural cures for headaches and migraines that may range from foods to certain techniques. Let’s have a look at some of them:

a. Foods:

Many foods can trigger headaches. A food-induced headache usually occurs three to twelve hours after eating. So, to know what caused it, look at what you ate a day before. As a general rule, avoid foods containing chemicals like nitrites and sulfites, which dilate capillaries in the brain, increasing blood flow and headaches. Even milk, butter, cheese and cream can become the culprit. Some trigger foods also include processed meat products, red wine, caffeine and chocolates.

b. Exercise:

Exercise is especially effective for people with migraine, as it helps alleviate the pain. Exercise also helps release the lexapro order in australia body’s natural painkillers, the endorphins. But, don?t strain yourself, as you may be worse off. Ideal is to take a half an hour brisk walk outdoors, whenever you get a headache.

c. Aromatherapy:

This is one of the most powerful home remedies for headache. The aromas include peppermint, rosemary, sandalwood, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and many others. These essential oils or a combination of viagra generic pharmacy online them can be used as massage oils, candles or soaps.

d. Massage:

Massage is an effective way to get relief, especially if given by an expert masseur. Headache tension is relieved by kneading shoulders, the back of the neck and the base of skull.

e. Heat and cold:

Application of heat or cold can also get rid of headaches. Putting a cold pack, wrapped in a towel, on the neck or immersing hands in warm water seem to pull the ?pressure? out of your head.

f. Other methods:

Acupressure and buy cheap paxil acupuncture are two ancient Chinese techniques that have stood the test of time. Pressing or pricking certain parts of the body can help cure even chronic headaches and migraines. Even wearing a magnet necklace works.

Natural cures have been curing any kind of headache or migraine since antiquity. So, why not try these cures before you say yes to the prescription drugs.

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  1. Milana Says:

    Sex, sex can actually help cure people, in most cases during an orgasm, it loosens the muscles and relaxes ur blood veins to cure a headache, hope this helps :)

  2. rosemarie querubin Says:

    natural remedy for headache

  3. iantonio Says:

    A very good friend of mine suffers from migraines. One day, the pain was excrutiating for her, her husband took her into the ER in her town. When the doctor examined her, he suggested to them both, to have sex. During sex you produce and release endorphines that help in the pain management of migraines. So yes, have SEX the most natural way to cure migraines. Works great for headaches too.

    To the gentlemen, when your lady love says she has a headache and doesn’t feel like it; persuade her to check it out for herself.

  4. Ayonike Says:

    Eating one or two Banana a day is a good remedy for headache

  5. Curt Says:

    I find that a good time-released vitamin B (B-150) in the morning and after lunch prevents headaches and boosts energy. I also take a magnesium then because our modern food supply and drinking water lacks it.

  6. jennifer Says:

    I was on a road trip on a bus and got a really bad headache and had not eaten in 2 days.A lady on the bus noticed I was not feeling well and order glucophage now so she offered me a bag of blueberries i ate a bunch of them and right away my headache was gone I find this works really well if you like blueberries but eat fresh blueberries they work best.

  7. Ricochet Says:

    Relaxing in a barhtub of warm to hot water can do the trick. It helps the order cheap viagra without a prescription muscles to relax.

  8. Kel Says:

    Beware! “Exercise is especially effective for people with migraine, as it helps alleviate the pain.” Please do not do this.

    Exercise actually worsens most true migraines to the point of debilitating pain and confusion. Do not try exercising if you suspect your headache may be a migraine! It causes more blood flow to an already over-flowed area around your brain and is dangerous.

    Ask me how I know? Well, a bike ride across town left me stranded and miserable but luckily my boyfriend was with me. I would rest and get better then try to ride home and it would get MUCH worse. So bad I thought it was an aneurism.

  9. Makenzie Says:


  10. Val Says:

    Chew one or two Magnesium tablets (Ex 115 lb woman would take one tablet and cialis 20mg pharmacy support a 180 lb man would take 2 Magnesium tablets) with a glass of water and lay down with a cold wet towel to cover your eyes. Be sure that you had your meals at regular hours, if not eat two scrambled eggs and a cup of low fat yogurt with acidophilus to pad your stomach. Keep your windows open to get plenty of oxygen to your brain, walk on the beach if you are by the beach and have enough energy. Closed environments (like cars, office without windows) will make your headaches worse. And stay away from any neon lights, TV monitors or fluorescent lights, they flicker and cause stress to your eyes and TVs emit radiations…read more upcoming beauty stories at

  11. lopez Says:

    Sleep rite.

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